DSE :: Volume #4

#380: Fog Nagajima

I am a loser, how hardly to pay attention to the sunlight is not brightly bright, because does not have the time. „ My parents have no way to give me to provide the support, my school record is not high, all alone is seeking for the future in the city. „ I looked for a lot of work, but cannot be hired, whom possibly does not have to like one not being good at speaking, does not like exchanging, person who also has not shown the sufficient ability. Looks at the newest chapter content, please download star to read app, does not have the advertisement to read the newest chapter content free. The website does not update the newest chapter content, star has read app to update the newest chapter content. „ I had entire three days only to eat two bread, the hunger kept me from going to sleep in the night, fortunately, I paid one month of house rent ahead of time, but can also continue in that dark basement, outside did not need to go to withstand in the winter that abnormal cold wind. „ Finally, I found a work, stands night watch in the hospital, stands night watch for the morgue. „ Hospital at night imagines me is colder , the wall lamp of corridor has not lightened, is very everywhere dim, can only that little ray that infiltrates by the room in help me see the under foot. „ There smell is very ill-smelling, once for a while has the dead in installing the corpse bag by stops up sends, we coordinate to help him move in the morgue. „ This is not a very good work, but at least can make me be able to afford the bread, the night idle time can also be used to study, after all no one is willing to come to the morgue, only if there is a corpse to need to send or move away burning down, naturally, I did not have enough money purchase books, at present cannot see to accumulate the hope of money. „ I must thank my former colleague, if not he leaves job suddenly, my possibly even such work has no way to obtain. „ I was vainly hoping for can take turns to be responsible for the daytime, now when always Sun comes out sleeps, at night after approaching gets out of bed, making my body a little weak, my head will also pull out the pain occasionally. „ One day, moved the labor to send a new corpse. „ Listens to others saying that this is the former colleague who my leaves job suddenly. „ I am a little curious to him, after everyone leaves, extracts the cabinet, opened quietly installed the corpse bag. „ He is an old man, face azure and white, everywhere are the wrinkles, seems very scary under very dark light. „ His hair are not many, majority was white, the clothes took off completely, has not given him including cotton material remaining. The web content renews slowly, please download star to read app to read the newest chapter content. „ I noticed that his chest has a strange mark, the azure black, the concrete appearance I have no way to describe, then light was really dark. „ I put out a hand to touch under that mark, nothing special. „ Looks at this former colleague, I am thinking, if I have gotten down, when was old, same...... I will say to him with him, tomorrow I will accompany him to go to the crematory, personally his bone ash belt/bring to recent free public cemetery, the person who so as to avoid these are responsible for these matters dislikes troublesome, looked for a river to look for an open land to throw casually. „ This will sacrifice a I morning sleep, but fortunately, immediately was Sunday, can make up. „ Spoke those words, I do well to install the corpse bag, forced in the cabinet it again. „ The light in room seemed after darker...... „ that day, sleeps each time, I would dreaming of thick fog. „ I had a premonition that some matter will soon after happen, had a premonition that sooner or later some do not know can call it the thing of person to look for me, but no one likes to believe me, thought that I in such work in such environment, the spirit became not quite normal, needs to go see a doctor......” sits a male guest before bar looks to the relater who stopped suddenly: Then?” This male guest over 30 years old is, wear the brown tweed coat and pale-yellow trousers, the hair presses very evenly, on hand the crude dark-colored round ceremonial hat. He is seemingly ordinary, with the tavern in most people, the black hair, the light blue eye, is unattractive, is not ugly, lacks the obvious characteristics. But the relater in his eye is 18 or 19 years old young people, the stature is tall and straight, is long-limbed, similarly is the black short hair, the light blue eye double pupil, the five senses are profound, can draw the attention of everyone. This young people are looking at front spatial wine glass, sighed: Then? Downloading star read app to read the newest chapter content. „ Then I resign to return to the countryside, comes to here and you boasts.” Was saying to be saying, on his face showed the smile, has the smile of several points of mischievous meaning. That male guest was startled: „Are these that you spoke a moment ago are boasting?” Haha.” The bar surrounding erupted laughter. The laughter ceases slightly, a thin middle-aged man looks at that slightly awkward guest saying: Outsider, you actually believes that Lu Mian's story, every day he said different, yesterday's he was one, because was relieved the unlucky egg of engagement by the fiancee poorly, today turns defended the corpse person!” Right, said that what 30 years east Renzo river, 30 years near Renzo west of the huanghe river, only know the nonsense!” Another tavern patron follows to say. They are the farmer in Cordoue this large-scale village, wears or the black or grey or brown short coat. The black hair young people who is called Lu Mian are supporting the bar with both hands, stood slowly, smiles saying: You know that this is not the story that I make up, is my elder sister writes, she most liked writing the story, was what «Novel Weekly report» columnist.” Then, he has leaned the body, spread starting to that external guest, said with a smile brightly: It seems like she writes really well. star read appto sorry, making you misunderstand.” That wears the brown tweed coat, the appearance ordinary man has not been angry, with standing up, the smile responded: Very interesting story. „ How to call?” Inquired before others, first does to introduce oneself is not the general knowledge?” Rwandan Mian said with a smile. The guest who that other place comes nods: My name was Ryan. Kaess. „ These two are my companion Valentine and Liya.” The following those words refer to sit in nearby a man and a woman. star read app male 27 or 28-year-old, the yellow hair upper berth a powder, does not calculate that the big eye has compared with the lake water-blue wants the deep point color, wore the white waistcoat, the blue color was thin the coat and black trouser, before going out, has obviously had a careful appearance. His facial expression is quite indifferent, not looks at the surrounding farmers and herdsmen. That female seems like the ratio two gentleman ages to be small, a light gray long hair grips the complex chignon, wrapped a white veil to act as the hat. Her eye pupil and hair same color, look to Rwandan meter-ampere eye of band of light of the happy expression of not mincing matter, only seems to think interesting to the matter that had a moment ago. Under the tavern gas wall lamp shines, this female named Liya exposed the nose and curve exquisite lip of firm, could be called the beautiful woman in Cordoue village such countryside absolutely. She wears the white no pleat wool tight-fitting skirt, with the yellow white small coat and Double Horse Hill boots, on the veil and boots also respectively was two silver small bells, entered the tavern a moment ago time, dingdong, was noticeable, making many male look at the vision to be straight. In their eyes, this is provincial government Gore, capital Trier this big city has the fashion that to dress up. Rwandan meter-ampere nods to three outsiders: My name was Lu Mian. Li, you can call my Lu Mian directly.” Li?” Liya blurted out. star read app how, what issue did my surname have?” Rwandan meter-ampere asked curiously. Ryan. Kaess helps Liya explain: Your this surname is frightening, I almost could not control my sound a moment ago.” Sees the surrounding farmers and herdsmen to be puzzled, he further explained: Contacts the people of sailor and marine trader to know, above five seas has such a few words to spread: „ Rather encounters these pirate generals and even the King, do not bump into named Frank. Li's person. „ That surname is also Li.” „Is he very fearful?” Rwandan Mian asked. Ryan shakes the head: I am not clear, but since has such legend, that will definitely not miss.” He stopped this topic, to Rummi peaceful said: Thank your story, it was worth one glass of liquor, what did you want?” One cup green female celestial.” Rwandan meter-ampere is impolite, sat. Ryan. Kaess frowns saying: star did read app green female celestial...... the bitter artemisia wine? „ I think that I need to remind your one, the wormwood to is harmful, this type of liquor may cause the dementia, making you present the illusion.” I have not thought that the popular wind direction of Trier has disseminated here.” Nearby Liya made up one with a smile. Rwandan meter-ampere „”: Originally a native of Trier also likes drinking green female celestial...... „ to us, the life is laborious enough, does not need to care about a little injury, this type of liquor can make our spirits obtain bigger relaxation.” Good.” Ryan sits returns to the position, looks to the wineshop attendant, one cup green female celestial, adds one cup to me again spicy chest.” Spicy chest is the famous fruit Liquor. Why doesn't give me also to come one cup green female celestial? Was I told you a moment ago the truth, I can also say the situation of this boy from beginning to end!” First reveals Lu Mian to speak the thin middle-aged man of story to be discontented to shout every day, outsider, I can look, you have the suspicion to the genuine and fake of that story!” Pierre, to drink one glass of liquor free, you are really anything can do!” Rwandan meter-ampere responded loudly. Does not wait for Ryan to make the decision, Lu Mian also added: Why cannot be I says, can such I also drink one cup green female celestial?” „The situation that because you said that they do not know that should believe.” The middle-aged man who is called Pierre happily said with a smile, your older sister most loved the story that gave the children to tell, but wolf came, the person who always lies lost the credit inevitably.” Good.” Rwandan meter-ampere shrugs the arm, looks that the wineshop attendant advances in front of one glass of pale-green liquor oneself. Ryan looks to him, sought information: Ok?” Does not have the issue, so long as your wallet enough pays these liquor the expenses.” Rwandan meter-ampere does not care muddily. That comes one cup again green female celestial.” Ryan nods. Pierre smiles immediately: Generous outsider, this boy is in the village most loves the person of practical joke, you must leave him. „ Five years ago, he was brought back to the village by his elder sister Aurore, has not left again, you think, before that he is only 13 years old, how possibly to go to the hospital to do to defend the corpse person? Un, to our recent hospital under mountain reaches Liege, must walk the entire afternoon.” Star did read app to bring back to the village?” Liya asked keenly. Her leaning head, carried over dingdong the sound slightly. Pierre nods: star read app to look at the newest chapter content, please download star to read app, did not have the advertisement to read the newest chapter content free. The newest chapter content has read app in star, the website does not update the newest chapter content. Then, he is surnamed Li with Aurore ‚’, name Lu Mian is also Aurore takes.” Asked what me to forget.” Rwandan meter-ampere drank the mouth bitter artemisia wine, said grinningly. It seems like, he was shaken to reveal to oneself past not to feel inferior ashamed with. “我是一个失败者,几乎不怎么注意阳光灿烂还是不灿烂,因为没有时间。“我的父母没法给我提供支持,我的学历也不高,孤身一人在城市里寻找着未来。“我找了很多份工作,但都没能被雇佣,可能是没谁喜欢一个不擅长说话,不爱交流,也未表现出足够能力的人。看最新章节内容,请下载星文阅读app,无广告免费阅读最新章节内容。网站已经不更新最新章节内容,已经星文阅读app更新最新章节内容。“我有整整三天只吃了两个面包,饥饿让我在夜里无法入睡,幸运的是,我提前交了一个月房租,还能继续住在那个黑暗的地下室里,不用去外面承受冬季那异常寒冷的风。“终于,我找到了一份工作,在医院守夜,为停尸房守夜。“医院的夜晚比我想象得还要冷,走廊的壁灯没有点亮,到处都很昏暗,只能靠房间内渗透出去的那一点点光芒帮我看见脚下。“那里的气味很难闻,时不时有死者被塞在装尸袋里送来,我们配合着帮他搬进停尸房内。“这不是一份很好的工作,但至少能让我买得起面包,夜晚的空闲时间也可以用来学习,毕竟没什么人愿意到停尸房来,除非有尸体需要送来或者运走焚烧,当然,我还没有足够的钱购买书籍,目前也看不到攒下钱的希望。“我得感谢我的前任同事,如果不是他突然离职,我可能连这样一份工作都没法获得。“我梦想着可以轮换负责白天,现在总是太阳出来时睡觉,夜晚来临后起床,让我的身体变得有点虚弱,我的脑袋偶尔也会抽痛。“有一天,搬工送来了一具新的尸体。“听别人讲,这是我那位突然离职的前同事。“我对他有点好奇,在所有人离开后,抽出柜子,悄悄打开了装尸袋。“他是个老头,脸又青又白,到处都是皱纹,在非常暗的灯光下显得很吓人。“他的头发不多,大部分都白了,衣服全部被脱掉,连一块布料都没有给他剩下。网站内容更新慢,请下载星文阅读app阅读最新章节内容。“我看到他的胸口有一个奇怪的印记,青黑色的,具体样子我没法描述,当时的灯光实在是太暗了。“我伸手触碰了下那个印记,没什么特别。“看着这位前同事,我在想,如果我一直这么下去,等到老了,是不是会和他一样……“我对他说,明天我会陪他去火葬场,亲自把他的骨灰带到最近的免费公墓,免得那些负责这些事的人嫌麻烦,随便找条河找个荒地就扔了。“这会牺牲我一个上午的睡眠,但还好,马上就是周日了,可以补回来。“说完那句话,我弄好装尸袋,重新把它塞进了柜子。“房间内的灯光似乎更暗了……“那天之后,每次睡觉,我总会梦见一片大雾。“我预感到不久之后会有些事情发生,预感到迟早会有些不知道能不能称之为人的东西来找我,可没人愿意相信我,觉得我在那样的环境下那样的工作里,精神变得不太正常了,需要去看医生……”坐在吧台前的一位男性客人望向突然停下来的讲述者:“然后呢?”这位男性客人三十多岁,穿着棕色的粗呢上衣和浅黄色的长裤,头发压得很平,手边有一顶简陋的深色圆礼帽。他看起来普普通通,和酒馆内大部分人一样,黑色头发,浅蓝色眼睛,不好看,也不丑陋,缺乏明显的特征。而他眼中的讲述者是个十八九岁的年轻人,身材挺拔,四肢修长,同样是黑色短发,浅蓝色眼双眸,却五官深刻,能让人眼前一亮。这位年轻人望着面前的空酒杯,叹了口气道:“然后?下载星文阅读app阅读最新章节内容。“然后我就辞职回到乡下,来这里和你吹牛。”说着说着,他脸上露出了笑容,带着几分促狭意味的笑容。那位男性客人怔了一下:“你刚才讲的那些是在吹牛?”“哈哈。”吧台周围爆发了一阵笑声。笑声稍有停息,一位瘦削的中年男子望着那略显尴尬的客人道:“外乡人,你竟然会相信卢米安的故事,他每天讲的都不一样,昨天的他还是一个因为贫穷被未婚妻解除了婚约的倒霉蛋,今天就变成了守尸人!”“对,说什么三十年在塞伦佐河东边,三十年在塞伦佐河右边,只知道胡言乱语!”另一位酒馆常客跟着说道。他们都是科尔杜这个大型村落的农夫,穿着或黑或灰或棕的短上衣。被叫做卢米安的黑发年轻人用双手撑着吧台,缓慢站了起来,笑眯眯说道:“你们知道的,这不是我编的故事,都是我姐姐写的,她最喜欢写故事了,还是什么《小说周报》的专栏作家。”说完,他侧过身体,对那位外来的客人摊了下手,灿烂笑道:“看来她写得真不错。星文阅读app“对不起,让你误会了。”那名穿着棕色粗呢上衣,外貌普通的男子没有生气,跟着站起,微笑回应道:“很有趣的故事。“怎么称呼?”“询问别人之前先做自我介绍不是常识吗?”卢米安笑道。那名外乡来的客人点了点头:“我叫莱恩.科斯。“这两位是我的同伴瓦伦泰和莉雅。”后面那句话指的是就坐在旁边的一男一女。星文阅读app男的二十七八岁,黄色的头发上铺了点粉,不算大的眼睛有着比湖水蓝要深一点的颜色,穿着白色马甲,蓝色细呢外套和黑色长裤,出门前明显有过一番精心打扮。他神情颇为冷漠,不怎么去看周围的农夫、牧民们。那位女性看起来比两位男士年纪要小,一头浅灰色的长发扎成复杂的发髻,包了块白色的面纱充当帽子。她眼眸与头发同色,望向卢米安的目光带着毫不掩饰的笑意,对刚才发生的事情似乎只觉得有趣。酒馆煤气壁灯照耀下,这位叫做莉雅的女性展露出了挺俏的鼻子和弧度优美的嘴唇,在科尔杜村这样的乡下绝对称得上美人。她穿着白色的无褶羊绒紧身裙,配米白色小外套和一双马锡尔长靴,面纱和靴子上还分别系了两个银色的小铃铛,刚才走进酒馆的时候,一路叮叮当当,非常引人瞩目,让不少男性看得目光都直了。在他们眼里,这得是省府比戈尔、首都特里尔这种大城市才有的时尚打扮。卢米安对三位外乡人点了点头:“我叫卢米安.李,你们可以直接叫我卢米安。”“李?”莉雅脱口而出。星文阅读app“怎么了,我的姓有什么问题吗?”卢米安好奇问道。莱恩.科斯帮莉雅解释道:“你这个姓让人恐惧,我刚才都差点控制不住自己的声音。”见周围的农夫、牧民们一脸不解,他进一步解释道:“接触过水手、海商的人都知道,五海之上有这样一句话流传:“宁愿遭遇那些海盗将军乃至王者,也不要碰到一个叫做弗兰克.李的人。“那位的姓也是李。”“他很可怕吗?”卢米安问道。莱恩摇了摇头:“我不清楚,但既然有这样的传说,那肯定不会差。”他中止了这个话题,对卢米安道:“感谢你的故事,它值得一杯酒,你想要什么?”“一杯‘绿仙女’。”卢米安一点也不客气,重新坐了下来。莱恩.科斯微皱眉头道:星文阅读app“‘绿仙女’……苦艾酒?“我想我需要提醒你一句,苦艾对人体有害,这种酒有可能导致精神错乱,让你出现幻觉。”“我没想到特里尔的流行风向已经传播到了这里。”旁边的莉雅含笑补了一句。卢米安“哦”了一声:“原来特里尔人也喜欢喝‘绿仙女’……“对我们而言,生活已经足够辛苦了,没必要在乎多那么一点伤害,这种酒能让我们的精神获得更大的放松。”“好吧。”莱恩坐回位置,望向酒保,“一杯‘绿仙女’,再给我加一杯‘辣心口’。”“辣心口”是有名的水果烧酒。“为什么不给我也来一杯‘绿仙女’?刚才是我告诉你真相的,我还可以把这小子的情况原原本本说出来!”第一个揭穿卢米安每天都在讲故事的瘦削中年男子不满喊道,“外乡人,我看得出来,伱们对那个故事的真假还有怀疑!”“皮埃尔,为了免费喝一杯酒,你真是什么事情都能做出来!”卢米安高声回应。不等莱恩做出决定,卢米安又补充道:“为什么不能是我自己讲,那样我还可以多喝一杯‘绿仙女’?”“因为你说的情况他们不知道该不该相信。”叫做皮埃尔的中年男子得意笑道,“你姐姐最爱给孩子们讲的故事可是‘狼来了’,总是撒谎的人必然失去信用。”“好吧。”卢米安耸了耸肩膀,看着酒保将一杯淡绿色的酒推到自己面前。莱恩望向他,征询道:“可以吗?”“没问题,只要你的钱包足够支付这些酒的费用。”卢米安浑不在意。“那再来一杯‘绿仙女’。”莱恩点了点头。皮埃尔顿时满脸笑容:“慷慨的外乡人,这小子是村里最爱恶作剧的人,你们一定要离他远一点。“五年前,他被他姐姐奥萝尔带回了村里,再也没有离开过,你想,那之前,他才十三岁,怎么可能去医院做守尸人?嗯,离我们这里最近的医院在山下的达列日,要走整整一个下午。”星文阅读app“带回村里?”莉雅敏锐问道。她略微侧头,带出了叮叮当当的声音。皮埃尔点了点头:星文阅读app看最新章节内容,请下载星文阅读app,无广告免费阅读最新章节内容。最新章节内容已在星文阅读app,网站已经不更新最新章节内容。“然后,他就跟着奥萝尔姓‘李’,就连名字‘卢米安’也是奥萝尔取的。”“原本叫什么我都忘了。”卢米安喝了口苦艾酒,笑嘻嘻说道。看起来,他对自己的过去被这么抖露出来一点也不自卑和羞耻。
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