ATG :: Volume #19

#1996: Qilin God Conference (First Part)

Turned back Yun Che no accidental/surprised met was seeking for his Helian Lingzhu anxiously. 折返的云澈毫无意外的遇到了正焦急找寻他的赫连玲珠 Young Master Yun Che!” 云澈公子!” The Helian Lingzhu shout transmits distantly, she welcomed quickly, brings the full joy. 赫连玲珠的呼喊声遥遥传来,她快步迎上,带着满满的欣喜。 But joyful, mist that in that pair of beautiful eyes, clearly hidden has not been clearing completely. 而欣喜之下,那双美眸之中,分明隐着一层未完全散尽的水雾。 I also think that...... also thinks you left quietly.” She nearly before the Yun Che body, then very self-made maintained not that affectionate distance. “我还以为……还以为你悄悄走掉了。”她近在云澈身前,然后又很自制的保持了不那么亲昵的距离。 Walks? How can.” The Yun Che surface flashes is astonished, smile: Crown Princess is my savior, how I may break a promise to Crown Princess.” “走?怎么会。”云澈面闪讶异,随之微笑:“长公主可是我救命恩人,我怎可对长公主失信。” „Were you so in a hurry...... what happened?” Yun Che asked something already known. “你如此匆匆……是发生什么事了?”云澈明知故问道。 A few words, let Helian Lingzhu joyful changes into immediately is frightened, she puts out a hand to hold the Yun Che's sleeves subconsciously: Imperial Father...... Imperial Father he is not quickly good! heart arteries causes heavy losses to...... even Great Ancestor not to have the means!” 一句话,让赫连玲珠的欣喜顿时化为惊惶,她下意识的伸手抓住云澈的衣袖:“父皇……父皇他快不行了!心脉重创……连太祖都没有办法!” You had said before you have the means! Before I...... I know Imperial Father him, does not believe you, but also is extremely poor to your attitude, but...... but present only then you can rescue Imperial Father! Young Master Yun Che...... asked you...... to ask you to save him.” “你之前说过你有办法!我……我知道父皇他之前不相信你,还对你态度极劣,但……但现在只有你可以救父皇云澈公子……求你……求你一定要救救他。” She some spoken languages are chaotic for a while, helpless. But experienced previously the matter, even if their imperial family protects Great Ancestor to be at a loss, she has unable to explain trust to Yun Che as before. 她一时有些言语混乱,手足无措。但经历了先前之事,即使他们皇室守护太祖都束手无策,她对云澈依旧有着一种无法解释的相信。 one temperate profound energy strokes, is comforting the Helian Lingzhu mood: Good, I have a look.” 一抹温和的玄气拂下,安慰着赫连玲珠的情绪:“好,我去看看。” ............ ………… Helian royal palace. 赫连皇殿 Helian Jue pale like paper, makes the blood bead that the seven orifices overflow unceasingly dazzling. 赫连玦脸色苍白如纸,也让七窍不断溢出的血珠更为刺目。 half step Divine Extinction Realm cultivation base, at this moment unexpectedly is the air/Qi, if fine thread. 半步神灭境修为,此刻竟是气若游丝 In the half Divine Profound air/Qi of riot by heart arteries was suffered for several days, Helian Jue from the initial suppression vigorously, to gradual does not dare to suppress, by the present, almost a wee bit profound energy does not dare to revolve, will otherwise make in heart arteries suddenly/violently Cuan the devil crazier. 心脉中暴乱的半神玄气折磨了数天,赫连玦从最初的极力压制,到逐渐的不敢压制,到了现在,几乎连丁点的玄气都不敢运转,否则会让心脉中暴窜的魔鬼更加疯狂。 When Yun Che arrival, full hall the person's shadow sways. 云澈到来之时,满殿的人影攒动。 Imperial Prince Imperial Princess knelt everywhere, Imperial City range strongest aura also basically gathers in this. 皇子皇女跪了满地,皇城范围最强的气息也基本都聚集于此。 Is waiting to the scene that the emperor makes funeral arrangements. 一副等着给帝王送终的景象。 Yun Che also saw beginning hence, Helian Lingzhu and Mo Cangying that Honored Master sees: Helian Tianfu Palace Chief Ku Xian. 云澈还一眼看到了初至此地时,所见的赫连玲珠陌苍鹰师尊:赫连天府府主枯弦 Imperial Father! You support ten million/countless, Great Ancestor will certainly have the means...... Imperial Father!” 父皇!你千万撑住,太祖一定会有办法的……父皇啊!” Crown Prince Helian Linglang kneels the wail, grief. Does not know also thinks that Country Lord Helian has died thoroughly. 太子赫连玲琅跪地哭嚎,声声悲怆。不知道的还以为赫连国主已经死透。 Mo Cangying deeply has been knitting the brows. If not Helian Linglang is Crown Prince, he really wants to study same day Yun Che, steps on his head to the floor under ruthlessly. 陌苍鹰一直深皱着眉。若非赫连玲琅太子,他真想学当日的云澈,将他的脑袋狠狠踩到地板之下。 He to Helian Imperial Family already disappointed. 他对赫连皇室早已失望透顶。 As Helian Tianfu this generation of most outstanding characters, he receives the rock to be unreliable without a doubt, olive branch that ten thousand Ren, fierce sand three Big Sect extend. But has given loyalty to Helian, one is the graciousness of Sect, one is Helian Lingzhu. 作为赫连天府这一代最杰出的人物,他毫无疑问受到过磐玄、万仞、烈砂三大宗抛出的橄榄枝。但之所以一直效忠赫连,一为师门之恩,一为赫连玲珠 But now...... 但如今…… His vision shifts to outside the palace, went to Helian Lingzhu of several double-hour to turn back finally in a hurry. 他目光转向殿外,去了数个时辰的赫连玲珠终于匆匆折返。 This time, for a long time keeps him from not thoughts losing patience. 这个时间,久的让他无法不心思烦乱。 Imperial Father, I came back.” 父皇,我回来了。” Helian Lingzhu could not attend to here being filled with more people, sharply before sharply arrived at the Helian Jue body . 赫连玲珠顾不得这里又挤满了更多的人,急急来到赫连玦身前。 The Helian Jue nape of the neck rotation, he shoots a look at Helian Lingzhu behind at a moderate pace with when Yun Che, originally is the dusk pale eyes struggles immediately the different glow. 赫连玦脖颈转动,他瞥到赫连玲珠身后不紧不慢跟来的云澈时,本是昏淡的双眼顿时挣扎起异芒。 In was suffered to be on the brink of the true hopeless situation, after all are hopeless, he without a doubt, thinks that had said only has the means to save his person. 在被折磨到濒临真正的绝境,一切都无望之后,他毫无疑问,会想到那个唯一说过有办法救他的人。 Initially got angry however rejects. 当初怒然拒绝。 But after experiences to the Yun Che's unusual place with own eyes, previously that let absurd word that” he does not spare a glance, then becomes only hope under his hopeless situation. 但在亲眼见识到云澈的超凡之处后,先前那让他不屑一顾的“荒谬之言”,便成为他绝境之下的唯一希冀。 Imperial Father, Young Master Yun Che came, he has certainly the means to save you.” Frightened that Helian Lingzhu is filled with, has several points of unable to explain trust. 父皇,云澈公子来了,他一定有办法救你。”赫连玲珠满心的惶然,又带着数分无法解释的相信。 Helian Linglang turns the head to look to the person of Helian Lingzhu behind: He...... is that so-called outstandingly able person?” 赫连玲琅转头看向赫连玲珠身后之人:“他……就是那个所谓的‘奇人’?” Yun Che disregards his existence directly, lifted the step to stand the Helian Lingzhu body side, divine sense had swept from Helian Jue body lightly......, similar that the situation and he estimated that also did not work as the daily expense in vain many saliva. 云澈直接无视他的存在,抬步站到了赫连玲珠身侧,神识赫连玦身上淡淡扫过……嗯,情况和他预想的差不多,也不枉自己当日费了不少口水。 Saves...... Us......” Helian Jue to send out voice/sound, weak brings deeply to the pain of marrow. “救……朕……”赫连玦发出声音,微弱中带着深至骨髓的痛楚。 Helian Jue this trembles to recite, immediately lets all look that changes to the Yun Che's vision suddenly. 赫连玦这声颤吟,顿时让所有看向云澈的目光陡然变化。 Even protects Great Ancestor not to have the means that does he approach this Divine Sovereign Realm young man unexpectedly...... pleading? 连守护太祖都毫无办法,他竟向这个神君境的年轻男子……哀求 Yun Che said: Besides Crown Princess, Big Brother Mo, Palace Chief Ku Xian, others draws back completely.” 云澈道:“除了长公主,陌大哥,枯弦府主之外,其他人全部退下。” Ku Xian surprise looked at his one eyes. 枯弦诧异的看了他一眼。 This gives orders, listened to stare to everyone. Helian Linglang stood directly, the mask is dignified: Boor who where you come! When my Helian Imperial Family is one's turn you to gesticulate.” 这一句发号施令,给所有人都听愣了。赫连玲琅直接站了起来,面罩威严:“你是哪来的野小子!我赫连皇室什么时候轮到你来指手画脚。” Draws back...... under!” Helian Jue difficult opens the mouth, voice/sound hoarse, but still contains emperor's prestige. “退……下!”赫连玦艰难开口,声音嘶哑,但犹含帝威 Helian Linglang stunned revolutions head: Imperial Father. Even Great Ancestor does not have the plan for a while, his Divine Sovereign, how also possibly to have the means. This is deceives radically......” 赫连玲琅错愕转首:“父皇。连太祖都一时无策,他一个神君,又怎可能有办法。这根本就是个骗……” You......, when We died!” Each breath death edge by suffered Helian Jue overflowed from the throat angrily roars: Rolls!” “你……当朕死了吗!”每一息都在死亡边缘饱受折磨的赫连玦从喉管中溢出怒吼:“滚下去!” All...... rolls!” “全部……滚!” Helian Lingzhu opens the mouth hastily: Imperial Father has the command, draws back completely. The masters...... Palace Chief Ku Xian and Ninth Senior Brother stay behind.” 赫连玲珠连忙开口:“父皇有令,全部退下。师……枯弦府主九师兄留下。” Miscellaneous personnel quick recession, royal palace peaceful. “闲杂人等”很快退离,皇殿安静了下来。 Like vault of heaven vast aura in the Yun Che body temporary stay, powerful at the same time, has several points of impractical. 一股如天穹般浩瀚的气息云澈身上短暂停留,强大的同时,又有着几分虚浮。 Is this that protects Great Ancestor? Yun Che not changes countenance, but looks at Helian Jue lightly. 这就是那个守护太祖云澈毫无动容,只是淡淡看着赫连玦 Young people, can you rescue Country Lord seriously?” The Ku Xian opens the mouth, voice/sound is light, although some deep questions, but not despises. “年轻人,你当真能救国主?”枯弦开口,声音平淡,虽有深深的质疑,但并无轻视。 For serveral days, he also knows from Helian Lingzhu and Mo Cangying mouth exhaustively the matter of same day, had the deep exclamation and curiosity to Yun Che, as well as...... to various imagination that he came. 这些天,他也是从赫连玲珠陌苍鹰口中详尽知道了当日之事,对云澈有了深深的惊叹、好奇,以及……对他出身的各种推想。 Yun Che said: My cultivation base is mean, nature impossible interfered with half god plane/level profound energy. But from the medical principles, I indeed has the means.” 云澈道:“我修为低微,自然不可能干涉得了半神层面玄气。但从医理之上,我的确有办法。” Medical principles?” Ku Xian knits the brows. He also excels at medical skill, Helian Jue receives it to create related to lifeline, the basic non- medical skill category is solvable. “医理?”枯弦皱眉。他亦擅医道,赫连玦所受之创涉及命脉,根本非医道范畴可解。 Common sense cognition, lifeline is wounded will then create forever, thus one, but involves lifeline, then no one dares to excel. but in truth, lifeline separable 72 holes. But in which ten seven orifices, may break, but is not remnant, and will not cause the life air/Qi quickly to be defeated and dispersed. cultivation base is enough, but also slow restores.” “常理认知,命脉受创便是永创,因而一但涉及命脉,便无人敢擅动。但实则,命脉可分七十二窍。而其中的十七窍,可破而不残,且不会导致命气过快溃散。修为足够,还可缓慢自行恢复。” profound energy that since shackles is unable to reduce and solve forcefully, that breaks open the vacancy, by the sufficient external force derivation will then be.” “既然缠缚的玄气无法强行化解,那就破开空缺,以足够的外力将之引出便是。” The Yun Che's words are light, but falls in thoroughly understanding the Ku Xian ear of medical principles, actually like fantasy story. 云澈的话平平淡淡,但落在通晓医理的枯弦耳中,却如天方夜谭 Destroys person lifeline, is equal to lose the person life, he has never listened to so medical principles, first regardless of the family background of present person, its medical skill browses again deeply, on story, how impossible has compared his being on the verge of death person again. 毁人命脉,等同夺人性命,他从未听过如此“医理”,先不论眼前之人的出身,其医道涉猎再深,就阅历而言,也再怎么都不可能比过他一个行将就木之人。 Even if he said how all really...... to guarantee accurate breaks open that ten seven orifices? 就算他说的全是真的……又如何保证精准的破开那十七窍? That is lifeline, even the slightest misstep, will be the life air/Qi will be defeated and dispersed, the life will perish certainly. 那可是命脉,稍有不慎,将是命气溃散,命绝而亡。 This? Possibly how to realize?” Ku Xian deeply knits the brows, is unable to convince itself to believe. “这?如何可能实现?”枯弦深深皱眉,无法说服自己相信。 Yun Che does not explain, the vision is looking steadily at Helian Jue: Country Lord Helian, the method I had said with you on the same day, must break open 17 wounds in your lifeline, trial, all lies in you.” 云澈不做解释,目光盯视着赫连玦:“赫连国主,方法我当日已经和你说过,需在你命脉破开十七处创口,要不要试,皆在于你。” The Helian Jue eye pupil enlarges, the throat rolls, actually sends out does not have any hesitation voice/sound: Tries...... to try quickly.” 赫连玦眼瞳放大,喉咙滚动,却发出没有任何犹疑的声音:“试……快试。” Because he half foot has stepped on into deadly hell, even if the opposite party talks irresponsibly, impossible has a worse result. 因为他已经半只脚踩入死亡地狱,哪怕对方只是信口雌黄,也不可能有更坏的结果。 Good.” Yun Che hangs the eyebrow: You did not believe previously in first, expels me, I as if do not have reason to save you in vain.” “好。”云澈垂眉:“不过你先前不信在先,将我驱逐在后,我似乎没理由白白救你。” Ku Xian deeply looked at Yun Che one, an eye of reveal is astonished. 枯弦深深看了云澈一眼,目露惊异。 Although has hearing early, but this child facing Country Lord, by a wee bit emperor's prestige the fear, was not instead assumed one type unexpectedly seriously arrogantly condition. 虽早有耳闻,但此子面对国主,竟当真不受丁点帝威所慑,反呈一种凌人之态。 The Helian Jue lip moves again, difficult: If can save Us...... no matter what you...... asked.” 赫连玦嘴唇再动,艰难而言:“若能救朕……任你……所求。” The Yun Che faint smile, is sideways, the vision shifts to Helian Lingzhu: My condition is very simple.” 云澈似笑非笑,侧过身,目光转向赫连玲珠:“我的条件很简单。” „After 20 days Qilin God Conference, hope that Helian Imperial Family this side, is to lead and controls the bureau by Crown Princess. As for Country Lord, then keeps Imperial City to recuperate well, how?” “二十日后的麟神之会,希望赫连皇室这一方,由长公主引领并控局。至于国主,便留予皇城好好休养,如何?” This condition, making all people stunned. 这个“条件”,让所有人为之错愕。 Helian Lingzhu flowery lips slightly opened, Mo Cangying look complex to the extreme. 赫连玲珠唇瓣微张,陌苍鹰神色复杂之极 Hasn't his request chloranthus serratus body, instead been setting up the prestige with drumming up support for...... Crown Princess slightly? 他的要求丝毫未及己身,反而是在为……长公主立威与造势? After all in the past, this grade of important matter must arrive by Country Lord Helian surely. If this time by Helian Lingzhu to lead, is making clear to...... the future to inherit of Country Lord is Helian Lingzhu, rather than Crown Prince Helian Linglang. 毕竟以往,这等大事必定要由赫连国主亲身到场。此次若由赫连玲珠引领,岂不是在昭示……未来继承国主之位者将是赫连玲珠,而非太子赫连玲琅 Young Master Yun Che, I......” Helian Lingzhu obviously somewhat loses presence of mind. 云澈公子,我……”赫连玲珠明显有些失措。 We...... comply.” “朕……答应。” To Helian Jue at this moment, Yun Che, regardless of said how odd request, he will not reject, after all assigned/life must not have......, let alone such simple request. 对此刻的赫连玦而言,云澈无论说出多么离谱的要求,他都不会拒绝,毕竟命都要没了……何况如此之简单的要求。 This Qilin God Conference had Qilin Worshipping Alliance to join, if lost enters the qualifications of Qilin God Realm, the imperial family must become the laughingstock, the face countenance completely mourning...... he could not look forward. 此次麟神之会有了拜麟盟加入,若就此失去进入麟神境的资格,皇室必成笑柄,颜面尽丧……他巴不得不去。 Very good.” Yun Che nods, the eye flashes the crafty light. “很好。”云澈颔首,目闪诡光。 Helian Imperial Family by Helian Lingzhu to lead, is then equal by him controls the bureau. 赫连皇室这边由赫连玲珠引领,便等同由他控局。 After all, present Helian Lingzhu quite listens to his words. 毕竟,现在的赫连玲珠可是相当听他的话。 So, he must make anything, convenient many, can in the maximum degree prevent occurrence of accidental/surprised. 如此,他要做什么,就方便的多,也能最大程度上防止意外的发生。 „When Palace Chief Ku Xian, aura overflow, you inspired on the work.” 枯弦府主,气息外溢之时,就劳你引动了。” Then, does not wait for Ku Xian to respond, his right hand selects, falls in the place of Helian Jue heart arteries directly. 说完,根本不等枯弦做出回应,他右手点出,直接落于赫连玦心脉之处。 Bang! 砰! The Helian Jue chest breaks open, the blood bead spurts......, but moment, that belonged to Mo Beichen half god aura clearly suddenly dozens times, and released a terrifying pressure that made one palpitate suddenly. 赫连玦胸口破开,血珠飞洒……而不过须臾,那属于陌悲尘的半神气息陡然清晰了数十倍,并释开一片让人骤悸的恐怖威压。 voice/sound stubbornly card that Ku Xian will soon export in throat, the old face appears the color of extremely deep shock. 枯弦即将出口的声音死死卡于喉咙,苍老的面孔现出极深的震惊之色。 His pair of dry hand also in this time extremely quick promotion, powerful and affable profound energy dispersed myriad brooks, the cage to the chest of Helian Jue. 他的一双枯手亦在这时极快的推出,一蓬强大而舒缓的玄气散成万千溪流,笼向赫连玦的心口。 —— —— BOOM!!! 轰隆!!! crazy half Divine Profound air/Qi suddenly/violently Cuan, drives out the top of royal palace ruthlessly, passes through sky. 一道道狂乱的半神玄气暴窜而起,将皇殿之顶狠狠轰开,直贯苍穹 Brings hate intent that...... seems clearing forever unwillingly. 带着一股……仿佛永远不甘散尽的恨意 ............ ………… The period of Qilin God Realm opening in an instant. 麟神境开启之期转眼即至。 this period of time is uneventful, no one looks for Yun Che's to be troublesome. 这段时间风平浪静,没有任何人找云澈的麻烦。 Because Qilin Worshipping Alliance uses the full power, checks less than a wee bit about the Yun Che's news. 因为拜麟盟倾尽全力,也查不到丁点关于云澈的讯息。 He looks like suddenly descends from the sky in Qilin Abyss Realm. 他就像是忽然天降麟渊界之中。 This type extremely strange, in addition Qilin God Conference before, making Qilin Worshipping Alliance very sane temporarily has not looked for Yun Che to seek revenge. 这种极度的诡异,加之麟神之会在前,让拜麟盟很是理智的暂时未找云澈寻仇。 On this day, Qilin Abyss Realm innumerable profound practitioner and every large or small sect influences, gather to go to the Qilin Abyss Realm center. 这一日,麟渊界无数玄者、大大小小的宗门势力,都向麟渊界的中心聚拢而去。 Helian Dynasty, by Helian Lingzhu to lead, Ku Xian in the side, brings this generation of most outstanding young profound practitioner, foot treads profound ark, flew to be at to Qilin God Realm. 赫连皇朝这边,由赫连玲珠引领,枯弦在侧,带着这一代最优异的年轻玄者,脚踏玄舟,飞向了麟神境所在。 With gradual approaching, Yun Che almost can the faint sensation to coming from palpitation of Evil God's Profound Veins. 随着逐渐的临近,云澈几乎能隐隐感知到来自邪神玄脉的悸动。 Not wrong...... in the Yun Che heart is chanting in a low voice: The waiting in the front, is complete Evil God's Profound Veins. 不会错的……云澈心中低吟着:等待在前方的,是完整的邪神玄脉 Also is he in abyss...... 也将会是他在深渊的…… Starts truly! 真正开始! ———— ———— Losing sleep, ignorant. Did not know this section written anything. Hopes tomorrow full blood.】 【失眠,浑噩。不知道这章写了什么。希望明天满血。】
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