DG :: Volume #4 魔君纵横

#1018: Win

After the moment, some people stand: Shadow Sect can sacrifice, how my can't Heavenly Court sacrifice? I am willing to remain, urges Supervising Heaven Tower!” 片刻后,有人站出来:“影宗能够牺牲,我天庭又如何不能牺牲?我愿意留下来,驱使监天塔!” Old man also wants.” “老夫也愿意。” „Can shed remnant body, slaughter Demon Venerable, why not?” “舍此残躯,能屠魔尊,有何不可?” More and more Gu Immortal stand. 越来越多的蛊仙站出来。 Naturally, there are to grasp other opinions Heavenly Court Gu Immortal. 当然,也有秉持其他意见的天庭蛊仙 According to seeing of old man, urgent matter, what clarifies Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul to refine?” “依老夫之见,当务之急,还是弄清楚魔尊幽魂到底炼制什么?” Matter also the beyond any help situation, keeps the mountain not to fear that does not have the firewood fever.” “事情还不到无可挽回的地步,留得青山在不怕没柴烧。” Initially, Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable before death, has not attacked Heavenly Court. Now he died, might as well before death strength, my big Heavenly Court have what to fear inevitably?” “当初,幽魂魔尊生前,都未攻上天庭。现在他已经死了,必然不如生前的力量,我偌大的天庭又有何惧?” Supervising Heaven Tower Lord waves: My intent has decided. The person who the determination leaves behind, stimulates to movement Supervising Heaven Tower along with me together. Other people, I will deliver White Heaven | daytime you. No matter the victory or defeat how, you must draw in the immortal gu remnant room as far as possible, brings back to Heavenly Court.” 监天塔主一挥手:“我意已决。决心留下的人,随我一起催动监天塔。其余人等,我会将你们送上白天。不管胜败如何,你们要尽量收拢仙蛊残屋,带回天庭。” So, a Heavenly Court side finally reaches an agreement. 如此,天庭一方终于达成一致。 Supervising Heaven Tower splits the bold light that projects to soar to the heavens suddenly, a light beam from the upper air dangles, covers Supervising Heaven Tower. 监天塔陡然绽射出冲天的豪光,一道光柱从高空垂下,笼罩监天塔 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul is startled darkly, controls Supervising Heaven Tower diligently, does not make it work loose from Void Transformation. 魔尊幽魂暗吃一惊,努力控制监天塔,不让它从虚化中挣脱出来。 Supervising Heaven Tower has not actually been separated from the plan of Void Transformation, in fact, its final counter-attack method, just needs it frequently maintains the Void Transformation condition. 监天塔却没有脱离虚化的打算,事实上,它的最后反击手段,正需要它时刻保持虚化的状态。 The Supervising Heaven Tower Lord sound spreads, reverberates in Heaven and Earth: Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable, makes you experience, a Supervising Heaven Tower most newly stronger strength!” 监天塔主的声音传出,在天地之间回荡:“幽魂魔尊,就让你见识一下,监天塔最新更强的力量!” Bang! 轰! In a bang, surrounding area Heaven and Earth had the subtle change suddenly. 一声巨响中,方圆天地骤然发生了微妙的变化。 Myriad Tribulation Jing Qiu. originally twines stubbornly on Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's, but at this moment, actually under the influence of Supervising Heaven Tower, changed the target, direct alignment Ten Perfect grand formation throws. 万劫荆虬。原本死死缠绕在魔尊幽魂的身上,但此时此刻,却在监天塔的影响下,改变了攻击目标,直接对准十绝大阵扑去。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul finally look changes. 魔尊幽魂终于色变。 Supervising Heaven Tower the move. Surpasses his anticipation. Even if he has planned for several thousand years, had calculated are innumerable, has exhausted several generations of Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal life. The entire important matter had calculated calculated, improved was also perfect. 监天塔的这一招。超出他的意料。哪怕他筹谋了数万年,推算了无数次,耗尽了数代智道蛊仙的生命。整个大计推算了又推算,完善了又完善。 But he had still not calculated: Supervising Heaven Tower has the method unexpectedly, can operate Myriad Tribulation! 但他仍然没有算到:监天塔居然有手段,能够操纵万劫 Is this what kind of method? 这到底是何种手段? The intense imposing manner erupts suddenly, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul cannot be aloof, he uses the method hastily. Resists throwing of myriad vine to strike. 强烈的气势陡然爆发,魔尊幽魂再也不能无动于衷,他连忙施展手段。抵挡万千藤蔓的扑击。 He experienced several times Myriad Tribulation. In order to help mysterious immortal gu in Ten Perfect grand formation, his battle strength was weakened very seriously. 他经历了数次万劫。为了成全十绝大阵中的神秘仙蛊,他的战力已经被削弱得十分严重。 But at this moment he begins fully, the demon prestige was still dreadful, power and influence fleeing world. 但此刻他全力动手,魔威仍旧滔天,威势披靡天下。 His whole body Soul Dao's Dao Marks, although lost most, but shines the light of Dao Marks at this moment in abundance, must sparkle compared with everywhere Starry Sky unexpectedly densely. 他满身的魂道道痕,尽管已经丧失大半,但此刻纷纷亮起道痕之光,竟比漫天繁星还要稠密闪耀。 Fierce confrontation that is hard to imagine! 难以想象的剧烈交锋! A side controls the Myriad Tribulation attack. Another side soul change invisible, resists throwing of myriad vine to shoot. 一方驾驭万劫进攻。另一方魂魄变化无形,抵御万千藤蔓的扑射。 Although, even if only remaining soul, but Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul shows the strange fight skill marvelously! 尽管独自一人,哪怕只剩下了魂魄,但魔尊幽魂展现出神乎奇迹般的战斗技巧! Cane vitex trifolia dragon that he will invade one's territory, all covers. 他将来犯的藤蔓荆虬,都尽数遮挡。 Ten Perfect grand formation was protected solid by him, the water cannot sprinkle. 十绝大阵被他保护得严严实实,水泼不进。 Still Supervising Heaven Tower in Void Transformation condition, was actually disintegrating. 仍旧处在虚化状态中的监天塔,却在解体。 And the speed of disintegrating is getting more and more fast, composes Supervising Heaven Tower innumerable mortal gu, including immortal gu, each point of each second. In massive breakage destructions. 并且解体的速度越来越快,组成监天塔的无数凡蛊,包括仙蛊,每一分每一秒。都在大量的破损毁灭。 In Supervising Heaven Tower, every several other breath, had one Rank 8 Heavenly Court Gu Immortal not to have the aura, at the scene sacrifice. 监天塔中,每隔几个呼吸,就有一位八转天庭蛊仙没了气息,当场牺牲。 In order to operate Myriad Tribulation, a Heavenly Court side has paid the extremely frigid price! 为了操纵万劫,天庭一方付出了极其惨烈的代价! Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul also similarly so. 魔尊幽魂也同样如此。 He the injury was serious, resists Jing dragon Myriad Tribulation, his soul demon body rapidly is reducing. The rapidness of speed, broke the large hole balloon likely. 他本身就已经伤势沉重,抵御荆虬万劫,他的魂魄魔身都在迅速削减。速度之快,像是破了大洞的气球。 The originally permeate heaven and earth aura, gets down weakly. The torrential demon prestige, as if from the setting the prairie afire fire, transformed a fire of high-piled firewood. 原本充天彻地的气息,虚弱下去。原先滔滔的魔威,仿佛从燎原大火,转变成了座座火堆。 Gloomy Soul, you go against heaven's will the conduct, will not have the good result!” At the point of death before, Supervising Heaven Tower Lord sends out the final curse. 幽魂,你逆天行事,绝不会有好结果的!”临死之前,监天塔主发出最后的诅咒。 That in his side, Heavenly Court Gu Immortals died does not remain. 在他的身边,天庭蛊仙们已经死的一个不剩。 Bang. 轰隆一声。 Only remaining less than half Supervising Heaven Tower, the thorough disintegration, changes into myriad fragments. 只剩下一小半的监天塔,彻底崩解,化为万千碎片。 The fragment returns to original state mortal gu and immortal gu, following the light beam, penetrates Heavenly Astral Qi Barrier, flies to the White Heaven | daytime deep place. 碎片又还原成凡蛊仙蛊,顺着光柱,穿透天罡气墙,向白天深处飞去。 Remains behind Heavenly Court Gu Immortal in White Heaven | daytime, take action, recycles these immortal gu. Most important, naturally is Fate Immortal Gu. 留守在白天之中的天庭蛊仙,纷纷出手,将这些仙蛊回收。重中之重,当然是宿命仙蛊 The Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's physique, from thousand zhang (3.33 m), reduced to the number hundreds of zhang (333 m) and dozens zhang (3.33 m), now only has several feet altitude. 魔尊幽魂的体格,已经从千丈,一路削减到数百丈、数十丈,如今只有几丈的高度。 Moreover, his soul true body not congealing reality, but is very transparent, is with the wind elegant, the aura is quite weak. 不仅如此,他的魂魄真身也不凝实,而是十分透明,随风飘逸,气息极为虚弱。 Vast Tribulation subsidence of the earth, at this time, thorough dissipation. 浩劫地陷,也在这时,彻底消散。 In the midair shines sword light, immortal zombie Bo Qing has flown in front of Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's together. 半空中亮起一道剑光,仙僵薄青已经飞到魔尊幽魂的面前。 The Mo Yao remnant soul in within the body, coldly shouted said: Gloomy Soul! My Beloved Qing, gives back to me!!” 体内的墨瑶残魂,冷喝道:“幽魂!把我的青郎,还给我!!” The Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's vision, is actually staring at Ten Perfect grand formation. The grand formation cloudy fog has vanished, Ten Perfect immortal zombie on own initiative had sacrificed, the remaining spheres, are only glittering nine color variegated moving brilliance. 魔尊幽魂的目光,却盯着十绝大阵大阵的阴雾已经消失殆尽,十绝仙僵都已主动牺牲,只剩下一颗圆球,闪烁着九彩斑斓的动人光辉。 immortal zombie Bo Qing continues to approach: You have promised me, will reactivate him!” 仙僵薄青继续逼近上去:“你答应过我,会将他复活!” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, transfers to the vision the face of immortal zombie Bo Qing slowly: Accomplishes Bo Qing Soul Fragment, the already destruction in Vast Tribulation. Soul Fragment already loses, how can I resurrect he?” 魔尊幽魂缓缓地,将目光移到仙僵薄青的脸上:“造就薄青分魂,早已经毁灭在浩劫之中。分魂既失,我怎么能复活他?” „Do you deceive me?!” The immortal zombie Bo Qing double fist pinches tightly, in eye flashes before the danger the light. “你骗我?!”仙僵薄青双拳捏紧,眼中闪现出危险的光。 I have not certainly deceived you. I am the Bo Qing main body, I will soon reactivate, is containing Bo Qing resurrecting. I will rule the world in the future, represents Bo Qing to achieve Rank 9 Realm. This was not initially, you have hoped?” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul leisurely said. “我当然并未骗你。我即是薄青的本体,我即将复活,便包含着薄青复活。我将来君临天下,也代表着薄青达到九转境界。这不就是当初,你一直希望的吗?”魔尊幽魂慢条斯理地道。 Old ordinary man!” immortal zombie Bo Qing is angry, kills to Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul. “老匹夫!”仙僵薄青大怒,向魔尊幽魂杀去。 But sword light just shone, stops suddenly. 剑光刚刚亮起,又戛然而止。 immortal zombie Bo Qing float in front of Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's, cannot move. 仙僵薄青悬浮在魔尊幽魂的面前,动弹不得。 „Are you I finally hinder? He He He, was really a pity. If no just before the end reminder of inkstone, perhaps also really will make you annoy troublesome some. However now...... Humph!. You have forgotten you Sword Dao immortal gu, is my Soul Fragment will, you have forgotten, these years is who is feeding them secretly.” “你就是我最后的阻碍吗?呵呵呵,真是可惜。若是没有砚石的临终提醒,说不定还真会让你惹出些麻烦。不过现在……哼哼。你忘了你一身的剑道仙蛊,都是我的分魂意志,你更忘了,这些年是谁偷偷地喂养着它们。” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul expression like ice. paused for a moment , to continue saying: Now, I give you last opportunity. Has killed them, is disobedient my behavior to make reparations for you.” 魔尊幽魂语气如冰。顿了一顿,继续道:“现在,我给你最后一次机会。杀了他们,为你忤逆我的行为赎罪。” What they naturally refer to is Heavenly Court Gu Immortal of White Heaven | daytime deep place. 他们自然指的是白天深处的天庭蛊仙 Bah!” “呸!” Snort, stupid woman.” “哼,愚蠢的女人。” a moment later. The Mo Yao remnant soul was pulled stiffly, was swallowed by Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul one. 下一刻墨瑶残魂被硬生生地拉扯出来,然后被魔尊幽魂一口吞下。 After swallowing this remnant soul, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's figure congealed immediately really a point. 吞下这个残魂之后,魔尊幽魂的身形顿时就凝实了一分。 Wuxie. You come the guard I, only requires several time of breath to be of great success!” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul was saying, while gradually reduced to child size. 无邪。你来护卫我,只需要十几个呼吸的时间就能大功告成!”魔尊幽魂一边说着,一边渐渐缩小成孩童大小。 Yes.” Ying Wuxie flies upwards, stands side Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's, a face is staring at the surroundings vigilantly. “是。”影无邪飞升上来,站到魔尊幽魂的身边,一脸警惕地盯着周围。 Penetrates the Heavenly Astral Qi Barrier light beam. Vanished. 穿透天罡气墙的光柱。已经消失。 Did not have the opportunity.” Heavenly Court Gu Immortals sighed. Supervising Heaven Tower remains Gu insect to receive, one after another evacuation. “没有机会了。”天庭蛊仙们纷纷叹息。将监天塔的残留蛊虫收好,陆续撤离。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul put out a hand immortal gu that stroked this only to refine, in the eye has been full of the feeling. 魔尊幽魂伸手抚摸着这只炼成的仙蛊,眼中充满了感慨。 Has planned for several thousand years, exhausts the essence to ponder extremely, painstakingly plans, finally refine this only Rank 9 Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu today. Had this Immortal Gu, I can exceed historical all Venerable. The body of achievement half Heavenly Demon, after achieving is unprecedented, non- newcomer supreme Realm! All previous Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable, are not my match, even if Human Ancestor resurrecting, must candidly admit defeat to me! Hahaha......” “筹谋了数万年,殚精极虑,苦心经营,终于在今天炼成了这只九转至尊仙胎蛊。有了这只仙蛊,我就能超越历史诸尊。成就半个天魔之身,达到前无古人后无来者无上境界!历代仙尊魔尊,都不会是我的对手,哪怕是人祖复活,也要对我甘拜下风!哈哈哈……” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul raises head to laugh. 魔尊幽魂仰头大笑。 In the laughter has crazy, gets over an emotion, has the self-satisfaction, has the pride, has to vent...... 笑声中有疯狂,有释怀,有得意,有骄傲,有发泄…… Gust blows, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul then drags in the wind. 一阵风吹来,魔尊幽魂便在风中摇曳。 He has almost exhausted fully. If not has swallowed the Mo Yao remnant soul, at this moment perhaps continually the basic physique cannot maintain. 他几乎耗尽了全力。若非吞食了墨瑶残魂,此刻恐怕连基本的形体都维持不住。 The laughter stops suddenly. 笑声忽停。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul both eyes narrow the eyes, cloudy glow is sparkling: More arrives at the final moment, I jump over cannot be negligent.” 魔尊幽魂双眼眯起,阴芒烁烁:“不过越到最后关头,我越不能大意。” On him residual Soul Dao's Dao Marks, at this time shines the brilliance. 他身上残留的魂道道痕,此时亮起光辉。 He induces by the soul, reconnaissance scope is extremely broad. 他以魂魄感应,侦查范围极其广阔。 On White Heaven | daytime, Heavenly Court Gu Immortals stays behind investigates Gu insect much. Oneself withdrew. 白天上,天庭蛊仙们留下不少侦查蛊虫。自身都已撤走。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul sneers, soul light is suddenly abundant, open mouth toward the sky, has emitted Netherworld Qi. 魔尊幽魂冷笑一声,魂光骤盛,张口朝着天空,喷吐了一口幽气 This Netherworld Qi upward, unexpectedly directly penetrates wrap up White Heaven | daytime Heavenly Astral Qi Barrier, destroys Heavenly Court Gu Immortals detection Gu insect all, does not remain. 这口幽气一路往上,竟然直接穿透包裹白天天罡气墙,将天庭蛊仙们的侦查蛊虫尽数摧毁,一个不留。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul changes all around. 魔尊幽魂又转向四周。 Quick, he looks at arrived at Fang Yuan. 很快,他就“看”到了方源 At this moment, Taibai Yunsheng and Hei Loulan are protecting him. 此刻,太白云生黑楼兰护卫着他。 Fang Yuan lies down on the ground, the eyelash shivers slightly, as if must revive. 方源躺在地上,睫毛微微颤抖,似乎要苏醒过来。 He awoke, he soon awoke!” Taibai Yunsheng called out pleasantly surprised. “他醒了,他快要醒了!”太白云生惊喜地叫道。 Hei Loulan deeps frown, the looks at horizon, does not return to -ly said: that you not to hurry to awaken him! Using Fixed Immortal Travel, we hurry to leave this damned place.” 黑楼兰则眉头紧锁,看着天边,头也不回地道:“那你还不赶紧唤醒他!利用定仙游,咱们赶紧离开这个鬼地方。” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul frowned slightly, but stretches at once. 魔尊幽魂微微皱起眉头,不过旋即又舒展开来。 At this time the distance of both sides, had hundreds of thousands of miles. And the Heavenly Righteous Mountain surrounding area in ten thousand miles, had been covered by Myriad Tribulation, destroys changes beyond all recognition. If Fang Yuan uses Fixed Immortal Travel, can only flicker to transfer to beyond ten thousand miles. 此时双方的距离,已经有数十万里。且义天山方圆万里之内,已经被万劫覆盖,毁得面目全非。若方源动用定仙游,只能瞬移到万里之外。 Not to mention after he wakes up, can choice come to here to take risk. Even if he chooses to take risk, leaves the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's time, was enough! 且不说他醒来之后,会不会选择来这里冒险。就算他选择来冒险,留给魔尊幽魂的时间,已经足够! Moreover, before single layer heavy Vast Tribulation and Myriad Tribulation scrubbed continuously, this piece of Heaven and Earth particularly clean. 而且,之前一重重的浩劫万劫连续洗刷,这片天地分外“干净”。 Gu Immortals died in battle, Immortal Aperture that leaves behind, all was built up by Ten Perfect grand formation. Also some parts, destroy under Myriad Tribulation. Since birth dead Blessed Land, desirably was only retained. 蛊仙们阵亡,留下的仙窍,都也尽数被十绝大阵所炼。也有少部分,毁于万劫之下。唯有生死福地,被刻意保留下来。 Did not have the extra worries. Un? It is not right.” The Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul vision goes to Ying Wuxie suddenly. “没有后顾之忧了。嗯?不对。”魔尊幽魂陡然间目光投向影无邪 Ying Wuxie blinked, looks at main body. 影无邪眨了眨眼睛,看着本体。 Some of your also how many lives?” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul asked. “你还有多少寿命?”魔尊幽魂问道。 Ying Wuxie then answered: Time of tea.” 影无邪便答:“还有一盏茶的时间哩。” „More than enough to spare.” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul felt relieved finally. “绰绰有余了。”魔尊幽魂终于放下心来。 He cannot support again, figure diverges, concentrates a soul ball, the wash bowl size, concentrates like the essence, flutters to Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu of sphere. 他再也支撑不住,身形散去,浓缩成一个魂球,脸盆大小,凝如实质,向圆球似的至尊仙胎蛊飘去。 In this process, Fang Yuan opens both eyes suddenly. 在这个过程中,方源陡然睁开双眼。 Will of Heaven!” He bellows, sits all of a sudden, full angry and anxiety. 天意!”他大吼一声,一下子坐起来,满腔的愤怒和焦急。 Fang Yuan, you awoke finally.” Taibai Yunsheng and Hei Loulan all great happiness. 方源,你终于醒了。”太白云生黑楼兰俱都大喜。 Bang! 轰! Fang Yuan take action, strikes unexpectedly outrageously to two saviors. 方源竟悍然出手,击向身旁的两个救命恩人。 Taibai Yunsheng and Hei Loulan are unexpected, was struck to fly. 太白云生黑楼兰猝不及防,被击飞出去。 Fixed Immortal Travel! 定仙游 a moment later, Fang Yuan stimulates to movement this only Rank 6 immortal gu immediately. 下一刻,方源立即催动这只六转仙蛊 . 噗。 He spits a blood greatly, the body staggers, stimulated to movement Fixed Immortal Travel to be defeated. 他大吐一口鲜血,身躯踉跄一下,催动定仙游失败了。 Hateful! Must catch up!!” He clenches teeth maliciously, stimulates to movement Fixed Immortal Travel once more. “可恶!一定要赶上啊!!”他狠狠咬牙,再次催动定仙游 Before Taibai Yunsheng and Hei Loulan catch up, he succeeded! 太白云生黑楼兰赶来之前,他成功了! His arrived is away from Heavenly Righteous Mountain the place ten thousand miles away. 来到了距离义天山万里之外的地方。 Battlefield that looks at changes beyond all recognition, he was scared, the entire body and mind is icy cold. 看着面目全非的战场,他傻了眼,整个身心冰凉彻底。 Without enough time! 来不及了! Such that just like Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul expects, Fang Yuan rushed to the scene without enough time. 正如魔尊幽魂所料的那样,方源来不及赶到现场了。 However! 不过! Must integrate the Paragon Immortal Fetus Gu's time in Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, suddenly a hand stretches out suddenly. 就在魔尊幽魂要融入至尊仙胎蛊的时候,忽然一只手陡然伸出。 Ying Wuxie puts out a hand to cover Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul. 影无邪伸手将魔尊幽魂扣住。 Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul the near oil completely lamp dry condition, had not responded that hears Ying Wuxie slowly said to leave four characters. 魔尊幽魂已近油尽灯枯的状态,还未反应过来,就听见影无邪缓缓地道出四个字。 Leading Soul to Enter the Dream.” 引魂入梦。” What......” “什……” a moment later, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul falls into the dreamland. 下一刻,魔尊幽魂陷入梦境之中。 But the Fang Yuan's soul, soars from Ying Wuxie's within the body! 方源的魂魄,从影无邪的体内飞腾而出! And, integrates in present Rank 9 immortal gu rapidly!!( Not 并且,迅速地融入眼前的九转仙蛊之中!!(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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