AHAO :: Volume #14

#1360: It came!

Let the time back up slightly. 让时间稍稍倒退。 Holy Spirit world. 圣灵世界。 Cold frost empire. 寒霜帝国。 The red ghost drops from the clouds, falls in the imperial palace in empire. 红鬼从天而降,落在帝国的皇宫之中。 Including the empire king and empress, everyone bends down to salute immediately. 包括帝国国王和皇后在内,所有人立刻俯身行礼。 I have massacred that youngster named Luo De.” The red ghost said. “我已经杀掉了那个叫罗德的少年。”红鬼道。 People puzzled raising the head. 众人不解的抬起头。 Asking that the king has doubts: Sir, weren't you assassinate the king of Lolan?” 国王疑惑的问:“大人,您不是去刺杀罗兰之王了么?” The red ghost shakes the head saying: „The king of Lolan is the opponent who we fully understand, that Rhode is the true variable, I must snatch before it makes anything, immediately kills it.” 红鬼摇头道:“罗兰之王是我们完全了解的对手,那个罗德才是真正的变数,我必须抢在它做出什么之前,立刻杀了它。” Sir, Lolan empire at present with us stemming from refusing to compromise, the powerhouse who they enter the war are getting more and more, the time that we can support are not much.” The king said. “大人,罗兰帝国目前和我们出于僵持之中,它们参战的强者越来越多,我们能支撑的时间不多了。”国王道。 The empire prime minister said: In addition, except for the monster vanishing world that the Sir you finds out by secret inquiry, we discovered a new world.” 帝国宰相道:“此外,除了大人您探知的怪物绝迹世界,我们又发现了一个新的世界。” „? Is what world?” Say/Way that the red ghost is interested. “哦?是什么样的世界?”红鬼感兴趣的道。 By the world that plague Doomsday destroys, it is fusing with the Holy Spirit world.” The empire prime minister said. “一个被瘟疫末日摧毁的世界,它正在跟圣灵世界融合。”帝国宰相道。 How do you see?” The red ghost asked. “你们怎么看?”红鬼问道。 The king said: Kept the compatriots in Holy Spirit world is too few, outside could not relate, was only our these person, wants to defeat these powerhouses in Lolan empire, was a little difficulty.” 国王道:“留在圣灵世界的同胞太少了,外面又联系不上,单凭我们这些人,想打败罗兰帝国的那些强者,还是有点难度。” The empire prime minister said: If can guide that plague Doomsday, the wide scope arrives in the Lolan empire, the hope that then we win will increase much.” 帝国宰相道:“如果能引导那种瘟疫末日,大范围降临在罗兰帝国,那么我们获胜的希望将会增加不少。” But this is very risky, because of this rank “但这样很冒险,因为这个等级的” The red ghost has not spoken, is only pacing slowly. 红鬼没说话,只是慢慢的踱着步。 In the entire palace is silent, these seizes the malicious ghosts in shed calmly to wait for the decision of red ghost. 整个宫殿里寂静无声,这些夺舍的恶鬼们静静等待着红鬼的决定。 Some little time, the red wizard said: 好一会儿,红鬼才道: Plague Doomsday...... do we have the record?” “瘟疫末日……我们有记载吗?” A malicious ghost of official historian appearance said: Sir, we have the record, plague Doomsday is no plan level, most ominous.” 一名史官模样的恶鬼道:“大人,我们有记载,瘟疫末日是无策级,最凶。” No plan level is only in fourth-level Doomsday lowest first-level. 无策级只是四级末日中最低一级。 Initially the army in empty empty city will raise plague Doomsday to not fresh level, then does not dare to send anybody to accept a challenge again, because they were not clear, here was three world is actually fusing. 当初虚空城的大军会把瘟疫末日上调至无生级,进而不敢再派任何人来应战,只是因为它们不清楚,这里其实是三个世界正在融合。 The red ghost listened, reveals expression that relaxes, said: Although reaches arrived ominously, but Doomsday of no plan level, should not have these true terrors gadget.” 红鬼听了,露出放松的表情,说道:“尽管达到了‘最凶’,但无策级的末日,应该不会有那些真正恐怖的玩意儿。” Will only have the utensil that is responsible for spreading the plague at most, but now the whole world and world separate, these utensils are unable to summon the messenger.” “顶多只会有一些负责散布瘟疫的器物,可是现在整个世界与世隔,那些器物是无法呼唤信使的。” So long as does not alarm that utensil......” “只要不惊动那器物……” I can try to guide a plague trend actually in secret.” “我倒是可以试着暗中引导一番瘟疫的走向。” The red ghost discusses has decided that fierce raising the head, everyone of looking all around. 红鬼计议已定,猛的抬头,环顾四周的所有人。 The people knee down immediately, lower the head saying: 众人立刻单膝跪地,垂头道: Sir, please tell.” “大人,请吩咐。” The red ghost said: Strongest that body unsealing, I must use.” 红鬼道:“把最强的那具身躯解封,我要用。” Yes.” “是。” Everyone still kneels on the ground, only has the king, empress, prime minister, the military affairs minister and marshal, to teach the consul-general six people to stand. 所有人依然跪在地上,唯有国王、皇后、宰相、军务大臣、元帅、教会总领事六人站起来。 In their person of hand takes a symbol, shouted respectively: 它们一人手中拿着一张符,分别喝道: Seal- opens!” “封印-开!” The flame flashes. 火光一闪。 talisman in their hand burn fast completely, the iron chains appears in void. 它们手中的符箓飞快燃烧殆尽,却有一根根铁锁链出现在虚空之中。 All iron chains completely collapse. 所有铁锁链全部崩散 A coffin falls on the ground gently. 紧接着,一具棺材轻轻落在地上。 This is an iron grey sarcophagus, above is pasting huge talisman. 这是一具灰白色的石棺,上面贴着一张巨大的符箓 talisman changes to the flying ash suddenly. 符箓忽然化作飞灰。 Bang! 嘭! The coffin opens. 棺材打开。 A whole body appears by the corpse that scarlet red talisman binds in the people at present. 一具全身被深红色符箓裹住的尸体出现在众人眼前。 The red ghost changes to the fog, flies into this corpse. 红鬼化作云雾,飞入这具尸体之中。 Little leans. 少倾。 The corpse moves slightly, stands from the coffin. 尸体微微动了动,从棺木中站起来。 That scarlet red talisman starts to burn. 那深红色的符箓开始燃烧。 One set of blood red whole body armor emerges out of thin air, collapse becomes constructions, the set on the body of corpse. 一套血红色的全身甲凭空出现,崩散成一个个构建,套在尸体的身上。 A malicious ghost mask drops from the clouds, direct fitting on the face of corpse. 紧接着,一张恶鬼面具从天而降,直接贴合在尸体的脸上。 The corpse lifts the hand, opens the palm, grasps gently- 尸体抬起手,张开手掌,轻轻一握- ! 呼! The strong winds live suddenly, sway the entire meeting hall. 狂风骤然而生,吹拂整个议事厅。 The suffocating invisible pressure appears suddenly. 令人窒息的无形压力陡然出现。 Everyone's was suppressed stubbornly on the ground, even the move slightest cannot achieve. 所有人被死死压制在地上,连动弹分毫都做不到。 Em, the strength of corpse of this immortal, in addition all my strengths, should not have the issue.” The voice of red ghost after malicious ghost mask resounds. “恩,这具仙人之尸的力量,再加上我的所有实力,应该不会有问题了。”红鬼的声音从恶鬼面具后响起。 It is putting one line of mysterious paths conveniently void. 它随手在虚空划出一行玄奥轨迹。 Blood red talisman emerges out of thin air, fast combustion. 血红符箓凭空出现,飞快燃烧。 Was boiled void a large cave/hole, may see opposite scene vaguely, is world that pale yellow dense fog cover. 虚空被烧开一个大洞,依稀可看到对面的景象,是一片昏黄迷雾笼罩的世界。 Wears malicious ghost mask the corpse of angel to stand there, motionless. 戴着恶鬼面具的天仙之尸站在那里,不动。 It is looking at that side world, slightly with rapt attention. 它望着那边的世界,微微凝神。 The voice of red ghost resounds again: 红鬼的声音再次响起: Truly is Doomsday of no plan level.” “确实是无策级的末日。” „, Can I search that plague world, look guide the plague to arrive in the Holy Spirit world.” “也罢,我去探一探那个瘟疫世界,看看能不能引导瘟疫降临在圣灵世界。” „After I walk, you deal with frontline all things carefully.” “我走之后,你们仔细应对前线诸事。” The people said with one voice: Yes, Sir!” 众人齐声道:“是,大人!” Only has on the king face some facial expressions of starting to speak but hesitating. 唯有国王脸上有些欲言又止的神情。 The red ghost actually does not look at the these subordinate, walks into that void large cave/hole with stride. 红鬼却已不看这些下属,大步走入那个虚空大洞。 large cave/hole closes up immediately slowly. 大洞随即慢慢合拢。 The king stands suddenly, asked toward the people: „Did the weapon of Sir bring?” 国王突然站起来,朝众人问道:“大人的兵器带了没有?” The military affairs minister said suddenly: Originally is places the immortal body in storage bag, but the previous Sir requests my etching several Rune, therefore I took.” 军务大臣恍然道:“本来是放在仙人尸体的储物袋里,但上次大人要求我蚀刻几道符文,所以我取出来了。” In people heart one tight. 众人心中一紧。 „Did you complete?” The king shouted. “你完成了没有?”国王喝道。 Completed.” The military affairs minister quickly takes out two long blades, said. “完成了。”军务大臣急急忙忙取出两柄长刀,说道。 The king has seized the long blade, deep suction port gas channel/angrily said: I give to the Sir, wanting him because of your careless mistake vitality/angry.” 国王一把夺过长刀,深吸口气道:“我来送给大人,希望他不要因为你的纰漏生气。” ...... …… The red ghost appears in the sky. 红鬼出现在天空中。 As the thin mist the strong winds of upper air, flutter to the distant place. 稀薄的雾气随着高空的狂风,飘向远方。 The red ghost observed several breaths with rapt attention, muttered: 红鬼凝神观察了数息,喃喃道: Direction that the these mist scatters, should be that monster vanishing world.” 这些雾气飘散的方向,应该是那个怪物的绝迹世界。” It extends the take action finger/refers, optional stroke. 它伸出手指,随意一划。 talisman appeared. 一张符箓出现了。 Three world are fusing, their boundaries are bordering on mutually.” “三个世界正在融合,它们的边界正在互相接壤。” In this case, I only need to change the wind the direction......” “这样的话,我只需要改变风的方向……” talisman burns. 符箓燃烧起来。 In the upper air, the wind stopped a breath. 高空之中,风停顿了一息。 Suddenly, the fresh breeze appears again, but this time actually changed the direction. 忽然,劲风再次出现,不过这次却改变了方向。 The red ghost looked at a while, shakes the head slightly. 红鬼看了一会儿,微微摇头。 To let the wind direction happen to toward the Holy Spirit world, moreover in the direction of Lolan empire, but also needs to further adjust. 想让风向正好朝着圣灵世界,而且是朝着罗兰帝国的方向,还需要进一步调整。 At present, the wind had the strength of many rise, making the mist unable easily to fall. 眼下,风只是产生了更多的上升之力,让雾气不会轻易落下去。 Actually completes the adjustment of wind direction, is not difficult regarding the red ghost. 其实完成风向的调整,对于红鬼来说不算难。 The key is the change of wind wants the nature, cannot make some utensil in this Doomsday detect. 关键是风的改变要自然,不能让这个末日中的某种器物察觉。 This is the difficult place. 这才是难的地方。 The red ghost is just about to continue the magic figure, suddenly stop, thought aloud: 红鬼正要继续画符,忽然停住手,自言自语道: „Will ominous premonition...... be discovered?” “不祥的预感……难道会被发现?” It puts out a hand to cut a bloodstain in the nape of the neck place, is dipping the blood with the finger, paddles in void gently. 它伸手在脖颈处划开一道血痕,用手指蘸着血,在虚空中轻轻划动。 Radical concealment, needs one-” “彻底的隐匿,需要一张-” We said, the weapon of malicious ghost world contains the karma law, the technique of surface incantation must, assigns the symbol to measure treacherously not, takes the life to start as the price, is extremely formidabe. 我们说,恶鬼世界的兵器蕴含因果律,面咒之术必中,命符诡谲莫测,以生命为代价发动,极难对付。 When the red ghost finishes barely the words, that matter happened. 在红鬼话音未落之际,那件事就发生了。 During that situated is really lucky, matter that originally is almost impossible to have. 那件处于真实幸运之中,本来几乎不可能发生的事情。 Under of sky, fresh breeze, cloud layer and dense fog. 天空、劲风、云层、迷雾的下方。 In that completely indetectable world deep place, has the dark red glow electricity to shoot together. 在那完全不可察觉的世界深处,有一道深红之芒电射而来。 Among the electric light flint, this scarlet red life symbol hit the red ghost. 电光火石之间,这道深红色的命符就击中了红鬼。 not! This is the evil thought burns the god!” “唔唔唔唔唔!这是恶念焚神!” This-” “这到底-” The voice of red ghost took for the first time startled some. 红鬼的声音第一次带上了些许惊慌。 Assigning rune/symbol this is its foundation, naturally knows how to untie the evil thought to burn the symbol of god, but- 命符本是它的根底,自然知道如何解开恶念焚神之符,只不过- The price is on this immortal body overwhelming majority strengths! 代价就是这具仙人尸体上绝大部分的力量! However now cannot hesitate. 但是现在不能再犹豫了。 The red ghost is clenching teeth, is enduring the anxiety, immediately makes the resolution. 红鬼咬着牙,忍着肉疼,立刻做出了决断。 It did not draw original(ly) that symbol, pointed at one revolution, started to draw another to relieve the evil thought to burn the symbol of god. 它也不画原本那个符了,手指一转,就开始画另一个解除恶念焚神的符。 The whole piece symbol was completed! 整张符被完成! The dark green brilliance sends out from talisman. 墨绿色的光辉从符箓上散发出来。 talisman vanishes. 符箓消失。 All dark green brilliance concentrate one group, must fly into the red ghost body shortly, during was void presented a hole. 所有墨绿光辉凝成一团,眼看就要飞入红鬼身躯,虚空之中却出现了一个洞。 A pair of hand extends. 一双手伸过来。 In the hand also holds two long blades. 手上还捧着两柄长刀。 Together appearance, cold frost empire king that respectful voice: 一同出现的,还有寒霜帝国国王那恭敬的声音: Sir, you forgot with the weapon.” “大人,你忘记带兵器了。” The dark green ray bangs into directly void, with that two long blades and kings terrified Sir forgives sound, vanishes thoroughly does not see. 墨绿光芒直接撞入虚空,带着那两柄长刀和国王惶恐的“大人恕罪”声,彻底消失不见。 In the sky, all return to normal. 天空上,一切恢复平静。 The red ghost was silly. 红鬼傻了。 It could not speak for a while, quick eyes one black, faints. 它一时说不出话,很快双眼一黑,昏了过去。 In the upper air, the strong wind from afar is endless. 高空中,长风漫漫。 The changed wind direction holds the red ghost to float and fly, the movement of disorder. 被改变的风向托着红鬼漂浮、飞行,无序的移动。 In a while. 没过多久。 The land deep place emits the white light that flashes before unceasingly suddenly. 大地深处突然冒出不断闪现的白光。 The light is intertwined secretly. 光暗交缠。 The air current surges. 气流涌动。 foul wind and bloody rain. 腥风血雨 The red ghost turns over/stands up suddenly, mumbled: Is good to quarrel......” 红鬼突然翻身而起,嘟哝道:“好吵……” Should kill!” “该杀!” Its figure inspires, flies in the direction that the sound transmits. 身形一振,朝着动静传来的方向飞去。 ...... …… Desert deep place. 沙漠深处。 Said your choices......” human form statue to say. “说出你们的选择……”人形石像道。 Gu Qingshan is thinking deeply about the countermeasure fast. 顾青山正在飞快思索对策。 Suddenly- 忽然- In the sky, the form is flying to fall together speedily. 天空中,一道身影正疾速飞坠。 Quite quick! 好快! What come is who? 来的是谁? Gu Qingshan and human form statue looks together. 顾青山和人形石像一起望去。 Bang! 轰! That form crashes in the human form statue and Gu Qingshan not far away directly. 那身影径直坠落在人形石像和顾青山不远处。 The person who wears the malicious ghost mask jumps from the pale yellow mist, looks to Gu Qingshan and human form statue. 一个头戴恶鬼面具的人从昏黄雾气中跳出来,望向顾青山和人形石像。 You are so noisy, dies!” “你们这么吵,就都死吧!” Malicious ghost agitated exclaiming. 恶鬼烦躁的吼道。
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