AGM :: Volume #21

#2046: Chu Country snow

Continued of several months ancient grand feast eventually to finish, 33 Heavens Immortal Territory countless people felt that light losing, that has towered in God King Palace of ancient world from vanished at present, later, was perhaps difficult to see God King. 持续数月之久的太古盛宴终于结束,三十三天仙域无数人都感觉到了淡淡的失落,那座耸立于太古世界的神王殿从眼前消失了,以后,恐怕再难见到神王了。 After this grand feast ended, common people have a feeling, present ancient, has begun recent truly, is a brand-new era, was waiting for the common people found. 这场盛宴结束之后,世人生出一种感觉,如今的太古,真正拉开了新的序幕,又是一个崭新的纪元,等待着世人去开创。 In resting palace that a day of early morning, God King Palace, Qin Wentian is, Qin Wentian, Mo Qingcheng, Qing'er, Beiming Youhuang and Ye Qianyu their together, takes a step to go toward resting palace outside. 一天清晨,神王殿,秦问天所在的寝宫中,秦问天莫倾城青儿北冥幽皇夜千羽他们在一起,朝着寝宫外面迈步而去。 Just walked, snow white form glittering came together, jumped directly into the bosom of Qingcheng, the Little Rascal attractive small eye was staring Qin Wentian, said: „To cast off me, does not have gate.” 刚走出去,一道雪白的身影闪烁而来,直接蹦入倾城的怀中,小混蛋漂亮的小眼睛瞪着秦问天,道:“想甩开我,没门。” „.” Qin Wentian keeping silent sound track, however at this time, pretty form appear(ance), was Inferno, her following on the heels silently, did not speak. “嘘。”秦问天噤声道,然而又在这时候,身后一道靓丽的身影出现,是炼狱,她默默的跟在后面,也不说话。 Elder Brother Wentian, useless, God King Palace under the unescapable net by our cloth, completely is restriction, although you can ruin easily, but we know that hee hee.” The smart-alecky sound conveys together, when does not know, white Qing girl form appear(ance) before Qin Wentian their bodies, she at this moment has worn the flame long gown, pretty varied, slim and graceful, which is one controls the ten thousand demons Demon King character likely. 问天哥哥,没用的,神王殿已经被我们布下天罗地网,全部都是禁制,你虽然可以轻易毁掉,但我们还是会知道的,嘻嘻。”一道俏皮的声音传来,不知道何时,白晴丫头的身影出现在了秦问天他们身前,此刻的她身穿火红色的长袍,俏丽多姿,亭亭玉立,哪像是一尊掌控万魔魔王人物。 Qing girl, you also plan your Elder Brother Wentian.” Qin Wentian depressed [say / way]. 晴丫头,你也算计你问天哥哥。”秦问天郁闷的道。 Who makes you so insincere, is attention that I leave, what's wrong, the present is God King, did not recognize Senior Martial Sister, went out to play does not take Senior Martial Sister.” Body appear(ance) of Luo Huan sex appeal, her both hands environmental protection front, the sex appeal is incomparable, beautiful eyes enchanting looks at Qin Wentian, side her, Qin Yao smiled faintly is looking at Qin Wentian, this younger brother, was dishonest, actually wanted sneaking off secretly. “谁让你这么不厚道,是我出的注意,怎么,现在是神王啊,就不认师姐了,出去玩都不带上师姐了。”若欢性感的身躯出现,她双手环保胸前,性感无比,美眸妖娆的看着秦问天,在她身旁,秦瑶浅笑着望着秦问天,她这弟弟,不老实呢,竟然想要偷偷的开溜。 Senior Martial Sister, asked to let off.” Qin Wentian is depressed. 师姐,求放过。”秦问天郁闷无比。 You asked me to be useless.” Periphery smiling of Luo Huan giggle, saw only to walk several forms, Nanhuang Yunxi and Nanhuang Shengge, had Helan Qiuyue, suddenly, just liked all flowers blooms together, too beautiful to behold, at present appear(ance), majority are Goddess, such treatment, feared all over the world was also only then Qin Wentian can have. “你求我没用啊。”若欢咯咯的笑着,只见周围又走来了数道身影,南凰云曦南凰笙歌、还有贺兰秋月,一时间,犹如百花齐放,美不胜收,眼前出现的,大多数都是神女,这样的待遇,普天之下怕是也只有秦问天能有。 Elder brother, once again escapes the failure.” Luoshen Lei also came, saying with a smile of her giggle. “哥哥,又一次逃跑失败哦。”洛神泪也来了,她咯咯的笑着道。 Senior Martial Brother, you since.” Jun Mengchen walks, joins in the fun. 师兄,你就从了吧。”君梦尘走来,是凑热闹来的。 Mengchen, after God King Palace matter, gave you, but must process to come to me.” Qin Wentian puts on a serious face looks at Jun Mengchen. 梦尘,神王殿的事情以后就交给你了,可要给我处理好来。”秦问天板着脸看着君梦尘 Immediately the Jun Mengchen complexion broke down, said: Senior Martial Brother Qin, I have made a mistake, asked to let off.” 顿时君梦尘的脸色垮了下来,道:“秦师兄,我错了,求放过。” You are World God King, the Lord of world, this matter naturally must do by you, so greatly is, can only you hold the post . Moreover, my several father-in-law Sirs will have Sovereign as well as Senior Martial Brother Bai Wuya will be helping you together, my grandfather and uncle also, but your cultivation base will be highest, will want you to assume personal command.” Qin Wentian serious using one's office to redress personal grievances. “你乃是世界神王,世界之主,这件事自然要由你来做,如此大任,只能你担任了,另外,我几位岳父大人还有帝君以及白无涯师兄会帮着你一起,我外公和舅舅也在,但你修为最高,还是要你来坐镇的。”秦问天一本正经的公报私仇。 Doesn't have uncle aunt?” Jun Mengchen said: Kexin also.” “不是还有伯父伯母吗?”君梦尘道:“可欣也在啊。” We also prepare the travelling world.” Qin Yuanfeng and Luoshen Qianxue their appear(ance), including saying with a smile, completely destroys the hope of Jun Mengchen. “我们也准备去游历天下。”秦远峰洛神千雪两人出现,含笑道,彻底打破君梦尘的希望。 Father and mother, really not with us together?” Qin Wentian said. “父亲、母亲,真的不跟我们一起?”秦问天道。 „Won't we play?” Luoshen Qianxue smiling saying, looks at each other with Qin Yuanfeng, all perform in do not call the turn, in the Qin Wentian heart flows the warm feeling, the father mother so is falling in love, he was certainly happy. “我们自己不会玩吗?”洛神千雪笑盈盈的说道,和秦远峰相视一眼,一切尽在不言中,秦问天心中流淌着暖意,父亲母亲如此相爱,他当然高兴。 Kexin, you with whom?” Luoshen Qianxue is smiling asking. 可欣,你跟谁?”洛神千雪微笑着问道。 My elder brother together, did not disturb the parents.” Qin Kexin said in a soft voice that does not want to disturb the father mother, Qin Wentian is in deep sorrow, does not disturb the parents, can disturb me? Yeah, this becomes the elder brother, cruel fate. “我跟着哥哥一起,不打搅爹娘了。”秦可欣轻声道,不想打搅父亲母亲,秦问天痛不欲生,不打搅爹娘,就能打扰我吗?哎,这当哥哥的,命苦啊。 Hee hee, I must play with the elder brother in any case together.” Luoshen Lei makes up the blade. “嘻嘻,反正我要跟着哥哥一起去游玩的。”洛神泪补刀。 Asked to let off.” Qin Wentian puts out a hand Meng face, is in deep sorrow. “求放过。”秦问天伸手蒙脸,痛不欲生。 You could rest assured that my family play, will not disturb you, you looked, the brothers are good to you.” Fatty Fan Le does not know when walked, was saying to Qin Wentian, side Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting also, smile looks at Qin Wentian. “你放心,我一家人自己去游玩,不会打搅你,你看,还是兄弟对你好吧。”凡乐胖子不知道何时走了出来,对着秦问天道,旁边欧阳狂生姜婷也在,微笑看着秦问天 Whole family?” Fan Ye asked. “一家人?”凡叶问道。 Yes Little Ye, we, family of three, family happiness.” Fan Le self-satisfied looks at Qin Wentian said. “是啊小叶,我们,一家三口,天伦之乐。”凡乐得意的看着秦问天道。 Who must follow you together, I must with the adoptive father.” The Fan Ye personal appearance dodges, then ran up to side Qin Wentian to draw the Qin Wentian's arm, Fan Le has been gawking staring, has not responded that afterward face upwarded the deep sigh saying: Sins, this is really my daughter.” “谁要跟你们一起走啊,我要跟着干爹。”凡叶身形一闪,便跑到秦问天身边拉着秦问天的胳膊,凡乐愣了愣,还没反应过来,随后仰天长叹道:“造孽啊,这真是我闺女吗。” You have felt relieved, my every other ten years hundred years, the mood good to look at your one eyes.” Fan Ye grinning saying , to continue to make up the blade, Fan Le has tears streaming down the face. “你放心了,我每隔个十年百年,心情好了就去看你一眼。”凡叶笑嘻嘻的说道,继续补刀,凡乐泪流满面。 Wentian.” Ye Qingyun also came, shouts. 问天。”叶青云也来了,喊道。 Adoptive father.” Qin Wentian looks to Ye Lingyun. “义父。”秦问天看向叶凌云。 Also takes your Sister Lingshuang, this girl is also bored in God King Palace.” Ye Qingyun said with a smile, Qin Wentian had no way to reject. “把你凌霜姐也带上吧,这丫头在神王殿也无聊。”叶青云微笑道,秦问天没法拒绝啊。 azure cloud (Qingyun), our two old fogies can play chess actually.” Qin Chuan was saying to Ye Qingyun. 青云,我们两个老家伙倒是可以下下棋。”秦川对着叶青云说道。 „, Senior Martial Brother Qin, you to me, I will retaliate like this.” Jun Mengchen did not say willingly. “啊啊,秦师兄,你这样对我,我会报复的。”君梦尘不甘心道。 As you like.” Qin Wentian is smiling looks at Jun Mengchen, the Jun Mengchen complexion broke down instantaneously, cannot win Senior Martial Brother. “随你啊。”秦问天微笑着看着君梦尘,君梦尘的脸色瞬间垮了下来,打不赢师兄啊。 Qin Wentian apology looked at Qingcheng and Qing'er they, sound transmission said: We throw off them on the road.” 秦问天歉意的看了一眼倾城青儿她们,传音道:“我们在路上甩掉她们。” Qingcheng their pursing the lips chuckle, in heart is actually very warm, finally was unrestrained, such picture, is really beautiful. 倾城她们都抿嘴轻笑,心中却是很温暖,终于无拘无束了,这样的画面,真美。 depart.” Qin Wentian looked that said to the distant place. 出发了。”秦问天看向远方道。 depart.” Little Rascal raises the head to say. 出发。”小混蛋昂着脑袋道。 The group are having smiling face, goes toward God King Palace. 一行人都带着笑容,朝着神王殿而去。 Shortly after they depart, in God King Palace spreads one to shock the ancient news, God King Qin Wentian, will carry many beauty to visit 33 Heavens Immortal Territory, even is many Granule World, according to the speculation, he will again possibly walk along the road that once passed through, will have a look at the place that these have not had been. 他们离去不久,神王殿中传出一则震惊太古的消息,神王秦问天,将携诸多美人环游三十三天仙域,甚至是诸多粒子世界,据推测,他可能会沿着曾经走过的路再走一遍,也会去看看那些不曾到过的地方。 Therefore, ancient 33 Heavens Immortal Territory countless people are moving restlessly, was anticipating some day can meet by chance with God King, perhaps obtains the God King direction, henceforth soars. 于是,太古三十三天仙域无数人躁动着,期待着某一天能够和神王偶遇,说不定得到神王指点,从此一飞冲天。 After Qin Wentian learns of this news, almost could not bear God King Palace go to the violent to punch Jun Mengchen one, Junior Martial Brother failed to study, however, in the Qin Wentian heart was happy that he will not change the mind as before, will make Jun Mengchen assume God King Palace, the matter of World Domination, this world, in the future sooner or later will be his. 秦问天得知这消息之后,差点忍不住回神王殿去暴揍君梦尘一顿了,师弟学坏了啊,然而,秦问天心中却是高兴的,他依旧不会改变主意,会让君梦尘坐镇神王殿,统御天下之事,这个世界,将来迟早是他的。 ............ ………… Granule World, the place of once Chu Country, had the heavy snow. 粒子世界,曾经的楚国之地,下起了大雪。 The white snow covered the earth, has spread out a silver. 白雪将大地覆盖,铺上了一层银装。 In Chu Country once Sky Harmony City, the giant statues, fell gently, but below white snowslide above statue, covered the statue, but occasionally had the person of passing by, will unable to bear as before to the statue is lying prostrate in worship. 楚国曾经的天雍城,有一座巨大的雕像,飘落而下的白雪落在雕像之上,将雕像覆盖,但偶尔有路过之人,依旧会忍不住对着雕像顶礼膜拜。 At this time, before the statue not far away, appear(ance) several forms, one of them, was almost unexpectedly same as the statue, is Qin Wentian. 此时,雕像前不远处,出现了几道身影,其中一人,竟和雕像几乎一样,正是秦问天 Could not see once Qin Residence shadow.” Qin Wentian says with a smile. “都看不到曾经的秦府影子了。”秦问天微笑着道。 Em.” Qin Yao looks at front statue already palatial palace, nod gently. “恩。”秦瑶看着前方的雕像已经巍峨宫殿,轻轻的点头。 Walks.” Qin Wentian lifts the footsteps to leave: Qing girl, must go to your family to have a look.” “走吧。”秦问天抬起脚步离开:“晴丫头,要不要去你家看看。” Good.” Bai Qing nodded: Elder Brother Wentian, can you carry me, like childhood.” “好啊。”白晴点了点头:“问天哥哥,你能不能背我,像小时候那样。” The Qin Wentian squatting down body, says with a smile: Comes up.” 秦问天蹲下身子,笑着道:“上来。” Bai Qing lies in Qin Wentian's with a smile carries on the back, they are walking in the snowy area, Qin Yao follows behind to show the smiling face, their footsteps leave footprints in the snowy area, carries on the back in Qin Wentian's, drop of teardrops drop in the snowy area, melts the snow. 白晴笑着趴在秦问天的背上,两人在雪地里走着,秦瑶跟在身后露出浅浅的笑容,他们的脚步在雪地里留下一个个脚印,在秦问天的背上,有一滴泪珠滴落在雪地上,将雪融化。 ............ ………… Another picture, the place of once Chu Country Imperial city, in a stretch of white snowy area, the lofty trees were towering, was welcoming the wind and snow, the branches and leaves were covered by the white snow. 又一幅画面,曾经的楚国皇城之地,一片白茫茫的雪地里,有一棵参天大树耸立着,迎着风雪,枝叶被白雪覆盖。 Under ancient tree, a handsome white clothing youth sits in the snowy area, is extending the leg, sluggish by the sturdy tree root, that pair of bright eyes, is smiling the looks at front beautiful scene, peerless Fairy puts out a hand, whatever the snowflake falls gently in the palm, she is revolving at will the body, has not gone to the dance desirably, actually likely is in society most beautiful dancer's posture. 古树下,一位英俊的白衣青年坐在雪地上,伸着腿,懒散的靠在粗壮的树根上,那双明亮的眼眸,微笑着看着前方的美景,一位绝世仙子伸出手,任由雪花飘落在掌心,她随意旋转着身体,没有刻意去舞,却像是世间最美的舞姿。 Side him, a white hair beautiful woman stands in that peacefully, is the white snow merges into one organic whole likely. 在他身旁,还有一位白发美女安静的站在那,像是和白雪融为一体。 For a long time, that was similar to the elf Fairy female likely is tired, trod the white snow to arrive under ancient tree to sit down, closes right up against side the white clothing man, the body inclined slightly, very much enjoyed has closed the eye. 许久,那如同精灵仙子般的女子像是累了,踏着白雪走到了古树下坐下,靠着白衣男子身边,身体微微倾斜,很享受的闭上了眼睛。 Nearby white hair female also sat, by in his another side, the time stopped flow likely, only the snowflakes of remaining everywhere dance in the air. 旁边的白发女子也坐了下来,靠在他的另一边,时光像是停止了流动,只剩下漫天的雪花飞舞。 , The three people under ancient tree, the body was covered by the white snow gradually, just likes the snowman static by in that is very beautiful and is very beautiful! 渐渐的,古树下的三人,身上都被白雪覆盖,犹如雪人般静静的靠在那,很美、很美! PS: To write the wedding night the amusing thing, but is thinking writes about in the main text not quite to be as if good, all will write on WeChat to everyone/Great Family another day has a look, the everyone/Great Family WeChat search Jing Wuhen under attention, terminates after tonight, later also will possibly write a thing on WeChat! PS:本想写一写新婚之夜的趣事,但想着写到正文里似乎不太好,所有改天在微信上写给大家看看,大家微信搜索‘净无痕’关注下,今天晚上完结之后,以后可能还会在微信上写点东西!
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