AGM :: Volume #21

#2044: God King disciple

God King Palace, the God King Qin Wentian big marriage, in broad ancient palace, does not know that many banquets, here scene, 33 Heavens Immortal Territory all can see, all living things offer the blessing, this was in society in history grandest wedding. 神王殿,神王秦问天大婚,恢弘古殿内,不知有多少酒宴,这里的场景,三十三天仙域皆能看到,众生送上祝福,这是世间有史以来最盛大的一场婚礼了。 This wedding, the God King Palace respective influence all helps, Heavenly God is doing odd jobs to work, takes a broad view at the world, how could to have? 这场婚礼,神王殿所属势力皆来帮忙,天神都在打杂做事,放眼天下,何曾有过? The God King four brides are very beautiful . Moreover, has the different beauty respectively, in four females, Beiming Youhuang probably is the most charming that bride, has accompanied for many years, waited for many years, now finally achieved wishes, Qin Wentian holds the prosperous times wedding, gets married her, makings icy she is passing the nous gentle aesthetic sense at this moment, holy unparalleled. 神王的四位新娘都很美,而且,各有不同的美,在四女中,北冥幽皇大概是最娇羞的那位新娘,陪伴了多年,等待了多年,如今终于如愿以偿,秦问天举办盛世婚礼,迎娶她,气质冷冰冰的她此刻透着知性温柔的美感,圣洁无双。 Qin Wentian and four wife stand together, appears such being a match, only then God King can simultaneously can be joined to they such outstanding female. 秦问天和四位妻子站在一起,显得那样的般配,也只有神王能同时配得上她们这样优秀的女子了。 The elders sit on the stand, was waiting for their proposing a toast, Qingcheng second life family member some are not familiar with, appears very cautious, they think Qingcheng marries into Immortal Sect, where wants actually to marry God King, in society unparalleled exist(ence), their side sits is influential figure, person who these do odd jobs, is aloof and remote exist(ence), before placing, exist(ence) that they are unable to see entire life. 长辈们都坐在看台上,等待着她们的敬酒,倾城第二世的家人有些不习惯,显得很拘谨,他们本就想倾城嫁入仙门,哪想却是嫁给了神王,世间无双的存在,他们身边坐着的都是大人物,那些打杂的人,都是高高在上存在,放在以前,他们一生都无法见到的存在 Happiest naturally is Qin Yuanfeng and Luoshen Qianxue, Qin Tiangang they, this is their first time attended the Qin Wentian's wedding in the true sense, this is their sons and daughter-in-law, Qin Wentian gets married four females, holds this prosperous times wedding, very big reason because of his parents, truly has not witnessed this happy time, now, all these, can make up finally. 最高兴的自然是秦远峰洛神千雪,还有秦天罡他们了,这是他们第一次真正意义上参加秦问天的婚礼,这是他们的儿子和儿媳,秦问天迎娶四女,举办这次盛世婚礼,很大原因也是因为他的父母,从没有真正见证过这幸福的时刻,如今,这一切,终于都可以弥补了。 Qin Chuan Ye Qingyun also had the person of beforehand Mo Residence to experience actually, experienced again one time, felt as before happily. 秦川叶青云还有以前的莫府之人倒是都经历过了,再经历一次,依旧感觉到非常的开心。 Happiest also has Great Emperor Beiming, he also finally achieved wishes, has become the Qin Wentian's name brand father-in-law, this time may be felt proud and elated in front of Great Emperor Changqing, but also is winking the demonstration to Great Emperor Changqing at the wedding, teases Great Emperor Changqing to laugh, this old fogy. 最开心的还有北冥大帝,他也终于如愿了,成了秦问天的正牌岳父,这次可算是在长青大帝面前扬眉吐气了,还在婚礼上对着长青大帝挤眉弄眼示威,逗得长青大帝都大笑着,这个老家伙。 This time, all elders, were a true happy ending. 这一次,所有长辈们都在,算是一次真正的大团圆了。 These elders sit on the ritual stage, but also has a small interlude, two old men snatch depend on a middle position, fellow who is two to never revere likely. 这些长辈坐在礼台上,还发生一个小插曲,两个老头抢更靠中间的一点位置,像是两个‘为老不尊的家伙’。 I am Wentian and Youhuang their teachers, they have today, may be I facilitates, you snatch with me, snort|hum.” The insane old man has side of naughty child rarely, naturally, this is the joke that two old men mump. “我可是问天幽皇他们两个的老师,他们有今天,可都是我促成的,你跟我抢,哼。”疯老头难得有顽童的一面,当然,这都是两个老头斗气的玩笑话。 Not to be how good, without me, Qin Wentian can have today, I am his half teacher, taught the Di Tian practice many years, although now they body is only, but did not have me, can he have today's achievement?” Another old fogy is mad foams with rage, absurd. “怎么就不行,没有我,秦问天能有今天,我可是他半个师尊,教导帝天修行多年,现在他们虽然身化唯一,但没我,他能有今天的成就吗?”另一个老家伙气得吹胡子瞪眼,岂有此理。 Your does cultivation base have me?” Death God a few words have not made the opposite party give to irritate, the whole person was speechless, any person, compared with cultivation base, bullied the person unexpectedly. “你修为有我强吗?”死神一句话差点没让对方给气死,整个人都无语了,什么人啊,竟然比修为,太欺负人了。 Saw the appearance of opposite party, Death God has smiled: Well, looks in you are in the share of Qin Wentian half master, we sit here together.” 看到对方的模样,死神笑了起来:“好好,看在你是秦问天半个师傅的份上,我们一起坐这边。” This also almost.” Another old fogy satisfied nodded, afterward looks at front scene, has shown the smiling face, he behind, but also is standing a solemn youth. “这还差不多。”另一老家伙满意的点了点头,随后看着前方的场景,也露出了笑容,他身后,还站着一位冷峻的青年。 Sees not to have, is I am insightful, Ancient Godly Monarch, matchless, when you, can have he 50% achievements, I was well satisfied.” The old fogies said that his behind youth is black the face, instantaneous speechless, how many are Qin Wentian 50% achievements? Also is the God King rank, your old man was bullied, asks me to go flat? Bullied the monster, good and evil I am longer than Di Tian with your time, now, yeah...... “看到没有,还是我有眼光,太古神王,举世无双,你什么时候,能有他一半的成就,我就心满意足了。”老家伙说道,他身后的青年黑着脸,瞬间无语,秦问天一半的成就是多少?也得是个神王级别吧,你老人家被欺负了,找我撒气啊?太欺负妖了,好歹我跟你的时间比帝天长多了吧,现在,哎…… Qin Wentian goes forward to serve tea with four females, the whole family harmony happiness, so the beyond example grand wedding, 33 Heavens Immortal Territory all living things witness, however actually extraordinary light, except for population many, not too special place, unadorned, well-mannered, however, made the common people feel a warm aura. 秦问天携四女上前敬茶,一家人其乐融融,如此空前盛大的婚礼,三十三天仙域众生见证,然而却出奇的平淡,除了人数多一点,并没有太特别的地方,朴实无华,规规矩矩,然而,却让世人都感觉到了一股温馨的气息。 However, this warm scene, made some people burst into tears, person of bursting into tears, including several females, they in the Azure Profound Immortal Territory different places, once, they were away from him is very near, however now, looks at he reaches, got married the love, 33 Heavens Immortal Territory witnesses together, they, actually can only in distant place peaceful looks at, the looks at that only beautiful picture, the delivering blessing silently. 然而,这股温馨的场面,却让一些人流泪了,流泪的人,其中有几位女子,她们都在青玄仙域不同的地方,曾经,她们距离他也很近的,然而如今,看着他登顶,迎娶挚爱,三十三天仙域共同见证,她们,却只能在远处安安静静的看着,看着那唯美的画面,默默的送上祝福。 Ancient Immortal Territory, some countless person looks at, have stayed in Qin Wentian particularly the place, for example Blue City Boundary, that is their beliefs, their gods, the Blue City two characters in Blue City Boundary, then name by Qing'er and Qingcheng, now, they witness this together. 太古仙域,也有无数人看着,尤其是在秦问天停留过的地方,譬如青城界,那是他们的信仰,他们的神,青城界中的青城二字,便是以青儿倾城取名,如今,他们一起见证这一幕。 It is said that the God King big marriage, the God King Palace banquet can display the three months time, at the appointed time, will have Heavenly God preach the Dao, the good fortune goes the person of congratulation, because, the person of Ancient Immortal Territory cultivation base strong point, does not hesitate all cross-domains to go, but in the Heaven Territory person, is diligently hurries to the God King Palace direction. 据说,神王大婚,神王殿的筵席会摆上三月时间,届时,会有天神讲道,福泽前去祝贺之人,因为,太古仙域修为强点的人,都不惜一切跨域前往,而在天域的人,更是努力的朝着神王殿方向赶去。 In person who many hurry along, one line of crowds, their cultivation base is not very high, mostly is Immortal Realm, only then a Boundary Master character, appears somewhat travel-worn, has been hurrying along likely. 在诸多赶路的人中,有一行人群,他们修为并不是很高,大多都是仙之境界,只有一位界主人物,显得有些风尘仆仆,像是一直在赶路。 God King Palace, drew near.” At this time, a facial features pretty youth looks at distant place peak enters the cloud sky broad main hall, eyes is somewhat moist, finally, soon arrived. 神王殿,快到了。”此时,其中一位面容俊秀的青年看着远处一座耸入云天的恢弘大殿,眼眸有些湿润,终于,快要到了吗。 Elder sister, little responsibility, we will draw near.” The youth appear not only happy, and somewhat anxious. “姐,小荷,我们就快到了。”青年显得既高兴,又有些紧张。 Em, drew near.” His elder sister fresh is very attractive, is passing the clear aesthetic sense, said: But, does Big Brother Qin also know us?” “恩,快到了。”他的姐姐生的很漂亮,透着清纯的美感,道:“可是,秦大哥还认识我们吗?” Teacher should remember that he so is good to us, if the teacher did not know that we did not have relationship, at least we can look at his one eyes again, then also finished a wish.” The youth said with a smile. “师尊应该会记得吧,他对我们那么好,如果师尊不认识我们了也没关系,至少我们能够再看他一眼,然后也了却一桩心愿了。”青年笑着说道。 Em, Big Brother Qin is so good, he will definitely not forget.” Female earnest nodded, remembered once had met Qin Wentian's that in the small town, although she knows that Qin Wentian received her younger brother to have the reason for the disciple, but to protect her younger brother. “恩,秦大哥那么善良,他肯定不会忘记的。”女子认真的点了点头,想起了曾经在小城中遇到秦问天的那一幕幕,虽然她知道,秦问天收她弟弟为弟子是有原因的,只是为了保护她弟弟。 We have squandered all savings, drew support from Transmission Great Formation to arrive at this lands finally, Qin Feng, if you lay, I could not forgive you, when the time comes, do not look for any God King not to remember your excuses.” Side, male expression is cold, was saying to Qin Feng. “我们花光了身上所有的积蓄,才借助传送大阵终于走到了这片土地,秦风,若是你撒谎,我饶不了你,到时候,你可别找什么神王不记得你们的借口了。”旁边,一男子神色冷冽,对着秦风说道。 Brother, Qin Feng will not deceive my.” The female in that named little responsibility is holding the hand of Qin Feng, supple sound track. “哥,秦风不会骗我的。”那名为小荷的女子牵着身旁秦风的手,柔声道。 Man's heart unfathomable, who knows that he had a liking for strength of our family, can arrive at this, not by the inside story of our family, his savings according to him when the cross-domain came from Azure Profound exhausted.” The men said the sound icily, he came from a ancient family influence, Qin Feng and his sister is together, he had opposed that even the people of his family also opposed, if is not 20 years ago when battle of Gods erupts, Qin Feng said in that battle of Gods the titled as King person he to know, moreover is teacher who he has sought, their where will also waste the time on Qin Feng. “人心叵测,谁知道他是不是看上了我们家族的力量,能够一路走到这,还不是靠我们家族的底蕴,他身上那点积蓄据他自己说在跨域从青玄来的时候就耗尽了。”男子冷冰冰的说了声,他来自太古一个家族势力,秦风和他妹妹相处,他是一直反对的,甚至他家族的人也都反对,若非是20年前神战爆发之时,秦风说那神战封王的人他认识,而且是他一直寻找的师尊,他们哪里还会在秦风身上浪费时间。 Brother.” Some little Dutch vitalities stared her elder brother one eyes, held the hand of Qin Feng to tighten, said: Qin Feng, do not mind.” “哥。”小荷有些生气的瞪了她哥哥一眼,拉着秦风的手更紧了些,道:“秦风,你别介意。” Cannot.” Qin Feng is smiling shaking the head. “不会。”秦风微笑着摇头。 Even if God King did not know that you did not have relationship, we when the time comes find an excuse to elope, I recede the horizon as you like together.” Little responsibility was saying to Qin Feng sound transmission that Qin Feng gripped her hand to tighten, he very much hopes now the teacher can also remember him, not for him, but for little responsibility, he does not hope that little responsibility eloped with him, flees the horizon. “即便神王不认识你们了也没关系,我们到时候找个借口私奔,我随你一起远走天涯。”小荷对着秦风传音道,秦风握住她的手更紧了些,他现在很希望师尊还能够记得他,不为他自己,而是为了小荷,他不希望小荷跟着他私奔,亡命天涯。 In fact, he is not because Qin Wentian was God King sought for him, from long before, him knows that Qin Wentian Azure Profound titled as Heavenly Emperor, started to seek, looked for Heavenly Emperor Palace, but at that time, the Heavenly Emperor Palace Qin Wentian's family members were picked, the person who left behind, oneself could not see Qin Wentian, where can help him recommend, he can only borrow Azure Profound's great formation, arrived at Ancient Immortal Territory to inquire the whereabouts of teacher, he wants to see the teacher. 事实上,他并非是因为秦问天神王了才来寻找他,从很早以前,他知道秦问天青玄封天帝,就开始寻找了,找去了天帝宫,但那时候,天帝宫秦问天的亲人都被接走了,留下的人,自己都见不到秦问天,哪能帮他引荐,他只能借青玄的大阵,来到太古仙域打探师尊的下落,他只是想见见师尊。 But knew to ancient little responsibility, had the beloved female, he hopes that the teacher can recognize him, he knows that this idea is somewhat selfish. 但到太古认识了小荷,有了心爱的女子,他又希望师尊能够认他,他知道这想法有些自私。 Walks.” Qin Feng said in a soft voice that continues to hurry along, finally, they arrived at outside God King Palace, saw that palatial palace community. “走吧。”秦风轻声说道,继续赶路,终于,他们来到了神王殿外,看到了那巍峨的宫殿群落。 God King invites the world, all people can enter God King Palace to enjoy the banquet, Qin Feng they are very excited, is very disturbed, even if his rampant brother-in-law, is very anxious, here, is God King Palace. 神王宴请天下,所有人都能入神王殿享受酒宴,秦风他们都很激动,也很忐忑,哪怕是他那嚣张的大舅子,也很紧张,这里,是神王殿 Was arranged into the banquet to sit down, the Qin Feng brother-in-law signaled with the eyes to him, Qin Feng shouted that Lord busy beautiful female of shuttle in crowd, asked: Fairy.” 被安排入宴席坐下,秦风的大舅子对他使了个眼神,秦风喊主一位穿梭于人群之中忙碌的美丽女子,问道:“仙子。” Has the matter?” That Fairy from Southern Phoenix Clan [lineage/vein], was attractive, has in the past a Saintess Nanhuang Yunxi several points of elegant demeanor. “有事吗?”那位仙子来自南凰氏一脉,非常漂亮,有当年圣女南凰云曦的几分风采。 Fairy, can I see God King?” The Qin Feng in short supply [say / way], Nanhuang Fairy smiles, said: Here does not know that every day has many people to see God King.” 仙子,我能不能见一见神王?”秦风紧张的道,南凰仙子一笑,道:“这里每天不知道有多少人想要见神王。” Qin Feng expression one gloomy, is right, the person who every day wants to see the teacher, does not know many. 秦风神色一黯,也对,每天想要见师尊的人,不知有多少。 He is the God King disciple, in the past dispersed, now seeks for God King.” The Qin Feng brother-in-law said that Nanhuang Fairy beautiful eyes concentrates, said in a soft voice: I hear God King to have two girl students, Zhi Yan and Zhi Ran, they in God King Palace, disciple?” “他是神王弟子,当年走散,如今来寻找神王。”秦风大舅子说道,南凰仙子美眸一凝,轻声道:“我听闻神王只有两位女弟子,芷嫣芷然,她们就在神王殿中,还有弟子吗?” Saying, her vision was falling on Qin Feng, Qin Feng looks at her beautiful eyes, earnest nodded, but some not self-confident [say / way]: Long before matter.” 说着,她目光落在秦风身上,秦风看着她的美眸,认真的点了点头,不过又有些不自信的道:“很早以前的事情了。” I help you ask Shengge Goddess.” Nanhuang Fairy says with a smile, afterward left here, this matter, should nobody dare to lie is right, therefore under must attach great importance, who dares to pretend to be the God King disciple in God King Palace? “那我帮你问问笙歌神女。”南凰仙子微笑着道,随后离开了这边,这种事情,应该没有人敢撒谎才对,所以还是要重视下的,谁敢在神王殿冒充神王弟子? Qin Feng appeared more anxious, soon , a beautiful Goddess character arrived, just liked Nine Heavens Goddess, holy unparalleled, such as a picture people, Nanhuang Shengge was beautiful like the picture, now is Heavenly God, the makings can be imagined, making one line of look at absent-minded, trembling with fear has stood. 秦风显得更紧张了,不久之后,一位绝美的神女人物降临,犹如九天神女般,圣洁无双,如画中人,南凰笙歌本就美如画,如今又为天神,气质可想而知,让一行人都看得一阵失神,战战兢兢的站了起来。 The Nanhuang Shengge surface contains the smile, looks at Qin Feng said: „Are you Big Brother Qin disciple?” 南凰笙歌面含微笑,看着秦风道:“你是秦大哥的弟子?” It can be said that Big Brother Qin person, it can be imagined this female status, all people was more anxious immediately. 能称秦大哥的人,可想而知此女身份,顿时诸人更紧张了。 Em.” Qin Feng nodded, Nanhuang Shengge nods the head slightly, afterward Divine Sense goes toward God King Palace in together, a moment later, then has Divine Sense together to arrive to come, to say with a smile: Qin Feng and Qin Qing girl, comes in quickly.” “恩。”秦风点了点头,南凰笙歌微微颔首,随后一道神念朝着神王殿内而去,片刻之后,便有一道神念降临而来,笑道:“秦风秦青丫头,快进来。” Heard this familiar sound, the Qin Feng body shivered fiercely , the innermost feelings were excited, but Qin Qing, was the tears cannot bear flow! 听到这熟悉的声音,秦风身体猛的颤抖了下,内心激动无比,而秦青,更是眼泪都忍不住流淌而出!
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