AHAO :: Volume #14

#1355: Orange it......

The orange cat runs fast. 橘猫飞快奔跑。 It covers toward these in the snow and ice of ground flushes away. 它朝着那些覆盖在地面的冰雪冲去。 The gentle sound quickly resounds: 柔和的声音急忙响起: Be careful, do not come!” “小心,别过来!” Orange cat vicious meow-” as response. 橘猫凶狠的“喵-”了一声作为回应。 No matter it other. 它才不管其他。 In brief, you do not give me light/only, I eat your energy. 总之,你不给我光,我就吃你的能量。 Ground so many snow white energies crystallize, you think that can hide the truth from me? 地上这么多雪白的能量结晶,你以为能瞒过我? The orange cat in snow and ice edge stop, ate one ruthlessly. 橘猫在冰雪的边缘停住,狠狠的吃了一口。 Ice. 冰。 Cold. 寒冷。 ...... A little is crisp and other anything thing. ……还有一点爽和其他什么东西。 What are these things? 那些东西是什么? The orange cat only flickered, simply has not thought. 橘猫只品了一瞬,根本没思索下去。 Manages it, thing that can eat in any case! 管它的,反正是能吃的东西! The orange cat overeats, does not lift. 橘猫大吃特吃,连头都不抬。 monster were shocked. 怪物们惊呆了。 That gentle sound has not resounded for a while. 那柔和的声音一时也没响起。 Crawl. 时间慢慢过去。 The orange cat more eats happier, eats a small circle gradually. 橘猫越吃越欢,渐渐吃出一个小小的圆圈。 „Are you...... all right?” “你……没事?” That gentle sound passes one unable to believe. 那柔和的声音透着一股不能置信。 The orange cat stands erect same place, after two claw supports on the ground, danced a tap dance directly. 橘猫原地直立起来,用两条后爪撑在地上,直接跳了一段踢踏舞。 Jumps it to eat these snow and ice earnestly. 跳完它又埋头去吃那些冰雪。 All around was then more silent, is falls the root needle to hear simply. 这下四周更寂静了,简直是掉根针都听得见。 Also after a while. 又过了一会儿。 In these withered jungles had a fluctuation gradually. 那些枯萎丛林之中渐渐产生了一阵波动。 One group gentle light/only raises in the jungle, like attractive general, blots in its direction all snow and ice. 一团柔和的光在丛林之中升起,就像有吸引力一般,把所有的冰雪朝着它的方向吸去。 The thick snow soars, completely gathers on in Guangtuan. 厚厚的积雪腾空而起,全然汇聚于光团上。 Meanwhile, all kinds of destruction scene keeping coming in a steady stream repeat comes, flashes in void at the dazzling speed unceasingly. 与此同时,各种各样的毁灭景象纷至迭来,以眼花缭乱的速度在虚空中不断闪现。 The snow and ice one layer level gathering, covers and compresses, ultimately formed a snowball of thumb size. 冰雪一层层汇聚、覆盖、压缩,最终形成了一个拇指大小的雪球。 This snowball forms time, the snow and ice in trim forest have been short about 10%. 这个雪球形成的时候,整片森林中的冰雪已经少了约10%左右。 The ray is binding the snowball, slowly floats to the orange cat in front. 光芒裹着雪球,慢慢漂浮至橘猫面前。 The orange cat saw that holy white light, joyful meow. 橘猫看见了那圣洁的白光,欣喜的“喵”了一声。 It pair of claws holds the sending out ray snowball, stuttered. 它双爪捧着散发光芒的雪球,一口吃了下去。 Next second. 下一秒。 On the orange cat had the one layer frost and snow, entire same stands rigidly motionless like the ice sculpture. 橘猫身上起了一层霜雪,整个儿如同冰雕一样僵立不动。 A breath. 一息。 Two breaths. 两息。 Three breaths. 三息。 It is motionless. 它还是不动。 „...... Didn't I harm you?” That gentle sound said. “不……难道我害了你?”那柔和的声音道。 Suddenly, the orange cat vibrated. 突然,橘猫震动了一下。 Belch--- 嗝--- The orange cat hit big belch, immediately starts the vibration body. 橘猫打了个大大的嗝儿,立刻开始抖动身子。 On it that one layer light snow and ice were exposed. 它身上的那一层薄薄冰雪被抖落。 Before it compared with snow and ice that eat, this one layer snow and ice are not anything. 跟它之前吃掉的冰雪相比,这一层冰雪根本算不上什么。 Meanwhile, in orange cat present void, an all various professions glow small character appears rapidly: 与此同时,在橘猫眼前的虚空之中,一行行萤火小字飞速出现: This is the inconceivable coincidence, is lucky ultimate care.” “这是不可思议的巧合,也是幸运的终极眷顾。” This is the Righteous God strength measuring instrument present!” “这是正神的力量具现!” In view of the fact that your incarnation is the orange sovereign, has at the same time strength to derive Divine Ability, therefore, you can definitely swallow regarding the seal of pure energy class.” “鉴于你化身为橘皇,兼有‘力量汲取’之神通,因此,你对于纯能量类的封印完全可以吞噬。” You have swallowed the special thing: Is mixing various plagues endless vitality seals.” “你已经吞噬了特殊之物:混合着各种瘟疫的无尽生机封印。” You the strength of the seal obtaining the transformation are double Soul Strength.” “你从封印中获得的力量将转化为双倍魂力。” Because the plague not pure strength, you will spoil the belly.” “由于瘟疫并非纯粹的力量,你将会吃坏肚子。” Please note, you will spoil the belly!” “请注意,你将吃坏肚子!” The orange cat actually does not look at the these prompt. 橘猫却根本不看这些提示。 It be at the unconsciousness condition, only knows oneself eat very happily. 它处于无意识状态,只知道自己吃得很高兴。 Meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow!” “喵喵,喵喵喵喵喵!” The orange cat is caressing the belly, rampant loud calling out. 橘猫抚着肚子,嚣张的大声叫道。 That gentle sound said to monster: „Does anyone of you speak the cat language?” 那柔和的声音冲着怪物们道:“你们有谁懂猫语?” I.” “我。” A green tiger lifts the claw to say. 一头绿色的老虎举爪道。 What is it saying?” The gentle sound asked. “它在说什么?”柔和声音问道。 The tiger lowers the head, the ear pastes in behind, say/way that dreads: King, I a little does not dare saying that it is offending you.” 老虎低了低头,耳朵贴在后面,畏惧的道:“王,我有点不敢说,它是在冒犯您。” Might as well, you said quickly.” The gentle sound said. “无妨,你快说。”柔和声音道。 The green tiger fermented, clenches teeth saying: It said that- serves food to this Sir quickly, otherwise this Sir smashed your shop.” 绿色老虎酝酿了一下,咬牙道:“它说-快给本大爷上菜,否则本大爷砸了你们的店。” Oh-” “喔--” monster exude astonished call. 怪物们发出一阵惊异的呼声。 The gentle sound has not resounded. 柔和的声音没有响起。 In withered jungle, one group brighter holy appeared brilliance. 枯萎丛林之中,一团更加明亮的圣洁光辉出现了。 This group of rays the strength of attraction, compared with former that group stronger- 这团光芒的吸引之力,要比之前那一团更强- Sees only the snow and ice in entire jungle to fly unceasingly, around light group revolving continuous. 只见整个丛林之中的冰雪不断飞起来,绕着光团旋转不休。 They solidify the agglomerate gradually, reduces unceasingly. 它们渐渐凝固成团,又不断缩小。 After a little while. 少顷。 Appeared with the former exactly the same snow group. 一个跟之前一模一样的雪团出现了。 However after this snow group appears, the snow and ice in jungle reduced 30%. 不过这个雪团出现后,丛林里的冰雪足足减少了30%。 Some trees are restoring at the visible speed. 一些树木以肉眼可见的速度恢复着。 The leaf that loses plant piece by piece, had faint trace sight of green gradually. 那一片片枯死的树叶,渐渐有了一丝丝绿意。 The light group with binding the snow and ice, is arriving in front of the orange cat again. 光团携裹着冰雪,再次来到橘猫面前。 Meow-” “喵--” The orange cat exudes the cheerful cry, swallowed the snow and ice. 橘猫发出欢快的叫声,一口把冰雪吞了进去。 This time it chews has not chewed. 这次它连嚼都没嚼。 in a split second, thicker snow and ice congeal on the orange cat unceasingly, turns into an ice sculpture it. 霎时间,更厚的冰雪在橘猫身上不断凝结,将它变成一个冰雕。 One breath, 一息, Two breaths, 两息, The sound that the snow and ice crack intensely resounds. 冰雪崩裂的声音密集响起。 Ka ka ka ka ka! 咔咔咔咔咔! Bang- 嘭- The orange cat breaks open the snow and ice, fast is shaking wool. 橘猫破开冰雪,飞快的抖着身上的毛。 Its cheerful calling out: Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow.” 它欢快的叫道:“喵喵喵,喵喵喵喵。” What did it say?” The gentle sound asked. “它说什么?”柔和的声音问道。 The face of green tiger is somewhat red, the sound same said like the mosquito: It said really delicious, sang song to this Sir, came one while convenient again!” 绿色老虎的脸有些红,声音如蚊子一样道:“它说真好吃,给本大爷唱个小曲儿,顺便再来一份儿!” The gentle sound said scruple: I will not sing, anyone of you meeting?” 柔和的声音迟疑道:“我不会唱歌,你们谁会?” monster you have a look at me, I have a look at you, one after another shakes the head. 怪物们你看看我,我看看你,纷纷摇头。 The gentle sound becomes serious, said toward monster: Attention, this is we resists Doomsday most good opportunity, do not hide contraband, otherwise the consequence is difficult to predict.” 柔和的声音变得严肃,朝怪物们道:“注意,这是我们对抗末日的最好机会,你们不要藏私,否则后果难料。” monster listened to this tone, then knows that the king this time was truly earnest. 怪物们听了这种语气,便知道王这次确实是认真了。 We are monster, who will sing.” “我们都是怪物,谁会唱歌啊。” Yes, has not paid attention to this matter, has not practiced.” “是呀,从来没注意过这件事,也没练过。” Fights also meets some, eating meal to sleep is also I the energy, but did not sing good.” “打架还会一些,吃饭睡觉也是我之所能,但唱歌不行啊。” Thinks quickly, who can-” “快想想,到底谁会-” Say/Way that monster talked at once. 怪物们七嘴八舌的道。 Suddenly, monster said loudly: I remember that the green tiger had sung one in celebrating a birthday.” 突然,有一头怪物大声道:“我记得绿虎曾经在过生日的时候唱过一首。” All monster look immediately to the green tiger. 所有怪物立刻望向绿虎。 The green tiger puffs and blows saying: I only meet one . Moreover the accent does not remember certainly.” 绿虎吭哧吭哧道:“我只会一段,而且调记得不准。” My explicit told you, at this time in it the wicked incantation, all because of liking to handle affairs, to save our world, you must make it happy.” The gentle sound order said. “我明确的跟你说,这个时候它中了恶咒,一切都因喜好行事,所以为了拯救我们的世界,你要让它高兴。”柔和的声音命令道。 Yes, my king.” “是,我的王。” The green tiger deeply attracts in a single breath, stands in the cold(ly) cold wind, sang to the orange cat: 绿色老虎深吸一口气,站在冷冷的寒风中,冲着橘猫唱起来: Respectfully congratulating your happy life and day is uneven, congratulated that your birthday is joyful!” “恭祝你福寿与天齐,庆贺你生辰快乐!” Year after year has today, years have the present!” “年年都有今日,岁岁都有今朝!” Congratulates you, congratulates you!” “恭喜你,恭喜你!” All around is silent, all monster are listening earnestly. 四周寂静无声,所有怪物都认真听着。 The orange cat narrows the eyes to focus, sets upright the ear to listen, suddenly has the sound said: Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow.” 橘猫眯着眼,竖着耳朵听着,忽然出声道:“喵喵喵,喵喵喵喵喵。” The green tiger such as was hit hard, for a while does not make noise slow. 绿色老虎如受重击,一时呐呐不出声。 What did it say?” The gentle sound asked. “它说什么?”柔和声音问道。 The green tiger said: It said that I ran to move, but unexpected barbarian being pregnant feeling.” 绿色老虎道:“它说我跑调了,但出乎意料的蛮有喜感。” That is all right, according to its request , to continue to sing.” “那就没事,按照它的要求,继续唱。” The gentle sound said. 柔和声音道。 Since the king orders, the green tiger has to brace oneself to continue to sing. 既然王下了命令,绿色老虎只好硬着头皮继续唱下去。 Respectfully congratulating your happy life and day is uneven, congratulates you......” “恭祝你福寿与天齐,庆贺你……” Meanwhile, in withered jungle, one group warm such as sunlight holy rises brilliance. 与此同时,枯萎丛林之中,一团温暖如阳光的圣洁光辉升起来。 All remaining snow and ice gather toward this group of light screens. 所有剩下的冰雪朝着这团光幕汇聚过来。 The gentle sound muttered: I will soon get rid of the heavy burden, regains the strength......” 柔和的声音喃喃道:“我即将摆脱重负,重新获得力量……” The entire jungle appears the obvious green. 整个丛林都显现出明显的绿色。 The vitality, has arrived. 生机,已经降临。 When the green tiger sang the third time, is binding holily brilliance the ball of snow and ice has flown in front of again the arrived orange cat. 等到绿色老虎唱到第三遍的时候,圣洁光辉裹着的冰雪之球已经再次飞到了橘猫面前。 An orange cat opens the mouth, directly this group of seals that mixed the plague and pure strength eat. 橘猫一张口,直接把这团混合了瘟疫和纯粹力量的封印吃了下去。 An all various professions glow small character appears fast: 一行行萤火小字飞快出现: With your feed, this time obtained hundred million Soul Strength.” “随着你的进食,本次共获得了一亿魂力。” Your resistance to the plague enhanced.” “你对瘟疫的抗性提高了。” All by you have eaten the plague, adopted the response of immune system orange, was unable to cause the injury to you again.” “所有被你吃过的瘟疫,通过了橘之免疫系统的反应,已经无法再对你造成伤害。” Special attention:” “特别注意:” „After one minute, you will have diarrhea.” “一分钟后,你会拉肚子。”
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