AOA :: Volume #9

#802: The power and influence of insect witch

Simple interrogation, young Pseudo-Sorcerer from the golden hair male spigot of suffocation has picked up the whereabouts of that goods finally. 简单的‘审讯’过后,年轻准巫终于从奄奄一息的金发男子口中撬出了那件物品的下落。 Couple days ago, Sir Mary just led to smash one to subordinate at the second-level resources point of Kamala Family. Guarding died in battle there Kamala Family Sorcerer at the scene, but stockpiled the resources in mystical place warehouse is actually short of half to be many. 前几天,玛丽大人刚刚带队捣毁了一个隶属于卡玛拉家族的二级资源点。驻守在那里的卡玛拉家族巫师战死当场,不过储备在秘境仓库里的资源却少了一半还多。 Numerous dark red apprentice were dispatched, chases down Kamala Family odd|surplus Nie who these evade arrest in all directions. 众多的深红学徒被派遣了出来,四处追杀那些漏网的卡玛拉家族余孽。 But he is in luck without doubt very much, stopped up that crowd Sorcerer Apprentice that fled unexpectedly here from resources. According to the custom of dark red family, in spoils of war of this seizing he has the right the minute to walk 1 \\ / 3. Thinks that second-level resources that huge number of resources, on the young Pseudo-Sorcerer face shows the pain was joyful the strange smile. 而他无疑很走运,竟然在这里堵到了那群从资源点里潜逃出来的巫师学徒。按照深红家族的规矩,此次缴获的战利品中他有权分走1\\/3。一想到二级资源点那庞大的资源数量,年轻准巫脸上就露出了痛并快乐着的诡异微笑。 Was loaded with the Chu rings of huge resource to be hidden in the accompanying carriage of apprentice squad, when young Pseudo-Sorcerer has pared the golden hair man head happily, stride when a carriage walked, wore the cloudy duck old man hand of white robe to lean on also high witch stick, Jie Jie sneers to tread from the darkness. 装有大量资源的储物戒指被藏到了学徒小队的随行马车之中,当年轻准巫痛快的削去了金发男子头颅,大步向其中一辆马车走去时,一个身穿白袍的阴鹜老者手拄比自己个头还高的巫杖,桀桀冷笑着从黑暗中踏出。 But his front, is hanging a maple leaf grass badge of Kamala Family impressively. 而他的胸前,赫然悬挂着一枚卡玛拉家族的枫叶草徽章。 Sorcerer ...... official Sorcerer !” 巫师……正式巫师!” The previous quarter also controls this stretch of battlefield dark red Pseudo-Sorcerer to frighten again and again retrocedes, visual sudden Kamala Family Sorcerer , the mouth toss about was muttering is talking over anything. 上一刻还主宰着这片战场的深红准巫吓得连连后退,目视着突然出现的卡玛拉家族巫师,嘴里翻来覆去地喃喃念叨着什么。 As if has remembered the fearfulness of Sorcerer , dark red Pseudo-Sorcerer sends to shout that turns around wants to run away to the darkness. 似乎想起了巫师的可怕,深红准巫一声发喊,掉头就想逃到黑暗之中。 But the black black tentacle that extends from the place bottom in a flash is hard to move, bang that he curls entangles throws down in pool of blood that in has not coagulated. 可是一根从地底伸出的黢黑触手转瞬间就把他卷缠的难以动弹,嘭的一声摔倒在还未凝固的血泊之中。 Gives me to stay there...... If I discovered that you have any dishonest action, you know that what consequence will have!” The cloudy duck old man lets somebody cool off or calm down said to the dark red Pseudo-Sorcerer hissing. “给我呆在那里……如果我发现你有任何不老实的举动,你知道会有什么样的后果!”阴鹜老者冷冷的冲着深红准巫嘶声说道。 The word, before arriving at a pack horse body of pulling a cart, the right hand refers to such as the blade jabbing into its stomach pouch. How this pack horse can withstand the so fearful injury, bounced several to twitch is falling to the ground dead a violent death. 言罢,走到一头拉车的驮马身前,右手并指如刀噗的一声刺进了其胃囊之中。这匹驮马又如何能够承受如此可怕的伤害,弹跳了几下就抽搐着倒地暴毙了。 When the right hand of old man extracts from the pack horse abdominal cavity of covered with blood, one big held contamination stench digestion to fall in torrents from inside. But in these filthy thing center, a bright yellow bronze ring tumbled. 而当老者的右手从血肉模糊的驮马腹腔里抽出时,一大捧污秽腥臭的消化物从里面倾泻了出来。而在这些秽物中央,一枚黄澄澄的青铜戒指滚落了出来。 Ha...... Fortunately these kids also enough cleverness, unexpectedly that resources these five years the resources reserve brought. Then the witch medicine material shortage in family has filled most probably, ha Ha Ha......” “哈哈哈……还好这些小家伙们还足够的机灵,竟然把那个资源点这五年来的资源储备都带了回来。这下家族里的巫药材料短缺就填补了大半,哈哈哈……” Then in the cloudy duck old man searches the hand wants to take that Chu ring, the ground that the ring is at haunches up the breakage suddenly, gushed out the tidal continuous black beetle from inside. But the ring also instantaneously submerged in the insect sea of black beetle! 然后就在阴鹜老者探手想要拿取那枚储物戒指之时,戒指所在的地面突然拱起破裂,从里面涌出了潮水般源源不断的黑色甲虫。而戒指也瞬间就淹没在了黑色甲虫的虫海之中! Damn, is the insect witch...... 该死,是虫巫…… Understands instantaneously in a cloudy duck old man hand that Wu Zhang, the strange ripple goes toward in all directions the ripples from his together. All steps into the black beetle in ripple after the pain struggles for several seconds, explodes the bunch of blood sauces in abundance, peripheral dyed a colorful pickle jar the old man instantaneously. 瞬间明白过来的阴鹜老者一顿手中巫杖,一道奇异波纹就从他脚下向着四面八方涟漪而去。所有踏入波纹之中的黑色甲虫在痛苦挣扎几秒后,纷纷爆裂成一团团血酱,瞬间把老者周边染成了一个五彩斑斓的酱缸。 After having prevented advancing and making an attack on insect group, the old man pulls out a reagent vial rapidly, gurgle honk fills in inside potion the entrance. When green wind wing when he behind hold-up it fast is raising, during peripheral was void has heard the incisive grating howling sound indistinctly. 阻挡了虫群的进袭后,老者迅速的掏出一个试剂小瓶,把里面的药剂咕嘟嘟灌入口中。当青色的风翼在他身后托浮着其快速升起时,周边虚空之中隐约传来了尖锐刺耳的呼啸声。 In the darkness, the light fluctuates. 黑暗之中,光影浮动。 34 transparent phantom have delimited from the old man body fast. 34道透明的虚影从老者身躯上快速划过。 The cloudy duck old man only with enough time called out pitifully, changes into one pile of disintegrations corpse block to sprinkle from the midair. 阴鹜老者只来得及惨叫了一声,就化为一堆散碎的尸块从半空中洒落下来。 The old men die, the black tentacle that he stimulates instantaneously was also defeated and dispersed. 老者一死,他所激发的黑触手也就瞬间溃散了。 Dark red Pseudo-Sorcerer rolling crawls from the ground, cannot attend to examining own injury, hurries to reveal own front badge, high sound track: Has seen Sir Bilis! I am disciple Andor of Desaila Teacher, thanked you to serve with the aid!” 深红准巫一骨碌从地面上爬起来,顾不上查看自己身上的伤势,赶忙亮出自己胸前的徽章,高声道:“见过比利斯大人!我是德塞拉老师的弟子安多尔,非常感谢您能够施以援手!” Actually, to at this moment, insect witch Bilis still did not have on the scene to come, lingers the insect group before Sorcerer flesh and blood fragment picks up that Chu ring to arrive at the ground opening slowly. Folding that the next quarter, more black beetles swarm piles in the same place, stuck out to form a strange human form slowly. 其实,到了此时此刻,虫巫比利斯依然没有在场中现身,萦绕在巫师血肉碎块中的虫群托起那枚储物戒指缓缓来到地面裂口前。下一刻,更多的黑色甲虫蜂拥的叠摞在一起,缓缓隆起形成了一个诡异的人形。 „Are you Desaila disciple? Um, the reward of this duty above you...... Takes this ring to ask Sir Mary to receive an award!” “你是德塞拉的弟子?嗯,这次任务的奖励就算在你头上……拿着这枚戒指去找玛丽大人领赏吧!” Black beetle that myriad wrigglings move pieces together a lifelike human form Sorcerer appearance, the insect group big mouth opens, puts out the noisy hoarse insect cry, at once, that ring was thrown into the young Pseudo-Sorcerer bosom. 万千蠕蠕而动的黑色甲虫拼凑出一个栩栩如生的人形巫师模样,虫群大口张开,吐出嘈杂嘶哑的虫鸣,旋即,那枚戒指就被抛到了年轻准巫的怀里。 Andor hears the word great happiness, immediately cautiously received in the ring the bosom. 安多尔闻言大喜,立刻小心翼翼的把戒指收入了怀中。 „The person in this camp whether has cleaned up?” Insect person who myriad black beetles compose turned around to aim at the vision has hidden in a panic-stricken crowd of camp corner/horn. “这个营地里的人是否都清理过了?”万千黑色甲虫组成的虫人转身把目光对准了躲在营地一角的惊恐人群。 Did not have!” Andor hurried to pull out a paper, loud discussing: Insect Sir Wu, I had investigated, in this camp has two teams is Kamala Family......” “还没有!”安多尔赶忙掏出了一张纸条,大声的念道:“虫巫大人,我已经调查过了,这个营地里有两个队伍是属于卡玛拉家族的……” Who?” The insect person was neighing incisively. “谁?”虫人尖锐的嘶鸣着。 Red leaves firm and Julu Caravan! The red leaves firm subordinates in Count Kamala Family Wen Ruisi Territory, the Julu Caravan has the Kamala Family about 70% cost investments......” “红叶商行和巨鹿商队!红叶商行隶属于卡玛拉家族温瑞思伯爵领地,巨鹿商队则有卡玛拉家族近7成的成本投入……” Judges like the death penalty, along with Andor's mentioning names, in the crowd is the members of these two teams to frighten two gangs of Li Li, the mandibular joint trembles. But the peripheral people in abundance fled their body sides. 就像死刑宣判一样,随着安多尔的指名道姓,人群中属于这两支队伍的成员个个吓得两股栗栗,牙关打颤。而周边的人们则纷纷逃离了他们身侧。 Jie Jie Jie...... Dares with the person cooperation of Kamala Family, to give me dead unexpectedly......” “桀桀桀……竟然敢和卡玛拉家族的人合作,都给我去死……” As of insect witch drinks lowly, the dense insect group submerged these ordinary people who instantaneously is incapable of revolting against. The Zuo Zuanyou of tidal insect group in crowds suddenly, has not injured the irrelevant character, only subordinating was involved in the insect sea in the people of these two teams. 随着虫巫的一声低喝,黑压压的虫群瞬间就淹没了这些无力反抗的凡夫俗子。潮水般的虫群在人群之间左钻右突,并没有伤害无关的人物,只把隶属于这两个队伍的人们卷入到了虫海之中。 When the gnawing sound vanishes, the black insect group returns insect witch, in camp were many more than 20 white bleached bones, the above continually half silk flesh and blood and physique have not stayed behind. 等到咔嚓咔嚓的啃噬声消失,黑色虫群重新退回虫巫脚下,营地里已经多了20多具白森森的枯骨,上面连半丝血肉和筋骨都没有留下。 After cleaning up this camp, the insect witch was defeated and dispersed myriad black beetles, drilled into the bottom to disappear without a trace. But dark red Pseudo-Sorcerer Andor of that triumphing does not dare excessively to stay again here, jumping up demon horse, rushes to into the darkness fast. 清理完了这座营地后,虫巫重新溃散成万千的黑色甲虫,钻入地底不知去向了。而那位得胜的深红准巫安多尔也不敢再在这里过多停留,跳上魔马,得得得的快速奔入黑暗之中。 When camp peripheral thoroughly returned to normal, these hid into neighbor the people of wooded mountain to dare the hibernation of insects to enter in camp slowly. Looks at the bloody and lying this way and that corpse everywhere, the people heart is ice-cold. 等到营地周边彻底恢复了平静,那些躲入附近山林的人们才敢慢慢地蛰入了营地之中。看着满地的血腥和横七竖八的尸体,众人心头都是一片冰冷。 In the world of this Sorcerer rule, they as the mediocrity of any unusual strength, have not had to mix the qualifications of Sorcerer conflict. Two Sorcerer families hit to live to kill, regardless of makes to what kind level, finally always has to sit a day of negotiations and consultation. 在这巫师统治的世界里,他们作为没有任何超凡力量的凡俗,根本不具备掺和进巫师争端的资格。两家巫师家族打生打死,不论闹到何等程度,最后总有坐下来谈判和协商的一天。 But their such ordinary people, are involved, besides inexplicableness of dying, almost did not have other possibility. 可他们这样的凡夫俗子,卷入其中,除了死的不明不白外,几乎没有别的可能了。 Can see from the tonight's circumstance only that recently established dark red family was in the upper hand obviously, not only has occupied others resources point, but also dares to speak out freely chases down the hostile side apprentice and Sorcerer . This, has indicated the huge strength disparity of both sides obviously! 单从今晚的情势就可以看出,那个新成立的深红家族明显占了上风,不但占了人家的资源点,还敢于大鸣大放的追杀敌对一方的学徒巫师。这,显然表明了双方的巨大实力差距! It is said that dark red family third-order Sorcerer does not have, but Kamala Family tried every means to persuade also third-order Sorcerer to support the scene, did both sides' strength contrast actually turn over? 据说,深红家族连个3阶巫师都没有,而卡玛拉家族好说歹说也有一位3阶巫师撑着场面,双方的战力对比却怎么翻转了过来? Only can tidy up to wrap to people who these Sorcerer secrets smatter with the team exasperatedly, at the same night leaves this to sleep temporarily camp. 对这些巫师隐秘一知半解的人们只能咳声叹气的收拾起了包裹和队伍,连夜离开了这座临时宿营地 Kamala Family had Sorcerer dead here, the opposite party definitely came to investigate without the Buddhist meeting. 卡玛拉家族有位巫师死在了这里,对方肯定无法会派人前来调查。 They continue to stay here, ironclad will become the object of opposite party retaliation and examination. Therefore the majority of caravans and travel are quietly fled camp, left this war unceasing land that did not return. 他们继续留在这里,铁定会成为对方报复和审查的对象。因此大部分商队和旅者都悄无声息的逃离了营地,头也不回的离开了这片战争不断的土地。 ............ ………… Vernin. 维尔宁。 Northern Sorceress parliament site. 北地女巫议会所在地。 In the magic secret room in ancient castle, Alice happily chatted Yan Yan and several formidable Sorceress leaders is talking. 在古老城堡的一间魔法密室之内,爱丽丝正言笑晏晏的和几位强大女巫首领交谈着。 Properly speaking, can present Sorceress here is the rank reaches as high as the fourth-order Sorceress leader, but Alice that not worthy of mentioning second-order as if should not appear. 按理说,能够出现在这里的女巫都是等级高达4阶的女巫首领,而爱丽丝那微不足道的2阶似乎根本不应该出现。 However, is relying on the destiny Sorceress strange occupational ability, regarding each few words that Alice spoke, which Sorceress leader without dares disregarding of Naked. 不过,凭借着命运女巫的奇异职业能力,对于爱丽丝所说的每一句话,没有哪一位女巫首领敢于赤衤果衤果的无视。 After all destiny Sorceress formidable what looks is she and strength of destiny agrees with level, but is not the height of her own strength. Naturally, the strength is stronger, she controls the ability of strength of destiny to be also stronger, this regarding any Sorceress leader, can only be intimate with and cannot be hostile. 毕竟命运女巫的强大看的是她和命运之力契合程度,而不是她自身实力的高低。当然,实力越强,她掌控命运之力的能力也就越强,这对于任何一位女巫首领来说,都是只能亲近而不能敌视的。 To be honest, in the passing first destiny Sorceress strength most formidable time, can definitely entrust with any Sorceress leader lucky + 3 formidable destiny Aura. This also means that this Sorceress leader can in following one year, become the pet of strength of destiny, throughout is in status/mode of lucky full house. 说实话,在过往第一任命运女巫实力最强大的时刻,完全可以赋予任何一位女巫首领幸运+3的强大命运光环。这也意味着,这位女巫首领能够在接下来的一年里,成为命运之力的宠儿,始终处于好运爆棚的状态 Are the lucky + 3 might fearful? 幸运+3的威力有多么可怕? The lucky + 1 words, mean that this lucky fellow eats meal to eat Hong Kong kumquat, drinks water to drink the gold bar, goes out with the honored person, drills the mountain to run into the seductress who comes to repay a debt of gratitude, jumps the cliff to run into urgently the formidable grandfather who wants to accept the disciple...... 幸运+1的话,就意味着这位幸运儿吃饭能吃出金豆子,喝水能喝出金条,出门遇贵人,钻山就遇到前来报恩的狐狸精,跳崖就能遇到急迫想要收徒的强大老爷爷…… The lucky + 2 words, can definitely stroll in the tremendous dangers and difficulties calmly, goes to sleep in spear|gun Lin Jianyu soundly, 幸运+2的话,完全可以在刀山火海之中从容漫步,在枪林箭雨之中酣然入睡, The casual life experience can discover one are some strong Great Sorcerer descendant...... 随便查查身世就能发现自己是某位强大巫师的后裔…… The lucky + 3 words, meeting gambling must win, even if the small probability must in her hands \; When with the formidable enemy fight, the enemy did not chant incantations bit the tongue, was accidentally Magic Skill makes a false counter-accusation, does to be paralyzed...... 幸运+3的话,逢赌必赢,哪怕再小的几率在她手中也是必中的\;如果和强大的敌人战斗,敌人不是念咒时咬到舌头,就是‘偶然’巫术反噬,搞得自己半身不遂…… In brief, obtains Sorceress that lucky in addition holds, simply strong in a complete mess! 总之,获得幸运加持的女巫,简直强的一塌糊涂! Although second-order Alice did not have such fearful in addition to hold the ability now, but numerous Sorceress leaders look above her strong development potential, is still willing to wait for that she continues to grow. 虽然现在2阶的爱丽丝还不具备这样可怕的加持能力,可是众多的女巫首领看在她强劲的发展潜力之上,依然愿意等待她继续成长。 But today this meeting, is several always by the Alice invitation comes with the Sorceress leader who a destiny Sorceress clan is on good terms. Therefore, when fourth-order formidable death Sorceress leader, Dark Sorceress leader Chazyan as well as pale Sorceress leader Sylvain Vija appeared in the secret room, here atmosphere also appeared suddenly stagnates. 而今天这场聚会,就是几位历来与命运女巫一族交好的女巫首领受爱丽丝邀请才前来的。因此,当4阶的强大死亡女巫首领克苏娜、黑暗女巫首领瑟西以及苍白女巫首领西尔维娅出现在密室之内,这里的气氛也就显得骤然凝滞起来。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 ! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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