CSG :: Volume #27

#2625: Winding peaks and paths

Among Gongsun Zhi expression is bringing a confusedness, he is looking in the starry sky pouring, but below torrential downpour, reveals the surprised uncertain color, suddenly, could not attend to Hun Zang one side unexpectedly. 公孙志神色间带着一丝迷茫,他望着在星空中倾盆而下的瓢泼大雨,露出惊疑不定之色,一时间,竟也顾不得一边的魂葬了。 Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun two people is expression is very dignified, he had realized, worry in own two people heart occurred finally, this time extinguishes Martial Soul Branch, had some them eventually not the accident that is willing to see. 许志平沙云两人则是神色无比凝重,他已经意识到,自己两人心中的担忧终于还是发生了,此番灭武魂一脉,终究还是发生了一些他们不愿看到的变故。 Because of by their two people cultivation level and boundary, where has not understood that this sudden rain, is a mysterious powerhouse method, they to the present, did not have top powerhouse of slight sensation. 因为以他们两人修为和境界,哪里还不明白这突然出现的雨,是一位神秘强者的手段,一位他们到现在,都还没有丝毫感知的绝顶强者 Formidable Spiritual Consciousness blots out the sky erupts from Sha Yun and Xu Zhiping, just like great antiquity ominous beast results, fierce toward spreads to go in all directions, wants to discover which to hide in mysterious powerhouse in secret. 紧接着,一股强大的神识铺天盖地的从沙云许志平身上爆发而出,就犹如一只只洪荒猛兽似得,凶猛的朝着四面八方扩散而去,想要找出哪位隐藏在暗中的神秘强者 However quick, Sha Yun and Xu Zhiping are complexion big change, expression instantaneously becomes the unprecedented dignity. 然而很快,沙云许志平就是脸色大变,神色瞬间变得前所未有的凝重。 Because their Spiritual Consciousness, received mysterious and formidable strength unexpectedly prevents, bountiful at their Spiritual Consciousness intensities, is unable to break through. 因为他们二人的神识,竟然都受到了一股神秘而强大的力量阻挡,饶是以他们的神识强度,都无法突破出去。 „It is not good, we were surrounded.” Xu Zhiping shouted in a low voice, complexion becomes very ugly, his gloomy is looking at all around world, sees only his vision institute and place, the star light completely vanished, thick dark cloud formed a giant prison to siege them in inside. “不好,我们被困住了。”许志平一声低喝,脸色变得非常难看,他阴沉的望着四周的天地,只见他目光所及之处,星光已经完全消失,一层厚厚的乌云形成了一个巨大的囚牢将他们围困在里面。 But prevents their Spiritual Consciousness, is this dark clouds. 而阻挡他们的神识,便是这一片乌云。 However Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun actually naively do not think that this is really one piece dark cloud, because in this thick dark cloud, hides one to make their two people feel the fearful and apprehensive fearful fluctuation of energy. 不过许志平沙云却不会天真的认为这真的是一片“乌云”,因为在这厚厚的乌云中,潜藏着一股令他们两人都感到心惊胆战的可怕能量波动。 This is formation, we were stranded in formation.” Sha Yun complexion gloomy, he is on Desolate Province top sect Divine Blade Sect Old Ancestor, on Desolate Province is reputation illustrious top powerhouse, now unexpectedly not making a sound was stranded in formation, this makes him angry. “这是一座阵法,我们被困在一座阵法中了。”沙云脸色阴沉,他可是荒州上顶尖宗派神刀宗老祖,在荒州上都是声名赫赫的绝顶强者,如今竟然不声不响的就被困在一座阵法中,这让他恼怒无比。 First leave alone other, immediately began to extinguish Martial Soul Branch.” Xu Zhiping shouted in a low voice, he has had the dead enmity with Martial Soul Branch now, Martial Soul Branch did not extinguish, he will fear from now on must sleep on pins and needles. “先别管其他,立即动手灭了武魂一脉。”许志平一声低喝,如今他已经与武魂一脉结下了死仇,武魂一脉不灭,他今后怕是都要寝食难安。 Although his all alone does not fear the retaliation of Martial Soul Branch, but his Xu Zhiping big enterprise has lots of assets, the family may unable to withstand the blood greasy retaliation of Martial Soul Branch. 虽然他孤身一人并不怕武魂一脉的报复,可他许志平家大业大,家族可承受不起武魂一脉的血腻报复。 Sha Yun also realizes stern of matter, although he does not know that this mysterious powerhouse arranges formation to surround them suddenly, actually to have any motive, but the most important matter, completely solves the Martial Soul Branch hidden danger at present obviously. 沙云也意识到事情的严峻性,虽然他不知道这神秘强者突然布置阵法将他们困住,究竟是有什么动机,但眼下最重要的事,显然还是彻底解决武魂一脉的隐患。 Thinks of here, Sha Yun no longer hesitates, in the hand the long blade shakes, curls up to inundate the Heavenly Blade air/Qi direct blade to divide. 想到这里,沙云不再迟疑,手中长刀一震,卷起漫天刀气直接一刀劈出。 This blade, he at will chops, but that swift and fierce and overbearing blade aura is actually divided into eight, rushes to the Martial Soul Branch eight big successors respectively. 这一刀,他只是随意的劈出,可那凌厉而霸道的刀气却是一分为八,分别奔向武魂一脉的八大传人。 Sha Yun makes a move, although attack intensity, but also Slaughter God Sword in far inferior Gongsun Zhi hand, Sha Yun these eight blade aura, as if had intelligence as to result, each blade aura closely has locked aura of goal, making the opposite party run away not to be possible radically to run away, evades not to be possible to evade, like Gongsun Zhi like that could not catch including the form of match. 沙云出手,尽管伦攻击强度,还远不及公孙志手中的屠神之剑,不过沙云的这八道刀气,就仿佛都具备了灵性似得,每一道刀气都紧紧的锁定了一个目标的气息,让对方根本就逃无可逃,避无可避,不像公孙志那般,连对手的身影都捕捉不到。 Xu Zhiping closely is also staring at Sha Yun these eight blade aura, he must restraint live in Mountain Soul fully, in order to avoid Martial Soul Branch several people control Mountain Soul to run away, therefore is unable to make a move, this time and confrontation of Martial Soul Branch, success or failure hinges on this one action. 许志平也紧紧盯着沙云的这八道刀气,他要全力束缚山魂,以免武魂一脉几人驾驭山魂逃走,因此根本就无法出手,此番与武魂一脉的交锋,成败在此一举。 Hope arranges this great formation that mysterious powerhouse, has not been connected with Martial Soul Branch, otherwise.......” In the Xu Zhiping heart thinks secretly, looks swift and fierce blade aura that is approaching unceasingly, his heart mentioned that the throat came up. “希望布置这大阵的那神秘强者,与武魂一脉没有丝毫关联,不然的话……。”许志平心中暗暗想到,望着那不断逼近的凌厉刀气,他的心都提到嗓子上来了。 crack! 咔嚓 Suddenly, together the startled day thunderclap in the starry sky crack, the entire world is suddenly one bright. 突然间,一道惊天霹雳在星空中炸响,整个天地都是骤然一亮。 Sees only in that thick dark cloud, giant lightning that first even/including flees, just like dancing in the air light dragon results, brings to make radiant rays of light that the world is overshadowed but loudly, by quick speed beyond description strikes on that eight blade aura that instantaneously, in Sha Yun has divided, exudes the sound of intermittent depressed explosion. 只见在那厚厚的乌云中,一连窜的巨大闪电,就犹如一条条飞舞的光龙似得,带着令天地都黯然失色的璀璨光芒轰然而至,以快的令人难以形容的速度瞬间击在了沙云劈出的那八道刀气上,发出阵阵沉闷的爆炸之声。 That eight might astonishing blade aura that Sha Yun chops, is torn to pieces in front of these lightnings immediately, dissipates in the world , when blade aura dissipation that rushing energy of changing, was given the cleanness of absorption by this side great formation. 沙云劈出的那八道威力惊人的刀气,在这些闪电面前顿时支离破碎,消散在天地间,并且,刀气消散时所化作的那澎湃能量,更是被这方大阵给吸收的干干净净。 Has witnessed this Xu Zhiping, in the heart immediately thump, expression becomes incomparably ugly. 亲眼目睹了这一幕的许志平,心中顿时“咯噔”一下,神色变得无比难看。 The matter that he most is worried about occurred, mysterious powerhouse that this makes a move in secret, as if really for Martial Soul Branch. 他最担心的事情还是发生了,这暗中出手的神秘强者,似乎真的是为武魂一脉而来。 At the same time, on Mountain Soul, is preparing to display last move of Chu Jian several people of running away, at this moment is also looks up void, all person expression are dignified, mixes in, but also somewhat the color of doubt. 同一时间,山魂上,正做好准备施展最后一招逃走的楚剑几人,此刻也是抬着头望着虚空,所有人神色凝重,夹杂在其中的,还有几分狐疑之色。 This...... This is not...... ” at the same time, is preparing to let Dual Sword Combination Jian Chen, was the compulsory termination the Dual Swords fusion, his item was staring this pouring, but below heavy rain, as well as distant place that billowing dark cloud, was surprised very and amazed. ”这……这不是……”同一时间,正准备让双剑合璧剑尘,也是强制性的终止了双剑融合,他目露奇芒的盯着这倾盆而下的大雨,以及远方那滚滚乌云,感到非常的意外和惊诧。 He has recognized this great formation, knows that who this great formation is arranges. 他已经认出了这座大阵,更是知道这座大阵是谁布置下来的。 Does not know that actually your excellency is, but dares to come sees!” Xu Zhiping shouted in a low voice. “不知阁下究竟是谁,可敢现身一见!”许志平低声喝道。 In everywhere heavy rain, presented a fuzzy person's shadow suddenly, his whole body is filling the strength of clouds and rain, cannot see clearly the face, can only see together very fuzzy form, even is unable to distinguish the opposite party through this form is male is the female. 漫天大雨之中,忽然间出现了一道模糊的人影,他周身弥漫着云雨之力,根本就看不清面庞,只能看见一道十分模糊的身影,甚至都无法通过这道身影分辨出对方是男是女。 His such suspended in everywhere heavy rain, resembles and rainwater blends in the same place, as if fuses with this piece of space, cannot realize his slight aura. 他就这么悬浮在漫天大雨之中,似与雨水交融在一起,又似乎与这片空间融合,察觉不到他的丝毫气息 Xu Zhiping and Sha Yun vision concentrates, simultaneously focuses in this fuzzy form, expression even more dignified. 许志平沙云目光一凝,齐齐聚焦在这道模糊的身影上,神色愈发的凝重。 As Highest Beginning Realm powerhouse, their feeling are clearer, direct-viewing, from this fuzzy form, their two people feels an opposite party seems became the misconception of this side world control, invisible, can affect the rule and order of this side world. 身为太始境强者,他们的感受更为清晰,更加的直观,从这道模糊的身影上,他们两人都感受到一股对方好似成为了这方天地主宰的错觉,无形之间,都能够影响到这方天地的规则与秩序。 Suddenly, in the Xu Zhiping heart moves, sinking sound said: I know that who you were, you were Le Province Overturning Clouds Dynasty Rain Monarch.” 忽然间,许志平心中一动,沉声道:“我知道你是谁了,你是乐州翻云皇朝雨上人。” What? Is she unexpectedly Le Province Rain Monarch?” hearing that, Sha Yun reveals surprised color. “什么?她竟然是乐州雨上人?”闻言,沙云露出惊讶之色。 Regarding the Rain Monarch hearsay, he has heard much, Rain Monarch in the Le Province status, is just like Desolate Province Through Heavens Sword Saint to be ordinary, is formidable to unparalleled powerhouse of unmanned energy enemy, very aloof, by a person of strength, then can press entire Big Province all top Great Expert not to gasp for breath merely. 对于雨上人的传闻,他可是听说过不少,雨上人乐州的地位,就好比荒州通天剑圣一般,都是强大到无人能敌的盖世强者,十分的超然,仅仅是以一人之力,便能压得整个大洲所有顶尖大能喘不过气来。 Even is, some people Le Province Rain Monarch, are placed with their Desolate Province Through Heavens Sword Saint in the same level level regard. 甚至是,都有人将乐州雨上人,与他们荒州通天剑圣摆在同等层次来看待。 Knew at present after this person is Rain Monarch, Sha Yun or Xu Zhiping, are hold breath cold air that cannot bear, becomes incomparable prudent. 得知眼前这人是雨上人之后,无论是沙云还是许志平,都是忍不住的倒吸一口凉气,变得无比的慎重。 this King does not want to bully you, you walk!” Rain Monarch spoke, is passing a high-rank stance, the tone is unquestionable, as if had not placed in Xu Zhiping and the others the eye. 本座也不想欺负你们,你们走吧!”雨上人说话了,透着一股上位者姿态,语气不容置疑,似乎根本就没有将许志平等人放在眼中。 Rain Monarch, is your this must shelter Martial Soul Branch?” Xu Zhiping not willing asking, if lets off Martial Soul Branch, that is equal to them Xu Family, provokes the inexhaustible trouble. 雨上人,您这是要庇护武魂一脉吗?”许志平不甘心的问道,若是放过武魂一脉,那等于是给他们许家,招惹来无穷无尽的麻烦。 Gives you three breath time, you can depart safely, after three breaths, did not take it ill this King to bully the weak.” The Rain Monarch tone is indifferent, has issued the diplomatic note directly, tone that has not discussed. “给你们三息时间,你们可以安然离去,三息之后,就休怪本座以大欺小了。”雨上人语气冷漠,直接下了通牒,没有丝毫商量的语气。
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