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#952: Fears death greedily with

With June 24 approaching, the Albert nerve also started to tighten, unlike gradually became self-confident Boy-Who-Lived Potter, Albert was actually not interested in Triwizard Tournament Third Task, should say that he had no interest in risking neck the exploration labyrinth. 随着6月24日的临近,艾伯特的神经也开始绷紧起来,与逐渐变得自信的救世主波特不同,艾伯特三强争霸赛第三个项目其实并不太感兴趣,应该说他没兴趣冒着生命危险探索迷宫。 Even if Albert knows in Third Task processes false Moody, oneself can reap a big advantage, but obtains with the harvest is often proportional, wants to complete Quest on panel, needs him to risk neck to solve dangerous Death Eater. 哪怕艾伯特知道在第三个项目中处理掉假穆迪后,自己能够收获一大笔好处,但得到与收获往往成正比,想要完成面板上的任务,需要他冒着生命危险去解决一名危险的食死徒 After all, under Killing Curse all people being equal. 毕竟,阿瓦达索命咒之下人人平等。 Perhaps, because is the present has the thing that too many last life had not had, opens hangs the life, therefore the Albert fear loses all that now has. 也许,是因为现在拥有了太多上辈子都未曾拥有的东西,还有个开挂人生,所以艾伯特害怕失去现在拥有的一切。 He discovered that oneself unexpectedly compared with several years front to Basilisk, and even other dangers time is anxious, must know that present he made fully the preparation, was far from past when facing the danger may compare. 他发现自己居然比几年前面对蛇怪,乃至其他危险的时候还要紧张,要知道现在的他可是做足了准备,远非当年的自己在面对危险时可比。 Perhaps, in the riches and honor danger asked not to suit itself, is old Gou to compel more suitable present! 也许,富贵险中求已经不适合自己了,做个老苟逼更适合现在的自己吧! Albert once self-ridiculed in the heart deep place more than once, felt oneself by minute/share to Gryffindor really somewhat funny, he is not a brave person. 艾伯特曾不止一次在内心深处自嘲,觉得自己被分到格兰芬多真的有些好笑,他不是一个勇敢的人。 At least, Albert never thinks oneself are very brave. 至少,艾伯特从不认为自己很勇敢。 Although Albert has not revealed the least bit nervousness from beginning to end, but after June starts to keep inspecting own plan, then can see that he is actually very anxious. 尽管艾伯特从头到尾都没有表露出半点紧张的情绪,但从进入六月后就开始不停检查自己的计划,便可以看出他心里其实很焦虑。 Although the Third Task result likely defers to Albert to plan to work originally, but he was still still making a thorougher preparation, to guarantee oneself can move out when necessary. 尽管第三个项目的结果很可能按照艾伯特原定计划进行下去,但他仍然还在做更周密的准备,以确保自己在必要时候能够全身而退。 Albert understands suddenly why so many people feared death. 艾伯特忽然明白,为什么那么多人怕死了。 Some probably things are unable to give up! 大概有些东西无法割舍吧! He is not Boy-Who-Lived Harry Potter, without that type from the beginning as headstrong as the courage of tail, he even suspected, if the name of this book were not «Harry Potter», this iron the grave mound perhaps early long grass of Boy-Who-Lived. 他不是救世主哈利·波特,更没有那种从头莽到尾的勇气,他甚至怀疑如果这本书的名字不叫《哈利·波特》,这位头铁的救世主的坟头恐怕早长草了。 Naturally, now complains these not to have the significance. 当然,现在吐槽这些毫无意义。 Defeats Barty Jr., wins the Triwizard Tournament championship is Albert now this/should high priority matter. 打败小巴蒂,获得三强争霸赛的冠军才是艾伯特现在该优先考虑的事情。 First wholehearted entry Third Task, then considers other things. 先一心一意通关第三个项目,然后再去考虑其他事情。 Is sizing up in the whole body mirrors of wear dragon clothing/taking, Albert put out a hand to pat own cheeks, muttered: How finally actually not to matter, I can definitely live in any case.” 打量着全身镜里穿着火龙服的自己,艾伯特伸手拍了拍自己的脸颊,喃喃道:“结果如何其实都无所谓,反正我肯定能活下来。” After all, he had once predicted married Izabel. 毕竟,他曾预言过自己跟伊泽贝尔结婚了。 If died, naturally did not have that matter. 要是死了,自然就没那回事了。 Third Task still needs to raise the above and beyond spirit to face. 只是,第三个项目仍然需要提起十二分精神去面对。 The future in the crystal ball seeing, can be changed similarly. 水晶球里看到的未来,同样也是能被改变的。 The door was sounded, Izabel pushes the door to come , the doubts are looking Albert that wears the dragon clothing/taking, why very puzzled Albert wears this clothes. 房门被敲响了,伊泽贝尔推门进来,疑惑地望着穿着火龙服的艾伯特,很不解艾伯特为什么穿上这套衣服。 Albert has not cared about the vision of Izabel doubts, but starts to move the whole body, inspects the dragon clothing/taking whether will affect his following fight. 艾伯特没在意伊泽贝尔疑惑的目光,而是开始活动全身,检查火龙服是否会影响他接下来的战斗。 This opponent is not dragon time, but is Dark Wizard, he best guarantee oneself are flexible enough, can in taking the Felix Felicis situation, avoids the false Moody use charms. 这一次的对手不是火龙,而是一名黑巫师,他最好确保自己足够灵活,能够在服用福灵剂的情况下,躲开假穆迪使用的魔咒 As for drawing support from dragon clothing/taking powerful defensive power hard anti- incantation, that aims at ordinary Wizard, wants to kill his Death Eater is not one of them. 至于借助火龙服强悍的防御力硬抗咒语,那只是针对普通巫师,想要杀死他的食死徒不在此列。 Naturally, the elegant sign Wizard clothing store delivers the dragon clothing/taking, is the plan makes this clothing complete its final mission, shares Albert to obtain the glory of champion, rather than makes the Albert corpse put on it to be lifted the labyrinth, degenerates into the laughingstock thoroughly. 当然,风雅牌巫师服装店把火龙服重新送回来,是打算让这套服装完成它最后的使命,分享艾伯特获得冠军的荣耀,而不是让艾伯特的尸体穿着它被抬出迷宫,彻底沦为笑柄。 So long as Albert can wear this clothes to win the championship, that side according to the style that he likes, formulates one brand-new dragon clothing/taking to take the reward. 只要艾伯特能够穿着这套衣服获得冠军,那边就会按照他喜欢的风格,重新制定一套全新的火龙服作为报酬。 Albert suspected oneself wear this dragon clothing/taking, brings overpowered Barty Jr. after the labyrinth the deeds that comes out to mount the newspaper, will attract a big wave Voldemort's hatred. 艾伯特怀疑自己穿着这套火龙服,带着被制服的小巴蒂从迷宫里出来的事迹登上报纸后,会吸引一大波伏地魔的仇恨。 This is not the good news, that means that he proceeded to move several in Voldemort blacklist at heart. 这可不是什么好消息,那意味着他在伏地魔心里的黑名单又往前挪了几位。 How did that side house make?” Albert asked suddenly. “那边的房子弄得怎么样了?”艾伯特忽然问道。 Did not have, perhaps must and other time.” Izabel looks is stretching a little bit Albert, the doubts asked slightly: What's wrong, did you worry very much?” “还没好,恐怕还得在等一段时间。”伊泽贝尔望着活动身体的艾伯特,略微疑惑地问道:“怎么了,你很着急?” After this semester, for the security concern, we were not perhaps good to crop up again.” Albert stops to stretch a little bit the movement, was sideways to say to red hair miss, perhaps you can only use the double mirror to have the contact with the family/home in temporarily.” “这学期过后,为了安全考虑,我们恐怕都不好再冒头了。”艾伯特停下活动身体的动作,侧身对身边的红发姑娘说,“你恐怕暂时只能使用双面镜跟家里取得联系了。” The double mirror technology had been recovered, although without the previous double mirror is easy-to-use, but this meaning can sell a higher profit. 双面镜技术已经被复原出来了,尽管没以前的双面镜好用,但这意味可以卖出更高的利润。 It seems like, you are really hiding the truth from my many matters!” Izabel has not been angry, but stands there waits for boyfriend's explanation. “看来,你果然还是瞒着我不少事!”伊泽贝尔没有生气,而是站在那里等待男友的解释。 You-Know-Who estimated that must resurrect, but I probably am the most unpopular that type, but you are my female friend, everyone knows that our relations, for your security concern, with hiding are you best choices.” On the Albert face full is guilty and helpless. 神秘人估计要复活了,而我大概是最不受欢迎的那一类型,而你是我的女朋友,大家都知道我们的关系,为了你的安全考虑,跟着躲起来是你最好的选择。”艾伯特脸上满是愧疚与无奈。 Actually, you can tell me, does not need to suppress completely at heart, I know that your recent pressure is very big.” Izabel because of Albert had not planned that continues to hide the truth from be angry, but the eyes are staring at him tranquilly, however this action actually gave the Albert very tremendous pressure imperceptibly. “其实,你可以跟我说说,没必要全部憋在心里,我知道你最近压力很大。”伊泽贝尔没有因艾伯特还打算继续瞒着自己而生气,只是双眼平静地盯着他,然而这一举动无形中却给了艾伯特很大的压力。 Good, I was involved probably.” Albert under the gaze of Izabel, compromised finally, his recent pressure is truly big, needs to ask others to pour out the secret, some people want to start to Potter, I think that you should guess correctly.” “好吧,我大概被牵连了。”艾伯特伊泽贝尔的注视下,最终还是妥协了,他最近的压力确实不小,需要找别人倾诉一下秘密,“有人想要对波特下手,我想你应该已经猜到了。” In the Third Task labyrinth truly is a good place.” Izabel soon realized what's the matter, Harry Potter became the fourth Champion matter to pass strangely, some people want not to start to him strangely. 第三个项目的迷宫里确实是个不错地点。”伊泽贝尔很快意识到怎么回事了,哈利·波特成为第四名勇士的事情本身就透着古怪,有人想对他下手一点都不奇怪。 Champion winner who I am favored at present, became certain people the barriers in eyes.” Albert quite said reluctantly, I have the premonition, the goal of fellow should not kill Potter, but takes away him, as for the reason, I wants to be related with resurrecting of You-Know-Who.” “我是目前最被看好的冠军获得者,成了某些人的眼中的障碍。”艾伯特颇为无奈地说,“我有预感,那家伙的目标应该不是杀死波特,而是带走他,至于原因,我想可能跟神秘人的复活有关。” They planned that begins to Potter, what relations does this have with you?” Izabel is smiling asking. “他们打算对波特动手,这与你有什么关系呢?”伊泽贝尔微笑着问道。 How the smile on young girl face saw that a little infiltrates the person. 只是,少女脸上的微笑怎么看都有点渗人。 Shift attention.” The Albert hesitant moment, he knows that this reason is not enough to convince Izabel, then continued: Naturally, he also likely knows that I helped Dumbledore make several with the You-Know-Who related prediction, moreover Peter Pettigrew once fed in the Azkaban prison by me, he similarly was the resurrecting You-Know-Who same party members, new hatred/enemy Jiajiu hated, they wanted me not dead strangely.” “转移注意力。”艾伯特犹豫片刻,他知道这个理由不足以说服伊泽贝尔,便继续说:“当然,他也很可能知道我帮邓布利多做了几个跟神秘人有关的预言,而且小矮星彼得更是曾被我送进阿兹卡班监狱,他同样是复活神秘人的同党,新仇加旧恨,他们想要我死一点都不奇怪。” Naturally, another reason is the union of muggleborn wizard and talent, drew the hatred of pureblood person, I estimated after Death Eater that hid returned to the sides of their lord, will want to find the opportunity to kill me.” Albert mood suddenly calm, I prepare to take this opportunity to tidy up to hide in Hogwarts' that Death Eater, presses lowly all risks, after all dares to look for my trouble, killed can safeguard our securities.” “当然,另一个原因是麻瓜巫师与天才的结合,太拉纯血主义者的仇恨了,我估计原本躲藏起来的食死徒回到他们主子的身边后,会想要找机会弄死我。”艾伯特的情绪忽然冷静了下来,“我准备借这个机会收拾掉藏在霍格沃茨的那名食死徒,将所有的风险压到最低,毕竟敢来找我的麻烦,弄死了才能保障我们的安全。” Life and death duel?” “生死决斗?” Izabel has not cared about the Albert preparation to kill Death Eater actually, although she does not know why the matter will turn into like this, but can make Albert enhance vigilance, and displays so anxiously, obviously this matter is very dangerous. 伊泽贝尔倒是没在意艾伯特准备弄死一名食死徒,虽然她不知道事情为什么会变成这样子,但能够让艾伯特提高警惕,并表现得如此不安,显然这件事很危险。 Is,” “算是吧,” „Do you have can win self-confidently?” Izabel knits the brows to ask. “你有自信能赢?”伊泽贝尔皱眉问道。 „Before I compare, was fiercer.” Albert muttered: But you also know, Dark Wizard always likes throwing down Killing Curse. Although I have prepared completely safe, but is a little in suspense you.” “我比以前更厉害了。”艾伯特咕哝道:“但你也知道,黑巫师总喜欢乱扔阿瓦达索命咒。虽然我已经做好万全准备,但还是有点放心不下你。” The Izabel silent moment, puts out a hand to grasp Albert: I believe that you can solve any problem, can defeat Ronald · Smith like you in the adversity initially, present you have no reason of losing, moreover you will comply with next year to marry me.” 伊泽贝尔沉默片刻,伸手抱住艾伯特:“我相信你能够解决任何问题,就像你当初在逆境的时候能够打败罗纳德·史密斯,现在的你更没有任何输掉的理由,而且你答应过明年娶我。” That is natural.” Albert kissed under the cheeks of Izabel, said earnestly: I never handle the matter that has not grasped.” “那是当然。”艾伯特吻了下伊泽贝尔的脸颊,认真地说:“我从不做没把握的事情。” Ok, you can tell me now, is what makes you be willing to take such big risk?” Izabel does not think that Albert does not know related to the risk of this matter, since he is willing to take risk, definitely has a bigger advantage. “好了,你现在可以告诉我,是什么让你愿意冒这么大的风险吗?”伊泽贝尔不认为艾伯特不知道涉及这件事的风险,既然他愿意冒险,肯定有更大的好处。 The Albert character, and even each place, she is very clear. 艾伯特的性格,乃至每一处地方,她都很清楚。 Dumbledore pays enough price. 想必邓布利多付出足够的代价。 Although with had some errors finally, but guess of Izabel not wrong. I can acquire the Dumbledore's knowledge. ” 虽然与结果产生了一些误差,但伊泽贝尔的猜测并没有错。我能够获得邓布利多的知识。” Knowledge of Mr. Flamel to you also insufficient?” The Izabel expression is somewhat complex, the knowledge is very precious, but...... the life is more precious. 勒梅先生的知识对你来说还不够吗?”伊泽贝尔的表情有些复杂,知识很宝贵,但……生命更宝贵。 This is a cost-effective business.” Albert explained: In any case, I enough attract the hatred of pureblood person now, that group of fellows had not shut in Azkaban's Death Eater most probably, since, when You-Know-Who is in power encounters the murder to be avoidless, attracts a hatred again, actually has not mattered. So long as we treat in the place of enough security help cheer on, some people will solve the surplus troubles for us.” “这是一笔划算的买卖。”艾伯特解释道:“反正,我现在本来就够吸引纯血主义者的仇恨了,那群家伙大半都是没有被关进阿兹卡班的食死徒,既然在神秘人得势的时候遭到谋杀已无法避免了,再吸引点仇恨,其实也已经无所谓。只要我们待在足够安全的地方帮忙呐喊助威,会有人替我们解决剩余的麻烦。” Izabel knows that Albert does actually right, present also can only support him to continue. 伊泽贝尔知道艾伯特做得其实没错,现在的自己也只能支持他继续走下去。 Triwizard Tournament Third Task on the same day, my family member will receive to invite to watch the competition, when the time comes you come with them together , helping me look after them while convenient.” Albert continued, „after and other Triwizard Tournament finished, I plan to deliver them to Britain immediately.” 三强争霸赛第三个项目当天,我的家人会收到邀请过来观看比赛,到时候你跟他们一起来,顺便帮我照看他们。”艾伯特继续说,“等三强争霸赛结束后,我打算立刻把他们送离英国。” I will help your.” “我会帮你的。” You are really good!” Albert deeply inspires. “你真好!”艾伯特深吸了一口气。 Knows well.” Izabel rubbed the cheeks of Albert gently, then kissed on his forehead gently. “知道就好。”伊泽贝尔轻轻揉了揉艾伯特的脸颊,然后在他的额头上轻轻吻了一下。 Sometimes, Albert even wants to give up Quest, hides own easy life with Izabel, but this idea was pressed quickly, he knows that oneself was ready, moreover leaves behind the subsequent hand to oneself, will not easily be defeated, will not easily die. 有时候,艾伯特甚至想放弃任务,跟伊泽贝尔躲起来过自己的小日子,但这个想法很快就被压了下去,他知道自己做好了准备,而且也给自己留下后手,不会轻易失败,更不会轻易地死去。 What is more important is he wants many experiences, more skill points, various more precious knowledge, a more powerful strength, he also wants many,...... 更重要的是他想要更多的经验,更多的技能点,更多各种宝贵的知识,更加强大的力量,他还想要更多,更多…… Greedy, sometimes is really a original sin. 贪婪,有时候真的是一种原罪。 ( https://) (https://) 1 second remembers the apex novel:. 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