ATG :: Volume #19

#1998: Qilin God Conference (Last Part)

The unusual vision that ear-spitting continuous shouting, also punctures unceasingly, making Helian Imperial Family be high and low. 震耳不休的呼喊,还有不断刺来的异样目光,让赫连皇室上下坐立难安。 A numerous itself/Ben is sets the base can also enter Qilin God Realm, not young profound practitioner of fighting spirit is completely dumbfounded, is unable to be calm again. 一众本是垫底也能入麟神境,并无斗志的年轻玄者全部傻眼,再无法淡定。 Helian Lingzhu closes the eye simply, calm. 赫连玲珠干脆闭上眼睛,平心静气。 Yeah, difficult.” Knows all Ku Xian one to sigh early lowly. “哎,难呀。”早知一切的枯弦一声低叹。 Pours does not need extremely to be worried.” Mo Cangying takes bearing Qilin Worshipping Alliance divine sense to take back, tranquil say/way: Qilin Worshipping Alliance started after all was still late, background and fledgling. We have visited, their ten sixty-year cycle following Divine Lord only have two people.” “倒也不用太过担心。”陌苍鹰探向拜麟盟神识收回,平静道:“拜麟盟毕竟起步尚晚,底蕴和羽翼未丰。我方才探视过,他们十甲子以下的神主只有两人。” However us has three people. And that two people obviously enters Divine Lord Realm initially, I alone can cope with ease.” “而我们这边有三人。且那两人明显是初入神主境,我一个人便可轻松对付。” Qilin God Conference spells is ten sixty-year cycle below young Divine Lord. But Divine Sovereign...... spoke frankly is making up the number of having no other choice. After all the plane/level disparity between Great Realm, is radically insurmountable. 麟神之会拼的就是十甲子以下的年轻神主。而神君……直说就是不得已的凑数。毕竟大境界之间的层面差距,是根本不可逾越的。 Then, his eyebrow corner/horn selects suddenly. 说完,他眉角忽然一挑。 He thinks Ximen Qi that day institute mentioned foreign aid. 他想到了西门祺那日所言及的“外援”。 " If you really want to go to the final face to lose to us are stepping on playing, that this Young Master might as well first reminded you slightly, foreign aid that our time invited, only needed one person, was run over and died sufficiently you...... completely! " 「如果你们实在想去将最后的脸面丢给我们踩着玩的话,那本少不妨先稍稍提醒你们,我们此次邀来的外援,只需一人,就足以碾死你们……全部!」 Mo Cangying divine sense spreads to go, the moment then flies back without any results. 陌苍鹰神识重新蔓延而去,须臾便无功而返。 Cannot be negligent.” Ku Xian said solemnly: Qilin Worshipping Alliance , if no enough assurance, today so a weaponry, will then not go to front of Country Lord to announce ahead of schedule.” “不可大意。”枯弦沉声道:“拜麟盟若无足够的把握,今日便不会如此阵仗,更不会提早去国主面前宣告。” Moreover, Qilin Worshipping Alliance must care about the Ximen Boyun face countenance. Ximen Boyun as Abyss Knight of this testimony, is Qilin Worshipping Alliance does not take advantage false. Meanwhile, if Qilin Worshipping Alliance joins forcefully actually loses, must be able to be harmful to and Ximen Boyun dignity...... they will not allow this grade of matter to happen.” “另外,拜麟盟还必须顾及西门博云的颜面。西门博云作为此次见证的深渊骑士,是拜麟盟的依仗不假。但同时,若是拜麟盟强行加入却铩羽而归,必会伤及西门博云尊严……他们不会允许这等事发生。” Indeed should not the general idea/careless, but is also anxious.” Yun Che opens the mouth saying: Abyss Knight this status, Qilin Worshipping Alliance can use, we can also use.” “的确不该大意,但也没必要紧张。”云澈开口道:“‘深渊骑士’这个身份,拜麟盟可以用,我们也可以用。” Mo Cangying and Helian Lingzhu transfer the pupil simultaneously, Mo Cangying said in a low voice: How did this saying say?” 陌苍鹰赫连玲珠同时转眸,陌苍鹰低声道:“这话怎么说?” Obviously.” Yun Che said leisurely: Four characters that Abyss Knight most often said that was noble and pure soul.” “显而易见。”云澈慢条斯理道:“深渊骑士最常挂在嘴边的四个字,便是‘高洁之魂’。” „Becoming Abyss Knight, is glorious prestige. Meanwhile, becomes the person of Pure Land, is representing the Pure Land face countenance. Therefore......” Yun Che narrows the pupil slightly: He must grasp to be noble and pure and fair, otherwise, tarnishes the Abyss Knight dignity, destroys to smear the Pure Land face countenance!” “成为深渊骑士,自是威风八面。但同时,也成为了净土之人,代表着净土的颜面。所以……”云澈微微眯眸:“他必须秉持高洁与公正,否则,就是玷污深渊骑士的尊严,毁污净土的颜面!” Today so many people present, has so many eye staring he as Abyss Knight noble and pure soul, I do not believe him to dare to practice favoritism blatantly. Therefore, we do not need to fear him, on the contrary...... I believe the following a lot of time, he instead......” “今日这么多人在场,也就是有这么多双眼睛盯者他身为深渊骑士的‘高洁之魂’,我就不信他敢公然徇私。所以,我们不需要惧他,相反……我相信接下来很多时间,他反而……” His voice/sound pulls down, the intonation is light: More uses for us.” 声音压低,语调淡淡:“会更多的为我们所用。” In Chi Wuyao in the eyes, in this world best several kinds of people who deal with, one kind, is dead Bing, or has to grasp the person of principle. 池妩仸眼中,这世上最好对付的几类人,其中一类,便是死秉,或者不得不秉持原则之人。 ( also one kind, was once Yun Che —— hobbles too many.) (还有一类,便是曾经的云澈——牵绊太多之人。) Comes Qilin Abyss Realm Ximen Boyun to become Pure Land Abyss Knight, this without doubt is to Gao Rongguang who his lifetime asked that how dare he under glare of the public eye, there are to smear the Abyss Knight glory. 出身麟渊界西门博云成为了净土深渊骑士,这无疑是他毕生所求的至高荣光,他岂敢在众目睽睽之下,有污深渊骑士的荣耀。 On such as past Mo Beichen, vertical hated extreme, had not killed Helian Jue eventually truly. 就如当年的陌悲尘,纵恨到极处,也终究没有真正杀了赫连玦 Mo Cangying and Helian Lingzhu are startled for a while, is unable to say. 陌苍鹰赫连玲珠一时怔住,无法接话。 Abyss Knight must 深渊骑士的确必须 Noble and pure and fair, Yun Che's words anybody can understand......, but, that is Abyss Knight, what regardless of he makes, who dares really to doubt to butt in this small Qilin Abyss Realm? 高洁与公正,云澈的话任何人都可以听懂……但,那可是深渊骑士,无论他做什么,在这小小麟渊界又有谁敢真的置疑置喙? Violates the law on such as prince with the common people with crime, basically is well-known, bullshit that but must everyone praise. 就如“王子犯法与庶民同罪”,基本就是句人人皆知,还必须人人称颂的屁话。 At this time, Yun Che had a sleep/felt suddenly, the vision shoots at a direction suddenly. 这时,云澈忽有所觉,目光陡然射向一个方向。 There, is Qilin Worshipping Alliance is. 那里,是拜麟盟所在。 By the person's shadow of stack-up, in the rear area of obvious dissociation, he shot a look at the grayish white of one slightly reveal. 透过层叠的人影,在明显游离的后方,他瞥到了一抹稍露的灰白。 This aura...... 这个气息…… Wait! 等等! At that time this person...... could it be that was Mo Beichen mentioned...... 这个人……难道就是陌悲尘当时所提及的…… If that is right, such can a person, why come this small Qilin Abyss Realm? 若是如此,这样一个人,为什么要来这小小麟渊界 Moreover evidently, is that foreign aid that Qilin Worshipping Alliance invited? 而且看样子,那就是拜麟盟请的那个外援? Qilin Worshipping Alliance should not have the qualifications to invite to be right, only if...... 拜麟盟应该没资格邀得动才对,除非…… Is the opposite party is initiative! 是对方主动! Brother Yun, how?” Detected that Yun Che aura stagnates suddenly, Mo Cangying makes noise to ask. 云兄弟,怎么了?”察觉到云澈忽然气息凝滞,陌苍鹰出声问道。 Qilin Worshipping Alliance indeed comes prepared.” Yun Che said: This time, Qilin Worshipping Alliance enters Qilin God Realm, was settled.” 拜麟盟的确有备而来。”云澈道:“这次,拜麟盟麟神境,是板上钉钉了。” Mo Cangying: „!!” 陌苍鹰:“!!” Ximen Boyun voice/sound resounded at this time, such as Azure Waves was billowing, turned round instantaneously all noisy sounds: My Ximen Boyun, to serve Abyss Sovereign and Divine Emissary Abyss Knight. Presents the life of Pure Land especially, to open Qilin God Realm, but, also as the testimony of this Qilin God Conference with surveillant.” 西门博云声音在这时响起,如沧澜滚滚,瞬间覆下了所有嘈杂之声:“我名西门博云,为侍奉渊皇神官深渊骑士。特奉净土之命,为开启麟神境而至,亦作为此次麟神之会的见证与监督者。” words shakes the soul ear-spittingly, brings lofty that unquestionable and disobeys. 字字震耳撼魂,带着不容置疑和违逆的威凌 Abyss Knight is to serve Abyss Sovereign and Divine Emissary, maintains the abyss order to exist. Abyss Knight at present, does not accommodate any evil. Dirty and unfair.” 深渊骑士为侍奉渊皇神官,维护深渊秩序而存在。深渊骑士目下,不容任何罪恶。肮脏与不公。” His left arm puts down slowly, the Pure Land god mark of back of the hand then receives its heavenly might divine glow, voice/sound also transfers lightly: I said hence. Qilin God Conference how, all by everyone.” 他左臂缓缓放下,手背的净土神纹这才收起其天威神芒,声音也转为平淡:“我言至此。麟神之会如何,皆由各位。” Zhai Kexie bows to lift the head: „The Pure Land kindness, Qilin Abyss Realm always does not dare to fade from the memory. Lord Knight, please.” 砦克邪躬身抬首:“净土恩典,麟渊界永世不敢淡忘。骑士大人,请。” Ximen Boyun nods, moves to above position of honor, eye of duplicate audience. 西门博云颔首,随之移身于尊位之上,目覆全场。 Quite remote far spatial above. 颇为遥远的远空之上。 In other words, can by way of this Qilin God Conference, be able to enter Qilin God Realm?” “就是说,必须经由这个麟神之会,才可以进入麟神境?” On Hua Caili face full is disappointed. 画彩璃的脸儿上满是失望。 I have reminded you.” Hua Qingying voice/sound spreads to her inner world: Qilin Abyss Realm, although is small, but this Qilin God Realm absolutely not wants to enter enters. Abyss Sovereign with that Qilin, has the special friendship that others are unable to find out by secret inquiry. Existence of Qilin God Realm, is to the Qilin Abyss Realm gracious gift, is the protection to that Qilin.” “我早已提醒过你。”画清影声音传入她的心海:“麟渊界虽是小界,但这麟神境绝非想入就入。渊皇与那麒麟,有着他人无从探知的特殊交情。麟神境的存在,是对麟渊界的恩赐,更是对那麒麟的保护。” Hua Caili thinks: I...... the present join in them a side, is also with enough time?” 画彩璃想了一想:“那我……现在去加入他们中的一方,是不是还来得及?” Your status, how may with their same five! Moreover your saves world age, has surpassed its limit.” “你的身份,岂可与他们同伍!而且你的‘存世’年龄,也已超过其限制。” The Hua Caili finger/refers touches flowery lips, is thinking deeply about anything diligently, obviously is unwilling leaves. 画彩璃指触唇瓣,努力的思索着什么,显然不甘心就这么离开。 Abyss Sovereign is heavy to your graciousness like the mountain, do not do to touch the matter of his taboo.” 渊皇对你恩重如山,不要做触他禁忌之事。” She is reminding Hua Caili, do not think sneaks quietly. 她在提醒画彩璃,不要想着悄悄潜入。 Cannot.” The Hua Caili jogging nods, spits the breath spookily: Could not go in even. At the worst next time will see Uncle Abyss Sovereign time...... Eh? “才不会。”画彩璃轻摇颔首,随之幽幽吐息:“进不去就算了。大不了下次去见渊皇伯伯的时候……咦? Her pupil light institute, had no intention to see unexpectedly has had putting in an appearance, but also made her have the person of impression. 她眸光所及,竟无意看到了一个有过照面,还让她有所印象的人。 Yun Che! 云澈 Was on that day that person, he also.” “是那天那个人,他也在。” The vision that for a while stagnates makes Yun Che hidden have a sleep/felt, lifts the pupil slightly. 一时停滞的目光让云澈隐有所觉,微微抬眸。 As abyss dust is getting more and more weak to his influence, his Spirit Sense acuity and extends the range, even must surpass by Hua Caili that abyss dust limits, naturally easily sensation to her aura. 随着渊尘对他的影响越来越弱,他的灵觉敏锐度和延伸范围,甚至还要超过被渊尘所限的画彩璃,自然轻易感知到了她的气息 She? 她? In the Yun Che heart is astonished. 云澈心中讶异。 This has the pupil of star moon/month, likely is the Divine Country God's Daughter person...... she also in Qilin Abyss Realm? 这个有着星月之眸,很可能是神国神女的人……她怎么还在麟渊界 In the vision touches and pretends with her not to know that considered a while, Yun Che finally chose the latter hesitant. 在目光与她相触和装作不知之间斟酌犹豫了一会儿,云澈最终选择了后者。 Zhai Kexie returns to Rock Profound Sect is, raises the sound said: Qilin God Realm is Abyss Sovereign bestows Qilin Abyss Realm unsurpassed the grace of Heaven, Qilin Abyss Realm can have today, all does obeisance this gracious gift. Thinks and Abyss Sovereign hold En, will think and the Qilin deep pool in the future, when Qilin God Realm those who are able will enter it.” 砦克邪回至磐玄宗所在,昂声道:“麟神境渊皇亲赐麟渊界的无上天恩,麟渊界能有今日,皆拜此恩赐。思及渊皇盛恩,思及麟渊未来,麟神境都当能者入之。” His vision takes a fast look around the audience, continued: At this time is situated in my Qilin Abyss Realm highest plane, is Rock Profound Sect and ten thousand Renzong, the fierce sand sect and Helian Imperial Family, ten several era have not had the change.” 他目光扫视全场,继续道:“今时立于我麟渊界最高位面者,为磐玄宗、万仞宗、烈砂宗、赫连皇室,已十数个时代未有变动。” „After Qilin God Realm opening, altogether may enter thousand people. According to this Qilin God Conference fights the result, first place may enter 400 people, times may enter 300 people, three may enter 200 people, lowliest place may enter 100 people.” 麟神境开启后,共可进入千人。依此届麟神之会所战结果,首位者可入四百人,次位者可入三百人,三位者可入两百人,末位者可入一百人。” All previous Qilin God Conference is so. 历届麟神之会皆是如此。 Ten thousand Sect Master, fierce Sect Master, Helian......” Zhai Kexie does not know that intends or has no intention to stop paused to flicker: Crown Princess, if unobjectionable, this Qilin God Conference, then in light of this opening.” “万宗主,烈宗主,赫连……”砦克邪不知有意还是无意的停顿了一瞬:“长公主,若无异议,此届麟神之会,便就此开启。” Hehe, since those who are able enter it, passenger, from, when was displaced.” “呵呵,既是能者入之,那无能者,自当被取而代之。” Zhai Kexie finishes speaking, an inopportuneness, but does not make person accidental/surprised voice/sound resound. 砦克邪话音刚落,一个不合时宜,但又丝毫不让人意外声音响起。 The Ximen Borong stride goes out, manner sincerely however free. When the language falls, has not forgotten to shoot a look at Helian Imperial Family to be at lightly. 西门博容大步走出,神态笃然自若。语落之时,还不忘淡淡瞥了一眼赫连皇室所在。 After the startled knowledge witnesses this Qilin God Conference Abyss Knight is Ximen Boyun, this arrival then in expected of many, thus has not had the noise, only had bunch of vision to shift to Helian Imperial Family to be. 惊知见证此次麟神之会深渊骑士西门博云后,这一幕的到来便在很多人的意料之中,因而也未起喧嚣,唯有一束束目光转向了赫连皇室所在。 They start to understand suddenly why the important matter, Country Lord Helian has not had the appearance, instead lets Crown Princess to lead. 他们忽然开始明白,为什么如此大事,赫连国主却未有出现,反而让长公主引领 The seems like so-called wound heavy has not been only a pretence, should obtain the news early, does not want the face countenance to lose in the presence of everyone completely, therefore pushed Crown Princess come out to face. 看来所谓伤重未愈只是幌子,应该是早得到了消息,不想当众颜面丢尽,所以推了个长公主出来面对。 ...... This conforms to Qilin Abyss Realm profound practitioner very much to the mechanical impression of Country Lord Helian. ……这很符合麟渊界玄者赫连国主的刻板印象。 Zhai Kexie sincere by right: It seems like, Qilin Worshipping Alliance also wants to enjoy the Qilin God Realm gracious gift.” 砦克邪正色以对:“看来,拜麟盟也欲得享麟神境的恩赐。” Qilin Worshipping Alliance rises in recent years swift and violent, the numerous completely knows. By stockade somebody seeing, the expensive/noble pledge indeed has into the qualifications of boundary of Qilin god.” 拜麟盟近些年崛起之迅猛,众所尽知。以砦某个人之见,贵盟的确有入麟神之境的资格。” In the Zhai Kexie spoken language has not mentioned Ximen Boyun slightly name: But, Qilin God Realm can only enter thousand people each time, a three sects dynasty is crowded. If adds Qilin Worshipping Alliance again......” 砦克邪言语中丝毫未提及“西门博云”的名字:“只不过,麟神境每次都只能入千人,三宗一朝已是拥挤非常。若再加一个拜麟盟……” He shakes the head with a smile, said: This matter, some stockade person said naturally does not calculate, when inquired meaning of ten thousand Renzong, the fierce sand sect and Helian Imperial Family.” 他笑着摇头,道:“此事,砦某一人说了当然不算,当询万仞宗、烈砂宗、赫连皇室之意。” At this time, Helian Linglang forward one step suddenly, high sound said: My Helian Imperial Family is unobjectionable.” 这时,赫连玲琅忽的向前一步,高声道:“我赫连皇室并无异议。” Falling that the innumerable vision brush in Helian Linglang body. Helian Lingzhu turns around startled: Crown Prince Imperial Brother, you......” 无数的目光刷的落在了赫连玲琅身上赫连玲珠愕然转身:“太子皇兄,你……” A Helian Linglang face sincere , to continue to say fearlessly: Qilin Worshipping Alliance had/left Abyss Knight. This merely is not the glory of Qilin Worshipping Alliance, is my Qilin Abyss Realm honor. By this merit glory, Qilin Worshipping Alliance then has the qualifications altogether to enter Qilin God Realm only, my Helian Imperial Family is certainly unobjectionable.” 赫连玲琅一脸正色,继续昂然道:“拜麟盟出了一位深渊骑士。这绝不仅仅是拜麟盟之荣,更是我麟渊界的荣光。单以此功此荣,拜麟盟便有资格共入麟神境,我赫连皇室绝无异议。” Such remarks, the audience is completely silent. 此言一出,全场鸦雀无声。 Helian Linglang these words saying self-satisfiedly. When the language falls, in the heart...... these words to own rapid reaction contented to the extreme, was not said by Helian Lingzhu luckily. 赫连玲琅这番话说得志得意满。语落之时,心中对自己的快速反应自得之极……幸亏这番话,不是由赫连玲珠说出。 He thinks, this is to Abyss Knight...... to veneration and flattering of Ximen Boyun. 他以为,这是对深渊骑士……对西门博云的尊崇与巴结。 But he has with flattering contentedly when the vision looks to Ximen Boyun, actually discovered that his complexion gloomy gets down suddenly, cold light in eye lets his whole body quenching. 但他带着自得与讨好的目光看向西门博云时,却发现他的脸色陡然阴沉下来,目中的寒光更是让他全身骤冷。 Yun Che is unemotional, in the heart sneers: This Helian Imperial Family is doomed to end, blocks cannot block. 云澈面无表情,心中冷笑:这赫连皇室是注定要完,拦都拦不住。 Helian Linglang thinks that this is flattering, said actually not the issue in secret. But in the presence of everyone so...... that simply is noble and pure soul shining shame to Abyss Knight. 赫连玲琅以为这是在拍马屁,私下里如此说倒是并无问题。但当众如此……那简直是对深渊骑士“高洁之魂”明晃晃的羞辱。 Moreover he is stupid, far more than this. 而且他蠢的,又何止这一处。 Ku Xian put out a long breath. 枯弦长长吐了一口气 As Helian Tianfu Palace Chief, he is not naturally able to reprimand imperial family Crown Prince, only has a mind endless to be disappointed and dismal. 身为赫连天府府主,他自然无法斥责皇室太子,唯有心间无尽失望与悲凉。 This thinks that Helian Jue could not have helped up, has not thought that future succeeding to the throne can also unexpectedly again the broken lower limit. 本以为赫连玦已是扶不起,不曾想,未来的继位者居然还能再破下限。
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