CSG :: Volume #21

#2066: Meets once more

hearing that, five prince vision concentrate, complexion instantaneously became gloomy, sinking sound track: When news this is. 』.” 闻言,五皇子目光一凝,脸色瞬间变得阴沉了起来,沉声道:“这是什么时候的消息。.』.” Because of should be in today passes on.” That God King replied. “因该是今日内传出来的。”那名神王答道。 Mister Shu has taken back the vision, turns the head to search the news the God King, among the facial expressions is bringing several points of stunned. But five prince are complexion gloomy like the water, vision extremely cloudy and cold, the expression is low and deep: Jian Chen they have not died unexpectedly, instead has hollowed out one-fourth the wonder drug garden, but Bai Ji they have not actually turned over.” 书先生收回了目光,转头探消息的这名神王,神情之间带着几分错愕。而五皇子则是脸色阴沉如水,目光极其阴冷,语气低沉:“剑尘他们竟然还没有死,反而将神药园挖空了1,而百奇他们却至今未归。” Such result, is really unexpected, Bai Ji they either let slip, has encountered either other problem, was delayed.” Mister Shu hesitates saying that the vision became profound. “这样的结果,实在是出乎意料,百奇他们要么失手了,要么就是遇到了别的麻烦,被耽误了。”书先生沉吟道,目光变得深邃了起来。 Five prince silent moment, then lowly drinks: All people stop therapy, instantly leaves!” This time, five prince must lead one group of people to seek for Jian Chen personally, Jian Chen heavenly material treasure, making him palpitate with excitement, wants not to hesitate at all costs obtains. 皇子沉默了片刻,而后一声低喝:“所有人停止疗伤,即刻出!”这一次,五皇子要带着一群人亲自去寻找剑尘,剑尘身上的天材地宝,让他都怦然心动,想要不惜一切代价的得到。 Yun Family God King and Yun Xin are silently departs along with five prince, in five prince for it , they have not heard five prince and the others desirably the talks, therefore naturally does not know five prince this times, must go to where, handles any matter. 云家神王云心则是默默的随着五皇子离去,在五皇子的刻意为之之下,他们都没有听到五皇子等人的谈话,因此自然也不知晓五皇子此次出,是要前往何处,做什么事情。 Kai Ya, we walk, no matter Azure Sea God Palace endogenous anything changed, we must rush to 8-layer as soon as possible.” In the upper air, Jian Chen no longer cares about Azure Sea's Moon, was saying to Kai Ya. 凯亚,我们走吧,不管沧海神宫内生了什么变化,我们都要尽快的赶到第八层。”高空中,剑尘不再关心沧海之月,对着凯亚说道。 „Do you want to go to the 8-layer space the bottom of rock magma to gather Divine Fire Crystal?” Kai Ya is staring at Jian Chen. “你想去第八层空间的岩浆之底收取神火晶?”凯亚凝视着剑尘 Good, a Divine Fire Crystal value, is equal to similar size ten times of best-quality Divine Crystals, if we want to go to other continents, or returns to Cloud Province, needs massive Divine Crystals. Although in our present hands has massive God level heavenly material treasure, but if wants to get rid of these heavenly material treasure, is not an easy matter, will provoke troublesome some. Moreover these God level heavenly material treasure, I am too not willing to sell, we need them in Tianyuan Clan that many old friends.” Jian Chen hesitates to say. “不错,一枚神火晶的价值,相当于同样大小的极品神晶的十倍,我们要想前往其他大洲,或者是回到云州,都需要大量的神晶。虽说我们现在手中有大量神级天材地宝,但要想将这些天材地宝出手,也不是一件容易的事情,甚至是会招惹来一些麻烦。而且这些神级天材地宝,我也不太愿意出售,我们在天元家族的那么多老朋友都需要它们。”剑尘沉吟道。 „The terrifying of that lava your also with own eyes experience crossed, to gather lava bottom Divine Fire Crystal, even if you have that tower, perhaps also very much that accomplishes, not necessarily your flesh body can resist that terrifying lava.” Saying that Kai Ya somewhat worries about, regarding the lava of 8-layer space that terrifying, she has a lingering fear, even if she has been promoted God King Realm now, the strength rises sharply, but still does not dare detoxify that terrifying the rock magma. “那熔岩的恐怖你也亲眼见识过了,要想收取熔岩底部的神火晶,就算你有那座塔,恐怕也很那办到,你的肉身不见得能抵抗的了那恐怖的熔岩。”凯亚有些担忧的说道,对于第八层空间那恐怖的熔岩,她可是心有余悸,哪怕她现在已经晋级到神王境,实力大涨,但依然不敢去沾染那恐怖的岩浆。 Does not try, how also to know that is good.” Jian Chen gives a calm smile, after Chaos Body breakthrough, his confidence rises sharply, even if his flesh body cannot resist that lava, but there is Huan Zhen Tower , can also guarantee him to be well. “不去试一试,又怎么知道行不行呢。”剑尘淡然一笑,混沌之体突破之后,他信心大涨,即便他肉身抵抗不住那熔岩,但有还真塔在,也能保他无恙。 Well!” At this moment, Jian Chen look concentrates, the vision changes into lightning to result in breaks layer on layer dark, the far place, on the face reveals wipes the surprised color, muttered: How is they? Did they arrive at Azure Sea God Palace?” “咦!”就在这时,剑尘神色一凝,目光化为一道闪电似得破开重重黑暗,远的地方,脸上露出一抹惊讶之色,喃喃道:“怎么是她们?她们怎么也来到了沧海神宫?” Is that little girl who on the void spaceship you meet, her strength is so weak, rushed to here to come?” The Kai Ya vision also stares at the distant place, is surprised. “是虚空飞船上你遇见的那个小女孩,她的实力这么弱,怎么也跑到这里来了?”凯亚的目光也凝望远方,大感意外。 Walks, we pass Jian Chen saying that then and Kai Ya overtook directly. “走,我们过去”剑尘说道,然后和凯亚径直赶了过去。 From Jian Chen beyond dozens li (0.5km), a Zi Yun face pale tightness grasps Xiao Man, in the vision is full of the hate is staring at present these several God King, mixes in, a deep dilutedness. 距离剑尘数十里之外,紫韵一脸苍白的紧紧抱住小蛮,目光中充满怨恨的盯着眼前这十几名神王,夹杂在其中的,还有一股深深的无力感。 At present these several God King by sudden Azure Sea's Moon fearing, the attention of all people strongly on Azure Sea's Moon, at this moment, best escapes or the opportunity of sneak attack, may experience personally the heavy losses, and Zi Yun that the vitality damages severely lost this ability. 眼前这十几名神王都被突然出现的沧海之月给惊住了,所有人的注意力都集中在沧海之月上,此刻,正是最佳的逃跑或是偷袭的时机,可身受重创,并且元气大伤的紫韵已经失去了这个能力。 After the moment, these several God King in abundance from the appearance of Azure Sea's Moon, but recovers to shock that in they bring, the vision falls on Zi Yun once more. 片刻后,这十几名神王纷纷从沧海之月的出现,而给他们带来的震撼中回过神来,目光再次落在紫韵身上。 Azure Sea God Palace is going to live startled hugely changes, we hurry to attain the inheritance from her, then leaves here. No matter this big change is good is bad, I thought that we not participate to well.” 沧海神宫将要生惊天大变,我们还是赶紧从她身上拿到传承,然后离开这里吧。不管这大变是好是坏,我觉得我们还是不去参与为好。” Good, leading her to go to a remote place, after attaining the thing, we leave here immediately.” “不错,带着她去一个偏僻的地方,拿到东西之后我们立刻离开这里。” Two God King sinking sounds said that complexion is dignified, the appearance of Azure Sea's Moon, making them feel extremely restless, in the heart has cast a shadow, there is one to the unknown fear. 两名神王沉声说道,脸色凝重,沧海之月的出现,让他们感到极为不安,心中蒙上了一层阴影,有一股对未知的恐惧。 „, Your solemn God King Realm powerhouse, links unexpectedly, only then the Mortal Realm little girls do not let off , was too rather cruel.” At this moment, the low and deep sound conveys together, making this soon probably carry off Zi Yun several God King complexion simultaneously changes. All of them by the appearance of Azure Sea's Moon harassing the mind, the complete attention will have placed on space that Round Bright Moon, fell lowly to all around vigilance, actually did not have presently some people to approach here. “诸位,你们堂堂神王境强者,竟然连只有人境界的小女孩都不放过,未免也太残忍了吧。”就在这时,一道低沉的声音传来,让这即将要带走紫韵的十几名神王脸色齐齐一变。他们所有人都被沧海之月的出现给扰乱了心神,将全部的注意力都放在了天上那轮明月上,对四周的警惕降到了最低,竟然没有现已经有人接近了这里。 Several God King follow the prestige to go in abundance, sees only a man and a woman two youth to walk side-by-side, imperial empties to come toward here directly, these two 20 years old, male handsome extraordinary, the facial features are resolute, are faint the grand appearance of war, experiences for a long time the flames of war baptism. Although the female appearance cannot call the causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman by far, but also is the inborn beauty, the makings are refined. 十几名神王纷纷循声望去,只见一男一女两名青年正并肩而行,径直朝着这里御空而来,这两人都不过20来岁,男的英俊非凡,面容刚毅,隐隐间有一股金戈铁马的雄姿,一久经战火洗礼。女的容貌虽说远远称不上倾国倾城,但也是天生丽质,气质脱俗。 Unexpectedly is only two God King Initial Stage, but they, since already present we, to avoid disclosing the news, we cannot make these two leave, later extracted several people to get rid together, neat destroying completely these two.” That several God King sneer, has felt relieved, does not prevent, whatever Jian Chen they are approaching, simultaneously passes message the consultation in secret, quick, their opinion changes reaches an agreement. “竟然只是两名神王初期,不过他们既然已经现了我们,为了避免走漏消息,我们决不能让这两人离开,待会抽出数人一同出手,干净利落的灭掉这两人。”那十几名神王纷纷冷笑,放心了下来,也不阻止,任由着剑尘他们接近,同时暗中传音协商,很快,他们意见变达成一致。 These two people, are Jian Chen and Kai Ya. They have not paid attention to God King that several manners vary, a face calm grazes to come toward here from the distant place directly, arrives around Zi Yun directly. 这二人,正是剑尘凯亚。他们没有理会那十几名神态各异的神王,一脸从容的从远方径直朝着这里飞掠而来,直接来到紫韵跟前。 Zi Yun has recognized obviously also Jian Chen and Kai Ya, on void spaceship that initially in that flew from Cloud Province, Jian Chen once had helped them, will be the Xiao Man jade to fall to seize from three fiendish person hands, this matter once made Zi Yun feel grateful. 紫韵显然也认出了剑尘凯亚,当初在那艘从云州飞出来的虚空飞船上,剑尘曾帮助过他们,从三眼魔王手中将属于小蛮的玉坠夺了回来,此事曾一度让紫韵心存感激。 Zi Yun looks up Jian Chen and Kai Ya, said with a smile miserably: „Do you also come for the inheritance of my Great Primal Beginning Realm?” 紫韵抬着头望着剑尘凯亚,惨笑道:“你们也是为了我身上的混元始境的传承而来?” hearing that, Jian Chen look is startled, at once then understood, a face strange is staring at Zi Yun, said: I already heard nearby the wonder drug garden to present Great Primal Realm Immortal Cave, has not thought that the inheritance was actually obtained by you.” First Zi Yun, in the heart of Jian Chen is also very complex, does not know that actually own should hate Zi Yun. Because Zi Yun obtained approval of inheritance, let collect in place of inheritance many God King returned to the wonder drug garden in abundance, eventually caused them completely to expose in all achievement of wonder drug garden. 闻言,剑尘神色一怔,旋即便明白了过来,一脸古怪的盯着紫韵,道:“我早就听闻神药园附近出现了一个混元境洞府,没想到传承竟然被你得到了。”前的紫韵,剑尘的心中也是十分复杂,不知道自己究竟该不该恨紫韵。因为紫韵得到了传承的认可,让汇集在传承之地的不少神王纷纷返回了神药园,最终导致他们在神药园的一切作为完全暴露。 If the Zi Yun inherited time is later, these God King return to the time of wonder drug garden slowly a while, gives his enough time, he can definitely the entire wonder drug garden hollowing out. 若是紫韵得到传承的时间再晚一些,那些神王返回神药园的时间慢一阵子,给他足够的时间,他完全可以将整座神药园给挖空。 Was a pity that this once in a thousand years golden opportunity, was destroyed because of the Zi Yun reason, this makes in the Jian Chen heart feel the unusual regret. 只是可惜,这千载难逢的大好机会,就因为紫韵的原因而被破坏了,这让剑尘心中感到非常的遗憾。 You really to inherit to come, but was a pity, even if I give you inheritance now, you cannot carry off.” Zi Yun loses, the vision has swept around eye several God King. “你们果然是为了传承而来,但可惜,就算我现在把传承给你们,你们也带不走。”紫韵一阵失落,目光扫了眼周围的十几名神王 ps: The second chapter, yesterday's chapter has made up. 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