ADM :: Volume #23

#2263: Buys two to deliver three

In horse stable 马厩内 A twin engine is suppressing the eye of intent stubbornly is staring at Judge on muddy road. 一双发着狠意的眼睛正死死的盯着一名泥路上的审判员 Photosphere of this Judge in hand has lightened the surroundings, even can in another gloss the living creature direct labelled, endure compared with the infrared hot induction! 这名审判员用手中的光球点亮了周围,甚至可以将活物都直接标记上另外一种光泽,堪比红外热感应! However, he in several stealthy forms by barn attracting, had not noticed that in the horse stable actually also has three people. 不过,他还是被谷仓里的几个鬼鬼祟祟身影给吸引了,并没有留意到马厩里其实还有三人。 Sir Deacon, runs away toward stone wall here. Here only then very young Judge, we processed to run away him!” A sound floats from the distant place. 执事大人,往石壁这里逃。这里只有一名很年轻的审判员,我们将他处理掉就可以逃出去了!”一个声音从远处飘来。 That is a Sound System priest, after all signals were shielded, had Sound System Mage such long-distance to relate. 那是一名音系教士,所有讯号被屏蔽后,也只有音系法师可以这样远程联系了。 Does well, we immediately come.” Blue Clothes Deacon said. “干得好,我们马上过来。”蓝衣执事说道。 Drills from the horse stable manure pit, at this time the Blue Clothes Mark could not give a thought to that many. 从马厩粪池后面钻出,这个时候蓝衣马克已经顾不得那么多了。 Recently, broke contact after above, the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark thought heart flurried, was bringing also several points of luck, finally had an accident! 这些日子,与上头断了联络之后,蓝衣执事马克就觉得心慌慌的了,本来还带着几分侥幸,结果还是出事了! Has passed through the manure pit disgustingly, the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark almost wants to spit, but he does not dare to make any sound, can only suppress that ozone to run in the cliff direction. 穿过了粪池,蓝衣执事马克差点恶心的想吐,可他不敢发出任何声音,只能够强忍着那股臭气往石壁方向跑。 Also two Black Clothes Priest, they are the superintendent aloe villages, has provided large quantities of crazy offense opium poppy raw material for the black pharmacist...... 身后还有两名黑衣教士,他们都是管理者芦荟村的,为黑药师提供了大批狂戾罂粟原料…… They same stink to high heaven! 他们两个一样臭气熏天! Wind cable!” “风缆绳!” Quick, steps on!” “快,踩上去!” The Blue Clothes Deacon Mark saw escaping wind cable that oneself companion leaves behind, excited incomparable. 蓝衣执事马克看到了自己同伴留下的逃跑风缆绳,激动无比。 Crawls to stone wall on, is a big rain forest, the Tribunal person ability again greatly is impossible to run up to the jungle to give to look them? 爬到石壁上面,就是一大片雨林,审判会的人能耐再大也不可能跑到密林里将他们给找出来吧? Sir Deacon, Luo Cheng forces the city, perhaps has to set up the sentry post, only if we can surmount the Andes mountain range, otherwise temporarily evades!” Black Clothes Priest said. 执事大人,无论是般罗城还是勒城,恐怕都有设哨,除非我们能够翻越过安第斯山,不然只是临时逃避啊!”身后一名黑衣教士说道。 Turns! That turns! I must have a look at this mountain to be able but actually to block us.” Blue Clothes Deacon Mark said. “翻!那就翻过去!我倒要看看这座山能不能拦住我们。”蓝衣执事马克说道。 To this situation, even if fights on the mountain with those savage magic beast, degenerates into a savage thoroughly, he does not want to fall to the hand of Tribunal. 到了这个地步,哪怕在山上跟那些凶残的妖魔做斗争,彻底沦为一个野人,他也不想落到审判会的手上。 You also are really farsighted, my this pass/test does not have, is thinking the escaping route of going......” Mo Fan has stood on stone wall, being all smiles is staring at these people. “你们还真是深谋远虑,我这关都没有过,就想着接下去的逃跑路线了……”莫凡站在石壁上面,笑容满面的盯着这几个人。 Mo Fan also thinks that that two Black Church members of under foot meet the storm cliff, which knows that they not impatient, hid cliff 50% positions and has informed their bosses! 莫凡还以为脚下的那两个黑教廷成员会强攻石壁,哪知道他们没有心急,躲到了石壁一半的位置并通知了他们的上司! This was interesting. 这就有趣了。 Buys two to deliver three! 买二送三! A Blue Clothes level!! 还有一个蓝衣级!! It seems like Judge takes the Blue Clothes Deacon level in the arresting process directly, will be promoted the opportunity. 貌似审判员在缉拿过程中直接拿下蓝衣执事级,是会得到升职机会的。 those Judge that the iron bee leads hit the chicken blood to be the same, 13 people resisted one most probably are the villages of Black Church member, perhaps wants completely all means to lock Blue Clothes Deacon. 铁蜂率领的那些审判员们一个个打了鸡血一样,13个人对抗一个大半是黑教廷成员的村庄,恐怕想尽一切办法锁定蓝衣执事 Finally Blue Clothes Deacon hit toward oneself here. 结果蓝衣执事往自己这里撞了。 Oh. 唉。 What a pity are one generation effective, does not have the achievement to deduct a percentage. 可惜自己就是一个代管事的,没业绩提成。 He discovered us, movement was quick, solves him, do not let him have the opportunity to inform other Tribunal personnel!” Under that Sound System priest said. “他发现我们了,动作快,解决他,别让他有机会通知其他审判会人员!”下头那名音系的教士说道。 Mo Fan hears these words not to know whether to laugh or cry. 莫凡听到这句话哭笑不得。 The father far away saw you to run to deliver well! 老子大老远就看见你们跑来送了好吧! On!!” “上!!” The Blue Clothes Deacon order said. 蓝衣执事命令道。 Must be quick, so long as runs away to the above tropical rain forest, they were free. 必须快,只要逃到上面的热带雨林,他们就自由了。 zī zī zī!!!!!!!!” 滋滋滋!!!!!!!!” Four priests simultaneously make a move, besieges Mo Fan in stone wall. 四名教士同时出手,围攻石壁上的莫凡 Blue Clothes Deacon has wiped the smelly putty on face, leapt on the cliff with other people. 蓝衣执事抹了抹脸上的臭泥,也跟着其他人飞跃上了石壁。 He was slightly slow the less than half racket, his strength is actually not good, but is he wants, when four priests compel the opposite party to show a flaw, oneself use this flaw to strike to kill! 他稍微慢了小半拍,倒不是他实力不行,而是他想要等到四名教士逼对方露出一个破绽,自己利用这个破绽一击必杀! Four people simultaneously make a move, unexpectedly is High-Order Mage. 四人同时出手,竟然全都是高阶法师 It seems like here truly was very close Sa Long supreme headquarters, including one crowd of Black Clothes Priest was High-Order Mage. 看来这里确实是很接近撒朗的大本营了,连一群黑衣教士都是高阶法师 However, this also indicated that the Sa Long influence was getting bigger and bigger, in the past her under hand person, even if Deacon, most also on High-Order, has Ultra-Order level Mage to be few. 不过,这也表明撒朗的影响力越来越大了,过去她手底下的人哪怕是一个执事,最多也就高阶,拥有超阶法师都非常少。 Now the priests are High-Order! 现在教士都是高阶 zī zī zī incites!!!!!” 滋滋滋滋滋!!!!!” Mo Fan both hands held one group of Thunder Qiu, after this Thunder Qiu has bought in the cloud airborne several [Thunderbolt] lightnings, he served such just like a goalkeeper, flooded [Thunderbolt] Thunder Qiu kicking out this! 莫凡双手捧起了一团雷球,等到这个雷球吸纳了云空中数道霹雳闪电之后,他宛如一名守门员发球那样,将这充斥着霹雳的雷球给踢了出去! Boom !!!!!!!” 嘣!!!!!!!” Thunder Qiu blasts out in four people, those [Thunderbolt] was similar to the tight steel wire collapses suddenly, toward surrounding moved crazily. 雷球在四人之间炸开,那些霹雳如同紧绷的钢索忽然间崩断了,朝着周围疯狂甩动。 The four priest constellations of just completed, the method of High-Order just took shape, these steel wire [Thunderbolt] that explodes from the thunder and lightning ball brushes the meat lump of meat them directly, revolves except for revolving. 四名教士身上的星座刚完成,高阶之法刚成型,这些从雷电球中爆开的钢索霹雳直接将他们抽打成了肉坨肉,除了旋转还是旋转。 Ping ping.” “砰砰砰砰。” Four sounds fall on stone wall successively, bruised and lacerated, the body crazily is still shaking to twitch. 四个声音先后落在石壁上面,一个个皮开肉绽,身体还在狂抖加抽搐。 The potential of Blue Clothes Deacon Mark attack stops suddenly, looks at four waste that the side scatters...... 蓝衣执事马克进攻之势戛然而止,看着身边散落的四个废物…… Their functions are to force the opposite party expose weaknesses, is not one second of complete screw explosophore extinguishes!! 他们的作用是逼迫对方露出破绽,不是一秒钟全部螺旋爆炸团灭啊!! ! ! !” “哒!哒!哒!” A Earth Element Judge physique natural trod the vertical cliff to dash about wildly. 一名土系审判员身姿潇洒的踏着垂直的石壁狂奔了上来。 Senior official, I saw several forms to run away toward here.” Earth Element Judge fell by Mo Fan. “长官,我看见几个身影往这里逃了。”土系审判员落在了莫凡旁边。 The words just said that this somewhat slow Earth Element Judge turned head, saw four waste dogs of twitching, as well as a horse dung person of being dumb as a wooden chicken. 话刚说完,这名有些迟钝的土系审判员一扭头,看到了四具抽搐的废狗,以及一名呆若木鸡的马粪人。 Has solved four, but also remains Deacon.” Mo Fan has referred to the Blue Clothes Deacon Mark. “解决了四个,还剩一个执事。”莫凡指了指蓝衣执事马克。 Is long...... Senior officials??” The Blue Clothes Deacon Mark is startled the holding breath one breath, the result is the horse dung taste, has vomited directly. “长……长官??”蓝衣执事马克惊得倒吸一口气,结果全是马粪味,直接就呕吐了出来。 The pig teammate, simply is pig teammate!! 猪队友,简直是猪队友!! Tribunal each field personnel member strength was tyrannical, let alone is the Tribunal execution senior official. 审判会每个外勤成员实力就非常强横了,更别说是审判会的执行长官。 Holds...... Deacon??” The Earth Element Judge eye has shone greatly. “执……执事??”土系审判员眼睛大亮了起来。 Oh, fat sheep in this!! 乖乖,肥羊在这!! „Can you solve?” Mo Fan inquired. “你能解决吗?”莫凡询问道。 Earth Element Judge also on 28-29 appearances, makes the field personnel Judge time not to be long probably, but he wants to render meritorious service, will otherwise not make most dangerous field personnel Judge. 土系审判员大概也就二十八九的样子,做外勤审判员时间并不长,但他非常想立功,否则也不会来做最危险的外勤审判员 Can!” Earth Element Judge very affirmative saying. “能!”土系审判员非常肯定的说道。 That calculates your. Me does not calculate in any case deducts a percentage.” Mo Fan is disinclined make a move, the full leader makes the faction! “那算你的。反正我这边也不算提成的。”莫凡懒得出手,十足领导做派! The Earth Element Judge look somewhat felt hot. 土系审判员眼神都有些发烫了。 In the past was the leadership hopes to snatch the merit of subordinate, even if were under the hand person achievement, will pull out part. 过去都是领导希望抢属下的功劳,哪怕是手底下的人业绩,都还会抽成一部分。 This leader is different, unexpectedly has donated conveniently own big bill oneself! 这位领导却不一样,居然把自己的大单子随手就赠予了自己! Begins, but I must live.” Mo Fan urged one. “动手吧,不过我要活的。”莫凡叮嘱了一句。 Leader felt relieved that guaranteed lives just right!” Earth Element Judge forwarded several steps, air/Qi field had the change immediately. “领导放心,保证活得恰到好处!”土系审判员向前了几步,身上的气场马上就发生了变化。 Was the Earth Element domain, the cliff of under foot like by some strength cutting, appeared unexpectedly said the Daoist priest mark. 土系领域,脚下的石壁像是被某种力量给切割了一样,竟然出现了道道长痕。 Cracks Stone Bo!” Earth Element Judge uses the strongest strength directly, does not want to disappoint leader obviously! “裂石波!”土系审判员直接动用自己最强的力量,明显不想让莫领导失望!
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