CSG :: Volume #34

#3342: Fleeing to the wilderness

Bloody Killer Ruler aura, instantaneously becomes extremely weak. 血杀主宰气息,瞬间变得极其虚弱。 Opposite, Heavens Fighting Ruler and Blue Sky Ruler are startled, reveal inconceivable and astonished color. 对面,斗天主宰碧落主宰一怔,露出不可思议和惊愕之色。 What ability this is, can make God level battle skill that the blood kills unable to display unexpectedly?” “这这是什么能力,竟然能让血杀的神级战技施展不出?” Depending on our God level battle skill, is only impossible to make Bloody Killer Ruler receive such heavy injury. Just when as if in our God level battle skill will soon hit Bloody Killer Ruler, he does not know why was seriously battered suddenly “仅凭我们二人的神级战技,绝不可能让血杀主宰受这么重的伤势。刚刚似乎在我们的神级战技即将打中血杀主宰时,他就不知为何突然遭受重创” Looks to fly upside down by far, the body aura dispirited, even the fire of life becomes empty pale Bloody Killer Ruler, Blue Sky Ruler and Heavens Fighting Ruler they are not quiet. 望着已经远远倒飞出去,身上气息萎靡,连生命之火都变得虚淡的血杀主宰,碧落主宰斗天主宰二人内心并不平静。 Their subconscious turning the head looked at Jian Chen, at this moment, Jian Chen in their eyes was more and more mysterious. 他们下意识的转头看了眼剑尘,此时此刻,剑尘在他们二人眼中是越来越神秘了。 This Jian Chen fellow daoist, method Huan Zhen (really) is emerges one after another incessantly, he obtained in my clan history, the inheritance of some great person?” In the Heavens Fighting Ruler heart secretly thought, this moment he, multiplied thick dreading in the heart to Jian Chen. “这位剑尘道友,手段还真是层出不穷啊,难道他是获得了我族历史上,某位大人物的传承吗?”斗天主宰心中暗道,这一刻的他,在心中也对剑尘滋生出了浓浓的忌惮。 Another side, the Jian Chen vision glances Blue Sky Ruler and Heavens Fighting Ruler, shouted lowly ; Is gawking doing, to cut the blood to kill thoroughly, that hurries to act. Although this striking makes him experience personally the heavy losses, but his eight First Ancestor Mark, such injury is also not enough to want his life, if continues to give him the time, how long that could not want, he will restore the peak again.” 另一边,剑尘目光一瞥碧落主宰斗天主宰,低喝道;“愣着干什么,要想彻底斩掉血杀,那就赶紧出手。虽然这一击让他身受重创,但他有八道始祖印记,这样的伤势还不足以要他性命,如果继续给他时间,那要不了多久,他就会再次恢复巅峰时期。” Right, the blood cannot kill, we will not feel better from now on, cannot absolutely to the time that he pants for breath.” “对,血杀不死,我们今后都不会好过,绝对不能给他喘息的时间。” Heavens Fighting Ruler and Blue Sky Ruler awaken suddenly, two people no longer hesitate, simultaneously charges into Bloody Killer Ruler, the vision is cold, killing intent is dreadful. 斗天主宰碧落主宰猛然惊醒,二人不再迟疑,同时冲向血杀主宰,目光冷冽,杀意滔天。 However Jian Chen speed is quicker than them, he just like flickers to move general, spanned the distance between both to appear in front of Bloody Killer Ruler instantaneously, the palm pressed void. 不过剑尘速度比他们更快,他就犹如瞬移一般,瞬间跨越了两者间的距离出现在血杀主宰面前,手掌虚空一按。 Immediately, the Bloody Killer Ruler body surrounding space collapse, the innumerable space sharp blade flood to be one of them, sharp incomparable, is powerful, overlapping covers Bloody Killer Ruler. 顿时,血杀主宰身体周围的空间塌陷,无数空间利刃充斥在其中,锋利无比,威力巨大,层层叠叠的将血杀主宰笼罩。 This time, Bloody Killer Ruler Heaven Escape Divine Armor played the role, Heaven Escape Divine Armor resisted cutting of space sharp blade with its firm material quality, avoided him by the risk that the space sharp blade tore to shreds. 这种时刻,血杀主宰身上的遁天神甲发挥了作用,遁天神甲凭着其坚固的材质抵挡了空间利刃的切割,避免了他被空间利刃碎尸万段的风险。 But does not have energy injection Heaven Escape Divine Armor also only to achieve this degree, when these space sharp blade and Heaven Escape Divine Armor touch, contains the powerful blow strength on space sharp blade, then penetrates Heaven Escape Divine Armor directly, changed to an enormous force to transmit on Bloody Killer Ruler flesh body. 但没有能量注入的遁天神甲也只能做到这种程度,当这些空间利刃与遁天神甲触碰时,蕴含在空间利刃上的强大冲击力,则是直接透过遁天神甲,化作了一股巨大力量传递到血杀主宰肉身上。 Immediately, Bloody Killer Ruler is seriously battered again, in the mouth the blood spits to keep. 顿时,血杀主宰再次遭受重创,口中鲜血吐个不停。 Heavens Fighting Ruler and Blue Sky Ruler also caught up, Divine Sword in hand erupts the dreadful energy, cutting of being relentless on the body of Bloody Killer Ruler. 紧接着,斗天主宰碧落主宰也先后赶来,手中的神剑爆发滔天能量,毫不留情的斩在血杀主宰的身上。 Bang!” “砰!” In the world spreads one crack, Bloody Killer Ruler was similar to shell hit flying upside down, in the mouth the red blood froth spat to keep. 天地间传出一声炸响,血杀主宰就如同炮弹似地被打的倒飞了出去,口中红色血沫吐个不停。 This blowout is not the blood, but changes to the powder dust five main internal organs. 这喷出的已经不是血液了,而是化作碎末的五脏六腑 In his top of the head, eight First Ancestor Mark send out rays of light, powerful life aura fill the air, is moistening the Bloody Killer Ruler injury, making his although injury very heavy, but can actually always save the life. 在他头顶,八道始祖印记散发光芒,一道道强大的生命气息弥漫,滋润着血杀主宰的伤势,使得他尽管伤势很重,但是却能始终保住性命。 The person's shadow flashes, Jian Chen appears in front of Bloody Killer Ruler again, look ice-cold, floods not mincing matter killing intent, in the palms brings powerful strength racket ruthlessly in the Bloody Killer Ruler top of the head. 人影一闪,剑尘再次出现在血杀主宰面前,眼神冰冷,充斥着毫不掩饰的杀意,手掌间带着强大的力量狠狠的拍在血杀主宰的头顶。 His palm and Heaven Escape Divine Armor war helmet touches, immediately spreads a hard sense of reality, the palm of Jian Chen made cannot bear trembled. 他的手掌与遁天神甲的战盔相触,顿时传出一股坚硬的质感,令的剑尘的手掌都是忍不住的一颤。 However, contains in he holds the great power, then penetrated Heaven Escape Divine Armor directly, hits on the head of Bloody Killer Ruler. 不过,蕴藏在他掌间的强大力量,则是直接穿透了遁天神甲,打在血杀主宰的脑袋上。 ah! Bloody Killer Ruler sends out the pitiful yell, his hidden the head in Heaven Escape Divine Armor, covered entirely the fissure instantaneously, during the powerful strength shakes, is enables his eyes unable to withstand this to rupture fearfully vigorously. 啊!血杀主宰发出惨叫,他那隐藏在遁天神甲内的脑袋,瞬间布满了裂痕,强大的力量震荡间,更是使得他的双眼承受不住这股可怕大力而爆裂。 Immediately, his both eyes changed to two giant red holes, the torrential blood keeps doing, Primordial Spirit received the sharp shake. 顿时,他的双目化作了两个巨大的红色窟窿,滔滔鲜血流个不停,就连元神都受到了剧烈震荡。 This strikes, is not the Primordial Spirit attack, therefore Bloody Killer Ruler First Ancestor Mark, cannot protect his Primordial Spirit. 这一击,不是元神攻击,因此血杀主宰始祖印记,并不能护住他的元神 Blue Sky Ruler and Heavens Fighting Ruler form appears, acts, two middle-grade Divine Sword have the tearing void strength to cut on Bloody Killer Ruler. 碧落主宰斗天主宰的身影出现,同时出手,两柄中品神剑带着撕裂虚空的力量斩在血杀主宰身上。 Bloody Killer Ruler lets slip for a while, making in the field the war reverse instantaneously, transfers the disadvantage instantaneously, was being pressed hitting by the Jian Chen three people. 血杀主宰一时失手,使得场中战局瞬间扭转,瞬间转为劣势,被剑尘三人压着打。 But under Bloody Killer Ruler is damaged one after another, the injury is getting more and more serious, now he has been hard to unite the strength to resist, is almost can only come under attack passively, is difficult the resistance. 血杀主宰在接连受创之下,伤势越来越严重,如今他已经难以凝聚力量进行抵抗,几乎是只能被动挨打,难有招架之力。 Then, Blue Sky Ruler, Heavens Fighting Ruler and Jian Chen three people attack Bloody Killer Ruler one after another, each one has not retained, all acts full power, infiltrates the bottom from the space Bloody Killer Ruler, infiltrates the space from the place bottom. 接下来,碧落主宰,斗天主宰剑尘三人接连攻击血杀主宰,各自都没有保留,皆是全力出手,将血杀主宰从天上打入地底,又从地底打入天上。 If not eight First Ancestor Mark, after so caused heavy losses, feared that insists radically less than now. 若非是有八道始祖印记,遭受如此重创之后,怕是根本就坚持不到现在。 Four big Great Primal Realm powerhouse, in the earth-shattering that Peaceful Territory hits, sun and moon does not have the light, void by destruction repeatedly, vibrated entire Wood Spirit World. 四大混元境强者,在和平域打的天崩地裂,日月无光,虚空都被毁灭了一遍又一遍,震动了整个木灵界 Jian Chen, when this King return, will certainly you frustrate the bone to raise the ash!”, Bloody Killer Ruler makes together the sad and shrill sound suddenly, was full of the endless hatred and dreadful resentment. 剑尘,待本座归来时,必将你挫骨扬灰!”陡然间,血杀主宰发出一道凄厉的声音,充满了无尽的恨意和滔天的怨气。 The next quarter, his flesh body starts to burn, has taken damages displays secret skill for the price, the body changes to blood red rays of light to pierce together void, vanishes instantaneously does not see. 下一刻,他的肉身开始燃烧,已经以自损为代价施展秘法,身躯化作一道血红色光芒洞穿虚空,瞬间消失不见。 The Jian Chen thought moves, the trim starts to twist void fiercely, conducts by Space Principle disturbs forcefully, but does not have under the stop Bloody Killer Ruler. 剑尘意念一动,整片虚空开始剧烈扭曲,以空间法则进行强行干扰,不过却没有阻拦下血杀主宰 Has not hesitated, his form is also following close on disappearance, controls space to transfer, pursued in the direction that Bloody Killer Ruler escapes. 没有丝毫迟疑,他的身影也是紧跟着消失,掌控空间进行挪移,朝着血杀主宰逃跑的方向追了过去。 Then, Bloody Killer Ruler takes damages uses the escape secret technique for the price, in front crazy running away, but rear area, Jian Chen controls Space Principle, is in hot pursuit to Bloody Killer Ruler. 就这样,血杀主宰以自损为代价施展逃命秘术,在前方疯狂的逃窜,而后方,剑尘则是操控空间法则,对血杀主宰紧追不舍。 Bloody Killer Ruler has not run away to Scarlet Blood World, the strength of his life is burning crazily, thus obtained far exceeded his boundary peak speed, quick appeared sky over endless Sea Region. 血杀主宰没有逃向赤血界,他的生命之力在疯狂燃烧,从而获得了远超他本身境界的极致速度,很快就出现在无尽海域上空。 space twists slightly, the Jian Chen form suddenly appears, appears by the posture of sitting cross-legged in the world. 紧接着,空间微微扭曲,剑尘的身影突然出现,以盘坐的姿势浮现在天地间。 Bloody Killer Ruler speed was too quick, only has him to be able by Space Principle to follow reluctantly, as for Blue Sky Ruler and Heavens Fighting Ruler, had been flung in the rear. 血杀主宰速度太快了,也唯有他以空间法则能勉强跟上,至于碧落主宰斗天主宰,早就被甩在大后方。 Damn Space Principle, unexpectedly this cannot throw off.” Bloody Killer Ruler that front, is running away crazily is also detected that rear Jian Chen, hates to clench jaws immediately. “该死的空间法则,竟然这样都甩不掉。”前方,在疯狂逃窜的血杀主宰也是察觉到后方的剑尘,顿时恨得咬牙切齿。 The next quarter, his vigor also starts to burn, changed to a rushing strength to pour into Heaven Escape Divine Armor all. 下一刻,他的精气神也开始燃烧起来,化作了一股澎湃的力量尽数注入遁天神甲中。 Heaven Escape Divine Armor after obtaining the stimulation of movement of this energy, the high-grade Divine Item special capability finally starts to display, it packages without a trace that Bloody Killer Ruler is vanishing instantaneously. 遁天神甲在得到了这股能量的催动之后,上品神器的特殊能力终于开始发挥,它包裹着血杀主宰瞬间消失的无影无踪。 As if escapes outside the world, not only thorough hidden went to the trail, cleanness that aura also vanishes. 就仿佛遁出天地外,不仅彻底隐去了踪迹,就连气息也消失的干干净净。 After two breath, Jian Chen arrives at the position that Bloody Killer Ruler vanished, is looking at this completely empty void, immediately cold snort, the palm separates whips spatially void, in an instant makes surrounding area hundred thousand li (50,000 km) change to a darkness void. 两个呼吸后,剑尘来到了血杀主宰消失的位置,望着这空空如也的虚空,当即一声冷哼,手掌隔空拍打虚空,刹那间让方圆十万里虚空化作一片黑暗。 This is a fearful scene, sky over the boundless sea, the previous quarter returns bright sun, however, all rays of light vanish suddenly, the trim world black is pitch-dark. 这是一副可怕的场面,茫茫大海上空,前一刻还艳阳高照,然而陡然间,所有光芒消失,整片天地都黑色伸手不见五指。 Situated below sea, some numerous strength sea beasts found out the head immediately, middle even also has the influence on reach to Saint Beast of Everlasting Realm level. 位于下方的大海中,立即有众多实力不等的海兽探出了脑袋,当中甚至还有势力臻至无极境层次的圣兽 All sea beast vision simultaneously stare at Cang Qiong (vault of heaven), only sees in this boundless dark sky, only then wears the form sitting cross-legged world of white long gown together, the body sends out one to make their fearful and apprehensive fearful aura. 所有海兽目光齐齐凝望苍穹,只看到在这无边黑暗的天空中,只有一道身穿白色长袍的身影盘坐天地,身上散发出一股令它们心惊胆战的可怕气息 In all sea beast eyes, this person's shadow becomes only between world, as if represented the only brilliance in world. 在所有海兽眼中,这道人影成为了天地间的唯一,仿佛代表了世间的唯一光彩。 How long this crushed void has not continued, each world has the ability of self- restore. Passed merely several time of breath, this piece void then thoroughly restores such as beginning. 这片被粉碎的虚空并未持续多久,每个世界都有自我修复的能力。仅仅过去了数个呼吸的时间,这片虚空便彻底恢复如初。 However Jian Chen has actually vanished does not see, he is centered on this place, starts to nearby launched rug to destroy void, wants to force from the concealment condition Bloody Killer Ruler. 然而剑尘却已经消失不见,他以此地为中心,开始对附近的虚空展开了地毯式破坏,想要将血杀主宰从隐匿状态下逼迫出来。 His speed is quite rapid, in short several time of breath, then destroyed a surrounding area 1 million li (0.5 km) world all, however has not sought the Bloody Killer Ruler form. 他的速度极为迅速,在短短几个呼吸的时间内,便将方圆百万里天地尽数破坏了一遍,然而并未寻到血杀主宰的身影。 Sees this, Jian Chen stopped the destruction, he sits cross-legged void, some complexion gloomy, knew in the heart that Bloody Killer Ruler has run away far. 见此,剑尘停止了破坏,他盘坐虚空,脸色有些阴沉,心知血杀主宰已经逃远了。 Also passed several time of breath, Blue Sky Ruler and Heavens Fighting Ruler the long in coming, is looking at all around the empty world, complexion instantaneous is ugly. 又过了十几个呼吸的时间,碧落主宰斗天主宰才姗姗来迟,望着四周空荡荡的天地,脸色瞬间难看起来。 Made him give to escape unexpectedly. Wood Spirit World is so big, if Bloody Killer Ruler cannot hide constantly, is adding on him to have the help of that Divine Armor, if we want to seek him, may really look for a needle in a haystack general difficult.” Heavens Fighting Ruler sinking sound said. “竟然让他给逃了。木灵界这么大,如果血杀主宰一昧隐藏不出,在加上他有那件神甲的帮助,那我们要想寻到他,可真是大海捞针一般艰难。”斗天主宰沉声道。
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