AGM :: Volume #21

#2047: grand finale

The years unknowingly pass, Granule World, Chu Country has the news to spread, some people saw God King Qin Wentian, peaceful sitting in boundless white snow under ancient tree, before the body, has Nine Heavens Goddess to dance. 岁月在不经意间流逝,粒子世界,楚国有消息传出,有人看到了神王秦问天,于茫茫白雪中安静的坐在古树下,身前有九天神女起舞。 Also some people said that sees with one's own eyes Qin Wentian with many Fairy going boating lakes, satisfied is enjoying the sunlight, just likes commoner, is only person, is extremely shocking. 还有人称亲眼看到秦问天携诸多仙子泛舟湖上,惬意的享受着阳光,犹如平凡人般,只是身边的人,太过惊艳。 God King Qin Wentian re-enters news that Granule World travels to disappear without a trace, spreads quickly, the unexpectedly crazy spread, spreads over Granule World, even, goes toward the Azure Profound Immortal Territory spread, has Heavenly God and Boundary Master character arrives at Granule World enlightenment all living things, they cover the entire world by formidable Divine Sense Immortal Sense, had not actually discovered that the God King trail, perhaps God King in the heaven defying method, making Divine Sense not nose his exist(ence). 神王秦问天重回粒子世界游历的消息不胫而走,很快传开,竟然疯狂的蔓延,传遍粒子世界,甚至,朝着青玄仙域蔓延而去,有天神界主人物来到粒子世界教化众生,他们以强大的神念仙念覆盖整个世界,却并未发现神王的踪迹,或许神王逆天手段,让神念根本查探不到他的存在吧。 The place of once Grand Xia, Moon State City, Hua Clan, some were not peaceful recently. 曾经的大夏之地,望州城,华氏家族,最近有些不太平。 Hua Family was the family that past Hua Taixu was in bloodline that Granule World left behind, inheritance until now. 华家是当年华太虚所在的家族在粒子世界留下的一支血脉,传承到如今。 More than 20 years ago, Hua Clan was born a baby, to commemorate in that their Fahrenheit genealogy appear(ance) that peerless Heaven's Chosen, they give this baby to name Hua Taixu, hands down the news from Azure Profound Immortal Territory, Hua Taixu is bestowed the Lord of Samsara by God King Palace, he to save common people, but Dao transformation sacrifice, Fahrenheit, hopes that their descendants posterity can always remember this name. 在20多年前,华氏家族诞生了一位婴儿,为了纪念那位他们华氏族谱中曾经出现过的那位绝世天骄,他们给这名婴儿取名华太虚,从青玄仙域传下消息,华太虚神王殿追封轮回之主,他为拯救苍生而化道牺牲,华氏,希望他们的子孙后人能够铭记这个名字。 Therefore, they place the great expectations on Hua Taixu of new birth, Hua Taixu have not made them disappointed, showed the unprecedented talent, high-spirited, what let Hua Clan Ben Kui was, while they prepared to make Hua Taixu get married to get married the lovely wife, even the wedding reached an agreement, Hua Taixu unexpectedly infatuated Buddhist Dao, if were only infatuated then, practice Buddhist Law strength was formidable, but Hua Taixu he unexpectedly, tonsured...... Becoming monk for the monk, said that must approach Buddha wholeheartedly. 因而,他们对新诞生的华太虚寄予厚望,华太虚也没有令他们失望,展现出了前所未有的天赋,意气风发,但让华氏家族奔溃的是,正当他们准备让华太虚成亲迎娶娇妻,甚至婚事都谈好的时候,华太虚竟然痴迷佛道,若只是痴迷便也罢了,修行佛法力量本就非常强大,但华太虚他竟然,剃度了……出家为僧,说是要一心向佛。 The Fahrenheit clan entire is not good, the Hua Taixu father is even mad greatly gets sick, or recognizes this son. 华氏一族整个都不好了,华太虚的老爹甚至气得大病一场,要不认这个儿子。 On this day, Hua Clan came a mysterious guest, after seeing the person, the Hua Clan person almost shivers must kneel down directly, the both legs tremble. 这一天,华氏家族来了一位神秘的客人,当看到来人之后,华氏家族的人一个个颤抖得几乎要直接跪下,双腿发颤。 I walk at will.” Qin Wentian said with a smile that the Hua Clan person knows, ancestor Hua Taixu and God King have old, possibly is therefore God King personally will visit. “我随意走走。”秦问天含笑说道,华氏家族的人知道,祖上华太虚神王有旧,可能是因此神王才会亲自莅临吧。 Very handsome Monk walks, he saw after Qin Wentian, bows does obeisance, said: „The God King visit, happen to my heart has the doubts, wants to ask God King Senior to dispel doubt.” 一位非常英俊的僧人走来,他看到秦问天之后躬身一拜,道:“神王来访,正好我心有疑惑,想请神王前辈解惑。” I know that you have doubts to be, I am unable to solve.” The Qin Wentian looks at present handsome monk, reveals wipes the gentle smiling face, is long is different, disposition, is different. “我知道你疑惑所在,我无法解。”秦问天看着眼前的英俊和尚,露出一抹柔和的笑容,长得不一样,性格,也不一样。 You are God King, can't solve?” Hua Taixu asked. “你是神王,都不能解吗?”华太虚问道。 I, although is God King, but Buddhist Law is too shallow, anything cannot advise you, in the future, the ancient world, you will wield Buddhist Law, will bring salvation to all living things, will found the Buddha sect, making the person do good deeds, will be Nine Heavens Buddhist Dao is legitimate, therefore, you will become aware.” Qin Wentian leaves behind a few words, then turns around to depart, the twinkling vanishes does not see, after hearing his words, the person of heart Hua Clan crazily trembles to continue, immediately puff thump kneels on the ground, to the direction worship that Qin Wentian is departing, in the innermost feelings has the raging waves wild waves, for a very long time is unappeasable. “我虽为神王,但佛法太浅,没什么能够指教你,将来,太古世界,你执掌佛法,普度众生,开创佛宗,引人行善,为九天佛道正统,所以,你自悟去吧。”秦问天留下一句话,便转身离去,瞬息消失不见,听到他的话之后,华氏家族之人心头狂颤不止,随即噗咚一个个跪在地上,对着秦问天离去的方向朝拜,内心中有着惊涛骇浪,久久无法平息。 In the future, the ancient world, Hua Taixu, will wield Buddhist Law, founds the Buddha sect, is Nine Heavens Buddhist Dao is legitimate. 将来,太古世界,华太虚,将执掌佛法,开创佛宗,为九天佛道正统。 If this words stem from anybody, perhaps the Hua Family person thinks that he is a lunatic, but said the person of these words, was Qin Wentian, Ancient Godly Monarch Qin Wentian. 若此话出自其他任何人,恐怕华家的人会以为他是疯子,但说出这句话的人,是秦问天,太古神王秦问天 He said is, that is, in the future, Hua Taixu, will be all living things Buddha Lord. 他说是,那便是,未来,华太虚,乃众生佛主 Qin Wentian arrived at the Hua Family news nature then to pass on quickly, the increasing number of people believe firmly that now God King in Granule World, Granule World all people is excited, is hoping one day can meet God King, if can be sealed Buddha Lord like Hua Taixu ding-dong, that was what kind wonderful, what a pity, this was doomed is only a beautiful fantasy. 秦问天降临华家的消息自然很快便传出去了,越来越多的人确信,如今神王就在粒子世界,粒子世界诸人都非常激动,期盼着自己有一天能够遇见神王,若是能够像华太虚那样被封个佛主当当,那是何等的美妙啊,可惜,这注定只是一场美丽的幻想。 Besides the Qin Wentian arrival has caused some stirs, Granule World each corner also had something. 秦问天到来引起了一些轰动之外,粒子世界的各个角落也发生了一些事情。 For example, the place of once Immortal Martial Plane, in a lake, the female celestial dropped from the clouds, played ancient zither in the lakeside, the tune sound was melodious, was passing likely the endless lovesickness and dismal, has been able to cry finally broken heart. 譬如,曾经的仙武界之地,一片湖泊中,有一位仙女从天而降,于湖畔弹奏古琴,曲声悠扬美丽,像是还透着无尽的相思和悲凉,一曲终了,能让人哭断肠。 The common people all said that can call the Fairy lovesickness to cry broken heart, does not know that was who? 世人皆言,能叫仙子相思哭断肠,不知是何人? Moreover, this Fairy plays in this all day long, does not eat and drink, making the innumerable will of the people live take pity on. 而且,这位仙子终日于此弹奏,不吃不喝,让无数人心生怜惜。 In addition, a matter has triggered the attention, God King Qin Wentian once sect Battle Sword Sect, in its a people already can come and go out God King Palace exist(ence) freely, however, under great expert Fairy this world, reopens Battle Sword Sect in Granule World unexpectedly, as if must respond God King to summon that enlightens all living things in Granule World. 除此之外,还有一件事引发了关注,神王秦问天曾经的师门仗剑宗,其门内中人早已是能够自由出入神王殿存在了,然而,竟有一位大能仙子下凡尘,于粒子世界重开仗剑宗,似乎要响应神王号召,于粒子世界教化众生。 This great expert Fairy appearance unparalleled, and cold and proud like the snow and ice, it is said that she once was God King Senior Martial Sister, crossed with the God King wanderer. 这位大能仙子容颜无双,且冷傲如冰雪,据说,她曾经是神王师姐,和神王一起闯荡过。 Many years later, the Fairy string that the lakeside plays broke, actually eventually cannot wait till the person of her lovesickness, next day, she actually disappeared, since then does not have appear(ance) again, deeply was attracted to look for her person by her, could not find her trail again, some people said that after her string breaks , the person of her lovesickness came back, takes away her, some people said that the string breaks the heart dead, perhaps to like committing suicide together in the name of love. 多年以后,湖畔弹奏的仙子琴弦已断,却终究还是没有能够等到她相思之人,第二天,她却消失了,从此再没有出现过,许多被她所深深吸引去寻找她的人,也再也找不到她的踪迹,有人称,她弦断之后她相思之人回来了,将她带走,也有人称,弦断心已死,恐怕是为爱殉情了。 As for which guess is right, perhaps in society nobody knew, but some people said that once in that lakeside not far away, has seen the God King form, naturally, this had not been confirmed. 至于哪种猜测是对的,恐怕世间无人得知,只是有人称曾在那湖畔不远处,看到过神王的身影,当然,这也没有被证实过。 Finally, some Granule World no longer people saw the God King trail, at the same time, Azure Profound Immortal Territory, actually started to spread the hearsay of God King arrival. 终于,粒子世界不再有人见到神王足迹了,与此同时,青玄仙域,却开始流传着神王到来的传闻。 Once Thousand Changes Immortal Sect, Evergreen Immortal Country, Beiming Immortal Dynasty and Southern Phoenix Immortal City, waited for familiar places, again the appear(ance) Qin Wentian's trail, many people said that in these places, has seen God King, was shocking to suffocating Fairy Goddess. 曾经的千变仙门长青仙国北冥仙朝南凰仙城,等一个个熟悉的地方,都再次出现秦问天的足迹,很多人称,在这些地方,看到过神王,还有许多惊艳到令人窒息的仙子神女 Some Ten Thousand Demon Island also people said that has seen God King, particularly on demon island of Ten Thousand Demon Island edge, many people said that has seen the God King form, as if, what God King recalls here, is it possible that does here have the God King old friend? 万魔岛也有人称见到过神王,尤其是万魔岛边缘的一座魔岛上,有不少人称见到过神王身影,似乎,神王在这里追忆什么,莫非,这里有神王故人? From Granule World to Azure Profound Immortal Territory, arrives at 33 Heavens Immortal Territory again, Legend about God King, is spreading unceasingly, day after day and year after year, as if, this is the 33 Heavens Immortal Territory eternal topic. 粒子世界青玄仙域,再到三十三天仙域,关于神王传说,不断流传着,日复一日、年复一年,仿佛,这是三十三天仙域永恒的话题。 A lot of years pass by, God King Legend everywhere was mentioned as before, as if he is everywhere. 千百年过去,神王传说依旧处处被人提及,仿佛他无处不在。 ............ ………… A lot of years later ancient, became compared with the past lively, was born many Heavenly God, naturally, stemmed from the God King Palace influence majority, after all, the God King Palace respective influence can go to Heavenly Cave comprehend Dao, and there are advice preach the Dao that Heavenly God spared no effort, in addition, some talents different reported that visited God Realm, they went to Granule World to enlighten preach the Dao in Boundary Master Realm, afterward entered on Heavenly Cave Stellar Martial Constellation practice, sensed Heavenly Dao. 千百年后的太古,变得比以往更加的繁华,又诞生了许多天神,当然,大部分都出自神王殿势力,毕竟,神王殿所属势力能够前往天窟悟道,且有天神不遗余力的指教传道,除此之外,还有一些天赋异禀者踏足神境,他们在界主境的时候前往粒子世界教化传道,随后入天窟武命星辰修行,感悟天道 Countless people feel grateful God King, the world person, so long as there is a talent to step into Boundary Master Realm, then has the opportunity to visit in Heavenly Cave comprehend Dao, the regulations are open Heavenly Cave. 无数人都感激神王,天下人,只要有天赋能够踏入界主之境,那么,便都有机会踏足天窟悟道,实则已经算是将天窟开放了。 Under the Heavenly Cave entrance, the Boundless Sea territory, has grand Qin Heavenly Divine Sect to stand erect, but here regulations are ruins, is only the symbolic significance, God King Palace, is the present ancient true core. 天窟入口之下,无涯海域,有宏伟的秦天神宗矗立,但这里实则已经是遗迹了,只是象征性的意义,神王殿,才是如今太古真正的核心。 Besides Qin Heavenly Divine Sect, the Boundless Sea territory has very big piece of sea as before, all day long some people going boating sea, look up to Heavenly Cave, as if in the sea, then can be apart from the starry sky to be nearer. 秦天神宗之外,无涯海域依旧有很大一片海,终日有人泛舟海上,仰望天窟,仿佛在海中,便能够距星空更近一些。 On this day, the place of Boundless Sea territory edge, appear(ance) one line, their appear(ance), then captured the attention of all people, surroundings all people expression coagulates, reveals the frantic meaning. 这一天,无涯海域边缘之地,出现了一行人,他们一出现,便吸引了所有人的目光,周围诸人神色凝固,露出狂热之意。 God King.” Some people shiver the sound to shout. 神王。”有人颤抖着声音喊道。 „.” Qin Wentian makes the hand signal that keeps silent, smiles is looking to all people, afterward brings behind many beauty to continue to proceed the line, suddenly, dazzling. “嘘。”秦问天做出噤声的手势,微笑着看向诸人,随后带着身后诸多美人继续往前而行,一时间,让人眼花缭乱。 all people has not responded that then sees God King to go on board, sails to the sea area, seacoast nearby person dull looks at of, has humanity: I had been fantasizing, if saw that God King must say anything, however sees his appear(ance) truly, my a few words could not say unexpectedly.” 诸人还没反应过来,便见神王登船,驶向海域之中,海岸边上的人呆呆的看着那一幕,有人道:“我一直幻想着如果自己见到神王要说什么,然而真正看到他出现,我竟一句话也说不出来。” I am also.” Side has the life to leave same feeling, shakes the head the forced smile. “我也是。”旁边有人生出相同的感慨,摇头苦笑。 everyone Goddess, is really beautiful, Ancient Immortal Territory most beautiful woman, perhaps side God King.” 诸位神女,真美啊,太古仙域最美的女人,恐怕都在神王身边了吧。” You have forgotten, in sea area.” Some people smile to praise, all people eyes flash, has remembered that outstandingly beautiful appearance, the appearance of shocking this mortal world, once Heaven Territory number one beauty, she has gone boating Boundless Sea territory for many years, her family, then lives in Boundless City. “你忘记了,还有一位,就在海域之中。”有人笑称道,诸人目光一闪,想起了那张绝色容颜,惊艳尘世的容颜,曾经的天域第一美女,她已泛舟无涯海域多年了,她的家,便住在无涯城 At this time, all people looked at one suddenly mutually, afterward revealed has wiped the smiling face, as if, understood anything. 这时,诸人忽然间相互看了一眼,随后纷纷露出了一抹笑容,仿佛,明白了什么。 In the sea area, the bow, Qin Wentian peaceful lying down in the deck, both hands is resting the head on the head, satisfied is enjoying the sunlight, side him, Mo Qingcheng raise one's head looks to the sky, said: Before continuously in Heavenly Cave on this sea area, actually not good attractive this sea area, originally, is so beautiful.” 海域中,船头,秦问天安静的躺在甲板上,双手枕着脑袋,惬意的享受着阳光,在他身旁,莫倾城抬头看向天空,道:“以前就一直在这海域上的天窟中,却一直不曾好好看过这片海域,原来,也这么美。” My Qingcheng is most beautiful.” Qin Wentian says with a smile. “我的倾城最美。”秦问天笑着道。 That Elder Sister Qing'er they?” Mo Qingcheng smiling. “那青儿姐姐她们呢?”莫倾城浅浅的笑着。 They with the Qingcheng same beautiful.” Qin Wentian said. “她们和倾城一样美。”秦问天道。 Loquacious.” Mo Qingcheng white his eyes, as before is actually enjoying, regardless has duplicated many times, is as before warm. “贫嘴。”莫倾城白了他一眼,却依旧享受着,无论重复过多少次,依旧温暖。 The looks at Mo Qingcheng beautiful appearance, Qin Wentian said suddenly: Qingcheng, we have a child.” 看着莫倾城的绝美容颜,秦问天忽然道:“倾城,我们生个孩子吧。” „......” Mo Qingcheng was frightened one by the sudden words, pretty face was instantaneous, sees Qin Wentian to stare at itself, she has cast aside the head, said: You look for Elder Sister Qing'er.” “啊……”莫倾城被突如其来的话吓了一条,俏脸瞬间通红,见秦问天盯着自己,她撇过脑袋,道:“你找青儿姐姐。” Qing'er.” Qin Wentian sets out, turns head looks at Qing'er to say with a smile. 青儿。”秦问天起身,回头看着青儿笑着道。 You look for Elder Sister Youhuang.” Saying of Qing'er with clear voice, Qin Wentian looks to Beiming Youhuang. “你还是找幽皇姐姐吧。”青儿脆生生的说道,秦问天又看向北冥幽皇 I?” Beiming Youhuang has blushed instantaneously, looked at all people one quietly, afterward, unexpectedly nod gently. “我?”北冥幽皇瞬间也脸红了起来,悄悄的看了诸人一眼,随后,竟轻轻的点头。 Elder Sister Youhuang you......” behind, many beautiful women see Youhuang to nod, cannot help but with a smile walks up, immediately the Youhuang's complexion shames red, Qingcheng and Qing'er this is gives under her to wrap. 幽皇姐姐你……”身后,许多美女见幽皇点头,不由得纷纷笑着走上前去,顿时幽皇的脸色羞得通红,倾城青儿这是给她下套呢。 On the ship, spreads a euphonious tender laughter and creating a disturbance sound, reverberates in the Boundless Sea territory. 船上,传出一片银铃般的娇笑声和打闹声,在无涯海域回荡。 Similarly in the Boundless Sea territory, there is a calm boat static float in marine, above solitary boat, the beautiful females, her beautiful eyes are looking into the distance, to solitary boat optional fluttering, where does not know the end point in! 同样在无涯海域之中,有一叶孤舟静静的漂浮于海上,孤舟之上,有一位绝美的女子,她的美眸眺望着远方,任由孤舟随意的飘动,不知终点在何方! PS: Nearly three years, will have ended, the countless words, do not know get up from where, God King made the magnificent progress, the web search has arranged second high, this year is first five, must be better than on this book peerless Wu Shen, here, only the gratitude gave everyone/Great Family, many thanks the gentlemen companion, and entrusted with the God King unprecedented result, thanks...... About the new book, can spend two months of time to prepare, a matter that after all writing a book takes a lot of care very much, was impossible just to finish opens the new book, some character stories when about God King, leisure may write on WeChat, paid attention to the traceless dynamic brothers WeChat to search traceless public number Jing Wuhen attention, finally, said that treasured, the rivers and lakes met again! PS:将近三年时间,结束了,千言万语,不知从何起,神王取得了辉煌成绩,网络搜索最高排第二,今年稳居前五,比上本书绝世武神还要更好,在这里,唯有一声感激送给大家,多谢诸君陪伴,并赋予神王突破性的成绩,谢谢……关于新书,会花两个来月时间准备,毕竟写书是很费心思的一件事,不可能刚结束就开新书,关于神王的一些人物小故事,闲暇之余可能会在微信上写一点,关注无痕动态的兄弟们都可以微信搜索无痕的公众号“净无痕”关注,最后,道一声珍重,江湖再会!
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