AGM :: Volume #15

#1430: You can the same place

The Southern Phoenix Empress sound makes Void silent, even if Tian Lan Immortal Country and Supreme Sword School expert heart shakes, the complexion is extremely unattractive. 南凰女帝的声音使得虚空寂静,哪怕是天岚仙国至尊剑派强者都心头震荡,脸色极不好看。 This is the voice of empress, the Southern Phoenix Empress what kind character, the Immortal Territory south Southern Phoenix Clan leader, before their deal with Changqing Immortal Country, although Southern Phoenix Clan has also gotten rid, at that time but got rid is a Nanhuang Guhong protection saintess, even if Immortal Emperor expert, but cannot say that as before has represented Southern Phoenix Clan. 这是女帝的声音,南凰女帝何等人物,仙域南部南凰氏的领袖人物,之前他们对付长青仙国之时,虽然南凰氏也有出手过,但那时候出手的不过是南凰孤鸿一位守护圣女,即便是仙帝强者,但依旧不能说代表了南凰氏 This was similar to White Tiger Clan once dispatched Immortal Emperor to go to Immortal Territory eastern part to capture to put to death Qin Wentian, finally failed then did not have the follow-up movement, obviously its determination was not very intense, because that was not the entire White Tiger Clan will, Nanhuang Guhong they protected Qin Wentian are also so, although there is a Southern Phoenix Clan manner in inside, but is actually not able saying that was the entire Southern Phoenix Clan will. 这就如同白虎族曾派遣出仙帝仙域东部擒拿诛杀秦问天,最终失败便没有了后续动作,显然其决心不够强烈,因为那不是整个白虎族的意志,南凰孤鸿他们守护秦问天也是如此,虽然有南凰氏的一丝态度在里面,但却无法说是整个南凰氏的意志。 However, this moment empress took a stand, significance was extraordinary, she, can the will of representative Southern Phoenix Clan. 然而,此刻女帝表态,意义非凡,她一人,能代表南凰氏之意志。 Sacred Sun Cult expert is exceedingly indignant, the Southern Phoenix Empress powerful meddles, wants to strive to excel to kill Qin Wentian, is almost impossible to achieve, is the Southern Phoenix Clan leader, Southern Phoenix Empress Top Rank Immortal Emperor, the name shakes Immortal Territory to have many years, now the strength does not know formidable, since she took a stand, how can kill Qin Wentian. 太阳圣教强者更是无比愤怒,南凰女帝强势插手其中,想要强杀秦问天,几乎不可能做到,身为南凰氏的领袖人物,南凰女帝顶级仙帝,名震仙域已有多年,如今实力不知会有多强大,她既然已经表态,如何能杀秦问天 Two Sacred Sun Cult Heaven Arrogant characters were put to death, particularly beforehand one person is the Sacred Sun Cult Holy Son character, if this hatred lets off Qin Wentian in light of this, how he can be resigned. 两位太阳圣教天骄人物被诛杀,尤其是之前一人更是太阳圣教圣子人物,这笔仇恨若是就此放过秦问天,他又如何能够甘心。 Good, since the empress start to talk, my Sacred Sun Cult then gives the Southern Phoenix Clan face, however, since he said that must challenge same boundary various, everybody so many strong presences, Heaven Arrogant like clouds, is it possible that pays lip service?” Sacred Sun Cult Immortal Emperor eyes flash, looks to many Top Rank influence expert on the scene. “好,既然女帝开口,我太阳圣教便给南凰氏面子,然而,既然他说要挑战同境诸强,各位如此多强大势力都在,天骄如云,莫非都只是嘴上说说而已?”太阳圣教仙帝目光一闪,望向在场的诸多顶级势力强者 White Tiger Clan and Tian Lan Immortal Country, Supreme Sword School, must kill Qin Wentian, now, his Sacred Sun Cult suffers defeat to have Heaven Arrogant to be put to death, shouldn't these people, take a stand to stand? In that case, they do not have the face. 白虎族天岚仙国,至尊剑派,都要杀秦问天,如今,他太阳圣教败北有天骄被诛杀,这些人,难道不该表态站出来?那样的话,他们自己也没面子吧。 I kill him.” The low and deep whooshing sound spreads together, sees only from White Tiger Clan many expert, goes out of Middle Rank Top Rank white tiger Monster King, his incarnation is the human form, as before is actually passing the formidable white tiger malignant influences, the fair skin faintly is glittering the golden gloss, to human greatly strengthened threat feeling. “我来杀他。”一道低沉的嘶吼声传出,只见从白虎族的诸多强者当中,走出一尊中阶顶级的白虎妖王,他化身为人形,却依旧透着强大至极的白虎煞气,白皙的皮肤又隐隐闪烁着金色的光泽,给人极强的威胁感。 I kill him.” Also there is together sharp sound Legend, various expert vision have transferred, looked to another person, that was Supreme Sword School expert, Shangguan Jianyi, Middle Rank Immortal King Top Rank Heaven Arrogant , fighting strength is quite formidable, swordsmanship unparalleled, before he saw Qin Wentian to put to death Sacred Sun Cult expert by swordsmanship unexpectedly, he must have a look but actually, under his sword, the Qin Wentian sword, how can call the sword. “我来杀他。”又有一道锋利声音传说,诸强者目光转过,看向了另外一人,那是至尊剑派强者,上官剑一,中阶仙王顶级天骄,战斗力极为强大,剑法无双,之前他见秦问天竟然以剑术诛杀太阳圣教强者,他倒要看看,在他的剑下,秦问天的剑,如何能够称之为剑。 He shames my Tian Lan nobody, so, I help you.” Tian Lan Immortal Country strong Immortal King proceeds to take one step, has the power and influence of suppression world faintly, fearfully to the extreme. “他羞辱我天岚无人,既如此,我成全你。”一位天岚仙国的超强仙王往前迈出一步,隐隐有镇压天地之威势,可怕到了极点。 Shatian, was he has defeated you, has attacked your spirit?” In the crowd, there is 9 Emperors Immortal Country expert , a Immortal Emperor character was asking to Huang Shatian. 杀天,就是他击败了你,打击了你的锐气吗?”人群之中,有九皇仙国强者在,一位仙帝人物对着皇杀天问道。 Huang Shatian looks at own old match, only felt that in the heart sighed with sadness, he tries hard practice, tries to be able Qin Wentian to defeat again, has not actually thought that Qin Wentian walks so quickly, more walks is farther, he is the talent extremely outstanding existed, this many year of years, his powerful has visited Immortal King Realm, for obtains to the victory of Qin Wentian. 皇杀天看着自己的老对手,只感觉心中悲叹,他努力修行,试图重新能够将秦问天击败来,却没想到秦问天走得如此的快,越走越远,他已经是天赋极为出众的存在了,这才多少年岁月,他强势踏足了仙王境界,为的就是求得对秦问天的胜利。 Now, Divine Mountain arrives in society, when God's Vestige vanishes, Qin Wentian, Middle Rank Immortal King, the speed of this practice, desperate. 如今,神山降临世间,当神迹消失的时候,秦问天,中阶仙王,这种修行之速度,令人绝望。 I am inferior to him.” The Huang Shatian closing one's eyes pupil, voices together the extremely painful feeling, his life unparalleled, in 9 Emperors Immortal Country peer nobody has been able side by side, even the unusual person in Senior to place on a par, Heavenly Dao Saint Academy opens, he believes that is his time, finally arrives, he also truly focuses attention on unparalleled, until, he has met Qin Wentian. “我不如他。”皇杀天闭上眼眸,发出一道极为痛苦的感慨,他一生无双,在九皇仙国同辈一直无人能够比肩,甚至在前辈之中少有人能够相提并论,天道圣院开,他认为,属于他的时代,终于降临,他也确实瞩目无双,直到,他遇到了秦问天 He is destined to seem to be that a more formidable match, by the stance of dazzlingly focusing attention on, after has exceeded him, afterward flings him after behind, making his heart live desperately. 他命中注定似有一个更加强大的对手,以更加耀眼瞩目的姿态,从后超越了他,随后一路将他甩在身后,让他心生绝望。 Shatian, you are one of the I 9 Emperors Immortal Country most outstanding people, how can improperly belittle oneself, now, the heart of your martial arts suffered the dust and dirt, but this person is your heart demon, he cannot remain.” Sees only that Immortal Emperor character to open the mouth to say to Huang Shatian, the vision looks at to Qin Wentian time flashes through wipes the light of murdering. 杀天,你乃是我九皇仙国最为出众的人之一,怎能妄自菲薄,如今,你武道之心已蒙受尘垢,而此人正是你的心魔,他不能留。”只见那仙帝人物对着皇杀天开口说道,目光望向秦问天的时候闪过一抹杀伐之光。 This Immortal Territory eastern part later generation character, his 9 Emperors Immortal Country younger generation three most outstanding Heaven Arrogant characters steps on Heavenly Dao Saint Academy in the under foot, in three big expert Huang Youdi dies, a Huang Shatian heart is damaged, before not having, that unprecedented spirit, to revenge to let Huang Shatian retrieves, Qin Wentian must die. 正是这仙域东部的一个后辈人物,在天道圣院中将他九皇仙国的年轻一代三位最杰出的天骄人物踩在脚下,三大强者皇有敌死,皇杀天道心受损,没有了以前那一往无前的锐气,无论是为了报仇还是为了让皇杀天找回自我,秦问天都必须要死。 I go to put to death him for you.” Sees only nearby has Middle Rank Immortal King to open the mouth saying that his middle age appearance, the body aura is boundless, has the dignity extremely, sees only him to take a step, walks toward that side, works off anger to fill the air in the direction that Qin Wentian is. “我去替你诛杀他。”只见旁边有一位中阶仙王开口说道,他中年模样,身上气息磅礴,极有威严,只见他迈步而出,也朝着那边走去,杀气朝着秦问天所在的方向弥漫而出。 White Tiger Clan, Supreme Sword School, Tian Lan Immortal Country and 9 Emperors Immortal Country...... many influence Immortal King expert all take a step the direction that moves toward Qin Wentian to be, whom as to fight over to put to death Qin Wentian, this caused that the surrounding innumerable expert accumulations in this, stare at that the youth Immortal King form that goes down from the summit of Divine Mountain , he caused unexpectedly so various big influence Immortal King want his life. 白虎族至尊剑派天岚仙国九皇仙国……诸多势力仙王强者皆都迈步走向秦问天所在的方向,仿佛要争谁来诛杀秦问天,这一幕引得周围无数强者聚集于此,凝望那从神山之巅走下的青年仙王身影,他一人,竟引得如此诸大势力仙王想要他的性命。 Many Great Monster expert have a relish looks at all these occurrences, was really interesting, has not thought that here can see Immortal Territory Middle Rank Immortal King expert fought, if this placed the common time, absolutely was a grand feast, even if were here expert like clouds, Immortal Territory as well as wild various came, this war made the human be interested as before extremely. 许多大妖强者都饶有兴致的看着这一切的发生,真是有意思了,没想到在这里能够看到一场仙域中阶仙王强者争锋,这若是放在寻常时候,绝对是一场盛宴了,哪怕是这里强者如云,仙域以及蛮荒诸强都来了,此战依旧让人极感兴趣。 Pei Qing indifferent looks at all these, as to look how Qin Wentian dies, Qin Wentian is rampant he has asked for advice, now offended these many big influences, these people have to kill his heart. 裴清漠然的看着这一切,似乎想看秦问天是怎么死的,秦问天的嚣张他是领教过的,如今得罪了这么多大势力,这些人都有杀他之心。 Sees only Qin Wentian vision sweeping to stand to kill his form, said indifferently: Actually who comes?” 只见秦问天目光一扫站出来想要杀他的身影,冷漠道:“究竟谁来?” Such remarks, various expert in an uproar, has not thought that he unexpectedly is so extremely arrogant. 此言一出,诸强者哗然,没想到他竟还是如此狂妄。 Gives me.” Tian Lan Immortal Country expert opens the mouth saying that his body reveals the extremely overbearing meaning, tyrannical boundless. “交给我吧。”天岚仙国强者开口道,他身躯流露出极为霸道之意,强横无边。 His life, is my.” Supreme Sword School Shangguan Jianyi said lightly that body Sword Intent sweeps across crazily, killing intent is boundless. “他的命,是我的。”至尊剑派上官剑一淡淡说道,身上剑意疯狂席卷而出,杀意磅礴。 He ate my White Tiger Clan in the past, must pay the price, becomes in my abdomen the food.” White Tiger Clan Immortal King proceeding steps, are not willing to yield, wants to want the Qin Wentian life personally. “他当年食我白虎族,必付出代价,将成为我腹中之食。”白虎族仙王往前踏步而出,不肯让步,都想亲自要秦问天的命。 Ha Ha......” Qin Wentian saw that forms go out, laughed unexpectedly dissolutely got up, his body set up Void arrogantly, the imposing manner sweeps across, body Shenhua pasted, regards the world hero, if did not have the thing, extremely arrogant start to talk: Was inferior, you on together, so as to avoid being so troublesome.” “哈哈……”秦问天看到一道道身影走出,竟放肆大笑了起来了,他身体傲立虚空,气势席卷而出,身上神华流转,视天下英雄如无物,狂妄开口:“不如,你们一起上吧,免得那么麻烦。” What did you say?” Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King gives a loud shout, the Qin Wentian words, simply are to their shame. “你说什么?”天岚仙国仙王大喝一声,秦问天的话,简直是对他们的羞辱。 Courts death.” In the White Tiger Clan Immortal King expert eye pupil spouts the flame, four big expert also lead the way. “找死。”白虎族仙王强者眼眸中喷出火焰,四大强者同时前行。 I said that your four waste on, save me to trouble together much.” Qin Wentian repeatedly said that four people are almost unable to bear must get rid, however cares about the face not to murder directly, otherwise was really besieges Qin Wentian, simply was the shame. “我说,你们四个废物一起上,省下我不少麻烦。”秦问天重复说道,四人几乎都无法忍住就要出手,然而又都顾及面子没有直接杀伐,否则就真的是围攻秦问天了,简直是耻辱。 Fights does not fight, leave does not roll, actually do you want to do?” Qin Wentian looks that four people stop, satire said. “战又不战,滚又不滚,你们究竟想干什么?”秦问天看着四人停下,讽刺说道。 Scoffs at......” Shangguan Jianyi sword qi to be assigned away from the capital, a sword cuts, Void seemed cut broken, his sword has delimited from Qin Wentian, fearfully to the extreme. “嗤……”上官剑一剑气外放,一剑斩出,虚空仿佛都被斩破,他的剑从秦问天身旁划过,可怕到极点。 You can find three people to help, kills together.” Shangguan Jianyi coldly start to talk. “你可以找三个人帮忙,一起杀。”上官剑一冷冷开口。 Qin Wentian stands in place to, moved not to move, looks at Shangguan Jianyi to smile, said: „Do you also match?” 秦问天站在原地,动也未动,看着上官剑一笑了起来,道:“你也配?” Eyah......” sees only the immature sound to transmit together, Qin Wentian following Little Rascal swings from airborne shakes to come, appear here serious atmosphere that suspends especially funny. “咿咿呀呀……”只见一道稚嫩的声音传来,秦问天后面小混蛋一摇一摆的从空中晃悠而来,在这严肃的氛围中显得格外的滑稽。 Wentian, how you can such look down upon the human, others are the God's favored ones of big influence, probably is very fierce, you said that a person must fight others four, how like this others will comply.” little brat walked leisurely, causes four people of cold snort one. 问天,你怎么可以这么看不起人,别人都是大势力的天之骄子,好像都很厉害,你说一个人要战别人四个,这样别人怎么会答应啊。”小家伙悠哉悠哉的走了过来,使得四人冷哼一声。 Although they were very waste, but if in four same places were also defeated by you, appears the waste, where you make others face toward put, is Immortal King of big influence, disgraced.” “虽然他们本来就很废,但要是四个一起上还被你击败,岂不是显得更加废物,你让别人面子往哪里放,都是大势力的仙王,丢死人耶。” all people stares, many people have even laughed, this little brat suffices to damage. 诸人一愣,不少人甚至嗤笑了起来,这小家伙真够损的。 „Does the little animal that which comes, believe me, as soon as stuttered you.” White Tiger Clan Monster King exclaimed in a low voice. “哪来的小畜生,信不信我一口吃了你。”白虎族妖王低声吼道。 Scared to death the baby, Wentian, or we on, our two deal with four, they lost in the face together like this also attractively.” [Say / Way] that little brat speaks in an infantile tone of voice, in such situation, his sound appears especially funny, but Qin Wentian actually with a smile nodded, said: Good.” “吓死宝宝了,问天啊,要不我们一起上,这样我们两个对付四个,他们输了面子上也好看点。”小家伙奶声奶气的道,在这样的场合,他的声音显得格外的滑稽,不过秦问天却笑着点了点头,道:“好。” That on, you on first, I encourage for you.” Little Rascal wields the small claw to say. “那就上吧,你先上,我为你鼓劲。”小混蛋挥动着小爪子说道。 Em.” Qin Wentian nodded, immediately, his within the body more terrifying aura blooms, crash-bang the fearful sound spreads, the bloodlines gallop, as if wants Ignition to get up, in an instant, prestige of the unsurpassed King rules the world, takes ten thousand audiences to crawl. “恩。”秦问天点了点头,随即,他体内一股更加恐怖的气息绽放,哗啦啦的可怕声响传出,血脉奔腾,仿佛要燃烧起来,刹那间,一股无上的王者之威君临天下,要万众匍匐。 The bloodlines talent, burns changes. 血脉天赋,焚变。 This flash, the Qin Wentian body week is covering the fearful light screen form, his aura, crazy is rising. 这一刹那,秦问天身周笼罩着可怕的光幕身影,他的气息,疯狂的攀升着。 Little Rascal cracks into a smile, has revealed the white tooth, in addition that furry snow white body, obviously funny. 小混蛋咧嘴一笑,露出了洁白的牙齿,再加上那毛茸茸的雪白身躯,更显滑稽。 Since they asked that helped them.” Shangguan Jianyi said. “既然他们求死,成全他们吧。”上官剑一道。 Em, since he asked that do not say that I and others bullied him, began.” Several people said fainily. “恩,既是他自己所求,不要说我等欺负他,动手吧。”几人淡漠说道。 Sees only Supreme Sword School Shangguan Jianyi to cut a sword toward him, only one sword, the perfect rapidness, breaks out world Void, arrives in front of Qin Wentian. 只见至尊剑派上官剑一朝着他这边斩出一剑,只一剑,极致的快,劈开天地虚空,降临秦问天面前。 Bang.” The sword cuts to fall, the bang in has burnt changes above the protection light screen of bloodlines talent, that light screen changed to a Black Tortoise turtle form faintly, the Shangguan Jianyi sword, cannot break the defense unexpectedly. “轰。”剑斩落,轰在了焚变血脉天赋的守护光幕之上,那光幕隐隐化作了一尊玄武神龟身影,上官剑一的剑,竟破不开防御。 This......” “这……” The all people heart shivered, although at will a sword, but the Supreme Sword School Shangguan Jianyi sword, shakes Qin Wentian not to have unexpectedly continually, revolving fears extremely. 诸人心头颤动了下,虽然只是随意一剑,但至尊剑派上官剑一的剑,竟然连撼动秦问天都没有,细思极恐。 Really strong.” Qin Wentian has smiled, protects light screen to fluctuate crazily, the Demonic Qi/sinister appearance direct impact clouds, changed to huge incomparable God Form. “真强呢。”秦问天笑了起来,守护光幕疯狂变幻,妖气直冲云霄,化作了一尊巨大无比的神象 Thump.” The Qin Wentian proceeding steps, Void shivers, the God Form natural law domain release, the trim world constrained the acme, trim Void is suppressed, was very heavy. “咚。”秦问天往前踏步而出,虚空颤抖,神象规则领域释放,整片天地压抑到了极致,整片虚空都被镇压,无比沉重。
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