ATG :: Volume #19

#1997: Qilin God Conference (Middle Part)

Above profound ark, the Helian Lingzhu long body stands, worries everywhere. 玄舟之上,赫连玲珠长身而立,满目忧心。 But numerous Helian Tianfu young profound practitioner is each one whole faces is excited. The anticipation can be seen in speech and appearance with the exciting color. 而一众赫连天府的年轻玄者则是个个满脸兴奋。期待与激动之色溢于言表。 Qilin Abyss Realm all knows Helian Imperial Family gradually to decline, moreover had continued several era. But, their present situation to the drastic change actually completely does not know at this time...... does not know Qilin Worshipping Alliance has resulted in three sects to crowd around, does not know that Qilin Worshipping Alliance this time will enter Qilin God Conference, even does not know that even witnesses this Qilin God Conference Abyss Knight stems from Qilin Worshipping Alliance. 麟渊界皆知赫连皇室逐渐式微,而且已是持续了数个时代。但,他们对今时剧变的现状却全然不知……不知拜麟盟已得三宗拥簇,不知拜麟盟此次将入麟神之会,甚至不知连见证此次麟神之会深渊骑士都是出自拜麟盟 Still thinking, Helian Imperial Family same must enter Qilin God Realm with previous each era......, although end control. 依然以为着,赫连皇室会和先前的每个时代一样必入麟神境……虽然只是最末的掌控权。 On the same day Zhai Liancheng and Ximen Qi visited the word of proclaiming, Helian Jue is not only unable to publicize, instead must cover stubbornly, otherwise must direct greatly after turmoil —— let alone Helian Jue that scared and is unable to know in advance caused heavy losses directly erupts, had no time to attend to other things radically. 当日砦连城西门祺登门所宣之言,赫连玦不但无法公开,反而要死死捂住,否则必引巨大的恐慌和无法预知的动乱——何况赫连玦那之后直接重创爆发,也根本无暇他顾。 This Helian Jue heavy is unable to arrive because of wound, reason is fair. 此次赫连玦因“伤重未愈”无法亲临,理由合情合理。 But by Helian Lingzhu to lead, was actually startled a place chin. 但由赫连玲珠引领,却是惊掉了一地下巴。 Especially Crown Prince Helian Linglang, the puzzled not indignation in his heart, in a terrified way is furious can be imagined. Is Helian Jue closes up cures to recover, he is also repeatedly seeks an audience, finally does not even hesitate to rush......, but was rumbled without doubt immediately. 尤其是太子赫连玲琅,其心中的不解不忿、惶恐震怒可想而知。就是赫连玦闭关疗愈,他亦是多次求见,最后甚至不惜强闯……但无疑马上被轰了出去。 But, Crown Prince after all is Crown Prince, but Helian Lingzhu is only the earthliness in the eyes female, vertical was appointed by Country Lord Helian personally, these Helian Imperial Family and Tianfu talents extremely also as before are the crowding around in the side of Helian Linglang. 但,太子终归是太子,而赫连玲珠则只是俗世眼中的女子,纵被赫连国主亲口任命,那些赫连皇室天府的绝顶天才们也依旧都是簇拥于赫连玲琅之侧。 Helian Linglang is situated in another side of profound ark, vision unceasing has swept Helian Lingzhu and Yun Che, the complexion is gloomy. 赫连玲琅立于玄舟另一侧,目光不断的扫过赫连玲珠云澈,脸色阴暗不定。 Why Crown Prince Imperial Brother so cares.” Helian Imperial Prince of his body side said: Passes on the Imperial Father wound is the sovereign elder sister returns to normal, Imperial Father entrusts this is to seal/confer bestows in reason. As for vacillating the position of Crown Prince Imperial Brother, that is purely nonsensical talk.” 太子皇兄又何必如此在意。”他身侧的一个赫连皇子道:“都传父皇的伤是皇姐所平复,父皇委她此任不过是一场情理之内的封赏。至于动摇太子皇兄之位,那纯属无稽之谈。” Right.” Helian Tianfu this chief disciple side Zhonghe connection said: Crown Princess, although the prestige is quite abundant. But Helian Imperial Family has Crown Prince to assume personal command, how can also turn to obtain her.” “没错。”赫连天府此届的首席弟子方忠赫接口道:“长公主虽名望颇盛。但赫连皇室太子坐镇,又岂会轮得到她。” The Helian Linglang complexion is not gentle, he swept one always to Mo Cangying of his not false word usage, finally stares ruthlessly in Yun Che body: Is this pretty boy...... his anything origin!” 赫连玲琅脸色毫无和缓,他扫了一眼从来都对他不假辞色的陌苍鹰,最后又狠狠盯在云澈身上:“都是这个小白脸……他到底什么来历!” Manages his anything origin.” Another Helian Imperial Prince whole face disdains: Eventually is only pretty boy that's all that the sovereign elder sister rears in a pen. Then, that Mo Cangying the complexion was not quite good for several days, feared soon is...... Hehehe.” “管他什么来历。”另一个赫连皇子满脸不屑:“终究只是个皇姐圈养的小白脸而已。说起来,那陌苍鹰这些天脸色都不太好,怕是用不了多久……呵呵呵。” Immediately laughs to resound, corners of the mouth of Helian Linglang also slightly. 顿时一阵哄笑响起,赫连玲琅的嘴角也微微的咧了咧。 Although is separated by very far, but as goes out from Helian Tianfu, this era most outstanding disciple, Mo Cangying has Divine Lord Realm Third Level cultivation base, the laughter hears clear. 虽然相隔很远,但身为从赫连天府走出,这一个时代最杰出的弟子,陌苍鹰有着神主境三级修为,哄笑声听得一清二楚。 His double fist pinches tightly, brow deep lock, but the long time does not have. 他双拳捏紧,眉头深锁,但久无所动。 Yun Che actually arrived at his body side. 云澈却是来到了他的身侧。 Big Brother Mo,” he opens the mouth saying: Crown Princess looks like the mood to be unsatisfactory, at this time, when there are you in the side.” 陌大哥,”他开口道:“长公主看来心情不佳,这种时候,当有你在侧。” Mo Cangying is maintaining the original posture, looked that does not look at his one eyes, on the face is wooden: Words that you go, is not better.” 陌苍鹰保持着原本的姿势,看都不看他一眼,脸上更是毫无表情:“你去的话,不是更好么。” I?” Stunned and puzzled of Yun Che face, laugh in spite of trying not to: Big Brother Mo, your saying I may be unable to understand.” “我?”云澈一脸的错愕与不解,随之失笑:“陌大哥,你这话我可听不懂了。” You can understand.” Mo Cangying tonality chilling a point: She is filled with now eyeful is you! You did not walk, the actions...... do not need to work as the fool for her me!” “你听得懂。”陌苍鹰的音调冷硬了一分:“她现在满眼满心都是你!你一直不走,所作所为也都是为了她……不用把我当傻子!” Enters Helian Tianfu from her by the ordinary disciple status, I have then visited her, she how...... I clearest,” Mo Cangying do not glance up: Her heart pleased in anyone, is her freedom. You understanding pleased in her, is normal, I am speechless, disdains, therefore has the angry resentment.” “从她以普通弟子身份入赫连天府,我便一直看着她,她如何……我最为清楚,”陌苍鹰别过目光:“她心悦于谁,是她的自由。你会心悦于她,也再正常不过,我都无话可说,也不屑因此心生怒怨。” But you touch cheeks on own initiative, mystifying,” he desolate laughing: But fell the low grade.” “但你主动贴脸,阴阳怪气,”他一声冷淡的嗤笑:“可就落了下乘。” On the Yun Che face the happy expression disappears, he does not have to leave, instead approaches several steps, stands with Mo Cangying and body. 云澈脸上笑意消失,他没有就此离开,反而又靠近几步,与陌苍鹰并身而立。 Big Brother Mo, you have calculated, how long I and did Crown Princess contact?” 陌大哥,你有没有算过,我与长公主共接触了多久?” Mo Cangying: „......” 陌苍鹰:“……” Yun Che said at a moderate pace: Except you me from the sandstorm belt/bring to Helian Tianfu, as well as flies to the Imperial City same way from Helian Tianfu, I and Crown Princess have the contacted time, the considering everything less than three double-hour.” 云澈不紧不慢道:“除去你们将我从沙暴带至赫连天府,以及从赫连天府飞往皇城的同途,我与长公主有所接触的时间,满打满算都不足三个时辰。” However Big Brother Mo, you and Crown Princess are acquainted in the youth, the common start in negligible, accompanies, support and growth mutually. So the friendship full inscription marrow, the non- any others and other emotions may compare.” “而陌大哥,你与长公主相识于少时,共同起步于微末,互相陪伴、扶持与成长。这般情谊足铭骨髓,非任何其他人、其他情感可比。” When, Crown Princess enters Fog Sea solitarily, Big Brother Mo not hesitant this solitary one enters bravely, fights tooth and nail to rescue. Believes that trades to make Big Brother Mo, Crown Princess can also so.” “所以,长公主只身入雾海时,陌大哥会毫无犹豫的孤勇而入,搏命相救。相信换做陌大哥,长公主也会如此。” However I, am only an external person. Is less than January/one month with the Crown Princess acquaintance, touches superficial like the water, the dear friend is out of the question.” Yun Che shakes the head: With Big Brother Mo and Crown Princess fetters, what comes a wee bit to be possible compared with the qualifications.” “而我,只是一个外来之人。与长公主相识不足一月,相触浅薄如水,相知更是无从谈起。”云澈摇头:“和陌大哥长公主的羁绊,何来丁点可比的资格。” Mo Cangying has turned the head, on the face changes countenance slightly: But......” 陌苍鹰转过头,脸上稍有动容:“可是……” Not, but.” Yun Che smiles: I can show, Big Brother Mo recognizes, for wrong.” “没有可是。”云澈笑了一笑:“我可以证明,陌大哥所认为的是错的。” Big Brother Mo said that my heart pleased Crown Princess, actually, I make all for Crown Princess, all for the report life-saving efforts , the selfishness, that is goes to Qilin God Realm to have a look. After all that is with Abyss Sovereign related Secret Realm, letting the person is unable is not curious with yearning.” 陌大哥说我心悦长公主,实则,我为长公主所做一切,皆为报救命之恩,同时也有一份私心,那就是去麟神境内看看。毕竟那是与渊皇有关的秘境,让人无法不心生好奇与向往。” Confident of his face: As the son, the grace of life-saving is bigger than the sky, how could not full power by report. Trades to make Big Brother Mo, decides to be able so.” 他一脸的坦然:“身为男儿,救命之恩大过天,岂能不全力以报。换做陌大哥,也定会如此。” „......” The Mo Cangying lip moved slightly, wants to say anything, actually listened to Yun Che continued: „After Qilin God Conference, I will leave Qilin Abyss Realm immediately. Later, should not have the period of meeting again.” “……”陌苍鹰嘴唇微动,想要说什么,却听云澈继续道:“麟神之会后,我就会马上离开麟渊界。以后,应该再无相见之期了。” His fierce turning the head: „Will you...... walk?” 他猛的转头:“你……会走?” Naturally.” On the Yun Che face does not have a wee bit attachments, only has the naturalness: This place my homeland, after not repaying a debt of gratitude, naturally did not have staying behind reason. Therefore Big Brother Mo said that my heart pleased Crown Princess, the itself/Ben is wrong.” “当然。”云澈脸上没有丁点眷恋,唯有理所当然:“此地非我生身之地,报恩之后自然也没有了留下的理由。所以陌大哥说我心悦长公主,本就是错的。” Then similarly, Big Brother Mo said the Crown Princess heart pleased in me, is wrong.” “那么同样,陌大哥长公主心悦于我,也是错的。” The Mo Cangying facial expression obviously had the fluctuation. Before previous cold and stiff nothing left. 陌苍鹰的神情明显有了波动。之前先前的僵冷荡然无存。 Helian Imperial Family gradually declines, Crown Princess knows ahead of time the Qilin Worshipping Alliance ambition, she even paces back and forth to arrive to rush to Fog Sea no use alone. Then, my appearance, looks like one...... to bring the hope straws of some favorable turns, hopeless, naturally must go closely to grip.” 赫连皇室逐渐式微,长公主又提前知道了拜麟盟的野心,她甚至都彷徨无助到去独闯雾海。那么,我的出现,就像是一根……有可能带来些许转机的希望稻草,无望之下,自然要去紧紧抓牢。” Excessive earnest, excessive trust that therefore, she will display to me. To come, she now the maximum gambling stake and expectation, are my family background.” “所以,她才会对我表现的过度殷切,过度信任。想来,她现在最大的赌注和期望,就是我的出身。” So-called heart pleased in me,” Yun Che shakes the head to smile: Is out of the question radically.” “所谓心悦于我,”云澈摇头而笑:“根本无从谈起。” Mo Cangying was obviously persuaded...... or awakened suddenly. 陌苍鹰明显被说动了……或者说忽然醒悟。 You regarding her, are intimate with like the hand and foot, is indispensable. I regarding her, when cold wind attack the cotton-padded jacket that at the right moment presents, is no comparison between them.” “你对于她,亲近如手足,早已不可或缺。我对于她,不过寒风侵袭时适时出现的棉衣,不可同日而语。” He transfers the eye, hints to the Helian Lingzhu direction: Big Brother Mo, you in her body side, she will not feel dejected at this moment.” 他转目,示意向赫连玲珠的方向:“陌大哥,此刻你不在她身侧,她可是会黯然神伤的。” The upper body of Mo Cangying is unexpectedly stiff, then plunders directly to the Helian Lingzhu direction......, but he pauses to look back immediately, said to Yun Che: Brother Yun, you to Lingzhu, to the benevolence of imperial family, are to my Mo Cangying benevolence.” 陌苍鹰的上身蓦地挺直,然后直接掠向赫连玲珠的方向……但马上他又停步回首,向云澈道:“云兄弟,你对玲珠,对皇室的恩情,就是对我陌苍鹰的恩情。” When you can help Helian Imperial Family enter seriously Qilin God Realm...... you keep Qilin Abyss Realm, but has asked that willing to risk oneself through ten thousand death!” “若你当真能助赫连皇室进入麟神境……你留身麟渊界时,但有所求,万死不辞!” His words is loud and clear. Said that does not need Yun Che to respond, goes to the Helian Lingzhu body side. 字字掷地有声。说完也不待云澈回应,已是去到了赫连玲珠身侧。 Yun Che back leans on the bulkhead lightly, the look like the stagnant water. 云澈后背倚靠于舱壁,眼神平淡如死水。 Mo Cangying these words, so-called are most to the Helian Lingzhu benevolence also occupy less than half, more stems from him misunderstanding guilty and being enlightened gratitude. 陌苍鹰这番话,所谓对赫连玲珠的恩情最多也就占小半,更多是出于对他“误解”的愧疚和“醍醐灌顶”的感激。 Is a person of muscle, caressed in a few words. 到底是一根筋的人,三言两语也就抚住了。 A character sentiments, for ever and ever, often arrives at one instantly. 情之一字,天长地久,往往抵不过一个刹那。 To the woman man is so. 对女人男人皆是如此。 Obviously Mo Cangying does not understand. However then, he at least is not a variable, perhaps...... will be useful. 显然陌苍鹰并不太懂。不过如此一来,他至少不会是个变数,说不定……还会有用。 After fusing the Chi Wuyao memory, he spies on the way and habits and behaviors of person now, many a little draws close in her. 在融合了池妩仸的记忆后,他如今窥探人的方式和行为习惯,也多少有点趋近于她。 ............ ………… Qilin Abyss Realm center, Qilin God Territory. 麟渊界的中心,名麒麟神域 The Qilin God Realm entrance then here, inside has the abyss most berserk rock sand, with abyss last Qilin. 麟神境的入口便在此处,里面有着深渊狂暴的岩沙,和深渊最后一只麒麟 Final Qilin the name makes one yearn without doubt, but the Qilin Abyss Realm rare bystander visits. Because protects Qilin God Realm that last Qilin has is Abyss Sovereign supposes, and year to year seals up, who dares to enter? “最后的麒麟”之名无疑引人向往,但麟渊界少有外人踏足。因为保护最后一只麒麟存在的麟神境渊皇所设,且常年封闭,谁敢擅入? Today's Qilin God Territory, every large or small profound ark floats full sky. 今日的麒麟神域,大大小小的玄舟浮满苍穹 Qilin God Realm has been controlled by one dynasty and three sects. Therefore numerous Qilin God Conference of cognition, is this one dynasty and three sects strives for the distribution right the battle. 麟神境一直由一朝三宗所掌控。因而众所认知的麟神之会,也不过是这一朝三宗争夺分配权的争斗。 But, can participate in this battle, without doubt is the young generation of peak talent. After entering Qilin God Realm, can go a step further, even is reborn, in the future, will grow without doubt is existence of Qilin Abyss Realm highest plane/level. 但,能参与此争斗的,无疑都是年轻一辈最顶尖的天才。入麟神境后,更能就此更进一步,甚至脱胎换骨,未来,也无疑会成长为麟渊界最高层面的存在。 Therefore, participates in each Qilin God Conference young profound practitioner, basically is Qilin Abyss Realm next era control, the major influences naturally must come to wait and see, to see clearly the Qilin Abyss Realm future basic pattern ahead of schedule. 因而,参与每一届麟神之会的年轻玄者,都基本是麟渊界下一个时代的掌控者,各大势力自然都要前来观望,以提早看清麟渊界未来的基本格局。 The Qilin God Territory sky unfolds near hundred thousand person numerous. This in God Realm is only the small scene, but in life scarce abyss, is the large scale. 麒麟神域的上空铺开近十万人众。这在神界只是小场面,但在生灵稀少的深渊,已是颇大规模。 The rock is unreliable, ten thousand Ren, fierce sand three Big Sect have all arrived, assume three potentials to be built on the central area. Helian Imperial Family profound ark falls in fourth, but...... any profound practitioner sensation, it synthesizes aura to obviously weak in three Big Sect. 磐玄、万仞、烈砂三大宗皆已到来,呈三面之势立于中心区域。赫连皇室玄舟落于第四面,但……任何一个玄者都感知的出,其综合气场要明显弱于三大宗 Three Big Sect are getting more and more powerful, Helian Imperial Family by generation emaciated, this is the Qilin Abyss Realm well-known reality. To come this Qilin god congress, can be as before the struggles of three Big Sect...... Helian Imperial Family that several era set the base stably has followed to go through the motions. 大宗越来越强盛,赫连皇室逐代孱弱,这已是麟渊界人尽皆知的现实。想来今次麟神大会,依旧会是三大宗之争……已数个时代稳定垫底的赫连皇室跟着走个过场。 The first master control scene, Helian Lingzhu is so maintaining assured and dignity in surface strongly. The anxiety and disturbance in but in truth heart, exceed always any time. 第一次主控如此场面,赫连玲珠竭力保持着表面上的笃定与威严。但实则心中的紧张与忐忑,胜过平生任何一次。 Her vision soon found Qilin Worshipping Alliance that resides in a remote corner......, but the opposite party returned to rampant thin smile. 她的目光很快找到了居于一个遥远角落的拜麟盟……而对方回了一个嚣张的淡笑 Yun Che,” her careful passes message: Really...... really doesn't have the issue?” 云澈,”她小心的传音:“真的……真的没有问题吗?” Believes that I am good, believes itself.” Yun Che warm sound replied: Matter that I granted, may never go back on word.” “相信我就好,也相信自己。”云澈温声回答:“我允诺的事,可从未食言过。” Right, Rock Profound Sect and Qilin Worshipping Alliance he does not put in the eyes, protects the matter that Great Ancestor is at a loss he actually to be able easily to achieve...... Helian Lingzhu deeply to inspire, stabilized at heart slightly. 没错,磐玄宗拜麟盟他都不放在眼中,守护太祖都束手无策的事他却能轻易做到……赫连玲珠深深吸了一口气,心里稍稍安定了一些。 Oh? Did the imperial family this time send little girl to lead unexpectedly?” ?皇室这次居然派了个小丫头带队?” ear-piercing voice/sound transmits from the flank. 一个刺耳声音从侧方传来。 Sends out voice/sound, is ten thousand Renzong the Young Sect Master ten thousand heavy mountains, he is slanting eyes, the voice is being arrogant, brings some taking pleasure in others' misfortunes. 发出声音的,是万仞宗少宗主万重岳,他斜着眼眸,语态傲慢,带着些许的幸灾乐祸。 little girl?” If Mo Cangying instantaneous eye eagle hook, straight thrust ten thousand heavy mountains: „Were you blind? Dares to disrespect to Crown Princess!” 小丫头?”陌苍鹰瞬间目若鹰钩,直刺万重岳:“你是瞎了吗?敢对长公主不敬!” Oh ~ ~ is willing to come is Crown Princess.” Ten thousand heavy mountain suddenly condition, smiles is more insolent: Disrespects, again? Exile sand Yuan, do the whole families confiscate and behead? this Young Master trembles.” ~~愿来是长公主。”万重岳一副恍然之态,随之笑的更为张狂:“不敬,又如何?放逐沙渊,还是满门抄斩?本少可是瑟瑟发抖呢。” So despises the word of imperial family, his body leans no one to prevent, instead is one piece laughs. 这般藐视皇室之言,他的身侧无人阻止,反而是一片哄笑。 Does not need to pay attention.” Helian Lingzhu said. She usually knows, the dignity of imperial family only and small sect to civilians, to three Big Sect...... just like joke. “不必理会。”赫连玲珠道。她素来知道,皇室的威严只对平民和中小宗门,对三大宗……宛如笑话。 That side ten thousand Renzong is unforgiving. Sect Master young child Mt. Wanzhong enlarges voice/sound intentionally: Heard that living that Country Lord Helian these years was infiltrated profound energy that suffer by Mo senior to might as well die in the past, have possibility suddenly/violently Hong anytime. Now Qilin God Conference this grade of important matter has not actually seen, you said that can be......” 万仞宗那边则是不依不饶。宗主幼子万重山故意放大声音:“听说赫连国主这些年被陌前辈当年打入的玄气折磨的生不如死,随时都有可能暴薨。如今麟神之会这等大事却是未见,你们说会不会是……” Hahahaha!” 哈哈哈哈!” no, no, no, might be heard what news, the scared out of one's wits does not dare to come.” 不不不,也有可能是听到了什么消息,吓破胆不敢来了。” Gallbladder? Does Helian Jue have that thing?” “胆?赫连玦有那东西?” Also is big not depressing laughters resounds. 又是一大片毫不压抑的哄笑声响起。 Mo Cangying both eyes split the fire, looks that the Helian Lingzhu look is tranquil, as if lazy in paying attention, has not erupted finally. 陌苍鹰双目绽火,看着赫连玲珠神色还算平静,似乎懒于理会,才总算没爆发。 A Helian Linglang face is actually blue, clenching jaws said in a low voice: Is Imperial Father must appoint...... really loses face!” 倒是赫连玲琅一脸青黑,咬牙切齿的低声道:“都是父皇非要任命……真是丢尽脸面!” At this time, on a Qilin God Conference first place, Rock Profound Sect current Sect Master stockade to subdue|grams evil fly up, sound, if mighty bell: it's time. Welcomed from Pure Land, witnessed this Qilin God Conference abyss Lord Knight.” 这时,上一届麟神之会的首位,磐玄宗现任宗主砦克邪飞身而起,声若洪钟:“时辰已到。恭迎来自净土,见证此次麟神之会深渊骑士大人。” Qilin God Realm formation is Abyss Sovereign supposes, its opening also needs the Pure Land god mark. Therefore before opening of each Qilin God Realm, will have Abyss Knight to arrive, to open Qilin God Realm, during opening surveillant. 麟神境结界渊皇所设下,其开启亦需要净土神纹。所以每一次麟神境的开启之前都会有深渊骑士到来,既为开启麟神境,亦作为开启期间的监督者。 Afterward three Big Sect gradually rose, then had Qilin God Conference. Therefore arrival Abyss Knight will be invited as the Qilin God Conference witness, venerates. 后来三大宗逐渐崛起,便有了麟神之会。因而到来的深渊骑士都会被邀为麟神之会的见证者,以示尊崇。 A form floats to empty, that is the Abyss Knight silver armor silver to throw over is reflecting fearful cold light, punctures everyone's eyes and soul. 一个身影浮空而起,那属于深渊骑士的银甲银披反射着慑人的寒光,刺动着所有人的眼睛与心魂。 But the sparkle in the Pure Land god mark of his back of the hand, is the release almost must turning round pressure entire Qilin God Territory heavenly might divine glow. 而闪耀于他手背的净土神纹,更是释出几乎要覆压整个麒麟神域天威神芒 Welcomed Lord Knight.” “恭迎骑士大人。” Stockade to subdue|grams is evil, when first does obeisance, the behind Rock Profound Sect numerous also follow closely to do obeisance. 砦克邪当先拜下,身后磐玄宗众也紧随而拜。 Immediately, profound practitioner on the scene completely all bows the head, holds the breath to do obeisance, such as supine descends from the sky gods. 顿时,在场玄者尽皆俯首,屏息以拜,如仰天降神明。 To abyss myriad spirits, Pure Land is unsurpassed sacred ground. Person from Pure Land, natural Saint like gods. 深渊万灵而言,净土是无上圣地。来自净土之人,自然圣如神明。 But immediately, calls out in alarm intermittently loses one's voice to resound. 但马上,阵阵惊呼失声响起。 That...... that is......” “那……那是……” Ximen...... abundant Yun? 西门……博云? West...... Ximen Boyun!!” “西……西门博云!!” Countless people startled however raise the head, the shout of out-of-control is the extreme speed spreads, is shocking everyone. 无数人惊然抬头,失控的呼喊声更是极速蔓延,震骇着所有人。 No mistake! That is the Qilin Worshipping Alliance vice- hegemon, Ximen Boyun!” “没有错!那是拜麟盟的副盟主,西门博云啊!” „Didn't he die?” “他不是死了吗?” He...... actually becomes Abyss Knight!” “他……竟然成为了深渊骑士!” That listens to absurd rumor unexpectedly real! He not only has not died in Fog Sea, but also becomes Pure Land Abyss Knight!” “那个听似荒谬的传闻居然是真的!他不但没有死在雾海,还成为了净土深渊骑士!” That does Qilin Worshipping Alliance...... soar?” “那拜麟盟岂不是……一飞冲天?” ...... …… Calls out in alarm day after day, lasting continuous. 惊呼连天,持久不休。 Quick, or surprised, the vision that or pities shifted to Helian Imperial Family to be. 很快,一道道或惊疑,或怜悯的目光转向了赫连皇室所在。 The rapidness of Qilin Worshipping Alliance rise speed, it is well known, has became the potential of fourth Big Sect. 拜麟盟崛起速度之快,众所皆知,早已有了成为第四大宗之势。 Now had/left Abyss Knight...... its situation, to exceed Helian Imperial Family directly? 如今出了一个深渊骑士……其大势,岂不是直接超越赫连皇室 That this Qilin God Conference...... 那此次麟神之会…… If Qilin Worshipping Alliance must participate, can be many can enter the Qilin God Realm influence, was the side squeezed out? 拜麟盟也要参与,会是多一个能进入麟神境的势力,还是有一方被挤出? If the latter...... 如果是后者…… More vision sought for Qilin Worshipping Alliance to be, this detected, they have been ready in full battle array impressively. 更多的目光找寻到了拜麟盟所在,这才发觉,他们赫然已是严阵以待。 Hegemon Ximen Borong and few hegemon Ximen all , the major rudders lord Hall Master also to arrive deep. 盟主西门博容、少盟主西门泓皆在,各大舵主堂主也全部到场。 Rear young profound practitioner, clearly is preparation condition. 后方的年轻玄者,也都分明是备战之态。 Then must make anything, obvious. 接下来要做什么,昭然若揭。
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