AAMD :: Volume #21

#2036 Part 1: The news of cinders ore! Goes alone! Mines the young expert!( Sought subscription!)

" This special material is called the cinders ore! " 「这特殊物质叫做烬矿么!」 " By its terrifying might, lets the thing of explosion contact the ashes, pouring is also very appropriate. " 「以其恐怖的威力,让接触之物爆炸成灰烬,倒也十分贴切。」 The blood god clone to feel the chin, is lost in thought. 血神分身摸着下巴,陷入沉思。 Murders the blood Demon Venerable words to make him have to attach great importance. 弑血魔尊的话语让他不得不重视起来。 Thinks the Dark Species all parties influence arrives, will be at most more chaotic, will be insufficient, for that " cinders ore " will attack brutally. 原本以为黑暗种各方势力到来,顶多就是会混乱一些,不至于为了那「烬矿」大打出手。 After all these " cinders ore " currently speaking, belongs to Dark Species. 毕竟这些「烬矿」从目前来看,还是属于黑暗种的。 But he neglected the Dark Species situation. 但他忽略了黑暗种的情况。 The Dark Species influence were too many, or the race were too multi-, they have been at the competitive condition, in the surface the cooperation, actually is also the undercurrent surges secretly, now presented " cinders ore " such strategic resources, they must struggle. 黑暗种势力实在太多了,或者说种族太多了,它们一直处于竞争状态,表面上合作,暗地里却也是暗流涌动,如今出现了「烬矿」这样的战略物资,它们不可能不争。 " Major regiments. " In the blood god clone eye presented fine glow. 「各大军团么。」血神分身眼中出现了一丝精芒。 This is an opportunity. 这何尝不是一次机会。 If only then he here, is very difficult to make these " cinders ore " have the accident/surprise. 如果只有他在这边,恐怕很难让这些「烬矿」出现意外。 After all if had the accident/surprise, definitely is his pot. But now these Dark Species regiments will soon arrive, whose pot may perhaps. 毕竟若是出现了意外,肯定是他的锅。但现在那些黑暗种军团即将到来,谁的锅可就说不定了。 The blood god clone to think through these, the corners of the mouth gradually exuded a curve. 血神分身想通了这些,嘴角逐渐泛起了一丝弧度。 " This cinders ore as if receives these Demon Venerable to attach great importance to very much, murders blood Demon Venerable to send in the communication to inform in me continually personally, according to his meaning, wants to make me strive for this cinders ore obviously, but does not know that for blood group, is for it? " Blood god clone to change mind thinks, thought that murders the blood Demon Venerable attitude is very dark warm /. 「不过这烬矿似乎很受那些魔尊重视,连弑血魔尊都亲自发来通讯告知于我,按照他的意思来看,显然是想让我争取这烬矿的,只是不知道是为了血族,还是为了它自己?「血神分身转念一想,又觉得弑血魔尊的态度很暖/昧。 But said no matter how, this thing falls in the Dark Species hand, definitely will cause the unimaginable consequence to the bright universe, seriously is *** bothersome. 但不管怎么说,这东西落在黑暗种手中,必然会对光明宇宙造成不可想象的后果,当真是个***烦。 " , First discussed with the main body. " The blood god clone to shake the head secretly, along with, even if turns around to say to other Dark Species immediately: " Just now the words of Sir Demon Venerable did you hear? Now immediately unearths the cinders ore, strives before other regiments arrive, receives us to belittle in the regiment pouch all cinders ores black. " 「罢了,先和本尊商议一下吧。」血神分身暗自摇了摇头,随即便立刻转身冲着其他黑暗种道:「方才魔尊大人的话语你们听到了?现在立刻挖掘烬矿,争取在其他军团到来之前,将所有的烬矿收入我们黑蔑军团囊中。」 " The might of that cinders ore, you had seen, belittles the regiment regarding us black, has such kills greatly, can make us belittle the regiment not to have inevitably above the battlefield toward black is disadvantageous. " 「那烬矿的威力,你们已经看到了,对于我们黑蔑军团而言,拥有此等大杀器,必然能够让我们黑蔑军团在战场之上无往而不利。」 " I and others understand! " 「我等明白!」 Demon Locker, black, Sabres and others in the deputy command eyes reveals the meaning of burning hot, immediately said accordingly. 魔罗克,黑摩特,萨布尔等副统帅眼中纷纷露出炙热之意,当即应声道。 The blood god clone not to talk too much, the big hand wields, then makes them unearth the cinders ore. 血神分身没有多言,大手一挥,便让它们去挖掘烬矿。 For the catching up with schedule, these deputy commanders also acted personally. 为了赶进度,这些副统帅也得亲自出手了。 The idle fog gao vision flashes, turns around to depart. 惰雾藁目光一闪,转身离去。 " Is staring at them. " The blood god clone abundant and other blood group Dark Species to pass on the sound said to the blood blue. 「盯着它们。」血神分身又冲着血蓝博等血族黑暗种传音道。 " Yes! " The blood is blue, blood Neil and other blood group Dark Species gawked slightly, then responded, passes message to say hastily. 「是!」血蓝博,血尼尔等血族黑暗种微微愣了一下,便是反应了过来,连忙传音回道。 The blood god clone to sit cross-legged to sit in the summit, closed the eye slowly. 血神分身在山顶盘膝而坐,缓缓闭上了眼睛。 ...... ...... Another side, Wang Teng obtains the news, in the eye flashes through together the fine glow immediately. 另一边,王腾得到消息,眼中顿时闪过一道精芒。 " Cinders ore! " 「烬矿!」 " Unexpectedly this and other strange ores. " 「竟然还有这等奇异的矿石。」 " Moreover Dark Species dispatches regiment unexpectedly incessantly one that comes, they also want to compete for the cinders ore. " 「而且黑暗种派遣而来的军团居然不止一个,它们也都想争夺烬矿。「 He feels the chin to think. 他不由摸着下巴思索起来。 This matter actually has the workable leeway, now Dark Species has not known that they have arrived, when the time comes can give them a pleasant surprise. 这件事其实还是有可操作的余地,现在黑暗种还不知道他们已经到来,到时候可以给它们一个惊喜。 " Cyclic , helping my whether has an ore named cinders ore. Wang Teng passes on the sound said. 「圆滚滚,帮我查查是否有一种矿石名为烬矿。王腾传音道。 He has searched the nihility to swallow the inheritance of beast to remember, had not found the related information. 他已经搜索过虚无吞兽的传承记忆,并未找到相关的信息。 This makes him actually somewhat surprised. 这让他倒是有些惊奇。 Even the nihility swallows in the middle of the inheritance memory of beast not to have, is this material really the first discovery? 连虚无吞兽的传承记忆当中都没有,难道这种物质真的是第一次发现? " Cinders ore? " The sound of plump doubt resounds, it has not obviously heard, immediately asked: " What thing is that? " 「烬矿?」圆滚滚狐疑的声音响起,明显它也没有听说过,当即问道:「那是什么东西?」 " That is one irregular special material, inside contains extremely rich compression energy, small, threatens the universe level to exist sufficiently. " Wang Teng gesticulated a size, said. 「那是一种不规则的特殊物质,里面蕴含着极为浓郁的压缩能量,小小的一块,就足以威胁到宇宙级存在。」王腾比划了一下大小,说道。 " Unexpectedly this 「竟还有这 Plants the material!! " Cyclic slightly one startled, immediately says: " I examine. " 种物质!!」圆滚滚微微一惊,立刻道:「我查查看。」 Before long, in the Wang Teng mind then resounded the plump dignified sound again. 不一会儿,王腾的脑海中便再次响起了圆滚滚凝重的声音。 " Had not found this so-called " burns ore " . " 「没找到这所谓的「燃矿」。」 " Had not found!? " Although Wang Teng at heart is prepared early, but is somewhat surprised and disappointed. 「没找到!?」王腾心里虽然早有准备,但还是有些惊讶与失望。 Even the plump could not find, obviously this " cinders ore " possibly truly very rare, even had not been discovered. 连圆滚滚都找不到,可见这「烬矿」可能确实非常的稀有,甚至未曾被人发现过。 It is said that cinders ore star, Dark Species also in discovers accidentally. 据说那颗烬矿星球,黑暗种也都是在无意中才发现的。 When they arrive at the bright universe, generally is the choice remote star territory, but initially the Dark Species army arrived around that cinders ore star exactly, thus discovered the unusuality of that star, otherwise Dark Species was impossible unable to find that cinders ore star. 它们降临光明宇宙之时,一般都是选择偏僻的星域,而当初就恰恰有一支黑暗种军队降临那颗烬矿星球附近,从而发现了那颗星球的异常,不然黑暗种也不可能找得到那颗烬矿星球。 Seeks for the so-called cinders ore in the boundless universe, is no different looks for a needle in a haystack, some specially in the seeking mining engineer who in the universe seeks for the mineral, was not necessarily able unable to find. 在茫茫宇宙中寻找所谓的烬矿,无异于大海捞针,就连一些专门在宇宙中寻找矿物的寻矿师,都未必能找得到。 " You could ask Commander Xing Cezong to ask. " The plump vision flashes, suddenly said. 「你也许可以找邢策总帅问问。」圆滚滚目光一闪,突然说道。 Wang Teng responded suddenly, said: Right that " you said that helping me contact with Commander Xing Cezong. " 王腾猛然反应过来,说道:「你说的对,帮我联系邢策总帅。「 " Good. " The plump rubbish, contacts with Commander Xing Cezong directly. 「好。」圆滚滚没有废话,直接联系邢策总帅。 Before Commander Xing Cezong had said that Wang Teng this teng snake health/guard supervision history can dock with him directly, therefore there is any issue, can contact with him directly. 之前邢策总帅就说过,王腾这个螣蛇卫监察史可以直接与他对接,所以有任何问题,都可以直接联系他。 Currently uses this right time. 现在正是使用这个权利的时候。 Commander Xing Cezong that side put through the communication quickly, this makes Wang Teng somewhat surprised, thinks must wait a while. 邢策总帅那边很快就接通了通讯,这让王腾有些惊讶,原本还以为要等一会儿呢。 Together the light screen presents in front of Wang Teng, Commander Xing Cezong that dignity solemn appearance appears is one of them. 一道光幕在王腾面前呈现而出,邢策总帅那副威严冷峻的模样出现在其中。 " Wang Teng, you make me very surprised. " 王腾,你让我很惊讶。」 He looked at Wang Teng, in the look was presenting meaning of the appreciation, said directly: 他望着王腾,眼神中出现了一丝赞赏之意,直接说道: " This graceful has not thought actually, you took over the teng snake health/guard quickly, and has not had any problem. " 「本帅倒是没有想到,你这么快就接掌了螣蛇卫,而且并未出现任何问题。」 " Chief graceful overpraised, the younger generation can such smooth taking over teng snake health/guard, completely because of your support. " In the Wang Teng eye flashes through an accident/surprise, has not thought that this will always lead actually to appreciate in him, but he will respond quickly, has not revealed the complacent color, very humble saying. 「总帅过奖了,晚辈之所以能够这么顺利的接掌螣蛇卫,完全是因为您的支持。」王腾眼中闪过一丝意外,没想到这位总帅竟然会赞赏于他,但他很快反应过来,并未露出自满之色,十分谦逊的说道。 " Your actually slippery fellow, no wonder they are not worried about you. " In Xing Cezong commander eye shows a happy expression, above his solemn face, is not obvious, moreover quick vanishes, making one think oneself misread, said lightly: " Ok, the idle talk were not many said, what matter you did ask me to have? " 「你倒是个滑头,难怪他们都不担心你。」邢策总帅眼中露出一丝笑意,不过在他那冷峻的脸庞之上,却是不怎么明显,而且很快就消失,让人以为自己是不是看错了,淡淡道:「好了,闲话不多说,你找我有何事?」 " Younger generation obtained the news, Dark Species as if found one unusual material, named " cinders ore " , but younger generation how, regardless to search, could not find slightly the news about this cinders ore, therefore then asks that always led. " Wang Teng said. 「晚辈得到消息,黑暗种似乎找到了一种奇特的物质,名为「烬矿」,但晚辈无论怎么查找,都找不到丝毫关于这烬矿的消息,所以便来问问总帅。」王腾道。 " Cinders ore! " Commander Xing Cezong that tranquil complexion presented one to change countenance at this moment finally. 「烬矿!」邢策总帅那平静的脸色此刻终于是出现了一丝动容。 In the Wang Teng heart moves, looks at like this, Commander Xing Cezong really knows anything, it seems like it was is asking. 王腾心中一动,看这样子,邢策总帅果然知道什么,看来是问对人了。 The plump is credible! 圆滚滚靠谱! Wang Teng is giving the plump to select a to praise at heart. 王腾在心里给圆滚滚点了个赞。 Cyclic:() 圆滚滚:() " You determined that above that star is the cinders ore? " A moment later, Commander Xing Cezong asked again. 「你确定那颗星球之上是烬矿?」片刻之后,邢策总帅再度问道。 Wang Teng described the characteristics of that special material all gave Commander Xing Cezong, has not compared this convincingly. 王腾将那特殊物质的特征尽数描绘给了邢策总帅,没有比这更有说服力的了。 That cinders ore relates after all significantly, moreover is rare, Commander Xing Cezong the genuine and fake of suspicion information are completely excusable, but he being not the least bit off that if described the characteristics, the credibility was very naturally high, Commander Xing Cezong will attach great importance. 那烬矿毕竟关系重大,而且非常罕见,邢策总帅怀疑信息的真假完全是情有可原,但他若是将特征都描绘的丝毫不差,可信度自然就很高了,想必邢策总帅会重视起来。 " It seems like is really the cinders ore. " Commander Xing Cezong listens to his description, the complexion was dignified immediately. 「看来真的是烬矿。」邢策总帅听完他的描述,面色顿时凝重了起来。 Cinders ore has few people to know . Moreover the related material news also by the high-level blockade, the known person basically is the important personages of major influences. 烬矿的存在很少有人知晓,而且相关的资料消息也被高层封锁,知道的人基本都是各大势力的重要人物。 He can know, because of this allied armies numerous graceful status. 就连他能够知晓,都还是因为这联军总总帅的身份。 It can be said that does not arrive at certain position, has no right to know existence of this cinders ore absolutely, because it impressively is one extremely important strategic resources, was dreaded by many powerhouses. 可以说,不到一定的身份地位,绝对无权知晓这烬矿的存在,因为它赫然就是一种极为重要的战略资源,被众多强者所忌惮。 Because, this cinders ore, if has fully 因为,这烬矿若拥有足 The sufficed weight/quantity, truly can threaten the immortal level to exist. 够的分量,确确实实可以威胁到不朽级存在。 Counter cuts down the high rank Martial Artist matter by low rank Martial Artist, might happen. 以低阶武者逆伐高阶武者的事情,将有可能发生。 Therefore the high level will make every effort to keep secret. 所以高层才会讳莫如深。 Even if the Wang Teng status is special, without contacting, feared that is is still very difficult to know existence of cinders ore. 即便是王腾身份特殊,在没有接触到的情况下,怕是也很难知晓烬矿的存在。 Now since he said existence of cinders ore, big probability. 如今他既然说出了烬矿的存在,大概率是真的了。 " Then, had the cinders ore been discovered? " Wang Teng said. 「这么说来,烬矿早就被发现了?」王腾道。 " Good. " Commander Xing Cezong has not concealed, the direct nod said: " Cinders ore in my bright universe history, very early had appeared, but the quantity is extremely scarce, before unearthing, with common mineral not different, is very difficult to discover, therefore still no one knows its existence. " 「不错。」邢策总帅并没有隐瞒,直接点头道:「烬矿在我光明宇宙历史上,很早就已经出现了,只不过数量极其稀少,而且在没有挖掘出来之前,与寻常矿物无异,很难发现,所以至今没有什么人知道它的存在。」 " Now, some cinders ores grasp when the major influence hands, only needs, will take the use. " 「如今,一些烬矿都掌握在各大势力手中,唯有必要之时,才会拿出来使用。「 " When what is the necessity? " The Wang Teng vision flashes, asks. 「何为必要之时?」王腾目光一闪,问道。 Xing Cezong commander sudden silent. 邢策总帅突然沉默了一下。 " I understood, when Commander Xing Cezong I have not asked. " Wang Teng smiles, said. 「我明白了,邢策总帅当我没有问过。」王腾笑了笑,说道。 It seems like this cinders ore imagines him is more important , likely the major influences mastered the application method of this type of mineral, therefore all grasps firmly in the hand, common will not use. 看来这烬矿比他想象中还要重要,很可能各大势力都掌握了这种矿物的使用方法,所以全都牢牢握在手中,寻常不会使用。 Even this situation, they are not willing to take to use now. 甚至就连如今这种情况,他们都不愿意拿出来用。 " Wang Teng obeys orders. " Commander Xing Cezong no longer talks too much, opens the mouth to say. 王腾听令。」邢策总帅不再多言,开口道。 " In! " Wang Teng complexion one positive. 「在!」王腾面色一正。 " My present by Allied armies always the graceful status order you, must seize the cinders ore star. " Commander Xing Cezong was obviously quick made the resolution, said solemnly. 「我现在以联军总帅的身份命令你,务必夺下烬矿星球。「邢策总帅显然很快就做出了决断,沉声道 " Always leads, by the strength of teng snake health/guard, feared that cannot achieve. " Wang Teng has not complied immediately, the face was saying painstakingly. 「总帅,以螣蛇卫的实力,怕是做不到啊。」王腾没有立刻答应,苦着脸道。 " Knows that you will put forward the request. " Commander Xing Cezong smiles lightly, said: " You do not need to worry, then I will issue the order, making the day of billows area influence direct by you completely. " 「就知道你会提要求。」邢策总帅淡淡一笑,说道:「你无需担心,接下来我会发布命令,让天澜疆域的势力全部由你指挥。」 " Is directed by me completely? " The Wang Teng breath stagnates: " Also includes the day of billows mountain? " 「全部由我指挥?」王腾呼吸一滞:「其中也包括天澜山?」 " ? It seems like you also knew the particularity of day of billows mountain. " In Xing Cezong commander eye reveals surprised, said. 「哦?看来你也知道天澜山的特殊性了。」邢策总帅眼中露出一丝惊讶,道。 The day billows mountain is special in the position of day billows area, but the average person also only knows the surface, Wang Teng can ask, knew inevitably assorted. 天澜山在天澜疆域的地位非常特殊,但一般人也只知道表面,王腾能够这么问,必然是知道了什。 This talent also is really surprises him everywhere. 这个天才还真是处处令他意外啊。 Wang Teng shows a human and animals harmless smile, like ordinary young people. 王腾露出一个人畜无害的笑容,像极了一个普普通通的年轻人。 " Day billows mountain that side you do not need to worry, I will particularly officially inform one, in the present situation, they will understand the weight of matter. " Commander Xing Cezong hesitated, slightly has saying of profound meaning: " You are too after all young, the young generation of day billows mountain is not necessarily able to be convinced, this needed you to process voluntarily. " 「天澜山那边你无需担心,我会特别知会一声,如今的情况下,想必他们会明白事情的轻重。「邢策总帅沉吟了一下,又略有深意的说道:「不过你毕竟太年轻,天澜山的年轻一辈未必会服气,这就需要你自行处理了。」 " So long as is not the older generation acts, no issue. " Wang Teng said. 「只要不是老一辈出手,就没什么问题。」王腾道。 " Relax, if they really do, does not pay attention to the allied armies. " Xing Cezong commander say/way. 「放心,如果他们真那么做,就是不把联军放在眼里。「邢策总帅道。 " Un. " Wang Teng felt relieved much. 「嗯。」王腾放心了不少。 " Do you have the big assurance to this matter? " Xing Cezong commander positive/correct planned to end the telephone conversation, hesitated, asked. 「你对此事有多大把握?」邢策总帅正打算结束通话,迟疑了一下,又问道。 " most likely (80%)! If as expected, I have most likely (80%) assurances! " Wang Teng saying without hesitation. 「八成!不出意外的话,我有八成把握!」王腾毫不犹豫的说道。 " most likely (80%)! " Commander Xing Cezong deep looked at Wang Teng, obviously without thinking of his assurance is so high, but has not said anything, is only slightly nodded, then ended the telephone conversation. 「八成!」邢策总帅深深的看了一眼王腾,显然没想到他的把握这么高,但也没有多说什么,只是微微点了点头,便结束了通话。 ! 呼! Wang Teng puts out foul air slightly, the look flashes, but inquired, so pleasantly surprised, poured also well. 王腾微微吐出一口浊气,眼神闪动,只是询问一下,就有如此惊喜,倒也不错。 Had the Xing Cezong graceful support, he handles affairs will facilitate many. 有了邢策总帅的支持,他行事就会方便很多。 Before he also compared to worry that the major influences of day of billows area refused to accept to direct, after all his qualifications were too truly shallow, are not the powerhouses of these older generations can compare. 之前他也比较担心天澜疆域的各大势力不服指挥,毕竟他的资历确实太浅了一些,根本不是那些老一辈的强者能比的。 Especially on that day the billows mountain, was day of billows area extremely special one existed, if the opposite party really must sing an opposing tune with him, is an extremely troublesome matter. 尤其是那天澜山,更是天澜疆域极为特殊的一个存在,如果对方真的要跟他唱反调,将是一件极为麻烦的事情。 " Does not know powerhouse who what rank they will set out? " In the Wang Teng heart wants to say secretly: " That side Dark Species, no 「不知道他们会出动什么级别的强者?」王腾心中暗暗想道:「还有黑暗种那边,不 Ok, I must go personally. " 行,我得亲自去一趟。」 Since made the decision, he has not then hesitated slightly, prepares to go to the cinders ore star examination personally. 既然做出了决定,他便丝毫没有迟疑,准备亲自前往烬矿星球查看。 " Wind brocade, weighs the branch, then I must go out, if day billows area that four big influence arrives, you first stand firm them for me. " Wang Teng turns the head to tell to two people. 「风锦,衡科,接下来我要出去一趟,若是天澜疆域那四大势力降临,你们先替我稳住他们。」王腾转头对两人吩咐道。 " Do you want to leave at this time? " A wind brocade brow wrinkle. 「你要在这时候离开?」风锦眉头一皱。 " Sir, perhaps we are unable to blow on that day the billows area influence. " Weighs branch awkward saying. 「大人,我们恐怕无法镇住那天澜疆域的势力。「衡科为难的说道。 He shirks actually not, was really this matter has gone beyond his area of competence. 倒不是他推脱,实在是这件事已经超出了他的能力范围。 That is the day of billows area four big influences, even the teng snake health/guard is very special, still insufficiently looked before them, let alone is his young teng snake health/guard Baiwei is long. 那可是天澜疆域的四大势力,即便螣蛇卫很特殊,在他们面前也不够看,何况是他这个小小的螣蛇卫百卫长。 If supervises history, perhaps will also make them dread, what after all he represents is the entire allied armies. 若是监察史,没准还会让他们忌惮一下,毕竟他代表的是整个联军。 Young hundred Representative health/guard Changke anything. 小的百卫长可代表不了什么。 " You said that was I says. " Wang Teng said lightly: " I only take 56 hours, soon, but they arrive also take 2-3 hours, making them and others three hours not excessive? " 「你们就说是我说的。」王腾淡淡道:「我只需出去五六个小时,用不了多久,而他们到来还要2-3个小时,让他们等个三个小时不过分吧?「 " 56 hours, should you not want to go to that star? " Wind brocade surprised uncertain saying. 「五六个小时,你该不会想要前往那颗星球吧?「风锦惊疑不定的说道。 Wang Teng has not concealed, slightly nodded. 王腾也没有隐瞒,微微点了点头。 " Your one person went is too dangerous, now that side is Dark Species, I accompanied you to go together. " The wind brocade said. 「你一个人去太危险了,现在那边都是黑暗种,我陪你一起去吧。」风锦说道。 " You accompany me to go to really the danger. " Wang Teng said: " I alone have the means to hide, had confidence that was not discovered by Dark Species. " 「你陪我去才是真的危险。」王腾道:「我一个人还有办法隐藏,有把握不被黑暗种发现。「 " ...... " Wind brocade felt oneself were despised. 「……」风锦觉得自己被小看了。 But she has to acknowledge what Wang Teng said is the fact, the method of opposite party is not she can compare. 但她不得不承认王腾说的是事实,对方的手段不是她能够相比的。 " Ok, you do not need to talk too much, I urge to go faster return. " Wang Teng beckons with the hand, the figure vanishes in the spaceship directly. 「行了,你们无需多言,我去去就回。」王腾摆了摆手,身形直接在飞船之内消失。 The wind brocade and graduated arm branch two people also want to say anything again, he has actually been missing, somewhat is immediately helpless. 风锦和衡科两人还想再说什么,他却已经不见了踪影,顿时有些无奈。 ...... ...... Another side, after Wang Teng leaves the teng snake spaceship, then flies to the cinders ore star directly. 另一边,王腾离开螣蛇飞船之后,便直接飞往烬矿星球。 The place of teng snake health/guard concealment is away from the cinders ore star also distance, but at his speed, can arrive in less than a half hour. 螣蛇卫隐匿之地距离烬矿星球还有一段距离,但以他的速度,用不了半个小时就可以到达。 He used the strength and space strength of shadow hid the figure, arrived at beside the cinders ore star quietly, then changed to the demon armor clan Dark Species appearance, mixed in the black fog beyond that star. 他用阴影之力和空间之力隐藏了身形,悄然来到烬矿星球之外,而后化作魔甲族黑暗种的模样,混入那星球之外的黑雾之中。 Quiet. 悄无声息。 No Dark Species can discover his trail. 根本没有哪一头黑暗种能够发现他的踪迹。 Afterward Wang Teng enters the cinders ore star, arrives at the blood god clone in it place. 随后王腾进入烬矿星球,来到血神分身所在之地。 The blood god clone vision flashes, looks to void of front not far away. 血神分身目光一闪,望向前方不远处的虚空。 The space fluctuates slightly, together form extremely towering emergence. 空间微微波动,一道身影极为突兀的出现。 " Main body. " The blood god clone to show a faint smile. 「本尊。」血神分身微微一笑。 " good work. " Beside the body of Wang Teng is twining the strength of darkness as before, seems like Dark Species, even if some people see, does not think that he is bright universe Martial Artist. 「辛苦了。」王腾的身体之外依旧缠绕着黑暗之力,看起来就像一头黑暗种,就算有人看见,也不会认为他是光明宇宙武者 " You know well, when the undercover was too difficult. " The blood god clone to sue the pain. 「你知道就好,当卧底太难了。」血神分身诉起了苦。 " I with your smalltalk, you also took seriously. " Wang Teng said. 「我只是跟你客套一下,你还当真了。」王腾道。 The blood god clone: O " " o 血神分身:【o・「「o】 " Ok, the idle talk were not many said, then I will unearth some cinders ores to carry off on this star, you came to cover for me. " Wang Teng said. 「好了,闲话不多说,接下来我会在这颗星球上挖掘一部分烬矿带走,你来替我打掩护吧。「王腾道。 " Do you want to unearth the cinders ore now personally? " The blood god clone somewhat surprisedly. 「你要现在亲自挖掘烬矿?」血神分身有些惊讶。 " Good. " Wang Teng nods: " Cinders ore was too important, I must carry off part now, in order to avoid has what accident/surprise. " 「不错。」王腾点了点头:「烬矿太重要了,我现在就要带走一部分,以免出现什么意外。」 " It seems like allied armies also takes seriously existence of this cinders ore very much. " The blood god clone looking pensive, then to think of anything probably suddenly, said: " Main body you should not be will want to misappropriate some cinders ores. " 「看来联军方面也很重视这烬矿的存在。」血神分身若有所思,而后像是突然想到了什么,说道:「本尊你该不会是想要私吞一部分烬矿吧。」 " Hehe, worthily is my clone, even I think that anything knew. " Chicken thief who very Wang Teng smiles. 「嘿嘿,不愧是我的分身,连我想什么都知道了。」王腾笑的很鸡贼。 " Can I also not know you? by Allied armies' attaching great importance to degree to this cinders ore, you must move. " The blood god clone to say. 「我还能不知道你吗?以联军对这烬矿的重视程度,你不可能不动心。」血神分身道。 " Oh, cannot blame me. " Wang Teng sighed: " If respectively big 「唉,也不能怪我啊。」王腾叹了口气:「如果各大 The person of influence is willing to take the cinders ore, why I have these wishful thinkings. " 势力之人愿意将烬矿拿出来,我又何必动这些小心思呢。」 He told the blood god clone oneself guess. 他将自己的猜测告诉了血神分身。 " It seems like I underestimated the attaching great importance to degrees of major influences on this cinders ore. " Blood god clone to have endless emotion, in the heart moves slightly, suddenly said: " Should they not master the application method of cinders ore? " 「看来我还是低估了各大势力对这烬矿的重视程度。「血神分身感慨不已,心中微动,突然道:「他们该不会已经掌握了烬矿的使用方法了吧?」 " This is also, perhaps they who I guessed have developed any fearful cinders ore weapon. " Wang Teng said. 「这也是我所猜测的,没准他们已经开发出了什么可怕的烬矿兵器。「王腾道。 " That begins, Fei Shui does not flow the bystander field, this cinders ore itself/Ben is we discovered that naturally must receive us to assist now. " The blood god clone to say immediately. 「那就动手吧,肥水不流外人田,这烬矿本就是我们发现的,现在自然要收入我们自己襄中。」血神分身当即道。 Therefore then two people no longer talk too much, direct action. 于是接下来两人不再多言,直接行动了起来。 Wang Teng by 【The heart of Yuan magnetism The talent sinks to the bottom, starts to unearth the cinders ore. 王腾以【元磁之心】天赋沉入地底,开始挖掘烬矿。 Mines, does not have the ratio again 【The heart of Yuan magnetism Talent more appropriate. 挖矿,再没有比【元磁之心】天赋更合适的了。 Although cannot use Source Power, but the strength of pure Yuan magnetism, can unearth the ore fast. 虽然不能动用原力,但单纯的元磁之力,也是可以快速挖掘矿石的。
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