AHAO :: Volume #14

#1356: The stratagem of Gu Qingshan

All snow and ice were eaten by the orange cat. 所有冰雪都被橘猫吃了。 original(ly) covers the trim withering jungle the color of frost and snow to vanish thoroughly. 原本覆盖整片枯萎丛林的霜雪之色彻底消失。 , Not talking clearly meaning appears in the jungle gradually, making in the monster heart of onlooking give birth to inexplicable palpitation. 渐渐的,一股说不清的意味出现在丛林之内,让旁观的怪物们心中生出莫名的悸动。 The emerald-green appears on a piece of withered and yellow leaf, instantaneously ignition trim jungle. 翠绿色出现在一片枯黄之叶上,瞬间“点燃”了整片丛林。 in a split second, had filled the big tree of meaning of deathly stillness, one after another restores the vitality, the whole body sent out the infinite vitality. 霎时间,本已充满死寂之意的大树,纷纷恢复了生机,浑身散发出无穷的生命力。 Void, that twinkle star emerald green brilliance almost eyesight obvious. 虚空中,那星星点点的翠绿光辉几乎目力可见。 Seal has dissipated thoroughly......” “封印已经彻底消散……” The gentle sound resounds gently. 柔和声音轻轻响起。 Its sound as if contained the vicissitudes and complex the emotion that is hard to be bright. 它的声音似乎包含了沧桑与复杂难明的情感。 Next flickers. 下一瞬。 The entire jungle like burning, all sight of green changed to the blazing temperature, forms the direct impact clouds the holy glow. 整个丛林就像燃烧了起来,所有绿意化作炽烈的温度,形成直冲云霄的圣洁之芒。 The brilliance rises suddenly, spreads. 光辉暴涨,扩散开来。 Heaven and Earth is all white. 天地皆白。 The powerful imposing manner that overlooks all living things appeared! 一股俯瞰众生的强大气势出现了! All monster one after another kneel down, crazy lying prostrate in worship, in the mouth loudly exclaimed: King regained consciousness!” 所有怪物纷纷跪倒在地,疯狂的顶礼膜拜,口中大吼道:“王苏醒了!” In this time , the sound inserts together: 正在这时,又一道声音插进来: Meow meow meow-” “喵喵喵--” The orange cat stretches out the claw, the racket the chest, arrogant calling out. 橘猫伸出爪子,拍拍自己胸脯,神气十足的叫道。 Does not need the gentle sound to send out the inquiry, the green tiger hurries to translate said: 不待柔和声音发出询问,绿色老虎赶紧翻译道: King, it is said thanks.” “王,它说多亏了它。” In the sky, that say/way gentle sound resounds with the happy expression: 天空中,那道柔和声音带着笑意响起: Yes, thanks.” “是啊,多亏了它。” During the speeches, the sky deep place hurricane has. 说话间,天空深处飓风顿生。 One group of shining white lights fall from the sky deep place, covers in which the orange cat fiercely thoroughly. 一团明晃晃的白光从天空深处落下来,猛地将橘猫彻底笼罩其中。 Bang! 轰! The storm air current wreaks havoc continuous. 暴风般的气流肆虐不休。 The orange cat whole body hair flies randomly, several beards swing like dancing carelessly. 橘猫全身毛发乱飞,几根胡须像跳舞一样胡乱摇摆。 Meow...... meow...... meow......” “喵……喵……喵……” The orange cat narrows the eyes to focus, in the mouth the comfortable moan said. 橘猫眯着眼,口中舒服的呻吟道。 It has not noticed from the start, void appears an all various professions glow small character: 它压根没注意到,虚空中显现出一行行萤火小字: You withstood chaotic snake king- Wuluo Polosse's newborn baptism.” “你承受了混乱蛇王-乌洛波洛斯的新生洗礼。” Assigns the symbol: The evil thought burns the god to dissipate thoroughly.” “命符:恶念焚神已经彻底消散。” You had resumed the consciousness.” “你已经恢复了意识。” In a flash, the eye of orange cat stares circle suddenly- seemed like feared. 一瞬间,橘猫的眼睛猛然瞪圆-看上去就像是被惊住了。 It rushes everywhere to look around. 它赶忙四下张望。 Sees only the distant place to stand one crowd of monster, in the sky has the broad holy white light to sprinkle the land. 只见远处站着一群怪物,天空上有恢弘的圣洁白光洒落大地。 I where? Am I doing? This- 我在哪儿?我在干什么?这到底- Third even/including asked that has not worked, the orange cat detected that some arrived type is not wonderful. 三连问都没进行下去,橘猫就察觉到了某种不妙。 On War God Interface at the right moment emits one line of written prompt: 战神界面上适时的冒出一行提示符: Attention, you will remove outside the body the plague sediment, this is a detoxification process, but stemming from this process in you, only has the physique of every cat, please note other squatting hemp.” “注意,你将会把瘟疫的渣滓排除体外,这是一个无害化的过程,但出于这个过程中的你,只具备凡猫的体质,请注意别蹲麻了。” Squats- hemp-? 蹲-麻-了? Orange cat heart doubts. 橘猫心头一阵疑惑。 Suddenly, one type by body, but heart fierce ominous arrives suddenly. 突然,一种由身而心的剧烈不祥骤然降临。 Sore! 疼! The belly hurts! 肚子疼啊! Almost is the flash, the orange cat could not bear. 几乎是一瞬间,橘猫就忍不住了。 Its figure flashes again and again, starts Shrinking the Ground Into a Inch directly, flushes away toward ravine a several hundred li (0.5 km) away. 身形连连闪动,直接发动缩地成寸,朝着数百里之外的一个山沟冲去。 Was not good, cannot bear- 不行,忍不住了- The orange cat appears figure in the ravine deep place, lies on the ground, pair of claws digs unceasingly, in the mouth urgently called out: Meow-” 橘猫在山沟深处显出身形,趴在地上,双爪不断刨地,口中急切叫道:“喵-” It digs a well-sized pit quickly, sits. 它很快刨出一个大小合适的坑,一屁股坐上去。 Piu! Piu! The fart only made a sound, immediately is- 屁只响了一声,马上就是- In thin in crash-bang is thin crash-bang is thin crash-bang is thin crash-bang is thin crash-bang! 稀里哗啦稀里哗啦稀里哗啦稀里哗啦稀里哗啦! Simply is the mountain torrent! 简直是山洪啊! The orange cat was shocked by own excrement quantity. 橘猫被自己的屎量惊呆了。 Suddenly, another type makes its vigilant feeling float the heart. 突然,另一种让它警惕的感觉浮上心头。 drawing on drawing, why the working that spot will feel so ice-cold! 拉就拉,为什么正在工作的那个部位会感到如此冰冷! Too cold, simply is the cold ice general feeling! 太冷了,简直是寒冰一般的感觉啊! The orange cat hit to tremble, the whole body wool exploded. 橘猫打了个哆嗦,浑身的毛都炸了。 The mountain torrent was just but turbulent at this time, the god came to have no way to prevent this matter conducted. 可是这个时候山洪正汹涌,神来了也根本没法阻止这件事的进行。 The orange cat must stretch the tail straight, pair of claws makes an effort to support, is withstanding the cold air of excrement of snow and ice by biggest will full strength. 橘猫只得将尾巴绷得直直的,双爪用力撑第,以最大的毅力全力承受着冰雪之屎的寒气。 This is not right! 这不对! Why the spell of malicious ghost will produce such results! 恶鬼的符咒为什么会产生这样的效果! In orange cat heart puzzled, is looking at void interface, asked silently: Meow meow, meow meow meow?” 橘猫心中不解,望着虚空中的界面,默默问道:“喵喵,喵喵喵?” War God Interface first jumps one line of explanation writing: 战神界面先是跳出来一行说明文字: Regarding this interface, replied that the issue of animal is very troublesome, will show by the effect of light shadow, is the arduous work, you need to pay the extra pay.” “对于本界面来说,回答动物的问题十分麻烦,将以光影的效果展现,属于繁重工作,你需要付出额外报酬。” This reply needs to collect fees 5000 points, whether you did agree?” “本次回答需要收费五千点,你是否同意?” This is takes advantage! 这是趁火打劫啊! Although in orange cat heart discontented, but many were somewhat numb, in addition truly is urgent wants to know that had anything, has to compromise. 橘猫心中虽然不满,但多少有些麻木了,再加上确实迫切想知道发生了什么,只好妥协。 Meow!” The orange cat urged. “喵!”橘猫催促道。 interface said: Very good, you will learn knew over the past several hours the matter.” 界面道:“很好,你将获知知道过去几个小时发生的事情。” Soul Strength screens out 5000 points directly. 魂力直接抽走五千点。 Quick, pictures appear in the orange cat at present. 很快,一幕幕画面出现在橘猫眼前。 Enters this world to start from it, overeats the snow and ice seal to just now, has not omitted. 从它进入这个世界开始,一直到刚才大吃特吃冰雪封印,没有丝毫遗漏。 Orange cat earnest looks, understood the cause and effect quickly. 橘猫认真的看着,很快明白了前因后果。 Meow-” “喵-” Its helpless sighing. 它无奈的叹口气。 Thanks to the real lucky technique, this is the best result. 多亏了真实幸运之术,这已经是最好的结果了。 At this time an all various professions new glow small character braved: 这时一行行新的萤火小字冒出来: Attention.” “注意。” Attention.” “注意。” Wicked incantation has vanished thoroughly, your real lucky technique also three -and-a-half hours, please grasp well.” “恶咒已彻底消失,你的真实幸运之术还有三个半小时的时间,请好好把握。” Orange cat at present one bright. 橘猫眼前一亮。 Right, three -and-a-half hours real lucky! 对啊,还有三个半小时的真实幸运! Must make the best use of the time immediately, thinks the means to solve plague Doomsday!!! 得立刻抓紧时间,去想办法解决瘟疫末日!!! Orange cat fierce setting out, squats hastily. 橘猫猛的起身,又连忙蹲下去。 It is not good, the excrement has not drawn! 不行,屎还没拉完! Crossed for a half hour, the orange cat is supporting numb pair of claws, moves the body reluctantly. 足足过了半个多小时,橘猫才撑着麻木的双爪,勉强挪动身躯。 It left the pit lamely, the extending claw that did not return to pinched a secret art. 它一瘸一拐的离开了坑,头也不回的伸爪捏了个诀。 The dust moves, will bury deep the draw. 尘土挪动,将坑埋平。 - 呼- The orange cat grows in a single breath. 橘猫长出一口气 Finally was comfortable. 终于舒服了。 It changes to the human form, restored the Gu Qingshan original(ly) appearance. 它化作人形,恢复了顾青山原本模样。 Suddenly- 忽然- In sea of consciousness, the joyful sound resounds together: Young Master, you were all right finally!” 识海之中,一道欣喜的声音响起:“公子,你终于没事了!” Gu Qingshan stiffens. 顾青山僵住。 Ended. 完了。 The disgraced entire process was surrounded by three sword , one one yard has not leaked. 丢人的全过程被三柄剑围观,一帧一码都没漏。 The Gu Qingshan split-cycle control mood, on the face reveals the puzzled color: 顾青山迅速调整情绪,脸上露出困惑之色: „Did Shan Nu, actually have what?” 山女,究竟发生了什么?” Gu Qingshan, don't you remember?” The Earth Sword sound resounds. 顾青山,你不记得了吗?”地剑的声音响起。 Gu Qingshan say: Right, I only remember in one wicked incantation, just now stood here- the middle exactly what happened?” 顾青山道:“对啊,我只记得自己中了恶咒,紧接着刚才就站在这里-中间到底发生了什么事?” Then, he pretends to be serious looks toward all around. 说完,他煞有介事的朝四周望去。 Where is this? Why can I here?” “这到底是什么地方?我为什么会在这里?” His obscure muttering. 他费解的咕哝道。 Shan Nu said: It seems like young master’s wicked incantation has completely eliminated, this was good!” 山女道:“看来公子的恶咒已经彻底消除,这太好了!” Matter is this......” Earth Sword starts to explain patiently. “事情是这样……”地剑开始耐心讲解。 Quick, before Gu Qingshan listened to a matter. 很快,顾青山又听了一遍之前发生的事。 His deep sighing, said: Really is thanks to the real lucky technique, later I will not take such risk again.” 他深深的叹了口气,说:“真是多亏了真实幸运之术,以后我不会再冒这样的险了。” Risk?” Earth Sword asked. “冒险?”地剑问道。 Yes, I, when the Lamon small town, searched for the memory of that malicious ghost, obtained actually few malicious ghost knowledge and skill, these to display seize the life to trade the technique of shed the knowledge of preparation, the technical combat capability also fix several types.” “是的,我在拉蒙小镇的时候,搜寻了那名恶鬼的记忆,得到的却只有很少的恶鬼知识和技能,那些都是为施展‘夺命换舍之术’而准备的知识,战斗技能也只有固定几种。” The flying swords have not made noise, silently listened to him saying: 飞剑们都没出声,默默的听着他说下去: This looks like Battle Mecha that in the assembly line produces, was given some mission, all structures revolve mission to form, although is easy-to-use, but our these bystander cannot see the civilized constitution of malicious ghosts.” “这就像是流水线上生产的战斗机甲,被赋予了一些任务,所有的构造都围绕着任务来组建,虽然好用,但我们这些外人根本看不出恶鬼们的文明构成。” Even dark green not clear, are still many in the thing that many world plunder, grasped magical technique are more, has not in fact contacted core secret of malicious ghost world truly.” “就算是苍无彰,也只是在许多世界搜刮的东西多,掌握的术法多一些,实际上也没有真正接触到恶鬼世界的核心秘密。” Gu Qingshan at this point, the vision becomes profound: 顾青山说到这里,目光变得深邃: Red ghost was different, I can feel he is special-” “红鬼就不一样了,我能感觉到他是特殊的-” He has also said that the malicious ghost world has two rulers, a Son of Heaven, a ghost, he is a ghost.” “他自己也说过,恶鬼世界有两位统治者,一位天王,一位鬼,他就是鬼。” In this flow of time, the people in malicious ghost world had not found the Son of Heaven, therefore the red ghost is the malicious ghost world true ruler.” “在这个时间流中,恶鬼世界的人还未找到天王,所以红鬼就是恶鬼世界真正的统治者。” Such status, being worth me taking risk a time.” “这样的身份,值得我冒一次险。” Void, resounded „”, seems to be approving of the opinion of Gu Qingshan. 虚空中,响起了“咻”的一声,似乎在赞同顾青山的意见。 Gu Qingshan toward said void: Wei Zun, should look at our achievements now.” 顾青山朝着虚空说:“唯尊,现在该看我们的成果了。” xiū xiū xiū xiū!” 咻咻咻咻!” in a split second, sees only a blood-color spell to emerge out of thin air, flies to shoot to go toward the sky of nihility. 霎时间,只见一张血色符咒凭空出现,朝着虚无的天空飞射而去。 Then, nothing happened. 接下来,什么都没有发生。 This is one a magical technique attack that does not have the goal, will not harm anybody. 这是一次没有目标的术法攻击,不会伤害任何人。 Gu Qingshan and other light of the blood-color vanishes in the horizon thoroughly, this extends take action, according to void. 顾青山等那血色之光彻底消失在天际,这才伸出手,按在虚空中。 On War God Interface, represents War God Art that icon was suddenly bright. 战神界面上,代表“战神技艺”的那个图标猛然亮了。 An all various professions glow small character also appears: 一行行萤火小字随之出现: Wei Zun Jade Pendant, once displayed the following skill:” 唯尊玉佩,曾施展如下技能:” Assigns the symbol: The evil thought burns the god.” “命符:恶念焚神。” „Do you want to study the technique of this life symbol?” “你要修习此命符之技吗?”
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