BEGD :: Volume #10 古城奥秘 血色祭炼

#513: I do not invite trouble

( 1 ) (一) Xiuxiu knows this wandering soul the aura 秀秀识得这游魂儿的气息 Sui Yue?” 岁月?” Sui Yue in the confusedness, the look is actually as if dispersing, central empty is fluttering in formation. 岁月却似乎在迷茫之中,眼神散着,在阵法中央虚飘着。 What's all this about?” Xiuxiu asked the monkey master. “这是怎么回事?”秀秀问猴儿法师。 „The soul of dislocation,” the monkey master said: Please share each other memory.” “错位的灵魂啊,”猴儿法师说道:“请分享彼此的记忆罢。” Oh no. Xiuxiu thinks subconsciously. 糟糕。秀秀下意识想到。 Following close on, her seemed stimulating to movement by the invisible strength, slowly close to the Sui Yue wandering soul. Tight post of two soul bodies in midair in the same place, wishes one could each other to merge into one organic whole. 紧跟着,她仿佛被无形的力量催动着,缓缓靠近岁月的游魂儿。两个魂体在半空中紧紧贴在一起,恨不得彼此融为一体。 The memory that belong to Sui Yue, the strange scene and picture inundate to spill into her mind, takes root steadily, occupies originally ripe in an corner/horn, as if these memories inherent here. 一幕幕属于岁月的记忆,陌生的情景和画面漫涌进她的脑海中,就此稳稳地扎根,自来熟地盘踞在一角,仿佛这些记忆与生俱来就在这里。 Has not known how long, the memory tail sneaked in the mind. She and Sui Yue wandering soul also separates. 不知过了多久,记忆的尾巴钻进脑海中。她和岁月的游魂儿也分离开来。 Soul of becoming lost,” “迷路的灵魂啊,” The monkey master said: Walks, seeks to be your body.” 猴儿法师道:“走罢,寻找属于你自己的身躯。” She saw the Sui Yue wandering soul to sneak in her body. She actually hauled in a plate by an invisible strength, the present world falls into dim. 她看见岁月的游魂儿钻进了她的身体里。她却被一股无形之力拉进了阵盘之中,眼前的世界陷入一片昏暗。 Soon, the ray brightened suddenly. 不久,光线忽然变亮了。 She arrived in another room, seeing Sui Yue to close one's eyes, lies down in a formation center. 她到了另一间屋子里,看见岁月闭着眼睛,躺在一座阵法中央。 That strength is pushing her gently, flutters toward Sui Yue. 那股力量轻轻推着她,向着岁月飘去。 She understands suddenly, shouts greatly: No, does not want!” 她忽然明白过来,大喊道:“不,不要!” But said that anything, she sneaked in the body of Sui Yue late quickly, consciousness was fuzzy in the flash. 但说什么都晚了,她很快钻进了岁月的身体,意识在一瞬间模糊了。 ( 2 ) (二) Has not known how long, she woke, sits sets out, somewhat looks at all around at a loss. 不知过了多久,她醒了过来,坐起身,有些茫然地看着四周。 Lowers the head looks again, she puts on green tunic this is the Sui Yue clothes. Very real touch. 低头再一瞧,她穿着绿色的裙衫这是岁月的衣服。非常真实的触感。 Her heart jumps, touches own face, extends to the sleeve in tried to find out, soon found a mirror. Looks in a mirror, what visible is the face of Sui Yue. This simply is a huge joke. 她心头一跳,摸了摸自己的脸,又伸到袖子里摸索,很快找到一面镜子。一照镜子,看见的是岁月的脸。这简直是一个天大的玩笑。 Congratulates the girl,” ape king walked from out of the door, „the person who you love now loves was you.” “恭喜姑娘,”猿王从门外走了进来,“你爱的人现在爱的就是你了。” Changes us,” she said that immediately.” “把我们换回来,”她说,“立刻。” Why?” “为什么?” Sui Yue that he loves, is not Zhong Xiuxiu.” “他爱的还是岁月,不是钟秀秀。” What relations does this have?” Ape kingly way: You have the body of Sui Yue now, the Sui Yue memory, Sui Yue all, you were Sui Yue, are you who Wei Buer loved as for former Sui Yue, we can keep here her forever.” “这有什么关系?”猿王道:“你现在拥有岁月的身体,岁月的记忆,岁月的一切,你就是岁月,魏不二爱的就是你至于从前的岁月,我们可以把她永远留在这里。” But I am Zhong Xiuxiu,” she said: I see my beloved person, but he is speaking the talk between lovers to Sui Yue, what in the eye looks is she, the bosom hugs is being she, I do not invite trouble.” “但我还是钟秀秀,”她说道:“我眼看着我心爱的人,但他却对着岁月说情话,眼里望的是她,怀里抱着是她,我才不要自找苦吃。” Moreover,” she lowers the head, looked at own hand, what right do I have to win others' body?” “况且,”她低下头,看了看自己的手,“我有什么权利夺走别人的身体?” What is more important, she also has no right to eliminate others' love. The love is wholehearted, is mutual liking of two people, indispensable, cannot by cheating to obtain. 更重要的是,她也无权剥夺别人的爱。爱是真心实意,是两个人的相互喜欢,缺一不可,绝不能靠作弊来获得。 I do that” she said: Is injures someone to cause self infliction, you change now us.” “我这么做,”她说:“是害人害己,你现在就把我们换回去。” Ape king Leng long time, said: I have no way to understand that but I can change you. However, on where your soul bodies fleshly body, at least must two double-hour be able the exsomatize.” 猿王愣了半晌,说道:“我没法儿理解但我可以将你换回去。不过,你们的魂体才安在肉躯上,至少还得两个时辰才能离体。” She looked up that line of character distances dawn, two double-hour. 她抬头看了看那行字距离天亮,两个时辰。 Two double-hour, that was the war later thing. If they won the final victory, she comes back to exchange the body with Sui Yue. If were defeated, all belong to the nihility, does not need to haggle over anything again. 两个时辰,那就是大战之后的事情了。如果她们赢得最后的胜利,她就回来跟岁月交换身体。如果失败了,一切归于虚无,也不必再计较什么。 She takes up the mirror, looked at the face in mirror. Since she has known Wei Buer, he has not spoken half a word talk between lovers to her. She thinks that this whole life could not hear. This accident of sorts occupied Sui Yue fleshly body, can be predestined friends listens to him to speak one. 她拿起镜子,看了看镜中的面庞。自从她认识魏不二以来,他从没有对她讲过半句情话。她原以为原本这辈子都听不到了了。今次机缘巧合占了岁月肉身,能否有缘听他讲一句呢。 Then with ape king: Sui Yue now where.” 便与猿王:“岁月现在何处。” In next room. Also after stupor also two double-hour, can wake up.” “就在隔壁房间。还昏迷着也得两个时辰后才能醒来。” Xiuxiu said: You, and makes her rest, quite the self-control soul body, after we do not receive in exchange the respective body, later received the damage. We now on late mountains marking a border.” 秀秀道:“你且让她休息,好生涵养魂体,不要待会儿我们换回各自身体后受了损伤。咱们现在就去世界山。” Ape kingly way: „ After you also rest to trade the soul, 猿王道:“你也休息一下换魂之后, The soul body shakes, later feared must suffer hardship. ” Xiuxiu nods, looks at the next room, the heart said: I only borrow two double-hour, listening to him to speak a talk between lovers, was enough. 魂体震荡,待会儿怕要受罪的。”秀秀点头,又瞧了瞧隔壁房间,心道:我只借两个时辰,听他讲一句情话,就足够了。 ( 3 ) (三) Death bog. From the dawn two double-hour. 死亡沼泽。距离天亮两个时辰。 Buer sees Ida whole body dirt, stumbled along from the distant place. She has hidden in the air bubble before, after waiting for three birds to leave, drilled. 不二看见小艾达满身泥污,从远处磕磕绊绊走了过来。她之前一直藏在气泡里面,等三头鸟离开之后,才钻了出来。 Father,” Ida said: I long was so big, perform to endure hardships.” “爹,”小艾达说道:“我长这么大,尽遭罪了。” This saying said that probably she lives is his crime. The injustice has a debt to have main, asks Li Yunjing to do accounts. 这话说的,好像她生下来都是他的罪过。冤有头债有主,找李云憬算账去吧。 Buer carries her, shook dirt, proceeds to look. 不二把她背起来,抖了抖身上的泥污,往前看。 At present this road, the left is colorful plant sea of flowers, the right is black smelly mud Ze, like the boundary of magic and reality. 眼前这条路,左边是五颜六色的植物花海,右边是黑臭的泥泽,就像魔幻和现实的分界线。 But filthy mud Ze is safe, beautiful sea of flowers contains the fatal danger. The road of life is so, the cultivation road is so. 但污浊的泥泽是安全的,美丽的花海却蕴藏着致命的危险。人生的路何尝不是如此,修道的路又何尝不是如此。 Because is two place intersection points, in this roads will have curved to circle many, if not hit 12 spirit, might astray the imaginary butterfly valley very much. Buer does not dare to be negligent. 因是两地交界处,这条路中间会有很多弯弯绕绕,如果不打起十二分精神,很有可能会误入幻蝶谷。不二不敢大意。 From here to the world mountain,” he said: How long wants probably?” “从这里到世界山,”他说道:“大概要多久?” All smooth words, a double-hour are more.” “一切顺利的话,一个时辰多一些。” „It is not smooth.” “不顺利呢。” That perhaps.” “那就没准了。” You, if so has been useless, I throw inside you mud.” “你要是一直这么没用,我就把你扔到泥里头。” Buer no longer delays, proceeds earnestly. 不二不再耽搁,埋头往前走。 He walks, while deliberately considers, judged that the security the way, carefully observes the imaginary butterfly valley the magic boundless forest. 他一边走,一边寻思,判断安全的路径,仔细观察幻蝶谷的魔幻林海。 Ida said that the edge plant of imaginary butterfly valley, can make the blood sacrifice clansman keep sober in the cry of spirit crane. 小艾达说有幻蝶谷的边缘一种植物,可以让血祭族人在灵鹤的叫声中保持清醒。 Xiuxiu once through passes message the threat of seed to the spirit crane has made the warning. On topic, in the scorpion nest, he has also felt the might of spirit crane together. 秀秀先前曾通过传音种子对灵鹤的威胁作过警告。在上一道题目,蝎巢之中,他也感受过灵鹤的威力。 The spirit crane is the opponent in blood sacrifice clansman fate. In the front of spirit crane, their strength of passivity. This forces him to guard. 灵鹤是血祭族人宿命中的对手。在灵鹤的面前,他们毫无抵抗之力。这使他必须有所防备。 ( 4 ) (四) From a dawn double-hour time, the Wei Buer leaving the world mountains marking a border only remain more than 30 miles. 距离天亮一个时辰的时候,魏不二离世界山只剩三十多里地。 The north forest edge, to he not far one, a whole body dispersed the purple ray plant to attract his vision plant to be covered with the butterfly shape leaf. 北面森林边缘,离他不远的一处,一株浑身散着紫色光芒的植物吸引了他的目光这株植物长满了蝴蝶形状的叶子。 Is it, Euripus charonda umbrella,” Ida said: Is its leaf, can resist the cry of spirit crane.” “就是它,【紫蝶伞】,”小艾达说道:“就是它的叶子,可以抵抗灵鹤的叫声。” Buer nods, arrives at the nearby cautiously. 不二点了点头,小心翼翼走到附近。 How many are safe distance?” He said. “安全距离是多少?”他说道。 One zhang (3.33 m).” Ida said: In one zhang (3.33 m) was very dangerous, will be dragged into the illusion momentarily.” “一丈。”小艾达说道:“一丈以内就很危险了,随时会被拉入幻境。” He takes out Azure Clouds Sword, to Euripus charonda umbrella Wields together sword qi. 他取出青云剑,冲着【紫蝶伞】挥出一道剑气 sword qi rushed Euripus charonda umbrella Nearby, actually vanishes suddenly without a trace. 剑气冲到了【紫蝶伞】附近,却忽然消失无影无踪。 He thinks, looked for the rattan of several plants in the bog, ties up to string together the long rattan, wields to the flowering shrubs fiercely. The rattan is going to bump into shortly Euripus charonda umbrella, Actually fell suddenly upside-down the ground. 他想了想,在沼泽中找了几根植物的藤条,绑起来串成长长的藤条,冲着花丛猛地一挥。藤条眼看将要碰上【紫蝶伞】,却忽然坠倒了地上。 „Can you help me attain the leaf?” He said to Ida. “你能不能帮我拿到叶子?”他对小艾达说道。 I, if can begin, but also said with you?” “我要是能动手,还用您说么?” You are ripest to the forest, offers advice actually.” “你对森林最熟,倒是出个主意。” I only know, Ida said: „The illusion leading role of imaginary butterfly valley in the sense of body.” “我只知道,”小艾达道:“幻蝶谷的幻境主要作用于身体的感官。” Buer understood. He puts down Ida, fishes some mud since the ground, bound own nose, mouth and ear. 不二听懂了。他把小艾达放下,从地上捞起一些泥巴,裹住了自己的鼻子、嘴巴和耳朵。 Also is slanting Azure Clouds Sword is tying up on the waist, sword edge is slanting upwardly, to own left arm. 又把青云剑斜着绑在腰上,剑锋斜着向上,直对着自己的左臂。 Then, moves toward slowly Euripus charonda umbrella 接着,缓缓走向【紫蝶伞】 Dear, clicks, to the high praise, the score jumps over Gauguin to be newly quicker, it is said gave the perfect score newly finally found the pretty wife! 亲,点击进去,给个好评呗,分数越高更新越快,据说给新打满分的最后都找到了漂亮的老婆哦! Cell phone standing brand-new edition correction promotion address:, The data and bookmark and computer station synchronization, does not have advertisement fresh reading! 手机站全新改版升级地址:,数据和书签与电脑站同步,无广告清新阅读!
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