ADM :: Volume #23

#2265: Zhu Meng big ritual

How the Mark stepped onto saying that Black Church the mental journey of evil path stayed awake all night. 马克将自己如何走上黑教廷的罪恶道路的心路历程彻夜不眠的给说了一遍。 Originally before this Mark, is to give loyalty to Red Clothes Bishop of that Brazil, after Sa Long his backer makes Holy Inquisition Tribunal, the Mark then leads under his line to join in the organization of Sa Long. 原来这个马克之前是效忠那位巴西的红衣主教,撒朗将他的靠山弄进圣裁院后,马克便率领着他的线下加入到了撒朗的组织里。 The planter cycle of crazy offense opium poppy is actually not long, is only the speed of personnel seepage and expansion of Sa Long clique is quick, several years basically Ojosnegros Saint school surrounding contracting. 狂戾罂粟的种植周期其实并不长,只是撒朗派系的人员渗透和扩展的速度非常快,几年时间基本上将奥霍斯圣学府外围给承包了。 not only so, South American all countries have a Sa Long minute of church, what Luo Cheng is only one of them. 不仅如此,南美洲所有国家都有撒朗的分教会,般罗城的只是其中之一。 Sa Long actually many believers, have no way to count now. 撒朗现在究竟有多少教徒,根本没法统计。 Has taken such big effort, but also thinks that can reduce an arm of Sa Long, keeping her from handling affairs again rampant, which knows the speed that we sweep clear did not have the speed that others expand to be fast.” After Mo Fan hear Mark statement, helpless shaking the head. “费了这么大的力气,还以为能够砍掉撒朗的一条手臂,让她无法再猖獗行事,哪知道我们清扫的速度都还没有人家扩张的速度快。”莫凡听完马克的陈述后,无奈的摇了摇头。 To put it bluntly, so long as Sa Long not but actually, will still know how things stand the endless evil person to choose Black Church. 说白了,只要撒朗不倒,仍旧会有数之不尽的恶人选择黑教廷 What you said is a fat fellow, is that person the black pharmacist??” Blue Clothes Deacon Mark surprised saying. “你说的是一个胖胖的家伙吧,那人原来是黑药师吗??”蓝衣执事马克一脸吃惊的说道。 The black pharmacist is one under of Sa Long place senior generals, Mark does not know that Chinese olive forest merchant is the black pharmacist, but also thinks that is the organization's informer in Greece. 黑药师就是撒朗座下的大将之一,马克自己都不知道那个橄榄林商人原来就是黑药师,还以为就是一个组织在希腊的眼线。 Hears Blue Clothes Deacon Mark these words, Mo Fan is the forced smile. 听到蓝衣执事马克这句话,莫凡更是苦笑。 It seems like protection of Black Church to the black pharmacist is proper, Blue Clothes Deacon rank does not know his real status. 看来黑教廷对黑药师的保护非常到位,连蓝衣执事级别的都不知道他真实身份。 The Sa Long influence keeps expanding, smashes the step that a church is slow she to go forward, must create the fatal blow to her, must be kills the black pharmacist and extradition and palm to teach! 撒朗势力不停扩大,捣毁一个分教会不过是缓慢她前进的步伐,真要对她造成致命打击,必须是干掉黑药师、引渡首、掌教其中一个! Including Blue Bat this disciple, Mo Fan thought that her value does not have these three people to come in a big way. 包括蓝蝙蝠这个门徒,莫凡觉得她的价值都远没有这三个人来得大。 Now Mo Fan also has a headache. 现在莫凡也非常头疼。 Touched these three some trails of people indistinctly, may probably clutch really them, the difficulty was quite big. 隐约摸到了这三个人的一些足迹,可真要将他们揪出来,难度却相当大。 Like black pharmacist, at that time actually already in their hands, but they do not know that the Chinese olive numerous field main is the black pharmacist. 就像黑药师,当时其实已经在他们手中了,只是他们根本不知道橄榄林林场主就是黑药师。 But Wu Kuzhang teaches...... 而吴苦掌教…… Also is because traces the plan of Blue Bat, accidentally has bumped into Wu Ku. 也是因为追踪蓝蝙蝠的计划,偶然撞见了吴苦。 It seems like the one pace, but Mo Fan is also clear to defeats them truly also has very big distance. 看似一步之遥,可莫凡又清楚离真正将他们击破还有很大的距离。 You continue to interrogate and torture, if did not have some more important value, makes Curse System Judge come, lets his soul going to hell wok with cooking oil.” Mo Fan said to Earth Element Judge. “你继续拷问吧,如果还没有一些更重要的价值,就让一名诅咒系审判员过来,让他灵魂下地狱油锅去。”莫凡土系审判员说道。 Good, senior official.” Earth Element Judge nodded. “好的,长官。”土系审判员点了点头。 A Blue Clothes Deacon Mark face is twitching, may as under black pharmacist hand Blue Clothes Deacon, the matter that he knows also be actually limited, he plunders the thing in brain, wants to put out the content that Tribunal wants to know as far as possible. 蓝衣执事马克脸都在抽搐,可作为一名黑药师手底下的蓝衣执事,他知道的事情其实也非常有限,他搜刮脑子里的东西,想尽可能的吐出审判会想知道的内容。 If he believed Sa Long that death state, then he should also believe that the Curse System soul suffered, that was the true hell suffers! 如果他相信撒朗的那个死亡国度的话,那么他也应该相信诅咒系的灵魂折磨,那是真正的地狱折磨! ...... …… Had the yawn, Mo Fan was going out of the Tribunal interrogation room. 打着哈欠,莫凡走出了审判会的审讯室。 Ojosnegros Saint school coordinates the motion of China Tribunal, has set up some covert positions to supply the Tribunal use. 奥霍斯圣学府非常配合中国审判会的这次行动,已经设立了一些隐蔽的位置供给审判会使用。 After all the poor school must all over be given surrounding by Andes mountain range Beastman, the school leader knows gravely. 毕竟差一点学校就要被漫山遍野的安第斯山山人给包围,校领导是知道严重性的。 Sky has shone, the Mo Fan belly was also hungry. 天已经亮了,莫凡肚子又饿了。 Has not eaten the thing in the evening, Ojosnegros Saint school is very what a pity good except for the fruit on food, other must let the Mo Fan very difficult lower pharynx. 一个晚上没吃东西,可惜奥霍斯圣学府在食物上除了水果很不错,其他真得让莫凡很难下咽。 Toot toot toot toot honk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” “嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” On the white beach, confused the colored helicopter to fly to the student community of Ojosnegros Saint school, the sand to be blown a layer upon layer white gauze curtain in the dawn, followed under of helicopter. 白色海滩上,一架迷彩色的直升飞机在晨光中飞向了奥霍斯圣学府的学生社区,沙子被吹成了一层层白色的纱帘,跟随在直升飞机的下方。 Ojosnegros Saint school local tyrants are extremely numerous, let alone rides the helicopter, rode the luxurious private plane is very normal in sand beach there landing. 奥霍斯圣学府土豪极多,别说是坐直升飞机了,坐豪华私人飞机在沙滩那里降落都很正常。 The forms of 45 wear straight true things from the helicopter, Mo Fan did not have any interest, who knows that cell phone this will make a sound. 45个穿着笔挺正装的身影从直升飞机上走了下来,莫凡本来是没什么兴趣的,谁知道手机这会响起来了。 Telephone that broadcasts the Zhu Meng thick crazy sound. 电话那头传来祝蒙粗狂的声音。 Hello, Mo Fan, I to falling to the ground.” “喂,莫凡,我到落地了。” You look toward behind, to is this street, wears the shallow light tan charming windproof coat coat, that man who the entire street most glistens.” “你往后头看,对就是这条街道,穿浅驼色帅气风衣外套的,整条街最闪亮的那个男人。” Zhu Meng will look in the future that looks along street, had discovered a dispirited male of shallow light tan coat, just like one just the wandering soul youth who came out from the Internet cafe all night, does not know where glistened. 祝蒙往后看去,沿着街道看去,发现了一个浅驼色外套的颓废男,宛如一个刚从网吧通宵出来的游魂青年,也不知道哪里闪亮。 Boards, leading you to go to a place.” Zhu Meng said. “上车,带你去个地方。”祝蒙说道。 I have not had the breakfast.” “我还没吃早饭。” On airplane has the box lunch.” “飞机上有盒饭。” „......” “……” Present is Representative, such impoverished? 现在的议员,都是这么得清贫吗? On the helicopter shouldn't have one cup of 82 years of Rafiga Americas Good Ox bones Platoons? 直升飞机上不应该有一杯82年的拉菲加一个美洲上好牛骨排吗? ...... …… With Zhu Meng on the helicopter, how this helicopter did not know, suddenly no longer used the propeller wing, turned on two leaves of air cocks to spurt from the rear area to the upper air in directly. 跟着祝蒙上了直升飞机,这辆直升飞机也不知道怎么的,忽然间不再用螺旋桨机翼了,到了高空中直接就从后方开启两扇空气阀喷。 The speed promoted several times, Mo Fan first time to ride this type of airplane all of a sudden, one fighter aircraft already regarded the feeling. 速度一下子提升了好几倍,莫凡还是第一次坐这种飞机,有一种战斗机的既视感。 Was only a pity, box lunch or box lunch. 只可惜,盒饭还是盒饭。 Has passed through several cities directly, this type of airplane also has the stealth effect, even if passed over gently and swiftly from the magic beast territorial airspace will not find to besiege. 直接穿过了几座城市,这种飞机还带有隐身效果,哪怕从妖魔的领空掠过也不会找到围攻。 Naturally, itself this type of equipment is passing the strong atmospheric field, the small monster small demon basically does not have the guts to harass. 当然,本身这种设备就透着强大气场,小妖小魔基本上也没胆量来骚扰。 Mo Fan does not know where Zhu Meng must bring to go to directly, he is now sleepy. 莫凡也不知道祝蒙要带直接去哪里,他现在困得不行。 Also a big city, Mo Fan had discovered that this city in the other side of Andes mountain range, at the end of eastern mountain range, started from here is the tropical rain forest. 又过了一座大城市,莫凡发现这座城市是在安第斯山的另外一面,处在东处山峦的尽头,从这里开始就是热带雨林了。 What do you bring to be me to here?” Mo Fan puzzled asking. “你把我带到这里做什么?”莫凡不解的问道。 „The Americas I have some industries, part is the local government cooperation thunder mineral lode company. Luckily, Andes mountain range federation mining recently extremely irritable thunder stone mineral lode with my company cooperation mining, therefore I obtained some thunder attribute good things.” Zhu Meng has smiled. “美洲这边我有一些产业,其中一部分是与当地政府合作的雷矿脉公司。巧的是,安第斯山联邦开采最近极其火爆的雷石矿脉是与我的公司合作开采的,所以我得到了一些雷属性的好东西。”祝蒙笑了起来。 Old Comrade Meng, you in corrupt!” Mo Fan said to Zhu Meng. “老蒙同志,你这是在腐败啊!”莫凡祝蒙说道。 Our country had some mess to cooperate with Peruvian, Chilean and Brazilian these South America countries, some people throw the company that here soon went out of business to me, I spent to own stocks to do laboriously, but also obtained the approvals of these international governments, belongs overseas industry that I one was hand-held, to be how corrupt?” The Zhu Meng thick eyebrow selects, very earnest saying. “我们国家本来就与秘鲁、智利、巴西这些南美洲国家有一些烂摊子合作,有人将这里一个快要倒闭的公司扔给了我,我自己花钱持股辛辛苦苦做起来,还得到了这些国际政府的认可,属于我自己一手扶起来的国外产业,怎么就腐败了?”祝蒙浓密的眉毛一挑,很认真的说道。 Cannot look, a you tall person, but also understands the industrial management.” Mo Fan said. “看不出来,你一个五大三粗的人,还懂产业经营。”莫凡说道。 Which my understands the management, is my niece is mainly fierce, the Harvard ore Magic material study doctor graduates. She thanked me in the subsidization to her studies, therefore planned to deliver me a thunder mineral lode the big ritual.” Zhu Meng spoke of oneself niece, on the face full was the smiling face, it seems like it is very proud of her present achievement. “我哪懂经营,主要是我侄女厉害,哈佛矿魔法物质学博士毕业。她感谢我对她学业上的资助,所以打算送我一份雷矿脉的大礼。”祝蒙说到自己侄女,脸上满是笑容,看来很为她如今的成就骄傲自豪。 You draw me to do, does not want to betroth your niece to me, excuse me, I have two husband and wife's men.” Mo Fan does not have saying of in a good mood. “那你拉我来干什么,不会是想将你侄女许配给我吧,拜托,我是有两个家室的男人。”莫凡好气的说道。 If canary rebel has handled a more serious matter, threatens the national safety, I cannot avoid the disaster of imprisonment, you my side big hidden danger give, except that how I can not thank you. You happen to are also Thunder System, therefore I will think your this youngster compared with my more suitable this big ritual.” Zhu Meng said. “假如金丝雀这个叛徒做了更严重的事情,威胁到国家安危,我免不了牢狱之灾,你把我身边这个大隐患给除了,我怎么能不感谢你。你正好也是雷系,所以我想你这个年轻人会比我更适合这份大礼。”祝蒙说道。 Although Zhu Meng said very much has sincerity, but can look from the expression, he does not abandon. 祝蒙虽然说得很有诚意,但从表情看得出来,他是不舍的。 This is not quite good.” Appearance that Mo Fan refused, but has not waited for Zhu Meng to speak, he also said immediately, „, but you such had the sincerity, words that I postponed too not to you face.” “这不太好吧。”莫凡一副推却的样子,但还没等祝蒙说话,他马上又道,“但你这么有诚意,我推迟的话就太不给你面子了。” „......” Zhu Meng nodded with tears. “……”祝蒙含泪点了点头。 Where your this goods see did one have the sincerity??? 你这货从哪里看出自己有诚意了??? Has not made the huge mistake, he dies will not give Mo Fan!! 不是犯了大错,他死也不会给莫凡!! That is all Thunder Mage long-awaited things! 那可是所有雷系法师梦寐以求的东西啊!
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