AAMD :: Volume #21

#2035: Strange star! Cinders ore! Can other regiments snatch?( Sought subscription to ask monthly ticket!)

In nameless remote star territory, an unmanned star of not eye static float in void. 无名的偏僻星域之中,一颗不算起眼的无人星球静静的悬浮于虚空之中。 This star is not the life star, existence of above does not have any living matter, seeming like very bleak and common. 这颗星球并非生命星球,上面没有任何生命物质的存在,看起来十分的荒凉与不起眼。 And in star surrounding, but also has the crushed stone belt/bring one after another, almost will put in order a star to wrap, is the life that lets the outside world is unable to approach. 并且在星球的外围,还有着一圈又一圈的碎石带,几乎将整颗星球包裹了起来,更是让外界的生灵无法靠近。 Because that crushed stone belt/bring is revolving at the extremely quick speed, common universe level Martial Artist enters, feared that will be is crushed and injured by the crushed stone. 因为那碎石带正以极快的速度旋转着,寻常的宇宙级武者进入其中,怕是都会被碎石砸伤。 Also doesn't know so many crushed stones from where? 也不知这么多的碎石从何而来? However, this common star, recently actually many Dark Species arrived. 不过,这颗不起眼的星球,近日却有不少黑暗种降临。 The black fog of bunch fills the air void, wrapped that star, keeping this piece of void bystander from investigating. 一团团的黑雾弥漫虚空,将那颗星球包裹了起来,让这片虚空外人无法探查。 In star, on a desolated plain, blood group " coffin " spaceship descends, the blood god minute/share was walking with one crowd of blood group Dark Species. 星球之中,一片荒芜的平原上,血族的「棺材」飞船降落下来,血神分身带着一群血族黑暗种走了下来。 In it behind, the spaceship of black pistil army also descends slowly, then Dark Species one after another appeared above this star, rear area that the silent being situated in blood god clone. 在其身后,黑蕊军的飞船也缓缓降落,而后一队又一队的黑暗种出现在了这颗星球之上,无声的立于血神分身的后方。 Strong winds rolling up and pushing along dust sand everywhere dances in the air, the dark, evil, chaotic aura fills the air to open immediately. 狂风卷动尘沙漫天飞舞,黑暗,邪恶,混乱的气息顿时弥漫而开。 In a twinkling, this desolated star as if turned into a dark star to be common. 霎时间,这颗荒芜的星球仿佛就变成了一颗黑暗星球一般。 The Dark Species place visited, all degenerate into the darkness. 黑暗种所过之处,一切皆沦为黑暗。 This is not lies. 这并非虚言。 Blood god clone stands above the bleak land, the vision has swept in all around slowly, in the heart has an anxiety, he had not discovered that this star has what unique element. 血神分身站在荒凉的大地之上,目光在四周缓缓扫过,心中生出一丝疑虑,他并未发现这颗星球有什么特殊之处。 Why does Demon Venerable make him bring to belittle the army to arrive at this place black? Is here bright universe Martial Artist guard, not needing the so big fee/spent flustered? 为何魔尊让他带着黑蔑军降临此地?这里并没有光明宇宙武者把守,需要如此大费周章吗? " Pitifully I cannot use the main body Pupil of True Sight. " The blood god clone to shake the head secretly. 「可惜我不能动用本尊的【真视之瞳】。」血神分身暗自摇了摇头。 If the main body here, he naturally can use, but the main body in this place, he is unable to borrow that special eye pupil talent to see this star strange place. 如果本尊在这里,他自然可以动用,但本尊不在此地,他无法借用那特殊眼瞳天赋看到这颗星球的奇异之处。 " Information is really very important. " 「情报果然是很重要的啊。」 The blood god divides in the body and mind to sigh with emotion. 血神分身心中不禁感慨起来。 He has known that the main body becomes the supervisory history of teng snake health/guard, can obtain many information, but his here is only a command of regiment, information has no advantage, all can only take orders from the conduct. 他已经知道本尊成为了螣蛇卫的监察史,能够获得诸多情报,而他这里却只是一个军团的统帅,情报方面没有任何优势,一切只能听命行事。 Is good can help supply each other with the main body him, and spreads some information promptly. 好在他这边能够与本尊互通有无,并及时传出一些情报。 The information that even if his here obtains is not first-hand, to the main body that side, these information was still important, can make them change the passive situation. 哪怕他这里得到的情报不是第一手,到了本尊那边,这些情报依然非常重要,可以让他们改变被动的局势。 " Command, how do we want to do now? " Deputy commander black goes forward to ask. 「统帅,我们现在要怎么做?」副统帅黑摩特上前问道。 " First blocks this star, once discovered that the bright universe Martial Artist trail, reports in me immediately. " 「先将这颗星球封锁起来,一旦发现光明宇宙武者的踪迹,立刻汇报于我。」 " Moreover sends out few people to explore this star again, has a look at what uniqueness. " 「另外再派出一部分人探索这颗星球,看看有什么奇特之处。」 The blood god clone vision flashes, light say/way. 血神分身目光一闪,淡淡道。 " Yes! " 「是!」 An numerous deputy commander receives an order to go immediately. 一众副统帅立刻领命而去。 Black, demon Locker, Sabres these deputy commanders led Dark Species totally to block this star, in the middle of the void black fog, hid many Dark Species, almost airtight of this star surrounding, the bystander do not want to enter again. 黑摩特,魔罗克,萨布尔这几个副统帅带领着黑暗种将这颗星球彻底封锁了起来,虚空的黑雾当中,隐藏了许许多多的黑暗种,几乎将这颗星球包围的密不透风,外人根本别想要再进入其中。 Afterward they selected Dark Species that is good at investigating, enters across the star, investigates this place the situation. 随后它们又选出了一些擅长探查的黑暗种,进入星球各地,探查此地的情况。 Like belittles in the middle of the army regiment black, naturally has " scouting " branch of the services. 像黑蔑军这样的军团当中,自然存在「斥候型」的兵种。 The blood god clone to arrive above a mountain, overlooks below all. Calmly waits for the result. 血神分身来到一座大山之上,俯瞰下方的一切。静静等待结果。 " How didn't know that side the main body? " He wants to say secretly. 「不知道本尊那边怎么样了?」他暗暗想道。 Before he and main body often related, the clearness of time arrangement, almost his front leg just arrived, that side the main body also arrived. 之前他和本尊时常联系,将时间安排的明明白白,几乎他前脚刚到,本尊那边也到了。 Now has a look to be able on this star to discover anything. 现在就看看能在这颗星球上发现什么东西了。 Before all have not clarified, the main body naturally cannot move lightly. 在一切没有弄清楚之前,本尊自然不会轻动。 Moreover Dark Species also has other influences on arrive. 而且黑暗种还有其他势力到来。 " This thinks, only then I was dispatched, now it seems like it is not such. " Blood god clone vision 「本以为只有我被派遣了过来,现在看来并非如此。「血神分身目光微 Dodging: " This whether explained that this star quite important? " 闪:「这是否说明,这颗星球相当的重要?」 Bang! 轰隆! Is thinking, fierce thundering resounds above the star suddenly. 正思索间,一阵剧烈的轰鸣突然在星球之上响起。 " What's the matter? " The blood god clone vision concentrates slightly, passes on the whence to look toward the sound. 「怎么回事?」血神分身目光微微一凝,朝着声音传来处看去。 This radical explosion, was almost equivalent to universe level Martial Artist to strike full power, had bright universe Martial Artist to appear here? 这种剧烈的爆炸,几乎相当于宇宙级武者全力一击了,难道有光明宇宙的武者出现在了这里? Is impossible, now that side the bright universe should direct by the main body, if begins, the main body must inform him. 不可能啊,现在光明宇宙那边应该由本尊指挥,若是动手,本尊不可能不通知他。 " Sir. " 「大人。」 Quick, the flowing light flushed from the distant place together, impressively is deputy command demon Locker, at this time its on the face has the exciting color, after falling, clone good a ritual to the blood god, then said: " This star really has the strangeness, we discovered one unusual material, can have the radical explosion, our low-rank demon sovereign level soldier false carelessly exploded severe wound. " 很快,一道流光从远处冲了过来,赫然是副统帅魔罗克,此时它脸上带着兴奋之色,落下之后冲着血神分身行了一礼,而后说道:「这颗星球果然有古怪,我们发现了一种奇特的物质,能够发生剧烈爆炸,我们的一位下位魔皇级战士一假不慎就被炸的重伤。」 " ...... " Blood god clone, although in heart also some vibrations, but sees the opposite party exciting appearance, suddenly is somewhat unworthy for that low-rank demon sovereign level soldier. 「……」血神分身虽然心中也有些震动,但是看到对方兴奋的样子,突然有些替那头下位魔皇级战士不值。 " Sir? " Demon Locker sees the blood god clone not to answer for a very long time, called out. 「大人?」魔罗克见血神分身久久不答,不禁又叫道。 " Un. " The blood god clone light nod , a being as deep as a well appearance said: " Leads me to have a look. " 「嗯。」血神分身淡淡的点了点头,一副高深莫测的样子说道:「带我去看看。」 " Yes! " Demon Locker sees him so to calm down, gawked, secretly thought/passage really had not experienced, deeply inspires, was been tranquil by oneself, said: " Sir please come along with me. " 「是!」魔罗克见他如此沉得住气,不由愣了一下,暗道自己真是没见识,深吸了口气,让自己平静下来,说道:「大人请随我来。」 The blood god clone under it leads, went to that place discovery special material place, falls slowly. 血神分身在其带领之下,来到了那处发现特殊物质的地方,缓缓落下。 Through the demon Locker's illustration, he had known the special details. 通过魔罗克的解说,他已经知晓了具体情况。 That special material not in surface, but is located under the bottom. Just now some Dark Species discovered that this place the unusuality, then dug out the land, after finding that special material, careful the Source Power invasion investigates, who knew Source Power just to invade, had the explosion unexpectedly directly. The blood god clone to prepare to enter the bottom, the vision sweeps, suddenly sees nearby has half-dead Dark Species, the entire body was exploded did not have half, is quite pitiful. 那特殊物质并不在地表,而是位于地底之下。方才有黑暗种发现此地的异常,便掘开了大地,找到那特殊物质之后,小心的将原力侵入其中探查,谁知原力刚刚侵入,竟直接发生了爆炸。血神分身正准备进入地底,目光一扫,突然看到旁边有一头半死不活的黑暗种,整个身躯都被炸没了一半,颇为凄惨。 " This special material is so unexpectedly terrifying. " 「这特殊物质竟如此恐怖。」 In his eye none flashes immediately, was more curious to that special material. 他的眼中顿时精光一闪,对那特殊物质更加好奇了起来。 Is an explosion, half dead that Dark Species of low-rank demon sovereign level explodes, almost lost the battle efficiency, this might was also too terrifying. 仅仅是一次爆炸,就将一头下位魔皇级的黑暗种炸的半死,几乎失去了战斗力,这威力也太恐怖了一些。 Does not know the special material that just exploded how many does have? 就不知道刚刚爆炸的特殊物质有多少? Before has heard a view, so long as the equivalent were enough, the gods can kill. 以前听说过一种说法,只要当量足够,神明都能炸死。 If only needs the little special material to be able half dead that low-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species explodes, but here has many special materials...... that not to dare to imagine simply. 如果只需一点点特殊物质就能够将一头下位魔皇级黑暗种炸的半死,而这里又存在很多的特殊物质……那简直不敢想象。 " Brings it therapy, gives the subsidy. " The blood god clone to point at that severely wounded Dark Species, light saying. 「带它下去疗伤,给予补贴。」血神分身指着那头重伤的黑暗种,平淡的说道。 The people suppose are very important. 人设很重要。 Even Dark Species, must pay great attention to the person to suppose. 即便是黑暗种,也必须注重人设。 " Yes! " Demon Locker and others the deputy commands gawked, immediately understands this is the blood god the method that clone to boss around the person, naturally does not dare to say anything, immediately said accordingly. 「是!」魔罗克等副统帅愣了一下,立刻明白这是血神分身笼络人的手段,自然不敢多说什么,当即应声道。 " Many thanks Sir. " That low-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species respectful saying. 「多谢大人。」那头下位魔皇级黑暗种恭敬的说道。 The blood god clone to beckon with the hand, making one therapy its belt/bring, then turns the head to ask: " Can find that special material? " 血神分身摆了摆手,让人将其带下去疗伤,而后转头问道:「可找到那种特殊物质?」 " Found. " Demon Locker said. 「找到了。」魔罗克道。 " Leads me to have a look. " The blood god clone to say. 「带我去看看。」血神分身道。 " Sir must be careful, the explosion of that special material is very terrifying, moreover below does not know also many. " Demon Locker said. 「大人务必小心,那特殊物质的爆炸十分恐怖,而且下面不知还有多少。「魔罗克道。 The blood god clone not to talk too much, but nods, then under demon Locker and the others led to enter below tunnel. 血神分身没有多言,只是点了点头,便在魔罗克等人带领下进入了下方的地洞之中。 This tunnel just excavated, originally is not big, but after the explosion of that special material, formed a giant gulf. 这个地洞是刚刚开凿出来的,本来并不大,但经过那特殊物质的爆炸之后,形成了一个巨大的深坑。 In the gulf bottom, some Dark Species are cleaning up all around stone cautiously, does not dare to use Source Power, for fear that before step, that low-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species footsteps. 在深坑的底部,一些黑暗种正在小心翼翼的清理着四周的土石,根本不敢动用原力,生怕步了之前那头下位魔皇级黑暗种的后尘。 An explosion, exploded did not have half body, even Dark Species could not withstand. 一个爆炸,就炸没了半个身体,就算黑暗种也承受不住啊。 If the light 如果是光 Perhaps bright universe Martial Artist, had died, is the Dark Species vitality is quite tenacious, can live reluctantly. 明宇宙武者,没准已经死了,也就是黑暗种生命力极为顽强,勉强还能活下来。 However if just now explosion is more terrifying, that low-rank demon sovereign level Dark Species estimate also straight taking charge of box lunch. 不过如果方才的爆炸更为恐怖一点,那头下位魔皇级黑暗种估计也得直接领盒饭。 The blood god clone to arrive at bottom of the gulf, the vision sweeps, then looked that to Dark Species the ground that cleaned up. 血神分身来到深坑底部,目光一扫,便看向了一头黑暗种正在清理的地面。 One very special material revealed that some, appears in the common stone especially towering. 一种非常特殊的物质显露出了些许,在寻常的土石之中显得格外的突兀。 " Is this? " The blood god clone to ask. 「就是这个吗?」血神分身问道。 In that stone, has one group of irregular silver-white materials, the shape like the sea urchin, is growing the irregular sharp thorn. 在那土石之中,有着一团不规则的银白色物质,形如海胆,长着不规则的尖刺。 " Yes, this material cannot see what unique element from the semblance . Moreover the volume of nowadays discovering is not big, who can think that in contains the extremely terrifying energy unexpectedly. " Nearby black first nods to say. 「是的,这种物质从外表看不出什么特殊之处,而且现如今发现的体积都不大,谁能想到里面居然蕴含极为恐怖的能量。「一旁的黑摩特抢先点头道。 Although they are ordered to come, but can first discover that this material, somewhat is a merit, therefore these deputy commands are displaying. 虽然他们只是奉命而来,但能够首先发现这种物质,多多少少算是一种功劳,所以这几位副统帅都在争相表现。 " Inside seems like a very special compression energy, is not any species. " Demon Locker shot a look at black one eyes, added. 「里面似乎是一种很特殊的压缩能量,不属于任何一种属性。」魔罗克瞥了黑摩特一眼,补充道。 " Reduces the energy? " The blood god clone looking pensive, asked: " Just now creates the special material of explosion, big? " 「压缩能量?」血神分身若有所思,问道:「方才造成爆炸的特殊物质,有多大?」 " Probably only then at present half of this special material. " Another deputy commander Sabres said. 「大概只有眼前这块特殊物质的一半。」另一位副统帅萨布尔说道。 " Half?! " The blood god divides in the body and mind slightly startled, because this special material is actually at present small, his half palm is big, the result is only its half, almost killed Dark Species of low-rank demon sovereign level. 「一半?!」血神分身心中微惊,因为眼前这块特殊物质其实非常小,还不到他的半个手掌大,结果只是它的一半,就差点将一头下位魔皇级的黑暗种炸死。 Inconceivable! 不可思议! Seriously is inconceivable! 当真是不可思议! This means, only needs a thumb big or small point, killed demon King Level Dark Species sufficiently. 这岂不是意味着,只需拇指头大小的一点,就足以将一头魔王级黑暗种炸死。 Demon King Level, was equivalent to Star Level Martial Artist. 王级,相当于恒星级武者了。 Although by his present strength, Star Level at all is not anything, however in the universe, Star Level Martial Artist is also quite powerful existence. 尽管以他现在的实力,恒星级根本不算什么,但是在宇宙之中,恒星级武者也是颇为强大的存在。 If some camparatively poor stars, Star Level Martial Artist lorded it over sufficiently. 若是一些较为落后的星球,恒星级武者都足以称王称霸了。 Result trivial scrap special material, can set at Star Level Martial Artist ***, being on duty is somewhat terrifying. 结果这区区的一小块特殊物质,就能够置一位恒星级武者***地,当直是有些恐怖。 " Hasn't triggered other special materials? " The blood god clone to think of anything suddenly, knits the brows to ask. 「没有触发其他特殊物质?」血神分身突然想到什么,皱眉问道。 " Has not triggered. " Demon Locker said: " The outer coverings of these special materials seem stable, even if were vibrated, will not explode. " 「并未触发。」魔罗克道:「这些特殊物质的外壳似乎很稳定,哪怕是受到震动,也不会爆炸。」 " Interesting. " The blood god clone vision flashes slightly, suddenly said: " You draw back. " 「有趣。」血神分身目光微微闪动,突然道:「你们都退开一些。」 " Sir, you want...... " numerous Dark Species as if to guess correctly that he must make anything, the complexion all slightly changes. 「大人,您是要……」一众黑暗种似乎猜到他要做什么,面色俱是微微一变。 " Might as well. " The blood god clone to beckon with the hand. 「无妨。」血神分身摆了摆手。 Demon Locker and other Dark Species started to speak but hesitated, but sees his firm appearance, knows unable to convince, can only fall back on the distant place. 魔罗克等黑暗种欲言又止,但是看到他坚定的样子,也知道劝不动,只能退到了远处。 They actually also quite dreaded to this special material, before thorough clarifying, does not dare to touch at will. 它们对这种特殊物质其实也颇为忌惮,在没有彻底弄清楚之前,根本不敢随意触碰。 Cannot use Source Power, this is a pit. 不能用原力,这就是个坑。 If had the explosion accidentally/surprisingly, they use the Source Power defense again, it is estimated that was late. 一旦出现意外发生了爆炸,它们再动用原力防御,估计就迟了。 Even if the mid-rank demon sovereign level, and even the high-rank demon sovereign level exists, was exploded one time by that explosion short distance, it is estimated that is also unbearable, does not die must be selected the wound. 哪怕是中位魔皇级,乃至上位魔皇级存在,被那种爆炸近距离炸一次,估计也是够呛,不死也要受点伤。 The blood blue abundant and other blood group Dark Species have not talked too much, they believe strength that very much the blood god clone, this special material truly very strange, but should be not enough to injure to him. 血蓝博等血族黑暗种并未多言,它们很相信血神分身的实力,这特殊物质确实很奇异,但应该不足以伤到他。 When numerous Dark Species draws back, the blood god clone to read the strength to find out energetic, careful contact that special material. 等到一众黑暗种退开,血神分身才将精神念力探出,小心的接触那特殊物质。 Cannot contact with Source Power, does not represent cannot read the strength with the spirit. 不能用原力接触,不代表不能用精神念力。 But has not tried, therefore he is also very careful. 但没试过,所以他也很小心。 Is good is correct because of his guess, the spirit read the strength to bump into that special material, has not sent the explosion. 好在他的猜测是正确的,精神念力碰到那特殊物质,并未发爆炸。 Did not arrive at the palm of the hand big special material to be read the strength to skid from the stone by his spirit, then fell into his hand. 一颗不到巴掌大的特殊物质被他的精神念力从土石中撬了出来,而后落入他的手中。 Numerous Dark Species sees this, relaxes, close, looks to that special material. 一众黑暗种看到这一幕,不由松了口气,纷纷靠近过来,望向那特殊物质。 " Originally this 「原来这 The special material cannot be read the strength to affect by the spirit. " Demon Locker patted a horse buttocks with a laugh: " Commands the Sir really mental perception. " 特殊物质不会被精神念力所影响。」魔罗克笑呵呵的拍了个马屁:「统帅大人果然慧眼。」 The blood god clone to shoot a look at its one, in the heart somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cry, but appreciated to this tactful behavior very much, immediately gave it one " on your very say/way " look. 血神分身瞥了它一眼,心中有些哭笑不得,但对这种识趣的行为还是很赞赏的,顿时给了它一个「你很上道」的眼神。 Several other deputy commands somewhat are speechless. 其余几位副统帅不禁有些无语。 On the idle fog gao face the muscle twitches, stands does not say a word in the one side, his present is not very happy. 惰雾藁脸上肌肉抽搐,站在一旁一言不发,他现在心情很不好。 Idle fog Luan died! 惰雾滦死了! Cannot relate. 联系不上。 This comes, it does not know that related several times, but no time can relate on. 这一路过来,它不知道联系了几次,但没有一次能够联系上的。 If only the simple relation, perhaps also possibly is other reasons, but it discovered finally, individual account number of idle fog Luan thorough gloomy. 如果只是简单的联系不上,没准还可能是其他原因,但最终它发现,惰雾滦的个人账号已经彻底灰暗。 This only has two possibilities. 这只有两种可能。 One type is the soul of idle fog Luan is imprisoned, is unable to communicate the outside world. 一种是惰雾滦的灵魂被人囚禁,无法沟通外界。 Another possibility is, idle fog Luan died. 另一种可能就是,惰雾滦死了。 The account number with soul binding, the account number exhibits the gloomy condition, was the soul had/left the big problem inevitably. 账号都是与灵魂绑定的,账号呈现灰暗状态,必然是灵魂出了大问题。 Therefore idle fog gao thinks that idle fog Luan has died. 所以惰雾藁才会认为惰雾滦已经死了。 Compared with several other deputy commands, idle fog Luan is its true direct descendant, both sides are the idle fog clan, the relations are very near, betrayal possibly is smallest. 与其他几个副统帅相比,惰雾滦才是它真正的嫡系,双方都是惰雾族,关系很近,背叛的可能最小。 Now idle fog Luan has an accident, its left and right arms was cuts off thoroughly. 如今惰雾滦出了事,它的左膀右臂算是彻底被斩断了。 Is belittling the army black, he cannot turn what spray again. 在黑蔑军,他再也翻不起什么浪花。 " What did the heavenly pillar star exactly have? " The sentiment fog gao look is gloomy, in the heart thinks secretly. 「天柱星到底发生了什么?」情雾藁眼神阴沉无比,心中暗自思索。 It does not think actually that is the method that the blood god clone, but has not thought that the opposite party as if guessed, the heavenly pillar star really has problems, even/including Duowu the Luan could not solve, the issue feared that was also big. 它倒是不认为那是血神分身的手段,只是没想到对方似乎猜中了,天柱星真的出了问题,连惰雾滦都解决不了,问题怕是还不小。 What makes its aggrieved is, initially blood god clone made idle fog Luan stay behind, it also thinks little, thinking the opposite party wants is too many. 更让它憋屈的是,当初血神分身让惰雾滦留下,它还不以为意,认为对方想太多。 Now hits the face completely. 现在完全是打脸了。 Not only loses face, but also lost an efficient subordinate, is a double loss simply. 不但丢了面子,还损失了一位得力手下,简直是赔了夫人又折兵。 It was unable to say anything. 偏偏它还不能说什么。 This pot idle fog Luan back decided. 这个锅惰雾滦背定了。 Idle fog gao thinks that does not understand the heavenly pillar star has an accident, now looks that front blood god clone to discover that special material, the merit had one certainly, in its heart was more uncomfortable. 惰雾藁想不明白天柱星到底出了什么事,如今看着面前的血神分身又发现了那特殊物质,功劳铁定有一份,它心中更加难受了。 All these should be it. 这一切本该都是它的。 Blood god clone naturally does not know that idle fog gao is thinking anything, now he not pays attention to it, if now the opposite party can also belittle in the army to turn the spray black, he must admire opposite party. 血神分身自然不知道惰雾藁在想什么,现在他已经不怎么将其放在眼里了,如今对方若还能在黑蔑军之中翻起浪花,他都要佩服对方一下。 What a pity this possibility is almost zero. 可惜这种可能几乎为零。 At this time he is sizing up the present special material, the spirit read the strength winding above, spied on the energy structure. 此时他打量着眼前的特殊物质,精神念力缠绕在上面,窥探其中的能量构造。 Just like demon Locker and other Dark Species said before, in this special material truly contains the extremely rich energy, seemed reduced the pinnacle, therefore this small special material, can erupt the terrifying energy to come like that. 正如之前魔罗克等黑暗种所言,这特殊物质内确实蕴含着极为浓郁的能量,似乎被压缩到了极致,所以这小小的一块特殊物质,才能够爆发出那般恐怖的能量来。 " This energy is very unusual. " The blood god clone vision moves slightly, in heart secret thinking. 「这种能量很奇特。」血神分身目光微动,心中暗暗思索。 Speculated by various strengths that the main body grasps, this energy seems to be pure, does not have any attribute, but contains strength of the space. 以本尊所掌握的各种力量来推测,这种能量似乎非常纯粹,不具备任何的属性,但却蕴含着一丝空间之力。 Otherwise is unable to contain the so boundless strength in such small volume embodiment, this inevitably is the merit of strength of space. 否则根本无法在这么小的体积内蕴含如此磅礴的力量,这必然是空间之力的功劳。 " Because energy does not have any attribute, therefore meets ordinary Source Power, the energy will lose the balance, has the explosion. " 「正是因为其中的能量不具备任何属性,所以一遇到普通的原力,能量就会失去平衡,产生爆炸。」 The blood god clone to speculate that quickly reason, immediately in the heart was dignified. 血神分身很快就推测出了原因,随即心中便是凝重了起来。 This thing simply is the strategic resources. 这东西简直就是战略资源啊。 He still remembers that the main body initially in the devil bomb that No. 29 defense star obtained, in addition that type of bomb cannot compare with this special material, but actually created the heavy losses to that demon egg initially. 他还记得本尊当初在二十九号防御星得到的恶魔炸弹,那种炸弹尚且不能与这种特殊物质相比,但当初却是给那魔卵造成了重创。 Otherwise that war, they will not win like that with ease. 否则那一战,他们也不会赢得那般轻松。 Therefore if the devil bomb can the mass production, have very drastic effect on the war sufficiently. 因此恶魔炸弹若是可以量产,足以对一些大战造成十分巨大的影响。 What a pity the material of devil bomb is quite special, common rare. 可惜恶魔炸弹的材料颇为特殊,寻常难得。 Now even main body, without that " shore insect 如今就算是本尊,都没有那「海皮虫 " The outer covering, could not manufacture the devil bomb. 」的外壳,根本制作不了恶魔炸弹。 However this special material was different, although is unable to manufacture the lifeform bomb, but actually can also manufacture the common blasting explosive, by terrifying energy, sufficiently to powerful existed to pose the threat. 不过这特殊物质就不一样了,虽然无法制作成生物炸弹,但却也可以制作成寻常的炸药,凭借其中的恐怖能量,足以对一些强大的存在造成威胁了。 But here as if has special material of entire star, thinks to know that is terrifying. 而这里似乎有着一整颗星球的特殊物质,想想就知道有多么恐怖。 If put and in the bright universe battlefield, the consequence is dreadful. 如果被投放到与光明宇宙的战场中,后果不堪设想。 The blood god divides in the body and mind the train of thought to rotate fast, was pondering how should process these special materials. 血神分身心中思绪快速转动,思考着到底该如何处理这些特殊物质。 This fact was too important, must inform the main body as soon as possible. 这件事实在太重要了,必须尽快通知本尊。 In the meantime, above his intelligent wrist watch resounded the communication request. 就在此时,他的智能腕表之上响起了通讯请求。 The blood god clone vision moves slightly, not hesitant, direct connection. 血神分身目光微动,没有犹豫,直接接通。 Together light screen projection, has form together, murders blood Demon Venerable impressively. 一道光幕投影而出,其中有着一道身影,赫然正是弑血魔尊 " Blood certainly, have you gone to the place? " 「血绝,你已经到地方了?」 " Yes, Sir Demon Venerable. " The blood god clone good a ritual, then presented in the special material in hand its front, said: " Moreover we discovered this. " 「是的,魔尊大人。」血神分身行了一礼,而后将手中的特殊物质呈现在它的面前,说道:「而且我们发现了这个。」 " Main body has known, you do is very good, now immediately blocks this star, the excavation " cinders ore " , acts without fail. " Murders blood Demon Venerable to say. 「本尊已知晓,你做的很好,现在立刻封锁这颗星球,挖掘其中的「烬矿」,不得有误。」弑血魔尊道。 " Cinders ore?! " The blood god divides in the body and mind surprised, has not thought that this special material has the name, when the time comes can make the plump help investigate actually, on the face actually does not reveal, immediately should say: " Yes! " 「烬矿?!」血神分身心中惊讶,没想到这特殊物质已经有了名字,到时候倒是可以让圆滚滚帮忙调查一下,脸上却丝毫不显,立刻应道:「是!」 " Besides belittles the army black, many regiments knew " burns ore " news, has overtaken, your time are not much. " Murdered blood Demon Venerable to look at his one eyes meaningfully, said. 「除了黑蔑军之外,还有不少军团得知「燃矿」的消息,也已经赶了过去,你的时间不多了。」弑血魔尊意味深长的看了他一眼,又道。 " What do you mean? Can other regiments snatch? " The blood god clone to frown, but also wants to ask several again, but murders blood Demon Venerable to finish speaking, had ended the telephone conversation. 「什么意思?其他军团要来抢?」血神分身皱起眉头,还想再多问几句,但弑血魔尊话音刚落,就已经结束了通话。 () () …… ……
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