DSE :: Volume #4

#379: Confronts with the avid follower

Agatha walks on the lonely street, in those days in the familiar city-state scenery looks is flooding the silent strange atmosphere now everywhere, among the shadows of all around building, behind closed windows and doors, as if hid the eye that one is both spying on. 阿加莎走在冷冷清清的街道上,往日里熟悉的城邦景色现在看起来处处充斥着寂静诡异的氛围,四周建筑物的阴影之间,紧闭的门窗背后,都仿佛隐藏着一双双窥探的眼睛。 She is seeking for this " foreign land " the exit|to speak, or causes itself to be stranded in this's chief criminal. 她在寻找这处「异域」的出口,或导致自己被困于此的罪魁祸首。 The place that each seemingly is out of sorts, may be the real world staggered crevice, but so far she also not in this strange " cold frost city-state " found such crevice. 每一处看上去违和的地方,都有可能是与现实世界交错的裂隙,但目前为止她还未在这座诡异的「寒霜城邦」中找到这样的裂隙。 Only a little she can determine, she has touched that always to cover shadow in city-state-, no matter bumps into also well, is the secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator is also deliberately good, she successfully bridges over that matter has covered the line of sight " barrier " . 唯有一点她能确定,自己已经触及了那始终笼罩在城邦中的阴影-不管是误打误撞也好,还是幕后黑手刻意为之也好,她都成功跨过了那层一直遮挡自己视线的「屏障」。 This with the cold frost specious place, definitely is these days city-state frequently has the strange situation the source. 这个与寒霜似是而非的地方,肯定就是这段时间里城邦频繁出现诡异情况的源头。 The wheel grinds the sound of flagging to transmit from the distant place, the indistinct bicycle bell sound and opens the door the sound that closes to float in the ear. 车轮碾过石板路的声音从远处传来,隐隐约约的车铃声和开门关门的声音飘进耳中。 Agatha looks up to direction that the sound conveys, actually can only see empty street-, but in a farther place, she truly can notice that seems like the shadow of carriages and horses to flash past from the crossroad, saw that seems like the form of pedestrian to pass through these crossroads in a hurry. 阿加莎抬头看向声音传来的方向,却只能看到空荡荡的街道-但在更远一些的地方,她确实能看到一些像是车马的阴影从路口一闪而过,看到像是行人的身影匆匆走过那些路口。 In this city has " person " , every so often but can see, only then some remote illusory images, here can hear the voice of resident, but often is not able the source of positioning accuracy sound. 这座城里有「人」,但很多时候能看到的只有些许遥远的幻影,这里能听到居民的声音,但往往无法准确定位声音的源头。 Like a dreamland of grotesque and gaudy and confused distortion. 就像一个光怪陆离、错乱扭曲的梦境。 Agatha's form across another crossroad, stopped in the shadows of building later. 阿加莎的身影穿过又一个路口,随后在建筑物的阴影间停了下来。 The blind exploration in the waste physical strength and time, she needs to assess the surrounding situation discretely. 盲目的探索只是在浪费体力和时间,她需要谨慎判断周围的情况。 She closes the eye, whatever own sensation spreads to all around, is screening various information in environment carefully- a sound, smell, flow direction of wind,...... the temperature of living person. 她闭上眼睛,任由自己的感知向四周扩散,仔细甄别着环境中的各种信息—一声音,气味,风的流向,还有……活人的温度。 A moment later, Agatha looked up to some direction, and took footsteps toward that side- she still closed one's eyes, actually all around as if can see clearly avoided on the road accurately all obstacles, she went through in the alleys, after crossroads and tracks, how long walked did not know, before a building that was located in the corner stopped the step. 片刻之后,阿加莎抬头看向了某个方向,并朝着那边迈出脚步-她仍然闭着眼睛,却仿佛能够看清四周般准确地避开了路上所有的障碍物,她在小巷间穿行,经过一个个路口与小道,走了不知多久,才在一处位于街角的建筑物前停下步子。 Agatha opens the eye, sees at present is a small restaurant, in restaurant brilliantly illuminated, inside hears the lively sounds of people. 阿加莎睁开眼睛,看到眼前是一间小小的餐馆,餐馆中灯火通明,里面传来热闹的人声。 The sound is very clear, inside has the aura of living person to reveal. 声音很真切,里面有活人的气息流露。 Agatha calms down, goes forward to open the front door of restaurant. 阿加莎定了定神,上前推开了餐馆的大门。 The clear ting resounds, the front door opens, the scene in restaurant heads on, maps in the Agatha eyes- this flash, she somewhat is unexpectedly absent-minded, even suspected oneself have been separated strangely that " foreign land " , returned to the normal real world. 清脆铃声响起,大门开启,餐馆内的景象扑面而来,映入阿加莎眼中-这一瞬间,她竟有些恍惚,甚至怀疑自己已经脱离了那诡异的「异域」,返回到了正常的现实世界中。 In the restaurant is brightly lit, finds at everywhere the dining guest and service personnel of busy shuttle between the table and counter, sales clerk who is responsible for receiving behind counter busy, what by the ear transmits is the knife and fork and cup board collides the clear sound that people discussed the conversation sound of weather, work and price, before deathly stillness chill/yin cold atmosphere that accumulated on the outside street as if this lively " this mortal world scenery " swept away. 餐馆里灯光明亮,随处可见正在用餐的客人以及在桌子和柜台间忙碌穿梭的服务人员,负责接待的店员正在柜台后面忙忙碌碌,耳旁传来的是刀叉与杯盘碰撞的清脆声音,还有人们谈论天气、工作与物价的交谈声,之前在外面街道上积累的死寂阴寒气氛仿佛被这热闹的「尘世风景」一扫而空。 However the next second, Agatha then discovered the place of here obvious being out of sorts-, although diners before the table dines, but in their front cup boards empty, although that sales clerk behind counter busy, but he is also walking back and forth same place, is cleaning the same cup in hand repeatedly. 然而下一秒,阿加莎便发现了这里明显的违和之处-尽管食客们正在桌前就餐,但他们面前的杯盘里都是空的,尽管那名店员在柜台后面忙忙碌碌,但他也只是在原地走来走去,反复擦拭着手中的同一个杯子罢了。 Everyone like establishing the demon of procedure/program occasionally, but is repeating the normal person proper life movement, lifelike that but...... they imitate. 所有人都像设定好了程序的魔偶一样,只是重复着正常人应有的生活动作,只是……他们模仿的惟妙惟肖。 Agatha frowns, after detecting truth, here atmosphere then appears the street that is emptier than outside to be stranger, but she has not turned around to leave, instead takes the footsteps to the shop. 阿加莎皱起眉头,在察觉真相之后,这里的气氛便显得比外面空荡荡的街道更加诡异起来,但她没有转身离开,反而向店内迈出脚步。 Is the strange place, more yes explained oneself looked for right the direction. 越是诡异的地方,越是说明自己找对了方向。 With the first step that Agatha takes, in the restaurant the lively conversation sound stopped suddenly. 伴随着阿加莎迈出的第一步,餐馆内热闹的交谈声突然停了下来。 The diner who is talking closed the mouth at the same time, on their faces still remained was chatting a moment ago various expressions, in the hand was still maintaining action of dining- in big space, after the sounds of people vanish , is only left over a piece of cup board and knife and fork hits 所有正在交谈的食客同一时间闭上了嘴巴,但他们脸上仍然残留着刚才聊天时的各种表情,手中也仍然维持着进餐的举动-偌大的空间内,人声消失之后只剩下一片杯盘与刀叉撞 Struck monotonous sound. 击的单调声音。 Agatha takes the second step, the sound that all cup boards and knives and fork hit also vanished- everyone in restaurant stopped the movement, like shut off the energy suddenly, static at square tables. 阿加莎迈出第二步,所有杯盘与刀叉撞击的声音也消失了-餐馆中的每一个人都停下了动作,就像突然被切断了能源一样,静止在一张张方桌旁。 Agatha takes forward the third step, everyone in restaurant put down the knife and fork, they set out like the zombie, has turned the head unemotionally, dozens lines of sight fall on her emptily. 阿加莎向前迈出第三步,餐馆中的所有人都放下了刀叉,他们如僵尸般起身,面无表情地转过头,几十道视线空洞地落在她身上。 Agatha looks to front counter, that has also stopped in the sales clerk of wipe same cup finally, but with periphery these like zombie empty stiff " diner " different, this sales clerk raised the head slowly, looked that has the light smile to Agatha's time face. 阿加莎看向面前的柜台,那名一直在擦拭同一个杯子的店员终于也停了下来,但和周围那些如僵尸般空洞僵硬的「食客」不同,这名店员缓缓抬起头,看向阿加莎的时候脸上带着淡淡的微笑。 That smile somewhat is even friendly. 那微笑甚至有些友好。 " Hello, the porter young lady, " sales clerk opened the mouth, he is one keeps the golden short hair and appearance also to calculate when the good young people, wear the white shirt and black jacket, the speech well-mannered, as if really in the guest who the entertainment visits, " was very happy that you can come this to be a guest, does not know that you do have what view to this completely relaxed city? " 「您好,守门人小姐,」店员开口了,他是一个留着金色短发、容貌还算不错的年轻人,穿着洁白的衬衣与黑色夹克,说话时彬彬有礼,仿佛真的在招待上门的客人,「很高兴您能来此做客,不知您对这座令人心旷神怡的城市有何看法?」 " It seems like you were all these chief criminals, " Agatha gazed at the present golden hair tranquilly " sales clerk " , " was finding you to imagine compared with me wanted easily. 「看来你就是这一切的罪魁祸首了,」阿加莎平静地注视着眼前的金发「店员」,「找到你比我想象的要容易一点。 " Possibly does not have easy that you imagine, " blonde young people smiled, " what can come? Contamination sewage? Bread that the soil makes? A spatial bowl? Here some are. " 「也可能没有您想象的那么容易,」金发年轻人笑了起来,「要来点什么吗?染毒的脏水?还是泥土做的面包?或者・・・・・・一个空碗?我们这里有的是。」 Meaning that Agatha has not replied slightly, but lifts the cane to wield in the air conveniently. 阿加莎丝毫没有回答的意思,只是随手抬起手杖在空气中一挥。 The counter following blonde young people were then wrapped by the pale flame of emerging out of thin air instantaneously layer upon layer, that leather bag almost in several breath then by porter " cremation " ability fired the ashes, only iron grey bone ashes scatter with the wind, fall on the counter. 柜台后面的金发年轻人瞬间便被凭空出现的苍白火焰层层包裹,那副皮囊几乎在几个呼吸内便被守门人的「火葬」能力烧成了灰烬,只余灰白色的骨灰随风飘散,落在柜台上。 However on the Agatha face the expression has not changed slightly, because before the flame ignites, her sensation to that young people within the body does not have the aura of living person. 然而阿加莎脸上表情丝毫没有变化,因为在火焰燃起之前,她就感知到那年轻人体内已经没有了活人的气息。 A strange viscous material creeping motion sound transmits from side, Agatha has turned the head, sees " diner who " by not far away table stands stiffly sudden whole body to shiver, the next second, that person of body then like the wax melting, the black mud material surges and distorts in its body surface, in several breath, that diner then changed the blonde young people appearance of a wear white shirt and black jacket. 一阵诡异的粘稠物质蠕动声从旁边传来,阿加莎转过头,看到不远处桌子旁一名僵硬站立的「食客」突然浑身颤抖起来,下一秒,那人的身体便如蜡般融化,黑色的泥浆物质在其体表涌动、变形,几个呼吸内,那个食客便变化成了一个穿着白衬衣、黑夹克的金发年轻人模样。 " Really unfriendly greeting way, " blonde young people shot the dust on clothes, somewhat looks at Agatha reluctantly, " porter young lady, you should not think that this can solve me- you think that I will expose my main body in such dangerous place rashly? " 「真是不友好的打招呼方式,」金发年轻人弹了弹衣服上的灰尘,有些无奈地看着阿加莎,「守门人小姐,您该不会认为这就能解决我吧-您认为我会把自己的本体贸然暴露在这么危险的地方?」 " I know that you here, " Agatha did not say unemotionally, " , but this at least can make you stop temporarily boisterously. " 「我知道你不在这儿,」阿加莎面无表情地说道,「但这至少能让你暂时停止聒噪。」 Interest that " good, good, it seems like you have not chatted- you are a senseless woman, compares it 「好吧,好吧,看来您没有聊天的兴致-您是个无趣的女人,相比之 Next, that Mhere abdicated the professor to display at the final moment is more interesting, " blonde young people shrugged, " are not related, so long as can make you treat honestly on the spot were here good some time, I did not mind that you were a senseless convict. " 下,那个麦尔逊教授在最后时刻的表现就有趣多了,」金发年轻人耸了耸肩,「不过没关系,只要能让您老老实实地待在这里一段时间就行了,我并不介意您是个无趣的囚徒。」 " Mhere abdicates professor " in hearing the instances of several characters, the Agatha expression then slightly changes, she thinks the disappearance dagger island, thought in the report to mention, in the dagger island vanished in the previous quarter island a series of explosion phenomenon of- however, she then the information that noticed in the opposite party final several words to disclose. 在听到「麦尔逊教授」几个字的瞬间,阿加莎表情便微微一变,她想到了消失的匕首岛,想到了报告中提到的,在匕首岛消失前一刻岛上发生的一连串爆炸现象-而紧接着,她便注意到了对方最后几句话中透露出的情报。 " What meaning are your final several words? " She gazes at the present blonde young people, the tone ice-cold was saying. 「你最后几句话是什么意思?」她注视着眼前的金发年轻人,语气冰冷地说道。 " It‘s nothing, but asked you to be a guest here temporarily, " blonde young people smiled happily, " you do not need to be worriedabove, situation one quick, will have another you to return to there, she same will call the guardians with you, then according to the actual situation of sewage treatment center reorganized a report " to feel relieved, she will report truthfully, the processing station suffered encounters the situation of replace including the pollution and personnel, then, she can you returned to the cathedral to report on activities in the past same, talked with that Bishop Ivan, then, she will inspect the city-state again, continued to process in the city to face. Various issues, continue these field work that conducts you unable to complete all will not delay. " 「没什么,只是请您在这里暂时做客罢了,」金发年轻人愉快地笑了起来,「您不必担心‘上面,的情况一很快,就会有另一个您返回那里,她会和您一样召集好守卫者们,然后根据污水处理中心的实际情况整理出一份报告「放心,她会如实上报的,包括处理中心遭受的污染以及人员遭遇替换的情况,然后,她会和您往常一样返回大教堂述职,与那位伊凡主教交谈,再然后,她会巡视城邦,继续处理城市中面临的各种问题,继续进行您没能完成的那些调查工作・・・・・・一切都不会耽误。」 Agatha's complexion finally completely ice-cold she 阿加莎的脸色终于完全冰冷下来她 Is staring at the present blonde young people stubbornly: " You even made the portersham ?! " 死死盯着眼前的金发年轻人:「你们甚至制造了守门人的‘赝品,?!」 " Is this very difficult? " The blonde young people restrained the smile on face slowly, ridiculed looks at Agatha saying that " naturally, her not your strength, but in addition, she did not have the flaw, even compared with any replica of past perfect- what degree did you know to perfectly? She...... does not even know oneself are fake. " 「这很难吗?」金发年轻人慢慢收敛了脸上的笑容,略带讥讽地看着阿加莎说道,「当然,她并没有您这份力量,但除此之外,她毫无破绽,甚至比以往的任何一个复制品都要完美-您知道完美到了什么程度吗?她……甚至都不知道自己是假的。」 The Agatha complexion like the frost, is gripping tightly some knuckle slightly blanches of cane: " Sham cannot hide the truth from the cathedral- there has the innumerable double resourceful eyes. " 阿加莎面色如霜,紧握着手杖的指节略微有些发白:「赝品是瞒不过大教堂的-那里有无数双机敏的眼睛。」 " Innumerable double resourceful eyes- the eyes of mortal, you rather overestimated your colleague, " blonde young people are welcoming Agatha's ice-cold line of sight confidently, said at a moderate pace, " , moreover spoke of the sham you really to feel, you as well as his others, with your mouth insham, what between did have to distinguish? " 「无数双机敏的眼睛-凡人的眼睛,您未免过于高估您的同僚了,」金发年轻人坦然迎着阿加莎冰冷的视线,不紧不慢地说道,「而且说到赝品您真的觉得,您以及其他人,和您口中的‘赝品,之间有什么区别吗?」 He smiled again, slowly lifts both hands, imitates, if a preaching disciple is revealing the truth of the world: " Porter young lady, does not have what sham from the beginning, or we all are the shams, this is the truth. " 他再次笑了起来,慢慢抬起双手,仿若一个布道的圣徒在揭示世界的真相:「守门人小姐,从一开始就不存在什么赝品,或者说・・・・・・我们全都是赝品,这就是真相。」 Please remember this book first round domain name:. Cell phone version reading website: 请记住本书首发域名:。手机版阅读网址:
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