AGM :: Volume #21

#2045: Day guest

Qin Feng and Qin Qing shiver the body to stand, Nanhuang Shengge leads the way personally, goes toward God King Palace, Qin Feng points at little responsibility saying: This is my girlfriend little responsibility.” 秦风秦青颤抖着身体站起来,南凰笙歌亲自引路,朝着神王殿内而去,秦风指着身边的小荷道:“这是我女朋友小荷。” Good, takes together.” Nanhuang Shengge said with a smile. “好,一起带上吧。”南凰笙歌微笑道。 Little responsibility similarly excited stands, Qin Feng he said that real, God King, is his teacher. 小荷同样激动的站起来,秦风他说的,是真的,神王,是他的师尊。 Other people also want to follow, had actually been blocked by that Nanhuang Fairy, is forced to give up. 其他人也想跟上,却被那位南凰仙子拦了下来,只好作罢。 The God King Palace cella, Qin Wentian looks at several people walk, on the face reveals wipes the smiling face, said: little brat Immortal Realm cultivation base, the Qin Qing girl, even more was attractive.” 神王殿内殿,秦问天看着几人走来,脸上露出一抹笑容,道:“小家伙都已仙境修为了,秦青丫头,越发漂亮了。” Their bodies slight is shivering, saw Qin Wentian, actually anxiously results in does not know that said anything. 两人的身体轻微的颤抖着,真见了秦问天,却紧张得不知道说什么。 Qin...... God King.” Qin Qing does not know how should call, Qin Wentian stares her saying: What God King? Shouted that I Big Brother Qin is then good, Qin Feng, many years does not see, sees teacher not greetings.” “秦……神王。”秦青不知该怎么称呼,秦问天瞪着她道:“什么神王?喊我秦大哥便好,秦风,多年不见,见到师尊也不拜见。” Disciple greetings teacher.” Qin Feng then walks to go forward, the knees kneel, line acknowledging as teacher big ritual, but invisible strength is holding his body, making him stand. “弟子拜见师尊。”秦风这才走上前,双膝跪地,行拜师大礼,不过却有一股无形力量托着他的身体,让他站了起来。 All also as before, you, if so, my this then when only did not know you.” The Qin Wentian criticism said that the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, now own status, making once the intimate person in front of oneself so intense, he does not like so, probably also only then these have followed in person, can as before as usual confident. “一切还和以前一样,你们若是如此,我这便只当不认识你们了。”秦问天批评道,沧海桑田,如今自己的身份,使得曾经亲近的人在自己面前都如此的紧张了,他并不喜欢如此,大概也只有那些一直跟随在身边的人,才能够依旧和往常一样坦然吧。 Big Brother Qin.” Qin Qing nodded, in the heart is actually incomparably happy, Big Brother Qin as before, that temperate, amiable, her beautiful eyes is somewhat moist, looks at Qin Wentian said: Thank you, Big Brother Qin.” 秦大哥。”秦青点了点头,心中却是无比高兴的,秦大哥还是和以前一样,是那么的温和,平易近人,她美眸有些湿润,看着秦问天道:“谢谢你,秦大哥。” silly girl.” Qin Wentian walked to go forward to rub the head of Qin Qing, this girl was good in the past, is willing to sacrifice itself for the younger brother. 傻丫头。”秦问天走上前揉了揉秦青的脑袋,这丫头当年就非常善良,为了弟弟愿意牺牲自己。 „Did you call little responsibility?” Side the Qin Wentian looks at Qin Feng little responsibility said. “你叫小荷?”秦问天看着秦风身旁的小荷道。 Em.” Little responsibility layer on layer nods, secretly is taking a look at present this ancient unparalleled character. “恩。”小荷重重点头,偷偷的打量着眼前这位太古无双的人物。 Later you along with Qin Qing same shouted that I Big Brother Qin is then good, you could rest assured that although Qin Feng is my apprentice, but will not make him bully you, he must dare to bully you, you ask me to complain.” Qin Wentian says with a smile, after little responsibility hears, nods with a smile, but also looked at Qin Feng as a sign of protest, Qin Feng flexure head. “以后你随秦青一样喊我秦大哥便行,你放心,虽然秦风是我徒弟,但绝不会让他欺负你,他要敢欺负你,你来找我告状。”秦问天笑着道,小荷听到后笑着点头,还示威般的看了一眼秦风,秦风挠了挠脑袋。 Outside is your elder brother, moral behavior how?” Qin Wentian asked calmly, little Dutch beautiful eyes congealed, looks at Qin Wentian said: Big Brother Qin, my brother...... Some influences, if not Qin Feng is really the Big Brother Qin disciple, perhaps will break up us.” “外面是你兄长吧,人品如何?”秦问天平静问道,小荷美眸一凝,看着秦问天道:“秦大哥,我哥哥……有些势力,若非秦风真是秦大哥弟子,恐怕会拆散我们。” You, if my non- Qin Feng teacher, but can also with his together?” Qin Wentian asked with a smile, making the little Dutch body tremble, although called Qin Wentian is Big Brother Qin, but opposite party optional a few words, let her trembling with fear as before. “那你呢,如若我非秦风师尊,还会和他在一起吗?”秦问天笑着问道,使得小荷身体一颤,虽然称呼秦问天秦大哥,但对方随意一句话,依旧让她战战兢兢 Teacher, little responsibility she is not that person, before she comes, has been ready that and I fled together.” Qin Feng argued. “师尊,小荷她不是那种人,她来之前已经做好了和我一起逃离的准备。”秦风辩解道。 Your anxious anything.” Qin Wentian stared Qin Feng one, he asked that moment of little Dutch words then knew the answer actually, now, which whose idea, can run away his eye, reason that he will ask, does not want to make Qin Feng be used. “你紧张什么。”秦问天瞪了秦风一眼,他问小荷话的那一刻其实便已经知道了答案,如今,哪有谁的想法,能够逃得了他的眼睛,他之所以会问,也是不想让秦风被人利用。 Qin Feng and Qin Qing girl, I will make you lead you to go to choose resting palace to live, later then stays in God King Palace, the family member as for little responsibility, just compensation some, do not break relationship, after all, that is the family member in little responsibility.” Qin Wentian calmly said, the words spoke of here, believes that Qin Feng will understand the meaning in his words, the opposite party, since harbored evil intentions, then wanted to fish any advantage then not to need to think here, but he will not make little responsibility cut off with relationship of family member, that extremely. 秦风秦青丫头,我会让你带你前去挑选一座寝宫居住,以后便在神王殿住下吧,至于小荷的家人,适当补偿一些,不要断了关系,毕竟,那是小荷的亲人。”秦问天平静道,话说到这里,相信秦风自会明白他话语中的含义,对方既然居心叵测,那么想要在这里捞什么好处便不用想了,但他也不会真让小荷断绝和家人的关系,那太过。 Disciple understands.” Qin Feng nods with a smile, he knows how should do. “弟子明白。”秦风笑着点头,他知道该怎么做。 Shengge, you help me lead them to go to choose the palace, I must greet a person.” Qin Wentian opens the mouth saying that in Nanhuang Shengge beautiful eyes flashes through wipes the extraordinary splendor, really has the person, needs Qin Wentian to greet personally? 笙歌,你帮我带他们前去挑选宫殿,我要去迎接一个人。”秦问天开口说道,南凰笙歌美眸中闪过一抹异彩,竟然有人,需要秦问天亲自去迎接吗? Do his family member friend majority in God King Palace, the words of other people, who have such big face? 他的亲人朋友大多数都在神王殿中,其他人的话,谁有这么大的面子? Good.” Her nodded gently, is then bringing Qin Feng and Qin Qing three people departs, shortly, Qin Feng and Qin Qing alone had a broad resting palace housing in God King Palace, endures Imperial Palace of ratio kingdom, inside maidservant cultivation base is Immortal Realm, making them feel like having a dream. “好。”她轻轻的点了点头,便带着秦风秦青三人离去,不久后,秦风秦青独自在神王殿拥有了一座恢弘的寝宫居住,堪比一个王国的皇宫,里面的侍女修为都是仙之境界,让他们感觉像是在做梦一样。 God King Palace, many person of yearn for something even in one's dreams places, now, Heavenly God Boundary Master of outside cannot enter. 神王殿,多少人梦寐以求的地方,如今,外界的天神界主都不能入。 Qin Feng, later, did we live in this?” Little responsibility also felt that likely in dream, is not real, she believes that Qin Wentian is the Qin Feng teacher, Qin Feng and she has told that story, but after is only many years ago interlude, she cannot determine whether Qin Wentian will recognize Qin Feng, after all, Qin Wentian walks, has experienced the person is possibly countless, Qin Feng, is only an experience, even if sends under at will, is normal. 秦风,以后,我们就住在这里面了吗?”小荷也感觉像是在梦中,不真实,她是相信秦问天秦风师尊的,秦风和她讲过那段故事,但毕竟只是多年前的一个插曲,她并不能确定秦问天是否会认秦风,毕竟,秦问天一路走来,经历过的人可能不计其数,秦风,只是一段经历而已,即便随意打发下,也是正常的。 I know that Big Brother Qin will not forget us.” The Qin Qing corner of the eye also hangs tear stains not to scratch as before cleanly. “我就知道,秦大哥不会忘了我们。”秦青眼角依旧还挂着泪痕没有擦干净。 Who before was so intense, does not dare to shout the teacher.” Qin Feng teased to say with a smile, making Qin Qing stare his one eyes maliciously, but, all these passed. “之前是谁那么紧张,都不敢喊师尊了。”秦风打趣笑道,使得秦青狠狠的瞪了他一眼,不过,这一切都过去了。 Nanhuang Shengge is listening to three people of talks with a smile, their destinies, from start at this moment, will have the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, henceforth ancient world, no matter what roams through. 南凰笙歌含笑听着三人的谈话,他们的命运,从此刻开始,将发生翻天覆地的变化,从此太古天下,任遨游。 Thinks that passing all, Nanhuang Shengge also felt that likely is a dream. 想到过往的一切,南凰笙歌也感觉像是一场梦。 ............ ………… Qin Wentian's form appear(ance) outside God King Palace, greeted there personally. 秦问天的身影出现在了神王殿外,亲自在那里迎接。 At this time, not far away outside God King Palace, two forms slowly walks, these two Qin Wentian has seen, is a person of white clothing head like the snow, the body is as before ordinary, indistinct incomparable, seems not this mortal world people. 此时,在神王殿外不远处,有两道身影缓缓的走来,这两人秦问天都见过,为首之人一席白衣如雪,身上依旧平淡无奇,又缥缈无比,仿佛不属于尘世中人。 As for standing has also seen in his behind form Qin Wentian, he in the past, had seen the opposite party, obtains a chance. 至于站在他身后的身影秦问天也见过,曾经,他在过去,见到过对方,得到过一次机缘。 Has not thought that two Senior can come.” Qin Wentian including saying with a smile. “没想到两位前辈能来。”秦问天含笑道。 You Transcendence, has not needed to call me for Senior again, your my peer discussed the junction, I compared with you old, said that my elder brother was then good.” The white clothing youth said free and easy. “你已超脱,不必再称呼我为前辈,你我同辈论交,我比你年长,称我一声兄长便好。”白衣青年洒脱说道。 Good, Elder brother.” Qin Wentian is but actually impolite, shouted one directly. “好,兄长。”秦问天倒也不客气,直接喊了一声。 You said that my teacher was an elder brother, then cannot say that I for Senior, said that now you may be higher than my realm.” The white clothing youth behind form of said that originally, he unexpectedly was one of the once eight big God King, Profound Territory God King, Time Lord. “你都称我老师为兄长了,便更不能称我为前辈了,说起来,如今你可比我境界高。”白衣青年身后的身影说道,原来,他竟是曾经的八大神王之一,玄域神王,时光之主 Teacher?” Qin Wentian eyes flash, smiled immediately, person who indeed, this in society, can be Teacher Time God King, probably then only then the present white clothing youth, naturally, he can also be now. “老师?”秦问天目光一闪,随即笑了笑,的确,这世间,能够做时光神王老师的人,大概便只有眼前的白衣青年了吧,当然,如今他也可以算一个。 I once had said to you in the past, I have been seeking the method of Transcendence, wish can hover in the past in the future, but is unable to achieve eventually that step, afterward, has run into the teacher, he can achieve, therefore I am thick the facial skin continuously, the teacher is helpless, finally complies to lead me in the side.” The Time God King cloud poor business conditions light [say / way], pours does not care about any face, to this level, only then only pursue. “我曾在过去对你说过,我一直在寻求超脱之法,想要能够翱翔于过去未来,但终究还是无法做到那一步,后来,遇到了老师,他能做到,所以我厚着脸皮一直跟着,老师无奈,终于答应带我在身边。”时光神王云淡风轻的道,倒也不在乎什么面子,到了他这种层次,只有唯一的追求。 Is only he is doomed is the futile effort, wants Transcendence, must know the numerous business, that battle of Gods, was the turning point, Western Heaven God King also comprehended a point, what a pity has gone astray the road, finally, has helped you.” The white clothing youth said with a smile: What's wrong, I come to congratulate for you, didn't ask me to go to sit?” “只是他注定是徒劳,想要超脱,需知众生意,那次神战,便是契机,西天神王也领悟了一点,可惜走错了路,最终,成全了你。”白衣青年笑道:“怎么,我前来为你道贺,不请我进去坐一坐?” Elder brother invited.” Qin Wentian then responded that cannot help but cancould help laughing, three people took a step together, arrived at God King Palace lonesome and quiet place directly. “兄长请。”秦问天这才反应过来,不由得哑然失笑,三人一起迈步,直接来到了神王殿一处幽静之地。 The white clothing youth is the person of extra mundane, thinks to like quietly, otherwise, he early should move the world. 白衣青年是世外之人,想必喜欢清静,否则,他早该名动天下。 Elder brother, my continuously question, wants Transcendence, must know the numerous business, then, if the person of birth Transcendence, the inevitable world all knows, spreads the later generation, is immortal, are extremely why few some people to know elder brother's exist(ence)?” Qin Wentian asked curiously, even if were the Heavenly Dao Saint Academy person, did not know. “兄长,我一直有一疑问,既要超脱,需知众生意,那么,若诞生超脱之人,必然天下皆知,流传后世,永垂不朽,为何却极少有人知道兄长的存在?”秦问天好奇问道,即便是天道圣院的人,都不知晓。 From some significance, I do not belong to Transcendence.” The white clothing youth shakes the head saying: Because, to you, I am only the foreign visitor.” “从某种意义而言,我并不属于超脱。”白衣青年摇头道:“因为,相对于你而言,我只是外来客。” Qin Wentian eyes flash, said: „Does elder brother come from Nine Heavens?” 秦问天目光一闪,道:“兄长从九天之外而来?” Em.” The white clothing youth nods gently: You Transcendence, to your this level, have already thought that must know, the universe does not have the boundary boundlessly and simply, the world that Nine Heavenly Layers covers , a perfect world body, in the boundless universe outside Nine Heavens, there are innumerable world, once, I walked in the universe, have been to many world to travel, afterward arrived here, felt that this world natural law is quite interesting, moreover is quite perfect, can be born with my suitable person, therefore then remained, now, has waited till one person, that is you.” “恩。”白衣青年轻轻点头:“你既已超脱,到了你这层次,想必也应当知道,宇宙无垠、根本没有边际,九天星河笼罩的世界,也只是其中一个完善的世界体,在九天之外的无垠宇宙中,有无数个世界,曾经,我在宇宙中行走,到过许多世界游历,后来来到这里,感觉这世界的规则颇为有趣,而且极为完善,将能够诞生一个和我相当的人,于是便留了下来,如今,等到了一人,那便是你。” In the Qin Wentian heart is somewhat surprised, perhaps the travelling universe, walk various world, the opposite party did not know exist(ence) many year of years, even if in the universe, were difficult to seek one with his suitable exist(ence), until his Transcendence, it can be imagined this great strength, naturally, this means present him, arrived at this level. 秦问天心中有些吃惊,游历宇宙,行走诸世界,对方恐怕不知存在了多少年岁月,即便在宇宙中,都难寻到一位和他相当的存在,直到他超脱,可想而知这种强大,当然,这意味着如今的他,也到达了这种层次。 In the future, is interested in travelling along with me together?” The white clothing youth smiles to ask suddenly. “将来,有没有兴趣随我一起去游历?”白衣青年忽然间笑问道。 Feared that wants the elder brother and other years.” Qin Wentian returns to say with a smile that he knows, after Transcendence, here was difficult to have anything to pursue, however, here has all that he is familiar with after all, a long time, he will not depart. “怕是要兄长等些年。”秦问天笑着回道,他知道,超脱之后,在这里已经难有什么追求,然而,这里毕竟有他熟悉的一切,在很长一段时间,他都不会离去。 Understanding, after all, I once had experienced same all with you, as for the waiting, to our realm, time, is actually not anything.” The white clothing youth says with a smile, Qin Wentian, will feel lonely eventually, invincible lonely. “了解,毕竟,我曾和你经历过同样的一切,至于等待,到了我们这种境界,一点时间,其实并不算什么。”白衣青年笑着道,秦问天,终究会感受到寂寞的,无敌的寂寞 Good, said it and meant it.” Qin Wentian said that he also wants to have a look outside world, but before then, must go all over the ancient world. “好,一言为定。”秦问天道,他也想去看看外面的世界,但在此之前,要将太古的世界走遍。 They chatted to chat in this place, said that some interesting matters, for example, the world outside Nine Heavens was what kind, from time to time had the faint smile sound to spread, for a long time , the white clothing youth brought Time God King to depart, they set the agreement, in the future some day, roamed through the universe outside Nine Heavens together! 两人在此地闲聊谈笑,说些有趣的事情,譬如,九天之外的世界是怎样的,时而有浅笑声传出,许久之后,白衣青年才带着时光神王离去,两人定下约定,在将来的某一天,一起遨游九天之外的宇宙!
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