AGM :: Volume #15

#1427: Progressing by leaps and bounds

Naturally, if Little Rascal is really Heaven Swallowing Beast Royal Clan, the Qin Wentian nature was happy for him, after this time awakens, Little Rascal exits to be inevitably more formidable fearfully. 当然,若小混蛋真是吞天兽王族,秦问天自然为他高兴,此次觉醒之后,小混蛋出去必然更加强大可怕。 Empress Senior, I go to mountain wall to have a look.” Qin Wentian said that Southern Phoenix Empress appearance unparalleled, makings Transcendent, however he impossible and to Beiming Youhuang such at will. 女帝前辈,我去山壁看看。”秦问天道,南凰女帝容颜无双,气质超凡,然而他自不可能和对北冥幽皇那样随意。 Goes, you already can awaken bloodline, can inevitably here many harvests.” Empress nods with a smile, Qin Wentian nods the head slightly, moves toward the place of mountain wall, looks at these strong Great Monster Saint Beast. “去吧,你既能够觉醒血脉,必然能够在这里有不少收获。”女帝含笑点头,秦问天微微颔首,走向山壁之处,看那些超强的大妖圣兽 Dragon Clan many Great Monster, Ancient Phoenix, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Qilin, White Tiger, Tao Tie, Chaos wait / etc. many Saint Beast completely all exist(ence) above the mountain wall, some extremely rare Saint Beast, before Qin Wentian arrives at the Golden-Winged Great Peng bird image, vision staring in, afterward, his consciousness gradually sinks, in his mind appear(ance) an astonishing picture. 龙族诸多大妖,古凤朱雀玄武、麒麟、白虎饕餮混沌等等诸多圣兽尽皆存在于山壁之上,还有一些极罕见的圣兽,秦问天走到金翅大鹏鸟图像前,目光凝视其中,随后,他的意识渐渐沉入到其内,他的脑海之中出现了一幅惊人画面。 There has a Golden-Winged Great Peng bird, he has the Great Peng terminal velocity, shuttle in the sky, stretches across the space distance, by any control, his wing is not similar to in society sharpest sharp sword, can cut off all exist(ence), the place visited, the world seems broken out two, that sharp sword, destroys the hardest defenses, nothing which is not broken. 那里有一尊金翅大鹏鸟,他拥有大鹏极速,穿梭于天地之间,横跨空间距离,不受任何控制,他羽翼如同世间最锋利的利剑,能够斩断一切存在,所过之处,天地都仿佛被劈开成两段,那利剑,无坚不摧,无所不破。 His eyes staring front, the wings wields, can forging fearful space storm, strangle to death all. 眼眸凝视前方,双翼挥动,能够铸造可怕的空间风暴,绞杀一切。 He has the technique of divine ability many are insufferably arrogant, has formidable incomparable talent divine ability secret skill, as if completely all can sense in this, the Qin Wentian peaceful feeling, bloodline has awakened now initially, he can practice Evil God Clan strength , also means can other practice Great Monster races divine ability strength, if attribute conjunction, even can practice bloodline secret skill. 他拥有诸多不可一世的神通之术,拥有强大无比的天赋神通绝学,仿佛尽皆能够在此感悟到,秦问天安静感受,如今血脉已经初步觉醒,他能够修行邪神族力量,也就意味着也可以修行其它大妖种族的神通力量,若是属性契合,甚至可以修行血脉绝学 Perhaps Great Peng talent secret skill he is unable practice, but he cultivated Great Peng movement skill, comprehends in this, can make him sense is deeper, although does not have the means to be able with Golden-Winged Great Peng bird side by side direct shuttle void, stretches across the distance to flicker to move, but movement skill practice is formidable, has the big help to oneself as before, so the opportunity, he cannot miss. 大鹏的天赋绝学他或许无法修行,但他一直修有大鹏身法,在此领悟,能够让他感悟更深,虽没有办法能够和金翅大鹏鸟比肩直接穿梭虚空,横跨距离进行瞬移,但身法修行强大,依旧对自己是有大的帮助的,如此机会,他自不能错过。 Qin Wentian immersion in , after for a long time, side from is separated, afterward, he continues to look to other Saint Beast Great Monster, seeks whether can suit his practice divine ability method. 秦问天沉浸其中,许久之后,方从其中脱离,随后,他继续看向其他圣兽大妖,寻找是否能有适合他修行神通手段。 „Is this likely the monster?” Qin Wentian had found formidable fearful Saint Beast, is likely a monster clan, but this shape just likes God Form/Divine Elephant, is likely the king of clan, his body is very huge, just likes a ancient great mountain, his whole body just likes the metal casts, the Qin Wentian consciousness sinks. “这是象妖吗?”秦问天找到了一尊强大可怕的圣兽,是象妖一族,不过此象犹如神象般,乃是象族之王,他身躯无比庞大,犹如一座远古的巨山,他浑身犹如金属铸就,秦问天意识沉入其中。 This God Form/Divine Elephant he expresses an acoustic image cry, the world all trembles, his four hooves tread above the earth, immediately Qin Wentian has a feeling, a side world was suppressed to cover, on whether there is just likes strength to arrive, heavy boundless, immediately, God Form/Divine Elephant continues the steps, the day collapses, the cracks in the earth, all completely must be suppressed to destroy, vanishes in puff of smoke. 神象他发出一声象鸣,天地皆颤,他四蹄踏在大地之上,顿时秦问天生出一种感觉,一方天地都被镇压笼罩,犹如有无上之力量降临,沉重无边,随即,神象继续踏步,天崩,地裂,一切尽皆要被镇压摧毁,灰飞烟灭。 very powerful big divine ability, a side day seemed suppressed, strong gravity, if there is a match to is unable to move by the town, was wrecked to kill.” The Qin Wentian heart trembles, he is good at natural law of strength, suppressing natural law, to excel at overbearing Demon Dao natural law, the attack has natural law of sword to destroy natural law to be auxiliary, if can cast natural law domain by God Form/Divine Elephant talent divine ability, can have the astonishing might inevitably, even if unable the suppress and kill match, to assist Evil Eyes natural law domain as well as God's Hand natural law domain completely again, the might will be also more fearful. 好强大的神通,一方天都仿佛被镇压了,还有超强的重力,若有对手在其中会被镇到无法动弹,被击毁杀死。”秦问天心头一颤,他擅长力之规则、镇压规则、又擅长霸道魔道规则,攻击有剑之规则毁灭规则辅助,若能够以神象的天赋神通铸就规则领域,必然能有惊人威力,即便无法完全镇杀对手,再辅佐邪眸规则领域以及神之手规则领域,威力也会更加可怕。 Thinks of here, Qin Wentian starts earnest practice and sensibility, once again immerses in practice is unable to extricate oneself, this practice, is very long time, to Immortal King Realm, wanted to simulate Great Monster bloodline talent divine ability to cast natural law domain with oneself practice the strength of natural law through the strength of bloodline again, so is can it be that simple, naturally wants the long-term comprehension. 想到此处,秦问天开始认真修行、感悟,又一次沉浸于修行之中无法自拔,这一修行,又是很长的时间,到了仙王境界,想要通过血脉之力再借自己修行规则之力模拟大妖血脉天赋神通铸就规则领域,又岂是那么简单的,自然要长时间的领悟。 Moreover, as explores to the comprehension of natural law domain, Qin Wentian knew to the utilization as well as to natural law strength of natural law strength itself, even more profound. 而且,随着对规则领域的领悟探索,秦问天规则力量的运用以及对规则力量本身认识,也越发的深刻。 For a long time, Qin Wentian casts third natural law domain strength, is auxiliary by bloodline strength, can display the strongest situation this natural law domain, he calls God Form/Divine Elephant natural law domain. 许久,秦问天铸就第三规则领域力量,以血脉力量辅助,能够将这规则领域发挥到最强地步,他称之为神象规则领域 Now, natural law domain of Qin Wentian comprehension had three types, God's Hand natural law domain, Evil Eyes natural law domain and God Form/Divine Elephant natural law domain, various different might, on Immortal King this realm, more walk are steadier. 如今,秦问天领悟的规则领域已有三种,神之手规则领域邪眸规则领域神象规则领域,各具不同威力,在仙王这一境界上,越走越稳。 He continues practice, senses various Great Monster strong energies, is not only he, these Human Race Transcendent Stellar Martial Cultivator also sense in this, is not willing to depart, has all harvested. 他继续修行,感悟各类大妖超强之能,不仅是他,那些人类超凡武命修士也在此感悟,不肯离去,皆都有所收获。 Qin Wentian he saw some rare Great Monster abilities, for example, he saw before , has never seen one Monster Beast, Dream Tapir Monster Beast, this monster can swallow person dreamland, making the dream of person reappear, falls into is unable to extricate oneself, this talent divine ability is very marvelous, although is not the concrete attack method, but its might is as before astonishing, however this talent ability, Qin Wentian is actually not able cultivate, nowhere. 秦问天他看到了一些罕见大妖的能力,譬如,他见到了以前从未见过的一种妖兽,梦貘妖兽,此妖能够吞人梦境,让人的梦重现,陷入其中无法自拔,这种天赋神通无比奇妙,虽然不是具体攻击手段,但其威力依旧惊人,然而这种天赋能力,秦问天却无法修得,无处着手。 He can only continue other sensation kind of divine ability strength, the time passes extremely quickly, unknowingly, had three years of time from Divine Mountain opening, Qin Wentian they practice in this Divine Mountain had not departed, sees only this time Qin Wentian to sit under Divine Mountain statue form, static comprehension these days obtain, various talent strength as well as the technique of monster that divine ability the sensation arrives. 他只能继续感知其它各类神通力量,时间过得极快,不知不觉中,距离神山开辟已有三年时光,秦问天他们一直在这神山中修行没有离去,只见此时的秦问天坐在神山神像身影之下,静静体悟这些日来得到的,感知到的各种天赋力量以及妖界神通之术。 By Record of Myriad Laws, as well as in the past in the technique of mirror curtain in Heavenly Dao Saint Academy cultivating, he sat there can evolve divine ability strength voluntarily. 凭借万法录,以及当年在天道圣院中修得的镜幕之术,他坐在那里就能够自行衍化神通力量 In the Qin Wentian's consciousness, he is training sword art, mirror curtain floats in the air, his form grasps the sharp sword, in the sword, the marvelous aura fill the air, just likes the illusion, there is extremely overbearing demon's might. 秦问天的意识当中,他正在演练一种剑法,镜幕悬浮于空,他的身影手持利剑,剑中,有一股奇妙的气息弥漫而出,犹如梦幻,又有极为霸道的魔威 The Qin Wentian body moved, his form just likes Great Peng, if movement skill quickly the lightning, a sword leaves, just likes visionally, likely is the illusory sword, the sword of nightmare, making people not feel, but under sword light cuts to fall, has the sound of fearful sonic bang to spread, has the Golden-Winged Great Peng sharp claws to buckle the potential of Shatian place faintly, if quickly lightning, overbearing peerless. 秦问天身体动了,他身影犹如一尊大鹏,身法快若闪电,一剑出,犹如梦幻般,像是虚幻之剑,梦魔之剑,让人感觉不真实,但剑光斩落之下,却有可怕的音爆之声传出,隐隐有金翅大鹏利爪扣杀天地之势,快若闪电,霸道绝伦。 However sword art fluctuates instantaneously, as if cannot hit, second sword ejects instantaneously, this Jian Feng standard changing suddenly, no longer cuts, but is the straight thrust, such as dream is as before imaginary, will make the life leave the misconception, what is invariable is the sword potential is quick as well as overbearing, suppress and kill all sonic bangs, seem an attack of God Form/Divine Elephant, the might is infinite. 然而剑法瞬间变幻,仿佛一击不中,第二剑瞬间击出,这一剑风格陡变,不再是斩,而是直刺而出,依旧如梦似幻,会令人生出错觉,但不变的是剑势之快以及霸道,还有镇杀一切的音爆,好似一尊神象的攻击,威力无穷。 The sword has not stopped, third sword, unprecedented, just likes True Dragon is born, destroys all, broken splitting the heavens place. 剑未停止,第三剑,一往无前,犹如真龙出世,摧毁一切,破开天地。 After three swords, the Qin Wentian form stops. 三剑之后,秦问天身影停下。 three swords links up, sword art each time changes, must achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, is really not easy, but this sword art, if becomes, the might is inevitably astonishing, if urges to send by God's Hand strength again, the attack inevitably is rare.” Qin Wentian secretly said in heart, this sword art is he by these days comprehension homemade and fresh, the might is overbearing, each move of sword art likely is big Monster God, supplements with the sword again, is fearful . Moreover, the when soul of this sword is evolves the sensibility to come, to have the strength of nightmare by Dream Tapir Great Monster talent divine ability, sword art ejects, the opposite party will give birth to nightmare, falls into not the real feeling, if natural law strength as well as the will insufficiently formidable person, a sword strikes to kill sufficiently. 三剑连贯,剑法每次都变,要融会贯通,果然并不容易,不过此剑术若成,威力必然惊人,若再以神之手力量催发,攻击之强必然罕见。”秦问天心中暗道,这剑法乃是他以这些日来的领悟自创而生,威力霸道绝伦,每一招剑法都像是大妖神通,再辅之以剑,非常可怕,而且,这剑的灵魂乃是由梦貘大妖的天赋神通衍化感悟而来,拥有梦魔之力,剑法击出之时,对方会生出梦魔,陷入不真实的感觉,若是规则力量以及意志不够强大的人,一剑足以击杀。 This sword art he names as Nightmare Sword Art, with the Great Monster Dream Tapir unison, is imperfect, he continues practice, can integrate in sword art many Great Monster completely, afterward unceasingly makes it transform improves, becomes the sword that has one's wish coherently incurs, can blooming that coordinates oneself formidable movement skill to have one's wish. 剑法他命名为梦魔剑法,和大妖梦貘同音,还未完善,他继续修行,将诸多大妖之能全部融入到剑术之中,随后不断使之蜕变完善,成为连贯随心所欲的剑招,能够配合自己强大的身法随心所欲的绽放。 Human Race martial cultivator lies in the perception compared with the Monster Beast talent, naturally must using the strength of comprehension, continually in the perfect process, Qin Wentian also practice improve own blade art as well as halberd art well, the mutual verification, unceasingly progresses. 人类武修妖兽的天赋就在于悟性,自然要好好利用领悟之力,不断完善的过程中,秦问天修行完善自己的刀法以及戟法,相互印证,不断进步。 If there is bogged down, his then setting out view becomes aware the Divine Mountain mountain wall , to continue to sense, so the relapse, his cultivation base unceasingly progresses, the ability little enhancement, is getting stronger and stronger to the utilization of natural law, natural law progress is also the astonishing rapidness. 若是停滞不前了,他便起身观悟神山山壁,继续感悟一番,如此反复,他的修为不断进步,能力一点点的增强,对规则的运用越来越强,规则本身的进步也是惊人的快。 Naturally, all these occurrence in being quietly, nobody are knowing that he progressed many, he comprehended anything, all deduce to live in the mind voluntarily, but here Great Monster as well as Human Race, the progress is very big, some Great Monster became more and more fearful, awakened an astonishing situation. 当然,这一切都在悄无声息的发生着,没有人知道他进步了多少,他领悟了什么,一切都是在脑海中自行推演而生,但这里的大妖以及人类,都进步很大,一些大妖变得越来越可怕了,觉醒到一个惊人地步。 The time passed by for seven years, opening of Divine Mountain already spread over was wild as well as Immortal Territory, from shocking transfers tranquilly regarding Divine Mountain all people, although somewhat is as before disturbed, but in Divine Mountain practice Great Monster also immerses, they know that should also want a long time, these Great Monster will complete this transformation to become an official, but is not for a short time. 时间已经过去了七年,神山的开启早已传遍了蛮荒以及仙域,对于神山诸人从震撼转为平静,虽然依旧有些忐忑,但神山之中修行大妖都还沉浸于其中,他们知道,应该还要很长一段时间,这些大妖才会完成这次蜕变出山,而不是一时半刻。 In recent years, has given Beiming Youhuang's Little Rascal inheritance, he and Beiming Youhuang's relationship is extremely good, is jumping enters in the Beiming Youhuang's bosom to play, will also lie down in the Beiming Youhuang's front rest, makes Qin Wentian dumbfounded incomparably worship to this fellow simply. 这些年来,将传承给了北冥幽皇的小混蛋,他和北冥幽皇的关系极好,是不是的蹦入北冥幽皇的怀中玩耍,还会躺在北冥幽皇的胸前休息,简直让秦问天目瞪口呆对这家伙无比崇拜。 Some monsters, inborn will confuse the woman, even if the beautiful women of these bringing disaster on the nation and people ranks, cannot escape his monster claw. 有些妖,天生就会迷惑女人啊,哪怕是那些祸国殃民级别的美女,也逃不过他的妖爪。 Those who make Qin Wentian indignantly depressed is, this monster his shameless bubble little girl time, practice does not fall unexpectedly, the progress is amazingly quick, this Monster Race inherent talent, makes the person envy simply. 更让秦问天气愤郁闷的是,这妖他无耻泡妞的时候,修行竟然丝毫不落下,进步神速,这种妖族与生俱来的天赋,简直让人嫉妒。 Naturally, Qin Wentian progress is also enormous, on this day, sits under Divine Mountain statue form him, is bathing the glory of Divine Mountain, the summit of Divine Mountain, above Vault of Heaven, fearful natural law strength falls along with glory all, enters in his body, a formidable natural law aura fills the air from his body, at this moment, the Beiming Youhuang vision dodges suddenly, looked toward Qin Wentian, afterward, he noticed that since the Qin Wentian appearance of outstanding ability outlined wipes the bright smiling face, the facial features under Divine Mountain glory, as if has a charm, was appealing. 当然,秦问天本身的进步也是极大,这一日,坐在神山神像身影之下的他,正沐浴着神山的光辉,神山之巅,天穹之上,还有可怕的规则力量随光辉一切落下,进入他的身体之中,一股强大的规则气息从他的身体之上弥漫而出,这一刻,北冥幽皇目光遽然间一闪,朝着秦问天望了过去,随后,他看到秦问天俊逸的容颜上勾勒起一抹灿烂的笑容,在神山光辉之下的面容,仿佛有着一股魔力般,非常吸引人。 But Beiming Youhuang has not cared about his appearance to be appealing but actually, because, from Qin Wentian's, her sensation to broke into the middle rank Immortal King aura unexpectedly. 北冥幽皇倒没有在意他的容颜吸引人,因为,从秦问天的身上,她竟然感知到了破入中阶仙王的气息。 This practice speed......” some Beiming Youhuang hearts tremble, this fellow is previous time steps into Immortal King Realm in Beiming Immortal Dynasty natural law Immortal Mountain, this how many years, unexpectedly breakthrough to middle rank Immortal King? This no doubt has the function of Divine Mountain, as well as his bloodline recovers related, but makes Beiming Youhuang feel that as before a heart startled, his previous time said own practice less than 200 years. “这修行速度……”北冥幽皇有些心颤,这家伙是上次在北冥仙朝规则仙山中踏入仙王境界的,这才多少年,竟然一路破境到了中阶仙王?这固然有神山的作用,以及他的血脉复苏有关,但依旧让北冥幽皇感到一阵心惊,他上次说自己修行不足200年吧。 Such practice gets down, does he need in 300 years to proclaim oneself emperor? 这样修行下去,他岂不是要300年内称帝?
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