ADM :: Volume #23

#2266: Thunder Xing cultivates soul container

Five corner/horn Thunder Shida mineral lode is situated in the Banling mountain city. 五角雷石大矿脉就坐落在半岭山城。 The Banling mountain city is the Andes mountain range new federation essential industry city, although here does not have Luo Cheng to be so lively beautifully, but the entire city looks like a heart of continually beat, any national important bloodlines need way here finally. 半岭山城是安第斯山新联邦的重要工业城,这里虽然没有般罗城那么繁华美丽,但整个城市就像是一颗持续跳动的心脏,无论是哪个国家重要的血脉最终都需要途径这里。 The Banling mountain city and Luo Cheng is separated by probably 40 kilometers, the middle has a big tropical river is the boundary. 半岭山城和般罗城相隔大概40公里,中间有一条大热带河为分界线。 Airplane has flown from the big tropical river time, Mo Fan discovered that this river course wide such as a small channel, little can see that on the land will have the river course of such exaggeration...... 飞机从大热带河飞过的时候,莫凡发现这河道宽如一个小型的海峡,很少能够见到陆地上会有如此夸张的河道…… Also takes this Jehol as the boundary, approaches Luo Cheng's region many are the farm, the forest cities and green and glossy lawn. 也以这热河为分界线,靠近般罗城的区域多数是农场、森林城镇、绿油油的草地。 But approaches the Banling mountain city started to melt obviously bare, the vegetation covered not many, several places even had the desert phenomenon. 而靠近半岭山城的则开始明显秃化了,植被覆盖不多,有几个地方甚至出现戈壁现象。 The industrial belt is very easy to cause the pollution, it is said rains, this side and another side color in Jehol are entirely different. 工业地带很容易造成污染,据说就连下雨,热河的这一边和另一边的颜色都是截然不同的。 This Banling mountain city now seems like factory, truck and steamboat spread all over, but the Andes mountain range federation planned that develops Shanghai of South America them, even must make a connection with a tunnel in the big Andes mountain range barrier, good to be able the direct contact Pacific Ocean.” Zhu Meng said. “这半岭山城现在看似工厂、卡车、轮船遍布,但安第斯山联邦打算将他们发展成南美洲的上海,甚至要在偌大安第斯山屏障打通开一条隧道,好能够直接接触到太平洋。”祝蒙说道。 That is the huge project.” Mo Fan said. “那可是巨大工程。”莫凡说道。 „The Andes mountain range is actually a natural topography barrier, can prevent intruding on Sea-Monster, therefore if as expected, the coastal big city of those South America will move the revolutions toward Andes mountain range mountain range another one after another.” Zhu Meng said. “安第斯山其实就是一座天然的地势屏障,可以阻挡海妖的进犯,所以不出意外的话,那些南美洲的沿海大城都会陆陆续续往安第斯山山脉另外一头迁转。”祝蒙说道。 Mo Fan has thought carefully. 莫凡仔细想了一下。 As if just like Zhu Meng said that Andes mountain range actually along coastline extension, natural mole, how whatever your sea corrodes the earth, was impossible to surmount a Andes mountain range such mountain range big dragon. 似乎正如祝蒙说的,安第斯山其实就是沿着海岸线伸展的,天然的海堤,任凭你海洋怎么侵蚀大地,也绝不可能翻越得了安第斯山这样的一条山脉巨龙。 No wonder the intelligence and Peruvian these countries must choose to turn into an alliance, truly changes to Andes mountain range another head the city, can avoid this sea disaster perfectly. 难怪智力、秘鲁这些国家要选择变成一个联盟,确实将城市转到安第斯山另外一头,可以完美的躲避过这次海洋灾难。 China and Japan in another head of Pacific Ocean, but these national Mage strengths and army quantities of South America have no way compared with China Japan by far, China can build a 20,000 kilometers seacoast strategy dike bounteously, but Japan is the world most famous sea Warring States, South American these countries take the Sea-Monster not good means. 中国日本是在太平洋的另一头,可南美洲的这些国家法师力量和军队数量远远没法和中国日本相比,中国地大物博可以筑造起一座20000公里的海岸战略堤坝,而日本又是全世界最有名的海战国,南美洲这些国家却拿海妖并没有太好的办法。 In had numerous important commercial cities by the tragedy that under Sea-Monster tramples, chooses the alliance and moves changes to Andes mountain range another is wisest. 在已经有众多重要商业城市被海妖践踏的惨剧下,选择联盟和迁转到安第斯山另外一头是最明智的。 To, in front.” Zhu Meng points at front was saying. “到了,就在前面。”祝蒙指着前面说道。 The Banling mountain city, happen to constructs in a big pitch position, looked from afar the building of city probably arranges in the steps of earth. 半岭山城,正好就建造在一个大斜坡位置,远远看过去城市的建筑物就好像是在大地的阶梯上排列。 Five corner/horn thunder stone mineral lode is the present Banling mountain city biggest mineral lode, when the Zhu Meng helicopter stopped falls in the airplane level ground, immediately one crowd put on the person of shallow brown military uniform to encircle. 五角雷石矿脉是如今半岭山城最大的矿脉,当祝蒙的直升机停落在了飞机坪上的时候,马上就有一群穿着浅褐色军装的人围了上来。 Sir Representative, does not suit.” The pilots have taken off the hard helmet, is looking all around these servicemen. 议员大人,不对劲啊。”驾驶员摘下了头盔,环顾着这些军人。 I am China Representative Zhu Meng.” Zhu Meng reported that understands own status. “我是中国议员-祝蒙。”祝蒙禀明了自己的身份。 In the brown serviceman, leads the man of yellow bud hat to walk. 褐色军人中,一名带着黄色蓓蕾帽的男子走来。 Here has turned over to us to manage.” The armed forces leader of yellow bud hat said. “这里已经归我们管理。”黄色蓓蕾帽的军头领说道。 I look for my niece, whom turning over to manage me not to have the interest.” Zhu Meng facing these serviceman aggressive imposing manners, does not dread actually. “我来找我的侄女,归谁管理我没有兴趣。”祝蒙面对这些军人咄咄逼人的气势,倒是一点都不畏惧。 The armed forces leader and staff officer of yellow bud hat discussed low voice, nodded finally, indicated that he can bring Zhu Meng to see the niece, but needs their person entire journey accompaniment. 黄色蓓蕾帽的军头领和身边的参谋小声的商量了一番,最后点了点头,表示他可以带祝蒙去见侄女,只不过需要他们的人全程陪同。 One group of brown servicemen follow in side, everyone look is serious, one muzzle momentarily to the tight feeling that Mo Fan several people will be strafing. 一群褐色军人跟在旁边,每个人神色都非常严肃,有一种枪口随时都会对着莫凡几人扫射的紧张感。 Mo Fan has doubts very much. 莫凡很是疑惑。 Political power unstable country, like this type of five corner/horn thunder stone mineral lode is the biggest safeguard of treasury fund, therefore is very normal with the military fort same alert, but I also think that here is the federal domain.” Zhu Meng helpless saying. “政权不稳定的国家,像这种五角雷石矿脉就是国库资金的最大保障,所以跟军事要塞一样戒备很正常,不过我还以为这里是联邦的地盘。”祝蒙无奈的说道。 Previous time comes, here is blue the Country Faction, this person who will come to turn into Huang Guopai. 上次过来,这里还是青国派的,这会来就变成黄国派的人。 Did not matter, the company is the company, the government exchanges ownerships in any case also has nothing to do with them, at the worst negotiated the terms again. 也无所谓了,反正公司是公司,政府易主也与他们无关,大不了再重新讲条件。 Uncle.” Throws over a short hair female half step of jacket to walk. “叔叔。”一名披着一件夹克的短发女子快步走来。 How black these many?” Zhu Meng asked. “怎么黑了这么多?”祝蒙问道。 You also saw, here air is not good, the sunlight is also big, the skin unavoidably will change not good. Uncle, this cultivating soul container that has Thunder Xingjia to hold may be rare, does not have the accident to be able to make your cultivating to promote several points again.” The short hair jacket female said. “你也看到了,这里空气不好,阳光又大,皮肤难免会变糟糕的。叔叔,这件带有雷性加持的修魂器皿可非常难得,不出意外应该可以让您的修为再增进几分。”短发夹克女子说道。 Wish the pear, gives you under introduction, this is big celebrity Mo Fan of our country, you have not wanted to know before, you looked that I led him.” Zhu Meng said. “祝梨,给你介绍下,这位是我们国家的大名人莫凡,你之前不是一直想要认识的吗,你看我把他带过来了。”祝蒙说道。 The short hair jacket female fell the vision on the body of Mo Fan immediately, natural saw the shoes from the hair Mo Fan. 短发夹克女子马上将目光落在了莫凡的身上,大大方方的将莫凡从头发看到了鞋子。 Does not have the legend that specially.” Wish the pear to mumble. “也没有传说得那么特别嘛。”祝梨嘟哝道。 Was my is not right, does not have superhuman, did not have including Xiang Yu's double pupil, has not dug out anything to indicate near the Yellow River stele that I ascended the throne.” Mo Fan said. “是我的不对,没有三头六臂就算了,连项羽的双瞳都没有,更没有在黄河边挖出一个什么预示着我登基的石碑。”莫凡说道。 Ha Ha Ha, you may be really interesting.” Wish the pear to smile very absent mindedly, full tomboy appearance. 哈哈哈,你这人可真有趣。”祝梨笑得很爽然,十足一个女汉子模样。 Zhu Meng will plan that cultivated soul container to give the Mo Fan matter wishing the pear Thunder Xing said. 祝蒙将自己打算把雷性修魂器皿让给莫凡的事情给祝梨说了一遍。 Wish the pear from the beginning very obscure, does not understand why Zhu Meng must hand over such good thing, waits for Zhu Meng north the day the Tribunal core personnel after the matter that present the rebel wishing the pear said that wish the pear also quickly suddenly to become aware. 祝梨一开始很费解,不明白祝蒙为什么要将这么好的东西拱手相让,等祝蒙将关于天北审判会核心人员出现叛徒的事情给祝梨说了一遍之后,祝梨也很快恍悟了。 Compared with the Zhu Meng Representative profession, this cultivated soul container truly is not anything. 祝蒙议员生涯相比,这一个修魂器皿确实不算什么了。 Moreover, I had also gotten old, cultivates to progress again nothing but is increases selects Mana, the promotion control strength, the significance is not very big. Mo Fan has Goddess Praise Mark Thunder Mage, the age is also young, will need this treasure compared with me...... Actually, even if no matter of canary, I also planned that gives Mo Fan it, Mo Fan now and Black Church frontage resistance, most needs the hard strength.” Zhu Meng said. “而且,我也上了年纪了,修为再进展无非是增加点魔能,提升点掌控力,意义不是很大。莫凡是拥有神印礼赞雷系法师,年纪又轻,比我会更需要这件宝贝……其实,即便没有金丝雀的事情,我也打算将它送给莫凡,莫凡现在和黑教廷正面对抗,最需要硬实力。”祝蒙说道。 Zhu Meng these words have not said vacation but actually. 祝蒙这句话倒也没有说假。 He in hesitant, had this afterward, natural(ly) was not better to take again. 他之前是在犹豫的,发生了这件事后,自然就更不好再拿了。 Old Zhu Meng, I do not seize the opportunity to blackmail your thing, in the future will have anything to need to help, although shouted me.” Mo Fan does not have the meaning that the least bit refused. “老祝蒙,我也不是乘机讹你东西,往后有什么需要帮忙的,就尽管喊我。”莫凡没有半点推却的意思。 With the Zhu Meng anything hospitable air/Qi, everybody has not fought to the end with Black Church, at present is also most need the strength the time, five corner/horn Thunder Stone, before Mo Fan, very much wanted, what a pity here thoroughly by federal army seizing. 祝蒙没啥子好客气的,大家都是与黑教廷斗争到底的,眼下也是自己最需要力量的时候,五角雷石,莫凡之前就很想要了,可惜这里彻底被联邦的军队给占领了。 Good.” Zhu Meng does not like the shyly person, since planned to give “好。”祝蒙也是不喜欢扭捏的人,既然打算给了 Wish the pear to take out a necklace, the chain falls is cut standard five corner/horn Thunder Stone, that section and edges and corners are neat, are glittering some gold/metal purple gloss! 祝梨取出了一条项链,链坠正好就是一颗被切割得非常标准的五角雷石,那切面和棱角都非常整洁,闪烁着些许金紫色的光泽!
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