BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#512: No one's soul defends stubbornly 1, no one's fleshly body settles forever

( 1 ) (一) Ape king hear the Xiuxiu words, on the face revealed the color/look of feeling embarrassed. 猿王听了秀秀的话,脸上露出了为难之色。 Xiuxiu said: Added that any life bloodlines, I looked that deceived people. If I listened to you, gives the expensive old ancestor to kowtow. After the matter becomes, you guarantee the brigadier-general I to close into the prison.” 秀秀道:“还说什么什么生灵血脉,我看都是骗人的。我要是听了你的话,去给贵老祖磕了头。事成之后,你们保准将我关入大牢。” How to dare? The girls spoke this saying, really scares to death individual.” Ape kingly way: „It is not I do not want to comply with your three birds to be this powerful large clan, our spirit ape country door small family how to stir up? Only feared that draws on the calamity of extermination of the clan.” “怎么敢?姑娘说这话,真是吓死个人。”猿王道:“不是我不想答应你三头鸟乃是此界强盛大族,我们灵猿国小门小户的怎么惹得起?只怕招来灭族之祸。” In the world forest has so many strange beast spirit clans,” Xiuxiu said: ” When waiting till the world fruit is mature, they will go when the time comes. Then finished up, who can blame to you on. ” “世界森林里有这么多异兽灵族,”秀秀道:”等到世界果实成熟之时,他们到时候都会去。回头完事了,谁能怪到你们头上。” Ape king positive/correct hesitates, comes from out of the door a monkey that wears daoist garment, said with him: King complies with Miss Zhong by all means. When our old ancestor manifested a spirit, my spirit ape state-owned ancestor blesses, will also fear their only three ugly birds?” 猿王正犹豫间,从门外进来一个身穿道袍的猴子,与他说道:“大王只管答应钟姑娘。等咱们老祖显灵了,我灵猿国有先祖庇佑,还会怕他们区区三头丑鸟?” Ape king hear its words, the look was serious, nods, said with Xiuxiu: Therefore, the girl then worships along with me. If world forest various clans go to the summit to join in the fun, my spirit ape clan might as well also goes to turbid water.” 猿王听了它的话,神色郑重,点了点头,与秀秀道:“既是如此,姑娘便随我去拜祭罢。倘若世界森林诸族都去山顶凑热闹,我灵猿族不妨也去趟一遭浑水。” Then is at this time, the Xiuxiu heart moves, the unexpected happening goes to ape king cast together Insightful heart. This time, Insightful heart Pushes directly into, peeps ape king words unexpectedly from the sincerity, not cunning meaning. 便是此时,秀秀心头一动,鬼使神差地冲着猿王投去一道【通透心】。这一次,【通透心】长驱直入,竟窥得猿王此话发自真心,并无诡诈之意。 ( 2 ) (二) Worshipped process the Xiuxiu imagination is simpler. 祭拜的过程比秀秀想象的还要简单。 She the ape king brings before a big monkey king statue, stands in several thousand over the face sincere monkeys, knocked three heads to the statue respectfully, according to the monkey master is teaching, said one: Six ear macaques are the fake mahatma, Sun Wukong are the real mahatmas!” 她被猿王带到一尊高高大大的美猴王雕像前,站在几千个满面诚挚的猴子中间,冲着雕像恭恭敬敬磕了三个头,又按着猴子法师所教,说了一句:“六耳猕猴是假大圣,孙悟空是真大圣!” That monkey king statue golden light writings, the prestige is really earth-shaking, opens mouth saying: You all are my old Sun in this generation after generation, actually does not know that today will be I spars in 3000 in Leiyin Temple with six ear macaques the commemoration day. West six ear macaque that cowrie shells, although was received by the Tathagata Buddha, but is not willing to acknowledge mistakes. Today, has the descendant of its direct line bloodlines to come this to admit mistakes to kowtow to my old Sun, calculates that finished my old Sun wish.” 那美猴王雕像果然金光大作,声威惊天动地,张嘴说道:“尔等皆是俺老孙在此界的子子孙孙,却不知今日是我与六耳猕猴在雷音寺斗法三千年纪念日。六耳猕猴那西贝货虽被如来佛祖收去,但一直不肯认账。今日,有它直系血脉的后代来此给俺老孙认错磕头,也算了却俺老孙一桩心愿。” Saying, looked at present earnest monkey faces difficultly, said: My old Sun Dharmakaya arrives at is not easy one time, is not good to see you empty-handed.” 说着,挠头看了看眼前一张张热切的猴脸,说道:“俺老孙法身降临一次不容易,也不好空手来见你们。” Put out a hand to pull out the ear, as if clutched the next soft body hair, held blew one in the palm, shortly the soft body hair will change to thousands of roots, scattered in the midair, none sparkled, splendid. Also falls in a spirit ape country numerous monkey hand, turned into flash gold/metal Bang. And, the power and influence is highest, ray most dazzling fell in the ape king hand. 伸手掏了掏耳朵,似乎揪下一根毫毛,捧在手心吹了一口,顷刻间毫毛化作千万根,散落在半空中,精光闪闪,熠熠生辉。又一个个落在灵猿国一众猴儿手中,变成了一根闪光金棒。其中,威势最高,光芒最耀眼的一根落在了猿王手中。 End, the monkey king statue also said: Monkey had my old Sun Ru Yi Bang to do several things at the same time to make the weapon, the sparring fixed ratio formerly fierce hundred times. In the monkey chief hand that is my old Sun soft body hair changes, the might is not no need to say much. But must remember, my old Sun does not want to make you feel self-important, is shiftless, these Ru Yi Bang then can only use in the spirit ape country, only gave and others to protect oneself, has the spirit ape country to turn into the soft body hair. As for this statue, my old Sun also executed the law of doing several things at the same time, but Powell and others crossed three great misfortune. Monkey, my old Sun goes!” 末了,美猴王雕像又道:“猴儿们有俺老孙的如意金箍棒分身作兵器,斗起法来定比从前勇猛百倍。猴儿头子手中那根,乃是俺老孙毫毛变化,威力自不必多说。但要记住,俺老孙不想让你们骄傲自大,不思进取,这些如意金箍棒便只能在灵猿国之内使用,唯予尔等自保,出了灵猿国又要变成毫毛。至于这座雕像,俺老孙也施了分身之法,可保尔等渡过三次大劫。猴儿们,俺老孙去也!” Xiuxiu listened, thinking Ida is really sinister, gave the spirit ape advantage, actually only defined that used in the country territory, asking oneself unable to get the bargain. 秀秀听了,心想艾达真是阴险,给了灵猿好处,却只限定在国域内使用,叫自己沾不了便宜。 That statue said, golden light suddenly one dark. 那雕像说罢,金光忽地一暗。 Several thousand monkeys shouted loudly great sage equal to heaven, knelt kowtows again and again. When sees the statue to be again stirless, stands up joyfully, dances with joy, the squawk monkey said. 数千猴子高呼齐天大圣,跪地连连叩头。待见雕像再无动静,才一个个满心欢喜地站起身来,手舞足蹈,尖声猴叫。 Worships the entire journey, the time that the time burns a joss stick. Xiuxiu calculates the time, now hurries to the world mountain, the time is wealthier. Pitifully the Wei Buer affirmation had only entered the death bog, has not sent greetings the seed unable to relate, can only be alive the mountains marking a border to gather. 祭拜全程,用时不过一炷香的时间。秀秀算了算时间,现在赶去世界山,时间还富裕很多。只可惜魏不二肯定早就入了死亡沼泽,没有传音种子也无法联系,只能在世界山相聚了。 The ape king and Xiuxiu said: Has the old ancestor to manifest a spirit, my spirit ape country did not fear that three birds retaliate, this on world mountain Nao with you. Damn three bird mixed wools dare to abduct my son, looked how I smash its bird head.” 猿王与秀秀道:“有老祖显灵,我灵猿国也不怕三头鸟来报复,这就与你上世界山闹一番。狗日的三头鸟杂毛敢掳走我儿,看我怎么砸烂它的鸟头。” Xiuxiu said: So good, our climbs mountains.” 秀秀道:“如此甚好,咱们这就上山。” „ It is not anxious, “不急, The having mystical powers ape flying boat does to harness, from here late mountains marking a border in a flash. ” Ape kingly way: Girl this time helps my spirit ape country busy, in your heart also has any desire, might as well said. So long as in my area of competence, deciding to call the girl to be satisfied.” Xiuxiu somewhat does not make clear the intention of ape king, but raised desire at heart, the whole body could not bear trembles, said: Ok, you cannot help me.” 有灵猿飞舟做驾,从这里去世界山不过弹指间。”猿王道:“姑娘此次帮我灵猿国一个大忙,你心中还有什么愿望,不妨说出来。只要在我能力范围之内,定叫姑娘满意。”秀秀有些搞不清楚猿王的用意,但提起心里的愿望,浑身忍不住一颤,说道:“算了,你们帮不到我的。” The monkey master who the one side waits for a long time collected, said: Some of my spirit ape clan also many fierce divine ability, did the girl say tries why not?” 一旁久候的猴儿法师凑了上来,说道:“我灵猿一族亦有许多厉害神通呢,姑娘说出来试试又何妨?” Xiuxiu said: I want who I love also to fall in love with me, can you accomplish?” 秀秀道:“我想让我爱的人也爱上我,你们能办到吗?” This has what difficulty,” ape king said with a smile: Girl only need tell me, did the person who you love, fall in love with others?” “这有何难,”猿王笑道:“姑娘只需告诉我,你爱的人,是否爱上了旁人?” Xiuxiu nods. 秀秀点了点头。 The ape king also said: He loves with that top of the head long horn that you come together, girl named Sui Yue?” 猿王又道:“他爱得是不是跟你一同前来的那个头顶长角,名叫岁月的姑娘?” Xiuxiu is somewhat surprised, looks at the ape king dull. 秀秀有些惊讶,呆呆看着猿王。 The monkey master said with a smile: This was easy to do, you give me a drop of essence and blood, I can realize your desire now.” 猴儿法师笑道:“这就好办了,你给我一滴精血,我现在就能实现你的愿望。” I late mountains marking a border.” Xiuxiu said. “我得去世界山。”秀秀道。 Quick,” the monkey master said: Our complete set gets down, even half an hour has more than enough.” “很快,”猴儿法师道:“我们全套下来,连半个钟头都用不了。” ( 3 ) (三) This matter really enough pulls, but Xiuxiu heart movement. 这事儿真够扯的,但秀秀心动了。 She does not believe that the monkey can make Wei Buer fall in love with itself, but tries not want own life. Let alone, in her eyes, own life is not the matter of primary importance. 她根本不相信猴子能让魏不二爱上自己,但试一试又不会要了自己的命。更何况,在她的眼中,自己的性命已经不是最重要的事情了。 Now the late mountains marking a border early, Wei Buer could not have related. From death bog to the world mountain, and must spend some time, worries also uselessly. 现在去世界山还早,魏不二也联系不上。从死亡沼泽到世界山且得花些时间,着急也没用。 She said: How I know, you do not want to empty glove white wolf, deceives my essence and blood?” 她说:“我怎么知道,你们不是想空手套白狼,骗我的精血呢?” Aiya, the monkey master said: „ Your that little while stupor time, we want to take many to take many.” “哎呀,猴儿法师道:“你那会儿昏迷的时候,我们想取多少取多少。” The monkey master then takes away a secret room Xiuxiu, in the secret room engraves strange veined pattern of spirit ape clan writing everywhere. The center has the veined pattern complex disc, seems like some formation. 猴儿法师便将秀秀带去一件密室,密室里面到处是刻印着灵猿族文字的古怪纹路。中央有个纹路复杂的圆盘,似乎是某种阵法 Also asked the girl to stand in law Plate center.” The monkey master said. “还请姑娘站在法盘中央。”猴儿法师说道。 How this monkey must realize her desire. To injure in her radically. 这猴子到底要怎么实现她的愿望。或者根本就是想加害于她。 Stands when formation center, all are unimportant. It nowadays also has anything to be good to lose. 站在阵法中央的时候,一切都不重要了。它现今还有什么好失去的。 Invited the girl toward a law plate top cast drop of essence and blood.” The monkey master said. “请姑娘往法盘上注一滴精血。”猴儿法师道。 The Xiuxiu breaking by biting fingertip, the haulage drives a horse a drop of essence and blood, falls on the full bottom gently. 秀秀咬破指尖,运法驭来一滴精血,轻轻落在足底。 The monkey master holds up the law stick, recited: „ 猴儿法师举起法杖,吟道:“ The separation of spirit and meat, 灵与肉的分离, The exchange of soul and body, 魂与身的交换, The peace of life and death, 生与死的安宁, No one's soul defends stubbornly one, 没有谁的灵魂固守一处, No one's fleshly body is peaceful forever. ” 没有谁的肉躯永远安宁。” The disc vibrates, the ray overflows, enters in which the Xiuxiu cover. 圆盘震动起来,光芒四溢,将秀秀罩入其中。 She has a dizzy spell, the consciousness is fuzzy. Little, she fluttered in the midair, then looked, saw itself still to sit in the disc center unexpectedly. The monkey master sits in her opposite, muttered anything. 她头晕目眩,意识模糊。少许,她飘到了半空中,回头一望,竟然看见自己仍旧坐在圆盘中央。猴儿法师坐在她的对面,喃喃说着什么。 What do you want to make?” She shouts to the monkey master. “你要做什么?”她冲着猴儿法师喊道。 The monkey master actually only looks at her fleshly body, is concentrating on. 猴儿法师却只看着她的肉身,专注着施法。 Has a while, the monkey master waves, drilled a wandering soul from the formation center 有一会儿,猴儿法师一挥手,从阵法中央钻出了一个游魂儿来 Today several dao friend hit to enjoy, here did not facilitate the statistics, tomorrow will thank again. 今天有几位道友打赏了,我这里不方便统计,明天再感谢吧。 In 2019, Happy New Year. 2019年了,各位新年快乐啊。 Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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