BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#509: Adventurer who the Gu Yousheng unique skill and crashes in the imaginary butterfly valley

( 1 ) (一) By this time, everyone crossed a river in a boat together, but also there is anything skeptical. 到了这个时候,大家同舟共济,还有什么好怀疑的。 Buer nods. 不二点了点头。 Gu Yousheng said: Later, you come out from Ze otter stomach, drills again from the air bubble, proceeds by all means. I follow in you behind, their two cope with by me.” 古有生道:“待会儿,你从泽獭肚里出来,再从气泡里钻出去,只管往前走。我跟在你身后,它们两个由我来对付。” Buer visits him, the whole body is mud stain and blood stain, like live person who runs away from the hell. Then deliberately considered: And I believe that if there is any accident/surprise, then with Disappears, Always cannot consigned to eternal damnation. 不二看着他,浑身是泥渍和血污,像从地狱里逃出来的活人。便寻思:我且信一回,万一有什么意外,便用【转瞬即逝】,总不会万劫不复 Then said with Gu Yousheng: The aura that a moment ago, they searched is from east to west, I think these two three birds should at this moment in our east side. I run away toward the west.” 便与古有生说道:“刚才,它们搜查的气息是自东而西,我想这两只三头鸟此刻应该在我们的东面。那我就往西面逃。” „It is not good Gu Yousheng saying: „The world mountain in the west, our goals also in the west, must guard against the opponent to defend in the west. Is inferior to you first toward north, when I solved them, you walk toward the west again.” “不好”古有生道:“世界山在西面,我们的目标也在西面,要防着对手在西面守着。不如你先往北,等我解决了它们,你再往西走。” Words that walks toward north,” Ida said: Was nearer to the imaginary butterfly valley. I know that the imaginary butterfly valley edge has a plant, the leaf somewhat looks like the butterfly, if can pick this plant the leaf, to resisting the cry of spirit crane is very useful.” “往北走的话,”小艾达说道:“离幻蝶谷就更近了。我知道幻蝶谷边缘有一种植物,叶子有些像蝴蝶,如果能摘到这种植物的叶子,对抵制灵鹤的叫声很有用。” Buer nods should guard against the opponent to seize several spirit cranes to be alive under the mountains marking a border arrange/cloth to ambush. 不二点了点头是应该防着对手捉几只灵鹤在世界山布下埋伏。 He slightly considers, thought several possible sudden outbreaks, thinks that the law of dealing , Ida will hold on him suddenly, blinks, said: Father, you must live.” 他略思量一番,想好了几种可能的突发状况,又想好了应对之法,正要出去,小艾达忽然拉住了他,眨了眨眼睛,说道:“爹爹,你一定要活下来。” Buer shook the God, suddenly really thinks oneself had a big daughter. 不二晃了晃神,一时间真的以为自己生了一个这般大的女儿。 He nods subconsciously, drills from the air bubble, closes one's eyes in one group of mire toward north swims away. 他下意识点了点头,从气泡里钻出去,在一团泥沼之中闭着眼睛往北游去。 Shortly after side drills from the air bubble, together the aura from the midair searches to lock him. 方从气泡钻出不久,一道气息就从半空中探下来锁定了他。 His both hands and tails make an effort to move mud Ze, goes all out to proceed to clash. 他双手和尾巴用力拨动泥泽,拼命往前冲。 Gu Yousheng actually hides in Ze otter stomach, conceals the aura, motionless. 古有生却藏在泽獭肚里,匿住气息,一动不动。 In the midair, two three birds graze to come from south to north, to diving, the giant claw throws down the fierce shadow in the mire. 半空之中,两只三头鸟从南至北飞掠而来,冲着俯冲下去,巨大的爪子在泥潭上投下狰狞的影子。 Three birds dive to the mire above 2-3 zhang (3.33 m), the wing wields, the violent wind curls up big piece mud Ze, had the mud-rain like the sky. The mud in mire are getting fewer and fewer, before long, the body of Wei Buer comes out from spates obviously. 三头鸟俯冲至泥潭上空2-3丈,翅膀挥动,猛烈的风卷起大片泥泽,像天空中下起了泥雨。泥潭里的泥却越来越少,不一会儿,魏不二的身子就从一片泥水中显出来。 ( 2 ) (二) Zhao Zhe is staring at the mire stubbornly. 赵哲死死盯着泥潭。 A form of whole body mud blood reveals an corner/horn, in her heart one happy, will dive, but next works on him. 一个浑身泥血的身影露出一角,她心中一喜,正要俯冲而下一把抓起他。 Suddenly, one side of the mire, air bubble plump braved. 忽然,泥潭一侧,一个气泡扑通一声冒了出来。 Her heart one cold, stops the personal appearance, making the indigenous three birds keep off before own. 她心头一凛,止住身形,让土著三头鸟挡在自己身前。 A person's shadow of whole body mud blood leapt from the mire all of a sudden, like the missile that projects from the water, suddenly before rushed to her body, is not far. 一个满身泥血的人影从泥潭中一下子跃了起来,就像从水里射出的导弹,眨眼间就冲到了她身前不远。 Zhao Zhe then sees clearly, his body is tying the arms several casts, dense and numerous, in the hand is grasping a lead wire. 赵哲这才看清楚,他身上绑着好几圈管状物,密密麻麻的,手里握着一根引线。 The indigenous three birds open big mouth, a Fire Dragon blurted out, rumbles to that person, the blazing high temperature as if must melt the land. 土著三头鸟张开大嘴,一头火龙脱口而出,冲着那人轰去,炽热的高温似乎要把大地融化。 Shit!” “shit!” Zhao Zhe heart soon stopped, shrinks the body hastily, the whole person curls up after the indigenous three bird transparent shark's fins. 赵哲的心脏快要停下了,连忙一缩身子,整个人蜷在土著三头鸟肉翅之后。 The Fire Dragon burns the day to burn, swallows that person. 火龙焚天灼地,一口将那人吞噬。 Next flickers, an earth-shaking loud sound. 下一瞬,一声惊天动地的巨响。 The flame soars to the heavens, the impact wave climate bulldozer that the explosion forms is the same, from inside to outside crush in the past. 火光冲天,爆炸形成的冲击波像推土机一样,从里向外碾压过去。 The indigenous three birds were involved in shock-wave together with Zhao Zhe together, flutters in fierce rocking. 土著三头鸟连同赵哲一起被卷入冲击波中,在剧烈的晃动中飘荡。 A great strength is extruding Zhao Zhe, making her breathe difficultly, almost suffocates. 一股巨力挤压着赵哲,让她呼吸艰难,几乎窒息。 Her consciousness is gradually fuzzy, only felt oneself as if wander in the outer space, endless. 她的意识渐渐模糊,只觉得自己似乎在太空游荡,无休无止。 ( 3 ) (三) Has not known how long, in communication broadcast to approach/insult Dian the voice: 不知过了多久,通讯器里传来凌典的声音: Zhao Zhe, can you hear? Zhao Zhe! Please answer!” “赵哲,你能听见吗?赵哲!请回话!” I can hear Zhao Zhe to return weakly said. “我能听见”赵哲虚弱的回道。 What had?” “发生了什么?” They have the bomb, the TNT might is very big, we died three birds.” “他们有炸弹,TNT威力很大,我们又死了一只三头鸟。” You how?” “你怎么样?” I am good. Detonated the person of bomb dead did not have the world stone. “我还好。引爆炸弹的人已经死了身上没有世界石。 to approach/insult Dian,” in communication resounded Zheng Zha voice: That is the TNT explosion of short distance! Zhao Zhe certain wound is very heavy, you quick in the past, brings back to the world mountain her, here has the medicine.” ”“凌典,”通讯器里响起了郑扎的声音:“那是近距离的TNT爆炸!赵哲一定伤的很重,你快过去,把她带回世界山,我这里有伤药。” I now to approach/insult Dian hesitant, I go now.” “我现在”凌典犹豫了一下,“我现在就去。” Zhao Zhedao: I, the adventurer ran away leave alone. The world stone may very much on him, you pursue quickly!” 赵哲道:“别管我,有一个冒险者逃走了。世界石很有可能在他身上,你快去追!” ( 4 ) (四) Death bog. From dawn two -and-a-half double-hour multi- thirty minutes, from the world mountains marking a border 140 miles. 死亡沼泽。距离天亮两个半时辰多两刻,距离世界山一百四十里地。 Buer drills the mire, nearly proceeds to clash north crazily. The giant explosive sound is earth-shaking, shock-wave one volume comes. He escapes taking advantage of this shock-wave all of a sudden is very far. 不二钻出泥潭,近乎疯狂地往前北面冲。身后巨大的爆炸声惊天动地,冲击波一卷而来。他借着这股冲击波一下子逃出很远。 The explosion certainly is the Gu Yousheng detonation, but he places the explosion center, has died mostly. 爆炸一定是古有生引爆的,而他身处爆炸中心,多半已经没命了。 He then looked behind, could not have found the traces of three birds, the danger relieves this temporarily is Gu Yousheng with the valuable opportunity that the life trades, he cannot waste. 他回头看了看身后,已经瞧不见三头鸟的踪影,危险暂时解除这是古有生用生命换回来的宝贵机会,他绝不能浪费。 The front not far away, can find a colorful forest indistinctly. This is the imaginary butterfly valley. 前面不远处,隐约可以瞧见一片色彩斑斓的森林。这就是幻蝶谷。 He calculated, the explosion that Gu Yousheng created a moment ago enough killed the two three birds of vicinity. However catches up with two three birds that should from the ignorant heart is not affected. Calculates the time, they also soon pursued to here. 他心里盘算了一下,古有生刚才造成的爆炸足够将近处的两只三头鸟炸死。但是从蚩心那边赶过来的两只三头鸟应该不会受到波及。算算时间,它们也快要追到这里了。 In does not use divine ability In the situation, now the only way out is the imaginary butterfly forest. 在不使用【神通】的情况下,现在唯一的生路就是幻蝶森林。 Is pondering over, then transmits the wind the howling sound. He will then look in the future, under moon/month distant place, two shadow that is throwing over the silver light is approaching to here, increases at the visible speed in the midair. 正琢磨着,身后便传来风的呼啸声。他回头往后看,月下远处,两个披着银光的影子正向这边靠近,在半空中以肉眼可见的速度变大。 His sneaks in the mire, goes all out to swim away to the direction of imaginary butterfly valley. 他一头钻进泥沼里,冲着幻蝶谷的方向拼命游去。 ( 5 ) (五) The ice standard burnt a fire at heart. 凌典心里烧了一把火。 The Zhao Zhe exploded horrible to look at appearance has reflected in his mind, he is actually cruel-hearted has not rescued. 赵哲被炸的惨不忍睹的样子一直在他脑海里回映,他却狠下心没有施救。 The front adventurer entered in the mire, proceeds to clash the roaming like the loach. 前面的冒险者钻进了泥潭里,像泥鳅一样往前冲游。 World stone likely in this person. If cannot hold him, before all efforts, all sacrifices, what significance but also there is? 世界石很可能就在此人身上。如果不能抓住他,之前所有的努力,所有的牺牲,还有什么意义? In communication broadcasts Zheng Zha voice: how about it?” 通讯器里传来郑扎的声音:“怎么样了?” He is running away toward the imaginary butterfly forest!” “他在往幻蝶森林逃!” Not awfully?” Zheng Zhadao. “不要命了?”郑扎道。 Does not know, ice standard dives fast downward, felt the muscle of own whole body is shivering, I will not make it work.” “不知道,”凌典飞快向下俯冲,觉得自己浑身的肌肉都在颤动,“我绝不会让它得逞。” He opens the mouth, the tornado blurted out together, is clamping the mud idea of pollution , like the bullet, under the adventurer of volume to mire. 他张开嘴巴,一道龙卷风脱口而出,夹着浑浊的泥巴点子,向子弹一样,卷向泥潭底下的冒险者。 Must be involved in the wind him shortly, the adventurer fled from the mire suddenly, the instantaneous velocity drew near pinnacle, a blink sneaked in the front riot of color forest. 眼看就要将他卷入风中,冒险者忽然从泥潭之中窜了出来,瞬间速度快到了极致,一眨眼钻进了前方五色斑斓的森林之中。 He to approach/insult Dian could not somewhat have gotten back one's composure: Sneaked in the imaginary butterfly valley “他”凌典还有些回不过神来:“钻进幻蝶谷了” What to do do you plan?” Zheng Zhadao. “你打算怎么办?”郑扎道。 Cannot make him escape.” “绝不能让他逃掉。” Under to approach/insult Dian heart by ruthless, dives to go toward the imaginary butterfly forest. 凌典心下以狠,也朝着幻蝶森林俯冲而去。 to approach/insult Dian!” Zheng Zhada shouts: You stop to me!” “凌典!”郑扎大喊道:“你给我停下!” I must go in! World stone on him “我得进去!世界石就在他身上” Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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