CSG :: Volume #27

#2623: Hun Zang heavy losses

After displaying Martial Soul Cutting the Heavens Technique, Hun Zang complexion is also becomes some blanches, in the foreheads is passing the color of several points of dispirited. 施展武魂斩天术之后,魂葬脸色也是变得有些发白,眉宇间透着几分萎靡之色。 Consumes the strength of 50% Primordial Spirit in the flash, appointed no one will feel better. 在一瞬间消耗一半的元神之力,任谁也不会好受。 The result of however such payout, obtains is also very astonishing, sees only the opposite, withstands Huangfu Guiyi that Martial Soul Cutting the Heavens Technique one time has attacked, at this moment both hands are holding the head, in stuffy hum/snort that in sending out to be full of the pain unceasing backing up, complexion pale like paper. 不过这样的付出,所取得的成效也是非常惊人,只见对面,承受了武魂斩天术一次攻击的皇甫归一,此刻正双手抱着头,在发出充满痛苦的闷哼声中不断的倒退,脸色苍白如纸。 And in his both eyes, two lines of blood stays behind. 并且在他的双目中,更是有两行鲜血留下。 A pale face, is hanging two lines of shocking blood streams, this looks, appears quite the somewhat gloomy feeling. 一张苍白的面庞,挂着两行触目惊心的血流,这一幕看去,显得颇有几分阴森之感。 This moment Huangfu Guiyi, again the strength of war, the heavy losses on Primordial Spirit, not having made him already temporary lost to the sensation of outside. 这一刻的皇甫归一,已经没有再战之力,元神上的重创,使得他已经暂时性的失去了对外界的感知。 The Hun Zang vision ice-cold glance Huangfu Guiyi, heart many are somewhat regrettable and unwilling. 魂葬目光冰冷的扫视着皇甫归一,心底多少有些遗憾和不甘。 Because of by Huangfu Guiyi condition at this moment, kills him not to be difficult, but this actually needs to cost some time, but at present Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul crisis, once Mountain Soul defense were broken, that Martial Soul Formation they will be given the interruption by Xu Zhiping inevitably, absolutely does not have enough time to cut to kill Huangfu Guiyi. 因为以皇甫归一此刻的状况,杀他并不难,不过这却需要耗费一些时间,但眼下武魂山山魂危机,一旦山魂防御被破,那武魂大阵势必会被许志平他们给打断,根本就没有足够的时间来斩杀皇甫归一 Whiz!” “嗖!” The Hun Zang body in a flash, vanishes in an instant does not see, hurried to toward Mountain Soul by quickest speed. 魂葬身躯一晃,刹那间消失不见,已经以最快的速度朝着山魂赶去。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 轰!轰!轰! The Mountain Soul place, the dreadful bellow never stands still, appears more and more rapid, is getting more and more frequent. Gongsun Zhi grasps Slaughter God Sword, resembles to have inexhaustible strength to result, is dividing to chop Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul fully, speed is getting quicker and quicker. 山魂处,滔天的轰鸣声从未停歇,显得越来越急促,越来越频繁。公孙志手持屠神之剑,似拥有无穷无尽的力量似得,正全力劈砍武魂山山魂,速度越来越快。 Mountain Soul in fierce dragging, the protection light covers in fierce shivering, was faint has revealed the shape of breaking. 山魂在剧烈的摇曳,防护光罩在剧烈的颤抖,隐隐间已经露出了破碎之象。 Mountain Soul, how long could not support obviously. 山魂,显然已经支撑不了多久了。 Martial Soul Mountain is about unable to support, Palace Master, again quickly.” Is surrounding Mountain Soul Xu Zhiping to send out low loudly shout by Burning Sun Principle, in his expression, actually cannot see slightly the happy appearance, instead expression becomes incomparable serious, in the sound is also bringing several points of rapid. 武魂山快撑不住了,殿主,再快一点。”正以烈阳法则困住山魂许志平发出低喝声,不过在他的神色间,却是看不见丝毫高兴的样子,反而神色变得无比严肃,声音中也带着几分急促。 He is paying attention to the fight of Huangfu Guiyi and Hun Zang frequently, Huangfu Guiyi is seriously battered him to see instantaneously clearly, this made him fill to Martial Soul Branch Martial Soul Cutting the Heavens Technique dreaded, even dreaded. 他时刻关注着皇甫归一魂葬的战斗,皇甫归一瞬间遭受重创的一幕他看得清清楚楚,这让他对武魂一脉武魂斩天术充满了忌惮,甚至是畏惧。 Because of him and Huangfu Guiyi strength quite, ends up to turn out including Huangfu Guiyi so is out, trades to do is he withstands the similar secret technique, where that fate will definitely not compare Huangfu Guiyi to be good to go. 因为他与皇甫归一实力相当,连皇甫归一都落得这般下场,换做是他承受同样的秘术,那下场肯定不会比皇甫归一好到哪里去。 Therefore, when he realized when Hun Zang catches up toward here, in the heart somewhat is unavoidably anxious. 因此,当他察觉到魂葬正朝这里赶来时,心中不免有些焦急。 Today his Xu Zhiping Martial Soul Branch offending, once makes Martial Soul Branch run away, that their Xu Family, is going to face the Martial Soul Branch inexhaustible retaliation from now on, this to Xu Family, absolutely is a disaster. 今日他许志平已经将武魂一脉给得罪死了,一旦让武魂一脉逃走,那今后他们许家,将要面临武魂一脉无穷无尽的报复,这对许家来说,绝对是一场灾难。 Another side, Gongsun Zhi also from Xu Zhiping there learned that Hun Zang is catching up toward here, hesitates slightly, in the vision reveals the crazy color immediately, he has lacerated both hands palm of own suddenly, sprinkles the blood of own on Slaughter God Sword. 另一边,公孙志也从许志平那里得知魂葬正朝着这里赶来,略微迟疑,目光中顿时露出疯狂之色,他猛然割破了自己的双手手掌,将自己的鲜血洒在屠神之剑上。 Immediately, Slaughter God Sword trembled gently, exudes the sound of low and deep sword cry, as if Sword Spirits of deep sleep, under Gongsun Zhi fresh blood thorn stirs up, starts to wake up from the deep sleep. 顿时,屠神之剑轻轻震颤了起来,发出低沉的剑鸣之声,仿佛沉睡的剑灵,在公孙志的鲜血刺激之下,开始从沉睡中醒来。 Meanwhile, compared with former even more powerful destruction nature strength, erupted suddenly from Slaughter God Sword, the terrifying energy in the ebullition, was indistinct to outline a very fuzzy person's shadow. 与此同时,一股比之前还要强大毁灭力量,骤然从屠神之剑内爆发出来,恐怖的能量在沸腾间,隐约间似勾画出一个十分模糊的人影。 Along with the appearance of this fuzzy person's shadow, Slaughter God Sword as if has also increased some charm, causes this handle sword, seems just like from a dying thing, turned had a living creature of life fluctuation. 随着这道模糊人影的出现,屠神之剑也似乎增添了一些某种神韵,使得这柄剑,看上去宛若从一件死物,变成了带有一丝生命波动的活物。 At the same time, the Xu Zhiping pupil shrinks, as soon as he does flicker is staring on Slaughter God Sword, that the fuzzy person's shadow that is outlined by the energy of seething with excitement, in both eyes reveals the strange color completely. 同一时间,许志平瞳孔一缩,他一瞬不瞬的盯着屠神之剑上,那完全由沸腾的能量勾画出的模糊人影,双目中露出奇异之色。 I from this handle sword, felt one to belong to aura of life unexpectedly, this Guardian Saint Sword, it seems like did not have me to imagine was so simple.” In the Xu Zhiping heart is startled secretly. “我竟然从这柄剑上,感受到了一丝属于生灵的气息,这守护圣剑,看来没有我想象中的那么简单。”许志平心中暗惊。 But Gongsun Zhi because of the reason of itself strength, has not noted these quite the same as, he face upwards to send out to angrily roar, both hands grasp the sword hilt, the whole body energy ebullition, after the control might strengthens Slaughter God Sword are cutting again on Mountain Soul. 公孙志因本身实力的原因,浑然没有注意到这些,他仰天发出怒吼,双手握着剑柄,周身能量沸腾,控制威力增强之后的屠神之剑再一次斩在山魂上。 In the thundering loud sound sound, the Mountain Soul defense guard/shield toward the interior that Slaughter God Sword cut hollow, the position of Slaughter God Sword attack, guard/shield the sound of surroundings unceasing transmitting crack, split one after another crack. 轰鸣巨响声中,山魂防御护罩被屠神之剑斩的朝着内部凹陷了进去,屠神之剑攻击的位置,护罩的周围不断的传来咔嚓之声,裂开了一道又一道裂缝。 Quick, the might of this sword exhausts, is only poor, has crushed Mountain Soul defense. 很快,这一剑的威力耗尽,只差一点,就粉碎了山魂防御 Ha Ha Ha Ha, Martial Soul Branch, the next attack, this Palace Master looked how you resist.” Gongsun Zhi exudes the big laughter, through Slaughter God Sword, he clearly knows that Martial Soul Mountain defense, reached the limit. 哈哈哈哈,武魂一脉,下一次攻击,本殿主看你们如何抵挡。”公孙志发出大笑声,通过屠神之剑,他清楚的知道武魂山防御,已经到了极限。 He not slightly hesitant, in both eyes is burning the crazy color, again lifts up high Slaughter God Sword, grips the both hands of sword hilt to shiver slightly. 他没有丝毫犹豫,双目中燃烧着疯狂之色,再一次高举屠神之剑,握住剑柄的双手在微微颤抖。 In the wound place of his both hands, blood essence unceasing passing of within the body, was absorbed by Slaughter God Sword through the sword hilt, trades a Slaughter God Sword stronger might. 在他双手的伤口处,体内精血正不断的流逝,通过剑柄被屠神之剑吸收,换来屠神之剑更强的威力。 Such Slaughter God Sword, sends out every time strikes, will burn Gongsun Zhi many blood essence, quite therefore is fighting tooth and nail, fights with the own life, by the Gongsun Zhi current strength, display several attacks. 这样的屠神之剑,每发出一击,都会燃烧掉公孙志不少精血,相当于是在搏命,用自己的生命来战,以公孙志目前的实力,也发挥不了几次攻击。 As Gongsun Zhi uses the sword, on Slaughter God Sword, that say/way fuzzy person's shadow appears again, it with Slaughter God Sword links, between both fuses completely, shares everything, it is the sword, the sword is it. 随着公孙志出剑,在屠神之剑上,那道模糊的人影再次出现,它与屠神之剑连接在一起,两者间似完全融合,不分彼此,它就是剑,剑就是它。 It was too fuzzy, can only see an approximate human form outline, facial features, the four limbs do not see clearly, if carefully does not observe, very easy induces it and one group of chaotic energies together. 只是它太模糊了,只能看见一个大致的人形轮廓,无论是五官,还是四肢都看不清楚,若不仔细观察,很容易把它和一团混乱的能量归纳在一起。 The Gongsun Zhi body shivers was fiercer, his complexion similarly becomes pale, within the body blood essence lost one-third, the vitality damages severely. 公孙志的身躯颤抖的更加厉害了,他的脸色同样变得苍白,体内精血已经损失了1,元气大伤。 But among his expression is actually crazily and excitedly coexists, both hands grasp the sword, under wields suddenly, Slaughter God Sword erupted destruction nature strength to chop into pieces the galaxy, just like sword of direct thorn a handle trial to Mountain Soul. 但他神色间却是疯狂与激动并存,双手握剑,猛然挥动下,屠神之剑爆发出毁灭力量劈碎了星河,犹如一柄审判之剑直接刺向山魂 ah! at the same time, Hun Zang exudes a angry roaring sound, the body imposing manner is astonishing, unprecedented charging into Slaughter God Sword. 啊!”与此同时,魂葬发出一声怒吼声,身上气势惊人,一往无前的冲向屠神之剑 In an instant, he then arrives at the Slaughter God Sword dead ahead, whole body strength divulges immediately, formed a giant shield to keep off in front of Slaughter God Sword. 刹那间,他便来到屠神之剑正前方,全身力量顿时宣泄而出,形成了一面巨大的盾牌挡在屠神之剑面前。 In his behind, is Mountain Soul is, by the Mountain Soul current condition, cannot withstand the attack of this sword absolutely. 在他身后,就是山魂所在,以山魂目前的状况,绝对承受不了这一剑的攻击。 Bang! 轰! A loud sound, Hun Zang by the shield that the whole body energy forms in front of Slaughter God Sword, is frail like the tofu, was cut the smashing by Slaughter God Sword, but Slaughter God Sword is remaining power does not reduce in the slightest, that intense sword light has passed through the Hun Zang body directly. 一声巨响,魂葬以全身能量形成的盾牌在屠神之剑面前,就如豆腐般脆弱,被屠神之剑斩成了粉碎,而屠神之剑则是余势不减分毫,那强烈的剑光直接穿过了魂葬的身躯。 The Hun Zang body from the chest spot, was cut two halves by sword light, the high and low separation, puts on his middle-grade Divine Item Battle Armor, was cut two. 魂葬的身躯从胸口部位,被剑光切割成两半,上下分离,就连穿在他身上的中品神器战甲,也是被斩成了两段。 Meanwhile, on Mountain Soul, is forming Martial Soul Formation seven people of simultaneously complexion changes, opens mouth on a blowout blood. 与此同时,山魂上,正结成武魂大阵的七人齐齐脸色一变,张嘴就喷出一口鲜血。 They melt through Martial Soul Formation and Hun Zang, Hun Zang is seriously battered, was also implicated together with them. 他们通过武魂大阵魂葬相融,魂葬遭受重创,连同他们也受到了牵连。 Big Senior Brother!” Fifth Senior Sister Su Qi exudes one to call out in alarm, has a big shock. 大师兄!”五师姐苏琪发出一声惊呼,大惊失色。 Chu Jian, Yue Chao, Yun Ziting, Bai Rufeng, Qing Shan several people, is complexion big change. 楚剑,月超,云子亭,白如风,青山几人,也是面色大变 Bang! 轰! Meanwhile, the deafening bellow transmits together, Slaughter God Sword that radiant sword light cuts on Mountain Soul, the Mountain Soul protection light covers is unable to withstand the load finally, under Slaughter God Sword torn to pieces. 与此同时,一道震耳欲聋的轰鸣声传来,屠神之剑那璀璨的剑光斩在山魂上,山魂的防护光罩终于是不堪重负,在屠神之剑下支离破碎。 Martial Soul Mountain Mountain Soul, as well as is forming Martial Soul Formation Jian Chen and the others, exposes in Gongsun Zhi directly, Xu Zhiping and in front of the Sha Yun three people. 武魂山山魂,以及正结成武魂大阵剑尘等人,直接是暴露在公孙志,许志平沙云三人面前。
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