AGM :: Volume #15

#1428: He is that Giant Roc bird

Qin Wentian cultivation base has indeed stepped into middle rank Immortal King, but just stepped into this level. 秦问天修为的确踏入了中阶仙王,不过只是刚刚踏入这层次。 The Monster God Mountain seven years, he experienced preliminary awakening of bloodline in the seven years, can control that bloodline strength in the true sense, bathes the Divine Mountain glory, in addition he comprehends natural law domain, creates divine ability strength, all sorts of progress, all need with the aid to the comprehension of practice natural law strength, the progress is enormous, rapid progress, is it may be said that quicker than in other place practice. 妖神山七年时间,这七年来他经历了血脉的初步觉醒,能够真正意义上掌控那血脉力量,沐浴神山光辉,再加上他领悟规则领域,创造神通力量,种种进步,皆都需要借助对修行规则力量的领悟,进步极大,可谓一日千里,远比在其它地方修行更快许多。 Therefore, he has used merely only for seven years, has stepped into the middle rank Immortal King level, may be called a miracle, this is he has not thought. 因此,他仅仅只用了七年的时间,就踏入了中阶仙王层次,堪称一个奇迹,这是他自己都未曾想到的。 He continues practice, senses natural law strength, the relieved comprehension, consolidates own realm. 他继续修行,感悟规则力量,安心领悟,稳固自己的境界 Any person who steps into this Divine Mountain palace, a person has not left, they know that this is the rare opportunity, only if Divine Mountain disappear, otherwise they are decidedly impossible to give up this golden opportunity, Emperor Realm expert does not give up, is better than Empress to sense God's Vestige, let alone is King Realm expert. 凡是踏入这座神山宫殿的人,没有一人离开,他们都知道这是何等难得的机遇,除非神山自己消失,否则他们断然不可能放弃这千载难逢的机遇,帝境强者都舍不得走,强如女帝都在感悟神迹,更何况是王境强者 Even, their respective practice own, as far as possible becomes by oneself stronger, even little has the exchange to collide extremely, holds opportunity formidable oneself is Dao of King, the opportunity of Divine Mountain opening, will not have the second time. 甚至,他们各自修行自己的,尽可能的让自己变得更强,甚至极少有相互间的交流碰撞,抓住机会强大自身才是王道,神山开启的机会,不会有第二次。 Outside the palace, above Divine Mountain ancient road, does not know that many expert, they are attempting to rush to Divine Mountain ancient road as before, wants to come to the end, or will seek for the chance to other Divine Mountain places, Desolate Monster Beast will certainly not leave, more will gather, even if will be Human Race martial cultivator, initially were more, Immortal Territory came strong influential figure. 宫殿之外,神山古路之上,不知有多少强者,他们依旧在尝试着闯神山古路,想要走到尽头,或到神山其它地方寻找机缘,蛮荒妖兽当然不会离开的,越聚越多,哪怕是人类武修,都比当初更多了,仙域来了很多强大人物 Monster God Mountain the tenth year of world, on this day, Divine Mountain vibration, above Vault of Heaven, as if there is mutation, countless person raise one's head look to void, immediately, they saw the glory from Vault of Heaven gradually dimly. 妖神山将世的第十年,这一日,神山震动,天穹之上,仿佛有异变,无数人抬头看向虚空,随即,他们就看到来自天穹的光辉渐渐黯淡了下去。 Instantaneous, all had chain-reaction, this Vault of Heaven glory is the glory of Divine Mountain, the glory is dim, Divine Mountain gradually is also dim, downward, gradually, transmitted in the palace, raise one's head that the palace tarnish of summit of Divine Mountain, inside person completely all shocked suddenly, afterward, they noticed that statue form was also gloomy, just liked the most common statue. 瞬间,一切发生了连锁反应,这天穹的光辉乃是神山之光辉,光辉黯淡,神山也渐渐黯淡,一路往下,渐渐的,传递到了宫殿之中,神山之巅的宫殿突然间变暗,里面的人尽皆震撼的抬头,随后,他们看到那神像身影也黯淡无光,犹如最为普通的雕像。 Again then, the statue of palace mountain wall gloomy, no longer has the spiritual energy, no longer inheritance formidable Monster Race magic spell, was turning into the stone carving, the ordinary Monster Beast statue, did not have the strange place. 再然后,宫殿山壁的雕像黯了下去,不再有灵气,也不再传承着强大的妖族法术,变成了石雕,普普通通的妖兽雕像,没有了奇异之处。 Divine Mountain......” these Desolate Great Monster innermost feelings are shaking, can their sacred land Divine Mountain, vanish like this? “神山……”那些蛮荒大妖内心震荡着,他们的圣地神山,就要这样消失了吗? The glory no longer, Divine Mountain changes to an ordinary mountain, although is extremely high, but no longer is the mountain of miracle, outside the palace, above the stone wall, no longer has Monster Beast to come out, roared outside crazily fight Monster Beast, suddenly petrified completely, changed to Monster Beast statues, making these fights various be shocked, all, were such sudden. 光辉不再,神山化作一座普通的高山,虽然极高,但不再是奇迹之山,宫殿外,石墙之上,不再有妖兽出来,在外疯狂咆哮战斗的妖兽,忽然间全部石化了,化作了一尊尊妖兽雕像,让那些战斗的诸强都愣住了,一切,是如此的突然。 This had not finished, this strength spreads toward ancient road , the speed is extremely fast, all miracles above ancient road vanished, Monster Beast petrifies, the ancient road no longer has the gloss, inheritance ancient tree withers, ancient road no longer has divine shine. 这还没有结束,这股力量一路朝着古路下方蔓延而出,速度极快,古路之上的一切奇迹都消失了,妖兽石化,古道不再有光泽,传承古树枯萎,古路不再有神华 Afterward, is the trim vast endless Divine Mountain earth, just liked is corroded by dark(ness), all miracles, vanished do not see, these can let the vegetation that Great Monster evolved, withered completely. 随后,是整片辽阔无尽的神山大地,犹如被黑暗侵蚀了般,一切的奇迹,都消失不见,那些能够让大妖进化的草木,全部枯萎。 Ten years, Divine Mountain, vanished, changed to the ordinary standing tall and erect mountain range. 十年,神山,消失了,化作了普通的高耸山脉。 Innumerable Monster Beast raise one's head look to Vault of Heaven, visual departure of sacred place, they are moved, even many Monster Beast crawl in the place, sends out the sound of sob sobs. 无数妖兽抬头看向天穹,目视着神圣之地的离去,他们怅然若失,甚至有诸多妖兽匍匐在地,发出呜咽的哭泣之声。 This is Monster God Mountain, their Desolate Hundred Thousand Great Mountains Legend, the wild miracle, such elapsed. 这是妖神山啊,他们蛮荒十万大山传说,蛮荒的奇迹,就这么逝去了么。 Divine Mountain, vanished finally.” Endless vast Earth Territory, many Human Race relaxed unexpectedly, in the ten years, wants Desolate Great Monster to rise in all directions the evolution transformation, their looks at helplessly, oneself actually helpless, is unable to evolve the transformation, every day, the wild strength is stiffening, they have the formidable sense of crisis. “神山,终于消失了。”无尽辽阔地域,诸多人类竟然松了口气,这十年来,四处都要蛮荒大妖崛起进化蜕变,他们眼睁睁的看着,自己却无能为力,也无法进化蜕变,每一天,蛮荒的实力都在变强,他们有强大的危机感。 Was good approached because of this day eventually, Divine Mountain vanished, all will belong to tranquilly, hopes where this wild Great Monster can back and forth where go, will not attack Immortal Territory, naturally, perhaps this was only an expectation. 好在这一天终究来临了,神山消失,一切将归于平静,希望这蛮荒的大妖都能够从哪里来回哪里去,不会进攻仙域,当然,或许这只是一个奢望。 Even if Desolate Hundred Thousand Great Mountains many Great Monster do not attack Immortal Territory, but they have exposed in front of Immortal Territory, many formidable Royal Clan walked, where wish makes them back and forth where go, this was almost the impossible matter. 哪怕蛮荒十万大山的诸多大妖不进攻仙域,但他们已经暴露在仙域面前,诸多强大的王族已经走了出来,想要让他们从哪里来回哪里去,这几乎是不可能的事情了。 In the palace of summit of Divine Mountain, Empress peaceful looks at all these occurrences, her peerless talent, the appearance leans the world as before, just likes Nine Heavens Goddess, she stands in that but gently sighed, was really God's Vestige, now, God's Vestige vanished. 神山之巅的宫殿中,女帝安静的看着这一切的发生,她依旧风华绝代,容颜倾世,犹如九天神女,她站在那,只是轻轻的一叹,果然是神迹,如今,神迹消失了。 Yeah, what a pity, this baby did not have practice to suffice.” Little Rascal somewhat depressed saying. “哎,可惜了,本宝宝还没有修行够了。”小混蛋有些郁闷的说道。 Qin Wentian flipped the supercilious look, stared Little Rascal one, this bastard fellow the several months of before Divine Mountain vanishing evolves once more, became middle rank Immortal King, has stepped realm, harvests is bigger than him, actually added that does not have practice to suffice, what awfully is, this fellow really effort practice? He pure broken in depending on self- evolution, most the time of waking up saw that this bastard depends on Beiming Youhuang's. 秦问天翻了翻白眼,瞪了小混蛋一眼,这混蛋家伙在神山消失的数月之前再次进化,成为了一尊中阶仙王,跨了一个境界,收获比他还要大,竟然还说没有修行够,更要命的是,这家伙真的努力修行了吗?他纯碎是在靠自我进化吧,大多数醒来的时间都看到这混蛋赖在北冥幽皇的身上。 However Little Rascal progresses such big Qin Wentian also to understand that after all bloodline of this fellow time has awakened in this in the true sense, bathes in the Divine Mountain glory, he had the transformation, became true Heaven Swallowing Beast, is Transcendent Saint Beast Great Monster he, advantage nature by far Human Race that obtains, although Qin Wentian has formidable Great Monster bloodline, the advantage that but the regulations obtain does not calculate too, but bloodline can control truly, cannot evolve, perhaps this God's Vestige is unable to let his bloodline evolution. 不过小混蛋进步这么大秦问天也能理解,毕竟这家伙的血脉真正意义上是在此次觉醒了,沐浴于神山光辉,他发生了蜕变,成为了真正的吞天兽,身为超凡圣兽大妖的他,得到的好处自然远胜人类,秦问天虽然拥有强大的大妖血脉,但实则得到的好处并不算太多,只是血脉真正能够掌控了而已,没有能够进化,或许这神迹都根本无法让他的血脉进化。 Even if at this moment, Qin Wentian as before does not know his within the body is flowing which race Great Monster bloodline bloodline is, the Burning Transformation talent, as if can let his practice any Great Monster race monster art divine ability, is quite uncommon. 哪怕是此刻,秦问天都依旧不知道他体内流淌着的血脉是哪一种族的大妖血脉,焚变天赋,似乎能够让他修行任何大妖种族的妖术神通,极为不凡。 Big Brother Qin.” Sees only Inferno to come toward here, her incarnation is the human form, that stature wore enchanting charm Inferno once more appear(ance) of flame clothing irritably, now entered the King Realm her makings also to be naturally more uncommon, charm was bigger, was flooding attracting strength of seductively attractive girl from top to bottom all. 秦大哥。”只见炼狱朝着这边而来,她化身为人形,那身材火爆身穿火红色衣衫的妖媚炼狱再次出现了,如今已入王境的她气质自然也更加不凡,身上的魅力更大了,浑身上下无不充斥着妖女的魅惑力量 Inferno, your cultivation base also consolidated in initial rank King Realm late stage, was very good.” Qin Wentian is smiling the nod. 炼狱,你的修为也稳固在初阶王境后期了,很不错。”秦问天微笑着点头。 Does not have Big Brother Qin practice to be quick.” Inferno smiles charmingly, is quite moving, perhaps she has not known that her charm is much big. “还是没有秦大哥修行快。”炼狱娇媚一笑,极为动人,她恐怕还不知道自己的魅力多大。 Small Inferno, among us has the disparity.” Little Rascal raises the head to say. “小炼狱,我们之间还是有差距啊。”小混蛋昂着脑袋道。 Qin Wentian has given this fellow head directly, said: Gets the hell out.” 秦问天直接给了这家伙脑袋一下,道:“滚蛋。” Get lost get lost, snort|hum.” Little Rascal said the sound in a baby voice, immediately plunged into the Beiming Youhuang's bosom, lies down in that soft tender body, with demonstration look looks at Qin Wentian. “滚就滚,哼。”小混蛋奶声奶气的说了声,随即跳入了北冥幽皇的怀中,躺在那软绵绵的娇躯之中,用示威的眼神看着秦问天 To own Monster Beast partner power and prestige what?” Beiming Youhuang coldly looked at Qin Wentian one, her gentle is touching the Little Rascal's body. “对自己的妖兽伙伴威风什么?”北冥幽皇冷冷的看了秦问天一眼,她轻柔的抚摸着小混蛋的身体。 Volume......” Qin Wentian stunned, the whole face heavy line, he saw Little Rascal stretches out the small claw to demonstrate to him. “额……”秦问天一阵愕然,满脸黑线,他看到了小混蛋伸出小爪子在向他示威。 We exit.” Made the person, if washed spring breeze the sound to transmit, Empress arrived here, to Qin Wentian their nodded slightly. “我们出去吧。”一道令人如沐春风的声音传来,女帝走到这边,对秦问天他们微微点头 Em.” Qin Wentian has complied with the sound, immediately walks toward outside, all people sighed God's Vestige no longer, has not continued to yearn for this place, moved toward outside in abundance. “恩。”秦问天应了声,随即朝着外面走去,诸人感叹神迹不再,也没继续留恋此地,纷纷走向外面。 Goes out of the palace, outside has many people, now their Immortal Sense has no longer been blocked, naturally saw inside situation, felt the change of Divine Mountain, has revealed the disappointed color, the miracle of Divine Mountain, vanished to disappear thoroughly. Under ancient road, but also some people of glittering come, they who has not arrived at knew the result, but still wants to come to see this not to arrive at with own eyes the summit of Divine Mountain. 走出宫殿,外面有不少人,如今他们的仙念已经不再受阻,自然看到了里面的情形,也感受到了神山的变化,都露出了失望之色,神山的奇迹,彻底消失不见了。古路下方,还有人闪烁而来,还未到的他们就已经知道了结局,但依然想要亲眼来看看这未曾走到过的神山之巅。 Youhuang.” Great Emperor Beiming walked. 幽皇。”北冥大帝走了过来。 Empress.” Southern Phoenix Clan expert. 女帝。”南凰氏强者到了。 Wentian.” Great Emperor Changqing as well as Bai Wuya they arrived here. 问天。”长青大帝以及白无涯他们到了这边。 little brat.” Monster Emperor Heaven Swallowing Beast arrives. 小家伙。”妖帝吞天兽到来。 Major expert walk in abundance, even some Immortal Territory strong characters, especially thoses have walked into the palace elder in Transcendent Heaven's Chosen, is gratified. 还有各大强者纷纷走来,甚至有一些仙域超强人物,尤其是那些走入了宫殿中的超凡天骄们的长辈,非常欣慰。 Young Master.” Qi Yu several Battle Saint Clan expert also walked. 少主。”齐豫数位斗战圣族强者也走了过来。 Qin Wentian.” The indifferent sound conveys, has the expert arrival of Sky Mist Immortal Country Supreme Sword Sect, saw that Qin Wentian goes out from the palace of summit of Divine Mountain, their complexions instantaneously become especially ugly, these, have Supreme Sword Sect Transcendent Heaven's Chosen character Shangguan Jianyi, the matter that he has not achieved, did Qin Wentian achieve? 秦问天。”冷漠的声音传来,有天岚仙国至尊剑派强者到来,看到秦问天从神山之巅的宫殿中走出,他们的脸色瞬间变得格外的难看,这其中,就有至尊剑派超凡天骄人物上官剑一,他都没有做到的事情,秦问天做到了? You how in inside?” Pei Qing sees Qin Wentian expression one coldly, how can, he not leave, tries the breakthrough to step into the palace unceasingly, but he has not seen Qin Wentian to go in certainly. “你怎么在里面?”裴清看到秦问天神色一寒,怎么会,他一直没有离开,不断尝试着突破踏入宫殿中,但他绝没有看到秦问天进去过。 He is that big Roc.” Some sounds said that immediately vision shoot toward Qin Wentian, is this fellow, that big Roc? “他是那头大鹏鸟。”有声音说道,顿时一道道目光朝着秦问天射来,这家伙,就是那头大鹏鸟 Any big Roc, he is Immortal Territory eastern part Thousand Changes Immortal Sect Qin Wentian, the Great Emperor Changqing son-in-law.” “什么大鹏鸟,他是仙域东部千变仙门秦问天,长青大帝的女婿。” This fellow initial rank Immortal King Realm, transforming is Roc, collaborated to intrude inside with two Monster Beast, simply dreadful despicable.” “这家伙初阶仙王境界,幻化为一头鹏鸟,和两头妖兽联手闯入了里面,简直猥琐卑鄙至极。” Qin Wentian smiles to look at all people, has not cared about the all people spoken language slightly, now knew how, the palace of summit of Divine Mountain he has gone, cultivation base progresses, realm steps into middle rank Immortal King, casts two big natural law domain, comprehends formidable divine ability strength, his incarnation Great Peng goal has been achieved, how to care about these people how to see him. 秦问天笑看诸人,丝毫没有在乎诸人的言语,如今知道了又如何,神山之巅的宫殿他已经进去了,修为进步,境界踏入中阶仙王,铸就两大规则领域,领悟强大的神通力量,他化身大鹏的目的已经达到了,岂会在乎这些人如何看他。 strength, is he pursues. 力量,才是他追求的。 „Are you that bastard?” Sees only Sacred Sun Cult middle rank Immortal King exist(ence) expression to be pale, the body has Sun Fire to be partly visible, that big Roc practices trickery, but also once had satirized his waste. “你就是那头畜生?”只见一位太阳圣教中阶仙王存在神色铁青,身上有太阳之火若隐若现,那大鹏鸟瞒天过海,还曾讽刺过他废物。 He also when suppressed realm to kill the person of your peer.” Great Monster said the sound desolately, that Sacred Sun Cult expert Sun Fire crazy Ignition: „Have you killed my Senior Martial Brother?” “他还在压制境界的时候杀了你那同辈之人。”一尊大妖冷淡的说了声,那太阳圣教强者太阳之火疯狂燃烧了起来:“你杀了我师兄?” Sacred Sun Cult was Holy Son put to death? Swallows under this tone?” Sky Mist Immortal Country expert instigates to say. 太阳圣教圣子被诛杀了?咽得下这口气吗?”天岚仙国强者怂恿道。 Qin Wentian.” Several terrifying howls transmitted, see only huge White Tiger Great Monster to clash here, stared at Qin Wentian saying: Is you uses the White Tiger meat in Heavenly Dao Saint Academy as the food?” 秦问天。”几道恐怖的啸声传来,只见一尊尊庞大的白虎大妖冲来了这里,盯着秦问天道:“就是你在天道圣院中以白虎肉为食?”
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