ATG :: Volume #7 Heavenly Calamity Shakes the World

#757: Xuanyuan Yufeng!

Therefore, you put 10,000 hearts, since my Empress wife spoke, I did not have the interest to look for the trouble of your Heavenly Sword Villa. I do not think that my Empress wife is the same with you, in the future will see the ancestor under the dwelling place of the dead without the face!!” “所以,你们放10000个心,既然我女皇老婆发话,我也就没兴趣来找你们天剑山庄的麻烦。我可不想我的女皇老婆和你们一样,将来在九泉之下无颜见祖宗!!” Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng complexion stiffens completely, their this has completed condemns by Yun Che and Blue Wind Imperial Family, and puts in the preparation of huge price, but obtains, is actually such forgiveness. But this forgiveness, making them surprised, ashamed, embarrassed and shameful... 凌天逆凌月枫的脸色全部僵住,他们本都已做好了被云澈苍风皇室问罪,并付出巨大代价的准备,但得到的,却是这样的“宽恕”。而这种宽恕,让他们惊讶、羞愧、难堪、无地自容… Ling Tianni to close both eyes, on the face flashes through the intermittent pain. Although, facing formidable incomparable Divine Phoenix Empire, their to close villa is the wisest action, even if lifts the village to send out, is impossible to guarantee under Blue Wind Imperial Family, can only the disciple increase villa to suffer a defeat and flee. But out of any reason and so-called difficulties, ignores the fact that and is perfidious becomes. 凌天逆闭目,脸上闪过阵阵的痛苦。虽然,面对强大无比的神凰国,他们闭庄是最明智之举,纵然举庄出动,也不可能保得下苍风皇室,只能徒增山庄败亡。但无论是出于什么缘由和所谓的苦衷,漠视和背信弃义都是即成的事实。 Empress Cang Yue clever unparalleled, intention, if valley, the fame of present, already far ultra late Emperor, the achievement of future, surely is limitless, Blue Wind has this new emperor, is hundred years of good fortune. My Ling Tianni self-examines has a clear conscience entire life... Actually because of Henan of the reading, eventually ashamed right Blue Wind Imperial Family, ashamed right Frozen Cloud Asgard, ashamed right my Sky Sword generation.” In the Ling Tianni sound is having disconsolate and one's secret worries: Although did not have the face to see right in front of one Empress Cang Yue again, but wrong already casts, cannot repeat an error, tomorrow, I will then go in person Blue Wind's Imperial City, compensates to Empress Cang Yue face to face...” 苍月女皇聪睿无双、心怀若谷,如今之名望,已远超先皇,未来之成就,也定是不可限量,苍风有此新皇,是百年之幸。我凌天逆自问一生问心无愧…却因一念之豫,终究愧对了苍风皇室,愧对了冰云仙宫,也愧对了我天剑列祖列宗。”凌天逆声音里带着惆怅和隐痛:“虽已无颜再面见苍月女皇,但错既铸成,不能一错再错,明日,我便亲赴苍风皇城,向苍月女皇当面赔…” Does not need!” Yun Che lifts the hand, showing no mercy whatsoever the words interruption of Ling Tianni: My Empress wife the day and night pain, has no free time to see you now, does not want to see you, does not want to see Heavenly Sword Villa any person! Ling Tianni, you do not need to be here hypocritical. You can say these words now , because Blue Wind Imperial Family guaranteed, moreover Blue Wind Imperial Family wanted, so long as my Empress wife a few words, I can momentarily trample flat your Heavenly Sword Villa! If Blue Wind Imperial Family extinguished, but I died... You can be now this countenance!!” “不必了!”云澈一抬手,毫不容情的将凌天逆的话打断:“我女皇老婆现在日夜辛劳,没空见你,也不想见你,更不想见天剑山庄的任何一个人!凌天逆,你也没必要在这里假惺惺。你现在能说出这些话,是因为苍风皇室保下了,而且苍风皇室愿意,只要我女皇老婆一句话,我就能随时踏平你天剑山庄!若是苍风皇室已灭,而我又已经死了…你会是现在这幅嘴脸吗!!” The Ling Tianni lip buzz moves, has nothing to say in reply. 凌天逆嘴唇嗡动,无言以对。 Is aloof to oneself country Calamity of a Country's Destruction, nine times weeps blood the person who to my Empress wife prays for rescue has a heart of stone, in my eyes already did not have the loyalty sense of honor, your so-called from ashamed, apologized, in my eyes was not worth a red cent, could not be joined to including the joke!” Yun Che look ice-cold, the sound is cold Che the marrow, is not forgiving: If in the three years, you even if not attend to Blue Wind Calamity of a Country's Destruction, but solely helps Blue Wind Imperial Family by the strength of oneself, even if sends for protecting my Imperial Father and Empress wife's safety, this time, Blue Wind Imperial Family will also thank you, I will also thank you! During this, you lost anything, ten times of repayments that I can spare no effort! My Yun Che this whole life, always seeks revenge for the slightest grievance, selecting the graciousness must also!” “一个对己国灭国之难无动于衷,对我女皇老婆九次泣血求救都铁石心肠的人,在我眼里早已没有了忠义廉耻,你们所谓的自愧、赔罪,在我眼里更是一文不值,连笑话都配不上!”云澈眼神冰冷,声音更是冷彻骨髓,毫无留情:“若是这三年,你们即使不顾苍风灭国之难,只是单单以己之力帮助苍风皇室,哪怕只是派人保护我父皇女皇老婆的安全,今时今日,苍风皇室也会感激你们,我也会感激你们!这期间你们损失了什么,我会不遗余力的十倍偿还!我云澈这辈子,向来是睚眦必报,点恩必还!” But you, since has chosen ruthless shameless, that fruit of today, you cannot complain about anybody! You must rejoice my Empress wife's compassion, otherwise, after today, this world general does not have Heavenly Sword Villa again exists... Even if were Mighty Heavenly Sword Region cannot guarantee you!!” “但你们既然选择了无情无义无耻,那今日之果,你们也怨不得任何人!你们更要庆幸我女皇老婆的慈心,否则,今日之后,这世上将再无天剑山庄的存在…就算是天威剑域都保不了你们!!” Ling Tianni, is Ling Yuefeng, in Blue Wind Nation is a covers the sky character, how could so to point at the nose to insult. But facing the Yun Che grating spoken language, they are raises head to close both eyes, speechless rebuttal... Does not have the qualifications to refute. 无论是凌天逆,还是凌月枫,在苍风国都是一手遮天的人物,何曾被人如此指着鼻子辱骂过。但面对云澈刺耳至极的言语,他们都是仰头闭目,无语反驳…也没有资格去反驳。 After all, although they when Blue Wind was difficult to choose was selfish and indifferent, but, they were not did not know the evil person of sense of honor. On the contrary, they regardless in humanity, are Sword Path, is in the absolute correct path. In the three years, perhaps is their entire life biggest shame, biggest mistake. 毕竟,他们虽然在苍风之难时选择了自私和冷漠,但本质上,他们并非是不知廉耻的恶人。相反,他们无论在人道,还是剑道,都处于绝对的正道。这三年,或许是他们一生最大之耻,最大之错。 Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng have not retorted, but an incomparably grating female actually transmitted from under at this time: Yun Che, you are really the big tone. Your not only shame my Heavenly Sword Villa, dares not to place in the eye Mighty Heavenly Sword Region unexpectedly, is who gives you such big courage!” 凌天逆凌月枫没有反斥,但一个无比刺耳的女子却在这时从下方传来:“云澈,你真是好大的口气。你不但辱我天剑山庄,居然连天威剑域都敢不放在眼中,是谁给你这么大的胆子!” Xuanyuan Yufeng soared, arrived at the Ling Yuefeng right, calculates that on the beautiful face was hanging and Ling Yuefeng entirely different stance, looked to a Yun Che's item of band of light the deep anger, hostility and taunt. 轩辕玉凤腾空而起,来到了凌月枫的右侧,一张还算美艳的脸上挂着和凌月枫截然不同的姿态,看向云澈的目光带着深深的愤怒、敌意和嘲讽。 Xuanyuan Yufeng!” The Yun Che's eye has narrowed the eyes slowly. At present this woman, is he today the Heavenly Sword Villa real objective. 轩辕玉凤!”云澈的眼睛缓缓的眯了下来。眼前这个女人,才是他今天来天剑山庄的真正目的。 Yufeng, here your matter, quickly has not gotten down.” Ling Yuefeng reprimanded lightly. He fully realizes the Xuanyuan Yufeng disposition, but Yun Che, is not eats the hard person absolutely. 玉凤,这里没你的事,赶快下去。”凌月枫轻斥道。他深知轩辕玉凤的脾性,而云澈,又绝对不是个吃硬的人。 Not my matter?” Xuanyuan Yufeng sneers: He stated clearly this time to not to give Blue Wind Imperial Family condemns. As for him today here real objective... When he comes in those words that shouted, mentioned that only then my Xuanyuan Yufeng name! How also possibly not to have my matter!” “没我的事?”轩辕玉凤冷笑一声:“他已经明说了这次不是为了给苍风皇室问罪而来。至于他今天来这里的真正目的…呵,他来时喊的那句话里,提到的,可是只有我轩辕玉凤的名字!又怎么可能没我的事!” Ling Yuefeng hear that is startled, this suddenly remembers, when Yun Che arrival resounds through the Heavenly Sword Villa those words, clearly is... 凌月枫闻言一怔,这才猛然想起,云澈到来时响彻天剑山庄的那句话,分明是… Xuanyuan Yufeng, leave to me!!” 轩辕玉凤,给我滚出来!!” Yun Che's arrives, he early is prepared, thinks that he decides to give Blue Wind Imperial Family condemns... Instead subconscious the person who pays attention to him to shout impressively has not been Xuanyuan Yufeng, only then Xuanyuan Yufeng. 云澈的到来,他早有准备,以为他定是为给苍风皇室问罪而来…反而下意识的没去注意他喊的人赫然是“轩辕玉凤”,而且只有“轩辕玉凤”。 Xuanyuan Yufeng!” Appears from Xuanyuan Yufeng, Yun Che's vision on condensation stubbornly on her body, pupil light, aura, becomes ices coldly piercing, in air, even surging momentarily possibly out of control killing intent: Among us... But the big accounts must be!!” 轩辕玉凤!”自轩辕玉凤出现,云澈的目光就死死的凝聚在她的身上,眸光,还有身上的气息,也变得冰寒刺骨,空气之中,甚至激荡起随时可能失控的杀机:“我们之间…可是有一笔大账要算!!” Facing Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni, the Yun Che's sound despises to disdain. But he to words that Xuanyuan Yufeng said that was the character character gloomy is actually passing killing intent. 面对凌月枫凌天逆,云澈的声音轻蔑而不屑。而他对轩辕玉凤说出的话,却是字字阴沉中透着杀机 The atmosphere of sudden change, making Ling Yuefeng realize the situation immediately not commonly... And is not general is unusual! Clarity that the hate, cold air and killing intent, these, he feels. He goes forward to say hastily: Yun Che, during this, has anything to misunderstand! My wife marries into Heavenly Sword Villa, then almost never goes out of the entrance, outside the village the matter never interferes. And my wife and between you, only six years ago has seen one time, has not said one including the words, to have how possibly any enmity.” 骤变的气氛,让凌月枫顿时意识到事态绝不寻常…且不是一般的不寻常!怨恨、寒气、杀机,这些,他都感受的清清楚楚。他连忙上前道:“云澈,这期间定有什么误会!内子自嫁入天剑山庄,便几乎从不走出山门,庄外之事更是从不干涉。且内子与你之间,唯有六年前见过一次而已,连话都未曾说过一句,又怎么可能会有什么仇怨。” Moreover these years all decision-makings, are by are Villa Master I decide, does not have the slightest to relate with my wife... In this has certainly misunderstood anything!” “而且这些年的所有决策,都是由身为庄主的我而定,和内子没有分毫关系…这里面一定是误会了什么!” Ling Yuefeng is not pure maintenance. These year of Xuanyuan Yufeng have made anything, he is clearest, after woman accompanying the bride to Heavenly Sword Villa, she almost never treads villa, in recent years only several times go out, will return to Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, moreover he accompanies the same place each time... He really cannot find out, where Xuanyuan Yufeng will have enrages Yun Che, moreover seems, seems the enormous enmity. 凌月枫并不是单纯的维护。这些年轩辕玉凤做了什么,他最为清楚,自从嫁到天剑山庄后,她几乎从未踏出过山庄,最近几年唯有的几次外出,也都会回天威剑域,而且每次他都随同一起…他实在想不出,轩辕玉凤会有哪里触怒云澈,而且看上去,似乎还是极大的仇怨。 Misunderstanding?” Yun Che both hands grip tightly, a joint blanch: Xuanyuan Yufeng! Misunderstands, you are clearer than anyone! Today, I do not need Heavenly Sword Villa anything to confess, but you...” “误会?”云澈双手紧攥,骨节一阵发白:“轩辕玉凤!是不是误会,你心里比谁都要清楚!今日,我不需要天剑山庄的什么交代,但你…” The words have not said that Yun Che was in an uncontrollable rage, form suddenly to rush, item, if cold star, hand if the hawk hook, grasps the Xuanyuan Yufeng nape of the neck. 话未说完,云澈已是怒不可遏,身影暴冲而出,目若寒星,手若鹰钩,直抓轩辕玉凤的脖颈。 Stop!” Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni have a big shock, actually they will have any grievances between doubts Yun Che and Xuanyuan Yufeng, has not thought that he will get rid unexpectedly suddenly . Moreover the stance is especially ruthless spicily. “住手!”凌月枫凌天逆同时大惊失色,他们尚在疑惑云澈轩辕玉凤之间究竟会有什么恩怨,万万没想到他竟然会忽然出手,而且姿态格外狠辣。 Ling Yuefeng and Ling Tianni one on the left and other on the right, want to block Yun Che. But six years ago, their strengths to Yun Che are the insurmountable mountains, today, is actually complete counter-, they on merely the first half step, with enough time had not stretched out including the arm, then maliciously was opened by Yun Che air wave collision... Does not have including strength of the resistance. 凌月枫凌天逆一左一右,想要阻住云澈。但六年前,他们的实力对云澈而言是不可逾越的山岳,今天,却是完全的反了过来,他们才仅仅上前半步,连手臂都没来得及伸出,便被云澈身上的气浪狠狠的撞开…连一丝抗拒之力都没有。 At this moment, grating tap web sound incisive resounding of out of the blue, from under flies to shoot tyrannical to congealing empty solid sword qi together, but , the last flash beside hundred zhang (333 m), next one flickers, then such as surmounted the space to be ordinary, before puncturing the Yun Che's surface gate, suddenly. 就在这时,刺耳锥心的破空声尖锐的响起,一道强横到凝虚化实的剑气从下方飞射而至,上一瞬间尚在百丈之外,下一瞬,便如跨越了空间一般,骤然刺到了云澈的面门之前。 Clang!! 锵!! The profound qi bang that the Yun Che personal appearance racing, the body was already ready to the front, neighed fully, spatial warping before his body, the path of sword qi flight presented the large scale bend, non-stop flew to shoot at behind Yun Che's, but the Yun Che's personal appearance was also forced to compel to draw back, returned to the Feng Xue'er body side, both eyes coldly looks to two person's shadows that under presented: You gave up finally, I also think that Mighty Heavenly Sword Region was only fellow of one crowd of revealing only part of the truth.” 云澈身形急转,身上早就蓄势待发的玄气全力轰向前方,一声嘶鸣,他身前的空间扭曲,剑气飞行的轨迹出现了大幅度弯折,直飞射向了云澈的后方,而云澈的身形也被迫逼退,回到了凤雪児的身侧,双目冷冷的看向了下方出现的两个人影:“你们两个终于舍得出来了,我还以为天威剑域都只是一群藏头露尾的家伙。” Yun Che was holding the extremely deep hate regarding Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, therefore spoke gratefully. 云澈对于天威剑域本就抱着极深的怨恨,所以说话毫不客气。 He He he he...” “呵呵呵呵…” In the gentle laughter, two age close old men float to empty slowly, one on the left and other on the right stood before the body of Xuanyuan Yufeng. Their wears the black clothing, wears the grey robe, carries on the back, carries cyan and grey long sword separately, vision such as sword glow generally sharp quiet cold, profound qi that the body naturally shakes something is such as the vast sea generally boundless boundless. 平和的笑声之中,两个年纪相近的老者缓缓浮空而起,一左一右站在了轩辕玉凤的身前。两人一个身着青衣,一个身着灰袍,背上,分别背着一把青色和灰色的长剑,目光如剑芒一般锋利幽寒,身上自然荡动的玄气更是如浩瀚的沧海一般磅礴无际。 Facing the Yun Che shame and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region's spoken language, they do not have the anger, the black clothing old man vision linger from Yun Che's, nods the head slightly, thin smile [say / way]: Old man, although for a long time occupies Sword Domain, but these date and time, Yun Che this name has actually liked thunder reverberating in one's ears. Is thinking can later Devil Sword Great Conference two moon/month gaze the elegant demeanor, does not want actually to meet by chance in this place, is a good fortune.” 面对云澈辱及天威剑域的言语,他们却是毫无怒气,青衣老者目光从云澈的身上流连而过,微微颔首,淡笑着道:“老夫虽久居剑域,但这些时日,云澈这个名字却已是如雷贯耳。本想着能在两月之后的魔剑大会一瞻风采,不曾想却在此地偶遇,也算是一件幸事。” Two elders.” Ling Tianni and Ling Yuefeng by the whole body aura chaos that Yun Che that attacked a moment ago, saw that the schungite two old men appear, they cover the chest to salute upon meeting hastily forward. Because to their Heavenly Sword Villa, this is the aloof great person who two cannot neglect absolutely. “二位长老。”凌天逆凌月枫云澈刚才那一下冲击的全身气息大乱,看到青灰两个老者出现,他们连忙捂着胸口向前见礼。因为对他们天剑山庄来说,这是两个绝对怠慢不起的超然大人物。 But Yun Che and they are entirely different, even if knew perfectly well that they are Mighty Heavenly Sword Region, moreover may be the person of elder rank extremely, he is still low and deep of whole face: Good fortune? Since is the good fortune, what meaning lashed out me a moment ago is? Since you have listened to my Yun Che's given name, you do have to hear: I, am extremely... Bears a grudge!” 云澈和他们截然不同,纵然明知他们是天威剑域,而且极有可能是长老级别的人,他依然是满脸的低沉:“幸事?既然是幸事,刚才出手攻击我又是什么意思?你们既然听过我云澈的大名,那么,你们有没有听说过:我这个人,可是极其的…记仇!”
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