ADM :: Volume #28

#2782: Three totem VS eight Qi Dashe

Chapter 2782 第2782章 Three totem VS eight Qi Dashe 三图腾VS八岐大蛇 Pyrimidine ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!!” “嘧~~~~~~~~~~!!” A resounding cry came from has the thunder and lightning upper air that densely packed such as purple Chodo same lets fall unceasingly, some excessively depressed Pang Lai cannot help but raises. 一声高亢的叫声来自于不断有密密麻麻如紫色长藤一样垂落下来的雷电高空,有些过度沮丧的庞莱不由自主的扬起头来。 Another powerful to close to supreme Ruler Level creature, they now already difficult position numerous. 又一只强大到接近至尊君主级生物,他们现在已经困境重重了。 Mo Fan, really leave alone my old man, if you have not lived, will only make my disciple increase a sin.” Pang Lai numerous saying. 莫凡,真的别管我这个老头子了,如果你也没有活下来,只会让我徒增一份罪孽。”庞莱重重的说道。 Old Pang Lai, do not violate the dotard, that is our people on one's own side.” Mo Fan points at Haidong Qingshen that in the sky is crashing fiercely to say. “老庞莱,别犯老糊涂,那是我们自己人。”莫凡指着天空中勇猛坠落下来的海东青神说道。 Pang Lai looks at Haidong Qingshen, isn't the eagle king of this god steed an enemy?? 庞莱看着海东青神,这神骏的鹰王不是敌人?? Haidong Qingshen simply is the airborne absolute overlord, the process that its wing brandishes is then releasing that type to tear all thunder and lightning crazily, the those thunder and lightning might endures the ratio to hang the day lightning and god thunder pillar, in the midair those Stingray king Heyi hooks the sailfish to be struck meets a cruel death. 海东青神简直是空中的绝对霸主,它的翅膀挥舞的过程便在疯狂的释放着那种可以撕裂一切的雷电,那些雷电威力堪比垂天闪电和神雷柱,半空中那些魔鬼鱼王和异钩旗鱼被击得粉身碎骨。 Irresistible, breaks open all, Haidong Qingshen ripped open an opening original(ly) by Stingray and gloomy sky of different hook sailfish camouflage, the sunlight flows swiftly to fall from the those monster group, shines on the Pang Lai wan face. 势不可挡,破开一切,海东青神将原本魔鬼鱼和异钩旗鱼遮蔽的晦暗天空生生的撕开了一条口子,久违的阳光从那些妖群之中泻落下来,照耀在庞莱毫无血色的脸庞上。 Felt that faint trace sunlight the warmth, the Pang Lai whole person was more sober. 感受到那一丝丝阳光的温暖,庞莱整个人清醒了一些。 He looked at one to prevent numerous Ruler Level Sea-Monster Totem Black Snake in the ground, looked in a midair armed Spirit Moth was crowding around Moon Phoenix-Moth, the vision returned to the supernaturally brave incomparable Haidong Qingshen again...... 他看了一眼在地面上阻挡着众多君主级海妖图腾玄蛇,又看了一眼半空中武装灵蛾簇拥着的月蛾凰,目光再返回到神勇无匹的海东青神…… Three big totem!! 三大图腾!! This is three big totem beasts!! 这是三大图腾兽啊!! Mo Fan brings three big totem beasts to come this unexpectedly, even if the Sea-Monster regiment blots out the sky, sacred radiance of three totem beasts was still brilliant is those dirty, ugly and small and weak Sea-Monster is unable to compare favorably! 莫凡竟然带着三大图腾兽来此,即便海妖军团铺天盖地,三位图腾兽的神圣光辉仍旧光彩夺目是那些肮脏、丑陋、弱小的海妖根本无法媲美的! Great Ancestor, blocks eight Qi Dashe.” 大家伙,挡住八岐大蛇。” Haidong Qingshen, leading us to leave here!” “海东青神,带我们离开这里!” Mo Fan said to two big extremely strong totem beasts loudly. 莫凡高声对两大极强图腾兽说道。 Eight Qi Dashe gives to work loose finally from Pang Lai Magic its two heads, it seems exceptionally angry, human in its eye is no different is the ants, was taken such long time instead to make its this ancient times demon god be shamed by the ants!! 八岐大蛇终于将它的两个脑袋从庞莱魔法之中给挣脱出来,它显得异常愤怒,在它眼里人类无异于是蝼蚁,被蝼蚁占用了这么长的时间反而会令它这种远古魔神感到耻辱!! Totem Black Snake killed the lizard big dragon, that is a build biggest head, the strength achieved the big Ruler level. 图腾玄蛇杀死了蜥巨龙,那是体型最大的一头,实力达到了大君主的级别。 But Totem Black Snake in ten thousand monsters this Monitor Lizard dragon biting to death, the head of lizard big dragon gigantically like hill, was hugged with the tail to the volume by Totem Black Snake, then ruthlessly toward eight Qi Dashe pounding. 图腾玄蛇还是在万妖之中将这巨蜥龙给咬死了,蜥巨龙的脑袋硕大如小山,被图腾玄蛇用尾巴给卷抱了起来,然后狠狠的朝着八岐大蛇给砸去。 Eight Qi Dashe original(ly) must fly high, must gives to stay behind Mo Fan and Pang Lai, finally by one full is the lizard big dragon head of dirty blood in pounding, that long has the head of alone corner/horn to be swollen directly. 八岐大蛇原本要凌空,要将莫凡庞莱给留下,结果被一个满是肮脏之血的蜥巨龙脑袋给砸中,那个长有独角的脑袋直接肿了起来。 Other seven heads is a Rong Jurong suffer if either one suffers, they felt the anger of alone corner/horn head, shifted to Totem Black Snake the head entirely. 其他七个脑袋可是一荣俱荣一损俱损,它们感受到了独角脑袋的愤怒,统统将头颅转向了图腾玄蛇这边。 Was the snakes of ancient times, what representative was the China totem, eight Qi Dashe was actually Japan that side Evil Dragon snake beast, was once also presented by the emperor of Japan old time to a long time revere the god...... 都是远古之蛇,一个代表的是中国图腾,八岐大蛇却是日本那边的恶龙蛇兽,曾经也很长一段时间被日本旧时代的天皇奉为尊神…… Now two great nation beasts collide in together, wrestles in this narrow mountain valley, everything may become vulnerable, the scene is it may be said that magnificent and bloody. 如今两大国兽碰撞在一起,扭打在这个狭窄的山谷之中,可谓地动山摇,场面壮观而又血腥。 original(ly) Mo Fan wants to seek for a way out through Haidong Qingshen in the airborne system tyrant ability, but quick Mo Fan realized that is not very wise choice, that different hook sailfish absolutely is one crowd does not have the sensation of pain, without frightened undead, they can stop the flight path in Haidong Qingshen with hook mouth grasping ruthlessly into to the body of companion on, to compose that just like the aluminum alloy same day wall. 原本莫凡是想通过海东青神在空中的制霸能力来找寻一条生路,但很快莫凡就意识到那并不是非常明智的抉择,那异钩旗鱼完全是一群没有痛觉,没有恐惧的亡灵,它们可以为了阻拦海东青神的飞行路径用钩嘴狠狠的抓入到同伴的身体上,就为了组成那犹如铝合金一样的天墙。 They rather die must keep this sky Mo Fan and Pang Lai, but the distant place more different hook sailfish and Stingray are gathering toward here, they are being obviously led by another two big Sea-Monster overlords, soon they many two big powerful enemies! 它们宁愿死也要将莫凡庞莱留在这片天空,而远处更多的异钩旗鱼和魔鬼鱼正在往这里聚集过来,它们明显是由另外两大海妖霸主率领着的,用不了多久他们又将多两大强敌! These Sea-Monster......” Mo Fan is just about to curse angrily, suddenly in the waterfall direction of discovery blue Milky Way mountain valley city actually rare Sea-Monster regiment. “这些海妖……”莫凡正要怒骂,忽然发现蓝银河山谷城的瀑布方向上却少有海妖军团。 This Sea-Monster army kept means of livelihood to them actually not intentionally, but is precisely eight Qi Dashe who in that direction guards, basically will have no magic beast only stupid to thinking eight Qi Dashe there need other small Sea-Monster assistance, eight Qi Dashe forms of defensive action will not be to distinguish friend and foe let alone every so often, the Sea-Monster estimate that this natural destruction will kill will not compare Forbidden City big Mage to be few. 这倒不是海妖大军故意给他们留了一条活路,而是那个方向上镇守的正是八岐大蛇,基本上没有哪只妖魔会蠢到认为八岐大蛇那里需要其他小海妖协助,更何况八岐大蛇的攻击方式很多时候是敌我不分的,这个天生的毁灭者杀死的海妖估计都不会比故宫廷的大法师少。 Snort, does not have eight heads, is not an evil livestock head. Moon Phoenix-Moth and Haidong Qingshen, walked us to get down and Totem Black Snake extinguished it together!” Mo Fan said. “哼,不就是有八个脑袋吗,还不是孽畜一头。月蛾凰、海东青神,走我们下去和图腾玄蛇一起灭了它!”莫凡说道。 Haidong Qingshen from the sky waited and saw was very long, saw that eight Qi Dashe that met it even is somewhat excited. 海东青神在空中观望很久了,看到八岐大蛇那会它甚至是有些兴奋的。 Totem Black Snake does not know that is any attribute, in brief to the Haidong Qingshen not too big response, Haidong Qingshen, when arrived in Hangzhou to discover this point. 图腾玄蛇也不知道是个什么属性,总之对海东青神没有太大的反应,海东青神在抵达杭州的时候就发现这一点了。 But eight Qi Dashe is different! 但八岐大蛇却不一样! In Haidong Qingshen eye, this ancient times demon planted the good food that is it once most longs, although will often have some bitter battles, usually needs to pay many prices, but fundamentally of eagle forever combative! 在海东青神眼里,这种远古魔种就是它曾经最渴望的美食,尽管往往会发生一些激烈的争斗,也往往需要付出不少的代价,可鹰的骨子里永远都是好斗的! Eight Qi Dashe uses the advantage of head, unceasing replace different abilities suffer Totem Black Snake, and quick eight Qi Dashe discovered the ability that Totem Black Snake quite dreads is the flame. 八岐大蛇利用脑袋的优势,不断的替换各种不同的能力对图腾玄蛇进行折磨,并且很快八岐大蛇发现图腾玄蛇比较畏惧的能力是火焰。 Totem Black Snake does not like the flame, its ordinary stay place is also the winter ice summer Liang Hangzhou West Lake lake bottom, this world's sharpest claw, the fiercest toxicity, most pinnacle ice cannot do to Totem Black Snake coldly, but the truly powerful flame will actually pose the threat. 图腾玄蛇不喜欢火焰,它平常栖息的地方也是冬冰夏凉的杭州西湖湖底,这个世界上最锋利的爪子,最凶猛的毒性,最极致的冰寒都奈何不了图腾玄蛇,但真正强大的火焰却会对它产生威胁。 The scale of Totem Black Snake does not cover the whole body, without the place of scale is the abdomen, chin and neck, the roaring flame can injure to its abdomen cerebral cortex cutin, once the abdomen skin smooth cutin lost, will look like the thick skin of human foot ledger wall not to have, will walk will hurt very much in the ground. 图腾玄蛇的鳞不是覆盖全身的,没有鳞的地方是腹部、下巴和颈部,烈焰会伤到它腹皮层角质,一旦腹皮光滑的角质失去了,就会像人脚底板的厚皮没有了,行走在地面上会疼得厉害。 Eight Qi Dashe are also the snake, it soon discovered weakness that Totem Black Snake this does not detect easily, therefore crazy eruption flame. 八岐大蛇自己也是蛇,它很快发现了图腾玄蛇这个不容易察觉的弱点,于是疯狂的喷发出火焰。 In order to protect own abdomen skin, Totem Black Snake must coil rapidly, resists the roaring flame with the position of snake scale. 为了保护自己的腹皮,图腾玄蛇必须迅速的盘曲起来,用有蛇鳞的位置抵挡烈焰。 This coiling stance is unable to act, eight Qi Dashe also has other heads, at this time it used that sharp alone corner/horn, crazy hit Totem Black Snake...... 这种盘曲姿态是无法行动的,八岐大蛇还有其他脑袋,这个时候它就使用那锋利至极的独角,疯狂的撞击图腾玄蛇…… ...... …… When Haidong Qingshen flies to fall, happen to sees that alone corner/horn snake head to try to attack Totem Black Snake, therefore a fierce dive, just like the together lightning such to fall the claw! 海东青神飞落下来时,正好看见那独角蛇头试图袭击图腾玄蛇,于是猛的一个俯冲,犹如一道闪电那样落爪! The eagle claw such as the steel pliers, held the alone corner/horn snake head stubbornly, at this time Haidong Qingshen was the violent force flutters, raises flies upwards, is relying on a pair of strongest eagle god's wing unexpectedly eight Qi Dashe alone corner/horn head pulling apart!! 鹰爪如钢钳,死死的抓住了独角蛇头,这时海东青神又是猛力振翅,拔高飞升,凭借着一对最强壮的鹰神之翼居然生生的将八岐大蛇的独角脑袋给扯断了!! The blood spurts crazily, eight Qi Dashe pain in the future will shrink several steps, that only has a half snake neck unexpectedly fast [Petrification], becomes does not have the vitality. 鲜血狂喷,八岐大蛇痛苦的往后缩了几步,那只剩下一半截的蛇颈居然快速的石化,变得毫无生机。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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