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#950: The person of being in the way

Late at night, the Defence Against the Dark Arts office was still brilliantly illuminated, false Moody is staring in front in cauldron to brave the mud air bubble dedicated the medicament, carries out the final wrap-up work. 深夜,黑魔法防御办公室仍然灯火通明,假穆迪正专注盯着自己面前坩埚里冒着泥浆般气泡的药剂,进行最后的收尾工作。 He loads in the compound prescription medicament oneself arc beverage bottle, admits in the hair of a handful Mad-Eye Moody the wine pot while convenient, rocked gently several, the gathering mouth slightly sipped one, then looked like hits to startle sways the body gently, shut the eye to wait a bit the moment, the effect of feeling medicament. 他把复方药剂装入自己的弧形酒瓶里,顺便把一小撮疯眼汉穆迪的头发放进酒壶里,轻轻晃动了几下,凑到嘴边小抿了一口,然后像打了个激灵般轻轻摇晃身体,闭眼睛稍等片刻,感受药剂的效果。 This cauldron compound prescription medicament should be able to support this semester end.” False Moody muttered, „, but, I should quick leave. Then......” “这一大锅复方药剂应该能撑到这学期末。”假穆迪喃喃道,“不过,我应该很快就会离开了。接下来……” How to complete important Quest that Dark Lord gives, is false Moody, issue that or Barty Jr. should take the lead to consider. 如何完成黑魔王给予的重要任务,是假穆迪,或者说小巴蒂应该率先考虑的问题。 To be honest, wants to carry off Harry to be very easy, but how under the Dumbledore's nose, to carry off Harry Potter is not easy quietly. 老实说,想带走哈利很容易,但如何在邓布利多的眼皮底下,悄无声息地带走哈利·波特并不容易。 Dumbledore is not a fool, carries off Harry definitely unable to conceal the truth secretly, how long Barty Jr. does not need to hide the truth from Dumbledore. 邓布利多又不是傻子,偷偷带走哈利肯定瞒不住,小巴蒂也不需要瞒住邓布利多多久。 A half hour should on enough Voldemort radical resurrecting. 半小时应该就足够伏地魔彻底复活了。 This should be a quite simple matter, because the Third Task labyrinth range is big enough, Champions not possibly found to place the labyrinth center certainly in a short time the trophy. 这原本应该是件比较简单的事情,因为第三个项目的迷宫范围足够大,勇士们绝无可能在短时间内找到放在迷宫中心的奖杯。 Before conclusion, even if Harry Potter is missing during the competition, Dumbledore will not detect, but...... the appearance of that mudblood, making the situation Dreadful. 在结束前,就算哈利·波特在比赛期间失踪,邓布利多也不会察觉,但……那个泥巴种的出现,让情况变得非常糟糕 Perhaps, most only needs the quarter of an hour, even shorter time. 也许,最多只需一刻钟,甚至更短的时间。 Barty Jr. had not suspected the Albert · Anderson ability, especially he also noticed somebody rides broom to overlook below labyrinth from the sky, realizes the time to be insufficient, especially a while ago Barty Jr. knew accidentally that mudblood grasped fiendfyre curse, 小巴蒂未曾怀疑过艾伯特·安德森的能力,特别是他还看到某人骑着扫帚从天空俯视下方的迷宫,就意识到时间不够,特别是前段时间小巴蒂偶然得知那名泥巴种掌握了厉火咒, fiendfyre curse without doubt is very dangerous dark magic, uses its risk and destructive power is proportional. 厉火咒无疑是一种非常危险的黑魔法,使用它的风险与破坏威力成正比。 So long as he wants, in five minutes even can easily end the competition, the trap and magical creature in labyrinth cannot escape the ignition of fiendfyre. 只要他愿意,五分钟内甚至可以轻易结束比赛,迷宫里的陷阱与神奇生物都逃不过厉火的灼烧。 No, even the labyrinth fence cannot block him. 不,连迷宫围墙都挡不住他。 Ordinary Wizard naturally cannot achieve this degree, but that mudblood can actually accomplish, his magic strength was too strong, to is powerful doubtable he is really mudblood? 普通巫师自然做不到这种程度,但那个泥巴种却能办到,他的魔法力量实在太强了,强大到让人怀疑他真的是泥巴种吗? This simply is a Dreadful nightmare. 这简直是一场糟糕的噩梦。 Damn, that fellow should not be allowed to participate in Triwizard Tournament, is bullying other Champion completely.” Barty Jr. unexpectedly is other Champion is suddenly indignant. “该死,那种家伙就不应该被允许参加三强争霸赛,完全就是在欺负其他勇士。”小巴蒂一时间竟为其他勇士愤愤不平。 Barty Jr. prepared many plans and deals with the accidental/surprised reserve plan, if, through turns into the gate key the Triwizard Tournament trophy as scheduled, then except several other participating Champion, lets be turned into the championship of gate key to carry off Harry slowly. 小巴蒂原本准备了很多计划与应对意外的后备方案,如果按照原定计划,通过把三强争霸赛的奖杯变成门钥匙,然后慢慢除去其他几名参赛勇士,让被变成门钥匙的冠军奖杯将哈利带走。 However, the appearance of that mudblood, making this plan malinger thoroughly. 然而,那个泥巴种的出现,让这个计划彻底泡汤了。 Let Anderson take away the trophy, transmits directly, then goes to start to Potter? 安德森拿走奖杯,直接将人传送走,然后再去对波特下手? This plan was overruled quickly, because that mudblood meets Apparition, even if used the gate key to pack off him, the opposite party will still also go back to the school in a short time. 这计划很快就被否决了,因为那泥巴种幻影显形,哪怕使用门钥匙将他送走了,对方仍然还会在短时间内回到学校。 Naturally, can consider to deliver to the overseas the opposite party, but...... this idea was still very far-fetched, god knows that can mudblood make the gate key. 当然,也可以考虑将对方送到国外,但……这个计仍然很不靠谱,天知道那名泥巴种会不会制造门钥匙。 No, he will definitely make the gate key. 不,他肯定会制造门钥匙。 By the magic talent that fellow shows, gate Tosse instead will not be strange matter. 以那家伙展现出来的魔法天赋,不会“门托斯”反而是件怪事。 If really such does, in less than five minutes, Dumbledore will realize that the labyrinth had problems, moreover competed also finished. 如果真那样做,用不了五分钟,邓布利多就会意识到迷宫出问题了,而且比赛还结束了。 As for sends to Dark Lord there that mudblood? 至于把那名泥巴种送去黑魔王那里? This stupid idea quickly by Barty Jr. overruling, Peter Pettigrew possibly could not be victorious that mudblood. 这个馊主意很快就被小巴蒂给否决了,小矮星·彼得可能打不过那个泥巴种 No, certainly cannot be victorious. 不,一定打不过。 That mouse definitely is not that mudblood opponent, even the sneak attack success ratio was still not big, Dark Lord of weak condition, only will not to mention cause the resurrecting plan complete failure finally. 那只老鼠肯定不是那个泥巴种的对手,就算偷袭成功率仍然不大,虚弱状态的黑魔王就更不用说了,最后只会导致复活计划彻底失败。 How to prevent mudblood to win the championship, became Barty Jr. on the contrary now the biggest worry. 如何阻止泥巴种夺冠,反倒成了小巴蒂现在最大的烦恼。 Although is not willing to acknowledge, but he inquired accidentally how that mudblood learned/studied with Flitwick with the Wizard duel, was possibly fiercer than him in this domain. 虽然不愿意承认,但他偶然打听到,那个泥巴种弗立维学习如何跟巫师决斗,在这个领域可能比他本人还厉害。 Moreover, he also heard that mudblood divination had a premonition Third Task is very dangerous, this means that he will enhance above and beyond to be vigilant. 而且,他还听说那泥巴种占卜预感到第三个项目很危险,这意味着他会提高十二分警惕。 A fierce and vigilant fellow is not good to cope. 一个厉害且警惕的家伙可不好对付。 The Dreadful news lets complexion incomparable gloomy of Barty Jr., the brutal reality just like, almost pulls out crookedly his corners of the mouth. 糟糕的消息让小巴蒂的脸色无比的阴沉,残酷的现实宛如一记耳光,差点把他的嘴角抽歪。 To complete the Dark Lord's plan, but also needs to look at the decision of own luck and that mudblood? 难道想要完成黑魔王的计划,还需要看自己的运气与那个泥巴种的决定吗? Barty Crouch Jr. has not had such shame. 小巴蒂·克劳奇从未曾有过这样的耻辱。 If the really incorrect words, after making Potter, put fiendfyre to burn the entire labyrinth to consider as finished!” “如果真不行的话,弄走波特后,就放厉火烧了整个迷宫算了!” Barty Jr. licked the lip subconsciously, did badly planned, fiendfyre ignited in the labyrinth, when the time comes can definitely the protracted next time, compared with killing that mudblood, completing Dark Lord's Quest was most important. 小巴蒂下意识舔了下嘴唇,做了最坏的打算了,厉火在迷宫里燃起,到时候肯定能拖延下时间,比起杀死那个泥巴种,完成黑魔王的任务才是最重要的。 Un, when the time comes can use imperius curse to control Krum, the student in Durmstrang school uses dark magic is not strange, does not lose control as for fiendfyre carefully, affects the entire labyrinth, that is not strangeer, fiendfyre curse is not magic that the student can grasp...... 嗯,到时候可以使用夺魂咒控制克鲁姆,德姆斯特朗学校的学生使用黑魔法一点都不奇怪,至于厉火不小心失控,波及整座迷宫,那就更不奇怪了,厉火咒本来就不是学生可以掌握的魔法…… Barty Jr. starts gradually improve to improve the plan of oneself this berserk little. 小巴蒂开始逐渐一点点完善自己这个疯狂的计划。 This does not know that was his several reserve plan. 这都不知道是他的第几套后备方案了。 After completing, Barty Jr. exhausted by sitting on chair, in the heart surges the inexplicable anger. Sometimes he really wants to pull out wand directly, uses Killing Curse to kill that mudblood in the classrooms, corridors, hall, rather than like the present, more than half a year is thinking how to cope with that mudblood. 完成后,小巴蒂疲惫的靠坐在椅子上,心中涌起莫名的愤怒。有时候他真的很想直接掏出魔杖,使用阿瓦达索命咒把那个泥巴种杀死在教室间、走廊上、大厅里,而不是像现在这样,大半年都在想着如何对付那个泥巴种 So long as Albert dies, did not have now this pile of broken matters, however he actually cannot do that, once Albert died in the school suddenly, own plan also means that malingered thoroughly. 只要艾伯特一死,就没有现在这一堆破事了,然而他却不能那样做,一旦艾伯特忽然死在学校里,自己的计划也意味着彻底泡汤了。 He will sometimes suspect actually oneself are kidnaps Potter, murders that mudblood? 他有时候都会怀疑自己究竟是来绑架波特,还是来谋杀那名泥巴种 Barty Jr. is looking in fireplace the ashes of letter paper, strengthened own faith. Dark Lord will return to the Britain management resurrecting ceremony quickly. 小巴蒂望着壁炉里信纸的灰烬,重新坚定了自己的信念。黑魔王很快就会返回英国主持复活仪式。 The failure was not permitted. 失败是不被允许的。 Wanted time can make certain compromise in certain aspects. 要的时候可以在某些方面作出一定的妥协。 Barty Jr. sits behind the desk, takes a feather pen, starts to give Voldemort to write a letter. 小巴蒂坐在办公桌后面,拿起一根羽毛笔,开始给伏地魔写信。 Some present situation Dreadful, although Barty Jr. made several plans, almost can deal with all situations, but he must remind to Dark Lord, so as to avoid Dark Lord was made to be caught off guard when the time comes, causes the resurrecting plan fail. 眼下的情况有些糟糕,尽管小巴蒂做了好几个计划,几乎可以应对所有的情况,但他必须给黑魔王提个醒,免得黑魔王到时候被弄得措手不及,导致复活计划失败。 Naturally, reason. 当然,还有个原因。 If he cannot successfully return to side Dark Lord's, this letter/believes can make Dark Lord help itself without doubt take revenge. 如果他没能成功回到黑魔王的身边,这封信无疑能够让黑魔王帮自己复仇。 Whom as for looking for takes revenge, naturally is that mudblood. 至于找谁复仇,自然是那泥巴种 Believes that Voldemort definitely will be glad mudblood that very much kills that to hinder him to resurrect. 相信伏地魔肯定会很乐意杀死那名妨碍他复活的泥巴种 Is looking in magical mirror which reveals the true form the stealthy person's shadow, some expression distortions on Moody face, he never thinks oneself were almost compelled the corner by mudblood unexpectedly, but wants to kill Albert to be very difficult. 望着照妖镜里鬼鬼祟祟的人影,穆迪脸上的表情有些扭曲,他从未想到自己居然差点被一个泥巴种逼到角落,而想要杀死艾伯特很难。 Although killing curse is easy-to-use, but copes with these fierce and vigilant Wizard is really not that practical, if want to kill that mudblood, possibly needing causes a plot and method. 杀戮咒虽然好用,但对付那些厉害又警惕的巫师实在不是那么实用,所以如果自己想要杀死那名泥巴种,可能需要使点阴谋与手段。 Carrying out the sneak attack without doubt is the best way! 搞偷袭无疑是最好的办法! Unexpected sneak attack. 预想不到的偷袭。 Let that mudblood most unexpected person, while he does not pay attention to time, uses the killing curse sneak attack to kill him. 让那名泥巴种最预想不到的人,趁他不注意的时候,使用杀戮咒偷袭将他杀死。 Sounds very simple, but does to be very difficult. 听上去很简单,但做起来很难。 This requires the time to arrange, but he most lacks the time exactly. 这需要时间去布置,而他恰恰最缺时间。 Moreover, oneself have not been able to give other Champion to use imperius curse ahead of time, so as to avoid being looked by others. 而且,自己还不能提前给其他勇士使用夺魂咒,免得被其他人看出来。 As for the Boy-Who-Lived Potter's issue, Barty Jr. was not worried. 至于救世主波特的问题,小巴蒂并不担心。 Even if trains after Sirius and Lupin's, wants to carry off Potter is not the difficult matter? 哪怕经过小天狼星卢平的训练,想要带走波特都不是什么难事? Barty Jr. does not hope oneself arrive that step, kills the plan of that mudblood, he has planned for a long time was very very long. 小巴蒂不希望自己走到那一步,杀死那个泥巴种的计划,他已经谋划了很久很久了。 However, Barty Jr. does not know completely, own worry is considers thoroughly completely, Albert had not considered uses fiendfyre curse fast through the labyrinth, is planning to kidnap Harry like Barty Jr., murdering Albert is the same, the opposite same has one set in view of his complete plan. 然而,小巴蒂完全不知道,自己的担忧完全是多虑的,艾伯特从来都没考虑过使用厉火咒快速通过迷宫,就像小巴蒂在谋划绑走哈利,谋杀艾伯特一样,对面同样已经有一套针对他的完整计划。 Owl brings the Barty Jr. letter leap channel, delivers to muggle. 猫头鹰带着小巴蒂的信件飞越海峡,送到一名麻瓜手上。 Peter Pettigrew received the letter is several days later matter. 小矮星·彼得收到信件已经是几天后的事情了。 When Voldemort sees this letter/believes, the exceedingly indignant, he has not thought of oneself plan unexpectedly possibly mixing by mudblood at heart from the start. 伏地魔看到这封信的时候,心里无比愤怒,他压根就没想到自己的计划居然可能会被泥巴种给搅和了。 Although Barty Jr. made many preparations, cannot make Voldemort satisfy, various possibilities of but on the envelope saying, let killing intent that this Dark Lord depresses to turn to well up temporarily at heart. 小巴蒂虽然做了很多准备,还是不能让伏地魔满意,但信封上说的各种可能,让这位黑魔王暂时压下心里翻涌起来的杀意。 He knows to resurrect oneself, brings back own strength to belong to first first matter actually Peter, saw after this letter/believes, is very excited, he has not thought that Barty Jr. will also incur reproach for somebody to Voldemort unexpectedly. 他知道复活自己,拿回属于自己的力量属于第一优先的事情倒是彼得,看到这封信后无比兴奋,他也没想到小巴蒂居然也会给伏地魔上眼药。 Lets Peter only discontentedly is Barty Jr. thinks unexpectedly oneself do not handle that damn mudblood. 唯一让彼得不满地是小巴蒂居然认为自己搞不定那个该死的泥巴种 His present wishing one could makes Barty Jr. consider as finished that Lane mudblood, making the opposite party die under own Avada Kedavra. 他现在恨不得让小巴蒂把那个泥巴种过来算了,让对方死在自己的阿瓦达索命下。 Good, even if oneself really do not handle, Voldemort hasn't been able to kill that mudblood? 好吧,就算自己真的搞不定,难道伏地魔还无法杀死那个泥巴种吗? This matter is very obvious, I must first bring back my strength, as for that mudblood, is killing him when the time comes.” The Voldemort's tone is ice-cold, he sentenced the death penalty to that named Albert · Anderson mudblood directly. “这件事已经很明显了,我必须先拿回自己的力量,至于那个泥巴种,到时候在弄死他。”伏地魔的语气冰冷无比,他直接给那个名为艾伯特·安德森泥巴种判了死刑。 Without the means that who makes everyone want to make him die? 没办法,谁让大家都想让他去死呢? Even after Voldemort reads the Barty Jr. letter/believes, still the plan does this, because of final of this letter/believes, Barty Jr. even when the matter cannot, plan to leave behind the protracted time. 就算是伏地魔看完小巴蒂的信后,也打算这样做,因为这封信的最后,小巴蒂甚至在事不可为的时候,打算留下了拖延时间。 The servants died even, Voldemort will not love dearly, but the premise died is valuable. 仆人就算死光了,伏地魔也不会心疼,但前提是死得有价值。 Barty Jr. without doubt is a very outstanding servant, can win time for his plan, calculates dead a worthy death, but if possible, Voldemort does not think that Barty Jr. died like this, because does not have the value very much. 小巴蒂无疑是名非常优秀的仆人,能为他的计划争取一点时间,也算死得其所,但如果可能的话,伏地魔不想小巴蒂就这样死去,因为很没价值。 No matter how said that, Barty Jr. is loyal reliable, and has the servant of brain, can then cope with Dumbledore to play the good effect. 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