DLAT :: Volume #6 Volume 6

#957 Part 1: Performing skill explosion

Who just erupted one in the labyrinth deep place sinisterly deceitful decisive battle, labyrinth outside bored audience are speaking in a low voice, is similar to Second Task, everyone can only treat outside patient waiting result of the competition. 就在迷宫深处刚爆发一场谁“更阴险狡诈”的决战时,迷宫外面无聊得要死的观众们正在低声说着话,就如同第二个项目,大家只能待在外面耐心等待比赛结果。 It is not able to see the matter that in the labyrinth is having at this moment, reduced audience the enthusiasm to finals without doubt enormously, because has nothing to watch the experience from the start. 无法看到迷宫里此刻正发生的事情,无疑极大消减了观众们对决赛的热情,因为压根没什么观看体验。 Izabel and Nia are sitting in the family member seat the patient waiting, as if to conceal the anxious mood, Izabel is giving Tom carding wool, the fat cat that this anything does not know freely is having the yawn, enjoys Nia to throw the food. 伊泽贝尔妮娅正坐在家属席位上耐心等待,似乎为了掩饰自己焦躁的情绪,伊泽贝尔在给汤姆梳毛,这头什么都不知道的肥猫正无忧无虑地打着哈欠,享受妮娅投食。 The referee seat of not far away, Dumbledore narrows the eye to look to the labyrinth, does not know that actually to be thinking anything. 不远处的裁判席,邓布利多眯起眼睛望向迷宫上方,也不知道究竟在想些什么。 In a moment ago, the sky raising green spark of labyrinth. 就在刚才,迷宫的上空升起绿色火花。 This is not the good omen. 这不是什么好预兆。 What's wrong?” “怎么了?” Amelia Bones notices Dumbledore's to respond, the doubts asked. 阿米莉亚·博恩斯注意到邓布利多的反应,疑惑地问道。 Being correct green spark.” Dumbledore said suddenly. “有道绿色火花。”邓布利多忽然说。 What issue does green spark have?” Scrimgeour as Auror, is keener than others in many aspects. “绿色火花有什么问题吗?”斯克林杰作为一名傲罗,在很多方面比其他人更加敏锐。 „The signal of praying for rescue is the red spark.” Dumbledore does not think that Champions will make a mistake this minor matter. “求救的信号是红色火花。”邓布利多不认为勇士们会把这种小事搞错。 It‘s nothing takes the green spark as the signal?” Scrimgeour wrinkles to ask. “没什么以绿色火花为信号吗?”斯克林杰皱起问道。 No.” Dumbledore shakes the head to say. “没有。”邓布利多摇头道。 What issue does green spark have?” Fudge thought that two people dialogues are bewildered. “绿色火花有什么问题吗?”福吉觉得两人的对话莫名其妙。 When the people are waiting drowsily, a silver monster passing over gently and swiftly nighttime sky, after sky over the people top of the head circled gracefully one, falls near the tribune. 就在众人等着昏昏欲睡的时候,一头银色怪物掠过夜空,在众人头顶上空优雅地盘旋一圈后,落在演讲台附近。 What is that?” “那是什么?” On the stand resounds a talking in whispers sound, the audience all by the silver Griffin attraction attention. 看台上响起一阵窃窃私语声,观众们全被银色狮身鹰首兽吸引注意力。 Patronus?” 守护神?” Amelia Bones is sizing up front Patronus interestingly, just planned to ask time, Patronus opens mouth suddenly, spoke with the Albert gentle sound. 阿米莉亚·博恩斯饶有兴趣地打量着面前的守护神,刚打算开口询问的时候,守护神忽然张开嘴,用艾伯特平和的声音说话了。 I encounter the attack. Moody is the fake goods. Everyone was controlled. Harry probably meets greatly troublesome. I have not been injured.” “我遇到袭击。穆迪是冒牌货。大家被控制了。哈利可能遇到大麻烦。我没受伤。” silver Griffin after giving message, vanishes thoroughly does not see the person. The audience on stand spent very long time to realize that what happened. 银色狮身鹰首兽在传递完消息后,就彻底消失不见人。看台上的观众们花了很长的时间才意识到发生什么事。 Dumbledore extracted wand to stand. 邓布利多抽出魔杖站起来了。 Whose is that Patronus?” “那是谁守护神?” Scrimgeour also extracts oneself wand, the experience of Auror tells him, in the labyrinth had certain not good matters. 斯克林杰也抽出自己的魔杖,傲罗的经验告诉他,迷宫里发生了某些不好的事。 Patronus of Mr. Anderson.” 安德森先生的守护神。” Dumbledore aims at the throat wand, shouts loudly: Peaceful, asking everyone to keep quiet, professor kept the order.” 邓布利多魔杖指向喉咙,大声喊道:“安静,请大家保持安静,教授们维持好秩序。” Scrimgeour, Madame Maxime, Severus, you did not mind that accompanies me to enter a labyrinth!” Dumbledore greeted one toward three people, walked toward the labyrinth deep place on the half step. “斯克林杰,马克西姆夫人,西弗勒斯,你们不介意陪我进趟迷宫吧!”邓布利多朝着三人招呼一声,就快步朝迷宫深处走去。 Fudge and Amelia Bones look at each other in blank dismay, finally has not followed the labyrinth, some of their very clear outside need people help keep the order. 福吉阿米莉亚·博恩斯面面相觑,最终还是没跟着进迷宫,他们很清楚外面需要有人帮忙维持秩序。 This......” “这……” Scrimgeour looks that was assassinated Grindylow that by the earth awl, front this firm stone bridge with these tree wall by Red Cap that embezzles, deeply frowns. 斯克林杰看着被土锥刺死的格林迪洛、面前这座坚固的石桥与那些被树篱吞没的红帽子,不由深深皱起眉头。 Should be Mr. Anderson made, only then he will do this exaggerating matter.” Snape does not think that other Champion have this ability. “应该是安德森先生弄得,也只有他会做这种夸张的事。”斯内普不认为其他勇士有这种能力。 Which road do you know?” Madame Maxime asked Dumbledore that in the front shows the way. “你知道走哪条路吗?”马克西姆夫人问在前方领路的邓布利多 Does not know, I want to follow the trail of Mr. Anderson to walk, should not be difficult to find him.” “不知道,我想跟着安德森先生的足迹走,应该不难找到他。” At this time, a red spark rose the sky suddenly. 就在这时候,一道红色火花骤然升上天空。 It seems like, Mr. Anderson also worried obviously we could not find the correct road.” Dumbledore half step in the direction of red spark in the past. “看来,安德森先生显然也担心我们找不到正确的路。”邓布利多快步朝红色火花的方向过去。 On the halfway, they noticed that a burnt down channel with was scorched , and head was opened hole Blast-Ended Skrewt. 半路上,他们看到一条被烧毁的通道与被烧焦且脑袋被开了个洞的炸尾螺 „Is this also he does?” “这也是他做的?” Although Scrimgeour does not know Blast-Ended Skrewt, but can also see that this thing is very dangerous, however it was burnt unexpectedly. 斯克林杰虽然不认识炸尾螺,但也能看出这玩意很危险,然而它居然被烧死了。 Should be the devil flame.” Snape shot a look at Dumbledore one, the reminder said, looked like, the fellow will truly study many dark magic in the near future.” “应该是魔鬼火焰。”斯内普瞥了邓布利多一眼,提醒道,“看来,那家伙近期确实学了不少黑魔法。” The people all enhance vigilance, but they soon realized own vigilant is completely unnecessary, because the danger therefore was given the solution by Albert. 众人全都提高了警惕,但他们很快就意识到自己的警惕完全是多余的,因为所以的危险都被艾伯特给解决了。 They found three by professor that the incantation fetters firmly. 他们找到三名被咒语牢牢束缚住的教授 If I am you, will not easily meet to eliminate their fetters.” “如果我是你们,就不会轻易接除他们身上的束缚。” A sound resounds suddenly, making Snape that the preparation inspected in the past stop the movement, the line of sight shoots a look at corner some plant, the facial skin vibrates slightly. 一个声音骤然响起,让准备过去检查的斯内普停下动作,视线瞥到角落处的某株植物,脸皮微微抖动。 That Moody is the fake goods, he very possible is Peter Pettigrew or Barty Crouch Jr. disguises as.” “那穆迪是冒牌货,他很可能是小矮星彼得小巴蒂·克劳奇假扮的。” Mr. Anderson?” Dumbledore holds up wand, asked loudly. 安德森先生?”邓布利多举起魔杖,大声问道。 In Professor Flitwick and Professor McGonagall imperius curse. Naturally, Mr. Krum and Miss Delacour are also the same, they just saw that I directly use Killing Curse, before determining them shakes off the control of imperius curse, best not to let loose them. Also, I have not seen Harry Potter, I suspected that he has been missing, as for Hagrid, he estimated that has not made clear what happened.” 弗立维教授麦格教授中了夺魂咒。当然,克鲁姆先生与德拉库尔小姐也一样,他们刚见到我就直接使用阿瓦达索命咒,所以在确定他们摆脱夺魂咒的控制前,最好别放开他们。还有,我没看到哈利·波特,我怀疑他已经失踪了,至于海格,他估计还没搞清楚发生了什么事。” „Do you have the evidence? Why can hide?” “你有证据吗?为什么要躲起来?” Scrimgeour is lifting the position of wand direction sound vigilantly. 斯克林杰警惕地举着魔杖指向声音的位置。 Without the means that this situation is a little at present strange. 没办法,眼前这情况有点诡异。 You best find time to look for Harry Potter, he possibly in the Hogwarts school, should not by that fake goods through some method packing off, me suspected that Death Eater catches him, is needs Harry Potter appearance thing resurrecting You-Know-Who, you best awaken that fake goods as soon as possible, which knocks Potter to be taken away from his mouth, otherwise went late, you perhaps can only help Harry Potter gather up dead bodies.” “你们最好抽空去找哈利·波特,他可能不在霍格沃茨学校了,应该被那个冒牌货通过某种手段给送走了,我怀疑食死徒抓他,是需要哈利·波特身上的模样东西来复活神秘人,你们最好尽快唤醒那个冒牌货,从他的嘴里敲出波特被带去哪儿,否则去晚了,你们恐怕只能帮哈利·波特收尸了。” Severus, troubles you to bring Veritaserum of strongest effect, takes the strong effect on restore the medicinal preparation while convenient.” The Dumbledore's complexion becomes incomparably gloomy. 西弗勒斯,麻烦你把最强效的吐真剂拿来,顺便带上强效恢复剂。”邓布利多的脸色变得无比阴沉。 You said a moment ago other Champion were also controlled by imperius curse?” Madame Maxime knits the brows to ask, Fleur where?” “你刚才说其他勇士也被夺魂咒控制了?”马克西姆夫人皱眉问道,“芙蓉在哪儿?” Walks following front channel, can see by Miss Delacour and Mr. Krum. However, before they relieve the control of imperius curse, best not to awaken them.” The Albert sound resounds again. “顺着前面这条通道走,就能够见到被德拉库尔小姐和克鲁姆先生了。不过,在他们解除夺魂咒的控制前,你们最好别唤醒他们。”艾伯特的声音再次响起。 Actually are you up to mischief?” “你究竟在搞什么鬼?” Scrimgeour is frowning, is very discontented to the approach that Albert reveals only part of the truth. 斯克林杰皱着眉头,对艾伯特藏头露尾的做法很不满。 As the only insider, he clearly needs to explain clearly to everyone the matter. 作为唯一的知情者,他显然有必要把事情跟大家解释清楚。 I first take the trophy, I think that the Hogwarts' student hopes probably I go back that thing belt/bring, other things we can meet to discuss outside matter that again here has.” “我先去拿奖杯,我想霍格沃茨的学生大概会希望我把那东西带回去,其他事情我们可以在外面碰头再谈这里发生的事情。” Wait! Moreover your, how making us believe words that you spoke.” “等等!而且你这样子,让我们怎么相信你说的话。” Scrimgeour just prepared to transmit along the sound the direction that walks the past time, saw that incantation towards oneself flies together, he brandishes wand to open out the incantation hastily, finally one after another magic flies toward him, letting him only front to support. 斯克林杰刚准备沿着声音传来的方向走过去的时候,就看到一道咒语朝自己飞来,他连忙挥舞魔杖拨开咒语,结果接二连三的魔法朝他飞来,让他只能面前支撑。 After Scrimgeour keeps off all incantations, the whole person was flung to fly by a strength, hits ruthlessly on behind tree wall, immediately by the innumerable vines to the winding hands and feet, the mouth is even given to seal, then stunning spell departs from the dark channel together, the hit still in Scrimgeour of struggling, completely relieves his threat. 在斯克林杰挡下所有咒语后,整个人就被一股力量甩飞出去,狠狠撞在身后的树篱上,立刻被无数的藤蔓给缠绕手脚,连嘴巴都给封上了,接下来又一道昏迷咒从黑暗的通道中飞出,命中还在挣扎的斯克林杰,彻底解除他的威胁。 What most dumbfounded is, Scrimgeour's wand lets go that moment of dropping, was towed to fly toward the dark channel by a strength. 最让人目瞪口呆的是,斯克林杰的魔杖脱手落下的那一刻,就被一股力量牵引着朝着黑暗的通道飞去。 „, This......” “啊,这……” Madame Maxime looked at the eye by a series of incantations to according to Scrimgeour in wall, the expression on face is a little strange, she knows that before Albert · Anderson is very fierce Wizard, now she is knows that this fellow actually some were fierce. 马克西姆夫人看了眼被一连串咒语给按在墙壁上的斯克林杰,脸上的表情有点怪异,她以前就知道艾伯特·安德森是名非常厉害的巫师,现在她算是知道这家伙究竟有多厉害了。 No wonder one group of people want to kill him, all took down to Albert · Anderson. 难怪一群人想要杀他,都给艾伯特·安德森给全放倒了。 You can certainly not believe that because I do not believe you.” “你们当然可以不信,因为我也不信你们。” Now in the evening, I have received enough the attack, was thrown Avada Kedavra by enough some people toward me, therefore do not make any makes me feel the suspicious action, otherwise I can only temporarily regard as by you unlucky insect of imperius curse control, temporarily relieves your threats.” “今晚上,我已经受够了袭击,受够了有人朝我扔阿瓦达索命,所以不要做出任何让我觉得可疑的举动,否则我只能暂时将你们视为被夺魂咒控制的倒霉虫,暂时解除你们的威胁。” That sound sounds a little cold, obviously very discontented Scrimgeour's rash action. 那个声音听上去有点冷,显然很不满斯克林杰冒失的举动。 Attention security, we meet outside, you are quickly good to come out a bit faster, so as to avoid makes others be worried.” Dumbledore has not blamed the Albert extreme approach, side said, Madame Maxime, troubles you to look for Mr. Krum and Miss Delacour, first carries over the labyrinth them, other things we go out to discuss again.” “注意安全,我们在外面碰头,你快好快点出来,免得让其他人担心。”邓布利多没责怪艾伯特过激的做法,侧头说,“马克西姆夫人,麻烦你去找克鲁姆先生与德拉库尔小姐,先将他们带出迷宫,其他事情我们出去再谈。” Good.” After Madame Maxime complies, the half step walks toward the front channel. “好。”马克西姆夫人答应后,快步朝前方通道走去。 After Madame Maxime leaves, Dumbledore wields wand, overpowered Scrimgeour will put from the tree wall, and will awaken again. 马克西姆夫人离开后,邓布利多挥动魔杖,将被制服的斯克林杰从树篱上放下来,并重新将人唤醒。 Really damn!” Scrimgeour's complexion is exceptionally ugly. “真是见鬼!”斯克林杰的脸色异常难看。 Good Mr. Scrimgeour, best not to continue to stimulate Mr. Anderson, he is under the attack one after another, now looked that who thought the opposite party is very suspicious, stimulates him rashly is not the wise action.” Dumbledore sighed, warned, believed me, without whom wants to treat for several months in St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.” “好了斯克林杰先生,你最好别继续刺激安德森先生了,他接二连三遭遇袭击,现在看谁都觉得对方很可疑,贸然去刺激他绝非明智之举。”邓布利多叹了口气,警告道,“相信我,没谁想在圣芒戈魔法伤病医院里待上几个月了。” Dumbledore naturally does not believe Albert to be stimulated by anything, eight parts is the repugnant Ministry of Magic's form attitude, even has not planned to be under investigation from the start well. 邓布利多自然不信艾伯特会受什么刺激,八成是讨厌魔法部的形式作风,甚至压根没打算好好接受调查。 My wand?” Scrimgeour gets angry to ask. “我的魔杖呢?”斯克林杰黑着脸问道。 Was used summoning charm to take away by Mr. Anderson, I think to give back your.” The Dumbledore comfort said. “被安德森先生使用飞来咒拿走了,我想会还给你的。”邓布利多安慰道。 You believe his words unexpectedly.” Scrimgeour stared Dumbledore one discontentedly. “你居然相信他的话。”斯克林杰不满地瞪了邓布利多一眼。 Does not have the inquiry.” Dumbledore wields wand, floats several professor, he actually had a premonition very much long time ago Third Task was in danger, me had not been serious this matter at that time.” “毫无提问。”邓布利多挥动魔杖,将几名教授漂浮起来,“他其实很早就预感到第三个项目有生命危险,当时我没把这事当回事。” „Did he have a premonition?” Scrimgeour knits the brows to ask. “他预感到了?”斯克林杰皱眉问道。 Divinist is always very keen in certain aspects, therefore he can be safe and sound now, but the luck of our fake goods are not quite good, hits badly beaten.” Dumbledore's tone, the line of sight falls in the Moody's wrist/skill. 占卜师在某些方面总是特别敏锐,所以他现在才能够安然无恙,而我们这位冒牌货的运气不太好,一头撞得头破血流。”邓布利多的语气一顿,视线落在穆迪的手腕上。 He uses magic to float the bracer. 他使用魔法将护腕漂浮起来。 What is this?” “这是什么?” I think that this thing is very possible is...... the gate key.” “我想这玩意很可能是……门钥匙。” The expression on Dumbledore face is slightly strange, this should be he to the escape route that oneself keep. Obviously, this fake goods mister also knows that Mr. Anderson is not affable, we almost made him escape under the nose.” 邓布利多脸上的表情略显古怪,“这应该是他给自己留的退路。很显然,这位冒牌货先生也知道安德森先生不好惹,我们差点就让他从眼皮底下逃掉了。” „Can this thing help us find Harry Potter?” Scrimgeour pursues asks. “这东西能帮我们找到哈利·波特吗?”斯克林杰追问道。 Perhaps cannot , transmit to somewhere the temporary foothold probably, then Apparition in the past, this can prevent easily to be traced.” Dumbledore saw false Professor Moody discrete on can find Harry through the gate key hopelessly. “恐怕不能,如果是我的话,大概会传送到某处临时据点,然后再幻影显形过去,这样能防止被人轻易追踪。”邓布利多看到假穆迪教授的谨慎就没指望能通过门钥匙找到哈利了。 This fellow is very hapless.” Scrimgeour said suddenly. “这家伙很倒霉。”斯克林杰忽然说。 Yes, is very hapless.” Dumbledore approves this saying, he found fault the opponent obviously.” “是啊,很倒霉。”邓布利多认同这话,“他显然找错了对手。” Trades individual words, this fake goods have gone well to travel probably, where will lie down here. 换个人的话,这冒牌货大概已经得手跑路了,哪会躺这里。 ...... …… ...... …… When Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick and Professor Moody three people horizontally the time of lifting the labyrinth, really gives to have a scare the students on stand, everyone thinks that three professor die in the labyrinth. 麦格教授,弗立维教授穆迪教授三人被横着抬出迷宫的时候,真的把看台上的学生们给吓了一跳,大家都以为三名教授死在迷宫里。 They fainted temporarily.” “他们只是暂时晕倒了。” The Dumbledore's sound resounds above the Quidditch field, letting everyone to listen clearly, so as to avoid they guessed carelessly causes the unnecessary panic. 邓布利多的声音在魁地奇球场上方响起,让大家都能听清楚,免得他们胡乱猜测引起不必要的恐慌。 „Others?” “其他人呢?” Amelia Bones looks to whole face gloomy Scrimgeour. 阿米莉亚·博恩斯看向满脸阴沉的斯克林杰。 Still in inside, Madame Maxime will carry over the labyrinth Champions.” “还在里面,马克西姆夫人会把勇士们带出迷宫。” Who can tell me, this outcome what's the matter? Who attacked the patroller?” “谁能够告诉我,这究竟是怎么回事?谁袭击了巡逻队员?” Fudge is looking at three horizontally professor that lifts the labyrinth, the complexion becomes exceptionally pale, he looks anxiously to Dumbledore, looks to whole face gloomy Scrimgeour. 福吉望着三名被横着抬出迷宫的教授,脸色变得异常苍白,他不安地望向邓布利多,又望向满脸阴沉的斯克林杰。 Perhaps this matter you must ask Mr. Anderson.” Scrimgeour almost said with clenched jaws: Special details, perhaps only then he clearest.” “这事你恐怕得问安德森先生了。”斯克林杰几乎是咬牙切齿地说:“具体情况,恐怕只有他本人最清楚。” Mr. Anderson?” Fudge pursues asks. 安德森先生呢?”福吉追问道。 Mr. Anderson took the trophy.” 安德森先生去拿奖杯了。” Dumbledore gives Madam Pomfrey that Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick catches up in a hurry, has not forgotten to urge: Minerva and Filius may be very controlled by imperius curse, temporarily do not awaken them.” 邓布利多麦格教授弗立维教授交给匆匆赶来的庞弗雷夫人,还不忘叮嘱道:“米勒娃菲利乌斯很可能被夺魂咒控制住了,暂时别唤醒他们。” imperius curse?” The Fudge sound raised several points. 夺魂咒?”福吉的声音不由拔高了几分。 This is impossible.” “这不可能。” Amelia Bones very clear Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick and Professor Moody true level, wants to use imperius curse to control them to be very difficult, let alone under the Dumbledore's nose. 阿米莉亚·博恩斯很清楚麦格教授,弗立维教授穆迪教授的真正水准,想要使用夺魂咒控制他们很难,更别说在邓布利多的眼皮底下了。 Professor Moody is fake goods, perhaps real Moody was hidden by him.” The Dumbledore complexion soon is gloomy turns the water leakage. 穆迪教授是个冒牌货,真的穆迪恐怕被他藏起来了。”邓布利多脸色阴沉得快要扭出水。 Fake goods?” “冒牌货?” Fudge was confused. 福吉被搞糊涂了。 „The fellow should be Barty Crouch Jr..” The Albert sound conveys from the maze entrance. “那家伙应该是小巴蒂·克劳奇。”艾伯特的声音从迷宫入口传来。 Who where......” “谁在哪儿……” Fudge had a scare, almost instinct wand direction maze entrance. 福吉被吓了一跳,几乎本能将魔杖指向迷宫入口。 However, he made a wrong demonstration obviously. 然而,他显然做了个错误的示范。 The red light hits Fudge together suddenly, strikes to fly unexpectedly his whole person, wand in Fudge has from the sky delimited a curve, falls to Albert on. 一道红光骤然击中福吉,竟将他整个人击飞出去,福吉手里的魔杖在空中划过一个弧度,落到艾伯特手上。 Peter Pettigrew this fellow is not intelligent and sly, without his strength and boldness.” Albert forces in Fudge wand the pocket, the tone reminded indifferently, „, with wand to me, thanks, I be not being needed wand to point at repugnantly, that will make me think that you want to use Killing Curse to me.” 小矮星彼得没这家伙聪明与狡猾,更没有他的实力与魄力。”艾伯特福吉魔杖塞进自己口袋里,语气冷漠地提醒道,“还有,别用魔杖对着我,谢谢,我讨厌被人用魔杖指着,那会让我以为你想对我使用阿瓦达索命咒。” The audience were all disarmed by Albert cleanly agily Minister for Magic wand, this action being startled dumbfoundedly. 观众们全被艾伯特干净利索缴械魔法部长魔杖,这一举动给惊得目瞪口呆。 You are up to mischief!” “你在搞什么鬼!” Be not pointing at me with wand.” “别用魔杖指着我。” Amelia Bones also same flies upside down with Fudge, similarly was disarmed, actually that acted cleanly agily does not pass through doubtable Albert to do how many times, five and were six times or more? 阿米莉亚·博恩斯也跟福吉一样倒飞出去,同样被缴了械,那干净利索地动作不经让人怀疑艾伯特究竟做了多少次,五次、六次或更多? Here not your enemy, Mr. Anderson.” Dumbledore selects the eyebrow reminder to say. “这里没有你的敌人,安德森先生。”邓布利多挑眉提醒道。 Who knows that they do have are used imperius curse to control?” “谁知道他们有没有被人用夺魂咒控制?” Everyone all was startled dumbfoundedly, was Minister for Magic controlled by imperius curse? 所有人全都被惊得目瞪口呆,魔法部长夺魂咒控制? This is very easy, old Barty Crouch is not a ready-made example.” “这很容易是不是,老巴蒂·克劳奇不就是个现成的例子。” If you had also been ambushed, was kept throwing Killing Curse, you will also become and me equally are oversuspicious. At least, I am also living, but others all fall to the ground, very obviously my approach correctly, otherwise you can only speak with my corpse.” “如果你也被人埋伏过,被人不停扔阿瓦达索命咒,你也会变得跟我一样多疑。至少,我还活着,而其他人全倒地上,很显然我的做法是正确地,否则你就只能跟我的尸体说话了。” Albert with carefully examining the vision sizes up to oneself inimically several people, seemed considering whether must make them first rest a while. 艾伯特用审视的目光打量对自己有敌意地几人,似乎在考虑是否要让他们先睡一会儿。 I suggested that you give them later conveniently Veritaserum, this is very easy to make clear them is one group.” “我建议你待会顺手给他们一点吐真剂,这很容易搞清楚他们是不是一伙的。” The Albert vision is very indifferent, making Fudge swallow in the belly all angers, that does not look at a look of person, but is looking at a stinking insect. 艾伯特的目光无比冷漠,让福吉把所有愤怒都咽回肚子里,那不是看一个人的眼神,而是在看一只臭虫。 Scrimgeour looks at Fudge that is almost wild with rage, the corners of the mouth twitches slightly, like such that Dumbledore said that person who a little hyperaesthesia now this to any has the hostility. 斯克林杰看着差点气疯的福吉,嘴角微微抽动,就像邓布利多说的那样,现在这位对任何有敌意的人都有点神经过敏。 This outcome what's the matter?” “这究竟是怎么回事?” What's the matter?” The Albert repetition say/way, probably is in view of the plot of Harry Potter!” “怎么回事?”艾伯特重复道,“大概是一场针对哈利·波特的阴谋吧!” In view of the Harry's plot?” “针对哈利的阴谋?” At this time, Hagrid and Madame Maxime is holding remaining unconscious Krum and Fleur respectively goes out of the labyrinth, heard the Albert words exactly, the intonation raised several points. 就在这时候,海格马克西姆夫人分别抱着昏迷不醒的克鲁姆芙蓉走出迷宫,恰好听到艾伯特的话,语调不由拔高了几分。 Harry Potter was missing, does not know where was made by the opposite party went, you can interrogate and torture that fake goods with Veritaserum.” 哈利·波特失踪了,不知道被对方弄哪去了,你们可以用吐真剂自己拷问那个冒牌货。” You were all right are good.” “你没事太好了。” Izabel and Nia slightly run over toward Albert, went forward to give him directly a big hug, the float in the Triwizard Tournament trophy of Albert body side, looked like the trash to throw by him at will on the ground, looked straight at continually has not taken a liking to one. 伊泽贝尔妮娅朝着艾伯特小跑过来,直接上前给了他一个大大的拥抱,原本漂浮在艾伯特身侧的三强争霸赛奖杯,被他像垃圾般随意扔在地上,连正眼都没瞧上一眼。 Don't worry, a stinking insect of disliking.” After Albert gave a Nia hug, looks to relaxing Izabel, with a smile to the opposite party a long kiss. “不用担心,一只讨厌的臭虫而已。”艾伯特给了妮娅一个拥抱后,看向松了口气的伊泽贝尔,笑着给对方一个漫长的吻。 If I am you, will not touch that trophy rashly, that thing was turned into a key by Barty Crouch Jr., where god knows will be brought to go.” “如果我是你们,就不会贸然碰那个奖杯,那玩意被小巴蒂·克劳奇变成了门钥匙,天知道会被带到哪儿去。” However, is late. 然而,已经迟了。 When Amelia Bones bends the waist picks up front trophy, the whole person directly is transmitted. 阿米莉亚·博恩斯弯腰捡起面前的奖杯时,整个人直接被传送走了。 Bones, damn, this outcome what's the matter?” 博恩斯,该死,这究竟是怎么回事?” Fudge looks at the place that Amelia Bones is vanishing, opens the mouth shocking. 福吉望着阿米莉亚·博恩斯消失的地方,震惊地张大嘴巴。 Does not know, but, Ms. Bones should not have the matter.” “不知道,不过,博恩斯女士应该不会有事。” All right? But she......” “没事?可是她……”
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