ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#755: Heavenly Sword Villa honored guest

Stayed for three days in Floating Cloud City, the Yun Che's injury and profound strength also fully restores. Fourth day early morning, Yun Che and Feng Xue'er said goodbye to Xiao Lingxi and the others, controlled Primordial Profound Ark to go to Blue Wind's Imperial City, prepared Blue Wind's Imperial City stayed two days later returned to Frozen Cloud Asgard again. 流云城住了三天,云澈的伤势和玄力也完全恢复。第四天清晨,云澈凤雪児告别萧泠汐等人,驾驭太古玄舟去往苍风皇城,准备在苍风皇城停留两天后再回冰云仙宫 But Tianxia Diyi (first under heavens) kept Floating Cloud City, every day concentrates on is staring at the Tianxia Diqi safety, for fear that her some wee bit accidents. 天下第一则留在了流云城,每天全神贯注的盯着天下第七的安危,生怕她有一丁点闪失。 The Primordial Profound Ark shuttle space, the flash then arrived at the Blue Wind's Imperial City sky. 太古玄舟穿梭空间,一瞬间便到了苍风皇城的上空。 Three months, but also being insufficient makes Blue Wind Imperial Family after chaos caused by war fully return to normal, but in the atmosphere is the day leaves badly. After knowing Yun Che's had lets the Sun Moon Divine Hall almost scared out of one's wits mysterious Master, the Feng Hengkong action no longer is the pure compensation, but somewhat shows good will, in two months, not only additionally appointed on own initiative has helped to help Blue Wind Nation Divine Phoenix Army, but also divided three times to deliver the Blue Wind Imperial Family entire 80,000 jin (0.5 kg) amethyst successively. 三个月的时间,还不足以让战乱后的苍风皇室完全恢复平静,但氛围上已是天差地别。在知道了云澈的背后有一个让日月神宫都差点吓破胆的“神秘师父”后,凤横空的举动已不再是单纯的赔偿,而是有些示好,在两个月的时间里,不但主动加派了助援苍风国神凰军,还先后分三次送予了苍风皇室整整80000斤紫晶。 Although compares in them from Blue Wind Nation stealing hundred jin (0.5 kg) Purple Veined Divine Crystal, these 80,000 jin (0.5 kg) amethysts cannot be regarded anything, but also is a huge wealth and resources, simultaneously to all people are releasing one to Blue Wind Nation showing good will the signal, in addition formerly Divine Phoenix Empire most Princess Xue will keep the Blue Wind Nation hearsay, enabling other Sky Profound five countries to be anxious, various Lu Shichen, even the monarch every other day with ritual visiting, the stance simply is similar to facing Divine Phoenix Empire like that Bei Qian. 虽然相比于他们从苍风国“窃走”的百斤紫脉神晶,这80000斤紫晶根本算不得什么,但也是一笔巨大的财富和资源,同时更是向所有人释放着一个向苍风国“示好”的信号,再加上先前神凰国将最雪公主留在苍风国的传闻,使得其他天玄五国更加惴惴不安,各路使臣、甚至国君三天两头的携礼拜访,姿态简直如同面对神凰国那般卑谦。 When Yun Che and Feng Xue'er arrive at Blue Wind's Imperial City, Cang Yue is glancing through the Blue Wind each region reconstruction and national places the situation, Yun Che comes back, that naturally all matters must retard. 云澈凤雪児到来苍风皇城时,苍月正在翻阅苍风各地重建和国民安置情况,云澈回来,那自然所有的事都要推后。 Just right that husband, you come back, I was having an important matter to with you say.” 夫君,你回来的正好,我正有一件重要的事要和你说。” Although in the mouth was saying important matter, but in the beautiful pupil, clearly flashes is wiping mischievously: Divine Phoenix Empire must marry the husband matter Younger Sister Xue'er is half secret, but this period of time does not know noisy why passes on. Another five countries already obtained the news. Yesterday, the Navy Tide Nation envoy ten thousand li (0.5km) far away arrived, proposed that must marry their Princess Han Yu in husband, will forever tie the marriage alliance with my Blue Wind Nation.” 虽然口中说着“重要的事”,但美眸之中,分明闪动着一抹促狭:“神凰国要把雪児妹妹嫁予夫君的事原本算是半个秘密,但这段时间不知为何传的沸沸扬扬。另外五国都早已得到了消息。昨日,沧澜国使臣万里迢迢到来,提出要将他们的寒玉公主嫁于夫君,与我苍风国永结秦晋之好。” ( Qin? promote? What?) (秦?晋?啥?) „?” Feng Xue'er recited lightly, beautiful eye sparkled looks at Yun Che. “啊?”凤雪児一声轻吟,美目闪闪的看着云澈 Um? This... Yue'er, looks at your appearance, won't comply?” Yun Che has pressed according to the tip of the nose. “嗯?这个…月儿,看你的样子,不会已经答应了吧?”云澈按了按鼻头。 Cang Yue [say / way] with a smile: Princess Han Yu is not the common princess. She is present Navy Tide Nation the youngest daughter, this year still did not arrive at pair of ten time passages, actually already reputation remoteness. Hearsay Princess Han Yu not only outstanding beauty, but also the nobody of natural talent in all children in Navy Tide Nation may , is also one that Navy Tide Nation in all children most loves, in Navy Tide Nation also has dark blue Han Yu Ji laudatory name. This time they proposed that marries Princess Han Yu, indicated that really has the sincerity.” 苍月笑吟吟的道:“‘寒玉公主’可不是一般的公主。她是如今沧澜国君最小的女儿,今年尚不到双十年华,却早已美名远扬。传闻寒玉公主不但国色天香,而且天资在沧澜国君所有儿女中无人可及,也是沧澜国君所有儿女中最为宠爱的一个,在沧澜国中还有‘沧寒玉姬’的美称。此番他们主动提出将寒玉公主嫁过来,足见确有诚意哦。” Moreover they have brought Princess Han Yu portrait, I looked at several. Thinking of husband may like, therefore has not declined.” “而且他们带来了寒玉公主的画像,我看了几眼。想到夫君或许会喜欢,所以就没有回绝。” Cang Yue... as well as all people are very clear, Sky Profound five countries' change to the Blue Wind Nation stance, part of reasons is Divine Phoenix Empire, a major part reason is Yun Che... this fearful man who compels Divine Phoenix Empire to obey. 苍月…以及所有人都很清楚,天玄五国对苍风国姿态的改变,一部分原因是神凰帝国,一大部分原因则是云澈…这个逼得神凰国都不得不就范的可怕男人。 When, Cang Wanhe reigns, his status is only Blue Wind Prince Consort, but now, he in its monarch eyes, without doubt is true Blue Wind monarch. 虽然,苍万壑在位时,他的身份只是苍风驸马,但如今,他在其国君眼中,无疑是真正的苍风“国君”。 Cang Yue was saying at the same time, the fine picture scroll that curls to put the Yun Che body before one, in the phoenix pupil is full of the happy expression and warm... She has not rejected the dark blue billows, and leaves behind this picture scroll to not to tease Yun Che, but thinks that perhaps he really will like. So long as he expressed slightly appearance that likes, then this matter she will accept that as for the two countries diplomatic relation, that instead secondary. 苍月一边说着,将一张卷起来的精致画卷放到了云澈身前,凤眸中饱含笑意和温暖…她没有拒绝沧澜,并留下这张画卷并不是为了打趣云澈,而是想到他或许真的会喜欢。只要他稍稍表示出喜欢的样子,那么这件事她就会应承下来,至于两国邦交,那反而是次要的。 Powerful is not good, the beautiful woman princesses deliver... In the Yun Che heart groaned, received the picture scroll, has not actually opened, but was face earnest asking: Yue'er, does this Princess Han Yu have Xue'er attractive?” 唔,实力强大就是好,美女公主都自己送上门…云澈心中呻吟一番,接过画卷,却没有打开,而是一脸认真的问道:“月儿,这个寒玉公主有没有雪児好看?” Cang Yue is startled, then smiles to shake the head: Xue'er is the angel person, the looks may cover the splendor of Sun Moon, Princess Han Yu, although outstanding beauty, but how can compared with Younger Sister Xue'er.” 苍月一怔,然后微笑摇头:“雪児是天仙化人,姿容可掩日月之辉,寒玉公主虽然国色天香,但又怎么能和雪児妹妹相比呢。” Oh!” Yun Che heavily nods, then puts down picture scroll directly: That is considers as finished, successive surface has not seen woman, I will be impossible to be interested in her, do not say that will marry... Only if as attractive as Xue'er this degree.” “噢!”云澈重重点头,然后把画卷直接放下:“那还是算了,一个连面都没见过的女人,我才不可能会对她感兴趣,更不要说娶过来…除非是漂亮到雪児这种程度。” Hee...” Feng Xue'er smiles gracefully: Big Brother Yun coaxes me to be happy.” “嘻…”凤雪児盈盈而笑:“云哥哥又哄我开心。” Cang Yue puts out a hand to bring back the picture scroll, says with a smile: Dark blue billows envoy now also in city, husband , if not like, I can probably decline really?” 苍月伸手把画卷拿回,笑着道:“沧澜使臣现在还在城内,夫君若不喜欢的话,我可真的要回绝了哦?” Um, flatly refused was good, casual any reason.” Yun Che quite somewhat helpless [say / way]. Has the power and influence family background female slightly, marries the man to take a concubine surely meets all kinds obstruction, but Cang Yue now is Blue Wind Nation, actually simply favors to ascend the sky to him... “嗯,一口回绝就好了,随便什么理由都可以。”云澈颇有些无奈的道。稍有权势家世的女子,所嫁男人想纳妾都必定会万般阻挠,而苍月现在是苍风国君,却对他简直宠上了天… Yun Che notes suddenly, in Cang Yue laying aside these jade slip on hand, uppermost that is mounting a cyan eagle mark. But this mark... Clearly is skyhawk seal that” Xiao Sect is in sole possession of! 云澈忽然注意到,苍月的手边放置的那些玉简中,最上面的那个镶嵌着一个青色的雄鹰印记。而这印记…分明是萧宗独有的“天鹰印”! „Had the Xiao Sect person come recently?” Yun Che asked that but asked was very optional, they will come, is simply normal. 萧宗的人最近来过?”云澈问道,但问的很是随意,他们会来,简直再正常不过。 Um,” Cang Yue nods the head gently: From two months ago, Xiao Sect unceasingly comes person seeks an audience, moreover is Sect Master Xiao Juetian kisses to each time, but I have not disappeared to their Yu Yuan, has never received. In the past few days they did everything possible to deliver this jade slip to come, claimed that Xiao Sect high and low will give always loyalty to the imperial family, whatever dispatched.” “嗯,”苍月轻轻颔首:“从两个月前,萧宗就不断来人求见,而且每次都是宗主萧绝天亲至,但我对他们余怨未消,从未接见过。前些天他们想方设法送了这封玉简过来,声称萧宗上下会永世效忠皇室,任凭差遣。” Thinks of that three years of Divine Phoenix invasion, Xiao Sect, not only has not had the slight revolt, acts servilely to Divine Phoenix, instead above the commodity has given Divine Phoenix Army many being filial piety, to help Divine Phoenix Army to take Blue Wind as fast as possible. This time the situation sudden change, they naturally are terrified, every day are also anxious, start the apologizing table that went all out to be loyal. 想到神凰入侵的那三年,萧宗非但未有丝毫反抗,对神凰卑躬屈膝也就罢了,反而在物资之上给了神凰军诸多的“孝敬”,以助神凰军尽速拿下苍风。此番形势骤变,他们也自然是惶恐至极,每日惴惴不安,开始拼了命的赔罪表忠。 Xiao Sect.” Yun Che contemptuous thin smile, but immediately, he has thought of anything, the happy expression cools rapidly: Then Heavenly Sword Villa? Does this period of time have?” 萧宗。”云澈轻蔑的淡笑一声,但马上,他想到了什么,笑意迅速冷却下来:“那么天剑山庄呢?这段时间有没有来过?” Mentioned that Heavenly Sword Villa, Cang Yue was smiled sweet Feng Yan also slightly to sink warmly, then shaking the head slowly: Not. In the past, Imperial Father was murdered, Blue Wind was on the brink of the hopeless situation, ignoring of Heavenly Sword Villa once made me get angry the resentment, and sent out does not have toward the graciousness again, forever for foe pledge. Now, Blue Wind gets rid of the disaster, has a new lease of life, Heavenly Sword Villa... when all have not occurred, they have not existed.” 提到“天剑山庄”,苍月本是暖笑嫣然的凤颜也微微的沉了下来,然后缓缓的摇头:“并没有。当年,父皇遇害,苍风濒临绝境,天剑山庄的漠视曾让我怒怨,并发出‘再无往恩,永为仇敌’的誓言。如今,苍风摆脱劫难,重获新生,天剑山庄…就当一切未曾发生过,他们也从未曾存在过吧。” The Cang Yue facial expression and expression are very tranquil, as if watched the pale this matter completely. The smiling face that but she vanishes, was still indicating she has not gotten over an emotion to this matter. 苍月的神情、语气很平静,似乎已经完全看淡这件事。但她消失的笑颜,依然表明着她并没有对这件事释怀。 Nine own handwriting pray for rescue, is Empress, to the utmost begged... Even if Heavenly Sword Villa replies the explanation to ask to confess to guarantee, has to be perfidious to reject, she even can accept slightly, but she nine times prays for rescue to obtain, is nine times thorough indifferently, including, even if the tiny bit returning news does not have, as if radically already, when Blue Wind Imperial Family does not exist. 九次亲笔求救,身为女皇,却极尽乞求…天剑山庄哪怕回音解释为求自白保,不得不背信弃义而拒绝,她甚至都可以稍稍接受,但她九次求救得到的,是九次彻底的漠然,连哪怕一丝一毫的回讯都没有,仿佛根本已当苍风皇室不复存在。 That is the anger and shame that one type life-long is not perhaps able to put behind. 那是一种或许终生都无法忘却的愤怒与耻辱。 Three months ago Divine Phoenix draws back the armed forces, and apologized the compensation to various Blue Wind types, even was showing good will diligently, Heavenly Sword Villa has not visited throughout the imperial family... 三个月前神凰退军,并向苍风各种赔罪赔偿,甚至在努力示好,天剑山庄也始终未曾到访过皇室… Snort, is right, they simply do not have the face.” During Yun Che sneers, sneers holds the gloominess that Cang Yue and Feng Xue'er cannot understand: Does not come to be also good. I must go to one in any case personally... Then was good on today!” “哼,也对,他们也根本没有脸来。”云澈一声冷笑,冷笑之中含着苍月凤雪児看不懂的阴森:“不来也好。反正我本来也要亲自去一趟…那就今天好了!” --- --- --- --- --- --- ———————————— Blue Wind Nation, Heavenly Sword Villa. 苍风国,天剑山庄 Today's Heavenly Sword Villa atmosphere is especially dignified, because in villa came the status high scary honored guest. 今日的天剑山庄气氛格外凝重,因为山庄之中来了身份高的吓人的贵客。 These two people's arrivals, let surround Heavenly Sword Villa sword qi to have the huge change. 这两个人的到来,让环绕着天剑山庄剑气都发生了巨大的变化。 Two elders arrive at vulgar villa unexpectedly, Yuefeng is really terrified utmost. If early knows two elders to arrive, Yuefeng decides belt all Zhuang Baili to welcome.” “两位长老竟亲临鄙山庄,月枫实在是惶恐之至。若早知两位长老到来,月枫定带全庄百里相迎。” The Ling Yuefeng stance respectful and prudent is bringing frightened, is two honored guests pours tea personally... Is precisely hundred years of collection, he usually does not give up the sword green tea that drinks. 凌月枫姿态恭谨中带着惶然,亲自为两位贵客倒着茶…且是百年珍藏,他平时都不舍得喝的剑青茶。 Two uncles came unexpectedly, really quite accidental, early does not inform Yufeng, quite makes my husband and wife greet.” “两位叔叔竟然来了,真的好生意外,也不早早通知玉凤,好让我夫妻去迎接一番。” Compares in Ling Yuefeng, Xuanyuan Yufeng wants natural many. Two honored guests who because arrives at today, when the rank indeed is her uncle, in she is young also quite considers the love to her. 相比于凌月枫,轩辕玉凤则要自然的多。因为今日到来的两个贵客,在辈分上的确是她的叔叔,而且在她年少时对她还颇为照顾宠爱。 These two age seems already more than half white, but hair beard jet black piece. A left that person of blue robe, stature medium, is radiant with smiles. A right that person of grey robe, the stature wants on a big point, the thick black must long to the chest, the same face is temperate. Looks at the semblance only, they are two appearance temperate middle-aged people, but is Ling Yuefeng of Sword Path master feels fearful chill in the air from them... Although they sit well there, profound qi is reserved, but invisible sword intent actually covers in the surroundings, boundless of that sword intent, unexpectedly such as on the side of sea limitless, deeply not obvious. 这两人年纪看上去已过半白,但头发胡须漆黑一片。左侧那人一身青袍,身材中等,笑容可掬。右侧那人一身灰袍,身材要高大上一分,浓密的黑须长至胸口,同样一脸温和。单看外表,他们不过是两个面相温和的中年人,而身为剑道高手的凌月枫从他们身上感到一股股慑人的寒意…他们虽只是端坐在那里,玄气内敛,但一股无形的剑意却笼罩于周围,那股剑意之磅礴,竟如沧海一边无边无际,深不可见。 Their eyebrows are also straight slantingly on, such as two want to insert the sky sharp sword, lets person looking the fresh fear. 他们的眉毛也是直起斜上,就如两把欲插入苍穹的利剑,让人望之生畏。 He He,” black clothing old man thin smile, opens the mouth saying: Our two humanities are present the life of Sword Master to Black Fiend Nation, just before leaving before , receives the request of Ninth Elder. Handles the matter of Black Fiend Nation, we then fold the road, but.” “呵呵,”青衣老者淡笑一声,开口道:“我们二人本是奉剑主之命去往黑煞国一趟,临行前又受九长老之托。处理完黑煞国之事,我们便折路而至。” Xuanyuan Yufeng said forward: Sir Sword Master told personally, is two uncles goes personally, it seems like decides however is the important matter of being important. The handling so important matter, two uncles also fold the road for my husband and wife, was really folds the ghost we.” 轩辕玉凤向前道:“剑主大人亲口吩咐,又是二位叔叔亲自前往,看来定然是事关重大的要事。处置如此要事,二位叔叔还为我夫妻折路,实在是折煞我们了。” Grey clothes old man hand caresses must steadily, thin smile said: Might as well. Ninth Elder holds personally, we cannot neglect absolutely. Yuefeng also calculates that now the person of half Sword Domain, Yufeng not to mention, you do not need so cautious, he he he he.” 灰衣老者手抚长须,淡笑道:“无妨。九长老亲口所托,我们万万怠慢不得。月枫如今也算半个剑域之人,玉凤更不必说,你们无需如此拘谨,呵呵呵呵。” Does not know that the father-in-law Sir holds two elders to arrive, has what instruction, Yuefeng decides nothing which is not since.” Ling Yuefeng respectful and prudent [say / way]. If three years ago, this father-in-law Sir he decides however does not dare to call the exit / to speak, but now, he is calls quite freely spoken. “不知岳父大人托二位长老亲临,是有何吩咐,月枫定无所不从。”凌月枫恭谨的道。若是三年前,这声“岳父大人”他定然不敢叫出口,而现在,他已是叫的颇为顺口。 Also not important matter.” The black clothing old man is a face is still pale, if smiling of stagnant water: Ninth Elder to tight that Ling Jie this child likes, from previous time leaves Sword Domain, comes back here, is the less than half year, Ninth Elder is the day and night worries about, exhorts we process the matter of return Black Fiend Nation, surely must on the way Ling Jie this child also take.” “也并无要事。”青衣老者依然是一脸淡若死水的笑:“九长老凌杰这孩子喜欢的紧,自上次离开剑域,回来这里,才是小半年的时间,九长老已是日夜记挂,嘱咐我们处理完黑煞国之事归来时,定要顺路把凌杰这孩子也带上。” Your couple if recently did not have important matter, went back to be better together.” Grey clothes old man connection said: Ninth Elder usually in rare smiles, when with you reunite, pours always the smiling face greatly to open.” “你们夫妻二人最近若无要事,一起回去的话更是再好不过。”灰衣老者接口道:“九长老平日里难得一笑,与你们团聚之时,倒总是笑颜大开。” Ling Yuefeng and Xuanyuan Yufeng looking at each other smiles, on the face is reveals delightedly. Xuanyuan Yufeng and relations of father Xuanyuan Jue are breaking off, but Xuanyuan Yufeng after is the Xuanyuan Jue only daughter, the time was long, after calming down, although he misses the daughter, but cannot wipe the face to admit defeat. Since three years ago their husband and wife brings Ling Yun and Ling Jie to re-enter Sword Domain, the relations of ossification started to relax... Moreover Xuanyuan Jue to Ling Jie is really affection, not only the personal guidance he repairs the sword, but also massive Sword Domain resources not parsimonious using on Ling Jie, lets his these years profound strength and Sword Path repairs to progress by leaps and bounds. 凌月枫轩辕玉凤对视一笑,脸上都是露出欢欣。轩辕玉凤和父亲轩辕绝的关系本是“决裂”,但轩辕玉凤毕竟是轩辕绝唯一的女儿,时间久了,消气之后,他虽是挂念女儿,但又抹不开面子服软。而自从三年前他们夫妻带着凌云凌杰重回剑域,原本僵化的关系开始缓和…而且轩辕绝凌杰甚为喜爱,不但亲自指导他修剑,还把大量的剑域资源毫不吝啬的用在凌杰身上,让他这些年的玄力剑道修为都突飞猛进。 Their husband and wife and Xuanyuan Jue relations can relax until now the situation in the short three years, Ling Jie can be said as the most important reason. 他们夫妻和轩辕绝的关系能在短短三年缓和到如今地步,凌杰可以说是最重要的原因。 On the Xuanyuan Yufeng face wears a smile, just about to replies, suddenly, low and deep such as the sound of stuffy thunder conveys from outside from out of the blue. 轩辕玉凤脸上堆笑,刚要应答,忽而,一个低沉如闷雷的声音从外面破空传来。 Xuanyuan Yufeng, leave to me!!” 轩辕玉凤,给我滚出来!!” --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ————————————————————
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