BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#510: Since time immemorial cloudy zhi can prolong life friendly does not strive for pitying day from the week( Chapter 1)

( 1 ) (一) You first wait!” Zheng Zha firmly holds communication, your calm, thinks carefully why he does dare to crash in the imaginary butterfly forest?” “你先等一等!”郑扎紧紧抓住通讯器,“你冷静一下,仔细想一想,他为什么敢冲进幻蝶森林?” to approach/insult Dianting Zheng Zha words, calmed down gradually, wants to be clear about thing the place of fishy. 凌典听了郑扎的话,渐渐冷静下来,想清楚了事情的蹊跷之处。 Only two reasons “不外乎两种原因” He said, first, he has the means of coping with the imaginary butterfly, second, he knows, even if died, they can still win.” 他说道,“第一,他有对付幻蝶的办法,第二,他知道即使自己死了,他们也能赢。” This was right,” Zheng Zha said: „If the first reason, so long as he is living, sooner or later will also want next life the mountains marking a border. If the second type, why he does have this self-confidence? So long as we defend here, the world fruit no one can take away.” “这就对了,”郑扎说道:“如果是第一个原因,他只要活着,迟早还要来世界山。如果是第二种,他凭什么有这种自信?只要我们守在这里,世界果实谁也拿不走。” to approach/insult Dian looked up the front road, the imaginary butterfly valley seven color rays let person dizziness. 凌典抬头看了看前方的路,幻蝶谷七彩的光芒让人头晕目。 My brain a little hoodwinks,” he said. “我的脑子有点蒙,”他说道。 I guessed,” Zheng Zhadao: In their hands has the chip, can coerce us by the chip.” “我猜测,”郑扎道:“他们手里有筹码,可以凭借筹码要挟我们。” World stone? Were you say the world stone also in others hand?” “世界石?你是说世界石还在别人手上?” A moment ago,” Zheng Zha said: Nearby spirit crane lake transmitted the soul body induction to prove they also had living adventurer. You come back to heal from a wound the Yan Wei belt now as soon as possible. Later, goes to the crane to roost the lake again.” “刚才,”郑扎说道:“灵鹤湖附近又传来了魂体感应证明他们还有活着的冒险者。你现在尽快把言薇带回来养伤。之后,再去鹤栖湖。” to approach/insult Dian thinks, returns said: Good, happen to goes to the spirit crane lake to catch a spirit crane to come back.” 凌典想了想,回道:“好,正好去灵鹤湖抓一只灵鹤回来。” The spirit crane is came from the soul regarding the blood sacrifice clansman's restraint the strength. If can be alive on the mountains marking a border the hidden spirit crane, can be in an impregnable position. 灵鹤对于血祭族人的克制是来自灵魂的力量。如果能在世界山上暗藏一只灵鹤,就可以立于不败之地。 You did not say that the spirit crane is unruly, may cause the retaliation?” Zheng Zhadao. “你不是说灵鹤桀骜不驯,可能会引起报复么?”郑扎道。 I when is close to dawn take action.” to approach/insult Dian said: Catches a leaving behind spirit crane as far as possible.” “我会在接近天亮的时候出手。”凌典说道:“尽可能抓一只落单的灵鹤。” If so, the spirit crane group will perhaps not discover his petty action. Even discovered, still without enough time organization massively retaliatory action. When dawn, the transcription finished, the spirit crane are not related with them with the mountain ridges of three birds. 如果是这样,灵鹤群或许不会发现他的小动作。即使发现,也来不及组织大规模地报复行动。等到天一亮,副本结束,灵鹤与三头鸟的梁子跟他们就没有关系了。 This risk is worth braving. 这个风险值得冒。 Zheng Zha considers little, finally said: Ok, but must handle affairs carefully. Currently speaking, the death bog was the way that they were most likely to climb mountains, Yan Wei not, we also died two three birds, the strength was somewhat insufficient, arranged your side that only three birds to do an inspection in the death bog along the route.” 郑扎思量少许,终于说道:“可以,但一定要小心行事。目前来看,死亡沼泽还是他们最有可能上山的路径,言薇不在了,我们还死了两只三头鸟,力量有些不足,就安排你身边那只三头鸟在死亡沼泽沿线巡查吧。” ( 2 ) (二) Three birds flew toward south shortly, facing set of Wei Buer from mire. 三头鸟往南飞了不久,魏不二从泥潭里面钻了出来。 He looks at the north colorful forest, a piece is surreptitious and tranquil. 他望了望北方色彩斑斓的森林,一片诡秘与宁静。 Before several talisman that took from storage bag, an only illusion symbol has used up. extreme speed talisman used up one, but also remains one. Two concealment rune/symbol Quanbu used up, under this concealment symbol static condition can be effective, the opportunity of later using are not many. 之前从储物袋里取出来的几张符箓中,唯一的一张幻象符已经用掉。极速符用掉了一张,还剩一张。两张隐匿符全部用掉了,这种隐匿符只有静止状态下才能管用,以后用的机会也不多了。 Only these escapes time, used up four talisman, the consumption is obviously heavy. However all are worth in the cognition of three birds, oneself should be a deceased person. 仅这一次逃生,就用掉了四张符箓,消耗显然不轻。不过一切都值得在三头鸟的认知中,自己应该是个死人了。 Moreover, in he captures also remains a stealth symbol. This talisman also has certain concealment effect in the condition of high-speed movement, finally robs the fruit time, certainly can have the big use. 另外,他兜里还剩一张隐身符。这种符箓在高速移动的状态下也具备一定隐匿效果,最后抢夺果实的时候,一定可以派上大用场。 He looks around, side already not a teammate. Loneliness unprecedented intensity of fighting in isolation. 他举目四望,身边已经没有一个队友。孤军作战的孤独感前所未有的强烈。 Spreads out the palm, passes message the seed to raise the head slowly, weak light in senecio haworthii under serves as contrast brightly really emaciated. 摊开手掌,传音种子缓缓抬起头来,微弱的光在银月的明亮衬托下着实孱弱。 Sui Yue, Junior Sister Zhong,” he was saying to the seed: Receives please answer.” 岁月,钟师妹,”他对着种子说道:“收到请回话。” Replied his, was a long silentness. 回答他的,是一阵漫长的静默。 Also after a while, in the seed broadcast clear/pain moon/month the voice: Did not need to call, these two losing contact were very long.” 又过一会儿,种子里传来了楚月的声音:“不用叫了,这两位失联很久了。” Hears clear/pain moon/month the voice warmly, Buer at heart one. 听到楚月的声音,不二心里一暖。 He raised the head to distinguish debated the direction, 他抬头辨了辩方向, Kui Mufeng?” 魁木峰呢?” Lost contact with the ignorant heart together.” “跟蚩心一起失联了。” Your that side situation how?” “你那边的情况怎样?” „It is not quite good,” clear/pain moon/month said: Three birds came several times, we were divided into two groups, I have one team, Liu Ming xiang has one team. That side the sound is just now big, I guess that was they are discovered by the bear person. I and changed/easy Xuanrao the long journey as for me, felt that rushes to the world mountain very much difficultly before dawn.” “不太好,”楚月说道:“三头鸟来了好几次,我们分成了两组,我带一队,刘明湘带一队。那边方才动静不小,我猜是她们被熊人发现了。至于我这边我和易萱绕了远路,感觉很难在天亮前赶到世界山。” I knew.” Buer said. “我知道了。”不二道。 ( 3 ) (三) Buer thinks, the situation is very transparent. As if only then had confidence that before dawn arrives at the world mountain. 不二想了想,形势很明了。似乎只有自己有把握在天亮前到达世界山。 Also can only by oneself Huo tiger/brave, Gu Yousheng, the ignorant heart, Xiuxiu, Sui Yue, everyone's sacrifice to let him arrives in the world mountain safely promptly. 也只能靠自己了霍虎,古有生,蚩心,秀秀,岁月,所有人的牺牲都是为了让他安全及时抵达世界山。 He is shouldering their hope and trust. He must take off the world fruit, must win the final victory, making elapsing die and be reborn. 他背负着他们的希望和信任。他必须摘下世界果实,必须赢得最后的胜利,让逝去者死而复生。 Life entirely Sheng, damages all damages. 一生俱生,一损皆损。 The unprecedented pressure tide wells up likely generally. He builds a dike in oneself chest and mind, in order to avoid the tide submerges the reason. 前所未有的压力像潮水一般涌上来。他在自己的心口和脑海筑起一座堤坝,以免潮水淹没理智。 At this time, from dawn two -and-a-half double-hour many moment. From world mountains marking a border 140 miles, slightly deviation projected route. 此时,距离天亮两个半时辰多一刻。距离世界山一百四十里地,稍稍偏离预定路线。 Here was the imaginary butterfly valley and death bog edge, was the intersection of dirty mire and brilliant forest, was on the map marks the extremely dangerous place. 这里是幻蝶谷和死亡沼泽的边缘,是肮脏泥潭和绚烂森林的结合部,是地图上标明极其危险的地方。 Also before is him , the fourth way that plans. 也是他之前谋划的第四条路径。 Walks toward poisonous lizard lake north side that road from here, from is not short, moreover detours, but may also meet three birds. 从这里往毒蜥湖北边那条路走,距离不短,而且绕路,还有可能遇上三头鸟。 Therefore, he decided that continues at present along this road, with the aid of fear of three birds to imaginary butterfly valley, won more rooms for manoeuvre for oneself. 所以,他决定沿着眼前这条路继续走下去,借助三头鸟对幻蝶谷的畏惧,为自己赢得更多的回旋余地。 ( 4 ) (四) Spirit ape country. 灵猿国。 Xiuxiu wakes up, discovered oneself lie down on a soft bed. 秀秀醒来的时候,发现自己躺在一张软绵绵的大床上。 Looks in the top of the head that line of small character distances dawn two double-hour many moment. 看头顶上那行小字距离天亮两个时辰多一刻。 When life and death comes more and more near, how also did not know Wei Buer they now. 决死之时越来越来近,也不知道魏不二他们现在怎么样了。 She puts out a hand, looks at the palm, passes message the seed to disappear, obviously was attempted to pervert. 她一伸手,看掌心,传音种子不见了,显然被人作了手脚。 On the bed is hanging the tissue curtain. Being away from the curtain can see the careful arrangement the room, the padauk teak furniture, calligraphy and painting hanging on the wall. What picture is a monkey king that wears golden armor, vacates to write several lines of characters, read said: 床上挂着薄纱帷幔。隔着帷幔可以看见精心布置的屋子,红木家具,还有墙上挂着的字画。画的是一个身披金甲的美猴王,空出写着几行字,读曰: Hundredth time current of water, lifetime enterprise and other bubbles. Yesterday in the peach variety toward the surface, in front the snowflake floats today. “百岁光阴似水流,一生事业等浮沤。昨朝面上桃花色,今日头边雪片浮。 A termite remnant side is imaginary, the cuckoo sound cuts to turn head. Since time immemorial cloudy zhi can prolong life, friendly did not strive for pitying day from the week. ” 白蚁阵残方是幻,子规声切想回头。古来阴骘能延寿,善不求怜天自周。” Read several, then thought that in the poem the implication makes one taste unceasingly. 读了几遍,便觉得诗中意蕴让人回味不绝。 Her life cultivation, the time passage disappears, has not tasted with enough time, life dozens years so passed by, the grand dao achievement actually is also unattainable. 她一生修道,年华转瞬即逝,还未来得及回味,人生数十载就这般过去了,大道的成就却还遥不可及。 The peach variety has not faded actually, in front the snow has not floated, however the heart of person somewhat was old. 桃花色倒是未衰,头边雪也没浮起来,但是人的心却有些老了。 Cannot ask to ask, the rare love loves, dao stage is frustrated, the realm of love fades. Although termite remnant, the person actually falls into. The cuckoo sound is mournful, wants then to really be impossible. 不能求所求,难得爱所爱,道场失意,情场更衰。白蚁阵虽残,人却陷入其中。杜鹃声哀切,想回头确是不可能的。 Sentimental road, can only a muscle arrive at the head. 感情这条路,只能一根筋走到头。 Is good has not made anything that weighs on the conscience because of oneself, Sui Yue is in danger twice , under has not dropped the stone. Then, when that three years approximately arrive, were in the world really do not allow her to go on living, then can look like since ancient times cloudy zhi to prolong life, friendly did not strive for pitying day from week this, in the netherworld can also the last auspicious day. 好在自己没有做什么亏心事,岁月两次遇险,也未曾落进下石。如此一来,等那三年之约一到,便是世上真的不容她活下去了,便可以像“古来阴骘能延寿,善不求怜天自周”这一句所述,在阴间也能过上好日子。 What is more wonderful, she is broad and level, has no qualms in the heart, can result in one safely comfortable. 更妙的是,她坦坦荡荡,无愧于心,更能得一番安心自在。 Is indulging in flights of fancy this, suddenly hears a sound that is thin the thin air/Qi: Ah, the Zhong Xiuxiu girl awoke!” 正胡思乱想这,忽然听见一个细里细气的声音:“啊呀,钟秀秀姑娘醒了!” Saying, is running a monkey of wear palace clothing/taking from the bed curtain, opens the room door, called out loudly: Miss Zhong awoke!” 说着,从床帏边跑出一个穿着宫服的猴子,把房间门打开,大声叫道:“钟姑娘醒了!” Then hears outside one eyah eyah the apes and monkeys to call, disorderly sound of footsteps. 便听见外面一阵咿咿呀呀的猿猴叫,一阵凌乱的脚步声。 Monkey called out: Do not quarrel, making our kings go, hurried saying that with Miss Zhong the proper business.” 一个猴儿叫道:“别吵了,让咱们大王进去,跟钟姑娘赶紧说正事罢。” Monkey called out: Said right, said right.” 猴儿们纷纷叫道:“说得对,说得对。” Then in the monkey cry, previously that wore golden armor, to say the monkey that spirit ape country kings walked from out of the door 便在猴叫声中,先前那个身披金甲、自称灵猿国国王的猴子从门外走了进来 ( 5 ) (五) Miss Zhong is good,” 钟姑娘好啊,” Ape king passing through the gate, then arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Xiuxiu, over the face wore a smile, said: Rests can be calm and steady?” 猿王一进门,便冲着秀秀拱了拱手,满面堆笑,说道:“睡的可算安稳?” Xiuxiu looks at him is so attentive, then thought that is not right, then returns said: I was caught by you, captive, where dares to sleep calm and steady.” 秀秀瞧他这般殷勤,便觉得不大对劲,便回道:“我是被你们抓来的,阶下囚一个,哪里敢睡安稳觉。” The ape king stares immediately, turns around to clutch one also to put on golden armor and to monkey that from out of the door his appearance is similar, gets angry: Your this scoundrel boy, dares to pretend this king, dashed the honored guest, looked that I peel your skin today, dug up your muscle, strung together to become Rouchuan to roast eating 猿王当即一瞪眼,转身从门外揪回来一个也穿着金甲、与他模样相仿的猴儿,怒道:“你这混账小子,竟敢假冒本王,冲撞了贵客,看我今日剥了你皮,扒了你的筋,串成肉串烤了吃” Today's monthly ticket especially many. 今天的月票格外的多啊。 Yes, later a chapter. 对了,待会儿还有一章。 Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! 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