CSG :: Volume #40

#3926: Profound spirit falls/dies

The Profound Spirit Monarch pupil contracts suddenly, in the heart startles greatly, by destruction light beam locking of All Heavens Divine Formation, he seemed covered by death aura, a desperate thought floods in his entire hearts. 玄灵上人瞳孔急剧收缩,心中大骇,被诸天神阵毁灭光柱锁定,他就仿佛是被死亡气息笼罩,一股绝望的念头充斥于他整个心间。 He thinks first to draw back, however the discovery body is actually not able to move unexpectedly, All Heavens Divine Formation struck the might is too terrifying, affected this void, disturbed here order, formed strength of the invisible imprisonment in restraint he. 他想第一时间远退,然而却发现身躯竟然无法动弹,诸天神阵的一击威力太恐怖了,影响了这片虚空,干扰了这里的秩序,形成了一股无形的禁锢之力在束缚他。 This imprisonment is not powerful, only requires time of breath to work loose by the Profound Spirit Monarch strength. 这股禁锢不算强大,以玄灵上人的实力只需一个呼吸的时间便可挣脱开来。 But at present let alone is time of breath, even if short flickers does not have. 但眼下别说是一个呼吸的时间,哪怕只是短短一瞬都没有。 Because All Heavens Divine Formation just appeared starts peerless struck, was really quick. 因为诸天神阵刚一出现就发动了绝世一击,实在是太快了。 Not —— in Profound Spirit Monarch heart desperate, he only issues a summon in the innermost feelings with enough time, next one flickers, the startled day loud sound spreads together, the terrifying energy storm submerged this piece of space thoroughly. “不——玄灵上人心中绝望,他只来得及在内心发出一声呼唤,下一瞬,一道惊天巨响传出,恐怖的能量风暴彻底淹没了这片空间 Immediately, the starry sky twists, the land trembles, entire Skyscraping World as if in slight swaying. 顿时,星空扭曲,大地震颤,整个摩天界似乎都在轻微的摇晃。 Surrounding all Immortal Venerable Realm Old Ancestor, completely raising to fly by the energy storm of this terrifying, in central area that destruction rays of light explodes, no one has been able bases. 周围的所有仙尊境老祖,全部被这恐怖的能量风暴给掀飞了出去,在那毁灭光芒爆开的中心区域,已经无人能够在其中立足。 Is impossible, this is impossible, so terrifying great formation, how he can in such a short time start second to strike......” “不可能,这不可能,如此恐怖的大阵,他怎么能在这么短的时间内就发动第二击......” —— damn, really damn, he not only can start second to strike in a short time, but also this time might, as if on several points compared with previous even more stronger......” “啊——该死,真该死,他不仅能够在短时间内发动第二击,而且这一次的威力,似乎比上一次还要强上几分......” ...... ...... Numerous Immortal Venerable were not raised flies several hundred li (0.5 km) away, is hit ruthlessly on nearby rock, but they can actually ignore own injury, but stares greatly the eyes, full is unbelievable stares at All Heavens Divine Formation to explode the region that. 众多仙尊不是被掀飞到数百里远,便是狠狠的撞击在附近的山石上,但他们却顾不得自己身上的伤势,而是瞪大着双眼,满是难以置信的盯着诸天神阵爆开的区域。 After the moment, when that destructive energy storm subsides slowly, forms All Heavens Divine Formation all disciple to vanish completely, in the field only has Jian Chen, and tall of stature incomparable Thousand Souls Demon Venerable two people exist. 片刻后,当那毁灭性能量风暴缓缓平息时,结成诸天神阵的所有弟子已经全部消失,场中只有剑尘,以及身躯高大无比的千魂魔尊二人存在。 Thousand Souls Demon Venerable falls behind the Jian Chen half step, by his Demon Venerable boundary 4-layer strength, displays at this moment general like retinue from front of Jian Chen. 千魂魔尊落后剑尘半步,以他魔尊四重天的实力,此刻在剑尘面前就表现得如同从一般。 As for Profound Spirit Monarch, is the radical dissipation in the world, the skeleton not saves, besides three high-grade Divine Item, anything has not stayed behind. 至于玄灵上人,则是彻底消散在天地间,尸骨无存,除了三件上品神器外,什么东西都没有留下。 Three high-grade Divine Item that a Jian Chen move, Profound Spirit Monarch leaves behind then fall into his hand, respectively is a blade sword, as well as a big net. 剑尘手一招,玄灵上人留下的三件上品神器便落入他手中,分别是一刀一剑,以及一张大网。 But at this moment, these high-grade Divine Item all received the damages in varying degrees. 但此刻,这几件上品神器皆是受到了不同程度的损坏。 Among high-grade Divine Item also has the division of strong and weak, weak high-grade Divine Item, is hard to preserve in front of All Heavens Divine Formation. 上品神器之间也有强弱之分,弱一些的上品神器,在诸天神阵面前都难以保存。 If Rank extremely high high-grade Divine Item, for example the class/flow of Heaven Escape Divine Armor, is not naturally able to injure its in the slightest by All Heavens Divine Formation of present stage, can only leave behind one at most on the surface the mark. 若是等阶极高的上品神器,例如遁天神甲之流,以现阶段的诸天神阵自然无法伤其分毫,顶多只能在表面上留下一丝浅浅印痕。 All Heavens Divine Formation this strikes, not only cut to kill Profound Spirit Monarch, arranged in stone steps, was used to prevent Jian Chen from leaving various formation of summit region, was destroyed all, all set up formation materials were completely stave. 诸天神阵这一击,不仅斩杀了玄灵上人,就连布置在石阶处,用来阻止剑尘离开山顶区域的各种阵法,也是尽数被毁,所有布阵材料全部破碎。 Teacher!” “师尊!” The pleasantly surprised shouts transmit together, see only the Jing Mumu's form to graze to come from the stone steps, her aura is not powerful, even can describe with the emaciation, however speed wonderful quick is incomparable, is as good as Immortal Venerable Realm completely. 一道充满惊喜的呼唤声传来,只见景沐沐的身影从石阶下方飞掠而来,她身上的气息并不强大,甚至可以用羸弱来形容,然而速度奇快无比,完全不亚于仙尊境 This is the Devouring Immortal Monster Flower strength! 这是噬仙妖花的力量! In this Immortal Venerable Realm Old Ancestor numerous high pressure environment, where Devouring Immortal Monster Flower dares to make Jing Mumu own face, feared that only needs a wee bit fluctuations of energy, can make Jing Mumu fall into the perdition. 在这仙尊境老祖众多的高压环境里,噬仙妖花哪敢让景沐沐自己去面对,怕是只需要一丁点能量波动,就能让景沐沐陷入万劫不复之地。 Under the Devouring Immortal Monster Flower strength escorts, suddenly Jing Mumu arrives at side Jian Chen, affectionate is holding the Jian Chen's arm. 噬仙妖花的力量护送下,眨眼间景沐沐就来到剑尘身边,亲昵的抱着剑尘的手臂。 Here is too dangerous, goes to the temple to stay quickly.” Jian Chen vision gentle looking to Jing Mumu, then rashly sends in Highest Beginning Temple Jing Mumu forcefully. “这里太危险,快去神殿中呆着吧。”剑尘目光柔和的望向景沐沐,然后不由分说的就将景沐沐给强行送入太初神殿 Devouring Immortal Monster Flower was separated from Jing Mumu, skilled for the time being such as the winding the Jian Chen's wrist/skill place, seeming like just like a unique bracelet. 噬仙妖花则是脱离了景沐沐,熟练且自如的缠绕到剑尘的手腕处,看上去就宛若是一条别致的手链。 Hehe, Sect Master, displayed All Heavens Divine Formation next time, the might must increase much.” The Thousand Souls Demon Venerable vision shot a look at Devouring Immortal Monster Flower, exudes the strange laughter. “嘿嘿,宗主,下一次施展诸天神阵,威力又要增加不少了。”千魂魔尊目光瞥了眼噬仙妖花,发出怪笑声。 Walks, now also not with time of their direct engagement.” The Jian Chen vision is staring at distant that form, without hesitation brings Thousand Souls Demon Venerable and Devouring Immortal Monster Flower goes far away rapidly. “走,现在还不是与他们正面交战的时机。”剑尘目光凝望着远方那一道道身影,毫不犹豫的带着千魂魔尊噬仙妖花飞速远去。 Although the return of Devouring Immortal Monster Flower makes Jian Chen the strength increase, but he to will not have contended with opposite dozens Immortal Venerable with their strengths arrogantly. 虽说噬仙妖花的归来让剑尘这边实力大增,但他还不会自大到凭着他们三人的力量就与对面数十名仙尊抗衡。 Once falls into the encirclement, he has Source of Life to restore, oneself actually well, but Devouring Immortal Monster Flower and Thousand Souls Demon Venerable on danger. 一旦陷入包围,他有生命之源恢复,自身倒是无恙,可噬仙妖花千魂魔尊就危险了。 Jian Chen brings the Sword Dao seed to go far away rapidly, the rear area, that dozens Immortal Venerable look at one another speechless. 剑尘带着剑道种子飞速远去,后方,那数十名仙尊则是面面相视。 All Heavens Divine Formation sends out second to strike in such a short time, this not as everyone expected. 诸天神阵在如此短的时间内发出第二击,这出乎所有人预料。 Profound Spirit Monarch falls/dies, made their mind drag, received the enormous vibration. 玄灵上人陨落,也令他们所有人心神摇曳,受到了极大震动。 But this also demonstrated the great strength of All Heavens Divine Formation to them again. 可这也再次向他们展示了诸天神阵的强大。 Therefore, All Heavens Divine Formation strikes to cut to kill Profound Spirit Monarch, has not frightened these Immortal Venerable retreats, instead further aroused their crazy and hope. 因此,诸天神阵一击斩杀玄灵上人,并没有将这些仙尊吓得退却,反而更进一步的激起了他们内心的疯狂与渴望。 Except for that great formation, on Yang Yutian cannot constitute the thing of threat to us, quickly, before that great formation restores the strength, we must intercept him......” “除了那座大阵,羊羽天身上已经没有能对我们构成威胁的东西,快,在那座大阵恢复力量之前,我们一定要截住他......” Right, we cannot start the opportunity that attacks for the third time to him......” “对,我们不能给他发动第三次攻击的机会......” Quick, in field except for outside Immortal Venerable Realm 2-layer Old Ancestor that wears black clothed, other Immortal Venerable pursue in abundance again. 很快,场中除了一名身穿黑衣仙尊境二重天老祖外,其余所有仙尊纷纷再次追击。 black clothed Immortal Venerable has not departed, but in leading to stone steps under mountain sits cross-legged to sit down, both eyes shine bright, are passing a not mincing matter burning hot and anticipation. 黑衣仙尊并未离去,而是在通往山下的石阶处盘膝坐下,一双目光闪闪发亮,透着一股毫不掩饰的炙热与期待。 After two double-hour, two forms climb following the stone steps rapidly, suddenly then appears in front of night Immortal Venerable. 莫约两个时辰后,两道身影顺着石阶飞速攀登,眨眼间便出现在黑夜仙尊面前。 They wear black clothed similarly, cultivation level respectively is Immortal Monarch Realm 9-layer and Immortal Emperor Realm 3-layer. 他们同样身穿黑衣,修为分别是仙君境九重天仙帝境三重天 See defends soul Old Ancestor!” Their two people expression is respectful, simultaneously is saluting to black clothed Immortal Venerable. “参见守魂老祖!”他们二人神态恭敬,齐齐对着黑衣仙尊行礼。 This black clothed Immortal Venerable, is one of the World of Immortals illustrious top influence ancient Hunshen sect Old Ancestor, the person defends soul Old Ancestor. 这名黑衣仙尊,乃是仙界赫赫有名的顶尖势力古魂神宗的老祖之一,人称守魂老祖 Defends the soul Old Ancestor vision to fall on at present two people, the sound is hoarse: In Skyscraping World presented the huge good fortune, if this good fortune were obtained by our ancient Hunshen sect, that will directly change our ancient Hunshen sect in the World of Immortals destiny, these continuously with our ancient Hunshen sect opposing several big influences , will also be stepped on by us entirely in the under foot.” 守魂老祖目光落在眼前二人身上,声音沙哑:“摩天界内出现了天大造化,此造化若是被我们古魂神宗获得,那将直接改变我们古魂神宗在仙界的命运,就连那些一直与我们古魂神宗作对的几大势力,也将统统被我们踩在脚下。” This good fortune our ancient Hunshen sect exerts its utmost, to capture this good fortune, only by our strengths already by far insufficient, therefore Old Ancestor needs you to offer sacrifices, displays unsurpassed forbidden technique, in the bridge of endless void construction world, the clear muddy Old Ancestor soul in sect will invite.” “此造化我们古魂神宗势在必得,而要想夺得这桩造化,仅凭我们的力量已经远远不够,所以老祖需要你们二人进行献祭,施展无上禁术,在无尽虚空中构建天地之桥,将远在宗门内的清浊老祖之魂请来。” What? Needs please the soul of clear muddy Old Ancestor?” hearing that, holds the post of the two people of duty of elder and Supreme Elder in the ancient soul god sect immediately in great surprise. “什么?需要请清浊老祖之魂?”闻言,在古魂神宗担任长老和太上长老之职的二人顿时大惊。 The ancient soul god sect was World of Immortals inherited the ancient influence of endless years, although once lost unsurpassed magnificent, but in sect had more than one Immortal Venerable as before, but clear muddy Old Ancestor was most Old Ancestor of ancient Hunshen sect, cultivation level has reached to the boundary of Immortal Venerable Realm 7-layer peak! 古魂神宗乃是仙界传承了无尽岁月的古老势力,尽管失去了曾经的无上辉煌,但宗门内依旧拥有不止一位仙尊,而清浊老祖则是古魂神宗的最老祖,修为已经臻至仙尊境七重天巅峰之境! What is the peak, that referred to the current boundary has come to the end, the card in the barrier place to next boundary. 何为巅峰,那是指在当前境界已经走到了尽头,卡在了通往下一个境界的壁垒处。 Clear muddy Old Ancestor, only has the one pace to Immortal Venerable Realm 8-layer. 清浊老祖,离仙尊境八重天也仅有一步之遥。 dengbidmxswqqxswyifan dengbidmxswqqxswyifan shuyueepzwqqwxwxsguan shuyueepzwqqwxwxsguan xs007zhuikereadw23zw xs007zhuikereadw23zw
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