AHAO :: Volume #14

#1359: Human form statue

In the world of deathly stillness destruction, the white light blooms layer upon layer. 死寂毁灭的世界之中,白光层层绽放。 All infection bodies under the invasion of this holy glow, change to the flying ash along the way directly. 沿途一切感染体在这圣洁之芒的侵染下,直接化作飞灰。 The orange cat is riding the light, running that forward does not stand still. 橘猫乘着光,不停歇的向前奔行 Only sometimes, it can the underspeed, the opens the mouth eat the snow group that the front floats. 只在某些时候,它会降低速度,张口把面前漂浮的雪团吃掉。 An all various professions glow small character appears in it at present: 一行行萤火小字浮现在它眼前: You have swallowed the special thing: Is mixing various plagues endless vitality seals.” “你已经吞噬了特殊之物:混合着各种瘟疫的无尽生机封印。” You the strength of the seal obtaining the transformation are double Soul Strength.” “你从封印中获得的力量将转化为双倍魂力。” Because the plague not pure strength, you will spoil the belly.” “由于瘟疫并非纯粹的力量,你将会吃坏肚子。” Please note, you will spoil the belly!” “请注意,你将吃坏肚子!” The orange cat vision has swept, cold(ly) is invariable. 橘猫目光扫过,冷冷不变。 In order to defeat plague Doomsday, how our generation will care about the small sacrifice? 为了战胜瘟疫末日,我辈岂会在乎小小牺牲? Meow!!!” “喵!!!” The orange cat called one resoundingly, picked up the speed of speeding away. 橘猫高亢的叫了一声,加快了疾驰的速度。 The place visited, the darkness cleared off along the way, land original(ly) barren with sky deep blue appears. 沿途所过之处,黑暗被一扫而光,大地原本的贫瘠与天空的蔚蓝重新显现出来。 Across the wilderness, jumps in the hills back and forth ; 穿过荒野,在群山间来回跳跃; Flies over Chang Lake, extinguishes the corpse that completely wanders to be strange on the abandoned village track ; 飞越长湖,在废弃的乡间小道上灭尽游荡的尸怪; On the vast prairie, lets the ray and wind sways together, does not have any exists to resist the step of advance. 在一望无际的草原上,让光芒与风一起吹拂,没有任何存在能抵挡前进的步伐。 Finally, the orange cat comes a arrived big desert the edge. 终于,橘猫来到了一片大沙漠的边缘。 Plague core region, in this desert deep place. 瘟疫的核心地带,就在这片沙漠的深处。 Be careful, my previous time only arrived here that you are at- in desert I have not even gone.” The voice of chaotic snake king resounds in the ear bank. “小心,我上次只来到你所在的这里-沙漠里连我也没进去过。”混乱蛇王的声音在耳畔响起。 Meow.” “喵。” Orange cat calm called one. 橘猫淡定的叫了一声。 It has not directly entered the desert, but found a covert place beside the desert, starts to dig. 它并未直接进入沙漠,而是在沙漠之外找了个隐蔽的地方,开始刨地。 Quick, a fine perfect earth pit finished. 很快,一个精细完美的土坑就完工了。 The orange cat sits, the facial color becomes dignified. 橘猫坐上去,面色变得凝重。 Union chuck gets hold of instantaneous- 双爪握紧的瞬间- Biu ~ Biu~ After small fart, is playing to open! 一个小屁过后,正戏拉开了帷幕! Saw only the orange cat entire body to shake shaking suddenly, almost floated spatially. 只见橘猫整个身子突然震了震,几乎浮空。 It opens the beady eyes, on the face reveals the startled color. 它睁圆眼,脸上露出惊色。 Floats unexpectedly spatially? 竟然浮空? Why will have such big sound? 为什么会有这么大动静? Before that time, without such strong power. 之前那次,也没有这么强大的动力啊。 The orange cat reveals the color of thinking deeply. 橘猫露出深思之色。 This time, oneself ate up several hundred snowballs, almost catches the whole lot in a dragnet all plagues. 这一次,自己吃下了数百颗雪球,几乎把所有瘟疫一网打尽。 Is the quantitative change causes the qualitative change? 难道是量变引起质变? Does not manage, these is unimportant, the key the quick point to solve the problem. 不管了,这些都不重要,关键是要快一点解决问题。 The body of orange cat vibrates and floats unceasingly empties and falls, it has to stretch out the claw, pinches secret art, is controlling balanced. 橘猫的身子不断抖动、浮空、掉落,以至于它不得不伸出爪子,捏诀施法,控制着平衡。 A more important point is, cannot fall to own cold ice excrement pile in! 更重要的一点是,决不能掉到自己的寒冰屎堆里! The time flies. 时间飞逝。 The midway has monster to come to harass occasionally, was wiped with the white light by the snake of confusion directly. 中途偶尔有怪物前来骚扰,都被混乱之蛇直接用白光抹了。 Finally, that most important time arrived! 终于,那个最重要的时刻到来了! Even on War God Interface, conducted the analysis summary to explain to this time situation: 战神界面上,都对这次的情况进行了分析总结说明: Please note.” “请注意。” Your within the body has had about thousand plague resistances, the poisons of all plagues similarly, you accumulate, have completed the innocuous treatment, will soon conduct finally is also the most important release!” “你的体内已经产生了近千种瘟疫抗性,同样的,你所累积的所有瘟疫之毒,已经完成无害化处理,即将进行最后也是最重要的一次释放!” Please complete the flight preparation.” “请做好飞行准备。” The orange cat looks is startled. 橘猫看得一怔。 Flight preparation? 飞行准备? Why can make the flight preparation? 为啥要做飞行准备? On War God Interface, has started from the bottom: 战神界面上,倒数已经开始: Three,” “三,” Two,” “二,” One!” “一!” The orange cat only feels in the belly an incomparably fierce ache. 橘猫只觉得肚子里一阵无比剧烈的疼痛。 Its sleight of hand cannot even attend, immediately grips the tight fist. 它连手诀也顾不上,立刻攥紧拳头。 Was not good, cannot bear- 不行,忍不住了- Bang! 轰! This is an eruption extremely!!! 这是一次绝顶的爆发!!! The orange cat soars, rides the wind, flies into the desert that the yellow fog covers like the shell. 橘猫腾空而起,乘着风,像炮弹一样飞入黄雾笼罩的沙漠。 Innumerable monster appear from the desert, making threatening gestures throws toward the orange cat. 无数怪物从沙漠中出现,张牙舞爪的朝橘猫扑来。 Holy white light wiping in the past, launched the defense and counter-attack unceasingly. 圣洁白光一片一片的抹过去,不断发起防御和反击。 Too, the voice of snake of confusion resounded rashly, quick, quick control speed and direction, we cannot fly the desert on this directly the middle.” “太贸然了,”混乱之蛇的声音响起,“快,快控制速度和方向,我们绝不能就这样直接飞到沙漠的中间去。” The orange cat ashamed nod said: Meow!” 橘猫羞愧的点头道:“喵!” It stretches out the claw, wants to pinch a secret art- 它伸出爪子,想要捏个诀- However does not know that what's the matter, on its claw covered entirely the snow and ice, has stiffened thoroughly. 但是不知道怎么回事,它的爪子上布满了冰雪,已经彻底僵住了。 The orange cat is a little hurried, wants to use spirit power hastily directly, controls the flying speed. 橘猫有点慌,连忙想直接动用灵力,控制飞行速度。 But the meaning of this cold ice is not ordinary, even its dantian froze, for a while spirit power is not even able to use. 但这股寒冰之意却不一般,连它的丹田都冻住了,一时连灵力都无法动用。 The orange cat flies to fall in the pale yellow mist unceasingly. 橘猫在昏黄雾气之中不断飞坠。 The bonus is its method is excellent, the strategy is full , the ability are innumerable, at this moment cannot think of any good way. 饶是它手段高超,智谋百出,能力无数,这一刻也想不到什么好的办法。 Wait. 等等。 The orange cat looked at War God Interface. 橘猫看了一眼战神界面 Real lucky also has one hour! 真实幸运还有一个多小时的时间! In other words, the present all are also under real lucky covering. 也就是说,自己现在的一切都还处于真实幸运的笼罩下。 The orange cat relaxed slightly. 橘猫就略略放松了些。 It to the wind with oneself to the forward flight, until starting to crash. 它任凭风带着自己一直向前飞,直到开始坠落。 The numbness that frost brings removed quietly some. 那股冰霜带来的麻木感悄然褪去了些许。 The orange cat uses spirit power immediately, making oneself float in the midair, by slow silent movement whereabouts. 橘猫立刻动用灵力,让自己漂浮在半空,以一种缓慢无声的动作下落。 At this time all around no longer had the infection body to appear, does not have any attack. 这时四周不再有感染体出现,也没有任何攻击。 Orange cat white brilliance thorough restraining, resembles is also helping reduces the probability of being discovered. 橘猫身上的白色光辉彻底收敛,似是也在帮着降低被发现的概率。 Moment. 须臾。 The orange cat stepped on finally in sand in broken bits. 橘猫终于踩在了细碎的沙子上。 Divine Sense lets out immediately, sweeps to all around. 神念立刻放出去,扫向四周。 The orange cat whole body shakes suddenly. 橘猫忽然浑身一震。 It seems like induces arrived anything, its fierce looking to a direction. 似乎是感应到了什么,它猛的望向一个方向。 In the breeze, a sound conveys indistinctly: 微风中,一个声音隐约传来: Conclusion......” “结束……” „......, but fuses......” “……但融合……” Suddenly......” “突然……” The orange cat whole body shakes, the careful resolution, soon discovers the origin of sound in the front not far pale yellow mist. 橘猫浑身一震,细细分辨,很快发现声音的来源正在前方不远的昏黄雾气中。 It has not made noise, but holds up a claw, in oneself white light center point. 它没有出声,只是举起一只爪子,在自己身上的白光中点了点。 I can fight momentarily.” “我随时可以战斗。” The voice of chaotic snake king resounds in the orange cat heart. 混乱蛇王的声音在橘猫心中响起。 The orange cat not hesitates again, grazes to go following the direction that the sound conveys. 橘猫再无犹豫,循着声音传来的方向飞掠而去。 Crossed several breaths merely. 仅仅过了数息。 The orange cat looked that arrived that exists- 橘猫就看到了那个存在- A wearing a mask human form statue, the whole body sends out the strong pale yellow fog light, spreads to go toward the four sides eight laws unceasingly. 一尊蒙面的人形石像,浑身散发出浓烈的昏黄雾光,不断朝四面八法扩散而去。 Void, one line of glow small characters appear rapidly: 虚空中,一行萤火小字飞速出现: You discovered the plague Doomsday proliferation source.” “你发现了瘟疫末日的扩散源头。” At this time, that human form statue also turned around by chance, is facing the orange cat. 恰巧在这个时候,那尊人形石像也转过来,面向着橘猫。 Wait a bit, I must first report.” “稍等,我要先做汇报。” The human form statue expressed best wishes to orange cat slightly. 人形石像冲着橘猫微微偏头致意。 The orange cat has not acted immediately. 橘猫并没有立刻行动。 It felt a arrived real death threat. 它感受到了一股真正的死亡威胁。 This threat like the person of drowning, is in that flash of having died. 这种威胁就像溺水的人,正处于将死未死的那一瞬间。 If attacks, oneself will certainly die! 如果攻击,自己一定会死! The orange cat is staring at the opposite party, is seeking for any useful information painstakingly. 橘猫盯着对方,苦苦寻找着任何有用的情报。 But this human form statue is too mystical, besides releasing to contain various plagues pale yellow mist, has almost no dominant character. 但这人形石像太神秘,除了释放出蕴含各种瘟疫的昏黄雾气之外,几乎没有任何显著特征。 Its face carved a wearing a mask arrange/cloth turban in the carving, is unable to see the appearance. 它的脸在雕刻的时候就雕上去了一个蒙面的布巾,根本无法看到样貌。 The human form statue extends the take action finger/refers at the extremely slow speed, a point in void, said gently: 人形石像以极其缓慢的速度伸出手指,在虚空中轻轻一点,说道: Messenger.” “信使。” „The No. 796 parallel world has destroyed thoroughly, has not discovered the information.” “第七百九十六号平行世界已经彻底毁灭,没有发现情报。” „No. 1539 parallel world and No. 65 parallel world be at fusion condition.” “第一千五百三十九号平行世界、第六十五号平行世界处于融合状态。” Is being corroded.” “正在侵蚀中。” Reports.” “汇报完毕。” Suddenly, orange cat white light gushes out violently, such as going crazy same full strength bang to human form statue. 突然,橘猫身上的白光猛烈涌出,如发疯一样全力轰向人形石像。 Must the quick point ruin it!” Snake of rapid calling out destruction. “必须快一点毁掉它!”毁灭之蛇急促的叫道。 Gu Qingshan from its tone, listened to a terrified meaning for the first time. 顾青山第一次从它的语气中,听出了一丝惶恐之意。 All white lights well up, submerged the human form statue. 所有白光涌上去,淹没了人形石像。 The human form statue is motionless. 人形石像一动不动。 Any attack, even lets the violent strength that the whole world shivers slightly, and even several orange cats have never seen chaotic Divine Skill, cannot make one form statue receive any a wee bit injury. 无论是什么样的攻击,甚至是让整个世界都微微颤抖的猛烈力量,乃至几种橘猫从未见过的混乱神技,都没能让人形石像受到任何一丁点伤害。 Useless, Doomsday ties the asylum in me.” “没用的,末日结界庇护于我。” Human form statue light say/way: You are also living , because you crossed the 1999 of arrangement in desert to fortunately the dead trap.” 人形石像淡淡的道:“你们之所以还活着,是因为你们凑巧越过了布置在沙漠中的一千九百九十九个必死陷阱。” But the lucky this matter, may not appear again.” “但幸运这件事,是不可一而再出现的。” I, although was established to need the full strength release plague, in order to infects each world fast, but on me seal is still carving the last Doomsday strength-” “我虽然被设置成需要全力释放瘟疫,以求快速感染每个世界,但我身上依然印刻着最后一道末日力量-” This strength specifically is used to kill these in extreme situations, can approach my enemy.” “这力量专门用于杀死那些在极端情况下,能靠近我的敌人。” I give you last time, the choice turn to the bosom of Doomsday.” “我给你们最后一点时间,选择投靠末日的怀抱。” Otherwise dies.” “不然就死。” Orange cat silent, changes to the human form gradually. 橘猫默了默,渐渐化作人形。 Gu Qingshan looks at the human form statue that wears a mask, asked: Actually are you who?” 顾青山看着那蒙面的人形石像,问道:“你究竟是谁?” The human form statue was crowded around by the pale yellow mist, ice-cold saying: 人形石像被昏黄雾气拥簇,冰冷的说道: „After three breaths, you must kneel down the strength of Doomsday crime punishing accepts me to implant, otherwise I kill you.” “三息之后,你们必须跪下接受我所种入的末日罪罚之力,否则我就杀死你们。” The Gu Qingshan vision flashes, for a while falls into silent. 顾青山目光闪动,一时陷入沉默。 On him, that holy white light walked like the violent was the same, unceasing emission swift and fierce straight line, completely Explosive Shot on human form statue. 在他身上,那圣洁白光如同暴走了一样,不断的放射出凌厉的直线,全然轰击在人形石像上。 But still has no effect. 但依然没有任何效果。 A breath in the past. 一息过去。 Two breaths in the past. 两息过去。 The third breath. 第三息。 Said your choices......” human form statue to say. “说出你们的选择……”人形石像道。 Suddenly- 忽然- The wind surges slightly. 风微微涌动。 The human form statue has not said the following words for a while. 人形石像一时没有说出后面的话。 Gu Qingshan also fierce raising the head. 顾青山也猛的抬起头。 Sees only in the sky, the form is flying to fall together speedily. 只见天空中,一道身影正疾速飞坠。 Quite quick! 好快! What come is who? 来的是谁? The Gu Qingshan pupil shrinks suddenly. 顾青山瞳孔骤缩。 Bang! 轰! That form crashes in the human form statue and Gu Qingshan not far away directly. 那身影径直坠落在人形石像和顾青山不远处。 The person who wears the malicious ghost mask jumps from the pale yellow mist, looks to Gu Qingshan and human form statue. 一个头戴恶鬼面具的人从昏黄雾气中跳出来,望向顾青山和人形石像。
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