AGM :: Volume #15

#1429: The voice of empress

The Qin Wentian's vision has swept surrounding various expert one, has not thought of God's Vestige to dissipate, just went out from the Divine Mountain palace, then has so many people to look for itself to trouble. 秦问天的目光扫了周围诸强者一眼,没想到神迹消散,刚从神山宫殿中走出,便有如此多人想要找自己麻烦。 Sacred Sun Cult expert, the person of White Tiger Clan, as well as has sought his troublesome Sky Mist Immortal Country as well as Supreme Sword Sect and other expert. 太阳圣教强者,白虎族之人,以及一直寻他麻烦的天岚仙国以及至尊剑派等诸多强者 Go away.” The Qin Wentian vision regards White Tiger Clan one coldly, White Tiger Clan expert roars, baleful aura is dreadful, however at this time, Qin Wentian appear(ance) many expert, the Bai Wuya imposing manner had released slightly, Great Emperor Changqing peaceful standing in that the strength of both sides is much stronger, who dares to move heedlessly. “滚。”秦问天目光冷视白虎族一眼,白虎族强者怒吼,煞气滔天,然而这时候,秦问天身边出现了不少强者,白无涯的气势微微释放而出,长青大帝安静的站在那,双方的实力都强得惊人,谁敢乱动。 Qin Wentian swept to the person of Sacred Sun Cult, in the pupil killing intent was intense, was the person of this Sacred Sun Cult, has put to death that old Péng king. 秦问天又扫向了太阳圣教之人,眸子中杀意强烈,正是此太阳圣教之人,诛杀了那头老鹏王。 On your this waste, but also dares before me dissolute.” Qin Wentian sweeps to the opposite party, chill in the air release. “就你这废物,还敢在我面前放肆。”秦问天扫向对方,寒意释放。 „Was sky put to death by him?” Sees only a formidable Sacred Sun Cult character to arrive, emperor prestige terrifying, Sun Fire as if must burn to extinguish the world, roared in this piece of space. “皓天被他诛杀了?”只见一尊强大的太阳圣教人物降临,帝威恐怖,太阳之火仿佛要焚灭天地,咆哮于这片空间 Before that killed the following Sacred Sun Cult character, was Sacred Sun Cult Holy Son, the talent is quite outstanding, was put to death unexpectedly. 之前那位杀到后面的太阳圣教人物,乃是太阳圣教圣子,天赋极为杰出,竟然被人诛杀了。 Em.” Puts to death the person of old Péng king to nod. “恩。”诛杀老鹏王之人点头。 You dare to kill me to teach Holy Son.” Sacred Sun Cult Immortal Emperor proceeds to take a step, the palm one grasps toward the front, round hot sun appear(ance), covers toward Qin Wentian. “你敢杀我教圣子。”太阳圣教仙帝往前迈步而出,手掌朝着前方一抓,一轮烈日出现,朝着秦问天笼罩过去。 „Do you court death?” Great Emperor Changqing proceeds to take a step, invisible terrifying strength surges, the hot sun smashing, the Great Emperor Changqing emperor prestige sweeps across, the long gown flutters. “你找死?”长青大帝往前迈步,一股无形恐怖力量激荡而出,烈日粉碎,长青大帝的帝威席卷,长袍飘动。 Changqing?” That Immortal Emperor looks to Great Emperor Changqing: Homicide I teach Holy Son, can you guarantee him?” 长青?”那仙帝看向长青大帝:“他杀我教圣子,你要保他?” Sacred Sun Cult of good power and prestige.” The Qin Wentian look is indifferent: Your Holy Son must kill me, was put to death by me, the Immortal Emperor character also has a face unexpectedly so pompously gets rid to me, the expression so is strong, any nonsense Saint Cult, teaches waste.” “好威风的太阳圣教。”秦问天眼神冷漠:“你们圣子要杀我,被我诛杀,仙帝人物竟还有脸如此冠冕堂皇的对我出手,语气还这般强势,什么狗屁圣教,废教。” Depends on you, if not has used the dirty trick, killed me to teach Holy Son?” Immortal Emperor has swept Qin Wentian one, is quite as if self-confident to that die Sacred Sun Cult Holy Son. “就凭你,若非是用了卑劣手段,杀得了我教圣子?”仙帝扫了秦问天一眼,对那陨落太阳圣教圣子似乎极为自信。 Ha Ha.” Qin Wentian has laughed: Before this person was also so strong overbearing, when my surface killed my friend, believe oneself infallible, as if the unmatched in the world, the Supreme Sword Sect Sky Mist Immortal Country person also so, rampant domineering likely was the unparalleled character, simply laughably, since you so thought rampantly invincibly, was in front of Immortal Territory various, 11 challenges, with realm, who must kill me, accompanied completely, was put to death by me, shut up, go away.” “哈哈。”秦问天大笑了起来:“之前此人也是如此强势霸道,当我面杀我朋友,自以为是,仿佛天下无敌,至尊剑派天岚仙国的人也都如此,一个个嚣张跋扈都像是无双人物,简直可笑至极,既然你们这般嚣张自认为无敌,就当着仙域诸强的面,11挑战,同境界,谁要杀我,全部奉陪,被我诛杀,就闭嘴,滚。” You court death.” Puts to death Great Peng Sacred Sun Cult expert to put out sound: Just stepped into middle rank Immortal King Realm, dares so rampantly domineering, good, I come to exterminate you, other people can guarantee that doesn't get rid?” “你找死。”诛杀大鹏太阳圣教强者吐出声音:“刚踏入中阶仙王境界吗,竟敢如此嚣张跋扈,那好,我就来将你诛灭,其余之人能确保不出手吗?” Even if you already the middle rank Immortal King late stage level, however kills your this type of waste, needs other people to get rid?” Qin Wentian opens the mouth proudly, the personal appearance dodges, the body soars, ice-cold sweeping to Supreme Sword Sect and Sky Mist Immortal Country person: You do not need to set people at odds, have courage oneself to leave the war, otherwise leave, disgraceful, brings contempt upon oneself.” “哪怕是你已中阶仙王后期层次,然而杀你这种废物,也需要他人出手?”秦问天傲然开口,身形一闪,身体腾空而起,冰冷的扫向至尊剑派天岚仙国的人:“你们也不用挑拨是非,有胆自己滚出来战,不然就滚回去,丢人现眼,自取其辱。” Hasn't rolled a war?” Qin Wentian drinks one toward that Sacred Sun Cult expert coldly, that Sacred Sun Cult expert laughs wildly, the body soars, laughter extremely arrogantly: My first time saw that so conceited does not know the person of fate, the so ignorant person still has not the small reputation in Immortal Territory eastern part unexpectedly, utmost, I seize your inexpensive life simply laughably.” “还不滚上来一战?”秦问天朝着那太阳圣教强者冷喝一声,那太阳圣教强者狂笑,身体腾空而起,笑声狂妄至极:“我第一次见到如此狂妄自大不知死活之人,如此无知之人竟还在仙域东部有不小名声,简直可笑之至,我就来夺你贱命。” When speech, his roaring flame is billowing, the appear(ance) rounds terrifying solar light beams, Divine Mountain did not have the suppression of any strength now, his middle rank late stage peak aura eruption what kind terrifying, that Sun Light covers the world, as if void must Ignition under this strength get up directly, the domain is assigned away from the capital, Qin Wentian in this strength dead center, the domain strength release to the strong sunlight, the melted temporals, burns to extinguish all might to go toward the Qin Wentian body. 说话之时,他身上烈焰滚滚,身后出现一轮轮恐怖的太阳光束,如今神山没有了任何力量的压制,他中阶后期巅峰的气息爆发何等的恐怖,那太阳之光笼罩天地,仿佛虚空都要直接在这股力量之下燃烧起来,领域外放,秦问天在这力量的正中心,领域力量释放至强太阳光,融化世间万物,焚灭一切的威力朝着秦问天身躯而去。 In void presents an extremely fearful picture, the temperature of trim world becomes incomparably blazing, below many expert release aura uses defend strength to be not affected. 虚空中呈现一幅极为可怕的画面,整片天地的温度都变得无比炽热,下方诸多强者释放气息使用防御力量才能不受影响。 looks at that fearful picture, feels the great strength of its destruction strength, even if the common middle rank Immortal King late stage character must be burnt to kill under this destruction might directly, Qin Wentian he just stepped into the middle rank Immortal King level, is the courage of which coming, dares to challenge the person of same boundary, although same boundary, but he just stepped into middle rank Immortal King, how can immerse with these in this realm had many years of expert to place on a par. 看着那股可怕的画面,感受到其毁灭力之强大,哪怕是寻常的中阶仙王后期人物在这种毁灭威力之下也要直接被焚杀吧,秦问天他刚踏入中阶仙王层次,是哪来的勇气,敢挑战同境之人,虽说是同境,但他刚踏入中阶仙王,怎么能够和那些沉浸在这一境界已有多年的强者相提并论。 Bang.” Qin Wentian natural law strength sweeps across, terrifying Black Tortoise body appear(ance), monster qi/sinister appearance , the symbol light sparkle, is covering his body faintly, that fearful solar natural law arrives, the corrosion defends strength, must burn to extinguish unexpectedly faintly to melt the Black Tortoise defense. “轰。”秦问天身上的规则力量席卷而出,隐隐有一头恐怖玄武身躯出现,妖气至强,符光闪耀,笼罩着他的身体,那可怕的太阳规则降临,侵蚀防御力量,竟隐隐要将玄武防御焚灭融化掉来。 Qin Wentian urges the strength of round of God's Hand, the body surges infinite symbol imprint, the ray of light magnificent shoots up to the sky together, integrates above the Black Tortoise defense unceasingly, in an instant that Black Tortoise body becomes indestructible, Sun that the corrosion comes lights a fire unable to continue, was isolated to prevent outside, even if the middle rank peak Immortal King character, wants solely to depend upon natural law domain on destruction Qin Wentian, is impossible. 秦问天催发神之手之力,身上激荡出无穷符纹,一道道光华冲天而起,不断融入玄武防御之上,刹那间那玄武身躯变得坚不可摧,侵蚀而来的太阳生火都无法继续,被隔绝阻挡在外,哪怕是中阶巅峰仙王人物,想要仅仅依靠规则领域就毁灭秦问天,根本不可能。 This is your true strength, it seems like you progress in the Divine Mountain palace are not young.” Sacred Sun Cult expert sneers, however is bringing the greatly strengthened self-confidence as before, his realm is far more than higher than Qin Wentian plans. “这才是你真正的实力吗,看来你在神山宫殿中进步不小。”太阳圣教强者冷笑一声,然而依旧带着极强的自信,他的境界何止比秦问天高一筹。 Kills.” Sees only his palm to grasp, immediately in that solar natural law domain projects the endless scarlet-red solar sharp sword, penetrates all, the sound spread, has torn the Black Tortoise defense, simultaneously his steps, the palm held up, a handle passed through solar sword appear(ance) of world radiantly boundlessly in the hand, each wisp of brilliance punctured person eyes, wielded toward Qin Wentian directly, cuts to kill under. “杀。”只见他手掌一握,顿时那太阳规则领域之中射出无尽赤红的太阳利剑,穿透一切,嗤嗤的声响传出,撕裂了玄武防御,同时他自己踏步而出,手掌举起,一柄璀璨无边贯穿天地的太阳剑出现在手中,每一缕光华都刺人眼眸,直接朝着秦问天挥动,斩杀而下。 Puchi......” a sword fell, has broken space, has passed through Black Tortoise Divine Turtle, has cut open by the overbearing stance directly, must lose the Qin Wentian life, cut him for two halves. 噗呲……”一剑落,破开了空间,贯穿了玄武神龟,直接以霸道的姿态切开了,要夺秦问天性命,将他斩为两半。 „The very powerful sword, this sword is divine weapon, is builds up by strength of sacrifice Sun by Sacred Sun Cult secret art, agrees with perfectly their abilities . Moreover, grade and his cultivation base of realm this sword quite, this does not belong with the strength.” all people sees this sword, some people felt faintly Qin Wentian was unable to catch this sword. 好强的剑,此剑是神兵,乃是由太阳圣教秘法以太阳之力祭炼而成,完美的契合他们的能力,而且,这剑的品阶和他修为境界相当,这样并不属于借力。”诸人看到此剑,有人隐隐感觉秦问天已经无法接住此剑了。 But when this moment, sword cry, Demon Sword leaves, seemed to be that dragon roar, has phoenix cry, or such as severe roar of Great Peng, in solar sword light cuts to fall, but next, the Qin Wentian straight thrust used a sword unexpectedly, this sword is very overbearing, monster qi/sinister appearance terrifying, demon's might is dreadful, can suppress all strength, the world as if shivered, that solar sword light was broken. 但就在这一刻,剑吟,妖剑出,似有龙啸、又有凤鸣,或如大鹏厉啸,在太阳剑光斩落而下之时,秦问天竟直刺出了一剑,这一剑无比霸道,妖气恐怖,魔威滔天,能够镇压一切力量,天地都仿佛颤动了下,那太阳剑光生生的被震碎掉来。 Thump.” Place of as if appear(ance) third eyes Qin Wentian forehead, in an instant destruction of terrifying light appear(ance), changes destroys vortex, direct confused space, is involved in which Sacred Sun Cult expert, opposite party expression concentrates, the solar sharp sword wields to cut continuously, breaks vortex, almost at the same time, Qin Wentian continues the steps to proceed, void shakes, a serious incomparable pressure arrives in this piece of space, he treads every time one step, that strength becomes strengthens. “咚。”秦问天眉心之处仿佛出现第三只眼眸,刹那间恐怖的毁灭之光出现,化作毁灭旋涡,直接错乱空间,将太阳圣教强者卷入其中,对方神色一凝,太阳利剑连续挥斩而出,破开旋涡,几乎在同时,秦问天继续踏步往前,虚空震荡,一股沉重无比的威压降临于这片空间,他每踏出一步,那股力量就变得更加强。 Kills.” Qin Wentian puts out together the sound, immediately is heavy in incomparable natural law domain, terrifying boundless huge God Form/Divine Elephant treads the day faintly the line, suppresses this stretch of world, whether there is also completely to destroy demon sword to drop from the clouds, suppress and kill, executes to Sacred Sun Cult expert. “杀。”秦问天吐出一道声音,顿时沉重无比的规则领域之内,隐隐有一尊恐怖无边的巨大神象踏天而行,将这片天地镇压,又有无尽毁灭魔剑从天而降,镇杀而下,诛向太阳圣教强者 very powerful natural law domain strength.” A all people heart startled, this formidable natural law domain union, is stranded Sacred Sun Cult expert in unexpectedly, that person erupts a more flaming sunlight, actually at this time, Qin Wentian just liked big Roc flies high, but , a sword punctured. 好强规则领域力量。”诸人一阵心惊,这强大的规则领域结合,竟然将太阳圣教强者困在其中,那人身上爆发更为炽盛的太阳光,却在这时,秦问天犹如一尊大鹏鸟般凌空而至,一剑刺出。 looks at that sword, Sacred Sun Cult expert only felt that has an misconception, the world fluctuates, just likes dreamland, sinks to his dream, however he clear awareness, he is actually fighting. 看着那一剑,太阳圣教强者只感觉生出一种错觉,天地变幻,犹如梦境,沉入他自己的梦中,然而他却真真切切的知道,他在战斗。 Drinks greatly, he from dreamland works loose, the sword , the prestige of destruction has swallowed to come crazily, his instinct cuts together the sharp sword, with sword collision together that Qin Wentian's kills. 一声大喝,他从梦境中挣脱出来,剑已至,毁灭之威疯狂吞噬而来,他本能斩出一道利剑,和秦问天的杀来的剑碰撞在一起 Bang.” The Qin Wentian sword like the dragon, dragon roar is shocking, demon's might is enormous and powerful, two handle swords collide crazily, Sacred Sun Cult expert drinks greatly, Sun Fire emits from the mouth, Qin Wentian whole body demon's might is billowing, protects the body, the endless natural law circulation body, strange monster is incomparable, Evil Eyes rolls up and pushes along, causes opposite party falling to the enemy, the body little distortion, destroyed sword might penetrates the body unceasingly, exudes the sound of pitiful yell. “砰。”秦问天剑如龙,龙啸震天,魔威浩荡,两柄剑疯狂碰撞,太阳圣教强者一声大喝,太阳之火从口中喷吐而出,秦问天浑身魔威滚滚,护住身躯,无尽规则流转身躯,妖异无比,邪眸卷动,使得对方沦陷其中,身体一点点的扭曲,被毁灭的剑威不断穿透身躯,发出惨叫之声。 Sees only Sacred Sun Cult expert whole body Ignition to have a more formidable flame, seems is putting up a last-ditch struggle, burns to extinguish surrounding all strength to corrode. 只见太阳圣教强者浑身燃烧起更强大的火焰,仿佛是在垂死挣扎,焚灭周围一切力量侵蚀。 Waste.” The ice-cold satire sound spreads together, falls with the sound, Evil Eyes is more fearful, slaughters sword qi to change to tiny luminous spots, the body of crazy penetration opposite party, little tearing is the nihility, thorough putting to death. “废物。”一道冰冷的讽刺声音传出,伴随着声音落下,邪眸更加可怕,杀戮剑气化作一道道细小的光点,疯狂的穿透对方的身躯,一点点的撕裂为虚无,彻底的诛杀掉来。 Bang.” A bang, Sun Fire Ignition, changes to the endless flame, sprinkles in the sky, all people raise one's head looks to void Qin Wentian, the innermost feelings shocks extremely. “轰。”一声巨响,太阳之火燃烧,化作无尽火焰,洒落于天地之间,诸人抬头看向虚空秦问天,内心极为震撼。 Initially enters middle rank Immortal King Realm, how his striking power can this grade of situation, that might too be formidable astonishing, even is strength of natural law domain, is extremely scary. 初入中阶仙王境界,他的攻击力怎么能强大到这等地步,那种威力太惊人了,甚至是规则领域力量,都是极为骇人。 Sacred Sun Cult Immortal Emperor expert visual void, killing intent is fearful. 太阳圣教仙帝强者目视虚空,杀念可怕。 Has defeated, middle rank Immortal King peak Sacred Sun Cult expert, not only has defeated, but also falls from the sky, was put to death by Qin Wentian at the scene, this hits his Sacred Sun Cult honor simply. 败了,中阶仙王巅峰太阳圣教强者,不仅败了,而且陨灭,当场被秦问天诛杀,这简直是打他太阳圣教的脸面。 This, murders your Sacred Sun Cult expert with method cloudy?” The Qin Wentian look looks toward him, saying gratefully: Actually is, believe oneself infallible, even if the Immortal Emperor character, is shortsighted as before, thinks own invincibly, laughable utmost.” “这,也是用手段阴谋杀你太阳圣教强者吗?”秦问天眼神朝着他望去,毫不客气的说道:“究竟是谁,自以为是,哪怕是仙帝人物,依旧鼠目寸光,认为自身无敌,可笑之至。” You......” on that Immortal Emperor the Sun Fire rising typhoon on, actually see the faint sound to spread together: Hasn't disliked to lose face?” “你……”那仙帝身上太阳之火扶摇而上,却见一道淡漠的声音传出:“还不嫌丢脸吗?” Southern Phoenix Empress.” Sacred Sun Cult expert looks to the person of speech, a beautiful form, impressively is Southern Phoenix Clan Empress. 南凰女帝。”太阳圣教强者看向说话之人,一绝美的身影,赫然乃是南凰氏女帝 Qin Wentian said that must with the boundary war, accompany, you may send for going to battle at will, if the strength were inferior that the person was put to death, your non- care for reputation surface get rid to revenge do not have anything, but, I accompany then am.” The Southern Phoenix Empress tranquil sound just likes together the bolt from the blue, the bang in these want to put to death in the Qin Wentian's person eardrum. 秦问天已经说了,要同境战,奉陪,你们可随意派人出战,若是实力不如人被诛杀,你们不顾脸面出手报仇也没什么,只是,我奉陪便是。”南凰女帝平静的声音犹如一道晴天霹雳,轰在那些想要诛杀秦问天的人耳膜之中。 The Southern Phoenix Empress sound, this, should be able to represent the entire Southern Phoenix Clan manner! 南凰女帝的声音,这,应该能代表整个南凰氏的态度了吧!
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