DG :: Volume #4 魔君纵横

#1016: Numerous years

Also is one. 又是一幕。 In Life and Death Gate. 生死门中。 Death-Immersion Realm. 沉迷死境 Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable did not have the mortal body, what shows before the people are the three heads and thousand arms soul. 幽魂魔尊已无肉身,展现在众人面前的是三头千臂的魂魄。 He illuminates the lake water, is looking at own appearance, talked to oneself: Is very good. I the technique of Soul Devour from Gourmet Dao (esophagus) creating, not only made me regain the peak condition, but also swallowed the souls of other Gu Immortal, obtained their life memories and cultivation experiences! He He He, this also calculates that turns misfortune into a blessing......” 他照着湖水,望着自己的容貌,自语道:“很好。我从食道中创出的吞魂之术,不仅让我恢复了巅峰状态,而且更吞食其他蛊仙之魂,得到他们的人生记忆和修行经验!呵呵呵,这也算因祸得福么……” From beginning to end, I have not discovered other Immortal Venerable and Demon Venerable's soul. Constellation Immortal Venerable does not have, as can be appreciated. Heavenly Thief Demonic Venerable does not have, went home successfully?” “不过至始至终,我都未发现其他仙尊魔尊的魂魄。星宿仙尊没有,可以理解。盗天魔尊也没有,是成功回家了吗?” Was the time re-enters the world. Does not have Soul Shaking Mountain and Unrestrained Valley obstructing the path, I must go out of Life and Death Gate, may be easier than Human Ancestor. However for the time being the main body is not suitable sends out, first makes some Soul Fragment to exit, paves the way for my main body.” “是时候重回人间了。没有荡魂山落魄谷拦道,我要走出生死门,可比人祖容易多了。不过暂且本体不宜出动,先弄些分魂出去,为我本体铺路。” Snort! When my heavy palm universe, tidies up you again.” “哼!待我重掌乾坤,再来收拾你。” Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul vision regarding place, is a special soul. He in whistling is resting greatly, whole body is sending out the yellow gold brilliance, was ordinary just like Sun, crashes in the lakeside. 魔尊幽魂目光视处,正是一个特殊的魂魄。他正在呼呼大睡,浑身都散发着黄金般的光辉,宛若太阳一般,坠落在了湖畔。 ...... …… Following picture curtain, again non- Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul, but is seven mortals. 接下来的画幕,就再非魔尊幽魂,而是七个凡人。 Is delivered from oppression, feeling a great deal.” In the middle of seven people, face upwarded to look the date to say. “重见天日,感慨良多啊。”七人当中,一位仰天望日道。 I and other present, although is mortal, but there is each cultivation that the main body entrusts with experience, certainly can build Gu Immortal.” “我等现在虽为凡人,但有本体赋予的各个修行经验,一定能修成蛊仙。” „The Adverse Current River anti- say/way, is ten Soul Fragment, successfully but comes out, only then our seven.” 逆流河阻道,本来是十个分魂,但成功出来的只有我们七个。” Main body must come out, perhaps also wants go to a lot of trouble. Once were learned by the person with high aspirations. More troublesome. They will not sit by and do nothing.” “本体要出来,恐怕还要大费周章。一旦被有心人获悉。更加麻烦。他们绝不会坐视不管的。” Safe in order, disperses, locates Five Regions to develop respectively in secret. Once in a while, mutual exchange.” “稳妥起见,还是分散开来,各处五域暗中发展。每隔一段时间,相互交流。” Such being the case, might as well on a foundation organization. How covers their ears and eyes?” “既然如此,不如就创建一个组织。掩人耳目如何?” right. Called Shadow Sect, such as shadow was not noticeable, but was ubiquitous. one day, entire Heaven and Earth will also cover in me under and other shadow!” 不错。就叫影宗吧,如影子般不引人注目,但却无处不在。终有一天,整个天地还会笼罩在我等的阴影之下!” Good. I and other people, distinction code name red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, violet. Is just like Immemorial Seven Heavens, once kept aloof, now actually already fallen. So warns oneself. Cannot idle lazily!” “好。我等七人,就分别代号赤橙黄绿青蓝紫。就好比太古七天,曾经高高在上,如今却已陨落。如此警示自身。不能懒惰懈怠!” ...... …… Originally Sword Immortal Bo Qing. Unexpectedly is really one of the Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's Soul Fragment!” Heavenly Court Gu Immortal call out in alarm. “原来剑仙薄青。竟真的是幽魂魔尊的分魂之一!”天庭蛊仙们惊呼。 And an old woman, ashamed -ly said: ironclad proof before, indisputable. My Spiritual Fate House really has supervisory disadvantageous responsibility.” 其中一位老妪,惭愧地道:“铁证在前,无可辩驳。我灵缘斋实有监察不利之责。” Demon Venerable method, virtually impossible to guard against. In Heavenly Court, mixes in his traitor within Soul Fragment. Let alone under sect Spiritual Fate House? Gains favor Tower Lord to realize, had discovered using Supervising Heaven Tower this startled day inside story, this makes us have the opportunity to prevent this unparalleled demon!” 魔尊手段,防不胜防。就连天庭之中,都混入他的内奸分魂。更何况下宗灵缘斋呢?得幸塔主察觉,利用监天塔发现了这惊天内幕,这才让我们有机会阻止这位盖世的魔头!” Heavenly Court Gu Immortal sighed. 天庭蛊仙们纷纷感叹。 At present. Although they cannot continue to harass, but the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's situation is not as if wonderful. 眼下。他们虽然不能继续骚扰,但似乎魔尊幽魂的情况也并不妙。 Since Ashen Memories Myriad Tribulation arrives, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul has stood still motionless, whatever following Myriad Tribulation Supreme Clear Empty Space adds the body, at this moment his injury is horrible to look. 自从灰忆万劫降临之后,魔尊幽魂就一直静立不动,任凭接下来的万劫太清空宇加身,此刻他的伤势已经是惨不忍睹。 azure.” In ground, the Mo Yao remnant soul of Immortal Zombie Bo QIng within the body, in young handsome azure by picture, has roused the innermost feelings mood. “青。”地面上,仙僵薄青体内的墨瑶残魂,也被画面中年轻俊朗的青,勾动了内心情怀。 In her surroundings, fog turns similarly wells up, presents memory deep place color moving. 在她的周围,同样灰雾翻涌,呈现出记忆深处色彩动人的一幕。 Stretch of ruins in confusion. Damaged corpse, blood stream everywhere. 一片狼藉的废墟。破碎不堪的尸体,血流满地。 As if after experienced a frigid incomparable fierce combat. 似乎是经历了一场惨烈无比的激战之后。 Beloved Qing! Do not die, cannot die! You died, how can I go on living?” Mo Yao is embracing Sword Immortal Bo Qing, is sobbing no use. 青郎!你别死,千万不能死!你死了,我怎么活得下去?”墨瑶怀抱着剑仙薄青,无助地哭泣着。 Bo Qing weak powerlessly instead grips the hand of Mo Yao: At this moment, I do not conceal your anything. I come from Shadow Sect, originally is Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable's wisp of Soul Fragment. You loved mistakenly the person. Falls in love with me, only meets your pain to perish. You walk, walks quickly. Does not walk, without enough time.” 薄青虚弱无力地反握住墨瑶的手:“事到如今,我也不隐瞒你什么。我来自影宗,本是幽魂魔尊的一缕分魂。你爱错了人。爱上我,只会你痛苦沉沦。你走吧,快走。再不走,就来不及了。” The Mo Yao whole body shakes, at once shakes the head, firmly incomparably refuses saying: No, I do not walk! No matter I you are any status, I only know that we each other deeply are loving the opposite party, this is most important. Other I do not do! Cannot with your syngenesis, I actually be able dead with you!” 墨瑶浑身一震,旋即摇头不已,坚定无比地拒绝道:“不,我不走!我不管你是什么身份,我只知道我们彼此深爱着对方,这才是最重要的。其他的我不管!不能和你同生,我却可以和你同死!” Oh! Ying Wuxie in one side looks at, tut tut has the sound, the whole face surprised color/look. “哦哦哦!影无邪在一旁看着,啧啧有声,满脸惊奇之色。 The fog surges continuous, Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul picture becomes more complex confused. 灰雾翻腾不休,魔尊幽魂身旁的画面变得更加纷繁缭乱。 Before, is only a Gloomy Soul Demonic Venerable person of angle of view, now is actually divided into seven people. 之前,只是幽魂魔尊一人视角,现在却分成七人。 These seven people inherited a small part background, has the bitter pain respectively. 这七人只是继承了一小部分底蕴,各有辛酸苦痛。 And once in a while, the Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul main body in the middle of Death-Immersion Realm, will still climb mountains and cross rivers Adverse Current River, sends out other Soul Fragment. 并且每隔一段时间,在沉迷死境当中的魔尊幽魂本体,仍旧会跋涉逆流河,送出其他分魂 This makes the picture more chaotic. 这就让画面更乱。 However, still had the act drop numerous, attracts the attention of people. 不过,仍旧有大幕纷呈,吸引众人的眼球。 The Shadow Sect six people gather in the same place. 影宗六人集合在一起。 They are separated from Life and Death Gate earliest one batch, now became an immortal one by one. 他们是脱离生死门最早的一批,如今已经各个成仙。 Is my mistake!” The green opens the mouth said that „, if I did not entrust azure, calling him to teach that Treasure Yellow Heaven profiteer for me, being insufficient let fall into so in the snares of love azure, rebelled against us, exposed including the main body!” “是我的错!”绿开口道,“若是我不委托青,叫他代我教训那个宝黄天的奸商,也不至于让青陷入如此情网之中,反叛我们,连本体都暴露了!” This is not your mistake. Green.” The purple comfort said, this is Will of Heaven's creates obstacles and frames! Your hasn't don't tell me detected? We as the mortals time, is not obvious. But grows along with cultivation base, all things are not suitable, is getting more and more rough. Handles anything, usually can the coming up in great numbers and from all sides accident, the completely spread setback.” “这不是你的错。绿。”紫安慰道,“这是天意的刁难和陷害!你们难道没有发觉吗?我们身为凡人的时候,还不明显。但随着修为增长,诸事不顺,越来越坎坷。做任何事情,通常都会横生变故,满布挫折。” Azure matter, must process as soon as possible, will otherwise disturb the main body the important matter!” “青的事情,必须尽快处理,否则会干扰本体的大计!” Doesn't know what to do? Sword Dao that azure walks, battle strength is strongest. don't tell me wants me and others to gather, eradicates him together?” “如何是好?青走的剑道,战力最强。难道要我等集合起来,共同铲除他吗?” This act, although is feasible, but price is very big, the risk is also very high. I have an idea but actually! If can become, perhaps can also strive for Fairy Mo Yao.” Purple leisurely said. “此举虽然可行,但代价很大,风险也很高。我倒有一计!若是能成,兴许还能将墨瑶仙子争取过来。”紫悠然地道。 „? Is what strategy?” “哦?是何计策?” Purple smiled: Reason that azure falls into the snares of love, is the Spiritual Fate House town sends Immortal Gu Passion to be the result. This gu reaches as high as Rank 9, the might is hard to be a worthy opponent, therefore azure downcasts, actually also no wonder he. After all his Sword Dao, is imperfect, copes with this offensive, is difficult the strength of resistance.” 紫笑了笑:“青之所以陷入情网,乃是灵缘斋镇派仙蛊爱情所致。此蛊高达九转,威力难以匹敌,青因此陷落,其实也怪不得他。毕竟他的剑道,并不完善,对付这种攻势,难有抵御之力。” Just in time, I comprehend the attainment today, the Wisdom Dao Realm promoted to Great Grandmaster situation. In addition we maintain the exchanges, I also very much have the understanding to azure Sword Dao. After azure has an accident, I with every effort calculated how to solve this difficult problem. I calculated that Immortal Gu Formula, can refine Intelligent Sword Immortal Gu together.” “不过正巧,我今日领悟心得,智道境界提升到了大宗师的地步。加上我们一直都保持交流,我对青的剑道也很有了解。青出事之后,我就尽力推算,如何解决这个难题。我推算出一道仙蛊方,能炼成慧剑仙蛊。” Intelligent Sword Immortal Gu?” 慧剑仙蛊?” Purple nods said: right. The so-called bright sword cuts the emotions, even if this gu does not beat Rank 9 Passion Gu, but in fact, we only need to cut azure Passion Dao Marks nothing more. We can design, let be inspired the fortuitous encounter or azure, thought oneself infallible oneself to create this brand-new Immortal Gu Formula.” 紫颔首道:“不错。所谓慧剑斩情丝,此蛊纵然不敌九转爱情蛊,但实际上,我们只需要斩去青身上的爱情道痕而已。我们可以设计,让青得到奇遇或者启发,自以为是自己创造了这个全新的仙蛊方。” Once after he uses, the body emotions were cut, can restore the reason, belongs to us. Moreover, Mo Yao emotions still, us just may use this, uses her accept Weiji!” “一旦他动用之后,身上情丝被斩,就能恢复理智,重新归于我方。不仅如此,墨瑶身上情丝仍在,我们正可利用这点,将她纳为己用!” The purple words, making the people be overjoyed, praise. 紫的一番话,让众人大喜过望,交口称赞。 Ingenious plan! Ingenious plan!” “妙计!妙计啊!” Haha, worthily is Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal purple.” “哈哈,不愧是智道蛊仙紫啊。” ...... …… What?!” Sees this, Immortal Zombie Bo QIng in ground, deeply frowned immediately. “什么?!”看到这一幕,地面上的仙僵薄青,顿时眉头紧锁。 Checks in inside Mo Yao remnant soul, naturally knows that own beloved, will build in the future indeed up Intelligent Sword Immortal Gu! 寄存在里面的墨瑶残魂,当然知道自己的爱郎,日后的确炼出了慧剑仙蛊 That, later Beloved Qing...... Actually is to deceive my sentiment, was still loving me?” Suddenly, Mo Yao remnant soul drastic fluctuation, in the heart is flooding the intense question. “那么,之后的青郎……究竟是在欺骗我的感情,还是仍旧爱着我?”一时间,墨瑶残魂剧烈波动,心中充斥着强烈的疑问。 In this time, another, is launching side Demon Venerable Gloomy Soul's. 正在这时,又一幕,在魔尊幽魂的身旁展开。 The Shadow Sect seven immortals get together. 影宗七仙齐聚。 So long as I promote Venerable/to revere, even does not need the main body to enter the stage, can the invincible world, make the tyrant vault of heaven once more. By that time, had such invincible battle strength, even if Will of Heaven, how me. At least this time, Longevity Gu also has innumerable.” azure raises the neck slightly, in the tone disclosed arrogant demeanor. “只要我晋升成尊,甚至不用本体出场,就能再次无敌天下,制霸苍穹了。到那时,有了这样无敌的战力,就算是天意,也奈何不了我了吧。至少这个时代,寿蛊还有无数。”青微微扬起脖子,语气中透露出一股傲意 Do not despise Will of Heaven.” Lesson that green said solemnly, these years we receive, but also are not enough?” “你可不要小看了天意。”绿沉声道,“这些年我们受到的教训,还不够多吗?” Purple, you are our brain trusters, how did you say?” Yellow asked. “紫,你是我们的智囊,你怎么说?”黄问道。 Purple looks at is blue: „The situation of azure first time being defeated, so long as prepares fully, ceases the accident/surprise, as if issue not big...... Fairy Mo Yao situation how?” 看着青:“从青第一次失败的情况来看,只要准备充分,杜绝意外,似乎问题并不大……墨瑶仙子的情况如何?” He He He.” azure sneers several, that silly woman, unexpectedly for I prepared to sacrifice itself. She runs up to 88 Floors True Yang Building, refine Disaster Provoking Immortal Gu. Attempts when my transcends tribulation, directs own body Vast Tribulation.” 呵呵呵。”青冷笑几声,“那个傻女人,居然为了我准备牺牲自己。她跑到八十八角真阳楼里,炼出了招灾仙蛊。企图在我渡劫的时候,将浩劫引到自己的身上去。” Purple shakes the head: Although Ju Yang Immortal Venerable's Luck Dao, indeed leaves a machine to express. But Mo Yao this method, is impossible to succeed. However since she has this heart, might as well only trade soul Immortal Gu that Immortal Realm Ultimate Move, hands over in her hand ingeniously. If your transcends tribulation failure, so long as soul has not lost, background, can turn over/stand up rapidly.” 紫摇头:“虽然巨阳仙尊的运道,的确别出机抒。但墨瑶此法,是不可能成功的。不过既然她有此心,不如将那只换魂仙蛊,还有那个仙道杀招,巧妙地交到她的手中。万一你渡劫失败,只要魂魄未失,底蕴就在,还是可以迅速翻身的。” Un. Prepares the appropriate point to be also good.” Azure heartless nod. “嗯。准备妥当点也好。”青无情的点点头。 ...... …… Under such, lets the Immortal Zombie Bo QIng whole body shock. 这样的一幕,让底下的仙僵薄青浑身剧震。 Ying Wuxie Dark Dao (secretly thought) is not wonderful, said hastily: „, You do not indulge in flights of fancy. This is Myriad Tribulation, not necessarily real!” 影无邪暗道不妙,连忙道:“你,你别胡思乱想。这可是万劫,不一定是真的啊!” Immortal Zombie Bo QIng has not spoken, but is silent like the iron, both hands gripping stubbornly, the whole body muscle tightens, pair of eyes tightly closed. 仙僵薄青却没有说话,而是沉默如铁,双手死死的握住,浑身肌肉绷紧,双眼紧闭 ...... …… The Shadow Sect five immortals get together. 影宗五仙齐聚。 Was defeated blue. He with oneself Immortal Aperture, fused the Immemorial Blue Heaven fragment, studies Will of Heaven, now deeply fell into to the dreamland.” yellow Chentong said/tunnel. “蓝失败了。他用自己的仙窍,融合了太古蓝天碎片,研究天意,现在已经深深地陷入到梦境之中。”黄沉痛地道。 A numerous immortal silence. 众仙一阵沉默。 Long time, purple slowly opens the mouth: Blue, although can be saved by the external force, but I thought that actually may not hurried take action. This is the trap that Will of Heaven keeps intentionally, quite makes we more members expose the status.” 良久,紫才缓缓开口:“蓝虽然可以被外力拯救,但我觉得,却不可急忙出手。这是天意故意留下来的陷阱,好让我们更多的成员暴露身份。” Oh! And from azure second time attacks the Rank 9 Realm failure, can look. That Disaster and Tribulation might, is the first time more than ten times! Obviously, Will of Heaven does not permit our achievement Venerable, it has been coping with us.” “唉!其中从青第二次冲击九转境界失败,就可以看出来了。那场灾劫的威力,是第一次的十多倍!显然,天意不允许我们成就尊者,它一直在对付我们。” Is open about the facts everyone, recently I also felt is not extremely wonderful. First is azure, latter is blue, then perhaps was I.” “不瞒诸位,最近我也感觉到极度不妙。先是青,后是蓝,接下来恐怕就是我了。” The numerous immortals are astonished, busy say/way: Purple, do not think.” 众仙讶异,忙道:“紫,你不要多想。” This does not think. This is the premonition of Wisdom Dao Gu Immortal...... After I have an accident, is replaced my position by Gu Immortal Da Li. Also, the Will of Heaven's strength surpasses our estimates, but it may not hoodwink by no means. From now on Shadow Sect must be dormant as far as possible, the savings strength, will go against heaven's will the good important matter in secret in the future, should better erupt at one fell swoop, making Will of Heaven not have the time of full response.” “这不是多想。这是智道蛊仙的预感……我出事之后,就由蛊仙大荔顶替我的位置。还有,天意的力量超出我们的估量,但它并非不可蒙蔽。今后影宗应当尽量蛰伏,暗中积蓄力量,将来逆天行大事,最好一举爆发,让天意没有充分反应的时间。” Ps : 800 monthly ticket in addition.( Not Ps:800月票加更。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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