CSG :: Volume #40

#3925: Divine Formation second strikes

This Immortal Emperor does not give Jing Mumu the opportunity that starts talking, as if in his eyes, such as the Jing Mumu so small and weak immortal does not even have the qualifications to talk with him. 这名仙帝根本不给景沐沐开口说话的机会,似乎在他眼中,如景沐沐这般弱小的仙人甚至都没资格与他进行对话。 Facing Immortal Emperor powerhouse, Jing Mumu has not revolted against the ability, even if she is Divine Connection Sword Body and Sword Immortal Body this dual physique, even if she has the powerful inheritance of Nine Extremities Sage, but is unable to make up for her and between Immortal Emperor Realm powerhouse by far that just like the vast gap of natural moat gap. 面对一名仙帝强者,景沐沐没有丝毫反抗能力,纵然她是通神剑体剑仙之体这双重体质,即便是她深具九极圣人的强大传承,但也远远无法弥补她与仙帝境强者之间那宛若天堑鸿沟的巨大差距。 But in the palm of this Immortal Emperor Realm powerhouse will soon touch the Jing Mumu's body, his body is actually suddenly one stiff, all movements all fell into this flash static. 可就在这名仙帝境强者的手掌即将触碰到景沐沐的身躯时,他的身躯却是骤然一僵,所有动作在这一刹那全部陷入了静止。 Sees only in his forehead place, slender like the tiny vine of embroidery needle deep punctured, although the vine is very tiny, but contains one regarding any Immortal Emperor Realm powerhouse, might be considered as the terrifying astonishing strength, in then thoroughly destroyed his Primordial Spirit suddenly. 只见在他的眉心处,一根纤细的如同绣花针的细小藤蔓已经深深的刺了进去,尽管藤蔓很细小,但是却蕴藏着一股对于任何仙帝境强者来说,都堪称是恐怖的惊人力量,在瞬息间便彻底摧毁了他的元神 Another head of tiny vine, is connecting the Jing Mumu's wrist/skill. 细小藤蔓的另一头,连接着景沐沐的手腕。 The winding in acts in Devouring Immortal Monster Flower of Jing Mumu wrist/skill place quietly, effortless then this Immortal Emperor cuts to kill at present. 缠绕在景沐沐手腕处的噬仙妖花在悄然间出手,不费吹灰之力的便将眼前这名仙帝斩杀。 Little Mumu, this person comes to you, his solemn Immortal Emperor unexpectedly from falling the status acts to you, wants to come the goal also only then, that catches you, is easy-to-use you to deal with the master.” Devouring Immortal Monster Flower spreads the thought to fluctuate, although it is unable to start talking, but naturally has its unique way to exchange. 小沐沐,这个人是冲着你来的,他堂堂仙帝竟然自降身份对你出手,想来目的也只有一个了,那就是擒住你,好用你去对付主人。”噬仙妖花传出意念波动,它虽然无法开口说话,但自然有其独特的方式进行交流。 At once Devouring Immortal Monster Flower swallows down that Immortal Emperor corpse. 旋即噬仙妖花一口就将那名仙帝的尸体吞了下去。 Jing Mumu expression is dignified, the worry of whole face, said: Teacher certainly met troublesome, Little He, we must step up to hurry along.” 景沐沐神色凝重,满脸的担心,道:“师尊一定遇到了麻烦,小禾,我们要加紧赶路了。” Little Mumu, too do not worry, the ability of master I understood compared with you, in this Skyscraping World, the immortal who although the boundary is higher than the master has many, but can threaten Huan Zhen (really) of master not to have.” Devouring Immortal Monster Flower comforts Jing Mumu. 小沐沐啊,你也不要太担心,主人的能力我比你更了解,在这摩天界内,虽说境界比主人高的仙人有不少,但能威胁到主人的还真没有。”噬仙妖花安慰景沐沐 Besides this Immortal Emperor, Jing Mumu met several waves to intercept her immortal in the following journey again, Immortal Monarch Realm and Immortal Emperor Realm has, even several Nine Heavens Profound Immortal also participated. 除了这名仙帝之外,景沐沐在接下来的路途中再次遇见了几波拦截她的仙人,仙君境仙帝境都有,甚至还有几名九天玄仙也参与了进来。 The result does not have the exception, all invading enemies wrote off by Devouring Immortal Monster Flower all. 结果毫无例外,所有来犯之敌尽数被噬仙妖花抹杀。 In Skyscraping World, only then Jing Mumu is cultivation level lowest one, others are weakest are Nine Heavens Profound Immortal, therefore absolutely does not have the opportunity that she acts here. 摩天界内,就只有景沐沐修为最低的一个,其他人最弱都是九天玄仙,所以在这里根本就没有她出手的机会。 After two days, under the direction of Devouring Immortal Monster Flower, Jing Mumu mounted the day ladder way to summit region finally. 两日后,在噬仙妖花的指引下,景沐沐终于登上了通往山顶区域的天梯路。 Here spiritual energy is rich, visibility only then 200 li (0.5 km), the strength of Jing Mumu revolution cultivation level, body clever vertical leaps in the stone steps. 这里灵气浓郁,能见度只有两百里,景沐沐运转修为之力,身躯灵巧的在石阶上纵跃。 Stops!” “停!” At this moment, Devouring Immortal Monster Flower stopped by calling out Jing Mumu suddenly, it makes Jing Mumu wait same place, then slid from the Jing Mumu's wrist/skill place all of a sudden, shortly will then vanish in the front. 就在这时,噬仙妖花突然叫住了景沐沐,它让景沐沐在原地等候,然后一下子从景沐沐的手腕处滑了出来,顷刻间便消失在前方。 Quick, Devouring Immortal Monster Flower goes to return, returns the Jing Mumu's wrist/skill place, said: We slow one step, the front road was blocked by many great formation, could not break by my ability, could not pass......” 很快,噬仙妖花去而复返,重新回到景沐沐的手腕处,道:“我们慢了一步,前面的路被许多大阵堵住了,以我的能力都破不开,过不去了......” ...... ...... Master, all disciple cultivation level have restored, All Heavens Divine Formation can use again.” At this moment, flew Jian Chen that escaped to receive the Highest Beginning Item Spirit sound in the summit region finally. “主人,所有弟子修为已经恢复,诸天神阵可以再次动用。”这一刻,在山顶区域飞逃的剑尘终于收到了太初器灵的声音。 This sound regarding Jian Chen just like the sounds of nature, made to reveal the smile on his face being able not help: ” Also waits for anything, making all disciple start the set up formation immediately! ” 这声音对于剑尘来说宛如天籁,令他脸上情不自禁的流露出笑容:”还等什么,让所有弟子立即开始布阵!” The arrangement of All Heavens Divine Formation requires time to prepare, after all is huge formation that the several tens of thousands person participates, very difficult to complete in the flash arrangement. 诸天神阵的布置需要一点时间准备,毕竟是数万人参与的庞大阵法,很难在一瞬间布置完成。 However has Highest Beginning Temple, All Heavens Divine Formation can ahead of time the prepare in Highest Beginning Temple, only needs that moment of starting, letting the Highest Beginning Temple strength everyone home position motionless transmission. 不过有太初神殿,诸天神阵可以提前在太初神殿内布置好,只需等发动的那一刻,让太初神殿的力量将所有人原位不动的传送出来。 At this time, the form of Nine Heavenly Gods Valley heretical ways appeared in the Jian Chen front, he is sitting cross-legged in a blue stone, a staying out stance. 这时,九天神谷左道的身影出现在剑尘前方,他正盘坐在一块青石上,一副置身事外的姿态。 In Jian Chen passed over gently and swiftly from his behind, his lip moves slightly, passes message to Jian Chen: Fellow Daoist Yang Yutian, under the road to mountain had been arranged layer on layer/heavily great formation, is sure to remember carefully......” 就在剑尘从他身后掠过时,他嘴唇微动,向剑尘传音:“羊羽天道友,通往山下的路已经被布置了重重大阵,切记小心......” hearing that, in the Jian Chen eye the fine glow flashes, the direction that at once he goes forward suddenly changes, grabs the Sword Dao seed directly toward leading to that stone steps under mountain hurries. 闻言,剑尘眼中精芒一闪,旋即他前进的方向猛然一变,抓着剑道种子直接朝着通往山下的那道石阶赶去。 Shortly, that long step then appears in the Jian Chen line of sight, it as if connects the bridge of the world, in rich spirit fog partly visible. 不久后,那条长长梯阶便出现在剑尘视线中,它就仿佛是连接天地的桥梁,在浓郁的灵雾中若隐若现。 Jian Chen in away the Lishi exponent number from stopping, flashing eyes is looking at the front, in void that in that seemingly is empty, he felt keenly has the intermittent pressure on fill the air vaguely. 剑尘在距离石阶数里距离停了下来,目光炯炯的望着前方,在那看似空无一物的虚空中,他敏锐的感觉到有阵阵威压隐晦弥漫。 It seems like they want to stop up me in the summit region, does not make me go to the following region.” Jian Chen talked to oneself, aura that the Sword Dao seed in his hand filled by slow speed weakened, this change was also naturally being felt by other Immortal Venerable. “看来他们是想把我堵在山顶区域啊,不让我前往下面区域。”剑尘自语道,他手中的剑道种子弥漫出的气息正以缓慢的速度减弱,这一变化自然也被其他仙尊感受到了。 Was a pity, their arrangement wastes the time eventually, instead will lose the precious set up formation material in vain.” The Jian Chen corners of the mouth appear to wipe to sneer, All Heavens Divine Formation is mature day after day, this has become him to rise to challenges in a big way takes advantage. “只是可惜,他们的这一安排终究是白费功夫,反而会白白损失珍贵的布阵材料。”剑尘嘴角浮现出一抹冷笑,诸天神阵已经日渐成熟,这已经成了他一路披荆斩棘的最大依仗。 Besides Dual Sword Combination, All Heavens Divine Formation is the strongest attack method that he has, can compare favorably with Immortal Venerable Realm late-stage! 除了双剑合璧外,诸天神阵已经是他掌握的最强攻击手段,能够媲美仙尊境后期 Teacher —— at this moment, a summon transmits. “师尊——”就在这时,一声呼唤传来。 The Jian Chen vision concentrates, looks suddenly to the stone steps, sees only in about 200 li (0.5 km), the form places oneself in the thick spirit fog together, is away from formation to face one another with him. 剑尘目光一凝,骤然望向石阶下方,只见在约两百里开外,一道身影置身于浓浓的灵雾中,隔着阵法与他相望。 Jing Mumu! 正是景沐沐 Saw that say/way familiar form, in Jian Chen that indifferent look to present a gentleness finally, doped in also somewhat spoiled. 看见那道久违的熟悉身影,剑尘那冷漠的眼神中终于出现了一丝柔和,掺杂在其中的还有几分溺爱。 Because that is his disciple, since his Cultivation until now, first disciple that receives, is only disciple! 因为那是他的弟子,是他修行至今以来,所收的第一个弟子,也是唯一的一名弟子 disciple, you draw back the distant point, far away from here!” Jian Chen said with a smile. “徒儿,你退远点,远离这里!”剑尘笑着说道。 Saw Jian Chen, on the Jing Mumu's face to be full of the pleasant surprise, she opens mouth, when wants to continue anything, but Devouring Immortal Monster Flower actually knows that Jian Chen must make anything to resemble to result, rashly brought Jing Mumu to draw back rapidly, draws back distant. 看见剑尘,景沐沐的脸上充满了惊喜,她张了张嘴,还想继续说什么时,而噬仙妖花却知道剑尘要做什么似得,不由分说的就带着景沐沐飞速远退,退的远远的。 Yang Yutian, under the road to mountain had been blocked by us, how long we must have a look at you also to be able but actually to escape......” 羊羽天,通往山下的路已经被我们封死了,我们倒要看看你还能逃多久......” Yang Yutian, don't waste your energy, is without a fight......” 羊羽天,不要白费力气了,束手就擒吧......” That terrifying great formation that you grasp was unable to make second to strike, Yang Yutian, the little darling offers all, like this you can also have life force / vitality......” “你掌握的那恐怖大阵已经无法打出第二击,羊羽天,乖乖献出身上的一切,这样你还能有一线生机......” Quick, dozens Immortal Venerable surrounded in abundance, vision burning hots, greedy incomparable. 很快,数十名仙尊纷纷围堵了上来,一个个目光炙热,贪婪无比。 The huge seduction of Supreme Divine Item, has made many of them almost lose the reason, even if sacrifices the life also to compete. 至尊神器的巨大诱惑,已经让他们许多人几乎丧失理智,纵然是豁出性命也要去争夺。 Because this is one can make Immortal Venerable Realm Old Ancestor heaven defying change the life the huge chance. 因为这是一个能让仙尊境老祖逆天改命的天大机缘。 The Jian Chen vision falls on that powerhouse that in first arrives, said: Profound Spirit Monarch, outside Skyscraping World, you injured with Immortal Venerable Tan Yu that I travel together. After entering Skyscraping World, you hide malicious intent under a fair countenance, in view of me, catches my disciple to threaten my words also to flow out from your mouth repeatedly.” 剑尘目光落在最先抵达的那名强者身上,道:“玄灵上人,在摩天界外,你伤了与我同行的谭宇仙尊。进入摩天界后,你更是包藏祸心,多次针对我,就连擒住我那徒儿来威胁我的话语也是从你口中流出。” Since you cannot pass with me everywhere, that this time, I how, regardless of must kill you.” “既然你处处与我过不去,那这一次,我无论如何也要杀了你。” „Do you want to kill the old man? Ha Ha Ha Ha, Huan Zhen (really) is boast shamelessly, Yang Yutian, the old man, but Immortal Venerable Realm 4-layer, only if you display that great formation again, otherwise do you kill the old man with what?” Profound Spirit Monarch Ha Ha laughs, vision burning hot is staring at Jian Chen, said: Old man Huan Zhen (really) does not believe that great formation in such a short time has the ability that displays second to strike.” “你想杀老夫?哈哈哈哈,还真大言不惭,羊羽天,老夫可是仙尊境四重天,除非你再次施展那种大阵,否则你拿什么来杀老夫?”玄灵上人哈哈大笑,目光炙热的盯着剑尘,道:“不过老夫还真不相信,那种大阵在这么短的时间内就拥有发挥出第二击的能力。” Be that as it may, but the Profound Spirit Monarch eyeground deep place has to be vigilant that as before the color flashes before, completes the thought of momentarily drawing back, although a his heart piece is fiery and crazy, but not true losing reason. 话虽如此,但玄灵上人的眼底深处依旧有警惕之色闪现,做好了随时远退的念头,尽管他内心一片火热与疯狂,但并未真正的失去理智。 Jian Chen eye pupil ice-cold, has ordered to Highest Beginning Item Spirit in secret! 剑尘眼眸冰冷,暗中已经对太初器灵下令! The next flash, the Highest Beginning Temple strength appears, already all disciple home position motionless transmissions of being ahead of time prepare All Heavens Divine Formation. 下一瞬间,太初神殿的力量出现,将已经提前布置好诸天神阵的所有弟子原位不动的传送出来。 Immediately, in the Jian Chen above top of the head void, the dreadful prestige fills the air loudly, All Heavens Divine Formation that several tens of thousands disciple composes blooms dazzling rays of light, filling the air that destructive aura blots out the sky, was scared instantaneously one crowd of Immortal Venerable. 顿时,在剑尘上方的头顶虚空中,滔天之威轰然弥漫,数万弟子组成的诸天神阵绽放出耀眼光芒,毁灭性气息铺天盖地的弥漫而出,瞬间就吓傻了一群仙尊 However does not wait for them to respond, the All Heavens Divine Formation startled day strikes has started, sees only the radiant light beam to bring destructive aura together, falls just like the Heavenly Dao trial generally loudly, the goal points to Profound Spirit Monarch. 不过不等他们有所反应,诸天神阵的惊天一击已经发动,只见一道璀璨的光柱带着毁灭性气息,宛若天道审判一般轰然落下,目标直指玄灵上人 dengbidmxswqqxswyifan dengbidmxswqqxswyifan shuyueepzwqqwxwxsguan shuyueepzwqqwxwxsguan xs007zhuikereadw23zw xs007zhuikereadw23zw
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