BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#511: You snatch the world fruit with me

( 1 ) (一) Xiuxiu catches own person at heart translucently, clearly is ape king, absolutely mistakenly. But why does he want to look for monkey to be a scapegoat? To come to be only fears to offend itself, or needs help from itself. 秀秀心里透亮抓自己的人,分明就是猿王本人,绝对错不了的。但为什么他要找个猴儿来背锅呢?想来只是怕得罪自己,又或者有求于自己。 Ape king just now called itself to be the honored guest, this what's the matter. Might as well the view looks, has a look any acrobatics that he plays. 猿王方才称呼自己作贵客,这又是怎么回事。不妨观瞧一番,看看他耍的什么把戏。 Makes the consideration slightly, looks at that to be a scapegoat the hero saying: Ape king why so? I think that he also dedicates, was worried that I and other external guests conspire.” 稍作思量,才瞧着那位背锅侠说道:“猿王何必如此?我想他也只是尽忠职守,担心我等外来之客图谋不轨。” Miss Zhong,” ape kingly way: You are the clan honored guest, said that such words, haven't blamed us to call inconsiderately? Comes the person, lifted to dig up the skin this scoundrel boy to me, cooked one bowl of monkey brains to drink to Miss Zhong.” 钟姑娘,”猿王道:“您是本族贵客,说这样的话,还不是怪我们招呼不周?来人啊,把这混账小子给我抬出去扒了皮,给钟姑娘炖一碗猴脑儿喝。” Saying, is then entering two tall and powerfully built monkeys from the gate, a person puts up is being a scapegoat a hero arm, will tow in the future. Is a scapegoat the hero to shout forgiving, several were then towed. 说着,便从门来走进两个身材魁梧的猴子,一人架着背锅侠一只胳膊,呼啦啦往后拖。背锅侠大喊着饶命,几下便被拖了出去。 Before long, then hears rending crying out sound. The crying out sound was gradually low, a while, a palace clothing/taking monkey advances a stroller from out of the door, car(riage) above has a small pot, side is putting the soup ladle and bowl. In the pot cooks the soup, the fragrance is overflowing, making one to hear saliva directing current. Under the car(riage) uses the curtain arrange/cloth to obstruct, has the monkey faintly eyah eyah the wail, since 不一会儿,便听见门外一阵撕心裂肺的叫唤声。叫唤声渐渐低落了,又一会儿,一个宫服猴子从门外推进来一个小推车,车上面有一个小锅,旁边放着汤勺和碗。锅里炖着汤,香气四溢,叫人闻着口水直流。车下面用帘布遮着,隐隐有猴子咿咿呀呀的哭泣声从 After curtain arrange/cloth, transmits. 帘布后传来。 Xiuxiu looked at the ape king: This is 秀秀看了看猿王:“这是” This boy to violating girl,” ape kingly way: I then make people pry open its skull, entire takes to cook ripe the brain Jin/benevolent, cooks down the soup again. As for below, his brain, although took, but had not died, keeps the one breath.” “这小子冲犯姑娘,”猿王道:“我便让人把它脑壳撬开,将脑仁整个取出来炖熟,再熬成汤。至于下面吗,他脑子虽然取出来了,但是还没有死掉,留着一口气。” Xiuxiu where is willing to believe his words. The eye transferred the revolutions, takes up the soup ladle, eats monkey brains, ate a soup. In heart secretly funny, this monkey brains clearly do with the soft bean curd. Looks down the curtain arrange/cloth again, really reveals the monkey claw to tremble to tremble. 秀秀哪里肯信他的话。眼睛转了转,拿起汤勺,吃一口猴脑,又喝了口汤。心中暗自好笑,这猴脑分明是拿豆腐脑做的。再低头看帘布,果然露出个猴爪子颤颤发抖。 She is also disinclined to haggle over. The ape king acts in a play, does such troublesome, for anything, makes her somewhat curious actually. 她也懒得计较。猿王演戏,又搞得这么麻烦,到底为了什么,倒是让她有些好奇。 Then asked: Here?” 便问道:“这里是哪儿?” Is my spirit ape Guowang Gong.” “是我灵猿国王宫。” I thought that” Xiuxiu said: I come to here, wants to encroach upon the late mountains marking a border. Since the ape king does not permit, my not good thank your for your hospitality, this to say goodbye.” “我想起来了,”秀秀道:“我来这里,是想借道去世界山呢。猿王既然不允,我也不好叨扰,这就告辞了。” Permits, naturally permits!” Ape kingly way: How can not permit. Who is also is false biography king decree?” “允,当然允!”猿王道:“怎么会不允的。又是谁假传本王旨意?” Ape king Zhunken,” Xiuxiu said: It would be the best. With my together girl?” “猿王准肯,”秀秀道:“当然最好不过。跟我一起的姑娘呢?” She in another room. If Miss Zhong wants to see her, I lead you to pass now.” “她在另一间房。钟姑娘若是想见她,我现在就带你过去。” Xiuxiu said: That has Lao Yuanwang to guide. We return after the world mountain, has thanks again.” 秀秀道:“那就有劳猿王带路。我们从世界山返还之后,定有重谢。” Ape king hear her words, actually stood in same place, starts to speak but hesitates. 猿王听了她的话,却站在原地,欲言又止。 Xiuxiu said with a smile: Can it be that does ape king want to renege on a promise?” 秀秀笑道:“猿王莫不是要反悔?” This king ape king Nao scratched the head, long time said: Oh, my old Sun has the incident to request, does not know whether the girl could consent.” “本王”猿王挠了挠头,半晌才说道:“唉,俺老孙有一事相求,不知姑娘能否答允。” Thanks for the compliment,” Xiuxiu said: We come back from the world mountain, ape king but has asked that we go through fire or water, do not refuse under any circumstances.” “好说好说,”秀秀道:“等我们从世界山回来,猿王但有所求,我们赴汤蹈火,在所不辞。” Saying, is then walking toward out of the door. 说着,便往门外走去。 By that time, without enough time.” The ape king the face was saying painstakingly. “等到那个时候,就来不及了。”猿王苦着脸说道。 ( 2 ) (二) Xiuxiu then said: You first said that wants to let help you work?” 秀秀这才说道:“那你先说说想让帮你做什么事?” Is a long story,” ape kingly way: Bi Guo “说来话长,”猿王道:“鄙国” I may have the urgent matter.” “我可有急事的。” We made a long story short,” ape king said hastily: Bi Guo at this time, must hold a grand sacrificial offering every year, our these generation after generation of great sage equal to heaven must rehearse a west roaming modern drama, deducts 9981 that the ancestor experienced in the past difficultly. My spirit ape country has had a legend, if our modern dramas develop the sincerety, the intention makes an effort, is passionate, portrays a being indomitable spirit great sage equal to heaven image, ancestor's idol will then manifest a spirit, blessing my spirit ape country is thriving, immortal “那咱们长话短说,”猿王连忙道:“鄙国每年此时,都要举办一场盛大祭祀,我们这些齐天大圣的子子孙孙要排练一场西游话剧,重新演绎老祖宗当年经历的九九八十一难。我灵猿国一直有个传说如果咱们的话剧演得真情实意,用心用力,感情充沛,塑造一个顶天立地的齐天大圣形象,老祖宗的神像便会显灵,保佑我灵猿国繁荣昌盛,永垂不朽” Xiuxiu said: What responsibility does this have with me? Won't you always make me develop great sage equal to heaven?” 秀秀道:“这跟我有什么干系?你总不会让我去演齐天大圣罢?” Girl is really extremely intelligent “姑娘真是聪明绝顶” Ape kingly way: „ Previously we bring area the girl way old ancestor idol, 猿王道:“先前我们带着姑娘途径老祖神像附近一带, The idol flashes through together the golden light suddenly. This is since the idol has modelled, has not had matter. This clan wizard practices divination, said the old ancestor idol because light girl, before so long as the girl goes to the old ancestor idol, again worships, old ancestor big manifesting a spirit lightXiuxiu will say: „ I somewhat wondered actually, how 神像忽然闪过一道金光。这是自神像塑起以来,从未曾有过的事。本族大法师占卜一番,说老祖神像之光乃因姑娘而起,而且只要姑娘再去老祖神像前祭拜一番,老祖就会大显灵光”秀秀道:“我倒是有些纳闷了,怎么我一个血祭族人,竟能让贵国老祖显灵了。” Girl does not know, your body has the bloodlines of 16 ear macaques my spirit ape clan vice- four Saint. The old ancestor idol therefore manifests a spirit, is nothing unusual.” “姑娘不知,你身上有我灵猿族副四圣之一六耳猕猴的血脉。老祖神像因此显灵,也不足为奇。” Xiuxiu does not have to think oneself hate bloodlines, like this is precious to others. At heart a mirthless smile. 秀秀没想到自己憎恶之极的血脉,对旁人却这样宝贵。心里不由的一声惨笑。 Then said: Is the thing of kowtowing, why you do not lead me before the old ancestor idol, worshipped forcefully.” 便说道:“不过是磕头的事情,你干嘛不把我带到老祖神像前,强行祭拜好了。” That line? My spirit ape country is the nation of etiquette, how may force someone to do something against his will.” “那怎么行?我灵猿国乃是礼仪之邦,怎可强人所难。” Really funny, initially she grasped, how not to remember is in itself the nation of etiquette. Xiuxiu then suspected, the memorial ceremony sincerely are mostly good. 真是好笑,当初把她抓进来的时候,怎么没想起自己是礼仪之邦。秀秀便猜想,祭拜仪式多半得自己诚心诚意才行。 „,” She said: Originally you want to make me worship the old ancestor. This said.” “哦,”她说道:“原来你们想让我祭拜老祖。这个好说啊。” Ape king Daxi: Girl is willing to help, that is good!” 猿王大喜道:“姑娘肯帮忙,那再好不过!” But, I somewhat wonder,” Xiuxiu extends the take action palm, referred to the palm: You seize me, received my passes message seed, distinct and three birds reached the agreement. Since your country acts in collusion with three birds, why I do want to help you?” “不过,我有些纳闷,”秀秀出手掌,指了指掌心:“你们把我强掳回来,又收了我的传音种子,分明和三头鸟达成了协议。贵国既然和三头鸟沆瀣一气,我干嘛要帮你们?” Ape king Jian she said the truth, knows white Yan quite a while the play, the forced smile said: This king Yuan does not want to promise them. That three birds seized this clan prince, we have no recourse to comply not to put you to pass, but has not hurt the thoughts of girl certainly. In the seed when as for girl hand, was a moment ago the girl after the idol, idol flash, in the girl hand also flashed, that seed changed does not have.” 猿王见她把真相道了出来,才知自己白演半天戏,苦笑道:“本王原也不想答应他们。那三头鸟捉了本族王子,我们迫不得已才答应不放你们通过,但绝没有伤害姑娘的心思。至于姑娘手上的种子,乃是刚才姑娘经过神像时,神像一闪光,姑娘手里也闪了一下,那种子才变没了。” This was bad. In the world forest, Great distance passes message divine ability also can only cause one time. Without the seed, then had no way to contact with Buer. 这就糟糕了。在世界森林之中,【千里传音】的神通也只能使一次。没了种子,便没法与不二联络了。 Xiuxiu then said: Worshipped thing trouble, I have the urgent matter immediately, cannot delay with you, came back to say again.” 秀秀便说:“祭拜的事情麻烦,我当下还有急事,跟你们耽误不得,回来再说罢。” Ape kingly way: This clan master said that worships this matter, being probable to strike while the iron is hot is good. Relax, the worshipped etiquette, formation and sacrificial offering we have prepared, before the girl only need the idol kowtows, spoke words, then is well with everything. The spirit ape flying boat also prepared appropriately, after the matter became, we asked the girl to ride the quickest spirit ape flying boat, the everyone companion also same place of girl, guaranteed you half an hour, then can arrive in the world mountain.” 猿王道:“本族法师说了,祭拜这事,非得趁热打铁才行。放心,祭拜的礼仪、法阵、祭品我们已经准备好,姑娘只需到神像前磕个头,说句话,便万事大吉。灵猿飞舟也准备妥当了,事成之后,我们请姑娘坐上最快的灵猿飞舟,姑娘的诸位同伴也可一起,保证你们半个钟头内,便能抵达世界山。” Xiuxiu said: I help you worship now, who knows that the time you can renege on a promise.” 秀秀道:“我现在帮你们祭拜了,谁知道时候你们会不会反悔。” On girl has the Holy Ghost bloodlines, how dare we easily blasphemed.” “姑娘身上既有圣灵血脉,我们岂敢轻易亵渎。” so that's how it is.” Xiuxiu said: On me has the Holy Ghost bloodlines, my Holy Ghost descendant? Words that I spoke, do you listen?” 原来如此。”秀秀道:“我身上既有圣灵血脉,那我岂不是圣灵后裔?我说的话,你们听不听?” This “这” You , if not listen to me, blasphemes the Holy Ghost bloodlines.” “你们要是不听我的话,也就是亵渎圣灵血脉咯。” Ape king Zhihen are much stupider, several drew out the truth by Zhong Xiuxiu, can only ehm and eyah eyah, make excuses. 猿王只恨自己蠢得厉害,几下就被钟秀秀套出了实话,只能嗯嗯啊啊、咿咿呀呀、支支吾吾。 Xiuxiu said: You snatch the world fruit with me.” 秀秀道:“你们跟我去抢世界果实罢。” Embarrassed saying that this probably unexpectedly is this book's first time is hegemon in addition. 说来惭愧,这好像竟然是这本书第一次为盟主加更。 The feeling is very awkward, very ashamed, rebukes oneself very much. 感觉很尴尬,很惭愧,很自责。 Several hegemons are well, when this chapter for your together in addition. 几位盟主安好,就当这一章是为你们一起加更的罢。 Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! 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