AGM :: Volume #15

#1431: Overbearing in this way

Four big expert brow micro wrinkles, see only one to cover the body to the strong pressure, must press them faintly is unable to move. 四大强者眉头微皱,只见一股至强威压笼罩身上,隐隐要将他们压得无法动弹。 Thump.” The Qin Wentian steps the line, that huge God Form empty shade also along with it steps, the Void tremor keeps, this stretch of suppressed world, myriad destruction sword light from the weather, will put to death to four big expert. “咚。”秦问天踏步而行,那庞大至极的神象虚影也随之踏步,虚空颤动不停,这片被镇压的天地,有万千毁灭剑光从天儿将,诛杀向四大强者 Begins.” Four people faintly felt that formidable threat strength, the person said immediately. “动手。”四人都隐隐感觉到了一股强大的威胁力量,顿时有一人出言道。 The voice just fell, Shangguan Jianyi natural law domain then arrived, myriad supreme sword power cover the world, he behind presented Astral Soul of sword, the finger has directed suddenly toward Qin Wentian, only the flash, as if whether there is the completely supreme heavy sword slaughtered, made terrifying the sound of howling. 话音刚落,上官剑一规则领域便已降临,万千至尊剑威笼罩天地,他身后出现了剑之星魂,手指朝着秦问天猛然间一指点出,只一刹那,仿佛有无尽至尊重剑杀戮而出,发出恐怖的呼啸之音。 Tian Lan Immortal Country expert behind presented fearful God Form, has Wang of Fachu the startled day God Form to roar, the world roared the vibration, in the world presents a fearful scene, all phenomena on earth murders, tramples Void, the collapsing by pressure world, destroyed Qin Wentian. 天岚仙国强者身后则出现了可怕的神象,有神象之王发出惊天怒吼,天地咆哮震动,天地间出现一股可怕的场景,万象杀伐,践踏虚空,压塌天地,毁灭秦问天 White Tiger Clan expert as well as 9 Emperors Immortal Country Middle Rank late stage Immortal King sends out the attack of terrifying, suddenly, in the world is flooding wild strength, must as well as protects God Form to grind Qin Wentian natural law domain directly. 白虎族强者以及九皇仙国中阶后期仙王纷纷发出恐怖的攻击,一时间,天地间充斥着一股狂暴至极的力量,要将秦问天规则领域以及守护神象直接碾碎。 Qin Wentian within the body, after burning changes bloodlines strength just likes the long line curls, integrated in God Form, God's Hand stimulated, that huge incomparable protection God Form each spot was glittering the eye-catching Symbol Pattern gloss, cannot destroy. 秦问天体内,焚变之后的血脉力量犹如长龙般卷了出去,融入到神象之中,神之手激发而出,那庞大无比的守护神象每一个部位都闪烁着夺目的符纹光泽,不可摧毁。 The supreme heavy sword and Tian Lan Immortal Country expert myriad great shape and White Tiger Clan tiger king and 9 Emperors Immortal Country emperor said that immortal light murders, but , the bang above the God Form body, ping the startled day bang sound is unceasing, the Void wild shake, the God Form form shivers, protects endless Symbol Pattern above God Form to bloom the fearful gloss, the scarlet lines appear faintly, as if will be the crack the present indication. 至尊重剑、天岚仙国强者的万千巨象、白虎族的虎王、九皇仙国的皇道仙光杀伐而至,轰在神象躯体之上,砰砰砰的惊天巨响声不绝,虚空狂暴震荡,神象身影颤动,守护神象之上的无尽符纹绽放出可怕的光泽,隐隐有一条条血色线条出现,仿佛是裂缝将现的征兆。 But even if so, such as before shocks to all people is speechless, the attacks of four big expert, did make Qin Wentian protection God Form present a slit of faint trace unexpectedly? After this child release bloodlines strength, his defensive power has astonishingly how. 但即便如此,这样的一幕依旧震撼到诸人无言,四大强者的攻击,竟然只是让秦问天的守护神象出现了一丝丝的缝隙而已吗?此子释放血脉力量之后,他的防御力是有多么的惊人。 very powerful big bloodlines method, is the same with the monster royal family, this belongs to bloodlines talent Divine Ability?” The all people heart vibrates, sees only Qin Wentian to continue to proceed to take. 好强大的血脉手段,难道和妖界王族一样,这是属于血脉天赋神通?”诸人心头震动,只见秦问天继续往前一步迈出。 Thump......” huge boundless strength is vibrating this stretch of world, four big expert only felt that body heavy, in the world howls the great sword and Dualbladed Halberd that kills is passing wild Demon's Might, destroys and suppression strength contains. “咚……”巨大无边的力量震动着这片天地,四大强者只感觉身体更加的沉重,天地间呼啸杀来的巨剑和方天画戟透着狂暴的魔威,还有毁灭和镇压的力量蕴藏其中。 The Qin Wentian footsteps have not stopped, his continual steps, Demon's Might soars to the heavens, sweeps across the world to move, the trim world was being pressed. 秦问天的脚步并未停下来,他连续踏步,魔威冲天,席卷天地而动,整片天地都被压着。 How you must kill me.” The Qin Wentian mouth spits the sound, overbearing incomparable, just likes the Monster God descendant, rules the world, his footsteps step extremely quickly, stretches across the space directly, arrives before the Tian Lan Immortal Country expert body, a fist leaves, protects God Form completely in the movement same place with his hand, sends out the attack, just likes true God Form, the town kills, with the Tian Lan Immortal Country expert resistance. “你们要如何杀我。”秦问天口吐声音,霸道无比,犹如妖神后裔,君临天下,他脚步跨得极快,直接横跨空间,降临到天岚仙国强者身前,一拳出,守护神象完全和他手中的动作一起,发出攻击,犹如真正的神象,镇杀而出,和天岚仙国强者对抗。 Tian Lan Immortal Country expert bellows, the palm rumbles the endless luminous spot, each luminous spot yun likely is a great shape, collides, the bang results in Void to shiver. 天岚仙国强者大吼,手掌轰出无尽光点,每一个光点都蕴像是一头巨象,强强碰撞,轰得虚空颤动。 Roar......” white tiger Monster King bellows to come, the golden body kills toward the Qin Wentian protection God Form bang, side Qin Wentian, saw only the illusory image to clash together, if quickly the lightning, ran out of the Qin Wentian protection God Form light screen directly, changed to golden Heaven Swallowing Beast, the whole body is passing the unsurpassed King overbearing spirit, he opened, in an instant swallowed the essence of world, swallowed the strength of myriad things, swallowed into the endo-abdominal the attack of white tiger Monster King completely. “吼……”白虎妖王大吼而来,金色的身躯朝着秦问天的守护神象轰杀而下,秦问天身边,只见一道幻影冲了出去,快若闪电,直接冲出了秦问天的守护神象光幕,化作一头金色的吞天兽,浑身透着无上王者霸道气概,他张开,刹那间吞天地之精华,吞万物之力,将白虎妖王的攻击全部吞入腹内。 This......” many do not know that Little Rascal true body is looks at this that Heaven Swallowing Beast expert shocks, swallows the world myriad things, this Heaven Swallowing Beast talent has rather ruled by force. “这……”许多不知道小混蛋本尊乃是吞天兽强者震撼的看着这一幕,吞噬天地万物,这吞天兽的天赋未免太霸道了些。 After having swallowed white tiger Monster King attack strength, Little Rascal turns around unexpectedly instantaneously, swallows to the attack that 9 Emperors Immortal Country expert is sending out, that stretch of world became the alienation, attacked to protect God Form strength just likes Daoguang is swallowed into the Little Rascal mouth together directly. 吞噬了白虎妖王的攻击力量之后,小混蛋竟然瞬间就转身,对着那九皇仙国强者发出的攻击吞噬过去,那片天地变得狂乱了起来,攻击到守护神象力量犹如一道道光般直接被吞入小混蛋的口中。 Swallows the Son of Heaven beast, golden whirlpool.” When all people looks to the battleground space of that piece of riot, the Little Rascal yawn swallows, Heaven and Earth Society presents piece of golden Symbol Pattern, changes to the golden whirlpool, stretches across hundred li (0.5km) space, swallows in all strength the volume entrance completely, then the formidable attack, how he does swallow into within the body to digest? “吞天王兽,金色旋涡。”诸人望向那片暴乱的战场空间,小混蛋张口吞噬之时,天地会出现一片金色的符纹,化作金色旋涡,横跨百里空间,将一切力量全部吞噬卷入口中,那么强大的攻击,他吞入体内要如何消化? True Top Rank Saint Beast, is the talent so really fearful? 真正顶级圣兽,天赋真的有这么可怕吗? Yeah, is itchy with baby flexure, such weak attack, small white tiger, you were too weak, your such baby must eat you.” The Little Rascal immature sound spreads, the White Tiger Clan expert air/Qi on the scene will result in the complexion to be pale, their White Tiger Clan is also formidable Saint Beast, was shamed unexpectedly like this . Moreover the opposite party is also Demonic Beast, is simply absurd. “哎,跟宝宝挠痒吗,这么弱的攻击,小白虎,你太弱了吧,你这样宝宝要吃你了。”小混蛋稚嫩的声音传出,将在场的白虎族强者都气得脸色铁青,他们白虎族也是强大的圣兽,竟然被这样羞辱,而且对方也是妖兽,简直岂有此理。 Roar roar roar.” White tiger Monster King exudes three to roar continuously, sends out a stronger white tiger big Monster God technique, but Little Rascal as before crazy is swallowing, in the world overspread golden Symbol Light, changes annexes and destroys all whirlpools. “吼吼吼。”白虎妖王连续发出三声咆哮,发出更强的白虎大妖神通之术,但小混蛋依旧疯狂的吞噬着,天地间铺满了金色的符光,化作吞灭一切的旋涡。 Another side, Tian Lan Immortal Country expert and Supreme Sword School Shangguan Jianyi encircles Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian protection God Form had the fissure, the attack of Shangguan Jianyi is truly fierce, he stands in Void, Astral Soul of completely all sword, the palm wields, myriad sword light just like the swords of various day of stars, simultaneously puts to death, falls above the Qin Wentian protection God Form empty shade crazily, clank said. 另一边,天岚仙国强者至尊剑派上官剑一围剿秦问天,秦问天的守护神象都有了裂痕,上官剑一的攻击确实厉害,他站在虚空,身后尽皆剑之星魂,手掌挥动间,万千剑光犹如诸天星辰之剑,同时诛杀而下,疯狂落在秦问天的守护神象虚影之上,铮铮而鸣。 These murder, but below myriad Supreme Sword combines a fearful design likely, inserted when protecting God Form each corner, is riding Qin Wentian and Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King fought, he must break the defense of Qin Wentian. 那些杀伐而下的万千至尊剑像是组合成了一可怕的图案,插在守护神象的每一个角落,乘着秦问天天岚仙国仙王战斗之时,他要破了秦问天的防御。 This swordsmanship...... must compose strong sword formation unexpectedly.” The person popular-feeling is surprised, Shangguan Jianyi is really fearful, worthily is Supreme Sword School certainly for character, but this Qin Wentian is fearful, after the bloodlines erupt, protected strength to be unexpectedly formidable to such situation, was higher than realm expert to need to use him unexpectedly can break fully. “这剑术……竟然要组成超强剑阵。”人群心惊讶,上官剑一果然可怕,不愧是至尊剑派的绝代人物,不过这秦问天更是可怕,血脉爆发之后,守护力量竟然强大到了这样的地步,比他高境界强者竟然需要倾尽全力才能破开。 Sees only among the golden designs that myriad sharp swords change to present a point, a Shangguan Jianyi palm move, in the world stars of ray myriad sword appeared, a sharp sword of handle stabbing pain person eyes arrives, he pointed out toward the sword formation central that point directly, in an instant, entire sword formation moved, but Void that handle executes Shatian to stretch across Void, arrives to protect above God Form. 只见那万千利剑化作的金色图案中间出现了一个点,上官剑一手掌一招,天地间万千剑之星辰光芒出现,一柄刺痛人眼睛的利剑降临,他直接朝着剑阵中央的那一点指出,刹那间,整个剑阵都动了,而虚空那一柄诛杀天地之间横跨虚空,降临守护神象之上。 Broken.” Sees only in the Shangguan Jianyi mouth to put out together the cold sound, in an instant, that protects God Form to have the innumerable cracks, unceasing tearing, the collapse was shattered finally, that sword formation also along with it disappearance, the Qin Wentian form, finally exposes in their front, can the direct attack. “破。”只见上官剑一口中吐出一道寒冷声音,刹那间,那守护神象出现无数裂缝,不断的撕裂开来,最终崩溃破碎,那剑阵也随之消失,秦问天的身影,终于暴露在他们的面前,可以直接攻击到了。 Shangguan Jianyi takes a step, a sword murders, Qin Wentian will lift a hand fist the bang to extinguish, will actually see Shangguan Jianyi to stand above the upper air, icily arrogant unparalleled, said: Lost the defense barrier, how do you contend?” 上官剑一迈步而出,一剑杀伐,秦问天抬手一拳将之轰灭,却见上官剑一站在高空之上,冷傲无双,道:“失去了防御屏障,你如何抗衡?” Qin Wentian has actually smiled suddenly, the Shangguan Jianyi brow micro wrinkle, looks at Qin Wentian saying: What do you smile?” 秦问天却忽然笑了起来,上官剑一眉头微皱,看着秦问天道:“你笑什么?” Laughs at you to be ignorant.” The Qin Wentian satire said with a smile: Such for a long time merely has broken my defense, unexpectedly also self-satisfied, is shamed for your Supreme Sword School, such person, is Supreme Sword School certainly for character, today, is your time of death, attempted to defend strength to be also strong a moment ago, then, under makes you ask for advice attacks.” “笑你无知。”秦问天讽刺笑道:“这么久才仅仅破开了我的防御,竟还洋洋自得,真为你至尊剑派感到耻辱,这样的人,也是至尊剑派的绝代人物,今日,就是你的死期,刚才尝试了防御力量又多强,接下来,就让你们领教下攻击。” Saying, Qin Wentian burns to extinguish stimulation the aura rising typhoon on, covers the endless space, enormous and powerful, God's Hand natural law domain appears, God Form natural law domain appears, protects the empty shade to transform to live once again, from time to time God Form, from time to time Black Tortoise. 说着,秦问天焚灭激发的气息扶摇而上,笼罩无尽空间,浩浩荡荡,神之手规则领域出现,神象规则领域出现,守护虚影再度幻化而生,时而神象,时而玄武 You think that my defense is merely disposable? Such protection defense, I momentarily can release, you broken cannot break unexpectedly.” Qin Wentian laughs saying that extremely arrogant, at this moment, Shangguan Jianyi and Tian Lan Immortal Country expert look stiff in that looks at that to protect Great Monster, only feels a whole body icy coldness. “你以为我的防御仅仅是一次性的?这样的守护防御,我随时可以释放,你们竟然破都破不开。”秦问天大笑说道,狂妄至极,这一刻,上官剑一天岚仙国强者神色僵硬在那,看着那守护大妖,只感觉浑身一阵冰凉。 Under various expert were also shocked, this...... 下方诸强者也都愣住了,这…… Does the Middle Rank Immortal King Top Rank strength character, link his defense unable to break unexpectedly? 中阶仙王顶级的战力人物,竟然连他的防御都破不开? The protection Great Monster sustainable release of Qin Wentian, this means that what all people clear understanding, this means that only if your attack can break his defense in the flash, lets defense not any protection function of Qin Wentian, otherwise, he can defend continuously, how does this also defeat? 秦问天的守护大妖可持续释放,这意味着什么诸人清楚的明白,这意味着除非你的攻击能够在一瞬间破开他的防御,让秦问天的防御没有任何守护作用,否则的话,他可以源源不断的防御,这还如何战胜? Accompanied you to play a moment ago, then, this I attacked.” Qin Wentian both hands stretch out, immediately endless Demon's Might covers the world, ten thousand demons howl, the God's Hand domain wraps the terrifying to destroy Demon's Might, protection Great Monster of Qin Wentian body week changes to a huge Giant Roc form, just likes the Golden-Winged Giant Roc bird. “刚才只是陪你们玩玩而已,接下来,该我攻击了。”秦问天双手伸出,顿时无尽魔威笼罩天地,有万魔呼啸,神之手领域包裹着恐怖毁灭魔威,秦问天身周的守护大妖则是化作一尊巨大的大鹏身影,犹如金翅大鹏鸟般。 Buzz.” The Giant Roc lightning howls together, the Qin Wentian body vanishes directly does not see, that protects Great Monster unexpectedly like is a true Golden-Winged Giant Roc bird, delimits Void, Giant Roc Monster Technique has struck to kill, as powerful as a thunderbolt, toward Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King killing under. “嗡。”一道大鹏闪电呼啸而过,秦问天的身躯直接消失不见,那守护大妖竟然像是一尊真正的金翅大鹏鸟一样,划过虚空,大鹏妖术击杀而出,雷霆万钧,朝着天岚仙国仙王扑杀而下。 That Tian Lan Immortal Country expert steps will draw back in the future, the palm proceeds to press, the Vientiane town kills, actually sees Giant Roc to tear an opening directly, has fired into the body of Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King directly, disregards the attack that other directions arrived at directly, the defensive power, so rampant. 天岚仙国强者踏步往后退,手掌往前一按,万象镇杀而出,却见大鹏直接撕裂出一道口子,直接冲向了天岚仙国仙王的身体,直接无视了其它方向到来的攻击,防御力至强,就是如此的嚣张。 Go away.” Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King bellows, actually when sees Giant Roc rushes to the opposite party front, suddenly fluctuates is God Form, one step treads with Qin Wentian, the terrifying bang of bang, the town results in the Tian Lan Immortal Country Immortal King body unable to move. “滚开。”天岚仙国仙王大吼,却见大鹏冲到对方面前之时,突然间又变幻为神象,伴随着秦问天一步踏出,轰的一声恐怖巨响,镇得天岚仙国仙王身体都无法动弹。 Protecting Great Monster can fluctuate instantaneously, even substitutes Qin Wentian to send out to attack strength, just likes his true body attacks to be the same, is quite fearful.” “守护大妖能够瞬间变幻,甚至替代秦问天发出攻击力量,犹如他本尊攻击一样,好可怕。” In the person popular-feeling is thinking, that Shangguan Jianyi looks at this in behind, the innermost feelings shuts out startled Tao, afterward, he sees God Form to step on the world, crazy crush to Tian Lan Immortal King, when opposite party whole-heartedly, protects in God Form, Qin Wentian offers a sacrifice to a handle huge boundless demon blade, cuts to kill directly under. 人群心中想着,那上官剑一都在后面看着这一幕,内心嫌弃惊涛,随后,他看到神象踩踏天地,疯狂碾压向天岚仙王,当对方全力以赴的时候,守护神象之内,秦问天祭出一柄巨大无边的魔刀,直接斩杀而下。 At this moment, that demon blade cut to break Void, a Qin Wentian person, as if can simultaneously send out two entirely different attacks, was two super fearful characters is also fighting likely, moreover was coordinate perfect two. 这一刻,那魔刀斩破了虚空,秦问天一人,仿佛能够同时发出两种截然不同的攻击,像是两个超级可怕的人物在同时战斗,而且是配合完美的两人。 When Tian Lan Immortal Country expert blocks the God Form suppression attack, the middle presented a handle destruction demon blade, in the world is similar the black ** said that the lightning cuts down, immediately, that Tian Lan Immortal Country formidable Immortal King, was broken out by a blade directly, body blasting open, falls. 天岚仙国强者挡住神象镇压攻击的时候,中间出现了一柄毁灭魔刀,天地间仿佛有一道黑**道闪电劈杀而下,随即,那天岚仙国的强大仙王,直接被一刀劈开,身躯炸裂,陨。 A Immortal King character of Middle Rank peak, was cut down by a blade, soul destroyed/terror-stricken. 一位中阶巅峰的仙王人物,被一刀劈杀,魂飞魄散 Qin Wentian, overbearing in this way. 秦问天,霸道如斯。 PS: Yesterday the annual meeting, a day in busy, all renewed one chapter, traceless has informed in the micro letter, turned head to make up, now the symbol on going home High Speed Rail, finished has uploaded, the renewal had the unusual time traceless in the micro letter will say that under everybody attention traceless public number, the direct public number searched for only traceless, in the evening the micro letter exposed to the sun several chapters of annual meetings gave as required by rule everybody to look! PS:昨天年会,一天都在忙碌中,所有更新了一章,无痕在微信通知了,回头补上,现在在回家的高铁上码字,写完就来上传了,更新有异常的时候无痕都会在微信上说的,大家关注下无痕的公众号,直接公众号搜净无痕就可以,晚上微信晒几章年会的照给大家看!
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