ADM :: Volume #23

#2264: The gravity hangs the lead

The Earth Element Judge strength is truly pretty good, Mo Fan stands to wait and see. 土系审判员的实力确实不赖,莫凡就站在旁边观望着。 Had other Judge to send out signal one after another, indicated the region that one swept clear was clean. 陆陆续续有其他审判员发出了信号,表示自己清扫的区域已经干净。 Mo Fan has turned out the list of that aloe village. 莫凡翻出了那份芦荟村的名单。 Remembers that Lily has a paternal aunt, what is very accidental, her paternal aunt is not the Black Church personnel, but is one by Black Church has brainwashed the follower. 记得莉莉有一个姑姑,很意外的是,她的姑姑并非是黑教廷人员,只不过是一个被黑教廷洗脑了的信徒。 Person who this type has not initiated officially, has not committed a crime, generally also has the opportunity of recovery. 这种还没有正式入教的人,也没有犯过事的,一般还有补救的机会。 To come Black Church mainly is also uses here villagers to plant the crazy offense opium poppy to them, by the true uses of these people, but also does not have what qualifications initiation. 想来黑教廷主要也是利用这里的村民们给他们种植狂戾罂粟罢了,以这些人的真正用处,还没有什么资格入教。 After all Sa Long the standard of present initiation was higher. 毕竟撒朗这边现在的入教的水准高了很多。 Mo Fan also knows, even if there is this kind of accurate list, the fish slip through definitely will exist. 莫凡也知道,哪怕有这样一份准确的名单,漏网之鱼肯定是会存在的。 Certain people , he even if no to connect Black Church, actually also does has been contrary to the humane matter, may regarding Mo Fan, only be able to illuminate single Zhaoren who can do. 某些人,他哪怕没有直接入黑教廷,却也做过许多有违人道的事情,可对于莫凡来说,能做的只能够照单爪人。 These are Black Church plant crazy offense opium poppy the South American farm worker, actually should they be punished completely, this is not Mo Fan can decide after deliberation the determination. 这些为黑教廷种植狂戾罂粟的南美洲农工,他们究竟该不该全部遭到惩罚,这个不是莫凡能去裁量判定的。 Like morals and law. 就像道德和法律。 Between the morals and law have a boundary. 道德与法律之间有一条界限。 Mo Fan only aims at person who crosses the boundary, participated in other people of planter as for entire village, they in the list, Mo Fan then only will not have given Ojosnegros the Saint school to process them voluntarily. 莫凡只针对越过界限的人,至于整个村庄都参与了种植的其他人,他们没在名单,莫凡便只会将他们交给奥霍斯圣学府自行处理。 Field personnel Judge motion fast, truly is the elites in Tribunal, a big village, related to about 300 people, but is a time of pot tea, the uniform, the entire process did not have the assistance of other garrison personnel completely. 外勤审判员行动迅捷,确实都是审判会之中的精英,偌大的一个村庄,涉及到将近300人,不过是一壶茶的功夫,全部都制服了,整个过程也没有其他警备人员的协助。 Like American tropical rain forest, also there are many poisonous villages, their large number of elderly persons, has own armed forces, the garrison strength of government is definitely does not dare to go to manage, but the army every so often only aims at the state security issue, the village does not rebel, they are also not necessarily able to suppress, therefore the village of planter poison simply is a lump, is extremely difficult to process. 像美洲热带雨林附近,也有许多种毒村庄,他们人数众多,又具备自己的武装力量,政府的警备力量是肯定不敢去管的,而军队又很多时候只针对国家安全问题,村庄不反叛,他们也未必就会去镇压,所以种植毒物的村落简直就是一颗瘤,极难处理。 13 Judge clean up one more than half is the villages of Black Church personnel, the army special troops are very difficult to achieve. 13名审判员清理掉一个半数以上为黑教廷人员的村子,军队特种兵都很难做到。 Population was right, solves this Deacon, tonight can stop work for the day completely.” Mo Fan received the famous single issue, the vision sweeps off toward the cliff another side. “人数对了,解决掉这个执事,今晚就可以圆满收工了。”莫凡将名单本收了起来,目光往石壁另一侧扫去。 Earth Element Judge and a Blue Clothes Deacon Mark fight was also near the end, was Earth Element Judge is suppressing Blue Clothes Deacon obviously. 土系审判员蓝衣执事马克的战斗也接近尾声了,明显是土系审判员在压制着蓝衣执事 However, has pupil of darkness Mo Fan to realize that on the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark right hand arm has the air/Qi of Curse to coil around. 不过,具备黑暗之瞳的莫凡察觉到蓝衣执事马克的右手手臂上有诅咒之气在盘绕。 The Blue Clothes Deacon Mark obviously is not Curse System Mage, the body will have this type of aura to surge to have a possibility. 蓝衣执事马克明显不是诅咒系法师,身上会有这种气息涌起只有一种可能。 The Mo Fan eye looks again toward the cliff dead angle that a moonlight cannot shine, really a stealthy form is wriggling. 莫凡眼睛再往一处月光照耀不到的石壁死角望去,果然一个鬼鬼祟祟的身影正在蠕动。 That thing looks at an looks like ghost monkey for the first time, the social climbing on the rock fold, can paste the vertical rock motion completely, a pair flood the eye of cunning light has been staring in wholly-absorbed fight Earth Element Judge, the spider same is waiting for the most appropriate opportunity. 那东西乍一看像一头鬼猴,攀附在岩石褶皱上,能够完全贴着垂直的岩石行动,一双泛着诡诈之光的眼睛一直盯着正在专心战斗的土系审判员,蜘蛛一样等待着最合适的机会。 Dark Grotesque, is Commander Level.” Mo Fan floated off the corners of the mouth. 黑畜妖,还是一头统领级的。”莫凡浮起了嘴角。 It seems like this Blue Clothes Deacon is a quite standard Black Church member, Dark Grotesque raised very high rank, Judge, if has not paid attention, is likely given the sneak attack severe wound by Dark Grotesque that whole body Curse aura wound around. 看来这蓝衣执事是一名相当标准的黑教廷成员啊,就连黑畜妖都饲养到了很高的级别,审判员要是没有留意的话,很可能被那头浑身诅咒气息缭绕的黑畜妖给偷袭重伤。 gu!” “咕!” Finally, that Curse level Dark Grotesque sought a perfect opportunity, its extremely fast crawled but actually above stone wall, fell on Earth Element Judge behind of rock barrier. 终于,那诅咒黑畜妖寻到了一个完美的机会,它极速的在石壁上方倒爬下来,就落在了土系审判员的岩石障碍的后面。 Earth Element Judge had not realized completely has the thing to approach, will give the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark to strike finally. 土系审判员完全没有察觉到有东西靠近,正要给蓝衣执事马克最后一击。 Crushed stone circle, the gravity hangs lead!” “碎石圈,重力挂铅!” Mo Fan extends make a move, suddenly grasps in that Curse Dark Grotesque direction. 莫凡出手,忽然朝着那头诅咒黑畜妖的方向一握。 This grasped, lets the broken lithography rapid set of surrounding fragmentarily scattering in the under foot of Curse Dark Grotesque, they turned into the solid crag heavy balls, by invisible chain substring in the same place. 这一握,让周围零星散落的碎石印迅速的集合在了诅咒黑畜妖的脚下,它们变成了一个个实心的岩重球,由许多无形的链子串在一起。 Curse Dark Grotesque just about to strikes a vicious blow, the body was hung up several giant shots all of a sudden, unexpectedly in just process of taking off fierce hits with the face to the ground. 诅咒黑畜妖刚要下毒手,身体一下子被挂上了十几个巨型铅球般,居然在刚起跳的过程中猛的用脸撞向地面。 gū gū gū!!!!” 咕咕咕!!!!” Curse Dark Grotesque is hot tempered, relies on the powerful hind legs to want forcefully the ejection, casts off Mo Fan the strange gravity Magic. 诅咒黑畜妖暴躁无比,凭借着强有力的后肢想要强行弹射,甩开莫凡的这个古怪重力魔法 Asian Heaven-Seed crag strength is not what a pity easy to eradicate, Curse Dark Grotesque soon own joint supporting, has not hung in the lead to work loose from this gravity. 可惜亚天种的岩力不是那么容易破除的,诅咒黑畜妖都快要把自己的关节给撑断了,都没有从这种重力挂铅中挣脱开。 Sinister evil and cruel thing!!” Earth Element Judge turns head, sees such a fierce fearful monster, immediately is angry to say. “阴险歹毒的东西!!”土系审判员一回头,看到这么一个狰狞可怕的怪物,顿时大怒道。 The Blue Clothes Deacon Mark discovered that own clever trick was seen through, the complexion is paler. 蓝衣执事马克发现自己的诡计被识破,脸色更加苍白。 Crag tooth.” Mo Fan tranquil has put out these two characters. “岩牙。”莫凡平静的吐出了这两个字。 The next second, was hung the lead the Curse Dark Grotesque hypogastric to present a rock fang by the gravity in a big way, the fang such as Small Mountain Rock, has put on the Curse Dark Grotesque barrel!! 下一秒,被重力挂铅的诅咒黑畜妖腹下出现了一颗岩石獠牙,獠牙大如一座小山岩,生生的将诅咒黑畜妖桶了个穿!! The odor blood plasma flowed, Curse Dark Grotesque died cannot be thorough. 恶臭的血浆流了出来,诅咒黑畜妖死得不能再彻底了。 In the past facing this evil Curse creature, Mo Fan must take an effort to kill. 过去面对这种邪恶的诅咒生物,莫凡还要费点力气才能够杀死。 Now is different! 现在就不一样了! Magic that needs 1-2 not to wield the constellation conveniently, basically can achieve to combine the Insta-kill effect. 一两个连星座都不需要的随手一挥的魔法,基本上可以达到组合秒杀效果。 Many thanks senior official.” Earth Element Judge admires to Mo Fan all of a sudden full of admiration. “多谢长官。”土系审判员一下子对莫凡佩服得五体投地。 Although Curse Dark Grotesque not necessarily can kill him, may to evil be nipped one by this type to poisonous creature, must bed one month, unable to find its toxic characteristics to be suffered several years by Curse. 虽然诅咒黑畜妖不一定可以杀得了他,可被这种至邪至毒的生物咬上一口,都得卧床一个多月,找不到其毒性的特征更会被诅咒折磨几年时间。 Earth Element Judge is this time is thanks and admiration of the heart. 土系审判员是这次是发自内心的感谢和敬佩。 Can that seeing through easily, be quite knew about the Black Church member surely. 能够那么轻易的识破,必定是对黑教廷成员相当了解。 Minor matter, but later must pay attention, even if the spent force, they often can also make a false countercharge.” Mo Fan said to him. “小事一桩,不过以后要留意,即便是强弩之末,他们往往也能够反咬一口。”莫凡对他说道。 Engraves on mind!” Earth Element Judge numerous nods. “铭记在心!”土系审判员重重的点头。 The interrogation work gave the iron bee to be OK, this Blue Clothes Deacon Mark definitely knew many things, if can dig out some from his here not the Black Church member in list, that was good. 审讯工作交给铁蜂就可以了,这个蓝衣执事马克肯定知道不少的东西,假如能够从他这里挖出一些没在名单里的黑教廷成员,那是再好不过了。 In fact, Black Church people uncertain each is an unyielding person, including much for the one's own selfish interests, exerts pressure facing the Tribunal powerful, they will also say many information for barely managing to maintain a feeble existence of latter half of one's life. 事实上,黑教廷中人也不一定每个都是硬骨头,其中有不少都是为了一己之私,面对审判会的强势施压,他们也会为了后半生的苟延残喘将许多信息道出。 But the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark is a spineless person. 蓝衣执事马克就是一个软骨头。 Had not brought to return to the Tribunal interrogation room him, this fellow started to confess. 都还没有将他带回到审判会的审讯室,这家伙自己就开始招供了。 The Mark is mainly responsible for this aloe village, before Mo Fan village head two people who the worn-out church in that Shanhu Village processes both are Deacon, the responsible project is the crazy offense opium poppy planter of village. 马克主要就负责这个芦荟村庄,和莫凡之前在破旧教堂处理掉的那个珊瑚村的村长两个人都是执事,负责的项目便是村庄的狂戾罂粟种植。 Happen , the village heads in Shanhu Village are also Mo Fan solve, the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark realized on this time totally to give up them, therefore honest narrated from the planter to the transportation to the process of processing them again. 正好,珊瑚村的村长也是莫凡解决掉的,蓝衣执事马克意识到这次上头是彻底放弃了他们,于是老老实实的将他们从种植到运输再到加工的过程都叙述了出来。
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