DG :: Volume #4 魔君纵横

#1017: Deep plot

Also is a piece of big picture curtain. 又是一片较大的画幕。 Green, walks quickly!” Huang Sisi is entraining green arm, drags him outward. “绿,快走吧!”黄死死拽着绿的手臂,将他往外拖。 No, I do not walk! Also can be saved, you look at that ten Immortal Fetus gus, aura surviving!” Yelled green that struggles, lets loose me, that is the painstaking care of my lifetime!” “不,我不走!还有救的,你看那个十尊仙胎蛊,还有气息残存!”绿大叫,挣扎不已,“放开我,那可是我毕生的心血啊!” You think that this explosion, is the pure accident? You look at Rank 8 immortal materials that these remain, your carefully examine!” Huang Nu shouted to clear the way. “你以为这场爆炸,是纯粹的意外吗?你看这些残留下来的八转仙材,你好好看看!”黄怒喝道。 The green whole body shakes, in the eye flashes through the color of clear and bright, he recognized, at once the full head cold sweat, has a lingering fear -ly said: in these immortal materials, flooded Will of Heaven unexpectedly. that was close, just at that moment, I unexpectedly was affected the intelligence by Will of Heaven. Even if has arranged so grand formation, hides in the arrived at Northern Plains trench, was realized by Will of Heaven?” 绿浑身一震,眼中闪过清明之色,他认出来了,旋即满头冷汗,心有余悸地道:“这些仙材之中,竟然都充斥天意好险,刚刚那一刻,我居然被天意影响了神智。就算布置了如此大阵,躲到了北原地沟之中,也被天意察觉了吗?” Only then complete Demon from Beyond The Heavens, will not be realized by Will of Heaven. We were realized, does not have what to be good to be discouraged. Gives up, we start over from the beginning.” Huang Kuanwei said. “只有完整的天外之魔,才不会被天意察觉。我们被察觉,没有什么好气馁的。放弃吧,我们从头再来。”黄宽慰道。 Green speechless, stares at sands, the whole face is nodding heavily. 绿无言,凝视着一片沙地,满脸沉重地点头。 ...... …… I had told you, your inference is completely wrong, the Red Lotus' True Inheritance matter and I have nothing to do.” Gu Immortal Da Li reluctantly said. “我已经告诉过你了,你的推断完全错误,红莲真传的事情和我毫不相干。”蛊仙大荔无奈地道 Opposite Time Dao Gu Immortal, the appearance covers in the one layer fog, looks not distinctly. Only has the Red Lotus scratch of forehead, the bright desire drops. 对面的宙道蛊仙,面目都笼罩在一层雾中,看不分明。唯有额头的红莲刻痕,鲜艳欲滴。 He ( she ) sneers: I in the Time Dao method by Red Lotus' True Inheritance calculated how possibly to make a mistake? Under Red Lotus Demon Venerable's one True Inheritance, falls on your body.” 他(她)冷笑一声:“我以红莲真传中的宙道手段推算,怎可能失误?红莲魔尊的一道真传,就落在你的身上。” The Da Li silent moment, said eventually: That also has anything to say. War!” 大荔沉默片刻,终究道:“那还有什么好说的。战吧!” Then, instead moves forward to meet somebody. 说完,反迎上去。 You do not hide finally!” Mysterious Gu Immortal same fighting intent is spirited. “你终于不躲了!”神秘蛊仙同样战意昂扬。 Fierce combat long time. 激战良久。 Gu Immortal Da Li does not beat the match, by the Immortal Gu Home Graceful Battle Stage suppression. 蛊仙大荔不敌对手,被仙蛊屋惊鸿乱斗台镇压。 ...... …… The Myriad Tribulation Supreme Clear spatial space, eventually ended. 万劫太清空宇,终于结束。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul does not resist, was truncated the whole body scar by myriad messenger birds. The entire build was reduced one-third unexpectedly. 魔尊幽魂毫无抵抗,被万千青鸟削得满身伤痕。整个体型竟被削减了1。 Meanwhile, Supervising Heaven Tower is ready to make trouble, as if also has to work loose the trend that the Void Transformation condition comes out. 与此同时,监天塔蠢蠢欲动,似乎也有挣脱虚化状态出来的趋势。 Fills the surrounding ash-gray mist, dissipated most probably. 弥漫周围的灰色雾气,不知不觉间,已经消散了大半。 This indicated: Myriad Tribulation Ashen Memories, most probably. 这表明:万劫灰忆,也过了大半。 But Disaster and Tribulation in sky, but also is continuing! 但天空中的灾劫,还在继续! Another wave of Myriad Tribulation. Is gathering the potential in the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's top of the head. 又一波万劫。正在魔尊幽魂的头顶上蓄势。 As if so long as Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul does not extinguish. Will of Heaven will not let off him! 似乎只要魔尊幽魂不灭。天意就不会放过他! The Myriad Tribulation cloudy oil is poisonous. 万劫阴油毒。 From sky, dangling a little bit viscous lethal poison oil thick liquid. 从天空中,垂下一滴滴粘稠的剧毒油浆。 These oil thick liquid as if boiling hot incomparable, the drop on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's, has the sound immediately, emits the purple beautiful gas spray. 这些油浆似乎滚烫无比,滴在魔尊幽魂的身上,立即嗤嗤有声,冒出紫嫣的气雾。 The oil thick liquid seeps and flows from the beforehand wound, on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul the oil thick liquid contamination by the place that corrodes, had the fierce rotten phenomenon. 油浆从之前的伤口中渗透、流入,魔尊幽魂上被油浆沾染侵蚀的地方,都发生了剧烈的腐烂现象。 Quick. These lethal poison oil thick liquid, turn one after another from a little bit, one after another turns into the innumerable wisps, lets fall from the upper air, covers the surrounding area several hundred miles. 很快。这些剧毒油浆,从一滴滴变成一连串,一连串又变成无数缕,从高空中垂落下来,笼罩方圆数百里。 The Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul huge body, bathes in the lethal poison oil thick liquid, was corroded rottenly at the naked eye obvious speed, the physique withers rapidly. 魔尊幽魂庞大的身躯,沐浴在剧毒油浆之中,以肉眼可见的速度被侵蚀腐烂,体格迅速萎缩下来。 But he always does not see any movement. 但他始终不见任何动作。 Under Ying Wuxie, whole face anxious color. 底下的影无邪,满脸焦躁之色。 He wants to shout loudly, but how in the Vast Tribulation subsidence of the earth. Any movement. Even is the excited idea, will make him be deeper and deeper. 他想高喊,但奈何身中浩劫地陷。任何的动作。甚至是激动的想法,都会让他越陷越深。 Does, you two becomes this!” He whispered in a low voice, shot a look at to immortal zombie Bo Qing. “怎么搞的,你们两个都成这样子!”他低声嘀咕,又瞥向身旁的仙僵薄青 From just started, immortal zombie Bo Qing on is silent as if a statue, motionless, as if grief. Is aloof to all of outside. 从刚刚开始,仙僵薄青就沉默得仿佛一尊石像,一动不动,似乎哀莫大于心死。对外界的一切都无动于衷。 Fortunately, they in the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's under foot. 所幸,他们在魔尊幽魂的脚下。 By the body blocking that Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul reaches to the sky, Myriad Tribulation to Ying Wuxie and immortal zombie Bo Qing is caused anything to harm at present. 魔尊幽魂高耸入云的身躯遮挡,万劫目前还没有对影无邪仙僵薄青造成什么危害。 Hundreds of thousands of miles remote. 数十万里之遥。 Hei Loulan and Taibai Yunsheng mutual help, flees vigorously. 黑楼兰太白云生相互扶助,极力奔逃。 In them behind, one crowd of Southern Border Gu Immortal are chasing down. 在他们身后,一群南疆蛊仙追杀着。 The regional consciousness of Five Regions Gu Immortal, is quite strong. Even if in most enlightened Eastern Sea, external Gu Immortal is not good to mix, frequently by Eastern Sea Gu Immortal sticking together oppression and preemption. 五域蛊仙的本土意识,都相当强烈。就算是在最开明的东海,外来的蛊仙也并不好混,常常被东海蛊仙抱团欺压、排挤。 Beforehand battle, after Hei Loulan almost kills Southern Border Gu Immortal, the matter becomes even more beyond redemption. 之前的交战,在黑楼兰差点打死一位南疆蛊仙之后,事情就变得越发不可收拾。 Southern Border Gu Immortal is angry, your North­ern Plains' bystander so is unexpectedly rampant, goes too far, did not to say in Southern Border, but also injured our people. Where was this treats as our Southern Border? 南疆蛊仙大怒,你北原的外人居然如此嚣张,欺人太甚,在南疆干架不说,还打伤我们的人。这是把我们南疆当做什么地方了? Therefore chases down ceaselessly, not only that but also gangs up, called several aids. 所以追杀不辍,不仅如此,还呼朋引伴,又召来数位援手。 Hei Loulan and Taibai Yunsheng is in itself unsatisfactory on the condition, the body has the wound. They retreat fighting, under guidance desirably, is far from Heavenly Righteous Mountain. 黑楼兰太白云生本身就状态不佳,身上有伤。他们且战且退,在刻意的引导下,离义天山越来越远。 The Hei Loulan ambition is big, does not dare to approach there again. 黑楼兰野心再大,也不敢再靠近那里。 That is not the Rank 6 Gu Immortal stage. 那不是六转蛊仙的舞台。 Even Rank 7 is not, Rank 8 also can only degenerate into the supporting role. 甚至七转都不是,八转也只能沦为配角。 That is Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul and Will of Heaven's slaughters battlefield! 那是魔尊幽魂天意的厮杀战场! Myriad Tribulation cloudy oil toxin had finished, now Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul was covered by another Myriad Tribulation. 万劫阴油毒已经结束,现在魔尊幽魂被另一种万劫笼罩。 This Myriad Tribulation was not known, broke through the limit of historical record. 万劫已经不为人所知,突破了历史记载的极限。 It invisible does not have the nature, only has one mysteriously, evasive aura. 它无形无质,只有一股玄妙至极,不可捉摸的气息。 The aura is encumbered, everywhere one visit, initiates on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul the explosion of time after time. Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul is the soul, but concentrates like the essence, just like Soul Beast. 气息缠身,所到之处,引发魔尊幽魂身上一次次的爆炸。魔尊幽魂乃是魂魄,但凝如实质,宛若魂兽 Now was directed to explode by the aura, tall and sturdy such as the body of mountain already vanished, the remaining skeletons are only common, the bulk soul had been exploded to fly by all around. 现在被气息引炸,魁梧如山的身躯已然消失,只剩下骨架一般,大块的魂魄已经被四下炸飞出去。 In fog, presents. 灰雾中,又呈现一幕。 The Old Man Yan Shi mouth spits the blood, the hand is grasping Heavenly Mystery Gu, in the mouth twittering: Originally on Fang Yuan's body has Spring and Autumn Cicada. No wonder he can refine Fixed Immortal Travel, to Central Continent's Fox Immortal Blessed Land, captures Soul Shaking Mountain. Then smashes Royal Court Blessed Land, lane collapses 88 Floors True Yang Building!” 砚石老人口吐鲜血,手握着天机蛊,口中呢喃:“原来方源的身上有着春秋蝉。难怪他能炼成定仙游,去往中洲的狐仙福地,夺取荡魂山。而后又捣毁王庭福地,弄塌八十八角真阳楼!” He is not only Demon from Beyond The Heavens, there is Spring and Autumn Cicada, escaped the fate obviously...... He He He, this can be I copes with Will of Heaven's best chess piece. fine, makes me come for you and Taibai Yunsheng covers up, preventing other people to calculate that you come.” “他既是天外之魔,又有春秋蝉,明显逃脱了宿命……呵呵呵,这会是我对付天意的最佳棋子也罢,就让我来替你和太白云生遮掩,防止其他人推算出你来罢。” ...... …… Qin Baisheng is peeping at Immemorial Ruin Bat in secret, among Heaven and Earth numerous Disaster and Tribulation. 秦百胜暗中窥视着太古墟蝠,还有天地间重重的灾劫 This was at that time, Dongfang Changfan body possession rebirth. Thus when transcends tribulation. 这正是当时,东方长凡夺舍重生。从而渡劫时的一幕。 Dongfang Changfan, but is the body possession rebirth, because actually has had the aura of main body, was realized by Will of Heaven, lowers so the disaster. In the future. The main body wants the rebirth, perhaps Disaster and Tribulation must be bigger!” 东方长凡,不过是夺舍重生,却因为沾染了本体的气息,被天意察觉,降下如此灾祸。日后。本体要重生,恐怕灾劫必会更大!” Another nearby Brilliant Flame Thunder Pond immortal zombie nods: We can walk, this probes to Will of Heaven's, had finished. How clear/pain hasn't Rong come back?” 另一旁的炎煌雷泽仙僵点点头:“咱们可以走了,这场对天意的试探,已经结束。只是楚融怎么还没有回来?” At this time, the Jiang Yu fairy maiden appeared figure, the look was awful: clear/pain Rong died, recycles the motion failure of Ordinary Thatched House!” 这时,姜钰仙子显现身形,神色糟糕:“楚融已死,回收凡草屋的行动失败!” What's the matter?” Qin Baisheng is startled. clear/pain Rong has Flame Dao Grandmaster Realm. Rank 7 cultivation base.” “怎么回事?”秦百胜微吃一惊。“楚融可是有炎道宗师境界七转修为。” Is the Demon Immortal San Mao successor.” The Jiang Yu fairy maiden said that this person ambushes extremely deeply, method very ruthless, is almost unable to come back including me.” “是三茅魔仙的传人。”姜钰仙子道,“此人潜伏极深,手段狠辣,连我都差点无法回来。” Demon Immortal San Mao...... Snort, fine. Gives up Ordinary Thatched House. The important matter start nears, cannot because of this Immortal Gu Home, expose the status. Annoys Will of Heaven's to attack ahead of time.” The Qin Baisheng ponder moment, this said. 三茅魔仙么……哼,也罢。就放弃凡草屋吧。大计启动在即,不能因为这座仙蛊屋,暴露了身份。惹来天意的提前打击。”秦百胜沉思片刻,这才道。 ...... …… Unrestrained Valley. 落魄谷 Shadow Sect group of people, is facing Central Continent Gu Immortal, the facial color is serious. 影宗一行人,面对着中洲蛊仙,面色沉重。 The Qin Baisheng vision closely is staring at Feng Jiuge, sighed: „The Will of Heaven's attack came. The inkstone to preserve Fang Yuan this chess piece, covers up the whereabouts for him. Central Continent Gu Immortal investigates Fang Yuan, finally follows up a clue, instead investigates us to menstruate.” 秦百胜目光紧紧盯着凤九歌,叹道:“天意的打击已经来了。砚石为了保住方源这枚棋子,替他遮掩行踪。中洲蛊仙调查方源,结果顺藤摸瓜,反而调查到我们身上来了。” Then what to do?” The Jiang Yu fairy maiden asked. “这下怎么办?”姜钰仙子问道。 It seems like was antiwar may not.” Qin Baisheng bites jaw to say. “看来是非战不可了。”秦百胜咬着牙关道。 ...... …… cough cough coughs......” the Old Man Yan Shi cough to continue, looks pale, is weakly exhausted as if under the one breath. Has danger that cannot breathe heavily. 咳咳咳……”砚石老人咳嗽不止,面色苍白,虚弱疲惫得仿佛下一口气。都有喘不过来的危险。 These time has used Heavenly Mystery Gu, lost over a hundred years of life. However but actually also the above the price in value, figures out the Spring and Autumn Cicada condition to be unsatisfactory, had been used.” “这一次用了天机蛊,损耗了上百载的寿元。不过倒也物超所值,算出春秋蝉状态不佳,已是被用过。” Looked that Fang Yuan arrives at Heavenly Righteous Mountain to step on ahead of time, knows fighting of Heavenly Righteous Mountain very much obviously. So the inference, the main body had been defeated one time, therefore draws support from that captures to say Red Lotus' True Inheritance. Let the Fang Yuan rebirth, returns, change in the future. Luckily is only Rank 6 Spring and Autumn Cicada, but also to fear insufficient.” “看方源提前来到义天山踩点,很显然已经是知道义天山之战了。如此推断,本体已经失败过一次,所以借助夺得的那道红莲真传。让方源重生,回到过去,改变未来。呵,幸亏只是六转春秋蝉,还不足为惧。” This, Fang Yuan without doubt is an extremely good range pole. Looks at his following performance, can make me calculate more things.” “这样的话,方源无疑是一个极佳的标杆。看他接下来的表现,就能让我推算出更多的东西。” Searches for his soul directly, can directly simply? Will affect the entire general situation?” “直接搜他的魂,会不会更直接干脆一点呢?会影响整个大局吗?” ...... …… According to my deployment, Bo Qing, Seven Stars Child and the others, delayed the Heavenly Court's footsteps as far as possible. This result should compared with previous lifetime, be much better.” “按照我的部署,薄青七星子等人,已经尽量拖延了天庭的脚步。这个结果应该比上一世,要好得多吧。” Old Man Yan Shi does in the pavilion, looks at mountain white fog, unpredictable. 砚石老人作于凉亭之中,看着青山白雾,变幻莫测。 Zombie Alliance aspect, arranges appropriately, subsequent party who can be the retrieval aspect. Naturally can retain should better, but, oh, hopes that cannot use it.” 僵盟方面,也布置妥当,可以作为挽救局面的后手。当然能够保留下来最好不过,唉,希望不会用到它吧。” Longevity Gu that used to result in newly, my life also had more than 20 years. Was the time dies. Soul Fragment belongs to the main body, is the natural matter. However before dying, for the main body calculated again under goes against heaven's will the big time Disaster and Tribulation.” “用了新得的寿蛊,我的寿元还有20多年。是时候死了。分魂归于本体,也是理所应当之事。不过在死之前,再为本体推算下逆天大计时的灾劫罢。” After long time. 半晌之后。 cough cough coughs. Haven't I died unexpectedly? Then, had Heavenly Tribulation and Earthly Disaster been calculated completely by me? No, is each first generation Shadow Sect brain truster, the calculation of taking place of the fallen, finally is well-prepared, reached qualitative change!” 咳咳咳。我居然没有死?这么说来,天地灾劫已经被我算尽了?不,是每一代影宗智囊,前仆后继的推算,终于厚积薄发,达到了质变!” He He He, is really a little satirizes. Is centered on Heavenly Mystery immortal gu Wisdom Dao ultimate move that forms, can calculate the Heavenly Tribulation and Earthly Disaster content unexpectedly. However but this Immortal Gu the paradise creates. He eliminated the influence of main body by any means possible, after dying, has not thought that unexpectedly will help Shadow Sect this busy.” 呵呵呵,真是有点讽刺。以天机仙蛊为核心,形成的智道杀招,竟能推算出天地灾劫的内容。然而这只仙蛊可是乐土所创。他生前千方百计地消除本体的影响,死后没有想到,居然会帮了影宗这个大忙。” ...... …… Sees this, Heavenly Court Gu Immortals has a big shock. 见到这一幕,天庭蛊仙们大惊失色。 Originally, Shadow Sect has achieved to figure out the Disaster and Tribulation situation unexpectedly! Thus, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul in Myriad Tribulation motionless, was quite suspicious. 原来,影宗竟然已经达到算出灾劫的地步!这样一来,魔尊幽魂万劫中一动不动,就相当可疑了。 Mysterious Myriad Tribulation has terminated gradually, last Myriad Tribulation arrives. 神秘万劫已经渐渐终止,最后一场万劫降临。 Jing Qiujie! 荆虬劫! The innumerable dark green vines, are covered with the incisive hangnail, from space, from underground, suddenly to launch, stubbornly winding on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's. 无数青绿的藤蔓,长满尖锐的倒刺,从天上,从地下,暴射而出,死死缠绕在魔尊幽魂的身上。 Quick, over a million vines, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul wrap up, form a giant rattan ball firmly. 很快,上百万的藤蔓,将魔尊幽魂牢牢包裹,形成一个巨大的藤球。 They twine stubbornly, more entangles is tighter, and takes root in the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's body, treats as the nutrient to attract the Demon Venerable's soul unexpectedly absorbs! 它们死死缠绕,越缠越紧,并且扎根在魔尊幽魂的身躯上,竟然将魔尊的魂魄当做养分吸摄! Does not suit! Does not suit!” “不对劲!不对劲!” He is intentionally, you look at that Ten Perfect grand formation quickly!” “他是故意的,你们快看那座十绝大阵!” Heavenly Court Gu Immortal vision shift, seems to be awakening from a dream immediately. 天庭蛊仙目光转移,顿时如梦初醒。 Originally, Shadow Sect already figured out the Disaster and Tribulation content, therefore pointed has made the arrangement. 原来,影宗早已算出灾劫的内容,所以针对性的做了布置。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul does not revolt intentionally, wants to reply on the Myriad Tribulation numerous strengths, own Soul Dao background, integrates in grand formation, treats as the grand formation nourishment. 魔尊幽魂故意不反抗,就是想借助万劫的重重力量,将自身的魂道底蕴,都融入大阵之中,当做大阵的养料。 Actually does he want to refine what thing? Unexpectedly the one's own demon soul, treats as the gu material refinement!” “他究竟想炼出什么东西来?居然把自己的魔魂,都当做蛊材炼制!” Not only this. Myriad Tribulation adds the body, actually on his body, has engraved Space Dao, Poison Dao, Qi Dao and Wood Dao all sorts of Dao Marks, destroys his Soul Dao's Dao Marks. Reason that can cause heavy losses to Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, because of these Dao Marks, was not weak in him accumulated 100,000 years of Soul Dao background!” “不只是这样。万劫加身,其实是在他的身上,刻印了宇道毒道气道木道种种道痕,破坏他的魂道道痕。之所以能重创魔尊幽魂,也是因为这些道痕,并不弱于他积累了100000年的魂道底蕴啊!” Hissing...... 嘶…… Realizes this point, Heavenly Court Gu Immortals involuntarily holds breath a cold air/Qi. 察觉到这一点,天庭蛊仙们不由地倒吸一口冷气。 So looks like, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul will not only build up, but also using the Myriad Tribulation strength, helping oneself achieve the scheme. 如此看来,魔尊幽魂不仅将自己炼了,还利用万劫的力量,帮助自己达成图谋。 What actually he schemes is what thing? 他究竟图谋的是什么东西? Ten Perfect grand formation, marched into the final moment. In cloudy fog, that ball of light already even more round bright. 十绝大阵,已经步入最后的关头。阴雾中,那个光球已经越发圆亮。 A heart of Supervising Heaven Tower Lord, sinks to the valley immediately. 监天塔主的一颗心,顿时沉入谷底。 On his face floods the color of firm and resolute blood and iron, said solemnly: Cannot this way. We must destroy the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's scheme! No matter he refines anything, must destroy this Ten Perfect grand formation as soon as possible.” 他脸上充斥坚毅铁血之色,沉声道:“不能再这样下去了。我们必须破坏魔尊幽魂的图谋!不管他炼制什么,必须尽快破坏了这道十绝大阵。” But we fell into the Void Transformation condition.” “可是我们已经陷入虚化的状态。” No, opportunity that we also one time counter-attack. This is only then all previous Supervising Heaven Tower Lord, study achievement of taking place of the fallen. until now, strict conservative secret!” Supervising Heaven Tower Lord said. “不,我们还有一次反击的机会。这是只有历代监天塔主,前仆后继的钻研成果。一直以来,都严格保守的秘密!”监天塔主道。 Heavenly Court Gu Immortals is pleasantly surprised immediately: „Hasn't that used in a big hurry?” 天庭蛊仙们顿时又惊又喜:“那还不快快使用出来?” Supervising Heaven Tower Lord smiles bitterly, the price of using said. 监天塔主苦笑一声,将使用的代价说出来。 Heavenly Court Gu Immortals falls into dead in general dreariness.( Not 天庭蛊仙们陷入死一般的沉寂之中。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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