CF :: Volume #25

#2429: Showdown domain boundary, heavy losses

Chapter 2306 第2306章 Showdown domain boundary, heavy losses 对决领域境,重创 The speed was really too quick, draws near even if were these with coming to look that many expert of this war also a little looked scared. 速度实在是太快了,快到了即便是那些跟过来想看这一场大战的诸多高手们也都有点看傻眼了。 Was the speed was too quick, simply has not given the time that they any responded! 实在是速度太快了,根本没有给他们任何反应过来的时间! Chu Yunfan easy strikes to kill Gongsun Hong, the Sea Dragon beast slaughters, has killed a cleanness other Disciple of destiny sect. 楚云凡轻而易举的一击击杀公孙弘,紧接着海龙兽大开杀戒,将天命宗的其余弟子杀了个干干净净。 Such strength, blew had the person of idea. 这样的实力,也镇住了许多别有想法之人。 The Chu Yunfan present strength radically is not they can contend existence. 楚云凡现在的实力根本就不是他们能够抗衡的了的存在。 You are courting death!” “你们在找死!” Unexpectedly, an angry angry roaring sound transmits from the distant place, a big hand broke open the vault of heaven, split second has grasped in the Chu Yunfan direction. 蓦地,一声愤怒的怒吼声从远处传来,紧接着一只大手破开了苍穹,一瞬间朝着楚云凡的方向抓了过来。 Chu Yunfan moves also motionless, looked that does not look at one, but whole body each pore in emitting the sword air/Qi, the sword gasification is making the terrifying mighty current to gather in the Chu Yunfan top of the head, changes to a incomparable gigantic light sword. 楚云凡动也不动,看也不看一眼,但是全身每一个毛孔都在喷吐着剑气,剑气化作恐怖的洪流在楚云凡的头顶上集合,化作一口巨大无比的光剑。 Bang!” “轰!” This incomparable gigantic light sword cuts horizontally, cuts this big hand at the scene broken, changes into the nihility. 这一口巨大无比的光剑横斩下去,当场将这一只大手斩破,化为虚无。 Wore the form of black clothes to arrive at the everyone front. 紧接着,一个身穿黑衣的身影已经来到了众人的面前。 everyone fixes the eyes on looked, actually sees, that is one wears the black clothes, the surface does not need white/in vain, the crane sends the old man of young face. 众人定睛一看,却见,那是一个身穿黑衣,面白无须,鹤发童颜的老者。 This old man stature rickets, the terrifying strength that but in the body contains, making the person be afraid. 这个老者身材佝偻,但是身体之中蕴含的恐怖力量,让人不寒而栗。 Domain boundary, came expert of domain boundary!” “领域境,又来了一个领域境的高手!” Many people responded immediately, destiny sect Zhongyu presented expert of domain boundary. 许多人登时反应了过来,天命宗终于出现了一个领域境的高手 By the strength of destiny sect, naturally impossible to have expert of domain boundary in the antiquity battlefield. 以天命宗的实力,自然不可能在上古战场之中只有一个领域境的高手 Now finally presented one. 现在终于又出现了一个。 Saw the situation in scene, this old man realized immediately had anything, immediately a complexion paleness, the station of destiny sect unexpectedly from top to bottom by slaughter none remaining. 看到了现场的情况,这个老者立刻就意识到发生了什么,顿时脸色一片铁青,天命宗的驻地居然从上到下被屠了个精光。 It can be imagined, once the destiny sect had known perhaps this News, immediately wants the cooker. 可想而知,一旦天命宗得知了这个消息,恐怕立刻就要炸锅。 Your big courage, even if Sect Master of your flying immortal sect is not having courage dares to kill our destiny sect these many Heaven's Proud of!” “你好大的胆子,就算是你飞仙宗的宗主也没有这个胆子敢杀害我们天命宗这么多的天骄!” This old man is pointing at Chu Yunfan, is in an uncontrollable rage, wishes one could to tear to shreds him. 这个老者指着楚云凡,怒不可遏,恨不得将他碎尸万段。 This is remote antiquity Elder in destiny sect, in the destiny sect similarly is a high weight, is only his talent after cultivation to the domain boundary, has almost achieved the pinnacle, to ask Breakthrough, arrived at the antiquity battlefield. 这是天命宗之中的一个太上长老,在天命宗之内同样是位高权重,只是他的天赋修行到领域境之后,几乎已经达到了极致,为求突破,才来到上古战场。 Such person, in each Sect, among each races has, is not everyone can be similar to these Heaven's Proud is extremely supreme with youngster, regards as cultivation eats meal to drink water the same simplicity, can easy achieving. 这样的人,在各个宗门,各个种族之间都有,并不是每一个人都能如同这些绝顶天骄少年至尊一般,将修行视为吃饭喝水一样的简单,可以轻而易举的做到。 Even if he also once were Heaven's Proud, but nowadays actually is also only one drooping old man, the time has not been forgiving on his body. 即便他也曾经是天骄,但是现如今却也只是一个垂垂老矣的老者,时间在他的身上并未留情。 Regarding any member, the time is forever is not enough. 对于任何修士来说,时间都是永远不够的。 Has killed, how can also?” Chu Yunfan coldly said. I work, why must you butt in!” “杀了,又能如何?”楚云凡冷冷的说道。“我做事,何须你来置喙!” That uses your life to repay!” “那就用你的命来偿还!” Remote antiquity Elder coldly said of destiny sect. 天命宗的太上长老冷冷的说道 Wants my life, that tried to favor!” Chu Yunfan were not many said. “想要我的命,那就来试试看好了!”楚云凡也不多说。 On that day in the remote antiquity Elder pore of life sect dripped an essence continuously, swept across terrifying storm. 那天命宗的太上长老毛孔之中都淌出一缕缕的精气,生生席卷成了一股恐怖的风暴。 This breath strong these gods have hidden Heaven's Proud of boundary all at once obviously by far, even before continually, was cut three worthless people who kills also similarly to compare to remote antiquity Elder of this destiny sect to want on weak some by Chu Yunfan certainly. 这一股气息显然远远强过了那些神藏境的天骄们,甚至连之前被楚云凡所斩杀的三绝散人也同样比起这个天命宗的太上长老要弱上一些。 2500 principles! 2500道法则! Destiny sect Elder at least Cultivation has become 2500 principles, only the quantity of principle on far exceed three certainly worthless people, is destiny sect such prestigious family honest profound knowledge that in addition studied, at least compared to three worthless people to be stronger by the strength certainly on over 50%. 天命宗长老至少修炼成了2500道法则,光只法则的数量就远远超过了三绝散人,加上所学的更是天命宗这样名门正派的绝学,论实力起码比起三绝散人要强上五成以上。 Many people the heart jump immediately, destiny sect Elder gave their oppression to be too big, was remote antiquity Elder that the prestigious family sent greatly, even if in the destiny sect, were not perhaps outstanding, however the outside, is existence of formidable being hard imagination. 许多人顿时心头一跳,天命宗长老给他们的压迫太大了,到底是名门大派出来的太上长老,即便在天命宗之内,或许并不出众,但是在外界来说,就已经是强大的难以想象的存在了。 Such person, places in general Era, is unapproachable existences, its life keeps aloof finally, does not need to be worried by the asking the price with no intention of buying shrine. 这样的人,放在一般的时代之中,都是无可匹敌的存在,终其一生都是高高在上,根本不用担心被人打落神坛。 Also during this golden big world, expert too were many, many to has been hard to imagine the situation that in various ordinary days rarely seen Heaven-Blessed Genius many like stars, they may be defeated. 也就是在这个黄金大世之中,高手着实太多了,多到了难以想象的地步,各种平日里难得一见天纵奇才多如繁星,他们才有可能被击败。 Possibly by these Heaven-Blessed Genius to asking the price with no intention of buying shrine, but now had such trend. 才可能被那些天纵奇才给打落神坛,而现在已经有了那样的趋势。 Chu Yunfan is First shows existence of this grade of strength. 楚云凡不过是第一个展现出这等实力的存在而已。 On this day the remote antiquity Elder whole body scarlet rosy cloud twinkle of life sect, the ascension is similar to the mist is ordinary, the whole body lent an unusual refined aura, the under foot has been treading the flame. 这天命宗的太上长老浑身赤霞闪烁,升腾如同雾气一般,全身散发出了一种超凡脱俗的气息,脚下踏着火光。 Similar to a hot person of flaming combustion is all over the body same. 通体如同一个熊熊燃烧的火人一样。 Kills!” “杀!” On this day remote antiquity Elder loudly shouted of life sect, the air/Qi swallows Mountain and Rivers like the tiger, entire Sky is shivering along with him, along with this loudly shouted, a incomparable gigantic domain has released in an instant, has covered toward Chu Yunfan. 这天命宗的太上长老一声大喝,气吞山河如虎,整个天穹都在随着他而颤抖,伴随着他这一声大喝,一个巨大无比的领域刹那间释放了出来,朝着楚云凡笼罩了过来。 This is also the necessary method of domain boundary expert fight, whose domain is stronger, who has the complete superiority. 这也是领域境高手战斗的必备手段,谁的领域更强,谁就占据完全的优势。 But Chu Yunfan is similarly unhurriedly, his body sends out the dazzling ray, that bright golden light seems ancient God of golden casting he serves as contrast is the same. 楚云凡同样不慌不忙,他身上散发出更加耀眼的光芒,那灿烂的金光将他衬托的好似黄金浇铸的古神一样。 split second is noisy! 一瞬间沸反盈天! Chu Yunfan principle turns to well up, similarly was welcoming on, in the upper air looked, distant was similar to two difficult situation flies high to collide. 楚云凡身上的法则翻涌而出,同样迎着而上,高空上看去,远远的就如同两股惊涛骇浪凌空碰撞到了一起。 Swallows mutually, tears into shreds all mutually! 相互吞噬,相互撕碎一切! This is collisions between two completely different Great Dao, direct, pure, without any gaudiness, whose Great Dao is stronger, immediately gets the winning side. 这是两种完全不同的大道之间的碰撞,直接,纯粹,没有任何的花哨,谁的大道更强,就会立刻占据上风。 But is very obvious, Chu Yunfan Great Dao is stronger, although occupies the inferiority by the quantity slightly, but by the quality, wanted on high to be too many are too many. 而很显然,楚云凡大道更强,虽然论数量稍微占据劣势,但是论质量,就要高上太多太多了。 Radically not existence on Level. 根本就不在一个级别上的存在。 However is among the moments, this destiny sect remote antiquity Elder domain was torn an astonishing opening by the Chu Yunfan domain, is similar to a huge wound. 不过是片刻之间,这个天命宗太上长老的领域就被楚云凡的领域撕裂开了一道惊人的裂口,如同一道巨大的伤口。 Next split second, remote antiquity Elder and Chu Yunfan of destiny sect flew high to collide, was two big stars collides likely together. 一瞬间,天命宗的太上长老楚云凡凌空碰撞到了一起,像是两颗大星碰撞到一起。 Bang!” “轰隆!” Sky is erupting fierce shivering, was separated giant cracks, looks like the incomparable fierceness, looks like the wound of sky is the same. 天穹都在爆发剧烈的颤抖,被割裂出了一条条巨大的裂缝,看起来无比的狰狞,就像是天空的伤口一样。 They interlock, the vibrato of metal proliferates Sky, the blood sprays under. 两人交错而过,金属的颤音遍布天穹,鲜血喷洒而下。 On that day although remote antiquity Elder of life sect figure rickets, but actually killed the invincible stance at this time, invincible. 那天命宗的太上长老虽然身形佝偻,但是此时却杀出了无敌的姿态,所向无敌。 Chu Yunfan sweeps away all obstacles. 楚云凡更是所向披靡。 everyone fixes the eyes on looks, on that day life sect the abdomen of remote antiquity Elder, left a wound of fierce tearing unexpectedly, the blood from sprays. 众人定睛一看,那天命宗的太上长老的腹部,居然多出了一条狰狞撕裂的伤口,鲜血从其中喷洒而出。 But Chu Yunfan is uninjured, obviously, remote antiquity Elder of life sect in suffered a loss with fighting of Chu Yunfan on this day. 楚云凡则是毫发无伤,显然,这天命宗的太上长老在和楚云凡的交手之中吃了大亏。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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