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#1171: Defence Against the Dark Arts Potter

Early in the morning, innumerable Owl fan the wing to flood into the Hogwarts' castle hall, after enjoying the breakfast students top of the head circles, falls to the side of addressee in abundance, fulfilling sets out is the postman responsibility. 清晨,无数的猫头鹰扇动翅膀涌入霍格沃茨的城堡大厅,在享用早餐的学生们头顶上空盘旋后,纷纷落到收信人的身边,履行起身为邮差的职责。 Harry picks up the newspaper that Owl abandons, starts to read the above content, compared with once «Daily Prophet» of Fudge control, Harry discovered oneself like «Daily Prophet» under Scrimgeour control, at least the content on newspaper can always make the person mood joyful. 哈利捡起猫头鹰扔下的报纸,开始阅读上面的内容,与曾经福吉控制的《预言家日报》相比,哈利发现自己更喜欢斯克林杰控制下的《预言家日报》,至少报纸上的内容总能让人心情愉悦。 Couple days ago, Ministry of Magic crushed the conspiracy of You-Know-Who again, and successfully killed several Death Eater news to spread in entire Hogwarts, was only unhappy, probably was Harry in the Slytherin's sworn enemy: Draco Malfoy. 前几天,魔法部再次粉碎了神秘人的阴谋,并且成功击毙了数名食死徒的消息更是在整个霍格沃茨流传开,唯一对此不开心的,大概是哈利斯莱特林的死对头:德拉科·马尔福 Also no wonder the Malfoy recent complexion is soon cloudy to squeeze out the water, Bella is his relative. 也难怪马尔福最近的脸色阴沉得快要挤出水来,贝拉就是他的亲戚。 Harry takes back the vision, carried pumpkin juice to sip one, looks to today's front-page news, soon discovered a surprising news. 哈利收回目光,端起南瓜汁抿了一口,看向今天的头条新闻,很快发现一个令人惊讶的消息。 A reporter when the family member who the interview suffers the Death Eater persecution, encounters the victim family member to beat because of the expression extremely, at present severely wounded hospitalization. 一名记者在采访遭受食死徒迫害的家属时,因言辞过激而遭到受害者家人殴打,目前重伤住院。 Ministry of Magic regretted this matter, has comforted the victim family member, Minister Scrimgeour claimed that they will not obtain any penalty, because their family members' heroic death in some time ago war. 魔法部对此事表示遗憾,已经对受害者家人进行安抚,斯克林杰部长声称他们将不会得到任何的惩罚,因为她们的亲人在不久前的战争中英勇牺牲了。 The Ministry of Magic severe reminder general population, in the past sympathized Barty Crouch Jr., caused the chief criminal who You-Know-Who returned, he thinks that people should receive the laughable sympathy to Death Eater and Dark Wizard. 魔法部严厉提醒广大群众,当年被人们同情的小巴蒂·克劳奇,正是导致神秘人归来的罪魁祸首,他认为人们应该收起对食死徒黑巫师的可笑同情心。 !” “噗!” Harry pumpkin juice that just drank spurting, he can affirm that this absolutely is intentionally, eight parts was that reporter said what extreme words, provoked Ministry of Magic thoroughly, causing Scrimgeour to arrange him to go to interview the family member of victim. 哈利把刚喝下去的南瓜汁给喷了出来,他敢肯定这绝对是故意的,八成是那名记者说了什么过激的话,彻底惹恼了魔法部,导致斯克林杰安排他去“采访”受害者的家属。 What's wrong, Harry.” “怎么了,哈利。” Is glancing through «Advanced Rune Translation» Hermione, the vision that raised the head toward smiling to spurt Harry that casts to have doubts. 正翻阅《高级魔文翻译》的赫敏,抬头朝笑喷的哈利投去疑惑的目光。 Today's newspaper headline, I dare saying that Scrimgeour absolutely is intentionally.” Harry gives Hermione the newspaper, spoke thoughtlessly to ask, how did your side check?” “今天的报纸头条,我敢说斯克林杰绝对是故意的。”哈利把报纸递给赫敏,随口问道,“你那边查得怎么样了?” I turn have looked for many books, even went to Restricted Section, still had not found any clue, I suspected that some books were given the detachment.” “我翻找过很多书,甚至去了禁书区,仍然没找到任何线索,我怀疑那部分书籍被人给移除了。” The Hermione suspicion is Dumbledore will record the Horcrux books to take away. 赫敏怀疑是邓布利多将记载魂器的书籍全部拿走的。 Also is really creates a Gordian knot to me!” Harry muttered. “还真是给我出了个难题啊!”哈利咕哝道。 Do not worry Harry, Dumbledore leaves behind long time to you, I think that you need to hit to relate with Professor Slughorn ahead of time.” “不要着急哈利,邓布利多给你留下很长时间,我认为你需要提前跟斯拉格霍恩教授打好关系。” You think that I should participate in Slug meeting?” Harry is a little depressed small, he does not want to attend the meeting actually not, but is he thought that abandons Ron is not the great idea. “你认为我应该去参加‘鼻涕虫’聚会?”哈利有点小郁闷,倒不是他不想去参加聚会,而是他觉得把罗恩扔下不是什么好主意。 That meeting you have not thought Dreadful like that.” Hermione said low voice, actually, but also is very interesting.” “那个聚会没你想得那般糟糕。”赫敏小声说,“其实,还挺有趣的。” Perhaps, I should drink to select Felix Felicis to try one's luck again. No, making Dumbledore drink Felix Felicis to try one's luck is better.” “也许,我应该再喝点福灵剂去碰碰运气。不,让邓布利多福灵剂去碰运气更好。” Harry has attempted actually, Felix Felicis truly can make the matter very smooth, however, the intuition does not make him look for Professor Slughorn, but makes him look for Dumbledore, because Harry thought that can look for Albert to predict divination, or convinced Dumbledore to use Felix Felicis to look for Professor Slughorn to try one's luck. 哈利其实尝试过,福灵剂确实能让事情变得很顺利,然而,直觉并不是让他去找斯拉格霍恩教授,而是让他去找邓布利多,因为哈利觉得可以找艾伯特预言占卜,或者说服邓布利多使用福灵剂去找斯拉格霍恩教授碰运气。 Afterward, Harry knew that Dumbledore actually looked for Albert to predict the Horcrux quantity, but they must obtain a more accurate information, to prevent to have any accident/surprise. 后来,哈利得知邓布利多其实找过艾伯特预言过魂器的数量,但他们必须得到更准确的情报,以防止出现任何的意外。 After all, their enemies are Voldemort, any mistake can make their efforts waste all previous efforts. 毕竟,他们的敌人是伏地魔,任何失误都会让他们的努力前功尽弃。 Therefore, Harry temporarily gave up, the Felix Felicis dosage is limited, he does not dare to waste at will, planned that keeps the critical moment to use again. 所以,哈利暂时放弃了,福灵剂的剂量有限,他不敢随意浪费,打算留到关键时刻再使用。 „Can you relate Albert?” Harry turns head to ask Hermione. “你能联系艾伯特吗?”哈利扭头问赫敏 Like this doesn't have the issue?” “这样没问题吗?” You really thought that what that fellow does meet not to know?” Harry said dry. “你真觉得那家伙会什么都不知道吗?”哈利干巴巴地说。 Does not have the means.” Hermione looks at Ron. “没办法。”赫敏将目光投向罗恩 Fred and George was missing recently, it is said Death Eater is staring at them now, tried to find Albert through them. 弗雷德与乔治最近失踪了,据说食死徒现在正盯着他们,试图通过他们找到艾伯特 Right, Bill makes us in the letter/believes do not write the important thing, in order to avoid the letter was intercepted. ” Ron received the newspaper, after reading the above front-page news, changed the topic to inquire, right Harry, when you planned to hold the meeting of Defense Association.” „At the end of this month!” Harry said without hesitation. 对了,比尔让我们不要在信里写重要的东西,以免信件被人截获。”罗恩接过报纸,阅读上面的头条新闻后,岔开话题询问道,“对了哈利,你打算什么时候举行防御协会的聚会。”“这个月末!”哈利不假思索道。 „Not good Harry, we comply to participate in Wizard's Card Club.” “不行哈利,我们答应过会去参加巫师牌俱乐部。” Although Albert gave Luna to handle the club, but Hermione still hopes that relaxed atmosphere can maintain. 尽管艾伯特将俱乐部交给了卢娜打理,但赫敏仍然希望那种轻松的氛围能够保持下去。 I discovered that this month matter are really many.” Harry sighed reluctantly, pulled out quill pen recording the content. “我发现这个月的事真多。”哈利无奈地叹了口气,掏出羽毛笔将内容给记录下来。 After matter were many, does not write down the matter, is very easy to forget, or some class work forgetting. 事情多了后,不把事记下来,很容易忘记,或者把某一门课的作业给遗忘了。 Right Harry, did you hear?” Ron as if resounds anything, suddenly said, Malfoy withdrew from the Quidditch team probably on own initiative.” “对了哈利,你听说了吗?”罗恩似乎响起什么,忽然说,“马尔福好像主动退出魁地奇球队了。” This is very unusual.” Harry said. “这很不寻常。”哈利说。 I feel very normal but actually, who lets his father is Death Eater, the general idea without who can be willing to deal with the Death Eater son.” The Ron's mood is joyful, without whom Weasley hopes to see Malfoy more unlucky. “我倒觉得很正常,谁让他的父亲是食死徒,大概没谁会愿意跟食死徒的儿子打交道。”罗恩的心情愉悦,没谁比韦斯莱更希望看到马尔福倒霉了。 Most Death Eater stem from Slytherin, you thought that they will really care about these issues?” Harry wants to seek the Albert reason is to not only inquire the Horcrux matter, he also wants to make the opposite party help divination, actually having a look at Draco Malfoy to be up to mischief. “大多数食死徒都出自斯莱特林,你觉得他们真会在意这些问题吗?”哈利想找艾伯特的原因不仅仅是询问魂器的事,他还想让对方帮忙占卜,看看德拉科马尔福究竟想搞什么鬼。 He has a not being able to say feeling, Harry suspected that Malfoy is Death Eater, but he did not think that this guess can convince own two good friend, because that sounds is truly laughable. 他有一种说不出的感觉,哈利怀疑马尔福是名食死徒,但他不觉得这种猜测能说服自己的两个朋友,因为那听上去确实很可笑。 I always thought that fellow is fermenting any fearful conspiracy.” “我总觉得那家伙正在酝酿什么可怕的阴谋。” Good Harry, Malfoy had what conspiracy leave alone, when you planned to start to get together, everyone somewhat could not wait.” Ron looks at Hermione: „Did your side prepare?” “好了哈利,别管马尔福有什么阴谋了,你打算什么时候开始进行聚会,大家都有些等不及了。”罗恩将目光投向赫敏:“你那边准备好了吗?” I suggested in this weekend.” Hermione proposed, you should have free time?” “我建议在这周末。”赫敏提议道,“你应该有空吧?” Good!” Harry nodded assent, every month one time, you thought what in any case we did speak is quite good this month?” “好吧!”哈利点头同意了,“反正每个月就一次,你觉得我们这个月讲什么比较好?” In selects from «A Guide to Self-Protection», like this everyone can have the books.” Hermione proposed: Can the temporary camp that teaches everyone how to use the incantation build security, I remember that in the book has the settlement.” “从《自卫指南》里挑,这样大家都能够有书籍。”赫敏提议道:“可以教大家如何使用咒语搭建安全的临时营地,我记得书上有相关内容。” I feel these things to everyone possibly useless. After all, their not possible each people have the traceless extension bag, is impossible every tent.” Ron reminded well-meaning, he suspected very much most students could not use this partial content, because no one will be silly to wandering around, even if Albert had once said that muggleborn wizard will then cross quite difficultly. “我觉得这些东西对大家来说可能没什么用。毕竟,他们不可能每人都能拥有无痕伸展袋,也不可能人手一顶帐篷。”罗恩善意地提醒道,他很怀疑大部分学生都用不上这部分内容,因为没人会傻到四处流浪,哪怕艾伯特曾说过,麻瓜巫师接下来会过得比较艰难。 We can explain with a meeting, studies a thing always not to have the fault, after all defended magic we also to study much!” Hermione urged “我们可以用一场聚会来讲解,学点东西总没坏处,毕竟防御魔法我们也学了不少!”赫敏劝道 Many, no, we only learned some fur/superficial knowledge.” Ron does not approve of the Hermione's words obviously very much, only studied a fur/superficial knowledge with the Fred words on the young fool of thinking oneself infallible, why this is also «A Guide to Self-Protection» in most times makes one escape, rather than outrageously reason of counter-attack.” “不少,不,我们只学到了一些皮毛。”罗恩显然很不赞同赫敏的话,“用弗雷德的话来说就是只学了点皮毛就自以为是的小傻瓜,这也是《自卫指南》里为什么多数时候都让人逃跑,而不是悍然反击的原因。” Albert admits inside this partial content specially, definitely has his reason, I think it is necessary to master some skills very much.” 艾伯特特意将这部分内容放进里面,肯定有他的原因,我认为很有必要去掌握这部分技巧。” Looks that must have two people who argued, Harry hit to block the way hastily: I planned before finding a time to review one next, has studied magic, reviews patronus charm while convenient again, now Dementor everywhere is, I think that grasps patronus charm is necessary adeptly.” 看着要发生争辩的两人,哈利连忙打断道:“我打算抽点时间复习一下以前学过的魔法,顺便把守护神咒再重新复习一遍,如今摄魂怪到处都是,我认为娴熟掌握守护神咒很有必要。” How as for studying in the camp of open country build security, can wait to say next month again, at least must first make me make clear, how otherwise should teach others!” “至于学习如何在野外搭建安全的营地,可以等下个月再讲,至少得先让我自己搞清楚,否则又该怎么去教导别人呢!” Actually, Harry thought that Hermione said is reasonable, Albert «A Guide to Self-Protection» is unnecessary on nothing, inside content is very effective. 其实,哈利觉得赫敏说得很有道理,艾伯特的《自卫指南》里就没什么东西是多余的,里面的内容都很管用。 Harry plans to conduct the news of DA meeting, like grown wings spread in the castle fast, after learning of news, everyone runs over with Harry greets, inquired the professor everyone anything magic of Harry preparation while convenient at the meeting. 哈利打算重新举办DA聚会的消息,就像长了翅膀般飞快地在城堡里传开了,在得知消息后,大家都跑过来跟哈利打招呼,顺便打听哈利准备在聚会上教授大家什么魔法 ( https://) (https://) 1 second records the putting down the pen interest island:. 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