CSG :: Volume #21

#2065: The god palace changes

Azure Sea God Palace Item Spirit regains consciousness, the person who knows is very few, in Azure Sea God Palace, even if these goes against. 『. But beside Azure Sea God Palace, from the void spaceships of several continent numerous big influences, only has few several people to realize that Item Spirit regains consciousness, but these people, by quickest this matter summon. 沧海神宫器灵苏醒,知道的人少之又少,沧海神宫内,即便是那些逆.『.而在沧海神宫之外,来自数个大洲众多大势力的虚空飞船中,也唯有寥寥数人察觉到器灵苏醒,而这些人,都是以最快的度将此事传讯了回去。 At this moment, Azure Sea God Palace, vibration gradual stop of earth, quick, in Azure Sea God Palace then once more restored tranquilly, does not have fresh as to result in just like any matter, only has that wheel to be hanging in the space high, without a trace that hot sun that enough several million years had not changed, vanished, was given the substitution by a round giant full moon. 此刻,沧海神宫内部,大地的震动逐渐的停止,很快,沧海神宫内便再次恢复了宁静,宛如什么事都没有生似得,唯有那轮高高悬挂在天上,已经足足数百万年没有丝毫变化的烈日,已经消失的无影无踪,被一轮巨大的圆月给取代。 The Azure Sea God Palace inner space, lost the light, was covered by the thick darkness, only has a misty glory that the moonlight sprinkles, fell into a piece of dark space to provide the weak ray to this. 沧海神宫的内部空间,已经失去了光明,被浓浓的黑暗笼罩,唯有月光洒下的一层蒙蒙光辉,给这陷入一片黑暗的空间提供了一点微弱的光线。 This a series of changes, in all Martial Artist to Azure Sea God Palace, in the heart have cast a shadow, making in all human brains remember one not to know that unrestrainedly has spread many years ancient fables. The picture when the hot sun exists forever vanishes, when Mingyue (bright moon) lifts off once more, Azure Sea God Palace will live the great change. 这一系列的变化,给沧海神宫内的所有武者,心中都蒙上了一层阴影,让所有人脑中情不自禁的想起了一个不知道流传了多少年的古老传说。当烈日长存的景象消失,明月再次升空时,沧海神宫将生巨变。 Is this great change, actually what kind of change? Actually is the luck or the calamity? Until now nobody can talk clearly, came from including these Peerless Generation supreme talent of top influence. 这巨变,究竟是一种怎样的变化?究竟是福还是祸?至今都没有一个人能说得清,包括那些来自于顶尖势力的绝代天骄们。 In the Azure Sea God Palace 9-layer space, Jian Chen and Kai Ya two people of suspended in the midair, all are raise one's head gazes is being hanging in that Round Bright Moon of upper air high, look is serious. 沧海神宫九层空间内,剑尘凯亚二人悬浮在半空中,皆是抬头注视着高高悬挂在高空的那轮明月,神色严肃。 In their brains remembers the legend that Xiao Zheng said about sea livelihood unrestrainedly. 他们脑中情不自禁的想起了萧正所说的关于沧海日月的传说。 Jian Chen, do you have to feel that this stretch of world as if did live a subtle change?” The Kai Ya vision dust, in the expression has one not to be indefinite. 剑尘,你有没有感觉到,这片天地似乎生了一种微妙的变化?”凯亚目光尘,语气之中带着一丝不确定。 Jian Chen realized from experience carefully, shaking the head of gently, said: Besides the change of livelihood and ray, other as if no what difference. Kai Ya, do you have what presently?” 剑尘仔细体悟了下,轻轻的摇了摇头,道:“除了日月和光线的变化之外,其他似乎并没有什么不同。凯亚,难道你有什么现?” Kai Ya is silent, has closed eye earnest realizing from experience slowly, when her eye opens, among look reveals the surprised uncertain color. 凯亚沉默,缓缓的闭上了眼睛认真的体悟,当她眼睛睁开时,神色间又露出惊疑不定之色。 Meanwhile, Azure Sea Mountain, Chan Long walked from cave, vision deep is looking at jet black sky, muttered: Azure Sea's Moon appeared unexpectedly, said according to Xiao Zheng, Azure Sea Mountain will soon live a big change. But just when I and Supreme formation fusion, induces to a strange fluctuation, as if in just that flickered, the space in Azure Sea God Palace lived some change.” 与此同时,沧海山,缠龙从山洞内走了出来,目光深深的望着一片漆黑的天空,喃喃道:“沧海之月竟然出现了,依照萧正所言,沧海山即将生一场大变。而刚刚我与太尊阵法融合时,感应到一股奇怪的波动,似乎在刚刚那一瞬,沧海神宫内的空间生了某种变化。” As if, before this inside rule, was somewhat different, but, actually cannot affect the Azure Sea Mountain boundary......” “似乎,这里面的规则和之前有些不同了,不过,却未能影响到沧海山的地界......” From Jian Chen their tens of millions li (0.5km) beyond, takes Blue Sky Dynasty five prince as, one crowd of God King are sitting cross-legged to sit on the ground sits in meditation, their many people are contaminating the blood, middle has several people of complexion to be pale, received the heavy losses very much obviously, is restoring injury through the therapy wondrous medicines. 在距离剑尘他们数千万里之外,以碧落皇朝的五皇子为,一群神王正盘膝坐在地上打坐,他们许多人身上都沾染着鲜血,当中更是有几人面色苍白,很显然受了重创,正通过疗伤圣药恢复身上的伤势。 But Yun Family ten God King impressively also , since Yun Xin promises into imperial concubine prince, their several people then and five prince tied up in one. The Heavenly Law spirit root after the Yun Xin clothing/taking, Yun Family to this line of harvests is well satisfied, ten big God King that Yun Family only saves want to withdraw from Azure Sea God Palace, escorts Yun Xin. But Blue Sky Dynasty five prince must make them remain, therefore, they also can only stay here. 云家的十名神王赫然也在其中,自从云心答应成为皇子妃之后,他们几人便和五皇子绑在了一起。原本在云心服下天道灵根之后,云家对此行的收获便已经是心满意足,云家仅存的十大神王更是想退出沧海神宫,将云心护送回去。可碧落皇朝皇子要让他们留下来,因此,他们也只能留在这里。 Because of their Yun Family, does not dare to offend Blue Sky Dynasty five prince. If Yun Family and Blue Sky Dynasty are separated by really far, they cannot so dread actually completely, may Yun Family in Blue Sky Dynasty. 因为他们云家,根本就不敢得罪碧落皇朝的五皇子。倘若云家碧落皇朝相隔甚远,他们倒是完全不需这般忌惮,可偏偏云家就在碧落皇朝境内。 How Bai Ji they have not come back, they because of should not lose such long time.” Five prince sit cross-legged to sit on the ground, expression low and deep saying, but his vision does flicker is staring at the full moon in upper air, look is dignified. 百奇他们怎么还没有回来,他们不因该耽误这么长的时间。”五皇子盘膝坐在地上,语气低沉的说道,而他的目光则是一瞬不瞬的盯着高空中的圆月,神色凝重。 Azure Sea's Moon reappears, means that Azure Sea God Palace will live the great change, but actually is what kind of great change, their Blue Sky Dynasty Retired Saint Emperor does not know that this made in five prince hearts have a sense of crisis, urgent wanted to draw in the own influence, gathered the strength. 沧海之月重新出现,意味着沧海神宫将会生巨变,但究竟是怎样的巨变,连他们碧落皇朝太上圣皇都不知道,这让五皇子心中生出了一股危机感,迫切的想要收拢自己的势力,聚集力量。 One crowd of God King that because he initially brought, during this days and person slaughter, falls several people, the strength was weakened several points. 因为他当初带来的一群神王,在这段日子与人厮杀之中,已经陨落了数人,实力已经被削弱了几分。 Your highness is patient, we deviated the original place, Bai Ji they , to overtake us, naturally requires some time, moreover in this Azure Sea God Palace is not tranquil, Bai Ji they have not arrived, should be delayed by any matter. But by their brother and sister's strengths, can threaten their people not to be many in this 9-layer, your highness is freely relieved is.” Side five prince, Mister Shu look tranquil saying, but his vision is to actually jump projects the bright god glow perpendicular incidence horizon, is staring at that round full moon in upper air. Mister Shu nature Bin is refined, the human and animals are harmless, however his strength is actually very strong. “殿下稍安勿躁,我们已经偏离了原来的地点,百奇他们要想追上我们,自然需要一些时间,而且这沧海神宫内也并不平静,百奇他们迟迟未到,应该是被什么事耽误了。但以他们兄妹两人的实力,在这第九层能威胁到他们的人已经不多,殿下尽管安心便是。”在五皇子身边,书先生神色平静的说道,但他的目光却是迸射出炯炯神芒直射天际,凝视着高空中的那轮圆月。书先生质彬彬,人畜无害,然而他的实力却是非常强。 Five prince vision shot a look at the eye to sit cross-legged to sit in not far away closed the eyes practice Yun Xin, slow sound track: I did not worry that Bai Ji they will have any accident, what I care, actually I give their duty to complete.” 皇子目光瞥了眼盘膝坐在不远处正闭目修炼的云心,缓声道:“我不担心百奇他们会出现什么意外,我关心的是,我交给他们的任务究竟有没有完成。” In five prince not far away, stature thin and small God King smiles, with having several points of respectful expression is sending greetings: Your highness may feel relieved greatly that extinguishes by the Bai Ji brother and sister's strength kills Jian Chen they, the small effort, will not live any accident simply. Jian Chen their four people because of this already died, the Bai Ji brother and sister because of this quick arrived.” 在五皇子不远处,一名身材瘦小的神王嘿嘿一笑,用带着几分恭敬的语气传音:“殿下大可放心,以百奇兄妹的实力去灭杀剑尘他们,简直是不会吹灰之力,绝不会生什么意外。剑尘他们四个人因该早就已经死了,百奇兄妹因该很快就到了。” Five prince slight bows, expression low and deep saying: Makes everybody make the best use of the time to restore, Azure Sea's Moon appears, then has not known that will live any matter, we must face by most peak condition.” 皇子微微点头,语气低沉的说道:“让大家抓紧时间恢复,沧海之月出现,接下来还不知道会生什么事情,我们必须要以最巅峰的状态去面对。” At this moment, five prince send return that the inquiry news God King wind spreading electricity holds up, was saying to five prince respectful voice: Five prince, the previous existence an important matter, had the manpower to hold to break through the enemy lines the most precious object soon to enter the wonder drug garden, in the short time, has hollowed out one-fourth the wonder drug in wonder drug garden.” 就在这时,五皇子派出去打探消息的一名神王风驰电擎的返回,对着五皇子恭声说道:“五皇子,不久前生了一件大事,有人手持破阵至宝进入神药园,短短时间内,就将神药园里的神药挖空了1。” What? Did the wonder drug in wonder drug garden hollow out one-fourth? Does this matter take seriously?” Five prince complexion change, has stood suddenly. The wonder drug garden he knows, inside plants may be God level heavenly material treasure, each priceless, is very precious. Each wonder drug by the formidable formation protection, if therefore wants to break formation to gather the wonder drug, is a ten points not easy matter. “什么?神药园里的神药被挖空了1?此事当真?”五皇子脸色一变,豁然站了起来。神药园他知道,里面栽种的可都是神级天材地宝啊,每一株都价值连城,十分珍贵。只是每一株神药都被强大的阵法守护,因此要想破开阵法收取神药,是一件十分不易的事情。 Even if the strength that in his hand grasps now, puts together cannot guarantee whether to harvest wonder drug in ten years, therefore he, although went to the wonder drug garden, drools to inside wonder drug similarly, but has not actually gone to gather. 哪怕是他手中现在掌握的力量,加在一起都不敢保证能否在十年内收获一株神药,因此他虽然去过神药园,对里面的神药同样非常垂涎,但是却并没有去收取。 In historical, in each wonder drug garden that Azure Sea God Palace opens taken wonder drug, not ten. But now he actually hears some people to give to hollow out one-fourth news the entire wonder drug garden, this news is really shocking. 沧海神宫开启的历史上,每一次神药园内被取走的神药,都不会过十株。而现在他却听到有人将整个神药园都给挖空了1的消息,这条消息实在是骇人听闻。 „one-fourth of wonder drug garden, that is more than 200 God level heavenly material treasure, the quantity so terrifying wonder drug, our Blue Sky Dynasty state treasury, not necessarily can take.” Mister Shu has also held breath cold air, reveals look of shock. “神药园的1,那可是200多株神级天材地宝,数量如此恐怖的神药,就连我们碧落皇朝的国库,都不一定拿得出来。”书先生也倒吸了一口凉气,露出震惊之色 God King complexion of that inquiry news becomes somewhat strange , to continue saying: This news is absolutely true, moreover subordinate also inquired, person who gathered these wonder drugs, had Jian Chen their several people.” Announced: The pen interest pavilion APP Android, the apple special-purpose version, said goodbye to all advertisements, please pay attention to the micro letter public number to enter the downloading installment: appxsyd 那名打探消息的神王脸色变得有些古怪,继续说道:“这消息千真万确,而且属下还打听到,收取这些神药的人当中,就有剑尘他们几人在内。”公告:笔趣阁APP安卓,苹果专用版,告别一切广告,请关注微信公众号进入下载安装:appxsyd ( Holds down three seconds of duplication) (按住三秒复制)
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