AOA :: Volume #13

#1262: Shade Demon comes

Quick of commencing of action, conclusion is quicker...... 战斗开始的很快,结束的却更快…… Copes with one crowd to lack the high rank equipment, has the primitive giant of strength of powerful Flesh strength and cold ice spatially, several intruder on the scene have the good attainment experience. 对付一群缺乏高阶装备,空有强悍肉体力量和寒冰之力的原始巨人,在场的几位入侵者都有不错的心得体会。 Scarlet flame storm...... 赤焰风暴…… Death ripple...... 死亡波纹…… Community Petrifaction Beam...... 群体石化射线…… The earth trembles...... 大地震颤…… Nether Energy overflows...... 幽能溢出…… After a round wild skill outputs, surrounded has leaned this way and that in body side several big Ice Giant, is utterly routed. These strengths are slightly weak direct outside the body force field to be defeated and dispersed, the entire body was being pestered by the innumerable red white grey strange energy, the pain was whinning but actually. 一轮狂暴技能输出后,围拢在身侧的十几位高大冰巨人已经东倒西歪,溃不成军了。那些实力稍弱一些的直接体外力场溃散,整个身躯被无数红色白色灰色的奇异能量纠缠着,痛苦哀嚎着倒了下去。 Three strength strongest Ice Giant anti- this round attack, loudly is roaring, while the whole body cold wind winds around, lifted the hand to throw thick cold ice cones to Grim and the others. 只有三个实力最强的冰巨人抗住了这轮攻击,一边纵声咆哮着,一边周身寒风缭绕,抬手向格力姆等人扔出了一根根粗大至极的寒冰锥。 These cold ice cone have one meter diameter fully, inside soaks accumulated to be able myriad things grey absolute cold. Let alone ordinary creature, several Fourth Grade on the scene, once were wrapped up by this type of cold air on , is extremely difficult to withdraw. 这些寒冰锥个头足有一米直径,内里浸蕴着可以把万物化灰的绝对寒冷。别说普通生物了,就连在场的几位4阶,一旦被这种寒气卷裹上,也是极难脱身的。 Reason that Ancient Ice Giant powerful incomparable, depends is to absolutely the cold profound assurance. 上古冰巨人之所以强悍无比,靠的就是对绝对寒冷的深刻把握。 Adept are called the strength of natural law it, but receives the giants who the world will lives to be called the source it. 巫师们把其称为规则之力,而秉承天地意志而生的巨人们则把其称为本源。 How regardless of called, this type, controlled the pinnacle some strength research, causes fellow who it went to the reaching the pinnacle situation, was is extremely not affable. 不论称呼如何,这种把某种力量研究、掌控到了极致,使其达到登峰造极地步的家伙,都是极不好惹的。 However becomes also natural law, defeat also natural law! 但是成也规则,败也规则 Ancient Ice Giant receives the world will to live, strength is powerful, but the side cold strength that the source grasps extinguishes sufficiently kills all with it for the fellow of enemy. Therefore they can rush out the big prestige in the Ancient time, making innumerable in world lie prostrate in worship mediocre. 上古冰巨人秉承天地意志而生,力量强悍绝伦,而本源掌握的极寒之力更是足以灭杀一切与之为敌的家伙。所以它们才能在上古时期闯出诺大威名,让无数的世间凡俗为之顶礼膜拜。 But once world will has the circulation, a Titan clan rises, other giant collateral branches also in abundance declined. 可是一旦天地意志发生流转,泰坦一族崛起,其余的巨人旁支也就纷纷没落了。 Once a Ice Giant clan declines, suffered besieging of numerous emerging tribal group. 冰巨人一族一旦式微,也就遭受了众多新兴族群的围攻。 The Ancient Ice Giant bloodlines cut off in light of this, only also leaves leeway the bloodlines of twinkle star to be remaining in some far away or base and low places. These Ice Giant descendants may unable to reappear the Ancient Ice Giant terrifying prestige to be able, either above Flesh has the enormous flaw, either the strength of cold ice grasps insufficiently formidable...... 上古冰巨人血脉就此断绝,只在一些偏远或卑微的地方还留有星星点点的血脉残余。这些冰巨人后裔可就无法再现上古冰巨人的恐怖威能了,要么肉体之上有着极大的缺陷,要么寒冰之力的掌握不够强大…… In brief, they have the Fourth Grade creature flower trellis spatially, is the true strength distance bloodlines source bad is too too far! 总之,它们空有4阶生物的花架子,可是真正的力量距离血脉源头差的太远太远! A round wild attack has put most Ice Giant, the remaining three most powerhouses were also wrapped by Sand King one person round. 一轮狂野攻击就放到了大半的冰巨人,剩下的三位最强者也就由沙王一人包圆了。 Sand King has strange underground to go through the different functions. 沙王拥有着奇异的地底穿行异能。 A drill digs vanishes at the scene, has evaded Ice Giant that crazy temporary counter-attack. 一个钻掘就消失在当场,躲过了冰巨人那疯狂的临时反扑。 Again when appears, Sand King already soles situated in three Ice Giant. 再一次出现时,沙王已经位于三位冰巨人的脚底。 As the earth trembles, the ice cap bursts, Sand King that huge tenacious body drills from underground, went against the sky three Ice Giant. But in its panic-stricken flurried working as, the Sand King body first two great pliers launches, clamped both sides two Third Grade Advanced Level Ice Giant. 随着大地震颤,冰盖破裂,沙王那庞大坚韧的身躯从地底钻出,把三位冰巨人顶上了天空。而在其惊恐慌乱的当,沙王身前两把巨钳展开,一把一个,生生把两位3阶高级冰巨人夹成了两端。 But its another arches but is actually that Fourth Grade Ice Giant of head, the scorpion tail poisonous needle pricks the opposite party chest fiercely, is injecting the fearful venom to inside continuously. 而它又一头拱倒为首的那个4阶冰巨人,身后蝎尾毒针猛地刺入对方胸口,源源不断向里面注射着可怕的毒液。 Ice Giant of that named head but actually worthily is Fourth Grade creature, even if did not have immediately Death to this level. Instead the hissing roars is lifting both arms closely to grasp grips the great pliers that Sand King bites to come ruthlessly, the big mouth opens the limit suddenly, wants strength of the strongest cold ice emits within the body to condense. 那名为首的冰巨人倒不愧为4阶生物,即便到了这种程度也没有立即死亡。反而嘶声怒吼着抬起双臂紧紧抓握住沙王狠噬而来的巨钳,大口突然张开到极限,就欲喷吐出自己体内凝聚的最强一股寒冰之力。 The terrifying cold air in the throat condensation of Ice Giant leader, the color is light, white to several near transparent, but inside soaks accumulated the side cold principle to make all powerhouses on the scene knit the brows. 恐怖的寒气在冰巨人首领的喉头凝聚,颜色淡薄,白至几近透明,可是内里浸蕴的极寒法则却让在场的所有强者都为之一皱眉。 Although the Ice Giant bloodlines have declined, but this condensed the terror of its whole body essence and blood to strike, once sent out, regarding the Fourth Grade powerhouse was also very unendurable! 冰巨人血脉虽然已经式微,可是这凝聚了它全身精血的恐怖一击一旦发出,对于4阶强者来说也是非常难熬的! Sand King has struggled immediately crazily. 沙王立刻疯狂地挣扎了起来。 Two great pliers and Ice Giant leaders try crazily, shakes piece by piece shatter opposite party upper limb Skeleton. That held into the poisonous needle of opposite party chest is the crazy agitation, stirred covered with blood its front. 两只巨钳和冰巨人首领疯狂地较着力,把对方的上肢骨骼震得咯嘣嘣片片破碎。那支捅入了对方胸膛的毒针更是疯狂搅动,把其胸前搅得一阵血肉模糊。 What a pity, before Ice Giant leader at the point of death , the wild great strength that bursts out is not easy to get rid. But the opposite party has hoodwinked the thought of having died to fight obviously, even if the body were damaged again greatly, would rather die than to let go. 可惜,冰巨人首领临死前迸发的狂暴巨力也不是那么容易摆脱的。而对方显然已经蒙生了死战的念头,哪怕身躯受创再巨,也是宁死不撒手的。 If changes into the normal fight squad, perhaps to hold the complete strength of Sand King this meat shield, the people must rescue resourcefully. But the present team is actually one pure the temporary squad comprised of evil and vagrant, nobody is willing to rescue the teammate falls into the danger by oneself. 如果换成正常的战斗小队,为了抱有沙王这个肉盾的完整战力,也许众人就要想方设法的救援一下了。可是眼前的队伍却是一支纯由邪恶者、流浪者组成的临时小队,没人愿意为了救援队友而让自己陷入危险之中。 However the matter always has the exceptant! 不过事情总有例外者的! The extremely cold strength when that Ice Giant first neckband fermented the extreme, will have spat, a whole body was black, sparkles the strange metallic luster big form to reappear in its behind shadow. In the hand sharp metal sharp knife blade holds into after the brain, dark strength swarms, instantaneously his brain and consciousness destruction. 就在那个冰巨人首领口中极寒之力酝酿到了极点,将吐未吐之际,一个全身黢黑,闪耀着奇异金属光泽的高大身影在其背后阴影里浮现出来。手中锋利至极的金属利刃从脑后捅入,黑暗力量一拥而入,瞬间就把其大脑和意识覆灭一空。 Condensed the extreme side cold strength to lose control finally! 凝聚到了极点的极寒之力终于失控了! Should under Ice Giant leader will control, the total spurt the side cold strength above Sand King body to rupture suddenly, changes into together suddenly the proliferation ices Aura coldly, goes toward the ripples in all directions. 原本应该在冰巨人首领意志控制下,全数喷在沙王身躯之上的极寒之力陡然爆裂了,化为一道猝然扩散的寒冰光环,向着四面八方涟漪而去。 Extremely cold strength everywhere one visit, world changes colors, all materials lost oneself original color, thorough frozen under a beautiful ice crystal of firm over fine steel. 极寒之力所到之处,天地失色,所有物质都失去了自己的本来颜色,被彻底冰封在了一层坚逾精钢的美丽冰晶之下。 After the moment, the ice crystal explodes, the extremely cold strength passes in all directions, all materials transformed the tiny bits is unable again the tiny bits white ice dregs. But in such a case, can continue to survive without any life body. 片刻后,冰晶爆裂,极寒之力四处流转,把一切物质都转化成了稀碎的无法再稀碎的白色冰渣。而在这样的情况下,没有任何生命体能够继续生存下去的。 However everything always has the exception! 不过凡事总有例外! In white shaved ice of piece of rupturing, the forms of two similarly big overwhelming powers have worked loose the ice crystal, is going against the fearful side cold strength, from iced in the range that Aura covered to clash coldly. 在一片纷纷爆裂的白色冰屑中,两个同样高大威猛的身影挣脱了冰晶,顶着可怕的极寒之力,从寒冰光环笼罩的范围内冲了出来。 The Sand King pale golden body had been covered by the white ice crystal, breaks through, while is trembling crazily the body, has exposed the shaved ice of big group big group. 沙王原本淡金色的身躯已经被白色冰晶所笼罩,一边突围,一边疯狂地震颤着身躯,把大团大团的冰屑抖落了下来。 After the white completely goes, Sand King that reveals seems like perfect, as if has not suffered any loss. 白色尽去后,重新露出的沙王看似完好无损,似乎没有遭受任何损失。 But several people of sensations on the scene is very clear, in the strength of Sand King that nearly wild brown color source, has contaminated white. 可是在场的几人都感知的很清楚,沙王那近乎狂暴的土黄色本源之力上,也沾染了一丝白色。 It incurred! 它到底还是中招了! However, the vision of people only slightly spun on Sand King falls above it behind that big metal puppet. 不过,众人的目光只在沙王身上略一打转就落在了其身后的那个高大金属傀儡之上。 Fourth Grade puppet...... 4阶傀儡…… The vision cannot help but condensation of people. 众人的目光不由得冷凝了起来。 Isolated one side Grim said with a smile indifferently: I am Caster, the bad close combat, bringing a metal puppet also very much to gather the logic in the side, gathers the reason very much the matter!” 孤立一侧的格力姆淡然笑道:“我是一位施法者,不善近战,带一位金属傀儡在身边也是很合逻辑,很合情理的事情嘛!” The word, Grim received a blood red crystallization and drop of blood marrow that Shade Demon has handed over, has hefted hefting in the hand, said with a smile lightly: Sand King, I have helped your such big busy, harvests a material you not to mind?” 言罢,格力姆又接过了影魔递过来的一个血红结晶和一滴血髓,在手里掂了掂,轻笑道:“沙王,我帮了你这么大一个忙,收割一点材料你不介意吧?” Didn't mind...... That also wanted many thanks you to uphold justice to get rid a moment ago, otherwise I may probably eat one to owe stuffily!” Sand King is rocking the huge body, the quiet green compound eye has swept Grim, hurries to say. “不介意不介意……刚才那一下还要多谢你仗义出手,否则我可要吃一个闷亏了!”沙王晃动着庞大的身躯,幽绿的复眼扫了一眼格力姆,赶忙说道。 That big Magic Puppet is moving body, exposes thick ice crystal that on the metal body freezes, the body the high-rising turns into one group of shadows, integrated under the Grim body in slowly the back. 那个高大魔傀活动着身躯,抖落掉金属躯壳上冻结的厚厚冰晶,身躯又兀地化成一团黑影,缓缓融入到了格力姆身下背影之中。 But formerly it fused any slight defect, several powerhouses have not inferred its existence. The side cold strength that but now, that cannot pester also made in Shade Demon dark strength many an improper Variation energy , not duplicate formerly non- mark may seek again. 只不过先前它融合的没有任何瑕疵,就连几位强者也没有察知到它的存在。可现在,那股纠缠不去的极寒之力也让影魔的黑暗力量中多了一丝不该有的异种能量,再也无复先前的无迹可寻。 Several teammates cannot help but force a smile, the heart of hearts actually immediately enhanced vigilance. 几位队友不由得强笑一下,内心深处却立刻提高了警惕。 Especially several Caster, are the innermost feelings micro cold, some every action and every movement non- natures. 尤其几位施法者,更是内心微凛,连带着一举一动都有些不自然起来。 What do Caster most fear? Naturally was the assassin who these mysteriously appeared and disappeared! 施法者们最怕什么?当然是那些神出鬼没的刺客了! Now this Grim actually has a stealth to go into seclusion the time so formidable shade puppet in side, on the scene, appointed everyone cannot help but some at heart are scared. 现在这位格力姆竟然在身边带了一位隐形匿迹功夫如此强大的影傀儡,在场的任谁都不由得有些心里发毛起来。 However was good on Shade Demon has contaminated a filament cold strength, making them be able to trace with absorbing its position. Otherwise, they do not dare a to ignore Fourth Grade shade puppet to be upon the jump in oneself side decidedly. 不过好在影魔身上沾染了一丝极寒之力,让它们得以追踪跟摄其位置。否则,它们也是断然不敢放任一位4阶影傀儡在自己身边跑来跑去的。 Took down all Ice Giant, the squad members has cannot help but stopped, started to harvest some necessary materials. Such high rank bloodlines material does not seize the chance to collect some, is unfair to Ice Giant that illustrious prestige simply. 放倒了所有的冰巨人,小队成员不由得停顿了下来,开始收割一些必要的材料。这样高阶的血脉材料不趁机收集一些,简直对不起冰巨人那赫赫的威名。 The people get rid. 众人纷纷出手。 Quick, that crowd of Ice Giant corpses were carved up cleanly. 很快,那群冰巨人尸体就被瓜分干净了。 A giant clan in others eyes perhaps is some formidable intelligent life, may at present this crowd of person eyes actually be the material and resources that some can move freely! 巨人一族在别人眼中或许是某种强大的智慧生命,可在眼前这群人眼中却不过是一些可以自由移动的材料和资源而已! The people bridge over the Ice Giant territory, passed through ten several miles Arctic Ocean snow coverings, frozen precipice that finally arrives at that reaching to the sky. 众人跨过冰巨人领地,穿越了十数里的冰洋雪盖,终于来到那座高耸入云的冰封绝壁脚下。 Looks rises straight from the ground at present, above covers the thick glittering and translucent ice layer snowy peak, the people are looking at each other one, soars, pastes the ice wall to fly slowly upwardly. 看着眼前拔地而起,上面覆盖着厚厚一层晶莹剔透冰层的雪峰,众人对视一眼,也就纷纷腾升而起,贴着冰壁徐徐向上飞去。 Leaves the peak to be nearer, people more can feel that to fill the trim space deathly stillness and ice are cold. Here, they could not feel the half minute life aura, can feel is only that palpitation from heart's core. 离着顶峰越近,众人越能感受到那股弥漫了整片空间的死寂和冰寒。在这里,他们已经感受不到半分生命气息,唯一能够感受到的就是那股发自心灵深处的悸动。 Ancient Coffer of Severe Winter...... Without a doubt here! 上古严冬之匣……毫无疑问就在这里! Its aura was covered by another formidable soul fluctuation. 只是它的气息被另一股强大的灵魂波动掩盖住了。 The people alerted carefully were penetrating float on the halfway thick Miyun level, flew half double-hour just now to drop the body in the icy peak peak. 众人小心戒备着穿透了漂浮在半腰处的厚密云层,足足飞行了半个时辰方才在冰峰顶端落下了身躯。 This is one piece has ten several miles surrounding areas giant platforms fully, the midpoint locates Shrine of pestle a big palatial ice to stand silently. 这是一片足有十数里方圆的巨大平台,正中央处一座高大巍峨的冰之神殿默默杵立着。 Entire Shrine has not used the tiny bit construction, but is pure piles by the glittering and translucent ice rock deposits. But in main hall, over a hundred carving unusual fine, above decorated the icicle of mysterious strange pattern to support this piece of big space completely. 整座神殿没有使用一丝一毫的土木,而是纯由一块块晶莹剔透的冰岩堆摞而成。而在大殿之内,上百根雕琢的异常精美,上面缀满了神秘奇异花纹的冰柱支撑起了这片诺大的空间。 But on a main hall big ice-cap, strange Giant Dragon is lying to bend down above, the sensation to the emergence of strange aura, this languid uphold head, takes a look at the people. 而在大殿后侧的一处高大冰台上,一头奇异的巨龙正趴伏在上面,感知到陌生气息的出现,这才懒洋洋的抬起头颅,打量起众人来。 Cold Ice Giant Dragon...... 寒冰巨龙…… Originally this is so-called Cold Ice Giant Dragon! 原来这就是所谓的寒冰巨龙
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