ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#756: Condemning

This piece of series mountain range before 1000, had been bestowed Heavenly Sword Villa by Blue Wind Imperial Family, since then changes the name as the Sky Sword mountain range. In the mountain range the highest that mountain peak, named ‚a sword puts on cloud peak, was the Blue Wind Nation highest mountain peak.” “这片连环山脉在1000年前,被苍风皇室赐给了天剑山庄,从此更名为天剑山脉。山脉之中最高的那座山峰,名为‘一剑穿云峰’,也是苍风国最高的山峰了。” The upper air overlooks, Yun Che detailed was introducing to Feng Xue'er. In the past, when first time arrived at Heavenly Sword Villa, the Sky Sword mountain range and a sword put on the cloud peak, to have sword qi that everywhere surged to other party have become large shock, in addition the Heavenly Sword Villa great reputation, let in his heart naturally had some awes. 高空俯视,云澈详细的向凤雪児介绍着。当年,第一次来到天剑山庄时,天剑山脉、一剑穿云峰、还有漫天激荡的剑气都对他造成了颇大的震撼,再加上天剑山庄的盛名,让他心中自然而然的生出些许敬畏。 But at this time faces Heavenly Sword Villa once more, among his facial expressions actually only despises. But this despising is not powerhouse's overlooking to weak one, despising that but is from the heart to entire Heavenly Sword Villa! 而此时再次面对天剑山庄,他的神情间却唯有蔑视。而这种蔑视绝非是自己身为强者对弱者的俯视,而是对整个天剑山庄发自内心的鄙夷! Six years ago beginning when Heavenly Sword Villa, he has not thought certainly when Blue Wind influence covers the sky, imposing manner broad boundless Heavenly Sword Villa, in facing Blue Wind Nation is difficult, the danger of Frozen Cloud (Bingyun) so cannot withstand unexpectedly. 六年前初来天剑山庄时,他绝不曾想到在苍风势力遮天,气势恢宏磅礴的天剑山庄,在面对苍风国难、冰云之危时竟是如此不堪。 Big Brother Yun, I want to know that your this time, how is prepares to treat Heavenly Sword Villa?” Feng Xue'er asking gently, in the words is passing the worry: Is gives them slightly to teach, wants... Wants...” 云哥哥,我想知道,你这次来,是准备怎么对待天剑山庄呢?”凤雪児轻轻的问道,话语里透着担心:“是给予他们小教训,还是要…要…” Initially, he one piece that Phoenix City destroyed in confusion. But Heavenly Sword Villa... to present Yun Che, he wants to ruin thoroughly, does not need to consume the too big strength. 当初,他把凤凰城都毁的一片狼藉。而天剑山庄…对现在的云澈来说,他就算是想彻底毁掉,也不需要耗费太大的力气。 The Feng Xue'er issue makes Yun Che be startled slightly, he lifts the item to look to the line of sight by hills encirclement villa, disappointed [say / way]: Perhaps, I am only pure wants to vent. Although Heavenly Sword Villa is perfidious, morally makes the person despise, but can actually preserve the Heavenly Sword Villa millennium base industry. Selfish is a person of natural disposition, this period of time, I also unceasing is Heavenly Sword Villa gets free to oneself from the humane angle, but the result is actually... I am still not able to forgive Heavenly Sword Villa. Since they the choice are perfidious, that naturally must take the consequence that is perfidious. In the past, Blue Wind Imperial Family and Heavenly Sword Villa saved altogether perishes, Blue Wind by this disaster, his Heavenly Sword Villa how can there be qualifications after being perfidious also safe and sound!!” 凤雪児的问题让云澈微微一怔,他抬目看向视线中被群山环绕的山庄,怅然的道:“或许,我只是单纯的想来发泄吧。天剑山庄虽然背信弃义,在道义上让人不齿,但却可以保全天剑山庄千年基业。自私是人之本性,这段时间,我也不断的从人性角度上向自己为天剑山庄开脱,但结果却是…我依然无法原谅天剑山庄。他们既然选择背信弃义,那自然也要承担背信弃义的后果。当年,苍风皇室天剑山庄可是共诺同存共亡,苍风遭此劫难,他天剑山庄岂有资格在背信弃义后还安然无恙!!” However... Even if I have to greatly can forgive Heavenly Sword Villa, Little Fairy matter... Also is not venial!” “而…纵然我胸怀博大到可以原谅天剑山庄,小仙女的事…也绝不可原谅!” Thinks that the matter of Chu Yuechan, Yun Che was in the tranquil soul welled up hostility... this hostility just the life to leave instantaneously, then hot tempered enough to is unable to suppress. Since Zi Ji free has informed his chief criminal of matter of past Chu Yuechan, name that Xuanyuan Yufeng this he almost must fade from the memory, then by hate of nail a cutting tooth maliciously in his soul. 想到楚月婵之事,云澈本是平静的心魂中瞬间涌上一股戾气…这股戾气刚一生出,便暴躁到无法压制。自从紫极“免费”告知了他当年楚月婵之事的罪魁祸首,“轩辕玉凤”这个他几乎都要淡忘的名字,便被一股切齿之恨狠狠的钉在他的心魂之中。 Big Brother Yun...” Feng Xue'er of body side felt the change of Yun Che mood immediately, has transferred the cheeks, vision neat visits him. Mentioned Little Fairy each time, his breath and aura become unstable, but to this Heavenly Sword Villa, aura that he surged suddenly is manic scary, look, became especially fearful. 云哥哥…”身侧的凤雪児顿时感受到了云澈情绪的变化,转过脸颊,目光楚楚的看着他。每次提起“小仙女”,他的呼吸、气息都会变得动荡不安,而到了这天剑山庄,他忽然涌动的气息更是狂躁的吓人,眼神,也变得格外可怕。 These three months accompany from morning until evening, she from initial surprised worry, to gradual understanding... Yun Che has too deep feeling attached, to be worried and worry guilty, regarding Chu Yuechan... Could not have seen her fear again, therefore mentioned her each time, thought of her, his mood will fall into long-time moving restlessly. 这三个月朝夕相伴,她从最初的惊讶担心,到逐渐的理解…云澈对于楚月婵有着太深的爱怜、担心、牵挂、愧疚…还有再也见不到她的恐惧,所以每次提到她,想到她,他的情绪都会陷入长久的躁动。 Yun Che works on the hand of Feng Xue'er, goes to below Heavenly Sword Villa dive, in the meantime, the low and deep sound also brought gloomy hostility to cover to entire Heavenly Sword Villa, and even entire Sky Sword mountain range. 云澈抓起凤雪児的手,向下方的天剑山庄俯冲而去,同时,低沉的声音也带着一股阴森的戾气笼罩向了整个天剑山庄,乃至整座天剑山脉。 Xuanyuan Yufeng, leave to me!!” 轩辕玉凤,给我滚出来!!” Yun Che present profound strength is how abundant, solely is the sound that roars, then lets surround Heavenly Sword Villa ice however sword qi one to surge, several thousand swords that on the imperial sword stage dances in the air is a confusion, originally is peaceful solemn and respectful Heavenly Sword Villa also immediately a confusion, almost all disciples, Pavilion Master, Sword Servant, elder turn out in full strength completely, over the face is angry, is critical situation. 云澈如今的玄力何其雄厚,单单是吼出的声音,便让环绕着天剑山庄的凌然剑气一阵激荡,御剑台上飞舞的数千把剑更是一片混乱,本是安静肃穆的天剑山庄也顿时一片混乱,几乎所有弟子、阁主剑侍、长老全部倾巢而出,满面愤怒,如临大敌。 After all, establish the villa millenniums, but also never some people dare provocative Heavenly Sword Villa. 毕竟,建庄千年,还从未有人胆敢挑衅天剑山庄 Today this Heavenly Sword Villa as if came two serious guests.” Jasmine leaves the sound track suddenly. “今天这天剑山庄似乎来了两个不得了的客人啊。”茉莉忽然出声道。 „... Guests?” The Yun Che brow moves. “不得了的…客人?”云澈眉头一动。 Two Sixth Level Sovereign, Intermediate stage, Late Stage. Words that it seems like today you want to act in a self-serving manner here, will not be smooth.” The Jasmine tonality is superficial. “两个六级帝君,一个中期,一个后期。看来今天你想在这里为所欲为的话,并不会那么顺利。”茉莉的音调轻描淡写。 Sixth Level Sovereign?” The Yun Che look slightly changes, but has not actually revealed the worry the facial expression, instead sneers: Is the Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's person? It seems like I today not that is the time. Really Heavenly Sword Villa this backer grasps was getting more and more firm.” 六级帝君?”云澈神色稍变,但却没有露出担心的神情,反而一声冷笑:“难道是天威剑域的人?呵,看来我今天来的不那么是时候。天剑山庄这靠山真是抓的越来越牢了。” Yun Che has remembered immediately for three years ago in Phoenix City, after seven country ranking tournament had finished , after the accident meets Ling Jie, a few words that he spoke... 云澈顿时想起了三年前在凤凰城,七国排位战结束后意外遇到凌杰后他所说的一段话… Mother in the past between the father and grandfather, has chosen the father, the grandfather who annoys is angry. Few days ago, father mother, was bringing Big Brother and I, went to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region together, saw the grandfather, mother and grandfather's contradiction finally melts. Volume... The grandfather also likes probably my, added that will teach my complete heavenly might certainly sword personally, hey...” “母亲当年在父亲和外公之间,选择了父亲,惹的外公大怒。前些日子,父亲母亲,带着大哥和我,一起去了天威剑域,见到了外公,母亲和外公的矛盾才终于化解。额…外公好像还蛮喜欢我的,还说会亲自教我完整的天威绝剑,嘿嘿…” „...” The Yun Che's look slightly becomes complex. “…”云澈的眼神微微变得复杂起来。 Yun Che has not gone into hiding the personal appearance, appearance that drips greatly in the Heavenly Sword Villa sky, vision coldly looks under. 云澈没有隐匿身形,大喇喇的现身在天剑山庄的上空,目光冷冷的看着下方。 The Heavenly Sword Villa person's shadow sways. Yun Che's , a person's shadow accompanies sword qi of condensation to howl together, in an instant before arriving at the Yun Che's body,... Ling Yuefeng. Meanwhile, massive profound strength also follow in Earth Profound Realm above Sky Sword Pavilion Master and elder, and fast join battle formation, Yun Che and Feng Xue'er encirclement in the middle. 天剑山庄人影攒动。云澈的正下方,一个人影伴着一道冷凝的剑气呼啸而起,转眼来到了云澈的身前…正是凌月枫。同时,大量玄力地玄境以上的天剑阁主、长老也紧随其后,并快速的结成阵势,将云澈凤雪児合围在中间。 Yun Che, is really you.” Sees Yun Che, the Ling Yuefeng facial expression becomes especially complex, along with it thin smile one: „The time that you come, compared with evening's many that I expect.” 云澈,果然是你。”看到云澈,凌月枫的神情变得格外复杂,随之淡笑一声:“你来的时间,要比我预想的晚上许多。” Indeed, he early knows in advance arrival of this day. 的确,他早预知到这一天的到来。 Initially, for chaotic preserved the Heavenly Sword Villa millennium base industry in Divine Phoenix, they chose have violated of ancestor, has violated the moral good faith, sealed up villa, has ignored seeking help of Blue Wind Imperial Family, has disregarded praying for rescue of Frozen Cloud Asgard. At that time, they completely have not thought Blue Wind Imperial Family can also fortunately survive, was more impossible to think the result earth-shakingly unexpectedly so. 当初,为在神凰之乱中保住天剑山庄的千年基业,他们选择了违背先祖之诺,也同时违背了道义信义,封闭山庄,漠视了苍风皇室的求助,也无视了冰云仙宫的求救。那时,他们全然没有想过苍风皇室还能幸存,更不可能想过结局竟是如此的天翻地覆。 But this variable, is Yun Che's returns. 而这个变数,便是云澈的归来。 Yun Che's seeks revenge for the slightest grievance became famous. In the past Burning Heaven Clan extermination tragedy nobody dares to forget. But the first matter that after Yun Che lives is coming back, to do, must not have the several fold compared with the past years the Burning Heaven Clan extermination earthshakingly... Does in Profound Sky Seven Nations covers the sky Divine Phoenix Sect unexpectedly is off their feet and has great disturbance, finally has to withdraw troops, but also wants to apologize to Blue Wind Nation with the massive compensations... Moreover, it is said this result because of the forgiveness of Empress Cang Yue, the price that otherwise, Divine Phoenix Sect pays will be more frigid. 云澈的睚眦必报是出了名的。当年焚天门的灭门惨剧无人敢忘。而云澈活着回来后所做的第一件事,比当年将焚天门灭门更要惊天动地无数倍…竟是把在天玄七国一手遮天凤凰神宗搞得人仰马翻、鸡犬不宁,最终不得不撤军,还想要向苍风国赔罪和大量的赔偿…而且,据说这个结局还是因为苍月女皇的宽恕,否则,凤凰神宗付出的代价将更为惨烈。 After the chaos caused by war stops, by the Yun Che's disposition, how also to put behind his Heavenly Sword Villa „the crime of ignoring. After all, his Heavenly Sword Villa and other cultivate the profound influence different... Meanwhile, heard him to rescue under bitter experience being drowned difficult Frozen Cloud Asgard, and became Frozen Cloud Asgard new Palace Master, but first Palace Master Gong Yuxian and Grand Palace Master Feng Qianhui was killed to perish... 在战乱休止后,以云澈的性格,又怎么会忘却他天剑山庄的“漠视之罪”。毕竟,他天剑山庄和其他修玄势力不同…同时,听闻他又救了下遭遇灭顶之难的冰云仙宫,并成为冰云仙宫的新任宫主,而先宫主宫煜仙太宫主封千悔全部遇难殒命… Divine Phoenix Sect at the Yun Che's under the hand/subordinate result, in addition pitiful incomparable, let alone his Heavenly Sword Villa. 凤凰神宗云澈的手下结局尚且凄惨无比,何况他天剑山庄 Present Yun Che, with three years ago Yun Che, is at the entirely different two plane/level person. 如今的云澈,和三年前的云澈,是处在截然不同两个层面的人啊。 The Ling Yuefeng vision looks to the Yun Che's body side, the vision is startled immediately. His young girl pure white snow clothes, the waist bunch slender jade damask silk, one is the Frozen Cloud Asgard attire. Snow gauze has blocked from her appearance completely, can only see indistinctly wipes Qi show incomparable pupil light. 凌月枫的目光看向云澈的身侧,目光顿时微怔。他身边的少女一身纯白雪衣,腰束纤纤玉绫,一身皆是冰云仙宫的装束。一层雪纱完全遮住了她的容颜,只能隐约看到一抹绮秀无比的眸光。 Although does not see the appearance, but her whole body, is sending out one type such as the dream such as aura of immortal, making the person vision touch it merely, then feels inferior, does not dare to blaspheme... 虽不见容颜,但她全身上下,散发着一种如梦如仙的气息,让人仅仅目光触之,便自惭形秽,不敢亵渎… This feeling, one such as he in the past beginning saw Chu Yuechan... that time that mind trembling of that flash, to dying is unable to fade from the memory. 这种感觉,一如他当年初见楚月婵…那时那幕,那一瞬间的心灵颤荡,到死都无法淡忘。 „...” Yun Che grating sneering, awakens from short absent-minded him: This was not known as that Blue Wind Nation first Clan Heavenly Sword Villa reputation illustrious and awe-inspiring Ling Yuefeng ice Villa Master, I have not informed ahead of time, rashly visit, but also the work famous ice Villa Master comes out to greet personally, making my this work as the junior is really terrified.” “呵…”云澈一声刺耳的冷笑,将他从短暂的失神中唤醒:“这不是号称苍风国第一宗门天剑山庄声名赫赫、威风八面的凌月枫庄主么,我未提前告知,贸然来访,还劳得大名鼎鼎的凌庄主亲自出来迎接,让我这个当小辈的实在是惶恐至极啊。” So long as is not the deaf person, can hear in the Yun Che words that ice-cold, to despise to the taunt of extreme. A recent Sky Sword elder who leaves angrily rebukes to say loudly: Yun Che! Do not forget your status! My Heavenly Sword Villa, but also is not one's turn you to act unruly!!” 只要不是聋子,都听得出云澈话中那冰冷、轻蔑到极点的嘲讽。离的最近的一个天剑长老大声怒斥道:“云澈!别忘了你的身份!我天剑山庄,还轮不到你来撒野!!” Draws back!” The Ling Yuefeng chest fluctuates fiercely, saying of heavily. “退下!”凌月枫胸口剧烈起伏,重重的说道。 Villa Master...” Regarding all around, the look incomparably dignified audiences Sky Sword elder and Pavilion Master are startled, somewhat surprisedly loses presence of mind looks at Ling Yuefeng. 庄主…”围绕四周,神色无比凝重的众天剑长老、阁主都是一怔,有些惊疑失措的看着凌月枫 Draws back completely!” The Ling Yuefeng expression aggravates once again: Without my order, no one must approach here!” “全部退下!”凌月枫的语气再度加重:“没有我的命令,谁都不许靠近这里!” Yes!” “是!” Under the Ling Yuefeng strict order, the audiences Sky Sword elder and Pavilion Master are staring at Yun Che slowly retreat by the vision that dreads alarmed and afraid, until is far away completely. They are also very clear, if Yun Che must begin, can let the strength that Divine Phoenix Sect has great disturbance by him, on their person again many ten times, do not help matters. 凌月枫严令之下,众天剑长老、阁主以惊惧忌惮的目光盯着云澈缓缓后退,直到全部远离。他们心里也很清楚,云澈若真要动手,以他能让凤凰神宗鸡犬不宁的实力,他们的人就算再多上十倍,也无济于事。 All people draw back, Ling Yuefeng faces Yun Che independently, inspiration of heavily. Previous time sees Yun Che, is 56 years ago, at that time, Yun Che in his eyes, was only some eyes juniors. But now, the present Yun Che look too big change, only has not had the stature tall several points, when faces him, clearly is actually feeling one like the mountain heavy pressure. 所有人退开,凌月枫独立面对云澈,重重的吸了一口气。上次见到云澈,还是在56年前,那时,云澈在他眼中,只是一个有些起眼的小辈。而如今,眼前的云澈相貌没有太大的变化,唯有身材颀长的几分,但面对他时,却分明感受着一股如山般的重压。 Moreover regarding Yun Che, he has one extremely complex mood... This mood could understand for deep envying and envy, Chu Yuechan that because he is deeply in love with hardship has never been seeing his one time, actually and at present this 20 -year-old man... 而且对于云澈,他有着一种极为复杂的情绪…这种情绪或许可以理解为深深的羡慕和嫉妒,因为他苦苦钟情的楚月婵从未正眼看过他一次,却和眼前这个只有20来岁的男子… Meanwhile, but also some inevitable hates, are only he are very clear, oneself do not have the qualifications to hate. 同时,还不可避免的有些怨恨,只是他很清楚,自己没有资格去恨。 Yun Che,” Ling Yuefeng is gentle aura: These two months, I have never left villa, is waiting for you, or Blue Wind Imperial Family comes. The matters of these year of to close villa, my Heavenly Sword Villa, although is but action, but also is really from the shame. You come to condemn now, I am speechless.” 云澈,”凌月枫平缓着气息:“这两个月,我从未离开过山庄,便是等待着你,或者苍风皇室前来。这些年闭庄之事,我天剑山庄虽为无奈之举,但也一直甚为自愧。你如今前来问罪,我无话可说。” The Yun Che eyebrow selects, just about to speaks, an old sincere sound also conveys from the distant place: „The decision of to close villa, is by my institute under. Has not lent a hand to assist Frozen Cloud Asgard, similarly is the decision that I make.” 云澈眼眉一挑,刚要说话,一个苍老厚重的声音也从远处传来:“闭庄的决定,是由我所下。没有出手相助冰云仙宫,也同样是我做出的决定。” The sound passes on , an old man of wear grayish white sword robe also arrived at the Ling Yuefeng body side, looked at Yun Che, both eyes slowly closed: You since today came... I naturally can give you a confession.” 声音传至,一个穿着灰白剑袍的老者也已来到了凌月枫的身侧,看了一眼云澈,双目缓缓闭合:“你今日既然来了…我自然会给你一个交代。” Father, these obviously are my decision... Does not relate with you!” The words that the arrival of Ling Tianni, he said made Ling Yuefeng lose the square inch to be slightly chaotic, his hastily forward footpath: Yun Che! The word of my father to shield in me, I am Heavenly Sword Villa current Villa Master, all naturally all are decided by me, I and father do not relate! If you heart has the enmity, although comes to me is!” “父亲,这些明明都是我的决定…和你根本毫无关系!”凌天逆的到来,还有他说出的话让凌月枫顿失方寸稍乱,他连忙向前一步道:“云澈!我父亲之言不过是为了袒护于我,我身为天剑山庄现任庄主,一切自然皆由我定,我和父亲毫无关系!你若心有仇怨,尽管冲着我来便是!” He He, good fathers and sons to protect, feels the day to move Ah! Yun Che to sneer simply, the vision such as the knife shines on the face of Ling Tianni generally: Ling Tianni, your I had usually not worn a mask in the past, but you to kill me, ten thousand li (0.5km) far away pursue Blue Wind's Imperial City, the full mouth elimination demon defends traditional moral principles, full mouth benevolence, what full mouth is Blue Wind removes harmful things! Although I at that time caused heavy losses, but also almost the life loses your hand, but the moral nature also throughout retains for three points to respect to you, reason that thinks you wants to kill me is misunderstands me for the person of feelings evil and cruel bloodthirsty, the natural disposition is really hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies, upright and never stooping to flattery, extremely heavy loyalty good faith!” “呵呵,好一个父子相护,简直感天动地啊!云澈冷笑着,目光如刀子一般照射在凌天逆的脸上:“凌天逆,当年你我素未蒙面,而你为了杀我,万里迢迢追到苍风皇城,满口的除魔卫道,满口的仁义道德,满口的为苍风除害!我当时虽受到重创,还差点命丧你手,但心底对你还始终保留三分敬重,认为你之所以想杀我是误解我为心肠歹毒的嗜杀之人,本性确是嫉恶如仇,刚正不阿,极重忠义信义!” However, is difficult facing genuine country to endanger, even if with Blue Wind Profound Palace of ancestor, your Heavenly Sword Villa should not for the strength of most backbone, actually under your Ling Tianni to lead, start finally this Blue Wind Nation biggest turtle!” Satire that Yun Che is relentless: „The Blue Wind Nation rocket rises from all directions, everywhere rivers of blood, but your Heavenly Sword Villa three years have not been short of one brick one watt, have not left the least bit manpower and resources, a person of appearance does not have. Now recalled these pompous words that you initially shouted loudly, is really revolting!” “然而,面对真正的国危家难,就算没有和苍风玄府的先祖之诺,你们天剑山庄本该为最中坚的力量,结果却在你凌天逆引领下,做起了这苍风国最大的缩头乌龟!”云澈毫不留情的讽刺道:“苍风国狼烟四起,遍地血流成河,而你天剑山庄三年未少一砖一瓦,未出半点人力物力,就连一个露面的人都没有。现在回想你当初高喊的那些冠冕堂皇的话,实在是让人作呕!” „... Yun Che!” The face of Ling Yuefeng is slightly cloudy: This matter, my Heavenly Sword Villa confessed that has the shame! But so decided that has my Heavenly Sword Villa difficulties! You have any enmity, although to my Ling Yuefeng... Do not shame my father!” “…云澈!”凌月枫的面孔稍稍阴沉:“这件事,我天剑山庄自认有愧!但如此决定,自有我天剑山庄苦衷!你有什么仇怨,尽管冲着我凌月枫来…不得羞辱我父亲!” Good. Yuefeng, does not need to get free for me, he said right.” Ling Tianni lifts the hand, weak saying, did not see in several years, his face unexpectedly was old, perhaps these years, in his heart was also shouldering the serious responsibility for an offense: Yun Che, I have said that this matter, I will give you, a Blue Wind Imperial Family confession.” “好了。月枫,不必为我开脱,他说的没错。”凌天逆抬起手,无力的说道,短短几年不见,他的面孔竟是苍老了许多,或许这些年,他的心中也是自我背负着沉重的罪责:“云澈,我说过,这件事,我自会给你,还有苍风皇室一个交代。” Confession?” Yun Che don't face, coldly [say / way]: „, I had said wanted your anything to confess!” “交代?”云澈别过脸去,冷冷的道:“呵,我说过要你们什么交代了吗!” My original manuscript, indeed has the plan that your Heavenly Sword Villa tramples flat directly.” Yun Che with the indifferent sound, was saying makes anybody hear the fearful and apprehensive words: Do not think that you have Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to be the backer, I cannot achieve! Three months ago, my Divine Phoenix Sect Phoenix City almost completely destroys, must destroy trivial Heavenly Sword Villa, but is among the turnings over the palm, will not wink the eye!” “我原本,的确有将你们天剑山庄直接踏平的打算。”云澈用冷漠的声音,说着让任何人听到都会心惊肉跳的话:“不要以为你们有天威剑域做靠山,我就做不到!三个月前,我连凤凰神宗凤凰城都差点完全毁去,要毁区区一个天剑山庄,不过是覆手之间,而且根本不会眨一下眼睛!” The breath of Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng simultaneously becomes somewhat loud, these words, others said that they can regard the joke. But said from the Yun Che mouth, their least bit could not smile, only had back piercing cold intent. 凌天逆凌月枫的呼吸同时变得有些粗重,这些话,别人说出来,他们可以当成笑话。但从云澈口中说出,他们半点都笑不出来,唯有背脊一阵刺骨的冷意。 But, I come to here before Blue Wind's Imperial City today, my Empress wife blocks me specially, told me saying: Heavenly Sword Villa can achieve to forget the ancestor to abandon righteousness, but Blue Wind Imperial Family cannot achieve! Because of the past years, Blue Wind Great Ancestor and Sky Sword first ancestor held the Blue Wind power, held the Blue Wind potential, supported mutually, the brothers of sharing life and death, and warned that the posterity also wanted the generation and Heavenly Sword Villa is as close as lips and teeth! Now, even if Heavenly Sword Villa ruthless in first, is the Blue Wind Great Ancestor posterity, how can also violate lesson of Great Ancestor, destroys base industry that the Sky Sword first ancestor leaves behind.” “但,今天我从苍风皇城出发来这里之前,我女皇老婆专门拦下我,告诉我说:天剑山庄可以做到忘祖弃义,但苍风皇室做不到!因为当年,苍风太祖和天剑始祖一掌苍风权,一掌苍风势,是相互扶持,生死与共的兄弟,并告诫后人也要世代和天剑山庄唇齿相依!如今,纵然天剑山庄无情无义在先,身为苍风太祖的后人,又怎能违背太祖之训,毁去天剑始祖留下的基业。” That three years, she withstands the pain of my late father late husband, is shouldering the entire Blue Wind Nation national disaster, is protecting Blue Wind Nation and imperial family final dignity, actually own all dignity, loses, in time has requested reinforcements to your nine on! But what obtains is anything...” Yun Che inspiration maliciously, sound cold Che is disappointed: Therefore, she should be in this world most hates your people, most has the qualifications hate, to be hostile toward your people. Actually is also she, wants me to forgive you, at least do not ruin Heavenly Sword Villa... when only Heavenly Sword Villa has not existed!” “那三年,她承受亡父亡夫之痛,背负着整个苍风国的国难,守护着苍风国和皇室最后的尊严,却将自己的所有尊严,都丢在了向你们的九次求援上!而得到的是什么…”云澈狠狠的吸一口气,声音更加的冷澈寒心:“所以,她该是这个世界上最恨你们的人,也最有资格怨恨、仇视你们的人。却也偏偏是她,要我宽恕你们,至少不要毁掉天剑山庄…只当天剑山庄从未曾存在过!” The Yun Che's words, let Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng simultaneously eye oratorio... Thinks that is bringing the silk book of tears of blood from Empress Cang Yue that nine, they the soul is suddenly bitter, ashamed shameful. 云澈的话,让凌天逆凌月枫同时眼神剧荡…想到来自苍月女皇那九封带着血泪的绢书,他们一时间心魂酸涩,羞愧的无地自容。 --- --- --- --- --- --- ————————————
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